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This result shows that more teenagers have answered the questionnaire and we need to consider this when

looking at the rest of the results and finalising our documentary.

This result shows that 7/11 females answered the questionnaire. This could be because females are more open to answer personal questions.

The most common result is heterosexual. This is good as this means our documentary could educate these people on homosexuals.

This is a good result with 9/11 people said they watch documentaries. This means we will get good accurate results on the questionnaire.

9/11 people answered yes that homophobia is a problem. Thi s means people will be interested in watching out documentry.

9/11 People said they would watch our documentary.

The most popular feature is fly on the wall. This means we need to make sure we have fly on the wall footage in our documentary.

More people said yes that they think homosexuals are born gay. We need to get this point across well in our documentary.