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Asiatic Calendar (History of the World)

Before one can understand the Asiatic calendar they must understand that only until recently has time been seen upon a linear scale. The ancients saw that time within the second, minute, hour, and day is circular, so time in the week, the month, the year, the decades and even in the millennium must be cipher. When the term Quran is used it is referring to the History of the niverse which has no beginning nor end. !ne may ask if that"s the case then why are the Qurans given numeric values such as the #$rd and #%th Quran if the niverse has no beginning. &t is because numbers 'Arabic (athematics) can move in any direction back and forth. The western world has limited itself to measure history based on the birth of *esus. Here is our history based on an actual chronology of the world. To translate the dates to B+, one only has to subtract the present date from ,$,--- the Birth of *esus, and for dates called A. or After .ate 'anno .omini), which is used for all dates in this era. To transfer these one must subtract the Asiatic date from ,$,-/0. 1ote, most A. dates are already translated. oo2 Allah the All 3eeing 4ye is here as he always has been. (anifested in the niverse, which was Black with many particles of gas, but no form until the hydrogen atom thus hydrogen 'knowledge and wisdom) bond was complete. The hydrogen bond is what gives the three dimensional form of matter. The atom is set into motion since infinity.

,-- Trillion years ago2 Allah developed his predetermined plan to add on to the niverse in the form as we now know. 5/ Trillion years ago. The creation of the 3un from the reaction of the atoms hydrogen and helium, and the constant heating and cooling down of these atoms, caused this star to collect more energy than possible today. Allah makes the 3un a symbol of knowledge and a tool for physical life... 5# Trillion years ago2 The energy that was left formed the stars in the universe, which is the same as the 3un with less magnitude and power. 00 Trillion years ago2 *atu one of the #$ scientist was the one who caused the separation of the 4arth and (oon 00 trillion years ago. This separation came about by a great e6plosion. &n the e6plosion, the part that is called (oon traveled $7,--- miles upwards, and the 4arth went 00,--miles downward. *atu is probably not to be taken on face value. &t is most likely a metaphor and the name of a scientific principle in Arabic. The same is the case with the other 3cientist. The 1ation of 8ods and 4arths do no deal with myth. And the idea of the 4arth and the (oon separating is also not to be taken on face value. The 4arth is the original woman"s body and the (oon is her (ind. This is showing and proving that Allah new that the (ind and Body of his Queen had to be separated. #-- (illion years ago2 9angaea 'all the land of the 4arth) begins to split into :aurasia in the 1orth and 8ondwanaland in the 3outh.

%- million years ago2 3outh America splits from Africa and 1orth America from 4urasia. !ceania breaks away. ,5,---2 Time the 3wa;iland gold mines were mined. !ldest mine in history. ,5,---2 Aborigines arrived in Australia from Asia 'Africa) They are of the same tribe as 1ew 8uinea and ancient <hem, called the Anu or Ainu. Ainu is the name of the ancestors of the modern 1ipponese '*apanese) and they still occupy Hokkaido, a small island off the coast of *apan... ,=,--->##,---2 8rimaldi and Aurignacian cultures. ,=,=/-2 !bserved as the time of the first Buddha. #%,---2 Asiatics travel across the Bering 3trait into present day America, and split between Aleut '4skimo) and 1ative American groups. 3aid to have been e6iled for worshipping idols. #5,--->,0,---2 4urope enters the 8ottweig &nterglacial era. #5,---2 Arrival of the 8rimaldis 'Blacks) in 4urope, first inhabitants of 4urope. +ame across the 3trait of 8ibraltar into 3pain, 3outh &taly, coloni;ing ?rance and through 3iberia and 9eking 'Bei@ing) giving rise to 9eking (an and *ava (an. The original man coloni;ed West Asia '4urope) many years before the white man sought refuge there. 4nd of #$rd Quran '+ycle)

3tart of #%th Quran '+ycle) ,2 The #$ 3cientist predict the History of the Quran. The #$ 3cientist is a representation of the attributes of Allah the !riginal (an. 3cientist, scholar, all powerful, and united. There are #$ 3cientist, which all eAual to Allah. &t is in the same fashion that there may be ,- 8ods Building in a +ipher at, let"s say, in the park, but the fact that the !riginal people are the All and All and are united as Allah makes there a total of ,, 8ods at this +ipher. The ,- 8ods and the one 8od they are united. This is the same with the #$ 3cientist, who are united to form another 8od, Allah. There are #% chromosomes in the hue>man body and as we know chromosomes are the builders of the traits and characteristics in Birth. The birth is the niverse. This year is marked by much migration by the original man after he civili;es the entire 4ast. ,,--->$,---2 3o>called 9aleolithic era believed not be inhabited by humans, but skulls of the original man were found in 1ubia dating back to this time. #,---2 Appearance of +hance lades (an, in 3outh ?rance. Bacial proto>type of (ongoloids, light skinned blacks. $,---2 Appearance of mesocephaly and brachycephaly types. $,=,72 Time period of +houkoutien (an. %,---2 ?irst Homo 3apenians found in +hina.

5,---2 Appearance of +ro>(agnon in 3outhern ?rance, bone structure is a prototype of the white race. 5,7--2 Appearance of Ciyang (an. /,--->=,---2 ?irst signs of +hinese and 1ipponese '*apanese) type. 1ippon is the original name of *apan. *apan is a Helleni;ed version of the word. /,---2 3emites 'Hebrews, Acadians, and Arabs) don"t e6ist yet because this is right before the white race is created and as we know 3emite means half Black and half White. /,--->=,---2 4arliest .evelopment of 1eolithic life in 1orthern <hem traced at (erimdeh and in the ?ayum. /,%--2 Dacub, *acob in the Bible and also referred under the name &srael '&s Ba 4lE)is born #- miles from the Holy +ity of (ecca. /,%-02 Dacub has a predetermined plan of making the devil through gene manipulation and the same principles of magnetism. /,%,/2 Dacub finishes all schooling in (ecca. /,77-2 Dacub dies, but before he left he told his followers to continue his plan. /,05%2 ,,%0- year old astronomical calendar in use in <hem. At this time 4gypt is known as Ta (erri, <hem, <ham, <hemet, <(T, <emet, and many other variations of the three letters <(T. &n the Bible it is known as

(i;raim. &t is also referred to as Ham and (isr in Arabic. =,---2 The devil is manufactured in 9elan an island in the Aegean 3ea. =,---2 The devils returned to (ecca from 9elan to (ecca to cause chaos for 0 months, so starts the beginning of the grafting of science into religion. =,---2 The devils are chased from (ecca, to live in the caves of West Asia, near present day Bussia, the +aucus (ountains and everything to the West hence the term caveman. =,---2 4arliest 1eolithic phases of southern 4gypt. Two cultures e6isted there, the Tasian, influenced by the north, and the Badarian which originated in the eastern desert. The former evolved into phases labeled 1akada & 'Amratian) and && '8er;ean), which had small differences from the 1orth. 4gyptians saw themselves as being the same as other blacks in Africa. =,---2 3umerian life centered on large cities '4ridu, r, ruk, 1ippur, <ish, :agash) The 3umerians worshipped anthropomorphic gods representing natural forces Anu, god of heavenF 4nlil '4a), god of water. 4pic poetry related these and other gods in a hierarchy. 3acrifices were made at ;iggurats G huge stepped temples. 8ods were thought to control all events, which could be foretold using oracular materials. =,7-->=,5--2 9redynastic 9eriod. Agricultural villages along the 1ile were united by $$-- B+ into two

kingdoms, pper '3outh) and :ower '1orth) 4gypt, pper and :ower 4gypt, unified under the 9haraoh (enes. =,=--2 4gyptian .ynasty begins, but <hem"s history e6ceeds this date. Asiatic (ode of 9roduction. ,-,---2 +uneiform 'wedge shaped) script evolved to a full syllabic alphabet. 4volved from hieroglyphics of <hem. ,-,$5->,-,$/=2 Time of &mhotep, the true H?ather of (edicine. &mhotep designed Coser"s pyramid 'temple) &mhotep was an ancient black poet, philosopher, scribe, sage, priest, astronomer, magician, and physician. His father was <anofer, and architect and his mother was <reduonkh. &mhotep married Bonfrenofret. He was called Asclepios by the 8reeks. He used splints, pills, enemas, bandages, and so on. He treated over #-diseases. Hippocrates and many others studied in his per ankh, which means HHouse of :ife.H ,-,0--2 ?irst 3emites, 3argon & of Akkad, Akkadians, Hebrews, and Arabs. ,-,///>,-,=/72 Third .ynasty of r, under 7 <ings. ,-,/-->,,,$--2 Harappan phase of the &ndus Ialley. .ominated by Harappa and (onhen@o .aro and .ravidians. ,-,=-->,,,%--2 ?irst +hinese .ynasty. Also has the Asiatic (ode of 9roduction. The 3hang .ynasty kings called themselves the H3ons of Heaven.H They were also called 1akhi '1aJblack and khiJman), so see they knew

that the 3on of Heaven 'black family) is Allah the !riginal (an. ,,,---2 Abram changes his name by the will and name of Allah by changing his name to Abraham, which means Hfather of many nations or god of civili;ation.H The suffi6 that is added is Ham, the legendary ancestor of blacks, so see it tells one that the black man is the Hfather of civili;ation,H ',st degree ,>,-) Abraham"s son &shmael is called the ancestor of the Arabs. Abraham was from r, and ancient city in 3umer, (esopotamia '&raA) ,,,---2 +anaanites arrive in &srael from 4gyptK1ubiaK4thiopia. The ?alasha *ews of 4thiopia are the original +anaanites closest living relatives. Amorites also arrive around this time also from +aucasia. The +anaanites are said to be 3emitic, but only after mi6ing with the invaders of &srael, the Amorites. This is why (usa is said to be half>original or mi6ed. The +anaanites capital was called *ebus, 3alim '3alem), and !reil, which is now called *erusalem '7th degree ,>,%) was also conAuered by .avid, who was also a Hebrew, which is a 3emite 'mulatto) The term Hebrew is often confused. Hebrew can mean one of two things. &t may mean someone who speaks Hebrew, someone that is a 3emite of the *ewish ethnic group, so basically black. The term *ewish means someone of the *udaic faith, so Hebrew, 3emitic, and *ewish are not the same. (any present *ews are not 3emites, but fully Black or White, so it would be ridiculous to call someone Anti>3emitic, when they single out the *ewish ethnic group.

,,,---2 Hittites 'whites) arrive in Asia (inor. &t is said that Hittites, Amorites, <assites, and (itanni are all whites. &t is actually said that they are &ndo 4uropeans, but & dislike terms like this and &ndo Aryans. ,,,---2 (usa '(oses) went to civili;e the .evil. He is known as the 8reat +ivili;er. He brought the Hebrews out of <hem to vanAuish the devil from +anaan. ,,,--->,,,$--2 ?irst +retan palaces2 +nassus, (allia, and 9haestos. +rete is known as +aphtor in the Bible. ,,,--->,,,7--2 !lmecs leave <hem to come to America. They gave rise to all (esoamerican groups such as (ayans, A;tecs, &ncas, the Huaorani, Achuar, 3hiwiar, 3iona, +ofans, 3ecoya and 3huar. They also gave rise to the present racial groups of 3outh America, (e6ico, +entral America, the &ndian groups of the +aribbean. The evidence that the ancient nations of (esoamerica came from the 1ile valley is evident in many similarities of culture that cannot be e6plained any other way. The Tehena Heru 'wings of the falcon), .@ed +olumn, (er> <hut 'pyramid), ?eathers of (aat, all can be compared to (esoamerican culture. ,,,,7-2 Assyrian colonies of +appadocia. Assyrians were 3emites. ,,,$#0>The ,7th dynasty of the great Hyksos kings dominated the Hyksos vassal chiefs of the ,0th dynasty. ,,,%--2 A phonetic alphabet was invented in 9hoenicia 'near 3yria) from <hem. The 9hoenician coast was an active commercial center.

,,,%#-2 Hyksos thrown out of <hem by <amose. 4gyptians called these kings Hrulers of foreign lands,H in 4gyptian hega>khase. 8reek writers later rendered this as HHyksos,H which was mistranslated as Hshepherd kings.H c ,-,7--2 +rete, the bron;e>age (inoan civili;ation emerged. A prosperous economy and richly decorative art 'e.g. at <nossos palace) was supported by seaborne '<hem) commerce. +rete was originally a <hemetic vassal city>state, but it was inhabited by whites. c ,,,--->,,,$--2 +retan :inear A script. Beceived writing from 9hoenicia. ,,,7-->,$,$/02 9re>+lassic ',st) (ayan period. +orn is cultivated and a calendar more accurate than the 8regorian is formed. This shows obvious <hem influence. ,,,7--2 Whites from the caves of West Asia '3 Bussia and Turkistan) came through (esopotamia and Asia (inor and invaded &ndia, coloni;ing 9un@ab. They killed of the nobility of &ndia, who were called Aryans and gave that title to themselves. They also set up the caste system which is still in &ndia today. The caste was based on color originally. ,,,7-->,,,/--2 #nd Hittite empire and apogee of (ycenae. ,,,77-2 (ycenaean civili;ation begins. ,,,0--2 Testimony in the language of the Hittites. The oldest white language. They received their language from

<hem '4gyptKTawy) and as a matter of fact they are the only white group to use hieroglyphs. c,,,5-->,,,/-- B+, records a 8reek dialect, :inear B, received from +rete '(inoan) ,,,5-->,,,/--2 &nvasion of the 9hilistines, HThe 3ea 9eoples.H (ost likely after the Aegean or (editerranean 3ea. They are called white :ibyans. They most likely of the group of whites driven from (ecca, and the same is probably the case with the +arthagians. The 9hilistines attacked the +anaanites of present &srael and drove them north into the coast near 3yria. The 9hilistines removed the city>state of +anaan and formed 9alestine, which in 8reek means H:and of the 9hilistines. The +anaanites are the sons of Ham '<ham) 4gyptK4thiopia. 1ote2 That many white historians have given the Berbers 'whites) the name Hamites, which is outrage. Hamites are BlacksK+hamites. ,,,/--2 8reeks are not yet familiar with philosophy. ,,,/--2 Time of <rishna, was revered as a Buddha and for his knowledge. Tried to civili;e the .evil. :ater worshiped by the Hindus. ,,,=$-2 ?irst (oorish invasion in 3pain. (oor comes form the 8reek word maures, meaning dark. !ther derivatives e6ist in the Bomance languages '3panish, &talian, and ?rench) (ora means blackberry, moreno means brunette, moricaud means dark skinned, morillion means black grape, and moraiola means black olive. (oor is not synonymous with (oslem. (any (oors did

convert to the (oslem faith. &n 3pain the (oors and 3paniards interbred. This 1eo>8rimaldi invasion produced (oricos, who were hated by the 3panish. ,#,---2 Time of Queen of 3heba, (akeda. <nown in the Quran as BiliAis. ,#,---2 Aristocratic revolt. The death of Basileus, king of (ycenaean Hdark period.H ,#,--->,#,7--2 The time of .avid, HThe :ion of *udah,H and his son 3olomon, (ekeda Queen of 3heba also called 3aba, which gives us 3abaeans 'south Arabia) and their son (enelik. Tribe of .an traces their line to this family. 3olomon employed men and materials supplied by Hiram 'Hiram <ey) of Tyre to build his Temple. ,#,#--2 3econd African &nvasion in America. ,#,#7-2 Homer and other 4uropeans travel to <hem to take <hemetic science and call it their own. <hemtic science was reduced to al<H4(y or alchemy and chemistry. Whites called the H+hildren of 3et.H The principle lord of chaos. 3et is where we get the term 3eth 'Adam"s son) and 3atan from 3et hen. They are also called .ev or .iv, short for devil. ,#,$-->,#,%--2 !riental influence is developed in 8reece after 8reece conAuers the far east. ,#,$-->,#,%--2 4lam 'first high culture of &ran) wars with the Assyrians. ,#,$$52 3acking of Thebes in <hem by the Assyrians.

,#,%--2 Time of !sirisK.ionysus cult, introduced to 8reece by <hem. ,#,%--2 Time of <autilya"s &ndia. ,#,%-->,#,7#72 &ndian and Attic influence in 8reece. ,#,%$52 The birth of 3iddhartha 8autama, the last Buddha, who was born in :umbini, near <apilavastu 'in present>day 1epal), the son of a ruler of the 3akya clan. He left his family after having four visions. There has been seven famous Buddhas, since the first and this one is the last. ,#,%572 +onAuest of <hem by +ambysis &&. ,#,%572 Arrival of 9ersians, present &ranian type in 9ersia. Was originally occupied by 4thiopians 'Abyssians). 4thiopia is noted as the founder of the (oslem religion. ,#,7--2 The start of the Boman, 3lave (ode of 9roduction. ,#,7-->,#,0--2 .orian invasion destroys (ycanaean society. ,#,00-2 Beforms of +leisthenes in Athens. ,#,00#2 Battle in +haeronia. 9hilip && of (acedonia becomes master of 8reece. ?ather of Ale6ander the 8reat. ,#,00/2 +onAuest of <hem by Ale6ander the 8reat. 3ets up his palace in <hem, and names his land Ale6andria.

,#,5--2 The Huns invade +hina, where part of the 8reat Wall was built to e6clude them. They appeared in the Iolga valley c.$5#F the 8oths were pushed west, where they destroyed the Boman 4mpire. the Huns ravaged &taly until Attila the Hun"s, the greatest Hun king, death '%7$) The Huns in custom and phenotype resemble the (ongols 'Tartars) and (agyars. ,#,5--2 The defeat of :euctra, which liberated the Helots from 3parta. ,#,5--2 Around this time the devil starts to lie about the names of the homes of the original man. &van Ian 3ertima says that Africa comes from the :atin word Afer, which means Black. 1onetheless, it is not of Hamito> 3emitic or Asiatic origin. This most likely came from +arthage, who had conAuered 1orth Africa. The same is done with many other nationsF 1ubia, (esopotamia, 9ersia, and so on. ,#,5$0>,#,57=2 The ?irst 9unic War, grew immediately out of a Auarrel between the 3icilian cities of (essana 'now (essina) and 3yracuse that involved Bome and +arthage. The Bomans won naval victories at (ylae '#0-) and +ape 4cnomus '#70), but a Boman e6cursion to Africa failed '#77). Although Hamilcar Barca blocked the Bomans in 3icily, a Boman victory at sea off the Aegadian &sles '#%,) caused +arthage to sue for peace. The treaty gave 3icily to Bome, but the Bomans, contrary to the treaty, invaded 3ardinia and +orsica. When the +arthaginians under Hannibal took '#,=) the 3panish

city of 3aguntum 'present>day 3agunto), a Boman ally, Bome declared war. ,#,5/#>,#,5==2 The 3econd 9unic War, or Hannibalic War, was one of the titanic struggles of history. &t was marked by Hannibal"s invasion of &taly and his initial victory there, but Hannibal"s ultimate failure came at the battle of Cama '#-#) in Africa. +arthage surrendered its 3panish province and its war fleet to Bome and never recovered. ,#,5=/2 3cipio Africanus (a@or defeated Hannibal at or near Cama. (any people believe this is where Africa gets her name. ,#,/7,>,#,/7%2 The Third 9unic War, ,%=>,%0 B+, originated when Bome charged +arthage with a breach of treaty. Bome declared war, blockaded the city, and ra;ed it. ,#,=%#>,#,=%=2 The area known as 8aul was conAuered by the Bomans under *ulius +aesar. 34:4+ &. 4(94B!B3 ,#,=0=2 +onAuest of <hem by the Bomans. ,#,=5-2 Time period of .iodorus of 3iciliy. ,#,=%-2 Boman 4mpire ,$,---2 1imrod is born. +hanged Hiram"s teachings. The first king of Babel.


Asiatic Calendar (History of the World)

,$,---2 &sa 'Deshua), the original name of *esus, born. He was a ?reedom ?ighter, who taught ?reedom, *ustice, and 4Auality. He tried to reform the .evil by teaching and learning in his travels to <hem, &ndia, &srael, 3yria, :u6or and so on. He was an 4ssene, which he became while in Africa. 4ssenes are an ancient Hebriac sect called the HThird 3ect,H Hthe Bapti;ers,H H(en of 4ssa,H Hthe (ystery 3ect,H Hthe 3eers,H Hthe 9ious,H Hthe Associates,H Hthe Apron (akers,H Hthe 9ropheciers,H H3eekers of the 9rince of Bighteousness,H and also the H!ssenes.H They were called the Hessenes by *osephus '0>/ A.) The 4ssenes were similar to many of the oriental dogmas because they practiced pacifism, and the prohibition of se6 and alcohol. The name Deshua means savior. +hrist comes from the 8reek for the Hebrew word (essiah. +hrist is also a form of the word <rishna. The life of *esus is partially true and partially taken from the stories of many other saviors and avatars. ?or instance, his time in &ndia is ignored. After his death, many people borrowed legends from the 1ile Ialley and !rient to fill in the gaps. The ancients also would e6pect a savior in every cycle of 0 centuries, and it happens that *esus was a teacher, who fell in that time. He taught the word of Allah.

,$,,50 '=-) +ouncil similar to the 1icea councils held in *amnia. ,$,,50>,$,,/0 '=->,--)2 The <ione Bible 'the original new testament) is written. ,$,#,0>,$,#/0 ',$->#--)2 8alen, the racist 8reek physician born. He summed up blacks as being illogical. He said that we laughed and that we liked music because our brains were capable of nothing else. He also noted that the black man had large genetalia. ,$,#/02 8allo>Boman civili;ation that had developed was overrun by 8ermanic invaders, including the ?ranks under +lovis &. ,$,$/0>,$,0/0 '$-->0--)2 4arly>+lassic period of (ayan development. They spread throughout the area. ,$,%,, '$#7)2 ?irst +ouncil of 1icea, called by +onstantine &, to discuss the formation of the Trinity and the change of the old Boman religion into +hristianity, but as one should know the old beliefs of Bome are mi6ed into modern +hristianity. Bome also admired <hem, so they also added many of <hem"s culture to +hristianity. ,$,70# '%50) 4nd of Boman 4mpire and beginning of ?eudalism in 8ermany. ,$,75#2 '%/0) ?ranks, a 8ermanic tribe defeat the last Boman governor. The ?ranks are ancestors of the ?rench.

,$,75#>,%,-5$2 ?ranks rule over Bome under the (erovingian and +arlingian .ynasties The ?ranks then settle in modern day ?rance. ,$,0752 '75,) (ohammed &bn Abdullah born in (ecca. ,$,0/0>,$,=/0 '0-->=--)2 :ate>+lassic (ayan period. (ayans move north into Ducatan from Honduras and +opan. ,$,5-/2 '3ept. 0##) (ohammed went to (edina, which was originally called Dathrib. He had the .evil on his tracks. He was threatened by the devil, so he saw that you could not reform the devil. His flight is called his hegira which means, Hbreaking off of relationsH This is seen as the beginning of the (oslem era. ,$,5,/ '0$#) (ohammed dies. He tried to reform the devil in his life time. ,$,55=2 39A1&3H ,$,5/0>,$//0 '5-->=--)2 The .evils left (edina and went to *erusalem to cause more trouble. The devils who came back into *erusalem were probably <ha;ars '4domites) They are white *ews who became converts when they arrived in *erusalem. <ha;ars, appeared in Transcaucasia in the #d cent. A. and subseAuently settled in the lower Iolga, &ndic, or Arabic region, which is simply (iddle 4ast. This supports the claim that they are the same barbaric whites who threatened (ohammed. The <ha;ars maintained friendly relations with the By;antine 4mpire. Their empire came to an end in

',%,-7,) when they were defeated by the duke of <iev, but sveral still remained ,$,5%0 '5,-)2 8eneral TariA of (orocco invaded 3pain saying, Hmen before you is the enemy and the sea is at your backs. By Allah there is no escape for you, save in valor and resolution.H <ing Bodrigo was killed and almost all of 3pain was called Al>Adalus. ,$,5=/ '5,#)2 3on of (usa &bn 1usair, governor of (orocco marries 4gilona, widow of <ing Bodrigo. The (oslem and +hristian world is united in the Wit;a family. ,$,/5$ '5/5) 3econd +ouncil of 1icea. ,$,//0 '/--) +oronation of +harlemagne and +arolingian Benaissance. ,$,=/0>,%,5/$ '=-->,0=5)2 9ost>+lassic (ayan period. &nvading Toltec culture is absorbed. ,%,-/0 ',---) Iikings reached the 1ew World. nknown if they had any contact with 1atives. ,%,-5#>,%,,/, '=/7>,-=7)2 Battle for *erusalem started. &t is said that the +rusades were a religious battle, but it was really based on returning the original man"s land to himself. The modern Arab>&sraeli wars are only a continuation of the constant struggle between the original man and the white man. The wars are also over 3cience and religion. ,%,,/,>,%,,/7 ',-=7>,-==) ?irst +rusade, led by Baymond &I, count of Toulouse, 8odfrey of Bouilioon, Bohemond &, and Tancred. Their victorious campaign

was crowned by the conAuest of *erusalem ',-==). The establishment of the :atin <ingdom of *erusalem and the orders of the <nights Hospitalers and the <nigts Templers followed. ,%,,/0>,%,%/02 Time that Cymbabwe 'stone houses) was at the center of the (unhu (utape empire ,%,#7$ ',,05) 8enghis <han is born with the name Temu@in. His family was abandoned by their tribe after his chieftan father was poisoned. His mother told him, Hremember that you no companions but your shadow.H &n ,#-0 he changed he became a powerful leader and fighter and changed his name to 8enghis <han, which means, Huniversal or oceanic ruler.H His empires stretched from Hungary to <orea and from 3iberia to Tibet. His grandson, <ulai <han, found the Duan dynasty in +hina ,%,#/0>,%,%/0 ',#-->,%--)2 Time period of &nca civili;ation. ,%,$7, ',#07) The 3panish &nAuisition. ,%,$/0 ',$--)2 A;tecs 'who referred to themselves as the (e6ica or Tenochca) move into a place called A;tlan, somewhere in north or northwest (e6ico. At that time the A;tecs were a small, nomadic tribe, 1ahuatl>speaking, living in the border territory on the margins of civili;ed (esoAmerica. &t is said that A;tec civili;ation ended in ,%,0-5 ',7#,) ,%,$=0K,%,$=5 ',$,-K,$,,)2 (andigo voyages to America

,%,%#$>,%,7$= ',$$5>,%7$)2 Hundred Dears War evicted the 4nglish from ?rench soil. Hugh +apet of 4ngland had originally been made king of ?rance. ',,$/>=$) 3aladin>3ultan of 4gypt and 3yria born. 8od had to be a true descendant of +anaan. ,%,#$$>,%,#$7 ',,%5>,,%=) The 3econd +rusade, preached by 3t. Bernard of +lairvau6 after the +hristians lost 4dessa ',,%%) to the Turks, ended in dismal failure. ,%,#5-2 ',,/%) We took *erusalem back from the devil. 3alah ad>din, Dusuf ibn Ayyub, known as 3aladin. :aunching the @ihad, 3aladin was victorious at Hattin, recaptured *erusalem. 3aladin not only vanAuished the +rusaders and defeated Bichard & of 4ngland, but also restored 4gypt as the ma@or power in the (iddle 4ast. ,%,#57>,%,#5/ ',,/=>,,=#)2 The Third +rusade, led by Holy Boman 4mperor ?rederick &, 9hilip && of ?rance, and Bichard & of 4ngland 'Bichard the :ionHearted), failed to recapture the city. A three>year truce, however, we gave the devil limited access to *erusalem. ,%,#//>,%,#=- ',#-#>,#-%)2 The ?ourth +rusade, ,#-#> -%, was diverted for the benefit of Ienice, and the +rusaders sei;ed +onstantinople. ,%,#=/ ',#,#)2 +hildren"s +rusade, thousands of children set out for the Holy :and, only to be sold as slaves or to die of hunger or disease.

,%,$-$>,%,$-5 ',#,5>,#-%)2 The ?ifth +rusade, ,#,5>#,, was aimed at 4gypt, but failed. The truce arranged with the (uslims by Holy Boman 4mperor ?rederick &&. ,%,$,%>,%,$,7 ',##/>,##=)2 3i6th +rusade, was short> lived. Three later crusades in the ,$th cent. failed to reverse the (uslim gains. &n ,#=, the last +hristian stronghold of Akko 'Acre) fell. ,%,%$, ',$%7)2 the A;tecs finally found refuge on a small island in :ake Te6coco where they founded the town of Tenochtitlan. ,%,%0= ',$/$)2 3een as the beginning of +hristianity. +orresponds to appro6imately a thousand years. .uring this time followers of *esus started *esus (ovements, which is the beginning of +hristianity, an ancient idea of hero worship. ,%,7#%>,%,775 ',%$/>5,) The &ncas began their remarkable territorial e6pansion under 9achacuti. ,%,7#0>,%,77% ',%%->,%0/)2 (onte;uma &, grandfather of (onte;uma &&, e6panded the A;tec empire until it stretched from the Atlantic to the 9acific coasts. ,%,7$5 ',%7,) +olumbus is born in 8enoa, &taly. ,%,7$= ',%7$) +onAuest of +onstantinople by (uhammad &&, the +onAueror. ,%,75,>,%,5-0 ',%/7>,0#-)2 The 4uropean Benissance, which was influenced by (oorish culture.

,%,75/ ',%=#) (oors driven out of the &berian peninsula. The same year 3pain and 9ortugal begin world conAuest. ,%,75/ ',%=#) +olumbus discovers the present day Bahamas. He found the Arawak &ndians, who also live in *amaica 'Lmaica). Within the ne6t year he found 1atives on the main land also. +olumbus was a half>original man from &taly with 3panish (oor blood. '+ristoforo +olombo in &talianF +ristobal +olon in 3panish) +olon was a popular name amongst the (arronos '*ewish loyalties) of 8enoa. ,%,0-7 ',7,=) The arrival of the 3panish army of Hernan +ortes. &ndian allies, in particular the Tla6calans 'hereditary enemies of the A;tecs), were turned against one another and this was an essential element in the conAuest of (e6ico, supplying au6iliary troops, food, transport, and secure bases in friendly territory. The ,7th and ,0th cent. marks the time when (e6icans, +entral and 3outh Americans began speaking 3panish because of constant 1WA1T4. contact with 3paniards. Before their language and culture in general was related to 3emeitcKAsiatic cultures of the 4astern Hemisphere. Bead &van Ian 3ertima"s book, 2HAfrican 9resence in 4arly Asia,H and HThey +ame Before +olumbus2 African 9resence in the 4arly America.H and HAfrican 9resence in Ancient America.H He says that the !lmec wall and tablet scripts appear similar to 1agada '1akada) 'earliest <hemetic writing) in pper 4gypt. He also says that Hthe trait or sign of the M!lmecs and other (esoamericanN was a golden ram of 9hri6us with a snake overlooking it matches the prow of the 3olar ship of Bamses.H

,%,0-5 ',7#,)2 Tenochtitlan, under the leadership of +uauhtemoc, capitulated to +ortes, and the days of A;tec dominion ended. ,%,0#,',7$7) 3ir *ohn Hardy Hawkins or Hawkyns goes to 3outh Asia to study the original people. 4nglish admiral. As a slave>trader, he sold native Africans at a profit in 3panish ports. ,%,0%, ',777) *ohn Hardy Hawkins steals the original people from the 4ast and brings then into the Wilderness of 1orth America on his ship, the H8ood 3hip *esus.H He does so by interorientation and tricking the Africans to come to America. ,%,00, ',757) (alik Ambar born in 4thiopia. A famous black leader. ,%,0=7 ',0-=) <ing *ames a noted pervert and homose6ual translates the Bible with the help of William 3hakespeare. Would someone think for a second that the Bible, which was originally written in old Hebrew would contain so much translatable !ld 4nglish. The original Bible had no !ld 4nglish 'ye, thou, and so on) <ing *ames and Queen 4li;abeth are the grandparents of *ohn Hardy Hawkins. ,%,=%= ',/0$) Abraham :incoln called for the 4mancipation 9roclamation, which was a political tactic more than a moral obligation. & build, so that one day people will know this. ,%,=77>,7,-$%2 Time of 8andhi <aramchand (ohandas, &ndian political and spiritual leader, called the (ahatma

Ogreat souledP and regarded as the father of independent &ndia. After practicing law in 3outh Africa, where he fought for the rights of the &ndian population there, he returned ',7,--,) to &ndia. ,%,=0- ',/5%) The original people found out that we were over here. The original people in 1orth America are thus called The :ost Tribe of 3haba;;. ,%,=0$ ',/55) (aster ?ard (uhammad is born in (ecca on ?eb. #0th. He was born from Alphonso (uhammad and Baby 8ee. Baby 8ee was a white woman that was cleaned up by Alphonso, so he could plant his seed, and so the seed would not be easily detected while teaching the original people here in the wilderness. ,%,=5$ ',//5) (arcus 8arvey is born. He created the bendera 'the read, black, and green flag of Africa) He was born in *amaica and he wanted all black to return back to the 4ast, he said HBack to Africa.H He also started the Black 3tar :ine 'the first black owned railroad) ,%,=/$ ',/=5) 4li@ah (uhammad is born 4li@ah 9oole in 8eorgia. 1AA+9 found. ,%,==0 ',=,-) (aster 'W...) ?ard 'pronounced farad) (uhammad comes to America to see the troubles of the original man, and teach the :ost thus finding the :ost> ?ound. With him he has the ancient knowledge of the ,#- .egrees, which he will teach the blind, deaf, and dumb.

,%,=== ',=,$) 1oble .rew Ali forms the (oorish 3cience Temple in 1ewark, 1ew *ersey. .rew Ali was a 9oor Bighteous Teacher. He taught many concepts like the 3cience of :ife. He taught that the !riginal (an is the Asiatic Black (an. He also taught that all Black people are (oors, that &slam is the Black people"s instrument for unity and advancement, that whites are the negative and opposite of blacks, to refrain from radicalism, and to live for love, harmony, truth, @ustice, freedom,GHe amed one of his temples the +anaanite Temple. ,7,--- ',=,%)2 4nd of the .evil"s uncivili;ation. He is granted a 5- year grace period. ,7,--, ',=,7)2 ?ather .ivine moves to Brooklyn, 1ew Dork. He was born in 3avannah, 8A as 8eorge Baker. He called himself the H3on of Bighteousness.HHe left 3avannah in the ,/=-"s because white hoodlums were forceful in making him walk on water. He was taught that he was 8od by 3amuel (orris who became ?ather *ehovia and 8eorge Baker, the (essenger. A third man @oined them in changing his name from *ohn Hickerson to 3t. *ohn the Iine. ?ather .ivine then changed his name to (a@or *ealous .ivine or (a@or (organ *. .ivine and moved to Brooklyn, 1ew Dork. ,7,--%>,7,-,7 ',=,/>,=#=)2 Harlem Benissance ,7,--7 ',=,=)2 ?ather .ivine moved to 3ayville, :ong &sland, 1ew Dork. He gathered ,# apostles, si6 men and si6 women. He was arrested for being a Hpublic nuisance.H *udge :ewis *. 3mith calls him a Hmenace to society.H .ivine reportedly said, H9ity the @udge for he

can"t live long. He has offended Almighty 8od.H :egend says that the @udge died four days later. He then adopted the name ?ather .ivine. He sat up 9eace (issions called Heavens and his followers were called angels. ,7,-,, ',=#7) (alcolm L is born (alcolm :ittle. ,7,-,% '?eb. ##, ,=#/) +larence 3mith is born in .anville, 9ittsylvania +ounty, Iirginia on a ?riday. ,7,-,7>'*an. ,7, ,=#=>,=0/):ife of (artin :uther <ing. *r. in Atlanta, 8a., he was the second of three children of the Bev. (ichael 'later (artin) and (rs. Alberta Williams <ing. He received a bachelor"s degree in sociology ',=%/) from (orehouse +ollege. <ing studied the life and teachings of (ahatma 8andhi and further developed the &ndian leader"s doctrine of satyagraha 'Hholding to the truthH), or nonviolent civil disobedience. ,7,-,0>',=$->,=5%)2 Bule of Hail 3elassie '*ah Bastafari), 4mperor of 4thiopia, seen as the incarnation of *ah. +ousin to (enelik && and descendant of (enelik and the Tribe of .an. ,7,-,0 '*uly %, ,=$-) ?ard (uhammad also called H9rophet ?ard,H HThe 3avior,H and HThe 8reat (ahdiH begins to teach the :ost>?ound, 4li@ah 9oole and 4li@ah changes his name to 4li@ah (uhammad 'praised) He began teaching 4li@ah and the others that all original people are (uslims. He does not tell them that they are 8ods and 4arths because the original people in the wilderness have been blind for so long, that the light of truth would blind them. The original people here as he

and 4li@ah felt had to go through more refinement to know the rest of the truth. That the Asiatic Black (an is 8od of the niverse, and his woman is his 4arth, in which he makes his :ife Born. ,7,-#- ',=$%) ?ard (uhammad leaves 4li@ah (uhammad, the :ost>?ound after finali;ing his manifestation of the :essons to him. ,7,-#,>,7,-##',=$7>,=$0)2 &talo>4thiopian War. ,7,-#/ ',=%#) +!B4 '+ongress of Bacial 4Auality) is formed in +hicago. ,7,-$- ',=%%)2 +larence 3mith moves to Harlem, 1ew Dork with his family. He completes two years of high school. ,7,-$/ '!ctober $-, ,=7#)2 +larence 3mith is inducted in the .3. Army. He becomes a light weapons infantryman, and master in kung fu, @udo, and karate. ,7,-%- ',=7%)2 +larence 3mith receives a discharge after having had ?oreign 3ervice in *apan and <orea. He had the <orean 3ervice (edal with one Bron;e 3ervice 3tar, the +ombat &nfantryman Badge, the nit +itation, the nited 1ations and 1ational .efense 3ervice (edals, and also a (edal of Bravery for saving the lives of the men belonging to his sAuad. ,7,-%, ',=77) The sister Bosa 9arks implemented her plan by not giving up her seat and causing the bus boycott

,7,-%, ',=77)2 +larence 3mith comes to teach at Temple Q5 of the 1ation of &slam at ,-# West ,,0 3t., 1D+. While in the 1ation of &slam as a student he becomes part of the ?ruit of &slam 'military training of men in the 1ation of &slam) as the name Bro. +larence ,$L after the ,$th attribute of Allah. He later becomes a (aster of the nknown. ,7,-%, ',=77) :ynching of Bev, 8eorge W. :ee in (iss, :amar 3mith in Brooklyn, and ,%>yr old 4mmett Till in (oney ,7,-%$ ',=75)2 +larence ,$L moves up the ranks to become :ieutenant and one of the top instructors of the ?!&. ,7,-%$ ',=75) The 3+:+ is formed from 0- black leaders. They tried to get freedom, @ustice, and eAuality from the devil, but they depended to much on the unseen and not on their own. ,7,-%0 ',=0-) +larence ,$L is given the attribute Abdullah 'servant of 8od), by Honorable 4li@ah (uhammad, during the 3avior"s .ay ?estival of that year. ,7,-%0 'April ,=0-) The creation of 31++. ?ormed when <ing called a group of student demonstrators together. :eaders included *ames ?orman, *ohn :ewis, and 3tokely +armichael '<wame Ture) ,7,-%= ',=0$) +larence ,$ 'from the ,$th name of Allah) L '(aster nknown) comes to the reali;ation that he and all original people are 8od, Allah. He is followed by his

dedicated companions, Bro. *ohn %%L '3hahid) and Bro. *ames ,-$L 'Akbar) ,7,-%= ',=0$) +ivil Bights leader (edgar 4vers is gunned down in driveway. ,7,-7- ',=0%) ?ather Allah leaves the mosAue and brings his <nowledge and Wisdom to the uncivil drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, the abused and used, and the youth. He does this and teaches them that they may be looked down upon by society, but that they are 8ods and 4arths. He teaches the nine youths and calls them the ?irst 1ine Born of (ecca2 <ariem 'Black (essiah), Bishme Allah, hura, Al>*ava '9rince Allah), .ihoo '<nowledge Allah), Ar>Bahiem, 3ha 3ha, beka, and 3alaam. Their names meant something special to each. ?or e6ample <nowledge Allah was a <nowledge seed, meaning of dark comple6ion. ,7,-7- '.ec. 7 ,=0%) An attempt was made on ?ather Allah"s life by a Black 3avage named +arlos. He was shot at ,- pm. with a high powered rifle in a basement on ,#5th 3t. ,7-7, ',=07)2 (alcolm L 'All Ha@@ (alik 3haba;;) is murdered at the Audoban Ballroom. He taught freedom, @ustice, and eAuality. ,7,-7, '(ay $,, ,=07) Two police officers brook up a rally in front of the Hotel Theresa, located at #-=- 5th Ave. ?ather Allah was sent to @ail for drummed>up charges.

,7,-7, '*une #, ,=07) ?ather Allah is brought to trail under the *udge ?rancis !"Brien. ?ather Allah told him that he was wrong for accusing the righteous people of the city and that the city would blow up. !"Brien asked ?ather Allah if he wanted to be appointed a lawyer, but ?ather Allah told the @udge that he is Allah and that he would represent himself. ,7,-7, '3ep. #$ ,=07) The @udge in the 3upreme +ourt part $-, ordered ?ather Allah to be placed in the custody of the 9sychiatric nit at Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric treatment. This was for saying that he was 8od 'Allah) While there he continues to teach the youth, so he is transferred to (attawan to break this up. ,7,-7# ',=00) The first House 9arliament held at Born Allah"s kingdom 'home), ,#-th 3t. and 5th Ave. 1D+. ,7,-7# ',=00) ?ounding of the Black 9anther party, a militant organi;ation of blacks founded in !akland, +alif., in by Huey 9. 1ewton and Bobby 8. 3eale. 9anther leaders called upon blacks to arm themselves for a struggle against their oppressors and collected small arsenals. At the same time, the party provided free breakfasts, financed by donations from local merchants and wealthy sympathi;ers, for children in some ghetto areas. &t also opened schools and medical clinics. 3everal armed clashes with the police occurred. Huey 1ewton was found guilty of killing an !akland policeman in ,=05, but the conviction was reversed on appeal. He was charged with murder in a street brawl in ,=5% and fled to +uba. +uba is known for giving diplomatic protection to

blacks in America. The same was done for Assata 3hakur. ,7,-7$ '(arch #%, ,=05) ?ather Allah is released after doing his time on the stake. This is $ days after the Asiatic 1ew Dear. ,7,-7$ '(arch #7, ,=05) He made his first appearance to the ?ive 9ercent 1ation in the front of 8lammor &nn on 5th Ave. ,7,-7$ ',=05) ?ather Allah finds the first educational center of the ?ive 9ercent 1ation located at #,## 5th Ave. &t is called the H3treet Academy,H or the HAllah 3chool.H There is also an HAllah 3choolH in .allas. ,7,-7$ ',=05) The niversal ?lag is manifested by niversal 3hamguad Allah and ordained by ?ather Allah. ,7,-7% ',=0/) The H4nlightenerH was composed by .ihoo '<nowledge Allah) and Amar 4ducation Allah and ordained by ?ather Allah. ,7,-77 '*une ,$, ,=0=) ?ather Allah is assassinated. He was shot seven times at #, West ,,# 3t. 1D+. ,7,-0, ',=57)2 4li@ah passes away from heart failure. ,7,-0% ',=5/) (inister :ouis ?arrakhan announces that he does not like the route that the 1ation of &slam is taking, including the disrespect for the (essenger 4li@ah (uhammad, emphasis on religious &slam, and the admission of whites. Whites can only be (uslim 3ons and .aughters also called (asons

,7,-5, ',=/7) 4li@ah"s son Warith (uhammad changes the 1ation of &slam into a more religious type of &slam, similar to the 3uni. He also says that (uslims should submit to the land and flag of the 3. ,7,-5% ',=//) (inister :ouis ?arrakhan says more words about the true intentions of the 1ation of &slam. e6ample <nowledge Allah was a <nowledge seed, meaning of dark comple6ion.