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The History of Architecture

Architecture began in the B.C. era around the Greek cities on the coastline of Turkey. In 200 B.C. the Greeks made Lime by combining Sand, Water, and Clay for material to build the structure. Also, the Romans had thought that cement is the strongest Mortar in history until the Portland cement was created. The Ancient Romans made amazing arches, aqueducts, and roads by using cement. In 1 B.C. an ancient Roman architect sets out his craft in 10 different volumes and deals with the aspects of the Orders of Architecture. The Romans greatest achievement in architecture is the Dome, Vault, and the Arch; which was created in 1 B.C.; these structures were mainly created by using the material, concrete. Also, one of the greatest achievements the Romans conquered was building the Pantheon. The Pantheon was also known because it had a dome on its roof. In A.D. 20 the Romans made one of the most precise Aqueducts made, and it was called the Pont du Gard. It keeps the river flow nearer to the Roman city; Nimes. There has been many more architectural structures made such as castles, temples, and stupas, but the ancient Romans were the people who created architecture and showed us the skills and materials to use.

Beginning Of a New Era: The Designing and Creativity of Architecture

One of the most famous architects that are known for their art is Michelangelo. Michelangelo was planned to build a library on top of another structure, two stories high. He was in the middle of building it and died. People today still wonder what the construction would look like from his plans. Theres also other famous architect from around the world, from Asia to America.

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Budget (Architect)

Job Information

Why I Want To Be an Architect

An Architect is someone who is creative and knows how to draw. Also they have to be excellent in mathematics to know what to measure for anything theyre building. I want to become architect because I love to draw. Drawing is what keeps me calm and it helps my mind be more creative. Without this skill, I wouldnt be creative at all. Im really creative when it comes to building and designing things. Wouldnt it be awesome to have a waterslide go from your roof to the pool? Or a giant TV in the master bedroom. If I become an architect, I can make that happen. The most important skill you need to become an architect is your mathematics. You have to know what the measurement of the walls is, the angle of the roof, the level of the floor, and etc. Right now I am passing my math class with a good letter, no cs ds or fs. I want to keep that up too so my dream job happens. I want to become an architect because it sounds and looks fun, and you get to make anything you want. It just depends on the expenses. I have the skills to make my dream happen. But I also need to learn more to get better.

Salary/Year $104,000
Rent- $1,680 Food- $60 Car Insurance- $80 Car Payment- N/A Student Loan Payment- $1,150 Entertainment- $150 Renters Insurance- $20 Utilities- $200 Cable TV- N/A Cell Phone- $35 Taxes- $2,600 Clothing- $165 Miscellaneous- $50 Total Expenditures- $5,040

Education Required Drafting tools, software, and computer aided design. Work Environment Metropolis; homes, churches, etc. Expected Salary- $104,000

Architectural Technologist:

Education Required- Focus on design

principles, cost estimation, and building systems.

Work Environment- in Office, sometimes on the site. Expected Salary- $115,000

Interior and Spatial Designer:

Education Required- degree in furniture,

textile, and graphic designing Work Environment- Inside a residential building and/or etc. Expected Salary- $58,000