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HOW I MET MYSELF Character and Characteristics MAIN CHARACTERS John Taylor 34 years old and a tall man

tall man light brown hair and eyes, and moustache lives and works in Budapest, Hungary a computer programmer who works for a multinational company transferred to Hungary to be in charge of an important project married to Andrea, a Hungarian lady meets his doppelganger as he passes through the Thirteenth District determined to uncover the mystery of his doppelganger realises that his doppelganger is sent to save his wife and child Andrea Johns Hungarian wife a lovely young woman has dark brown hair and a pair of blue eyes a good and caring mother to Kati teaches Hungarian and gives one-to-one lessons forced to leave her teaching job helps out at Zsolts cafe tries to understand and support her husband when he meets his doppelganger becomes frustrated when her husband becomes preoccupied with his doppelganger realises that Johns doppelganger has saved her and her childs life. Characteristics: hardworking committed to her job caring loving pleasant brave responsible understanding Characteristics: intelligent man perceptive persistent professional in his work loving husband caring father brave responsible sensitive