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Essay on McIntosh Article Response Paper #2 10 pts.

s. What An essay where you integrate your readings about stereotyping and privilege and make application to the teaching and learning process. Visual Format Your essay should be about two or three pages in length, single-spaced. Include your name, submittal date, and original title. Be sure and use passages and quotes rom the readings. How !his assignment consists o three main steps" # Step 1: Rea in! an "r!ani#in!. $ook at the demographics o %awaii. &ead in your te'tbook pp.()*-((*. You can skim the pages ()*-()+ ,don-t have to do the written activities. and then read care ully pp. (((-((* and !%/0 read the 1eggy McIntosh article about white privilege. 2rgani3e your thoughts about what has been written and start a dra t o your paper. !hink about your reactions, re lections, and make applications to what you have read to your own e'periences and to our schools here in %awaii. &ead over the questions that you will be answering and re$rea the %&'ntosh arti&le. # Step 2: Write Essay 4rite your essay answering the ollowing questions"
(. /'plain what is meant by the statement, 54hite privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack o special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks5 and share whether you agree or don6t agree. 7. 4hat conditions in your li e, i any, do you take or granted8 *. 4hat is meant by 9ethnocentrism: and how does i a ect your li e and values8 ;. %ow does 5privileged5 and dominance5 di er or do they8 <. 4hat does the article mean when it says that all o the interlocking oppressions take both active orms8 =. >rom your perspective, as a uture teacher, how are you able to 6reconstruct power systems on a broader base6 in order to bring about more social ?ustice in our schools and society8

# Step (: Su)mit your assi!nment @ubmit your /ssay on McIntosh Article $ &esponse 1aper A7 via Assignments by @unday, March 7, (("<< pm. You will also need to post your paper on the Biscussion Board or others to read. Why (. Composing an essay is one way or you to demonstrate your understanding o stereotyping and privilege and how you will make application or a more equitable learning environment or our students in our classrooms. 7. &eading about what others think about stereotyping and privilege may increase our knowledge o 5the real world5 and help us 5change5 the status quo.
Assignment Assigned readings and response papers
* papers E ()pts F *) pts. Boes not meet F (-; pts Meets F <-D pts !arget F +-() pts Bue *G7

Boes 0ot Meet (-; pts &esponses show little or minimal thought regarding application o reading or assignment. 0o re erences are made to any o the readings.

Meets /'pectations <-D pts &esponse papers are submitted on time and indicate reading was completed. &e lection and answering o questions are acceptable. Huotes or passages rom the readings are used to emphasi3e one6s perspectives and writing.

!arget +-() pts Comments andGor work are well organi3ed and show thorough knowledge o the assignment. /ssential ideas are noted by connecting ideas with appropriate application and consideration o teaching with social ?ustice.

Br. Iani Blackwell