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Computer Basics Power Point Project Directions

Day 1: Getting Started: Open power point, (Go to start, programs, Microsoft office, Power Point 2007) Be sure to save this to our !"dri#e as name$computer%asics Insert &0 s'ides ((ome, new s'ide) )nc'ude a s'ide design on a'' (c'ic* design, choose one) &+ S'ide & (&0 points) ,it'e our s'ide Computer Basics inc'ude the - functions of a computer Include your first and last name in the subtitle )nc'ude a picture of a computer (from goog'e images or Microsoft c'ip art)

2+ S'ide 2 (&0 points) ,it'e: Computer Hardware ./p'ain what computer hardware is in our own words insert 2 pictures (c'ip art or goog'e images) (cannot paste inside of te/t%o/) )nc'ude a hyperlin to 'earn more on computer hardware (insert, h per'in*) O0 paste a we% address then hit space%ar or enter *e to turn address into a h per'in* http:11#ideos+howstuffwor*s+com1howstuffwor*s122"computer"tour"#ideo+htm 2+ S'ide 2 (&0 points) ,it'e: Computer !oftware 3efinition in our own words 2 pictures )nsert sound+ (insert, sound, sound from c'ip organi4er) -+ S'ide - (&0 points) ,it'e: "rocessor 3efinition in our own words )nc'ude a picture !se #ord $rt (go to insert, word art) 5+ S'ide 5 (&0 points) ,it'e: Input Devices 3efinition in our own words 2 pictures )nc'ude an animation %moving picture&(go to insert, mo#ies, mo#ie from c'ip organi4er) 6mo#ie doesn7t p'a un'ess in s'ideshow #iew

8+ S'ide 8 (&0 points) ,it'e: 'utput Devices are 3efinition in our own words 2 pictures S'ide transition (go to animations, c'ic* on a s'ide transition, and c'ic* app' to a'' ) 69ou ma ad:ust transition speed and add a transition sound 6;'so ma*e sure our s'ides on' are set to ad#ance on mouse c'ic*, <O, automatica'' after $ seconds+ 66 :ust c'ic* the t pe of s'ide transition ou 'i*e and it wi'' automatica'' app' 7+ S'ide 7 (&0 points) ,it'e: !torage Devices 3efinition in our own words )nc'ude picture as a bac ground (sa#e a picture % right c'ic*ing the picture and choose =sa#e picture as> sa#e to our !"dri#e+ ,hen right c'ic* the %ac*ground of our power point s'ide and choose format %ac*ground, se'ect picture or te/t fi'', insert from fi'e, o*)

?+ S'ide ? (&0 points) ,it'e: Computer (emory 3efinition in our own words )nc'ude a picture !se the mouse over feature on a picture on our s'ide so that a sound wi'' p'a when ou scro'' our mouse o#er that picture+ (se'ect our picture, c'ic* insert, action, c'ic* mouse o#er ta%, c'ic* p'a sound, choose a sound, o*) @+ S'ide @ (&0 points) ,it'e: 'perating !ystem is 3efinition in our own words picture )nc'ude a custom animation scheme (se'ect picture, go to animation, custom animation, add effect, motion path, draw custom path, dou%'e right c'ic* to end motion path ) 6se'ect the te/t of picture that ou want to fo''ow the path &0+ S'ide &0 (&0 points) ,it'e: Binary 3efinition in our own words picture http:11www+rou%ai/interacti#e+com1P'a Ground1Binar $Aon#ersion1Binar $,o$,e/t+asp go here to find out what our name is in %inar code and paste it onto this s'ide+

11: ))B'*+! !,ID- %1. points if you do one of the following: 1/ Insert 0'+1 picture2 %in your powerpoint2 go to insert2 picture2 then choose 3:4 43eacher Directions4vandeweerd54 !tudent "ictures2 and choose your picture& 3hen -dit your photo on###/6'3'6,-7-1/C'( then save and upload your edited photo onto this slide #hen 6I*I!H-D: Sa#e, ABOS. doc, Aop and paste from our !"dri#e into ,:C Aomp'eted Dor*C#andeweerd:C,ech ;pps$Semester 2CPOD.0 PO)<,Eperiod$F ,he %est s'ides wi'' %e printed and hung on the word wa''GGGG