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Descriptive Words -for Colour

PURPLE GREEN PURPLE Cobalt blue Baby blue Blue-grey Teal Turquoise Indigo Navy blue Blue-green Azure Sea-blue Sky-blue YELLOW BLACK Ghost-white Chalky Clear Pasty Snow-white Pearly-white Milky Emerald Olive-green Forest-green Spinach-green Jade Lime Aquamarine Pea-green Apple-green Moss Blue-green Violet Magenta Lavender Amethyst Orchid Pomegranate Mauve Plum Eggplant Lilac Reddish blue


Golden Amber Gold Canary-yellow Honey Lemon Sunshine


Charcoal Jet-black Pitch-dark Starless Clouded Raven Sooty

EXAMPLES Crimson-red Blood Blooming-red Coral Rosy Fuchsia bloodshot Her eyes were a glorious sky-blue. His shirt was bland and olive-green. The walls were a sickening shade of lavender. Her hair was golden and shone in the sunlight. The starless sky created an eerie atmosphere. The slinky cat was ghost-white. The crimson blood flowed like a river.