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Colegio Gimnasio

Campestre San Sebastián

NAME: _______________________________________________ FIFTH GRADE

DATE: ___________________________________________________________________

TEACHER: David D’ Avila Arce

1. Draw four (4) objects to the city and write their corresponding name.

2. Are these sentences goodor wrong? (Past Simple)

a. They took the bus in the avenue yesterday. [_good  _]

b. I ate cookies and apples in the breakfast. [__________]

c. We ran in the soccer field. [__________]

d. He listened to music yesterday. [__________]

3. Order these words:

a. Seethe: _____________ b. hoset: ____________
c. Siht: _______________ d. eseht: ____________

4. Write the Simple Past of these verbs

. to live: lived a. to be: _______________
b. to work: ______________ c. to study: _______________
d. to eat: _______________ e. to drink: _______________

5. Match the pronouns with the corresponding Verb to Be in Past Simple

a. He > were

b. You >was
c. They > were

d. She >was

e. I >was

6. Draw the objects taking into a count the Demonstrative pronouns (this/ these/ that/ those).

a. that pencil b. those posters

c. this chair d. these modules

7. Correct the wrong sentences (Past Simple).

a. She play volleyball in the yard the last month.

_She played volleyball in the yard ____

b. He jump the rope with his friends yesterday.


c. They want to sleep after the school last Monday.


d. I walk in the park last night.


8. Complete the sentences using Past Simple

. Lucy _drank__ (drink) a delicious orange juice this morning.

a. Andrew and Emily ____________________ (watch) TV with their parents last night.

b. Peter ___________________ (live) in a small apartment in Bogota the last year.

c. Ann and Joe _______________ (play) with the dog yesterday.

d. Abigail ___________________ (write) letters for her friends last weekend.


How I did work? Yes No

I worked the quiz with order and respect?
I kept an excellent discipline developing the quiz
I studied for anyone of the topics assigned to this quiz