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School/Establishment Dunipace Primary School – Primary 6

Name of Activity The Unsinkable Ship

Description of Activity The topic was introduced to the children when a ‘Top
Secret’ envelope arrived in class which included details
of a secret mission which they would take part in. They
would be ‘Secret Agents’ on a mission to raise the
Titanic from her watery grave.

Many tasks then followed which required the children to

work collaboratively in groups and then self assess their
progress after each task using the four capacities –
successful learners, responsible citizens, confident
individuals and effective contributers.

The tasks included –

• Creating a scale picture of Titanic on the class
wall using collage materials.
• Creating passengers for the ship using collage.
• Writing biographies for these passengers and
investigating the class system.
• Writing diary entries for the passengers
experience on board Titanic.
• Recording these entries using audacity.
• Creating line drawings of rooms inside Titanic.
• Creating 3D shoe box models of an interior first
class or third class cabin.
• Writing imaginative stories titled ‘Disater at Sea’
and making them into zig-zag books.
• Creating portholes for the classroom windows.
• Inviting parent/visitors to an open afternoon to
experience a Titanic Tour.

The tasks ensured excellent curricular links between

social studies, English language and art and design. The
tasks also ensured that the children were actively
involved in research work, problem solving and
Level Second
Curricular Area Social Studies, Art and Design, English Language
Materials available Joyning the Learning - ‘The Unsinkable Ship’ produced
by Learning Unlimited
Photographs available Photographs were taken throughout the topic and can be
seen on the school website:

DVD footage available Footage of childrens’ presentations and parent/visitor

open day was taken and is stored in school.
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