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CONVERSATIONS i ILACOMA regarding redefining reinventing THE CITY Pre-paid Admission $7.50, RE: 7 Urban Tacomas Recent Past Tits Door if abe $1000 Sradents Free ith 0 Washington State History Museum.1911 Pacific Ave. Tacoma vreau Sepebr 7, 209, 630M Inthe 1900s nd 190 the ent south nd of downtown Tacoma the sdenng waterront ndernt a complet makeover whieh continues to gente dicsion and controversy oth dy Treo the principals iavoed in ge vo ertorninrtoninnepeo nnt e t cheunsasce and earn which ed theme tnvoneatn fon Speakers: David allen, Developer; Bruno Fresci, Architect Michael Sullivan, Historian; Moderat David Nicandr, Director, Washington State History Museum | BRB THe NeicHBORHOOD Creating Vibrant Communities: THE BUILDING Center for Urban Waters "New Frontier Lounge, 301 E. 25th, Tacoma October 22, 2009; 6:30 PM For the past SO years America has been designing public spaces around JW Tacoma, Carwein Hall, Keystone Building the needs of automobiles, This deference tothe car has significantly Serer Impacted our culture and our day-to-day life, often in negative ways. he Center for Urban Waters i an office and laboratory facility The speakers will discuss how this auto-centered model is beginning to be constructed on the eat side ofthe Thea Foss Waterway. change and how well designed neighborhoods provide the key he Center has been designed to achieve LEED Platinum Ingredients necessary for healthy communities with examples of vibrant tification, the highest available ofthe USGEC. The project places which are being planned, built and programmed by residents lesign and development team will help us explore and themselves. Wwsion Tacomas future built environment through the lens of his ground-breaking project. Speakers: Eric . Jacobsen, Urbanist; Jim Diers, Lectures, University of Washington speaker: Jim Parvey, PE, LEED AP; Dan Seng, AIA LEED AP, CDT; ‘Tom Fitzsimmons, COO; Jim Goldman, LEED AP; Care Petrch, President, Port of Tacoma Commission; Moderator, 1.1. MeCament, Executive Director, Urban Waters Board Funding by The Haris Architectural Trust (THAT) In Ady 206 ond Ei a ee 2 ° a (2) FE te HU: navi of WASHINGTON rant GAIA Bi =z) poster design by [ChaOs] Hretaoit wwwReTecomecom