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Idioms Carry out Taken over Bring about Beat out Bear #ith Turn to 'good( account To beat the air*'#ind( To break a lance To 'fall( foul of To keep open house To put out of countenance Got up*'dressed( to kill To have a finger in the pie When all is said and done .n a,e to grind 'there is also an .merican version of this idiom #hich is not relevant( Turn 'over( a ne# leaf Burn the candle at both ends 0eave in the lurch Goes #ithout saying 0ike a red rag to a bull 2ot 'have( a leg to stand on 3nder the thumb of The #riting on the #all To fall back on something To fall through +n right earnest 4ested interests Meaning

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Sentence We're carrying out a market-research survey. British troops had taken over the German trenches. Ma or spending is re!uired to bring about substantial improvements in housing. "e claims that the confession #as beaten out of him.

perform a task assume control of something cause something to happen to make someone tell you something by hitting him

a polite #ay of asking someone to be patient #hile $f you ust bear #ith me for a fe# more minutes% #e&ll have all the paper#ork you do or finish something finished. turn something to one's advantage. continue to make futile attempts to engage in contest to upset someone to be hospitable cause mental discomfort% to abash dressed in an attractive manner to be involved in something #hen everything is considered to have something to complain about )am turned her illness to good account and did a lot of reading. The candidates for office #ere so much alike that #e thought our vote amounted to beating the air. "e #as eager to break a lance #ith the ne# champion. +fficials #ho fall foul of the mayor find themselves e,iled to the most boring departments Beth and Charlie have a cottage by the lake #here they keep open house on -aturday afternoons during the summer. "e #as put out of countenance #hen a friend disclosed his secret. The model got up to kill but the udges looked indifferent. Tess #ants to have a finger in the pie. -he doesn't think #e can do it by ourselves. When all is said and done% this isn't such a bad part of the country to live in after all. Bill and Bob #ent into the other room to argue. They had an a,e to grind.

to start behaving in a different #ay to #ork very hard to leave someone #aiting for or anticipating your actions something is so obvious that it need not be said to make someone very angry to have no support for one's position under the control of someone the likelihood that something bad #ill happen to depend on something after a loss or failure to fail

.pparently he's turned over a ne# leaf and he's not drinking any more. /ou'll #ear out if you keep burning the candle at both ends. $ hope they can find someone to replace me at #ork. $ don't #ant to leave them in the lurch. $t goes #ithout saying that you are to #ear formal clothing to the White "ouse dinner. 1or Claire% the suggestion of a #omen-only committee #as like a red rag to a bull. The company settled the la#suit because they did not have a leg to stand on. That girl is totally under the thumb of her mother. .s leaders% they should have seen the #riting on the #all and come up #ith an alternative course of action. The impoverished family had no savings to fall back on. +ur plans fell through at the last minute.

those groups that seek to maintain or control an .merica can never e,tricate herself from the current perpetual state of #ar e,isting system or activity from #hich they derive because of the vested interests of the Military $ndustrial Comple,. private benefit. a frank conversation about the tough issues to spend a period of one's youth behaving irresponsibly a small event that has been e,aggerated out of proportion to stay up or stay out until very late at night. . meaningful dialogue bet#een )akistan and $ndia might bring about the belated solution to the 5ashmir problem. "e'd spent his t#enties so#ing his #ild oats but felt that it #as time to settle do#n. $ #onder #hat #ill you do in a more serious situation #hen you are making a storm in a teacup because of ust a finger prick6 $f $ didn't keep late hours% $ #ouldn't sleep so late in the morning.

Meaningful dialogue To so# one's #ild oats -torm in a tea cup To keep late hours To thro# cold #ater on . cock and bull story To bear the brunt of Tied to apron-strings of

to critici7e or stop something that some people are The proposal seemed reasonable enough% but authorities !uickly thre# cold enthusiastic about #ater on it. an absurd or highly improbable tale passed off as being true. to receive the #orst part of something unpleasant or harmful dependent on or dominated by someone% especially a mother or a #ife 8ack told us some cock and bull story about getting lost. The oldest parts of the to#n bore the brunt of the missile attacks. .t 9:% he is still too tied to the apron strings of his mother to get an apartment of his o#n.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

To move heaven and earth To blo# one&s o#n trumpet To rest on one&s laurels Trudge along )oint-blank'varying definitions( $n the doldrums >ole out .t cross purposes Cheek by o#l -uccinctly '"ilarious( detract from )lain sailing To call a spade a spade To fight shy of To cry over the spilt milk To rob peter to pay )aul To take the bull by the horns )laying to the gallery "olding out the olive branch To make out The acid test . bad hat $n a blue funk '-et one&s cap( '>o#n at heel( ' $ think these are t#o different idioms( To die in harness >ead as doornail To raise coin'$t could be 'cain' #hich #ill make it a different idiom( To strike one&s colours To carry the day Taken do#n a peg To monkey #ith $n hot #ater )etticoat Government To pull oneself together To rise from the ranks To rub shoulders )ocket the affront*'an insult( Thin end of the #edge to do everything you can to achieve something to tell other people ho# good and successful you are rela, one's efforts to #alk in a laborious% heavy-footed #ay #ith a straight aim= directly sluggish= inactive= in lo# spirits to distribute something to someone #ith opposing vie#points= #ith goals that interfere #ith each other in close pro,imity #ith concise and precise brevity= to the point to make something seem less good% attractive% or important easy unobstructed progress to be outspoken% blunt% even to the point of rudeness to avoid meeting or confronting to be unhappy about #hat cannot be undone to take or borro# from one in order to give or pay something o#ed to another. face a difficulty and grapple #ith it #ithout avoiding it $ moved heaven and earth to get you that intervie#% and you didn't even bother to sho# up for it< .nyone #ill tell you she's one of the best ournalists #e've got% although she'd never blo# her o#n trumpet. The government shouldn't rest on its laurels% and must press ahead #ith policy changes. We trudged along the mountain trail #ith much difficulty. The landlord fired point-blank at the intruder. When the economy is in the doldrums% every business feels the effects. The cook doled the oatmeal out to each camper #ho held out a bo#l. Bill and Tom are #orking at cross-purposes. They'll never get the ob done right. The houses #ere umbled together cheek by o#l. $t is hard to e,plain the )alestinian issue succinctly. .lthough the Mayor's hilarious detract from the party line amused the audience% his colleagues looked surprised. We had difficulty getting through the initial stage but the rest #as plain sailing. /ou can call him a nice guy if you #ant to but $ am calling a spade a spade= that guy is a erk. )oliticians usually fight shy of their voters after coming into office. >on't cry over the spilt milk. Why borro# money to pay your bills6 That's ust robbing )eter to pay )aul. -top blaming the government for your problems% take the bull by the horns and rectify your o#n mistakes.

to try to gain popular favour% esp by crude appeals . team marred #ith players prone to playing to the gallery can never elevate its status. to offer reconciliation to discern or see% especially #ith difficulty a rigorous and conclusive test to establish #orth or value someone #ho deliberately stirs up trouble in a state of panic or terror 8ill #as the first to hold out the olive branch after our argument. $ could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain. The play passed the critic's acid test. /ou #ill hardly find bad hats among diplomats. 8ust because the bride's mother is late% you needn't get in a blue funk.

'try to gain someone&s love( 'badly dressed or in a '$t&s fairly obvious from the #ay he talks to her at every opportunity that he&s set bad condition because of a lack of money( his cap at her.( 'When $ first met her she #as do#n-at-heel but still respectable.( to die #hile actively engaged in #ork or duty. un!uestionably dead to gather money surrender to be victorious to reprimand someone #ho is acting too arrogant. to bother or interfere #ith someone or something -he kno#s she'll never get promoted% but she #ants to die in harness. The radicalism she professed in her adolescence is no# dead as a doornail. Bush #as to raise coin for McCain at the )hoeni, Convention Centre. ?ven after getting half of the cre# killed% the .dmiral defiantly refused to strike his colours. .t auctions% the #ealthiest bidders usually carry the day. The teacher's scolding took Bob do#n a peg. Come on% don't monkey #ith my ne# camera.

in a difficult situation in #hich you are likely to be Those e-mails complaining about your boss can land you in hot #ater. punished #omen running government or domestic affairs. to compose oneself to achieve position or office% having #orked up from the masses to meet or be #ith someone socially to receive an affront #ithout open resentment% or #ithout seeking redress the start of a harmful development .t the outset of .kbar's reign% the Mughal ?mpire #as essentially being run by a petticoat government. $ have to pull myself together and try it again. "e rose from the ranks to become president of the company. The receptions offered a chance for business people to rub shoulders #ith business people from other countries. Beggars are used to pocketing the affronts of the people. There are those #ho see the closure of the hospital as the thin end of the #edge.
1lash in the pan To keep at a respectful distance .t one&s beck and call Go against the grain Bring grist to the mill 3pset the apple-cart "oist on one's o#n petard 0ive on the fat of the land To have your cake and eat it too Bet#een the devil and the deep blue sea To be on the carpet $t never rains but it pours . miss is as good as a mile To give oneself airs To have the courage of one&s convictions

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

someone or something that dra#s a lot of attention Tom had hoped to be a ma or film star% but his career #as only a flash in the pan. for a very brief time

ready to obey someone to do something that is the opposite of #hat is usually done

What makes you think $ #ill #ait around here at your beck and call6 $t goes against the grain for William to admit that he's #rong.

something that you can use in order to help you to .s an actor% all e,perience is grist to the mill. succeed to cause trouble% especially by spoiling someone's plans to be harmed by something that #as intended by you to harm someone else $ don't #ant to upset the apple-cart no# by asking you to change the date for the meeting. The most en oyable moment in any action film occurs #hen the villain is hoisted on his o#n petard.

to have enough money to live in a very Times have changed for the upper classes% many of #hom are no longer able to comfortable #ay #ithout having to do much #ork live on the fat of the land. to seek to have t#o things #hich are mutually incompatible one must choose bet#een t#o e!ually unpleasant situations to be under consideration good 'or bad( things do not ust happen a fe# at a time% but in large numbers all at once. >on't buy a car if you #ant to #alk and stay healthy. /ou can't have your cake and eat it too. 1or most people a visit to the dentist is the result of a choice bet#een the devil and the deep blue sea. The #elfare proposal is on the carpet but the final decision #ill take some time. 1irst of all it #as the car breaking do#n% then the fire in the kitchen and no# Mike's accident. $t never rains but it pours<

a failure remains a failure% regardless of ho# close $'ve tried to reassure him that he only failed by three percent but the #ay he sees to success one has actually come. it% a miss is as good as a mile. behave snobbishly moral convictions #hich are strong enough to motivate one to act on them -he can give herself all the airs she #ants% but the fact remains that she&s no different from the rest of us. "e&s al#ays telling me about his socialist vie#s on this and that% but there&s very little evidence in the #ay he conducts his life to suggest that he&s got the courage of his convictions.

The onlooker sees most of the game

people vie#ing a situation from the outside% #hen they're not directly involved% are better able to see the Abigger pictureA of #hat is actually happening. if you do not see someone or something fre!uently% you #ill forget about it to have run out of possible ideas% solutions% energy% etc to ignore #hat someone says there is something good even in an unpleasant situation change one's mind% vacillate to reveal a secret or a surprise by accident to have things in the #rong order= to have things confused and mi,ed up in the same situation= having the same problem the last #ork or performance of a play#right% musician% actor% etc.% before death or retirement to be ungrateful to someone #ho gave you something to discuss private or embarrassing matters in public% especially #hen !uarrelling. to run a#ay to get accolades%honour from the beginning authentic= genuine= undertaken in good faith as a unit= all together from or on one side only% #ith the other side absent or unrepresented /ou'll soon forget about him after he leaves - out of sight% out of mind. The committee reached a dead end on the matter and tabled the #hole business. "o# can you ust turn a deaf ear to their cries for food and shelter6 $'m sorry your business is going badly% but don't despair% every dark cloud has a silver lining. 8ean's been blo#ing hot and cold about taking a #inter vacation. $ #as trying to keep the party a secret% but 8im #ent and let the cat out of the bag. /ou're eating your dessert first< /ou've put the cart before the horse. -uddenly% )aul #as in the same boat as any other #orker #ho had lost a ob. We didn't kno# that her performance last night #as the singer's s#an song. $ kno# the car's not in great condition% but you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. -he #ill talk to anyone about her problems. Why does she #ash her dirty linen in public6 The little boy said hello and then took to his heels. 8im is a hard #orking boy% he is sure to #in laurels in life. They do more advanced #ork #ith their students ab initio. They have a bonafide claim for the loss. $ have been dra#ing our attention to the public and private !ualities of the several arts lest they be treated en bloc . udge prone to e, parte hearing is not #orthy of such an auspicious office.

+ut of sight out of mind To come to a dead end To turn a deaf ear ?very dark cloud has a silver lining Blo#ing hot and cold together To let the cat out of the bag To put the cart before the horse 'To sail( in the same boat . -#an -ong To look a gift horse in the mouth To #ash one&s dirty linen in public To take to one&s heels To #in laurels .b initio Bonafide ?n bloc ?, parte

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

-ine die -tatus !uo .d 4alorem .lter ego #ithout a day specified for a future meeting= indefinitely the e,isting condition or state of affairs. in proportion to the value another side of oneself= a second self )arliament #as dismissed sine die. . revolution #hich does not challenge status !uo can hardly ustify its e,istence. ?,tremely high import duties on cars in )akistan are inconsistent #ith the ad valorem principles of trade. The 2a7i party's incipient slogans for socialism #ere soon replaced by puritanical racial e,ultations. .n alter ego #hich culminated in the annihilation of si, million 8e#s. )erhaps by-and-by )akistan #ill stand shoulder to shoulder #ith developed #orld. The lion's share of the museum's budget goes on special e,hibitions. $ have it in black and #hite that $'m entitled to three #eeks of vacation each year. . crime has been committed and #hoever is responsible must be brought to book. $ slo#ly learned to read bet#een the lines of corporate annual reports to discern areas of fiscal #eakness. $'ll stick to my guns on this matter. ?ver since his brother #as accused of fraud% he's been under a cloud. "e #orked on his book by fits and starts. They had% prima facie% a legitimate complaint. .rticle ;@ of )akistan constitution prohibits the passing e, post facto la#s. By the time #e learned about the decision% it #as already a fait accompli. .merican foreign policy is ironically contradictory vis-a-vis her vehement support for multilateral ism The modus operandi in the recent murder points to#ards a serial killer at large.

By and by The lion&s share $n black and #hite To bring to book To read bet#een the lines To stick to one&s guns To be under a cloud By fits and starts )rima facie ?, post facto 1ait accompli 4is-B-vis Modus operandi .ide mCmoire 0aisse7 faire .u revoir To back out To keep out of Bang into To smell a rat To burn one&s fingers 2ull and void To catch up #ith To stand up for To skim through To narro# do#n .s cool as a cucumber $n a )ickle Take a*'the( cake -ell like hotcakes .s flat as a )ancake Take something #ith a grain of salt 0ike t#o peas in a pod .ccount for Carry #eight To fall back upon

at some eventual time in the future the biggest part of something official% in #riting or printing to punish someone to perceive or detect an obscure or une,pressed meaning to remain firm in one's convictions under suspicion intermittently at first sight= before closer inspection affecting things past something already done and beyond alteration in relation to a method of operating or functioning a memorandum summari7ing a discussion% agreement% or action the principle that businesses should not be controlled by the government goodbye to #ithdra# from something before completion to avoid or cause to avoid to strike someone or something #ith something to suspect that something is #rong to have a bad result from something% esp. to lose money having no legal effect to become e!ual or on a par #ith another to defend= to ustify= to support to go through something hastily to reduce a list of possibilities from many to a selected fe# e,tremely calm= imperturbable in a mess= in trouble something is the most e,treme e,ample to be sold very fast. to be very flat

The previous government had a policy of laisse7-faire% #hereas this government #ants a closer partnership #ith industry. Muhammad 'pbuh( bade au revoir to Makkah #hen Duraish made his stay unbearable. .mericans ignominiously backed out of 4ietnam. The boss is in an angry mood% so keep out of her #ay. Mark banged his fist into the cushion and s#ore. Mir 8afir's collusion #ith the Company #as so secret that Tipu -ultan never smelled a rat. Many investors burned their fingers on those stocks. The court declared the la# to be null and void. "e has finally caught up #ith his brother in height. .bu Bakar #ould al#ays stand up for Muhammad 'pbuh( in difficulties. -he skimmed through the catalogues% looking for a nice gift for Gary. We can narro# the choice do#n to green or red. 8oan felt nervous% but she acted as cool as a cucumber. 8ohn has gotten himself into a pickle by hitting a police officer. $'ve kno#n some erks but you take the cake. The fancy ne# cars #ere selling like hotcakes. 0ucy can mash an aluminium can flat as a pancake #ith one blo# from her heel.

to consider something to be not completely true or $'ve read the article% #hich $ take #ith a grain of salt. right to be very similar /ou can tell they're brothers at a glance - they're like t#o peas in a pod.

to kno# the state of or #hereabouts of someone or They cannot account for three of the passengers. something to be very influential #ith someone or some group The senator's testimony carried a lot of #eight #ith the council. of people have recourse to When he lost his ob he had to fall back upon his savings.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

To be taken aback . #ild goose chase By leaps and bounds To burn midnight oil White elephant Blue Blood Cleanse the .egean stable .pple of discord $n good books -tare in the face Make off #ith >amocles& s#ord ?very inch +n the sky* 'pie in the sky( )alm off 0ip service . turncoat Time and tide'#ait for no man( +ver head and ears To live from hand to mouth To beat about the bush To fish in troubled #aters . bird&s eye-vie# )lay truant )lay do#n Turn turtle Turn the corner . fair #eather friend Burn one&s boats surprised and confused the pursuit of something unattainable very !uickly to #ork or study very late at night something that has cost a lot of money but has no useful purpose aristocratic ancestry purge a situation% etc. of corruption% immorality% etc When $ told my parents $ #as married% they #ere completely taken aback. The alchemists strived hard to turn ordinary metals into gold but it ultimately proved to be a #ild goose chase. The possession of muskets spread the Western hegemony over 2atives by leaps and bounds. "e #as burning the midnight oil all night to finish his paper. The to#n's ne# leisure centre% recently completed at a cost of ten million pounds% seems likely to prove a #hite elephant. .lthough Mary's family is poor% she has blue blood in her veins. Ta, legislation is a complete mess% and one day someone is going to have to cleanse this .ugean stable F not a ob many governments #ill relish.

something attractive that causes envy and !uarrels The right to host the +lympic Games is an apple of discord bet#een the t#o among people #ho think they deserve it countries. regarded by someone #ith favour to confront someone directly to snatch or steal constant threat= imminent peril in every #ay= completely false optimism to trick or persuade someone to take something hypocritical respect one #ho traitorously s#itches allegiance things #ill not #ait for you #hen you are late #ith the #hole person= deeply= completely to live in poor circumstances. to approach anything in a round-about manner% instead of coming directly to it to try to take advantage of a confused situation $ cleaned the bathroom yesterday so $'m in Mum's good books. 1inally% the truth stared me in the face% and $ had to admit to myself #hat had really happened. The robbers made off #ith millions from the bank. The double digit inflation is overhanging )akistan's economy like the >amocles' s#ord. 8innah #as every inch a model statesman. +ur leaders need to offer more than pie in the sky #hen they talk about political and social issues. They palmed off cheap #ine at high prices by putting it in fancy bottles. 0ip service continues to be paid to resolving regional conflicts% but there is no sense of urgency "is one-time admirers no# accused him of being a turncoat. "urry up or #e'll miss the bus< Time and tide #ait for no man. "e's over head and ears in love #ith 5itty. When both my parents #ere out of #ork% #e lived from hand to mouth. )oliticians are often inclined to beating about the bush in their speeches. .narchy gives room to criminals to fish in troubled #aters.

a situation or topic as if vie#ed from an altitude or . successful general al#ays keeps a vantage point to keep birds eye vie# of the distance battlefield. to stray a#ay= to loiter= especially% to stay out of school #ithout leave to minimi7e the importance of to capsi7e or turn upside-do#n to reach and surpass a midpoint or milestone someone #ho is only your friend #hen you are happy and successful to do something that makes it impossible for you to change your plans and go back to the situation you #ere in before negotiation characteri7ed by hard bargaining and shre#d e,change in a position #here avoidance of one danger e,poses one to another danger an apparently free choice that offers no real alternative an unpleasant end to something that began pleasantly #ith happiness or enthusiasm to disclaim or renounce interest in% or responsibility for% a person or action plan something #hich un#isely anticipates an event% development% etc. #hich may not happen to prove right or ustified= confirm ?lections in ?gypt for the past thirty years can be summed up as "onson's choice. .t the start% it's humorous and light but like most of her short stories% there's a sting in the tail. .fter suing the organi7ation% $ kno# $'m not going to be greeted #ith open arms. $ #ash my hands of your behaviour. $t #as disgraceful. We need concentrated effort to eradicate the present problems% planning for the ne,t ;: years is counting one chicken's too far ahead. The test results bear out our claims. 2o# in old age he is angry that he played truant and never learnt to read. The commander played do#n the defeat to protect his troops' morale. +ur sail-boat turned turtle during the s!uall. .fter a difficult start% the ne# company turned corner after a year and became profitable. $ had a lot of money and $ kne# a lot of people% but most of them turned out to be fair-#eather friends. -he didn't #ant to burn her boats by asking for a divorce% so she suggested a trial separation instead. "orse-trading is part and parcel of international diplomacy.

"orse-trading Bet#een -cylla and Charybdis "obson&s choice -ting in the tail With open arms Wash one&s hand of Count one&s chickens Bear out

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Carry over Come off 1all back 1igure out 0earn to live #ith -et in Cover up $ron out To beggar description To bring to mind To call in !uestion To cap it all to persist to another time or situation to ac!uit oneself to recede to solve or decipher to learn to adapt to something unpleasant or painful to begin to conceal a #rongdoing= to conceal evidence #ork out % resolve to defy description= to be unable to be described to cause you to think of someone or something to cause a feeling of doubt about something something that you say #hen you #ant to tell someone the #orst event in a series of bad events that has happened to you to restrain someone= to reduce or put an end to someone's privileges. to do something that inevitably commits one to follo# a certain course of action. to udge the mood or vie#s of go against to resume an endeavour after an apparently final defeat. made or done as a last desperate attempt or effort in the face of opposition a big meal that provides your body #ith all the different types of food it needs to stay healthy to reveal something to the public let loose% cause an uproar% run #ild etc any private group of men #ho make decisions to pay for something to do something that establishes a standard sometimes= occasionally to get all the attention and praise at an event or performance one's intelligence a pre udiced vie# an insult that is disguised as a compliment. an interest or concern that occupies a large part of someone's time and effort a person #ho can al#ays be depended on to provide support and encouragement% especially in times of trouble to precede someone #ho has the same goal= to accomplish something before someone else does have an intuition to depend on something for success or continued e,istence a small% unpleasant matter that spoils something very careful #ith money= mean fly into a rage The confidence gained in remedial classes carried over into the children's regular school #ork. -he is sure to come off badly if challenged to e,plain. The #aves fell back. Can you figure out this pu77le6 1inally the doctor told Marion that she #as going to have to learn to live #ith her arthritis. $f the #ound is not treated% infection may set in. They tried to cover the crime up% but the single footprint gave them a#ay. The t#o sides need to keep talking until they iron out their differences. The house #as a horrible mess. The place beggared description. -omething about his face brings to mind an old friend of mine. The report's findings call into !uestion the safety and effectiveness of all such drugs. "e spilled red #ine on the carpet% insulted my mother% and% to cap it all% he broke my favourite vase. /ou had better learn to get home on time% or $ #ill clip your #ings. 1ind another ob before you cross the Hubicon and resign from this one. The politician #as able to feel the pulse of the grass-roots voters. This action flies in the face of the agreement 2apoleon rose like a phoeni, from its ashes from ?lba and almost clinched a victory at the Battle of Waterloo. ?ven the last ditch attempts could not avert the civil #ar. Most of these supermodels don't look like they've had a s!uare meal in their life. 8ust let me kno# #hen #e can go public #ith this press release. My imagination #as running riot% thinking of all the #ays that $ could spend the money. The back room boys picked the last presidential candidate. My boss took me out for lunch and the company footed the bill. 1or many years this company has set the pace in the communications industry. .t times% $ #ish $ had never come here. .ll the singers #ere good% but ;I-year-old 5arine stole the sho#. $t's an entertaining film but it doesn't e,actly stimulate the old grey matter. -oldiers are notorious for keeping a aundiced eye for civilians. -he said she liked my hair% but it turned out to be a left-handed compliment #hen she asked ho# long $'d been dyeing it. .lthough a successful entrepreneur% hunting #as 8ack's ruling passion. 8ack #as a to#er of strength during the time that his father #as unemployed.

To clip one's #ings To cross the Hubicon To feel the pulse To fly in the face of To rise like a phoeni, from its ashes The last ditch . s!uare meal Go public Hun riot The back room boys 1oot the bill -et the pace .t times -teal the sho# Grey matter . aundiced eye . left-handed compliment The ruling passion To#er of strength

-teal a march on someone $n one's bones "ang in the balance 1ly in the ointment Close-fisted Blo# one's top

+ur competitor stole a march on us and got the big contract. -ome si,th sense #as telling him that something #as amiss% and he felt it in his bones that he&d better investigate. With thousands of obs hanging in the balance% there's a lot of competition to attract ne# factories. We en oyed the play% but the fly in the ointment #as not being able to find my hat after#ards. ?ver increasing prices of market goods have forced even the impoverished to be close-fisted. $f she calls about this one more time $'m going to blo# my top.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

1ind one's feet Call it a night Tip of the iceberg Belo# par 1rom pillar to post "ang up one's hat Turn someone in Turn someone on Turn someone off The teeming meanings To kick the bucket To push to the #alls To be at daggers dra#n To thro# do#n the gauntlet To be a Greek To stand on ceremony 1rom the horse&s mouth To carry the cross Bolt from the blue )ut your foot do#n Worth your salt >o#n the drain 'calling(.ll cars in a nutshell Give me five to gro# in confidence in a ne# situation as one gains e,perience. $f you ask for help #hen you need it% you #ill soon find your feet.

to end #hat one is doing at night and go JhomeK to Guest after guest called it a night% and at last #e #ere alone. bed only the part of something that can be easily observed% but not the rest of it% #hich is hidden not as good as average or normal. from one place to a series of other places to leave your ob for ever to hand someone in to police to attack or oppose someone or something% especially the person or group in charge. to dull someone's interest in someone or something. numerous meanings to die to force someone into a position #here there is only one choice to make ready to fight or argue to offer or send a challenge beyond one's comprehension to hold rigidly to protocol or formal manners from an authoritative or dependable source carry one o#n's burdens% problems a sudden surprise to assert something strongly to be effective and efficient= deserving of one's pay. #asted or lost a desperate plea for help to everyone in a fe# #ords= concisely something that you say #hen you #ant someone to hit your open hand #ith theirs% in order to greet them or to sho# ho# pleased you are lie% e,aggerate or make an un#arranted assumption to shut out from social intercourse informal en oyment or pleasure an embarrassing secret a very confused situation to upset someone une,pectedly and severely correct to the last detail% especially being in or follo#ing the e,act #ords strange or very different lacking good mental udgement keep in reserve% store% save to cheat someone of money to be the person in charge in a marriage or family to stop something from increasing The other #orkers sent him to Coventry for not supporting the strike. 0ife isn't all beer and skittles. $f you #ant to be a successful politician% you can't afford to have too many skeletons in your cupboard. .s he dug deeper into the bibliography of the book% he discovered it to be ust a mare's nest. -eeing an accident on the road al#ays thro#s me for a loop. -he #as letter-perfect in her part as 8uliet. ?ven though many people thought he #as off the #all% they also thought he had very interesting ideas. -he's clearly an idiot% and even a five year old should be able to tell she's out to lunch. $t's not easy paying a mortgage% raising a young child% and salting a#ay enough money for your retirement. -ome people say the company took them to the cleaners by charging double for some services. -he has the best-paid ob and she also #ears the pants in the family. >iplomats hope to put a lid on rising tensions bet#een the t#o countries. 8ust give me the facts in a nutshell. "i there little buddy% give me five< The problems that you see here no# are ust the tip of the iceberg. "is #ork is belo# par% and he is paid too much money. My father #as in the army% and #e moved from pillar to post year after year. When $ stop en oying my #ork% that'll be the time to hang up my hat. Tell me the truth about the robbery or $ #ill turn you in< $ never thought that my o#n dog #ould turn on me< The boring teacher turned me off to the sub ect. The teaming meanings of artificial intelligence sho#s the diversity of this field. .fter a #eek in $C3% 8ack finally kicked the bucket. There #as little else $ could do. They pushed me to the #all. 0ocal residents are at daggers dra#n #ith the council over rubbish collection. 1ro#ning at Bob is the same as thro#ing do#n the gauntlet. "e loves to get into a fight about something. The speaker's gibberish #as a Greek to me. We are very informal around here. "ardly anyone stands on ceremony. This comes straight from the horse's mouth% so it has to be believed. )arents keep carrying their crosses #hile their children hardly get a hint. 8oe's return to -pringfield #as a bolt from the blue. The boss put her foot do#n and refused to accept any more changes to the plan. We decided that you are #orth your salt% and you can stay on as office clerk. $'m scared $'m going to be out of a ob% and my ;@ years of e,perience #ill be do#n the drain.

To dra# the long bo# To send a person to Coventry Beer and skittles . skeleton in the cupboard To discover a mare's nest Thro# someone for a loop 0etter-perfect +ff the #all +ut to lunch -alt something a#ay Take someone to the cleaners Wear the pants in the family To put the lid on

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

1lavour of the mouth Mero hour Gloom and doom To pig out Bag people Compassion fatigue suddenly but temporarily popular critical time% esp at the commencement of an action the feeling that a situation is bad and is not likely to improve to eat a lot homeless people the inability to react sympathetically to a crisis% disaster% etc because of overe,posure to previous crises% disasters% etc to speak unreservedly defined% fi,ed% and invariable survive a crisis% live through tough times to compromise #ith someone #here the difficulty or trouble lies This rap artist is pop music's current flavour of the month. The mission #as aborted at 7ero hours. There's been so much gloom and doom here% $ think #e should try to provide a smile. +ur kids dream of staying up late and pigging out on unk food. $ really miss having the bag people on every other block. . fe# months into #ar % field doctors become highly susceptible to compassion fatigue. 2ot to mince matters% $ feel he should resign. There are no hard and fast rules in our local #restling matches. )at lost his ob and $ had surgery% but #e #eathered the storm. $ really #ant this relationship% -imon% and $'m prepared to #ork at it but you have to meet me half#ay. 8ohnny thinks the ob is easy% but he #ill find out #here the shoe pinches #hen he tries it.

2o to mince matters "ard and fast Weather the storm Meet half#ay Where the shoe pinches Make for /eoman's service >iscretion is the better part of valour +ut of the #ood . casting vote 0ook do#n upon $conoclast T#iddle #ith 4amp up Whittle a#ay Winkle out Give someone the bum&s rush 0oom large Besetting sin To hang fire Take to task Take over Take off Take ill Take for Take after To eat one's #ords >og in the manger . close shave . 1reudian -lip . Gordian 5not . cog in the machine

have or cause to have a particular effect= also% help That letter of yours #ill make for hard feelings in the family. promote or further e,ceptionally good% useful% or loyal service or assistance it is better to be careful and think before you act than it is to be brave and take risks past a critical phase= out of the unkno#n the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie to consider someone or something as not important or of value .llama $!bal's yeoman's service for 3rdu poetry is still unsurpassed. -he decided not to voice her opposition to the Chairman's remarks. )erhaps discretion #as the better part of valour. When the patient got out of the #oods% everyone rela,ed. The speaker used his casting vote in the favour of bill. . lot of people look do#n upon homeless people.

one #ho attacks and seeks to overthro# traditional The actions of the people during the fall of Communism #ere iconoclastic. or popular ideas or institutions. to play #ith something make up% cook up% fabricate etc cut a#ay in small pieces force from a place or position the action of getting rid of someone #ho is not #anted to be of great importance% esp #hen referring to upcoming problem or threat a fault to #hich someone is especially prone% a characteristic #eakness to hesitate% to hold back as if in suspense. to scold or reprimand someone to assume control to remove% to release to become sick to regard as to follo# as an e,ample or resemble in appearance% temperament% or character. to retract #hat one has said +ne #ho prevents others from en oying #hat one has no use for oneself. . narro# escape= a close call . verbal mistake that is thought to reveal a repressed belief% thought% or emotion .n e,ceedingly complicated problem or deadlock one part of a large system or organi7ation $t #ould have been good to settle the matter no#% but $ think #e should hang fire until the general situation becomes clearer. The teacher took 8ohn to task for his bad behavior. -he took over the ob after he left. Take off your dirty shirt< $ hope $ don't take ill before final e,ams. >o you take me for a fool6 Most of my children take after my husband% both in appearance and character. 8ohn #as #rong about the election and had to eat his #ords. >on't be a dog in the manger and let your brother use the e,tra space in your cupboard. The thieves slipped the )olice cordon by a close shave. .mma cried #ith horror #hen "enry fell from the horse. . 1reudian -lip hinting at her feelings for him. The budget allocations became a Gordian 5not #hen the representatives couldn't reach an agreement. "e #as ust a small cog in the large #heel of organised crime. The old horse #as #hittled a#ay in the slaughterhouse. The committee #inkled out the un!ualified candidates The photographer #as given the bum's rush by t#o policemen guarding the office. ?viction #as looming large #hen the tenants could not pay their rent. -omeone is t#iddling #ith the stereo controls.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

. sugar daddy . #ealthy% usually older man #ho gives e,pensive Heputed as a sugar daddy% the candidate lost his bid to get elected. gifts to a young person in return for se,ual favours or companionship +ne that discourages en oyment or enthusiasm. >on't be a #et blanket and tell them about the theft. 0et them en oy the #edding today.

. #et blanket

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Pairs meaning Sentences "is political consciousness sprang from his upbringing. ----- "e made a conscientious decision to speak out about in ustice prevalent in his #ork place.

Consciousness an alert cognitive state in #hich you are a#are of Conscientiousness yourself and your situation ----- Guided by or in accordance #ith the dictates of conscience= principled $ngenious $ngenuous 1antastic 1anatical "onourable "onorary )olitician -tatesman Grateful Gratified $maginary $maginative 2egligent 2egligible )lacable )laceable Hestive Hestless .miable .micable Marked by inventive skill and imagination ----0acking in cunning% guile% or #orldliness= artless Wonderful or superb= remarkable ----- e,isting in fancy only

"e #as ingenious at making up ne# games for the children. ----- "e seemed too ingenuous for a reporter. $ have a fantastic social life. ----- The candidate's fantastical promises did not help to garner more votes.

possessing or characteri7ed by high principles $ believe he #as an honourable man. ----- "e #as made an honorary member of the Golf Club. ----- given as an honour #ithout the normal duties +ne #ho holds or seeks a political office ----- . political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good .ppreciative of benefits received= thankful ----To please or satisfy Mardari %an astute politician% is the president of )akistan. ----- 8innah #as a true statesman #ho changed the course of Muslim history in the subcontinent. -he #as grateful to him for all his help. ----- $ #as gratified at the response to my letter.

e,isting in the imagination= unreal= illusory ----0ots of children have imaginary friends. ----- "e is imaginative because he al#ays is coming up "aving a lively imagination% especially a creative #ith interesting ideas. imagination Characteri7ed by or inclined to neglect% especially "e responded #ith a negligent #ave. ----- Managers are convinced that the strike #ill have a habitually ----- 2ot significant or important negligible effect. enough to be #orth considering= trifling ?asily calmed or pacified= tolerant ----- capable of being recogni7ed 3neasily impatient under restriction% opposition% criticism% or delay ----- #orried= an,ious= uneasy 1riendly and agreeable in disposition ----Characteri7ed by or e,hibiting friendliness or good#ill ' one is used for a person and the other for peaceful settlements or agreements( large or relatively large in number or amount or e,tent or degree ----- sho#ing concern for the rights and feelings of others lasting for a markedly brief time ----- +f utmost importance= of outstanding significance or conse!uence characteri7ed by or possessing virtue or moral e,cellence ----- being actually such in almost every respect an accepted level or standard% such as an average ----- a state of e!uality pleased or satisfied ----- sho#ing a desire to comply or oblige the territory occupied by a nation ----- The agency or apparatus through #hich a governing individual or body functions and e,ercises authority. +utstanding% as in character or performance= distinguished ----- noticeable= easily seen less than in !uantity or degree ----- belo#% esp if covered% protected% or obscured by Comfortably stout= corpulent ----- )leasing and #holesome in appearance= attractive To put 'someone else( into a compromising situation by deceit or trickery ----- to attack someone or something violently )alacable attitude of parents can potentially spoil their children. ----- . home #ith pets must have placeable signs at all entrances. The government has done nothing to ease e,port restrictions% and domestic manufacturers are gro#ing restive ----- The atmosphere in the office #as congenial% but after five years $ began to gro# restless. -he had been surprised at ho# amiable and polite he had seemed. ----- The dispute #as finally settled in a very amicable manner.

Considerable Considerate Momentary Momentous 4irtuous 4irtual )ar .t a par Complacent Complaisant -tate Government

We have already spent a considerable amount of money on repairs. ----- "e stayed at home out of consideration for his mother. . pilot's momentary lapse in concentration can eopardi7e the life of all the passengers. ----"o#ever much the president delayed the momentous decision to send in the troops% the time had arrived. The president is portrayed as a virtuous family man. ----- "e #as a virtual prisoner in his o#n home.

Their performance #as #ay above par for an amateur production. ----- -ome parts of Chicago are at par #ith 2e# /ork City in crime. "e had become complacent after years of success. ----- The #oman #as so complaisant that she #as unable to deny a single re!uest. The Government has insisted that confidence is needed before the economy can improve. ----Hobust state security is indispensable to the sovereignty of any nation.

?minent )rominent Belo# Beneath )ortly Comely -et-up -et upon -hall Will -ink >ro#n .ltar .lter

/our father #as the most eminent of historians among his peers. ----- 0ighthouses are still a prominent feature of the -cottish coast. Today the temperature is belo# ;: degree centigrade.. ----- The bed-sheet is beneath the blanket. The portly man #as having difficulty climbing out of the small car. ----- -he #as a large% comely girl #ith a mass of dark bro#n hair. 8ohn isn't the one #ho started the fight. -omebody set up the poor guy. ----- The dogs set upon the bear and chased it up a tree. .n average of E: percent shall be deemed a pass at "onours level.

To descend to the bottom= submerge ----- to die or 5ate laughed% and sank do#n again to her seat. ----- "e dro#ned during a storm. kill by immersion in li!uid the table in Christian churches #here communion The bride and groom stood before the priest at the altar. ----- 0ittle had altered in the village. is given ----- To change or make different= modify


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

.pposite +pposite Confident Confidant >isease >ecease Gate Gait /oke /olk .cculturate .cclimati7e Career Carrier Cease -ei7e 0ayout +utlay )recede )roceed 1acilitate 1elicitate +utbreak Breakout Contemptible Contemptuous Hightful Highteous $mmigrant ?migrant -uperficial -uperfluous )resident )recedent -trikingly appropriate and relevant ----.ltogether different% as in nature% !uality% or significance marked by assurance% as of success ----- one to #hom secrets or private matters are disclosed. an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning ----- to die an opening in a #all or fence for entrance or e,it ----- a particular #ay or manner of moving on foot Hecent events have made his central theme even more apposite. ----- The effect of the medication #as opposite to that intended. $ am confident that everything #ill come out right in time. ----- /ou are her closest friend and confidant. -he is suffering from kidney disease. ----- "e had a t#in sister called )hyllis #ho sadly deceased. The entrance to the rear la#n #as also gated. ----- "is clumsy gait #as !uite obvious.

an immense oppressive force or burden ----- the 1ourteenth century Hussia #as under the yoke of the Tatars. ----- The child #ill only eat the yolk of yello# spherical part of an egg that is surrounded an egg F she #on't eat the #hite. by the albumen to assimilate the cultural traits of another group ----- to adapt 'oneself(% especially to environmental or climatic changes a chosen pursuit= a profession or occupation ----one that transports or conveys to put an end to= discontinue ----- to take possession of by force or at #ill an arrangement or a plan% especially the schematic arrangement of parts or areas ----- an e,penditure of money% effort% etc. to come% e,ist% or occur before in time ----- to go for#ard or on#ard= continue to make easy or easier ----- to offer congratulations to a sudden eruption= an outburst ----- a forceful emergence from a restrictive condition or situation= an escape from ail #orthy of contempt ----- felt contempt for having a ust claim ----- ust one #ho enters and settles in a ne# country ----one #ho leaves one's native country to settle in another on the surface only% shallo#% not thorough ----e,tra% unnecessary% redundant .n internee #ho fails to acculturate on ob is not #orth his salt. ----- $t took him several months to become acclimati7ed to the heat. -he is no# concentrating on a career as a fashion designer. ----- Mos!uitoes are carriers of malaria. The factory ceased production. ----- The admiral sei7ed the abandoned enemy ships. The investor are still not satisfied #ith the layout of the ne# factory. ----- >isproportional outlays for the military have a history of proving fatal for the government. The ne# teacher al#ays precedes her lecture #ith a funny anecdote. ----- We stopped for an hour to take rest and then proceeded to our destination. We should encourage political agreements #hich facilitate civilians' safety. ----- We must felicitate our children for their hard #ork. This outbreak of flu is no #orse than normal. ----- . breakout #as meticulously e,ecuted by some clever prisoners #hile the guards #ere asleep. "ellman thought McCarthy's methods contemptible. ----- "ellman #as contemptuous of McCarthy. $ am the rightful o#ner of this house though my cousin lives here no#. ----- The people of ?ngland #ere filled #ith a righteous indignation. "e immigrated to the 3nited -tates from Hussia. ----- "e emigrated from Hussia to the 3nited -tates. Tom had indeed been shot% but the #ound #as superficial. ----- .ndre#'s attempt to repair the light bulb #as superfluous% since the light bulb had already been repaired.

one appointed or elected to preside over an The White "ouse says the president #ould veto the bill. ----- The )resident follo#ed historical organi7ed body of people% such as an assembly or precedent in forming the Cabinet. meeting ----- an act or instance that may be used as an e,ample in dealing #ith subse!uent similar instances having to do #ith udges% courts% or their functions ----- having or sho#ing sound udgement= #ise !ualified or entitled to be chosen ----- difficult or impossible to read courteous regard= respect ----- the !uality or condition of being unlike or dissimilar. outstanding% as in character or performance= distinguished ----- about to occur= impending an agreement to perform together an illegal% #rongful% or subversive act. ----- to make a plan% map% graph etc to refuse to pay attention to= disregard ----- to fail to care for or attend to properly to suspend proceedings to another time or place. ----- to put off or delay until a future time . udicial matter may take months for court to decide upon. ----- Through udicious use of persuasion% $ convinced my family to move to 0ondon. "e is eligible for promotion. ----- "is hand#riting is so $llegible that no one can read it. Why does )akistan has to pay deference to .merica in his foreign policy6 ----- >ifferences of opinions in theology #ill never subside. .llama $!bal #as a eminent poet of 3rdu. ----- The black clouds meant that a storm #as imminent. There seems to be a conspiracy of silence about police brutality. ----- The navigator plotted the course of the ship. >on't ignore me< ----- The house #as in a terrible state of neglect. The court ad ourned. ----- >on't postpone your application to graduate school or else it #on't be considered.

8udicial 8udicious ?ligible $llegible >eference >ifference ?minent $mminent Conspiracy )lot $gnore 2eglect .d ourn )ostpone >ecay -poil

to decline from a state of normality% e,cellence% The house had fallen into a serious state of decay and disrepair. ----- -he deliberately spoiled my or prosperity= deteriorate. ----- to cause damage to dress. 'something(% in regard to its value% beauty% usefulness% etc


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Hevolt Mutiny 3ninterested >isinterested +pinion 8udgement to attempt to overthro# the authority of the state= rebel ----- refusal to obey one's senior officers in the navy or other armed services not interested ----- impartial= unbiased -tudents #ere in revolt over administrative policies. ----- The sailors mutinied because they did not have enough food. "e #as uninterested in 8ill's hobby. ----- . good referee should be disinterested.

a belief or conclusion held #ith confidence but .s men gro# older% their opinions% like their diseases% gro# chronic. ----- -he sho#ed good not substantiated by positive kno#ledge or proof. udgement in saving her money ----- the capacity to assess situations or circumstances and dra# sound conclusions= good sense up for discussion ----- to impress firmly= fi, ineradicably the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place ----- used to introduce alternative possibilities fitting% proper% or appropriate ----- any customary observance or practice a person #ho has become dependent on something% especially drug ----- a formal or authoritative proclamation to overcome by physical% mental% or moral force ----- to be of the same opinion= agree "er ne# offer is on the table. ----- $magery of the #ar has branded itself into the national consciousness. +ften% in free7ing #eather% the sodden roots can actually dislodge tiles. ----- We should find out #hether the museum is open. $t is not right to leave the party #ithout saying goodbye. ----- The people #ere all very glad to be able to perform some of the proper funeral rites. "e is addicted to alcohol. ----- What #ill be the future e!uivalent of nailing a ne# edict on a tree in the center of a village6 $ really believe $ have finally con!uered this disorder. ----- These are fine #ords #ith #hich #e may readily concur.

Table Brand Weather Whether Hight Hite .ddict ?dict Con!uer Concur Cite -ite .rdour +rder .llusion $llusion ?,ceptional ?,ceptionable 4irtual 4irtuous

to !uote as an authority or e,ample ----- the place The la#yer cited various sources to prove the veracity of his client. ----- This is a good site to build a #here a structure or group of structures #as% is% hospital. or is to be located feelings of great intensity and #armth= fervour ----- feelings of great intensity and #armth= fervour an indirect reference to a person% event% or thing ----- false impression far beyond #hat is usual in magnitude or degree ----- liable to ob ection or debate e,isting or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact% form% or name ----characteri7ed by or possessing virtue or moral e,cellence= righteous= upright having or marked by an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit= greedy ----- conformity to fact or truth= accuracy or precision to arouse strong feeling in ----- to provoke and urge on an e,pression of praise% admiration% or congratulation. ----- something that completes% makes up a #hole% or brings to perfection appealing to the general public= #idely favoured or admired ----- the general public= the masses. to oppress or harass #ith ill-treatment ----- to initiate civil or criminal court action against. They #ere imbued #ith a revolutionary ardour. ----- The escalator is in good #orking order.

Without naming names% the candidate critici7ed the national leaders by allusion. ----- . pleasant illusion is better than harsh reality. "e had an e,ceptional memory. ----- "is evidence #as re ected by court under e,ceptionable circumstances . 2ationali7ation of the industry #ill ensue a virtual destruction of the economy. ----- "e led a virtuous life.

4oracity 4eracity ?,cite $ncite Compliment Complement )opular )opulace )ersecute )rosecute Mitigate .lleviate Berth Birth Continual Continuous .ppraise .pprise Cast Caste Canvas Canvass ?,pedient ?,peditious

My brother's voracity for reading is unsurpassed in the family. ----- "e #as shocked to find his veracity being !uestioned. The proposal failed to e,cite our interest. ----- "e incited his fello# citi7ens to take revenge. ?,tend my compliments to your parents. -----Hoses in a silver bo#l complement the handsome cherry table. The dictator #as overthro#n by a popular uprising. ----- . large portion of the populace sill lives under dire poverty. ?arly Muslims #ere persecuted for their beliefs. ----- The police have decided not to prosecute him.

to make or become less severe or harsh= moderate Duick and orderly response #ill mitigate the effects of flooding substantially. ----- . great deal can ----- to make an improvement by lessening be done to alleviate back pain. a bed on a ship or train= usually in tiers ----- the emergence and separation of offspring from the body of the mother. fre!uently repeated ----- #ithout interruption= ceaseless to evaluate% especially in an official capacity ----to give notice to= inform to give or deposit ----- social status or position conferred by a system based on class an oil painting on canvas fabric ----- to e,amine carefully or discuss thoroughly= scrutini7e inclined to#ards methods or means that are advantageous rather than fair or ust ----- acting or done #ith speed and efficiency Golding booked a berth on the first boat he could. ----- -he's ust given birth to a baby girl.

By continual practice% she mastered Beethoven on piano. ----- The fire alarm made a continuous snarling #hine. Many companies #ere prompted to appraise their recruitment policies. ----- "ave the customers been fully apprised of the advantages6 $ #ill cast my vote for the younger candidate. ----- Most of these people are from the sociallydisadvantaged lo#er castes. "e painted t#enty canvases. ----- The evidence had been repeatedly canvassed in .merican courts. $t might be e,pedient to keep this information to yourself. ----- The manager #as very efficient and e,peditious in the #ay he conducted business.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Counsel Council Collision Collusion .dvice ----- .n assembly of persons called together for consultation% deliberation% or discussion The act or process of colliding= a crash or conflict. ----- . secret agreement bet#een t#o or more parties for a fraudulent% illegal% or deceitful purpose. To have a great ambition or ultimate goal= desire strongly ----- To come to an end= terminate . ludicrous or e,travagant act or gesture ----Belonging to% made in% or typical of an earlier period a person #hose creative #ork sho#s sensitivity and imagination ----- . skilled manual #orker= a crafts-person .n act% trait% or custom characteri7ed by ignorance or crudity ----- -avage brutality or cruelty in actions or conduct Hule ----- . large mounted #eapon that fires heavy pro ectiles . ceding or surrendering% as of territory to another country by treaty ----- a meeting devoted to a particular activity +f or relating to the material #orld= #orldly ----lasting for a limited period 0acking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing ----- support or hold in a certain manner something or someone that has suffered ruin or dilapidation ----- To bring about= cause state of disgrace or loss of self-respect ----- a disposition to be humble= modest To cause to flo# in a stream ----- to study #ith great attention happening by accident or chance ----- involving or constituting a cause .t the side of= ne,t to ----- in addition to sanctioned by% recogni7ed by% or derived from authority ----- intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner of% consisting of% or living in% a city or to#n ----)olite% refined% and often elegant in manner. . tender feeling to#ard another= fondness ----- a deliberate pretence or e,aggerated display Mentally perceptive or alert= a#ake ----characteri7ed by e,treme care and great effort 1irst in status or importance= principal or chief ----- The first public performance% as of a movie or play. -omething that can be used for support or help ----- +ne that is turned or applied to for aid or security a movement up#ard ----- distinctive manner of oral e,pression the opportunity or right to see or approach someone ----- more than= over the act of signalling by a movement of the hand ----- to set aside or relin!uish "e'll give you good counsel on your problems. ----- The city council has voted almost unanimously in favour of the proposal. Their van #as involved in a collision #ith a car. ----- "e found no evidence of collusion bet#een record companies and retailers.

.spire ?,pire .ntic .nti!ue .rtist .rtisan Barbarism Barbarity Canon Cannon Cession -ession Temporal Temporary Bare Bear Wreck Wreak "umiliation "umility )our )ore Casual Causal Beside Besides +fficial +fficious 3rban 3rbane .ffection .ffectation Conscious Conscientious )remier )remiPre Hesource Hecourse .scent .ccent .ccess ?,cess Wave Waive 1latter 1lutter 4erbal 4erbose

"e aspired to the position of president. ----- My membership in the club has e,pired. We eagerly looked for#ard to his virtuoso playing #ith the +ld Hope -tring Band and the cra7y onstage antics. ----- Their aim is to break taboos and change anti!ue la#s. /ou are an artist in the kitchen. ----- Most of our products are hand made by artisans% using local organic ingredients #hen possible. There #as a time #hen paganism meant barbarism and Christianity meant civili7ation. ----- +f course% #ar itself is a great barbarity% and all pacifists are bent upon its e,termination. These measures offended all the accepted canons of political economy. ----- The rebels are using anti-aircraft guns% light cannon and heavy machine guns. +pium #ars sa# the cession of "ong 5ong and 5o#loon to 3nited 5ingdom. ----- Ten players have failed drug tests follo#ing a training session. Clergy should not be pre-occupied #ith temporal matters. ----- -he #as #orking as a temporary teacher at the school. -he seemed una#are that she #as bare. ----- The ice #as not thick enough to bear the #eight of marching men. "is life has been #recked by the tragedy. ----- 4iolent storms #reaked havoc on the coast. -he faced the humiliation of discussing her husband's affair. ----- >espite his po#erful position in the government% he #as still a man of great humility. -he poured the milk into a bo#l. ----- "e pored over the documents for several hours. $t #as ust a casual meeting. ----- Causal relationship bet#een scarcity and higher prices is a universal phenomenon. +n the table beside an empty plate #as a pile of books. ----- $ think she has many good !ualities besides being beautiful. .n official announcement is e,pected later today. ----- .n officious little security guard approached us. 3rban life can get e,tremely hectic at times. ----- $n conversation% he #as suave and urbane. -he is very affectionate to#ards her mother. ----- "e #rites #ell% #ithout fuss or affectation. The patient remained fully conscious after the local anaesthetic #as administered. ----- -he is generally very conscientious about her #ork. -#at is the premier tourist destination of )akistan. ----- Titanic #as premiPred in almost all of the #orld simultaneously. The local library is a valuable resource. ----- The public believes its only recourse is to take to the streets. "e pressed the button and the elevator began its slo# ascent. ----- ?ven after living a decade in ?ngland% he still couldn't master ?nglish accent. -he asked for divorce and free access to her children. ----- The health club has a membership in e,cess of five thousand. The protesters #ere #aving banners and shouting. ----- "e plead guilty to the charges and #aived his right to appeal.

praise some#hat dishonestly ----- To #ave or flap $ kne# he #as ust flattering me. ----- $t #as silent e,cept for the flags fluttering in the background. rapidly in an irregular manner ?,pressed in spoken rather than #ritten #ords= oral ----- 3sing or containing a great and usually an e,cessive number of #ords We have a verbal agreement #ith our suppliers. When drunk% he becomes pompous and verbose.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

?nviable ?nvious 1air 1are 1eet 1eat Conduct Character >iffer >efer >eface ?fface Custom "abit Choice )reference .ccident $ncident )rescribe )roscribe )eculiar )articular Higorous 4igorous >isclosure ?,posure Willing Wilful $mperious $mperial +rdinance +rdnance Medal Meddle -o desirable as to arouse envy ----- sho#ing e,treme cupidity= painfully desirous of another's advantages Being in accordance #ith relative merit or significance ----- to get along )lural of foot ----- an impressive act or achievement To behave or manage ----- the inherent comple, of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions To be of a different opinion= disagree ----- To put off= postpone to spoil the appearance of ----- to rub out= to remove . practice follo#ed by people of a particular group or region ----- done regularly ?nviable lifestyles of celebrities are often presented as holy grails to the masses #ithout any moralistic considerations #hatsoever. ----- $ think she is envious of your success. -he #anted to receive her fair share of the proceeds. ----- "o# are you faring #ith your pro ect6 "e fell in the river #hen the plank under his feet broke. ----- Building the pyramids #as a brilliant feat of engineering. -he conducted herself stoically in her time of grief. ----- There is a side to his character #hich you haven't seen yet. The critic differed #ith the author on several facts. ----- Customers often defer payment for as long as possible The statue had been defaced #ith red paint. ----- /ou must try to efface the event from your memory. The custom of lighting the +lympic flame goes back centuries. ----- "e took his habitual #alk before bed.

a supply from #hich to select ----- grant of favour The car is available in a choice of colours. ----- Candidates #ith the right !ualifications should be or advantage to one over another given preference. an unfortunate mishap= especially one causing damage or in ury ----- an event or happening to recommend or order the use of ----- To prohibit= forbid strange or unusual= odd ----- uni!ue or specific to a person or thing or category characteri7ed by or proceeding from rigour= harsh% strict% or severe ----- strong and active physically or mentally the speech act of making something evident ----the state of being vulnerable or e,posed >isposed or inclined= prepared ----- intentional= done by design -he #as involved in a serious car accident last #eek. ----- There #as a strange incident in the supermarket today. +ur doctor prescribed antibiotics for her throat infection. ----- They are proscribed by federal la# from o#ning guns. "e has a very peculiar sense of humour. ----- What particular aspects of the ob are you interested in6 -pecial military forces are notorious for their rigorous training. ----- "e #as a vigorous% lively boy.

The disclosure of his marriage proposal #as badly-timed. ----- ?,posure to lead is kno#n to damage the brains of young children. $ am #illing to overlook your small mistakes. ----- Wilful neglect of the environment has reduced once huge forest tracts to barren lands.

proud% behaving as if e,pecting to be obeyed ----- -he gave him a #itheringly imperious look. ----- The imperial palace in Tokyo #as spared from of or relating to an empire% emperor% or empress bombardment by the .llies in the Great War an authoritative regulation% decree% la#% or practice ----- Military materiel% such as #eapons% ammunition% combat vehicles% and e!uipment a small flat piece of metal bearing an inscription or image% given as an a#ard or commemoration of some outstanding action% event% etc ----- To intrude into other people's affairs or business= interfere tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears ----- comple, system of paths or tunnels in #hich it is easy to get lost in an opposing direction ----- having a dislike for to cut out or shape #ith an a,e% s#ord etc ----- a shade of a colour resembling or characteristic of a phantom ----shockingly repellent= inspiring horror Behaving disobediently or mischievously ----highly comple, or intricate and occasionally devious a remark e,pressing careful consideration ----conformity #ith la# or custom or practice etc to denote or connote= signify= represent ----Bearing or manner% especially as it reveals an inner state of mind produced or gro#ing in e,treme abundance ----1ond of or given to lu,ury bring about abruptly ----- falling sharply to disgrace or make contemptible ----- to attack the reputation etc of Because of fiscal problems% ho#ever% the city never enforced the controversial ordinance. ----- The logistics of ensuring that the ordnance reach the front line #as complicated but crucial to the progress of the #ar. "e #as a#arded a medal for bravery in the #ar. ----- >o scientists have a right to meddle in these matters6

Mai7e Ma7e .dverse .verse "e# "ue Ghostly Ghastly 2aughty 5notty +bservation +bservance Mean Mien 0u,uriant 0u,urious )recipitate )recipitous >egrade >enigrate

1loods destroyed almost all the mai7e fields in the region. ----- $'m lost in a ma7e of rules and regulations. The decision #ould have no adverse effect on the investigation. ----- $nvestors #ho are averse to taking risks fail to take full advantage of the opportunities "e he#ed a path through the forest. ----- "is backyard #as littered #ith flo#ers of many hues. The moon shed a ghostly light on the fields. ----- The doctors tried very hard but the ghastly #ounds of the patient proved fatal. /ou naughty boy% you gave me such a fright. ----- The ne# management team faces some knotty problems. This book contains observations about the nature of addiction. ----- Councils should ensure strict observance of la#s. The red signal means that you can shoot. ----- "e #as a 4ietnam veteran #ith a haunted mien.

#ide spreading branches and lu,uriant foliage% ----- -he had come to en oy this lu,urious lifestyle. The killings in the city have precipitated the #orst crisis yet. ----- The stock market's precipitous drop destroyed the investors' confidence. "e felt degraded by having to ask for money. ----- $'m not trying to denigrate her achievement.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

.moral $mmoral ?uphemistic ?uphuistic .ffluence ?ffluence 0oath 0oathe Moat Mote -alutary -alubrious )unctual )unctilious >eprecate >epreciate >istinct >istinctive 4enal 4enial -imulation >issimulation 2ot admitting of moral distinctions or udgements= neither moral nor immoral ----transgressing accepted moral rules= corrupt substituting a mild term for a harsher or distasteful one ----- any artificial% high-flo#n style of speech or #riting abundant #ealth ----- the process of flo#ing out 3n#illing or reluctant= disinclined ----- to feel strong hatred or disgust for The film #as violent and amoral. ----- >rug dealing is the most immoral and evil of all human activities. ?uphemistic terms of 'collateral damage' and 'terrorist threat' cannot be used any more to hide the on going genocide of )alestinians by the $sraelis. ----- ?uphuistic prose of colonial administrators #idened the gap bet#een them and their indigenous sub ects. The post#ar era #as one of ne# affluence for the #orking class. ----- The tremendous effluence of the river capsi7ed the small boat. -he is loath to give up her hard-earned liberty. ----- The t#o men loathe each other.

ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled #ith . moat separates the animals in the 7oo from the spectators. ----- >ust motes s#irled in the sunlight. #ater ----- . very small particle= a speck ?ffecting or designed to effect an improvement= remedial ----- Conducive or favourable to health or #ell-being. arriving etc on time= not late ----- marked by precise accordance #ith details >isapprove of= ob ect against ----- to reduce or decline in value or price unmistakable% plain% clearly perceptible ----- of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing easily bribed or corrupted ----- easily e,cused or forgiven the act of imitating the behaviour of some situation or some process by means of something suitably analogous ----- To conceal one's true feelings or intentions. $t #as a ne# and salutary e,perience to be in the minority. ----- .fter getting the ne# ob in 0ondon% it took him some time to ad ust to the less salubrious environment. )lease be punctual for your appointment. ----- "e #as punctilious about being ready e,actly on time. "e deprecated this unseemly behaviour. ----- The demand for foreign currency depreciates the real value of local currencies. There #as a distinct change in her attitude. ----- 8erusalem has a distinctive Middle ?ast flavour to it. "uman >evelopment inde, is the lo#est in mostly the countries marred #ith venal and totally corrupt politicians. ----- $f he had faults% they #ere venial ones. $nvestigators established after the plane crash that the pilot had not spent the re!uired amount of hours training in the computer simulation of in-flight emergencies. ----- The more through one's dissimulation% the more successful he can be as a spy.

Trifling Trivial $nvade .ttack march aggressively into another's territory by Britain #as t#ice invaded by the Homans. ----- "e attacked me #ith a knife. military force for the purposes of con!uest and occupation ----- to make a sudden% violent attempt to hurt or damage is the desire for something that someone else has% My envy of your success has made me bitter. ----- The favoured treatment of the daughter created or a feeling of ill #ill over another person's ealousy in the son. advantages in general ----- it is a resentful suspicion that someone else has #hat rightfully belongs to the ealous person "appily= gladly ----- make believe #ith the intent to deceive .ny of various hand tools% typically having a threaded shank and cross handle% used for boring holes in #ood or ice ----- To be a sign or omen she #ould fain be dead ----- "e feigned that he #as ill 3se an auger to dig the hole for the ne# fence post. ----- . smooth dress rehearsal augured #ell for the play.

?nvy 8ealousy

1ain 1eign .uger .ugur Hespectfully Hespectively $llusion >elusion "oard "orde Brooch Broad >emesne >emean .viary .piary

-ho#ing or marked by proper respect ----- -ingly Treating old people respectfully sho#s a good upbringing. ----- "e gave 8anet and 8ohn a cake and a in the order designated or mentioned chocolate respectively. .n erroneous perception of reality ----- a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea to store up or keep large !uantities of 'something(% often in secret ----- . large group or cro#d= a s#arm . relatively large decorative pin or clasp. ----general= not detailed 1loor-to-ceiling #indo#s give the illusion of e,tra space. ----- $ #as under the delusion that he intended to marry me. They've begun to hoard food and gasoline. ----- . horde of people #as screaming for tickets.

-he #ore a brooch on the collar of her dress. ----- We discussed the plans in broad outline.

. large enclosure for holding birds in confinement ----- . place #here bees and beehives are kept% especially a place #here bees are raised for their honey. to take great delight in something ----- to make kno#n a mark used by an author or editor to indicate #here something is to be inserted into a te,t ----the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy= ;N-karat gold is LGQ gold= @Ekarat gold is pure gold

There an aviary around the corner #ith parrots% maca#s and peacocks. ----- "er apiary #as abandoned #hen the !ueen bee died.

Hevel Heveal Caret Carat

-he revelled in her unaccustomed leisure. ----- -he has refused to reveal her daughter's #hereabouts. $nstead of cutting the #hole sentence% use carets to indicate any alterations or additions. ----- -he got an eighteen-carat gold ring on her birthday from her father.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

.venge Hevenge )ractical )racticable to take revenge for a #rong on behalf of someone "e spent five years avenging his daughter's death. ----- The man told the manager he #ould take else ----- action taken in return for an in ury or revenge on the company for dismissing him. offence $t refers to a person% idea% pro ect% etc.% as being more concerned #ith or relevant to practice than theory ----- it refers to a pro ect or idea as being capable of being done or put into effect block passage through ----- supernatural practices% ceremonies etc farther should be reserved for physical distance and further for non-physical% metaphorical advancement in the sense to be unlike% distinguishable%A differ is follo#ed by from. $f the #riter means to sho# disagreement or a difference of opinion% differ is follo#ed by #ith The idea had no practical application. ----- The plan #as e,pensive% yet practicable.

+cclude +ccult 1arther 1urther >iffer from >iffer #ith

The #ad of paper occluded the toilet. ----- "e has made a study of #itches% magic and the occult. $f you are planning to drive any farther than Mardan in #inter% you'd better carry chains. ----- We #on't be able to ans#er these !uestions until #e are further along in our research My home computer differs from the one $ use at #ork= mine is a )C% and the one $ use at #ork is a Mac. ----- $ differ #ith my colleague about computersR $ think my Mac is better than his )C.

>educe $mply Compare Contrast Bad Badly .mbiguous .mbivalent .ltogether .ll together 0adylike 0adyship .llusive ?lusive /e# ?ue 1unctional >ysfunctional 8e#ry 8ury 1allo# 1ello# Boy Buoy .ll .#l >ual >uel Briefing >ebriefing 0oose 0ose .theist agnostic

to #ork out from facts one kno#s or guesses ----- -he hoped he hadn't deduced the reason for her visit. ----- .re you implying that $ had something to to suggest or hint #ithout actually stating do #ith this6 e,amine and note the similarities or differences of ----- to sho# marked difference from 2ot good ----- poorly having more than one possible meaning ----uncertain or unable to decide about #hat course to follo# Commentators compared his #ork to that of 8ames 8oyce. ----- "is #ords contrast #ith his actions. >ivorce is bad for children. ----- $ #as angry because $ played so badly. "is remarks clarify an ambiguous statement given earlier this #eek. ----- "e maintained an ambivalent attitude to religion throughout his life.

Completely= entirely ----- $t indicate that the When he first sa# the e,amination !uestions% he #as altogether baffled. ----- The #edding guests members of a group perform or undergo an action #ere gathered all together in the garden. collectively befitting a #oman of good breeding ----- a title used to address any peeress e,cept a duchess -he crossed the room #ith !uick% ladylike steps. ----- We are honoured to #elcome your 0adyship here tonight.

Containing or characteri7ed by indirect references The book's allusive title% Bound 3pon a Wheel of 1ire% is from a line in -hakespeare's 5ing 0ear. ----- difficult to catch ----- $ had no luck in tracking do#n this elusive man. a type of evergreen tree #ith dark leaves and red berries ----capable of functioning= #orking ----- sho#ing faulty adaptation 8e#s collectively ----- a group of people legally selected to hear a case and to decide #hat are the facts cultivated land that is not seeded for one or more gro#ing seasons ----- a man or boy a male child= lad= youth ----- . float moored in #ater to mark a location% #arn of danger% or indicate a navigational channel. Being or representing the entire or total number% amount% or !uantity ----- . pointed tool for making holes% as in #ood or leather double= t#ofold= made up of t#o ----- a prearranged fight #ith deadly #eapons by t#o people a meeting at #hich detailed information or instructions are given ----- formal systematic !uestioning There is little sound e,cept for the bree7e stirring in the churchyard ye# trees. ----We have fully functional smoke alarms on all staircases. ----- The craftsman is likely to seem dysfunctional in a culture of innovation and change. >r. 0isa is an e,pert of 0atin .merican 8e#ry. ----- The verdict of the ury #as that the prisoner #as guilty of the crime. The fields lay fallo#. ----- "e's !uite a nice fello# but $ don't like him. -he has three girls and one boy. ----- We released the buoy and drifted back on the tide.

.ll the #indo#s are open. ----- -he used an a#l to punch holes in my brand ne# sofa.

The driving instructor's car has dual controls. ----- "e killed a man in a duel.

They're holding a press briefing tomorro#. ----- The pilots #ere thoroughly debriefed after every mission.

free or released from confinement or restraint . page came loose and floated onto the tiles. ----- "e's al#ays losing his car keys. ----- To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of +ne #ho disbelieves or denies the e,istence of God or gods ----- +ne #ho is sceptical about the e,istence of God but does not profess true atheism -he is an e,-nun #ho is no# an atheist. ----- -he gre# up in an agnostic household.

Conscious Conscience

Mentally perceptive or alert= a#ake ----- The The patient remained fully conscious after the local anaesthetic #as administered. ----- -he #as a#areness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's suffering terrible pangs of conscience about #hat she had done. conduct together #ith the urge to prefer right over #rong a line of people or vehicles #aiting for something . !ueue of more than si,ty people snaked its #ay do#n the pavement. ----- "e took this as his cue ----- a stimulus that provides information about to leave. #hat to do

Dueue Cue


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

4eil 4ale a piece of thin cloth #orn over the face or head to -ome #omen #ear veils for religious reasons% to prevent strangers from seeing their faces. ----- The hide% cover% or protect it ----- a long depression in small vale sheltering under mist-shrouded hills #as reminiscent of paradise on earth. the surface of the land that usually contains a river an established line of travel or access ----- an over#helming defeat a 'small book containing a( record of daily happenings ----- a shop supplying milk% butter% cheese etc +#ed ----- tiny drops of moisture coming from the air as it cools% especially at night They #ould go out on his route and check him. ----- The 2orman army routed the ?nglish opposition. The e,plorer kept a diary of his adventures. ----- We bought milk at the dairy.

Houte Hout >iary >airy >ue >e# Corps Corpse Ballot Ballet

$ think $'m still due some pay. ----- The grass is #et #ith early-morning de#.

a division of an army ----- a dead body% especially "e has been commissioned in the .rmy Medical Corps ----- The victim's corpse #as pulled out of of a human being the river. a method of voting in secret by marking a paper and putting it into a bo, ----- a theatrical performance of dancing #ith set steps and mime% often telling a story not making very much% or any% noise ----- to the greatest e,tent= completely or absolutely to make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation ----- to take into one's family through legal means and raise as one's o#n child. ----highly skilled declared but not proved ----- a defendant in a criminal proceeding ----- believed likely to be able to support ----- past participle of bear ----- Brought into e,istence= created The result of the ballot #ill not be kno#n for t#o #eeks. ----- -#an 0ake is my favourite ballet.

Duiet Duite .dapt .dopt .dept .lleged .ccused -uspected Bear Borne Born Haise Hise Ha7e -mell -tink -cent 0east 0ess 0est Their There They&re Capital Capitol .ssay ?ssay ?nvelop ?nvelope >ecree >egree >esolate >issolute -pecies -pecie Tortuous Torturous Wet Whet

$t's very !uiet out in the country. ----- $t is !uite clear that #e #ere firing in self defence. Things #ill be different and #e #ill have to adapt. ----- There are hundreds of people desperate to adopt a child. ----- "e's very adept at keeping his balance on a rope.

"e appeared in court for the alleged murder of his employer. ----- The accused is alleged to be a member of a right-#ing gang. ----- The suspected murderer #as kept under surveillance. The ice #as not thick enough to bear the #eight of marching men. ----- The #eight #as much more than #hat could be borne by a lone man. ----- . ne# nation #as born #ith the revolution.

Collect funds ----- increase in value or to a higher The president raised several million dollars for his college. ----- The value of our house rose sharply point ----- tear do#n so as to make flat #ith the last year. ----- The enemy ra7ed the fortifications of the occupied to#n. ground the sense or po#er of being a#are of things through one's nose ----- to have a very bad smell ----- any property detected by the olfactory system My sister never had a good sense of smell. ----- We all stank and nobody minded. ----- -he could smell the scent of her mother's lac!uer.

+ne that is the lo#est or smallest in importance% The dinner menu is the least of my #orries tonight. ----- /ou should smoke less if you #ant to rank% magnitude% or degree ----- not as much or to remain healthy. ----- $ #as afraid to open the door lest he should follo# me. a smaller e,tent ----- 1or fear that of or belonging to them ----- that place ----- they are money 'for investment etc( ----- . building or comple, of buildings in #hich a state legislature meets to test% analyse% or evaluate ----- a #ritten composition= a piece of #ritten prose To enclose or encase completely #ith or as if #ith a covering ----- a thin% flat #rapper or cover% especially for a letter to order% command or decide ----- 'an( amount or e,tent uninhabited= deserted ----- unrestrained by convention or morality . fundamental category of ta,onomic classification ----- $n a similar manner= in kind t#isted or #inding ----- e,tremely painful containing% soaked in% or covered #ith% #ater or another li!uid ----- make keen or more acute "e gave them their coats. ----- 0eave the coat in the corner there. They're preparing for a meal.

The company is having difficulties in raising capital. ----- . meeting to draft a ne# constitution is under #ay in the capitol. -he sat do#n and assayed me #ith her large bro#n eyes. ----- The e,amination consists of four essays. The thick black cloud of smoke that enveloped the area. ----- he opened the envelope and #ithdre# a typed note. The court decreed that he should pay the fine in full. ----- The degree of skill varies considerably from person to person. The desolate lands of past nations have turned into deserts. ----- -he regretted her dissolute life. There are several species of Mebra. ----- When "arry blocked 8ohn's drive#ay #ith his trash% 8ohn parked his car in "arry's drive#ay and repaid the offence in specie. The tortuous track in the race #as difficult for even the most e,perienced drivers to master. ----- The torturous interrogation of the detainees has been termed illegal by international la#. We got soaking #et #hen it began to rain. ----- The delicious aroma of the curry #hetted our appetites.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Word Clear 1ace ?nergy Meaning easy to see% hear or understand ----- to make or become free from obstacles opposite to ----- to turn% stand etc in the direction of the ability to act% or the habit of acting% strongly and vigorously ----- any source of usable po#er #orth% importance or usefulness ----- to suggest a suitable price for to form or construct from parts ----- to increase a person #ho rules or commands ----measuring stick Sentence 1 The details on that photograph are very clear. The hotel is facing the church. "e has ama7ing energy for his age. Sentence 2 "e cleared the path of debris. -he faced him across the desk. +il shortages have brought an energy crisis.

4alue Build Huler )oint Wear Glasses 4essel -tage -pirit

"is special kno#ledge #as of great value This painting has been valued at SG:%:::. during the #ar )eople don't build houses #ith mud bricks any more. "e #as an indecisive ruler. The traffic begins to build up around five o'clock. $t #ill be much more appropriate for you to take these measurements #ith a ruler. "e pointed the gun at her. -he #ore an angry e,pression. We need some glasses of #ater here.

a particular matter for consideration or /ou've missed the point. action ----- to aim in a particular direction to be dressed in or carry on ----- to have or sho# . pair of lenses mounted in a light frame ----- plural of glass a container% usually for li!uid ----- a ship to prepare and produce ----- a period or step in the development of something a principle or emotion #hich makes someone act ----- a person's mood -he #ore a #hite dress. "e can hardly see #ithout his glasses.

.n ?nglish fishing vessel has capsi7ed of )our me some milk from that vessel. the shore This play #as first staged in ;O@N. The spirit of kindness seems to be lacking in the #orld no#adays. The plan is in its early stages. This ne#s may raise his spirits.

Word Munificent Hapacious 8eopardi7e 1atuous ?dify ?soteric $mpasse $ncongruous >ocile Hepercussions .grarian 1eedback +utput

Meaning very generous e,cessively greedy and grasping; devouring or craving food in great !uantities; living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey put at risk; pose a threat to= present a danger to devoid of intelligence to improve the mind or morals of= make understand confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle a situation in #hich no progress can be made or no advancement is possible lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness #illing to be taught or led or supervised or directed;easily handled or managed; ready and #illing to be taught Conse!uences= backlash relating to rural matters response to an in!uiry or e,periment; the process in #hich part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output production of a certain amount; #hat is produced in a given time period; the !uantity of something 'as a commodity( that is created 'usually #ithin a given period of time(; final product= the things produced; signal that comes out of an electronic system; to create or manufacture a specific amount longing for something past someone #ho loves 'and usually collects( books marked by rash e,travagance; very generous;recklessly #asteful; a recklessly e,travagant consumer a component of production= something that goes into the production of output; any stimulating information or event= acts to arouse action; signal going into an electronic system; enter 'data or a program( into a computer of or relating to anti!ues or anti!uities; of or relating to persons #ho study or deal in anti!ues or anti!uities; an e,pert or collector of anti!uities an instance of boastful talk; sho# off

2ostalgia Bibliophile )rodigal $nput

.nti!uarian Brag


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Find words similar in meaning. Moratorium a( large tomb b( #aiting period c( security for debt d( funeral house &entati%e a( e,pedient b( nominal c( provisional Proli ic a( skilful b( fruitful c( #ordy d( spread out 'emographicR relating the study of a( government b( demons c( communications d( population (political a( conservative b( rude c( non-political d( radical Foi,le a( #itty retort b( petty lie c( personal #eakness 'ecorum a( style of decoration b( innocence c( social conformity d( modestly .ecapitulate a( to surrender b( be indecisive c( summarise d( retract Clear awa) a( clean b( empty c( remove d( finish Pertur, a( to upset b( to cause doubt c( to burden d( to test .eprisal a( surprise b( a#ard c( revision d( retaliation !a0la%a a( stringed instrument b( dessert c( #hining dance d( gratuity &orpor a( fever b( lethargy c( taciturn d( torrid -eld a( .rctic #asteland b( ?uropean plains c( -outh .frican grassland d( >eep valley !i"Partisan a( narro# minded b( progressive c( representing t#o parties d( divided Sonar (pparatus to a( detect something in the air b( locate ob ects under #ater c( measure rain d( anticipate earth!uake Plenar) a( timely b( combined c( florid d( full Premise a( assumption b( outline c( commitment &ouch stone a( goal post b( #orry bead c( magic 8e#el d( standard or Criterion /)pothetical a( philosophical b( truce c( assumed d( volatile !rea0 down a( collapse b( enter c( cut off d( begin Wr) a( t#isted b( sad c( #itty d( suffering -ia,le a( #avering b( divided c( capable of living d( fading Ionic a( $ndian stone monument b( Greek architecture c( Homan -culpture d( Mediterranean -ea &ouchstone a( criterion b( gold c( character d( characteristics Ca2un a( 1rench-Canadian descendant b( .merican $ndian c( 2ative of the ?verglades d( ?arly inhabitant of the Bahamas $slands Fetter a( rot b( to restrain c( make better d( enable to fly #ne$ui%ocal a( careless b( unmistakable c( variable d( $ncomparable Progen) a( a genius b( off springs c( ancestors d( gro#th Entourage a( decorators b( tourist c( attendant d( adversaries Sacrosanct a( peaceful b( sacred c( mundane d( painful Sheepish a( embarrassed b( conforming c( co#ardly d( unfortunate 'ata a( ideas% b( belief c( point of origin d( information 1eep up a( restrain b( control c( continue d( maintain Ferret a( to search b( to trap c( to hide d( to flee .esurgent a( revolutionary b( fertile c( rising again d( fading Cicerone a( teacher b( literary classic c( chaperone d( guide Se$uester a( eliminate b( finali7e c( sedate d( isolate 3oggia 'a( path#ay 'b( marsh 'c( gallery 'd( carriage Co%enant a( prayer b( debate c( garden d( agreement Empirical a( Helay on theory b( based on e,perience c( having vision of po#er d( disdainful 'iagnosis a( identification of an illness b( )rophecy c( plan d( likeness Calumn) a( misfortune b( praised c( !uietness d( slander 'omesticate a( to turn native b( be e,clusive c( cut cla#s d( tame Era a( a disaster b( cycle c( period of history d( curious event &urn out a( refuse b( start c( produce d( arrive Pallid a( #eak b( pale c( dull d( scared (rchipelago a( reef b( glacier c( cluster of islands d( lagoon 'enouement a( denunciation b( dormancy c( termination d( e,planation Finic0) a( unstable b( troubled c( fussy d( unpleasant 3acunae a( tiny marine life b( shallo# #ater c( local dialect d( missing parts

Polari*e a( chill b( to separate into opposing e,tremes c( slant d( cause to be freely movable +ucleus a( core b( outer part c( inedible nut d( !uality -ia,le a( credible b( !uestionable c( #orkable d( vital (ntics a( e,pectation b( temper c( string games d( absurd behaviour &rait a( a narro# enclosure% b( strong point% c( distinguishing feature d( footprint See o%er a( e,amine b( repair c( discover d( en!uire Intrepid a( fearless b( co#ardly c( dull d( fool hardy Pia**a a( cheese dish b( veranda c( public s!uare d( style or dash (nathema a( curse b( cure c( anaemia d( asthma Sami*dat a( underground press b( secret police c( t#irling ig d( large metal tea urn

Paro4)sm a( moral lesson b( sudden outburst c( contradiction d( pallid imitation

5rotto a( statue b( cavern c( neighbourhood d( type of moth

Stoicism a( indifference b( boldness c( deep affection d( patient endurance

Succulent a( edible b( parched c( generous d( mature


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Malediction a( compliment b( summary c( perfume d( a#k#ardness Incendiar) a( happy b( sneer c( causing fire d( olly (mia,le a( obno,ious b( affable (crimonious a( bitter b( provocative c( cheap d( volatile Essa) a( direct b( compose c( attempt d( suppose /oodwin0 a( delude b( avoid Calligraph) a( computers b( hand#riting c( blood pressure d( brain #aves Presumpti%e a( credible b( timid -oid a( emptiness b( lea c( anger d( trick .adical a( innate b( moderate 'emise a( conclude b( end c( affection d( death 6,scure a( unclear b( doubtful

5uile ul a( honourable b( disingenuous

6,session a( fi,ed ideas b( delusion

Flume a( sea bird #ith a #ing span four times its body length. b( narro# gorge #ith a stream running through it c( #arm summer #ind Filial a( related by marriage b( of sons and daughters c( of brothers

Epitaph a( editorial b( clever head line c( tomb stone inscription Mnage a( marriage vo# b( household c( golden years

3aconic a( concise b( #eekly c( circular Chronicle a( >aily ritual b( Widely held beliefs c( .ccount of events

Misopedia a( a hatred for children b( middle age c( family history

Shingle a( gravelly beach b( e,posed sand bar c( group of dolphins

Find words opposite in meaning. 'esiccate a( 0engthen b( "allo# c( ?,onerate d( -aturate e( .naestheti7e 'eleterious a( nourishing b( in urious c( vital d( fatal Captious a( tolerant b( capable c( #inning d( recollected &wine a( straighten b( continue c( unravel d( detach Plain a( clean b( distinct c( ambiguous d( frugal 6,literate a( preserve b( destroy c( ravage d( design Conscientious a( uncorrupt b( honourable c( principled d( profligate !rus$ue a( gruff b( curt c( smooth d( discourteous (potheosis a( departure from tradition b( impatience #ith stupidity c( demotion from glory d( surrender to impulse e( cause for grief -aledictor) a( fare#ell b( final c( hopeful d( parting Penchant a( dislike b( attitude c( imminence d( distance Frugal a( prodigal b( intemperate c( e,travagant d( profuse 6dious a( porous b( charming c( horrid d( offensive (ll) a( alloy b( foe c( partner d( accessory Presenta,le a( unable b( scruffy c( suitable d( personable Concord a( amity b( accord c( variance d( unity Spun0 a( success b( timidity c( gro#ing a#areness d( loss of prestige e( lack of intelligence Sedentar) a( afraid b( loyal c( active d( torpid Putati%e a( po#erful b( colonial c( undisputed d( unremarkable 5aw0) a( neat b( handy c( graceful d( handsome In lame a( calm b( anger c( e,cite d( kindle -ulgar a( coarse b( gross c( e,!uisite d( obscene Sal%ation a( escape b( starvation c( doom d( rescue Conscientious a( uncorrupt b( honourable c( principled d( profligate Ca%il a( discern b( disclose c( introduce d( flatter e( commend &ur,id a( muddy b( clear c( invariable d( improbable Facsimile a( imitation b( model c( mutation d( pattern Capricious a( firm b( decided c( infle,ible d( constant Igno,le a( lo#ly b( vile c( good d( noble Pretend a( sham b( substantiate c( feign d( fabricate (nnihilate a( supplement b( augment c( append d( contract 'iplomatic a( sagacious b( shre#d c( bungling d( prudent .aucous a( orderly b( absorbent c( buoyant d( Mellifluous e( Contentious Phlegmatic a( dull b( active c( lymphatic d( frigid 3arcen) a( appropriation b( peculation c( purloining d( indemnification Congeal a( li!uefy b( mollify c( harden d( solidify Melanchol) a( sorro#ful b( happy c( forbidden d( brisk 3i,ert) a( permission b( license c( serfdom d( bound !race a( prop b( knock c( invigorate d( refresh /)pocris) a( uprightness b( pretence c( cant d( deceit


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

6nerous a( burdensome b( #earing c( difficult d( fluent


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Wrong Sentence Where #as a very different atmosphere in the to#n this morning than there #as yesterday. ?very one must decide for themselves #hat to do about it. $ shouldn&t be surprised if he doesn&t turn up tomorro#. 2either 1aroo! or .kbar are going to the #edding lunch on -aturday. $ compared his essay to Mushta!&s and found them to be almost identical. When public transport is better developed% there #ill no longer be so many cars driving people to #ork. The sub ect of my paper is about air pollution. The princess's father #as a good man and #ho #as kind. . morality play is #here the characters represents virtue and vices. . s!uare is #hen all four sides are the same length. ?vil and suffering has al#ays troubled man. Why does such disturbing things e,ist6 2either her cousins nor her aunt #ere at home. 2either Tari! nor 5halid are #orthy of her. The first fleet of cars #ere made of copper. To be honest lies must never be told. The idea of me flying is too silly to even contemplate. "e reads better than any boy in the class. ?very citi7en should use their role. $ do not remember him giving me a present. Whom #ould you say is likely to #in the fight6 2either him nor his friend #ere hurt. )assing by the damage house% a brick fell on my shoulder. My cousin al#ays has and al#ays #ill be interested in the theatre. The vast e,tent of the steppes of Central .sia is enormous. 2obody didn't ought to lose their #ay so easy in a small to#n. This is all the father you can go. "e seemed to be an industrious person but this #as only an allusion. "is avocation is dentistry. The anti!uarian bade one million dollars for the old painting. The ferry collided against the tug-boat. )oetry is more sensual than prose. Both 2aeem and -hahid is tired% they should go back. "e #as seeking political asylum but #as not permitted to emigrate to 3-.. $ #ouldn't be in your boots for the all the #ealth in the #orld. .re you trying to infer that $ #ould be something dishonest6 The lake free7ed rapidly. The firm #as un#illing to forego its usual commission. We #atched the lambs gamble on the green. "e belonged to the gild of carpenters. "e hadn&t ought to have spoken. $s this your half-brother6 "ay< Watch out for the car< This is the historical spot #here he #as shot dead. We bought a 8apanese print. 1resh flo#ers smell s#eetly. "is #isdom consisted of his handling the dangerous situation successfully. Many a girls #ere appearing in the e,amination. Corrections There #as a very different atmosphere in the to#n this morning than that #as yesterday. ?very one must decide for himself #hat to do about it. $ #ill not be surprised if he doesn&t turn up tomorro#. 2either 1aroo! nor .kbar is going to the #edding lunch on -aturday. $ compared his essay #ith Mushta!&s and found it to be almost identical. When public transportation is better developed% there #ill no longer be so many people driving to #ork. The sub ect of my paper is air pollution. The princess's father #as a good and kind man. . morality play is #here the characters represent virtues and vices. . s!uare is #hen all four sides are of the same length. ?vil and suffering have al#ays troubled man. Why do such disturbing things e,ist6 2either her cousins nor her aunt #as at home. 2either Tari! nor 5halid is #orthy of her The first fleet of cars #as made of copper. To be honest% one must never tell lies. The idea of flying is too silly to even contemplate for me. "e reads better than any other boy in the class. ?very citi7en should use his role. $ do not remember his giving me a present. Who #ould you say is likely to #in the fight6 2either he nor his friend #as hurt. While passing by the damaged house% a brick fell on my shoulder. My cousin has and al#ays #ill be interested in the theatre. The e,tent of the vast steppes of Central .sia is enormous. 2obody ought to lose his #ay so easily in a small to#n. This is the farthest you can go. "e seemed to be an industrious person but this #as only an illusion. "is vocation is dentistry. The anti!uarian bade one million dollars on the old painting. The ferry collided #ith the tug-boat. )oetry is more sensuous than prose. Both 2aeem and -hahid are tired. They should go back. "e #as seeking political asylum but #as not permitted to immigrate to 3-.. $ #ouldn't #ant to be in your boots for the all the #ealth in the #orld. .re you trying to infer that $ #ill do something dishonest6 The lake fro7e rapidly. The firm #as un#illing to forego its commission. We #atched the lambs gambling on the green. "e belonged to the guild of carpenters. "e ought not to have spoken. $s he your half-brother6 "ay< Watch out the car< This is the historic spot #here he #as shot dead. We bought a 8apanese&s print. 1resh flo#ers smell s#eet. "is #isdom consisted in his handling the dangerous situation successfully. Many a girl #as appearing in the e,amination.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

The vehicles run fastly on the Motor#ay. -moking is in urious for health. "e availed of this situation very intelligently. The black vermin is an odious creature. What to speak of meat% even% vegetables #ere not available no#. 2o sooner #e left our home #hen it started raining. 0ittle money $ had $ spent on the #ay. The criminal #as sent on the goal. $ shall not come here unless you #ill not call me. "e does not have some devotion for the pro ect you have given to him. $ #ent to either of the 1our hill stations. Who did you meet on your #ay to school6 /ou must remember that you are unior than "amid. .slam% as #ell as% his 1our friends #ere planning to visit the museum. Where you #ent in the vacation6 This is the youngest and most intelligent of my t#o sons. "e is one of those #ho al#ays succeed. $ congratulate you for your success. The hostel provides boarding and lodging to students. My cousin-brother #ill come to meet me. "e lives backside of my house. /ou have read it. $sn't it6 We discussed about this !uestion. $ am studying in an 3niversity for an year. 2either he nor $ arc at fault. The committee have issued a notice. +ne must boast of his great !ualities. $t is one of the best speeches that has ever been made in the General .ssembly. )assing through ten different cities% 5arachi is the most active. "e #as laid up for si, #eeks #ith t#o broken ribs. -omeone sho#ed the visitors in the room. 3ntil you remain idle you #ill make no progress. $t is very #rong to be devoted to lying and cheating. "e told me that he is #aiting for me since a long time. The house stood up in the dull street because of its red door. "e brought the articles to the market #hich he #anted to sell. What does a patient tell a doctor it is confidential6 $t is one of the best speeches that have ever been made in the General .ssembly. While passing through ten different cities% $ found 5arachi the most active. "e #as laid-in for si, #eeks #ith t#o broken ribs. -omeone sho#ed the visitors their room. While you remain idle you #ill not make progress. $t is very #rong to lie and cheat. "e told me that he has been #aiting for me for a long time. The house stood out in the dull street because of its red door. "e brought the articles to the market #hich he had #anted to sell. "o# does a patient tell a doctor that it is confidential6 The vehicles run faster on the Motor#ay. -moking is in urious to health. "e availed this situation very intelligently. The black vermin are an odious creature. ?ven vegetables are not available no# let alone meat. 2o sooner did #e leave our home #hen it started raining. Whatever little money $ had% $ spent it on the #ay. The criminal #as sent to the ail. $ shall not come here unless you call me. "e does not have any devotion for the pro ect you have given him. $ #ent to all of the 1our hill stations. Whom did you meet on your #ay to school6 /ou must remember that you are unior to "amid. .slam% as #ell as% his 1our friends #as planning to visit the museum. Where did you go on vacation6 This is the younger and more intelligent of my t#o sons. "e is one of those #ho al#ays succeeded. $ congratulate you on you success. The hostel provides board and lodgings to students. My cousin #ill come to meet me. "e lives on the backside of my house. /ou have read it. "aven't you6 We discussed this !uestion. $ have been studying in a 3niversity for a year. 2either he nor $ am at fault. The committee has issued a notice.

$t is a fact that $ almost dro#ned makes me very careful about #ater safety #henever The fact that $ almost dro#ned makes me very careful about #ater safety #henever $ $ go s#imming. go s#imming. >id they not consider this as !uiet convincing6 -t )eter&s at Home is the largest of all other churches. The amount they receive in #ages is greater than t#enty years ago. They succeeded #ith hardly making any effort . Whatever have you done < The officers #ere given places according to their respective ranks. )laying a game regularly is better than to read books al#ays. . good reader must be hard #orking and possess intelligence. $ noticed .kbar #as carrying a bag in his hand. "aving entered his house% the door #as shut at one. "e thinks that his #riting is better than his friend. They succeeded hardly making any effort. What have you done< The officers #ere placed according to their respective ranks. )laying a game regularly is better than al#ays reading books. . good reader must be hard #orking and intelligent. $ noticed that .kbar #as carrying a bag in his hand. "aving entered his house% he shut the door at once. "e thinks that his #riting is better than that of his friend. >id they not consider this !uite convincing. -t )eter&s at Home is the largest of all churches.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

"e is such a man #ho is liked by everyone. $ sent a verbal message to my friend. "e has visited as many historical places as one has or can visit. ?ither of these three umbrellas #ill suit me. -hall you not take my #ord in this matter6 This poor man #as suffering much for a long time past. $f he had not died% he #ould gro# up to be a murderer. 2either he nor $ are in the #rong. $t is high time they mend this road. $ heard him #ent do#n the stairs. )aper is made of #ood. "e s#ore from God. $s your dress different than mine6 "e in!uired #hether $ live in 5arachi. "e spoke these #ords upon his face. The ran direct to their college. $ shall not come here unless you #ill not call me. They have been building a #all since three days. "e does not have some devotion to his studies. This house is built of brick and stone. The climate of )akistan is better than ?ngland6 "e s#ore by God. /ou ought to have regarded him your benefactor. My friend is very ill% $ hope he #ill soon die. "e is #aiting for better and promising opportunity. When $ shall see her $ #ill deliver her your gift. Many a sleepless nights she spent. -a ad as #ell as -aleem #ere late. "e is the most cleverest boy in the class. $ have met him last month. /our #riting is inferior than him. 2othing but novels please him. The teacher gave the boy an advice #hich he refused. "e brought the articles to the market #hich he #anted to sell. )lease speak to the concerned clerk. /ou have got time too short for that. 2ot only he #as thief% but he #as also a murderer. They thought that the plan #ould be succeeded. $t is unlikely that he #ins the race. My uncle has told me something about it yesterday. $ hoped that by the time $ #ould have got there it #ould have stopped raining. They prevented the driver to stop. )lease speak #ith the concerned clerk. /ou have got too short a time for that. 2ot only #as he a thief% but also a murderer. They had thought that the plan #ould succeed. $t is unlikely that he #ill #in the race. My uncle told me something about it yesterday. $ hoped that by the time $ had got there it #ould had stopped raining. They prevented the driver from stopping. 2either he nor $ #as in the #rong. $t is high time that they mend this road. $ heard him go do#n the stairs. )aper is made out of #ood. "e s#ore at God. $s your dress different tan that of mine6 "e in!uired #hether $ had lived in 5arachi. "e spoke these #ords in his face. The ran directly to their college. $ shall not come here unless you call me. They have been building a #all for three days. "e does not have any devotion to his studies. The house is being built of brick and stone. The climate of )akistan is better than that of ?ngland6 "e s#ore at God. /ou ought to have regarded him as your benefactor. My friend is very ill% $ hope he #ill not die soon. "e is #aiting for a better and more promising opportunity. When $ see her $ #ill deliver your gift to her. Many a sleepless night she spent. -a ad as #ell as -aleem is late. "e is the cleverest boy in the class. $ met him last month. /our #riting is inferior to his. "e is such a man #hom everyone likes. $ sent a oral message to my friend. "e has visited as many historical places as one can. .ny of these three umbrellas #ill suit me. Will you not take my #ord in this matter6 This poor man #as suffering much for a long time past.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Change the sentences rom direct to indirect and %ice"%ersa. "e said% T>on&t open the door.U "e offered to bring me some tea. "e aid% TThank you<U "e said% TCan you s#im6U and $ said% T2+U. "e told .slam to get his coat. T$f ; #ere you% $ #ould #ait%U $ said. "e ordered the peon to lock the door. "e #arned me not to leave my car unlocked as there had been lot of stealing from cars. The boy said to his teacher% T$ do not kno# the ans#erU. The beggar said% TMay you live long and gro# richU A$t is very hot today% Tcried the boys% T#e cannot play.U -he said% T#hat a fine morning it is<U -he said% T$ am not telling a lie.U "e said% A$ #ill come to see you tomorro#.U "e said to him% T$ really need your help.U -he said. TCan you tell me #hat the time is.U A"urrah''< -aid the captain of the team% A#e #on the matchA. A)lease -ir% take pity on a poor beggar #oman''% the #retched old #oman asked for alms They say. A$s this the right time to arriveO .ren't you forgetting somethingA6 "e often says% A$ am al#ays #illing to help the needy% if $ am assured they arc really in need''. The master said% A"o# long #ill you take in #arming my food6U The boy said. A.las' $ could not pass my e,aminationA ACome here !uickly and #ork out this problem on the blackboardA said the teacher. AWhat a lovely evening<A -aid $rum. AWhat is the name of this beautiful building6A asked the visitor. "e said A-it do#n over here and don't move until $ allo# youA. AThis is your house% isn't it6A asked 8ammie. AWhere do you #ant to be dropped6A said the ta,i driver. ACall the first #itness%A said the udge. A>on't blame him for the accident%A the boy's mother said. "e said% A$ banged on Cliffs door but he did not ans#erA. AWhere is the boat6 "urry up #e are being chasedA% she cried. A$ have lost my #ay. Can you direct me to the )ost +ffice please6A said the old lady. "e said to me% A#hat a pity you missed such an important meeting.U A"o# #onderful< Why didn't you suggest this plan earlierA. "e said% A0et's #ait till the road gets clearedA. +ur sociology professor said % V$ e,pect you to be in class every day. 3ne,cused absences may affect your grades.& My father often told me % Vevery obstacle is a steppingstone to success. /ou should vie# problems in your life as opportunities to prove yourself.& When tom asked 8ack #hy he couldn&t go to the game% 8ack said he didn&t have enough money for a ticket. When $ asked the ticked seller if the concert #as going to be rescheduled% she told me that she didn&t kno# and said that she ust #orked there. .li said% V$ must go to 0ahore ne,t #eek to visit my ailing mother.& The policeman told the pedestrian% Vyou mustn&t cross the road against the red light& "e e,claimed oyfully #ondering #hy $ had not suggested that plan earlier. "e suggested to #ait until the road got cleared. +ur sociology professor told us that he e,pected us to be in class everyday. "e #arned us that une,cused absences might affect our grades. My father often advised me that every obstacle is a steppingstone to success. "e said that $ should vie# problems in my life as opportunities to prove myself. Tom said to 8ack% AWhy can't you go to the game6A 8ack replied% A$ don't have enough money for a ticketA. $ asked the ticket seller% A$s the concert going to be rescheduled6A -he said% A$ don't kno#. $ ust #ork hereA. .li said that he must go to 0ahore ne,t #eek to visit his ailing mother. The policeman told the pedestrian that he must not cross the road against the red light. "e forbade me to open the door. "e said% A-hall $ bring you some tea6A "e thanked me. "e en!uired if $ could s#im and $ replied in negative. "e said% AGet your coat% .slamA. $ told him that if $ #as in his place $ #ould have #aited. "e ordered the peon to lock the door. "e said% A>on't leave your car unlocked as there have been lot of stealing from carsA. The boy told his teacher that he did not kno# the ans#er. The beggar prayed that $ might live long and gro# rich. Boys cried that it #as very hot that day so they could not play. -he e,claimed #ith #onder that it #as a fine morning. -he said that she #as not telling a lie. "e said that he #ould come to see me the ne,t day. "e said to him that he really needed his help. -he asked me if $ could tell her #hat the time #as. The captain of the team e,claimed #ith oy that they had #on the match. The #retched old #oman asked for alms by entreating to take pity on her. The say #hether this is the right time to arrive and if #e are not forgetting something. "e often says that he is al#ays #illing to help the needy if he is assured that they area really in need. The master asked ho# long #ould he take in #arming his food. The boy e,claimed #ith grief that he could not pass his e,amination. The teacher asked her to go there !uickly and #ork out that problem on the board. $rum e,claimed that the evening #as lovely. The visitor asked #hat #as the name of that beautiful building. "e ordered him to sit do#n over there and not to move until he allo#ed him. 8ammie asked #hether or not that #as his house. The ta,i driver asked #here he #anted to be dropped. The udge ordered to call the first #itness. The boy's mother asked not to blame him for the accident. "e said that he had banged on Cliff's door but he did not ans#er. -he asked #here the boat #as and prompted them to hurry as they #ere being chased. The old lady asked to be directed to the post office as she had lost her #ay.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

.hmed asked if #hat $ said #as really true. -arah #anted to kno# #here they #ould be tomorro# around three +&clock "e said% Tlet it rain ever so hard $ shall go outU. The mother said to the young girl% T>o you kno# #here -alim isU6 The officer said% T"and it all< Can you not do it more neatlyU. $nvoking our help #ith a loud voice she asked us #hether #e #ould come to her aid. "e e,claimed #ith an oath that no one could have e,pected such a turn of events. The teacher said to his students% TWhy did you come so lateU6 They applauded him saying that he had done #ell. T/ou say%U said the udge% Tthe bag you lost contained one hundred and ten poundsU6 Tthis #orld% The declaredU is full of sorro#. Would that $ #ere dead<U he said to me% Tcome early= #e shall be #aiting for you.U Tho# delighted $ am% Tsaid he% Tto meet my friends here by my o#n fireside<U the man said that he #as !uite sure he should succeed. 8ohn e,claimed #ith a sigh that he #as ruined. The constable en!uired of the man #here he #as going The boy said that he #ould #alk. T#hat losses% Tcried he% Thave $ suffered6 What anguish have $ endured<U "e said to his friend% T0et me go home no#U $ #ill say TMother% $ #ill al#ays obey youU T-plendidUR said father as he read my report% "e said% TGood morning% can you help meU -he said TBrother% #hy do you tease meU The 5ing said to the Dueen% T$f $ die% take care of my peopleU TBy GodU% he saidU $ do not kno# his nameU /ou e,claimed #ith sorro# that you lost your pen. "e said to him% T#hy do you #aste your time6U "e ordered his servant not to stand there doing nothing. "e e,claimed #ith oy that he had #on the match. The traveller said% TWhat a dark night6U "e said% T0et it rain even so hard% $ #ill start today.U My mother said% TMay you live happily and prosper in your life.U "e said% T"o# foolish have $ been6U +n Monday he said% AMy son is coming today.A They #anted to kno# #here he #as going the follo#ing #eek. he said% A>id she go yesterday6A 'By God'% he said% A$ do not kno# her nickname.A "e says that #e are to meet him at the station. "e said% A$ don't kno# the #ay. .sk the old man sitting on the gate.A My father prayed that $ #ould recover from my illness "e said% A"o# #ill you manage it6A "e asked #hether she #ent the day before. "e s#ore that he did not kno# her name. "ey says% T>on't meet me at the station.U "e said that the did not kno# the #ay and told us to en!uire from the old man sitting on the gate. My father said% T$ hope you #ill recover from your illness.U "e asked ho# #ill he manage it. "e said that he #ould start that day even if it rained hard. My mother prayed that $ might live happily and prosper in my life. "e e,claimed #ith regret that he had been very foolish. +n Monday he said that his son #as coming that day. .hmed said to me% AWhat you say is really true6A -arah asked% TCan you tell me #here #ill they be tomorro# around three +' clock6U "e e,claimed firmly that let it rain ever so hard he #ould go out. The mother asked the young girl #hether she kne# #here -alim #as. The officer ordered to hand it all and rebuked him for not doing it neatly. -he shouted loudly to us % AWill you come to my help6A "e said% T$ s#ear no cone can e,pected such a turn of events<U The teacher asked his students #hy had they come so late. They said to him% AWell done<A The udge asked if he said that the bag he had lost contained one hundred and ten pounds. "e e,claimed that the #orld #as full of sorro# and #ished himself to be dead. "e asked me to come early as they #ould be #aiting for me. "e e,claimed #ith oy to meet his friends there by his o#n fireside. The man said% A $ am !uite sure $ shall succeed. A.aah< $ am ruined.A% said 8ohn. The constable said to the man% AWhere are you going6A They boy said% T"e #ill #alk.U "e e,claimed #ith grief that he had suffered great losses and had endured great anguish. "e asked his friend to let him go home then. $ #ill say to mother that $ #ill al#ays obey her. 1ather applauded me as he read my report. "e #ished him good morning and asked #hether he could help him. -he asked her brother #hy he teased her. The 5ing asked the Dueen to take care of his people if he died. "e s#ore upon God that he did not kno# his name. /ou said% A.las< $ lost my pen.A "e asked him #hy he #asted his time. "e said to his servant% A >o not stand here doing nothing.A "e said% ABravo< $ have #on the matchA.

T$ couldn't get into the house because $ had lost my key% so $ had to break a #indo#U% "e said that he couldn't get into the house because he had lost his key and therefore he said. had to break a #indo#. TWould you like to see over the house or are you more interested in the gardenU6 -he -he asked me #hether $ #ould like to see over the house or am $ more interested in asked me. the garden. T)lease send #hatever you can spare. .ll the contributions #ill be ackno#ledged immediatelyU% said the secretary of the disastrous fund. -he said if he'd like to go the concert and $ said $ #as sure he #ould. The secretary of the disastrous fund re!uested to send #hatever one could spare. "e assured that all contributions #ill be ackno#ledged immediately. -he said% TWill he like to go to the concert6U $ said% T $ am sure he #ill.U


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

$ told her to stop making fuss about nothing and said that she #as lucky to have got a $ said% T-top making fuss about nothing. /ou are lucky to have got a seat at all.U seat at all. The teacher said% T /ou must not forget #hat $ told you last lesson. $ shall e,pect you The teacher said that $ must not forget #hat she had told me last lesson. -he also to be able to repeat it ne,t lesson by heart.U added that she #ould e,pect me to be able to repeat it ne,t lesson by heart. "e asked me if he should leave it in the car. "e said% TMay $ open the #indo#6 $t's is rather hot in here.U "e asked% T-hall $ leave it in the car or not.U "e en!uired that might he open the #indo# as it #as hot in there.


English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Change the %oice o the sentences. The production of Cash Crops directly affects the economy of an agricultural country. The accelerated car sped past the traffic signal and crashed into a van and killed t#o men. The students #ere asked to submit the assignment before to end of day. The ne# budget #as being discussed. The Manager has announced a bonus for all the #orkers. The police chased the dacoit and finally arrested him. $t #as difficult to finish the #ork on time. -he manages her duties% #ithout any help% despite her blindness. $ appreciate your efforts and hope you #ill continue in the same fashion. The assassins shot the leader in broad daylight. The )resident inaugurated the Motor#ay recently. Will you negotiate the matter #ith the opposition6 Why should $ be suspected by you6 The establishment is pleased #ith your performance. The )arliament members gave a hard time to the )rime Minister. The )risoners in Cuba arc being treated cruelly% by the so-called "uman Hights custodians. The present Government is serving the people honestly< . Who did this6 The )alestinians are avenging the death of their leaders. $nternational "umanitarian 0a# forbids actions leading to unnecessary death and suffering. Why should $ antagoni7e you6 0et Manchoo be told about the okes of Mulla 2asiruddin. Why have the roads not been constructed by the government in this part of the country6 >o not kill your ability by roaming in the streets. /our cousin is dra#ing a large sum of money from his account. The arrangements of holding the .rt ?,hibition could not be completed on time. Build your house #hen cement is cheap. The economy of an agricultural country is directly affected by the production of Cash Crops. Traffic signal #as sped past and t#o men #ere killed by an accelerated car that crashed into a van. The assignment #as to be submitted by the students before the end of the day. >iscussion #as going on the ne# budget. Bonus for all #orkers has been announced by the Manager. The dacoit #as chased by the police and finally got arrested. Work #as difficult to finish on time. >espite her blindness% her duties are managed by her #ithout any help. /our efforts are appreciated by me and $ hope the same fashion #ill be continued by you The leader #as shot in broad daylight by the assassins. The Motor#ay #as recently inaugurated by the )resident. Will the matter be negotiated by you #ith the opposition6 Why should you be able to suspect me6 /our performance is pleasurable to the establishment. The )rime Minister #as given a hard time by the )arliament. The so-called "uman Hights custodians are treating the prisoners in Cuba cruelly. )eople are being served honestly by the government. This #as done by #ho6 The death of their leaders is being avenged by the )alestinians. .ctions leading to unnecessary death and suffering are forbidden by the $nternational "umanitarian 0a#. Why should you be antagoni7ed by me6 Tell the okes of Mulla 2asiruddin to Manchoo. Why has the government not constructed roads in this part of the country6 >o not let your abilities be killed by roaming in the streets . large sum of money is being dra#n by your cousin from his account. +n time completion of the arrangements of holding the .rt ?,hibition 0et your house be built #hen cement is cheap.

English Prcis and Composition Past Papers

Misspelled +ccurance ?sctacy >runkeness $rrisistible -upercede ?mbarrasing >issapoint +cassional $ndespensible )reserverance Corrections +ccurrence ?cstasy >runkenness $rresistible -upersede ?mbarrassing >isappoint +ccasional $ndispensable )erseverance

Pair the s)non)mous words in the ollowing list7 garrulous% selfish% near% talkative% obstruct% egoistic% #ealthy% impede% affluent% filch% imminent% assess% tempting% ponder% augment% enticing% meditate% increase% estimate% steal. garrulous assess tempting ponder augment egoistic imminent impede affluent filch talkative estimate enticing meditate increase selfish near obstruct #ealthy steal