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My Tech 600 Notebook using Google Chrome Y Presentation

By:Cecelia Stansbury

Computer Vocabulary ways to SAVE information

Network: Connection of computers connected to the internet such as CLSD network. in the clouds - place to store things on the internet. RAM: Random access memory its the memory inside the computer. USB: universal storage device also known as a flash drive.

Computer vocab continued

Mouse: Its hardware and moves the cursor Monitor: Its hardware and is a screen just like a tv. Keyboard: Its hardware that lets you type Headphones: Hardwear that let you listen to hear the computer HARDWARE: Is peices of the computer you touch.

Computer Vocab Continued

Microsoft Word: Its software and you can type a document Google Chrome:Its software and you can create a document or presentation IPhoto: its software that saves your photos and you can edit them Paint: Its software that you can use to draw and create your own picture

History of Computers of Bill Nye

One of the first computes could fill up an entire gym! Original computers had cords that needed to be switched to get the different computer programs to run. 1 and 0 are binary numbers are switched in our modern computers to make the programs run. the world wide webWWW. was created in 1989 its 24 years old!

QWERTY Keyboarding
Name of the keyboard from the first row of letters. Home row its where our hands and fingers are placedASDF GH JKL;

Google Documents
Its an internet based program through Google Chrome its similar to Microsoft Word. You can type papers,create tables,make a drawing, add images,Links, colors, fonts, italicize, bold, and underline.

Google Presentation
Its an internet based program Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint. You can create a slide show.

3 Steps to Internet Research

1. Be Safe 2. Use reliable and accurate websites 3. give the original author never plagiarize!!!

EX: According to Cygnus launched Sept.!8 an Antares rocket from NASAS Wallops Facility In Virginia.

April 4th
On april 4th Martin Luther King Jr. Died. According to Just after 6 p.m. on April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. is fatally shot while standing on the balcony outside his second-story room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis,Tennese

Tips to Prevent Plagiarism

*Copy and paste your URL/Web address into your notes/and or project such as * If you copy the author's exact words put them into quotation marks. *write down citation information on a source sheet such as: authors first and last name, date you used the webpage,copyright date, title of book/magazine/webpage, Title of the article/chapter,editors name,publishing company.

Tips to Prevent Plagiarism with images/photos in Google drive

* If you copy and paste an image from google you must copy and paste URL/Web address too. *if you copy and paste from google stock you do not have to copy the URL because they allow access you on Google Drive.

MLA on noodletools
*Modern Language Association *Chardon schools adopted MLA to sight are sources and not plagiarize. *It will help you create a BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of your project so we don't plagiarize. * you take the information you copied and pasted or wrote on your own paper source sheet place it into Noodletools it will create MLA bibliography.

Research through the decades using Quotes

Goal:Choose one fact from your decades project according to your decade project. Ceces Example: According to Amanda Reed, Bell Bottoms we're one of the popular clothing in the 1990s.

Infohios Student Research Center

- Data base. LGCA pays so we can belong to infohio. -Always accurate and reliable and always at our middle school level so we can read and understand the text. - Search with KEYWORDS Filter or refine your results

Infohio Student Research Center

9 ways to filter our results Magazines: Pop culture, current events Newspapers: World events, headlines, daily news Books and Encyclopedias: General Info, past history Biographies people Radio and tv News transcripts:play by play Country Reports: Country State/province reports: State or a Province Primary Source documents: Declaration of independance Photos maps and Flags: Photos,maps, and flags

Citing Textual Evidence (CEE)

Claim-assertion (state what you think.) your topic sentence Evidence-from the text (you can back up your claim with a paraphrase or summary,add a direct quote,add data from graph or chart.)
Explanation-how your evidence proves your claim.


Evidence based terms because. according to the text.. for example for instance. the author stated on page.

C My claim was i want a yellow labrador retriever puppy. E I want one because it will help me with my lifetime dream of becoming a professional dog trainer. E According to my mom Dogs help keep kids focused.

Grumpy Cat CEE

Claim: Grumpy cat ( Tartar Sauce) is an internet sensation. Evidence: she was presented with a lifetime achievement award. Explanation: according to student research center she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at The Friskies for doing the most to help cats take over the Internet"

Lets be Safe Online

* Don't give out our personal information. * Don't give out your password *Don't agree to meet a stranger

*Use kind words

*Don't use an easy password EX: 1234 a good password would be Ex: jfklons

Holiday break in 3 words

1. running 2. funny 3. snowboarding

Spreadsheet helps us.

1. organized
2. add
3. plan average numbers find the minimum

find the maximum

make graphs it can make numbers into percents helps you round

make charts
make maps draw make pictures

Before you Facebook, Instagram, Text, Twitter, or post on the web: T:is it true? H:is it helpful? I: is it inspiring? N:is it necessary? K:is it kind?