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Department of Justice
Executive Office for United States Attomeys
Freedom ofIn/ormation/Privacy ACI Utlil
600 E Sn'eet, N. W., Room 7300
Washington, D,C. 20530 }C C- .. ,

202-616-6757 Fax 202-616-6478

.,e quest Numb e r : --=0.. ;::1:.. .---=2=-6=--=-7-".4 _ Date of Receipt:~3~/~2~0~/~0~3~ __

Reque s te r : _---:C~o~n;.:.n=.,l=-·e==----'=C"-'.'---A~r'""m~s:'.t.;;..;;r-'=o'_'n~gO:l_ _
Subj ect: _ _~S.:.ce:::.;l=-f=-- _

Dear Requester:
In response to your Freedom of Information Act and/or Privacy Act request,
the paragraph(s) checked below apply:
1. [ ] A search for records located in this office has revealed no
2. [Xl A search for records located in the united States
At torney I s
Office (s) for tile Northern District of California has
revealed no records.
3. The records which you have requested cannot be located.
4. [Xl This office is continuing its work on the other
subject/districts mentioned in your request.
5. [X] This is the final action my office will take on this particular
You may appeal my decision in this matter by writing within sixty (60)
:/sr to:
Office of Information and Privacy
United States Department of Justice
Flag Building, Suite 570
Washington, D.C. 20530
Both the envelope and the letter of appeal must be clearly marked "Freedom
of Information Act/Privacy Act Appeal."
After the appeal has been decided, you may have judicial review by filing a
complaint in the United States District Court for the judicial district in which
you reside or have your principal place of business; the judicial district in
~hich the requested records r if anYr are located; or in the District of Columbia.

r'e A. OrRourke
ssistant Director

Form No, 005 - 6/02