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Stretchy pencil skirt

Supplies: 1 yard of stretchy material (this depends on how long you want the skirt) this one is from hobby lobby scissors pins sewing machine measuring tape marking device thread iron Instructions: Cutting !easuring: "#$ a long piece (ore two half pieces) of a fabric that stretches from right to left% !ake it as long as your waist si&e once stretched tightly around your waist with seam allowance' and about 1()1* inches wide with seam

allowance% I took mine in a few times after because it stretches more than I thought% ++!ost importantly make sure it can slide up and over your hips% ,-" Cut two pieces for the main part of the skirt by measuring around your upper hips.low waist' then measure how long you want the skirt from your upper hips.lower waist to /0 inches past your knee% 1dd seam allowance to both measurements% 2emember you want the skirt to stretch' so once it is all sewn up' you will have to try this part on and take it on by a few inches% 3ut to be on the safe side I always start out this way% Cut out your pieces% 1% Sew your pieces together to create two tubes% "ne is you waist band and the other is your main skirt% ,ry on the waist band and the skirt separately and take in till it fits comfortably% (% 4old the tube of the waist band in half' wrongs sides touching% Iron% 5% Slide the waist band into the skirt' right sides together (the cheetah prints are touching) with raw edges facing up% 6in them together% 7ou will have to stretch the band while you sew it to the rest of the skirt if you are like me and your hips are bigger than your waist (so the openings of the band and the skirt won8t match up completely% *% Sew them together with a vari)overlock stitch or &ig &ag stitch% 7ou don8t need to serge the edges because knit doesn8t fray% /% 9em the bottom at least one inch% I folded the end in 1.* inch' then again an inch' ironed and sewed% I sewed a straight stitch and stretched the fabric while I sewed it into place (I feel the straight stitch looks the nicest' but you can use a &ig &ag too)%