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Generic name: AminoralBrand name:Classification: Used in the treatment of urological problems.

Other Drugs Acting on the Genito-Urinary System Suggested dose: Adult 70 kg Chronic renal insufficiency,compensated or decompensatedretention 4-8 tab tid. Ordered dose: 600g 1 tab 3x/day (6am-12nn-6pm)Mechanism of action: Pharmacokinetics: The plasma kinetics of amino acids and their integration in metabolic pathways are well established. It should nevertheless be noted that, in uremic patients, the plasma disturbances do not seem to depend on digested amino acid intake, and that the post-absorptive kinetics seems to be distributed very early in the development of the disease. In normal individuals, there is an increase in the plasma level of ketoanalogues,10 min after oral ingestion. These levels reach values that are approximately 5times higher than the initial level. Peak levels are reached within 20-60 min and normal levels are reached again after 90 min. Gastrointestinal absorption is thus very rapid. In the plasma a simultaneous increase in levels of the ketoanalogue and the corresponding amino acid show that transamination of the ketoanalogues are very rapid. Due to natural pathways of disposal of -ketonicacids in the organism, it is probable that exogenous intakes are very rapidl integrated into metabolic cycles. Ketoacids follow the same catabolic pathwaysas the classical amino acids. No specific study on ketoacid excretion has beenperformed to date.Indication:

Prevention and therapy of damages due to faulty or deficient protein metabolismin chronicrenal insufficiency in connection with limited protein food of 40 g/day (for adults)Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to drugs

Hypercalcemia, amino acid metabolism disorder. Side effects: hypercalcemiaAdverse effects:Nursing responsibility:1) Monitor I&O2) Take with food