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It’s Not Real Address.

It’s a like : or or or or

1. Easy Registry .
I Have a Email Add to Account Gmail
And Change to :
User Account :
Account.Gmail :
I Have a Email No Change
User Account : agoestafin
Account.Gmail :

I Have a Email Add to Account Gmail

And Change to :
User Account : agoestafin.msn
Account.Gmail :
1. I Can Read My Mail From Account Gmail
3. I can publish my Address Home with Google Map.
4. I Can publish my App. From Google Doc and I Can share.
5. I can publish my photos Gallery with Google Picasa.
6. I can publish my Video with Google video and youtube.
7. I can publish my Page with Google Page
9. I can make Group and add group from google group and can make blog
10. I can Google AddWord
11. I can Google addsen
12. I can send gift to my friend
13. I can invite my friend
14. I can Chat with GTalk and video
15. I can Post with Offline Status.
16. I Can Tune Music
17. I can checkout Android Market
18. I Can Read Book From Google Reader or I Can Share My Slide.
19. I Can Search Web .
20. I Can Translate my Email / App .
21. I Can Make Calendar from Google Calendar
22. I Can Make Project
23. I Can Post Wiki or Knol
23. I Can Consultation about my healthy with Google Health
and I can transalate to english language
, because im indonesian with Google Transalate.

24. I Can Meet All User Account / My Group in Virtual Village

we date , we chat , and ect.

25. I Can Read My Favorite news with igoogle and I can add
Favorite Menu . Example : it’s my favorite site news.

I Like “Foot Ball ” Menu

I add key words by “ FootBall“ my Favorite menu

Google Crawl to

and search by keyword “ FootBall “
And I can see in igoogle hightlight news

26. Ect.
Flow Chart

G Search
Easy G Docs
& Simple
G Tune
G Mail
G Map
G Reader G Reader
G Adds
G Talk Youtube
G Healty G Project
G Page iGoogle
G Gift
G Dev. Android Market G Help
G Knol
G App.
G Group G Reader

Wiki G Picasa Virtual Village

G Transalte