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Writing a successful Narrative

Before you write your narrative, you need to think about who you want to read your narrative. When you have chosen a target audience, you must plan your narrative to be written in a way that it will appeal to that particular audience.


You must structure your narrative in an appropriate way so that it engages the audience and so that sentences and paragraphs flow.

To make the form of your narrative appropriate you should: Separate paragraphs instead of having one massive block of text. Use italics or bolded words where necessary. Align your narrative so that the text is justified. (On Microsoft Word) Use headings when necessary

You must us appropriate language in your narrative so that you can paint strong visual imagery in the readers mind. This can be done through using description. For example: Instead of saying her eyes were blue You could say her crystal blue eyes were the colour of the ocean. Use metaphors, alliteration, similes or onomatopoeia. Use language appealing to your specific target audience.

When planning your narrative, you must decide what you want the audience to feel after reading it. Possible purposes for your narrative could be: To entertain To inform To recount To explain To educate To raise awareness