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Plan for Filming

From Monday the 14th of October we will be filming footage for our documentary for four weeks. We have made a lesson filming plan with dates on to ensure that we capture all of the footage that we want and we do so effectively. Monday 14th October-Familiarise ourselves with the equipment Analysis: We were able to get used to using the equipment and can now film with confidence. We experimented with features like focusing, pans, tilts and handheld so that we are ready to start filming properly on Wednesday. Wednesday 16th October- First Filler shots Analysis: Today we managed to get some good filling shots. We were able to get an extreme close up of Jack walking through a puddle. Then we went inside and filmed a long shot of me and Jack passing on the stairs. We did this by placing the tripod on the top of the stairs. Overall, today we managed to get the shots we wanted. Friday 18th October- Second series of Filler shots Analysis: Today we got CUs of Jack and Andre scrolling through violent crime articles on the internet. We thought these would be good shots to use while we had voiceover on top. We shot Andre scrolling through the article in the dark because we thought it would be a nice contrast to Jacks shot in the light and we were satisfied with the results. Monday 21st October- Third series of Fillers Analysis: We filmed close ups of Jack and other Students today and a tilt of a security camera in the car park. We are pleased with the footage we got today.

Wednesday 23rd October- Recording of First series of Archive footage Analysis: We recorded a clip from YouTube of a shop arson attack, a robbery taking place in a train station and a bank robbery. We are pleased with these shots as show the variation in violent crime and the fact that it can happen anywhere. Friday 25th October- Recording of Second series of Archive footage Analysis: We got a clip from a Sky News report talking about violent crime and a clip from YouTube of a Gang beating up a man. Thus todays filming was effective as we got more relevant footage that we could use in our documentary Monday 28th October- Film Presenter walking though gate and Extreme Close up of Headlight of car in car park. Analysis: Today we managed to film the long shot of Andre walking through the college gate. It was difficult at first, as we had to make sure we got the right shot, but when we did it was very good. We also filmed an extreme close up of the headlight of a car in the car park as we thought it would make a good filler shot. Overall, today filming was successful Wednesday 30th October- Jack interview Analysis: Today we did an interview with Jack. At first we were slow to getting use to the interview environment but then we got better as time went on. And the Interview proved successful. Friday 1st November- Tasnim Interview and pan across car park Analysis:

This interview went smoothly as we had learnt our lesson from Wednesday. We also managed to go out into the car park and do a pan across it while students were leaving and coming into college. Monday 4th November- Steph coming into college and Steph Vox pop Analysis: Today we managed to get a great shot of Steph coming into college in his car. Making him out of focus at the start of the shot and slowly putting him in focus by the end. He was also very good in his vox pop and provided us with some very good footage. Tuesday 5th November- Tom Krawec Interview Analysis: We got an interview with Tom today. And it worked very well as our expert interview as he provided relevant and detailed knowledge on the possible causes, effects and solutions to violent crime. Wednesday 6th November- Brad interview Analysis: We managed to get another student interview done which were pleased with as it added more variety to the ones we already had. Friday 8th November- Some more fillers Analysis: By now we had got all the footage we wanted and decided to fill more fillers as it would add more variety to what we already had making it more interesting. Thus we did a close up of the word murder written in bold, black letters and an extreme close up of Andre typing on a keyboard. Overall, it was an effective day of filming.

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