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Doctor Alan Moelleken, MD Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara

Specialty Medical Degree Internship Residency Fellowship Board Certification Affiliations Office Spine treatment; Orthopedic surgery University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Orthopedic surgery, UCLA Orthopedic surgery, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Surgery, UCLA Spine surgery; Neurosurgery, New York University

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery; North American Spine Society 401 East Carrillo St., Santa Barbara (805) 563-0998


Patron saints
There are a number of patron saints for physicians, the most important of whom are Saint Luke the Evangelist the physician and disciple of Christ, Saints Cosmas and Damian (3rd-century physicians fromSyria), and Saint Pantaleon (4th-century physician from Nicomedia). Archangel Raphael is also considered a patron saint of physicians. In India and in Hinduism, Dhanavantari, a form of Lord Vishnu and "Vaidyanatha" meaning 'Lord of Medicine', a form of Lord Shiva are the patron deities of medicine.

The patron saints for surgeons are Saint Luke the Evangelist, the physician and disciple of Christ, Saints Cosmas and Damian (3rd-century physicians from Syria), Saint Quentin (3rdcentury saint from France),Saint Foillan (7th-century saint from Ireland), and Saint Roch (14thcentury saint from France).
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