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Amx Netlinx Programming Ba01

Amx Netlinx Programming Ba01

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AMX Netlinx programming guide
AMX Netlinx programming guide

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Published by: badgerarc on Sep 08, 2009
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Now you will add the code to continuously display the current level of the volume card on the

Touch Panel’s bar graph. To update a bar graph on a device, you use the SEND_LEVEL keyword.

Here is the syntax:

SEND_LEVEL device, level number, value

This keyword is used to update a level in a device. Assume your bar graph display on the Touch

Panel has level number 1. In order to keep the display updated continually, you will add the

following line into your program (in mainline):


Since this code resides in mainline it will be executed continually, thus making sure that the bar

graph reflects the value of level number 1 of the volume card. As the volume ramps up, VOL_LEVEL

increases and the bar graph fills. As the volume ramps down, VOL_LEVEL decreases and the level

indicated on the bar graph also decreases. Since both volume levels are ramping together, you only

have to track one of them for the bar graph.

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