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Name:Nandita Banerjee Email: CAREER OBJECTIVE To Be a Successful p ofessional in a !lo"all# $espected %ompan# and to ac&ie'e t&e o"(ecti'es of t&e compan# )it& *onest# and +ai ness and to %ontinuousl# ,pg ade -# .no)ledge and S/ills. QUALIFICATION SUMMAR Q!ali"i#ation B0 1Sem 233 4 23335 Colle$e%In&tit!te& Board% Uni'er&it( -um"ai -um"ai -um"ai -um"ai 9atu Boa d 9atu Boa d ear 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 2005-2006 A$$re$ate 75.33% 70.23% 80.17% 75.12% 92.50% 94.40% Mob:9876543210

-!-6s %ollege of 0ngg. 4 Tec&nolog#7 .amot&e. -!-6s %ollege of 0ngg. T0 1Sem 2 4 235 4 Tec&nolog#7 .amot&e. -!-6s %ollege of 0ngg. S0 1Sem 333 4 325 4 Tec&nolog#7 .amot&e. -!-6s %ollege of 0ngg. +0 1Sem 3 4 335 4 Tec&nolog#7 .amot&e. -a&atma !and&i *.S.% -a&a'id#ala#a78&medpu . S& ipat ao B&osale S.S.% *ig&sc&ool7:smana"ad. A$$re$ate: 75.15; Bran#): %ompute Science. S*ill Set :pe ating S#stems /no)n ? og amming 9anguages =e" Ce'elopment 8pplication Soft)a e Cata"ase

< =indo)s >?7 7 < %@@7 Aa'a7 .B0T 7(a'asc ipt7(sp < *T-97Dml.7asp.net7p&p < -S :ffice7 < -ESF97CB2

8%8C0-3% ?$:A0%T

BE Final ear +roje#t: GINTEGRATED RESOURCE MANAGMENTH =e designed a )e" inte face t&at st eamlines all sou ces p esent in an o ganiIation. =e designed specificall# fo ou college. Duration: 1 Year. E,TRA CURRICULAR ar!"#"$a!e% "& I&!ra#'((e)"a!e *'((e+,a(( C'-$e!"!"'&. ar!"#"$a!e% "& Car'- #'-$e!"!"'&. .'r/e% a0 *'(1&!eer "& C'((e)e 2e0!. AC-IEVEMENTS Tila/ 2id#apeet& 7?une %e tificates %e tificate of -a&a as&t a Talent Sea c& 0Damination. +ro"e&&ional Certi"i#ation -T8 1 Web Development Fundamentals (C#)5 8S?.B0T %e tified. 3B- ? ofessional ce tifications CB27$8C79:T,S etc.

+ERSONAL +ROFILE NAME .ATE OF BIRT/EN.ER LAN/UA/ES 0NO1N +ERMANENT A..RESS < < < < < Bandita Bane (ee 23 d -a#7 1990. +emale 0nglis&7 *indi 4 -a at&i +lat Bo. 7017 12J1 B S $oad7 Be ul7 Ba'i -um"ai. .ECLARATION 3 &e e"# decla e t&at a"o'e fu nis&ed pa ticula s a e t ue to t&e "est of m# /no)ledge and "elief.

?lace< Ba'i -um"ai Cate <

Nandita Banerjee