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Configuring UCCX to support ANI Based Call Routing

You have a Call Center which services the 702 and 704 Area Codes. Ensure when a call is received from area code 704, the Agents in Branch 1 are preferred over those in HQ. For calls from area code 702, the HQ agents should be preferred over those in Branch 1. Also, prefer Agent 2 over Agent 1 for both HQ and Branch 1.

Script Solution
1. Launch CRS Editor and open the icd.aef script. Create a new string variable named sCallingParty. We will store the Calling Party Number (ANI) in this variable.

2. Add the Get Call Contact Info step to your script just below the Accept and Play Prompt steps.

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3. Set the Calling Number Variable to the sCallingParty string Variable you created above. This stores the output information of the Get Call Contact Info step into the sCallingParty Variable. We will use this variables value to decide which CSQ to place the caller into based on the Area Code presented in their ANI.

4. Add an If step to your script just below the Get Call Contact Info step. Change the Condition to sCallingParty.startsWith(702). The .startsWith() String Method searches the beginning of a string for the indicated value. In this If Condition, we are searching for a string that begins with 702.

5. Add a Set step from the General Tab to the True and False output Branches. The True branch should set the CSQ Variable to CSQ702. The False branch should set the CSQ Variable to CSQ704.

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5. Final CRS Script Configuration

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IPCC Admin Solution

1. Create a skill for each CSQ. Associate the skills with your Agents using the correct competency level. In the Agent Skill association below, we set the competency level to 10 for the 702_CSQ skill. When this skill is selected for CSQ702, the Agents competency level will ensure they are selected first.

Subsystems > RMCM > Assign Skills

2. Create the CSQs CSQ702 and associate the 702_CSQ Skill to this. Repeat this for CSQ704.

Subsystems > RMCM > CSQ

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3. Upload the new Script you have created above and Associate with your Application. Associate this with an application and route point for testing.

1. Within CRS Editor, perform a reactive Debug to verify your script operation. Use the Step Over button to process the script. Notice the CSQ and sCallingParty String Variables have empty values.

2. The Get Call Contact Info step gathers the Calling Party Information (ANI) and store this in the String Variable sCallingParty. Notice the string Variable now has a value of 7029467002.

3. The If Step processes the call and determines the sCallingParty Variables Value begins with 702. It then routes the call to the True output branch.

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4. The Set Step in under the True output branch as set the CSQ Variables value to CSQ702. The Select Resource Step will not search CSQ702 for Agent Resources.

Additional Scripting
In some cases, CallManager will prefix 91 in front of the Calling Party Number. This addresses issues with redial through end user phone directories. However, the 91 prefix will break the ANI Call Routing above. To resolve this, use a Set Step to remove the 91. Below is the substring (2) argument which drops the 91.

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