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Employee Name: Vipul Kumar SR. No.

1 2 3 PARTICULARS Previous Company Name Name of Respondent Designation of Respondent Remark

Innovative Design Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Ripunjay Mishra Manager HR

SR.NO I Ii Iii Iv V Vi vii viii

PARTICULARS Period (Date From : To) Served by Applicant Designation of the Applicant Last drawn salary by the Applicant (CTC) Job Type (Permanent/ Temporary/ Contractual) Reasons for leaving this employment Professional abilities of the Applicant Duties & responsibilities Handled Attitude, Honesty & Personal reputation of the Applicant

Details Provided by the Applicant

Details Verified & Confirmed

May 2011 To Till Date Desktop Support Engineer Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided Maintenance of 75+ desktops, laptops and printers. Installation of different operating systems. Configure access permission for shared folders, system files. Solve internet related problem configuration basic TCP/IP settings. Installing and using anti-virus software and updating it on regular basis

May 2011 to 21th Dec 2013 Desktop Support Engineer 8,500 Rs

Permanent Technical Growth



Will you rehire the Applicant if situation arises in future?

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