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Albert Einstein at School Objectives Einsteins philosophy of education Character of Yuri Slum violence and Einsteins disgust with

ith it Ernst Weil and Mr. Kochs character 2 marks Why was Mr. Braun speechless for a few minutes Mr. Braun as ed !l"ert in what year had the #russians defeated the $rench at Waterloo. !l"ert replied that he didnt now. Mr. Braun retorted that he had "een told a"out it a num"er of times. !l"ert replied with his usual unthin ing honesty that he didnt see any point in learning dates as one could always loo them up in a "oo . Mr. Braun "ecomes speechless for a few minutes. !o you think Albert was bein" impolite to Mr. Braun #ive reasons. !l"ert was straight forward and honest as his convictions were strong. %his was however considered rude "y Mr. Braun. What was Einstein$s view on E%ucation $or Einstein ideas were important. $acts did not matter as they could "e loo ed up in "oo s. &e did not see any point in learning the dates of "attles "ut in learning why the soldiers were trying to ill each other. What characteristics of Einstein$s nature are hi"hli"hte% by the conversation between him an% his history teacher Einstein was a "oy of strong convictions with firm opinions. &e was fran with logical reasoning. &e e'pressed his views regardless of the punishment that would follow. Why %i% Albert feel miserable when he left school that %ay !l"ert felt misera"le "ecause he hated the school and would have to return there the ne't day as well. Secondly( the idea of going "ac to his lodgings and atmosphere of domestic violence which prevailed there did not cheer him up. What %i% Albert conclu%e after si& months alone in Munich !fter si' months alone in Munich( !l"ert new that he must get away from there. &e felt as he was wasting his fathers money and everyones time. Why was Albert e'ually unhappy at his lo%"in"s !l"ert got no comfort at his lodging. %he food was "ad( there was dirt and s)ualor "ut he did not mind that as much as he hated the atmosphere of violence in slum. &is land lady used to "eat her children regularly and every Saturday her hus"and came drun and "eat her. Who was Elsa What %i% she a%vise Albert Elsa was !l"erts cousin who lived in Berlin. She assured him that he could learn enough to pass the e'ams. !ll he had to do was to learn li e a parrot and repeat it in the e'ams. What su%%en i%ea %i% Albert hit upon to "et away from School

!l"ert was convinced that he did not want to continue school. &e thought that if he had a nervous "rea down and the doctor certified that it was "ad for him to go to school* he could easily get away from it. (ow %i% )uri help him in his plan Yuri new that !l"ert was misera"le and referred him to his friend +r. Ernest Weil. %his young doctor had a license to practice and so he gave !l"ert the certificate he wanted. (ow woul% the me%ical certificate help Albert Yuri( !l"erts friend thought that the medical certificate would help !l"ert to en,oy si' months leave from the school. &e would not actually "e leaving the school and if the worst "efell he could return and continue studies for the diploma. (ow %i% Albert plan to join colle"e without a %iploma from school !l"ert went to Mr. Koch( his teacher of mathematics to get a recommendation. Mr. Koch wrote that !l"ert was ready to enter a college for the study of higher mathematics. %his would help him get admission in college. What %i% the hea% teacher tell Albert %he head teacher told !l"ert that his wor was terri"le and he was not prepared to have him in the school any longer. &e added that !l"erts presence in the classroom made it impossi"le for the teacher to teach and for the other pupils to learn. !l"ert refused to learn and re"elled. So no serious wor could "e done while he was there. (ow %i% Albert leave the school where he ha% spent five years !l"ert left school "y wal ing straight on( without turning his head to give it a last loo . &e could not thin of anyone he wanted to say good "ye to. What opinion %o you form of !r. Ernest Weil +r. Ernest Weil had ,ust )ualified to "e a doctor( "ut he was intelligent. &e understood !l"erts pro"lem. &e said that had !l"ert not "een close to a nervous "rea down( he would not have gone to a doctor. +r. Weil was sympathetic and certified that !l"ert should "e ept away from school for si' months. Why %i% Albert see no point learnin" %ates an% facts +ates and facts are parts of nowledge which are content "ased. !l"ert thought there was no point in learning dates and facts "ecause these could "e confirmed from "oo s any time. Secondly for him learning facts was not education. $or him ideas were more important. What reasons %i% the hea% teacher offer for e&pellin" Albert from school %he head teacher gave many reasons for e'pelling !l"ert from school. !l"erts presence in the classroom made it impossi"le for the teacher to teach and other pupils to learn. !l"ert himself refused to learn. !l"ert was in constant re"ellion. *+ marks !iscuss the character of Albert Einstein as reveale% in this e&tract !l"ert Einstein showed the spar s of genius even at a young age. &is misera"le years at school revealed how a talented creative mind feels trapped and cloistered in the rigid system of education. %he classroom had no place for individual aspirations "rilliance or aptitude. -t discouraged !l"erts genius and originality. !l"erts defiance is misunderstood "y his teachers. &is .unthin ing honesty/ is seen as

a refusal to confirm to the education and not the learning of facts. &is maths teacher had a high opinion of him. &e said. .- cant teach you more and pro"a"ly youll soon "e a"le to teach me. !l"ert was hum"le and unassuming and he was uncomforta"le with the e'cessive praise. %he teacher seems to recogni0e !l"erts rare intellectual genius and his aptitude for maths. !l"ert has an en)uiring mind and a curious nature. &e had a thirst for information and he li ed to study "oo s on science. &e loved music and played his violin regularly. !l"ert had a fran and honest temperament and was )uite sensitive and emotional. &e was considered a re"el "y most of his teachers. &e did not compromise and ad,ust to the system of education which encouraged learning without understanding. $or him( ideas and en)uiry were more important than facts or dates. &e was e'pelled from school for his views which did not match the e'isting pattern. ,otes !t the school( the teachers did not seem to "e interested in helping Einstein 1 in "ringing out his potential. &is history teacher could not convince him of the relevance of his su",ect 1 "ecame sarcastic. Einstein did not li e his school at Munich at all. &e considered it a hateful place where he did not wish to go "ac the ne't morning. Most of the days were filled with unpleasant e'periences. &e had "een sent there to ta e his diploma( "ut he wished he could leave the school.