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Minix Neo X5 Firmware update Step 1- Install Moborobo from http://www.moborobo.

com Step 2- Connect NEO X5 with charger, and use the usb cable to connect NEO X5 with your PC, press the power on button on NEO X5 and power on the neo X5; Step 3- Go to settings in android on the NEO X5 and choose USB and check Connect to PC Step 4- Go to storage (in settings in android on the NEO X5) then in the right corner under USB connection check mass storage Step 5- Go to Developer options check USB Debugging Step 6- Run Moborobo and after finding your android device connected to the computer it will promt to install the driverschoose install driver software anyway Step 7- Open RKbatchtools v1.7.exe firmware update software Step 8- Connected devices will show in the Connected Devices area (In Pink colour) Step 9- Load the correct FW from the folder Step 10-Press RESTORE button ( press SWITCH button if necessary) (DO NOT PRESS UPGRADE BUTTON)