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Gush Shalom

Settlements Products June 11, 2011, the Knesset adopted a law making the settlement products boycott campaign illegal, punishable with huge compensation claims from each and every company. June 12, we have lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court against this infringement of our democratic rights, but meanwhile we simply can't afford to continue publishing the list of products. The Supreme Court has given the state sixty days to respond to our appeal against the Boycott Law. We are still waiting. (There might be some difficulty as some of the jurists supposed to prepare the response have earlier told the government that this law was "borderline" - advising strongly against it...) Source:

List of Products from Settlements in the Occupied Territories. This list enables consumers to decide where their money goes. Last updated: 8/3/2009 SHORTLIST OF MOST COMMON PRODUCTS name Abadi "Mizrahiot" Achva product salted bagel cookies Halva, candy & tahini settlement Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Mitzpe Shalem Gush Etzion Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z Katzrin I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Nily Gush Etzion Shaked Katzrin I.Z. Katzrin I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Elon Moreh I.Z. Barkan I.Z. 1

"Ahava" Dead Sea health cosmetics products Amgazit Barkan Wines* Beigel & Beigel Beitili Eden Springs Ltd. Kalil Keter Plastics Kraviz Mei Zurim Modan Ramat Hagolan Cellars Ramat Hagolan Dairy Remet Trom Shamir Salads Sharp Delicatessens Soda Club Yardeni gas equipment winery pretzel bakery frniture & carpets mineral water aluminium plastic furniture stationery water purification satchels, handbags wine makers dairy products aluminum products ready made salads sausages locksmiths

home soda water devices Edomim I.Z.

FOOD & BEVERAGES Note: Agricultural products (Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers), constitute a major part settlement production. They are usually mixed with products made in Israel, so currently, locating the exact origin of such products is nearly impossible. name A.L 5 Stares Abadi "Mizrahiot" Achva Adanim Tea Anise shops Arava Grapes* Arava Herbs* Barkan Wines* Beigel & Beigel Better and Different Eco Alpha Eden Springs Ltd. Edumim Addetives Edumim fish Fon Beck Gert's Smoke Gilad spices Golan Cheese Golan Wines Gush Ezion Wines Hacormim Wines Harduf Eggs Harduf organic tahini Hebron Wines Kedem Herbs Klufim Lankry product sweets & pastries salted bagel cookies halva, candy & tahini herbal tea dairy products grapes spices winery pretzel bakery health food natural juices mineral water addetives processed food nuts spread smoked fishes spices various cheeses wine makers winery winery eggs health food winery kosmetics processing of potatos food industry Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Katzrin I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Elon Moreh Elon Moreh Aniam Katzrin I.Z. Efrat Edomim I.Z. Itamar (Givat Olan) Barkan I.Z. Qiryat Arba I.Z. Carmel (south Hebron mountains) Edomim I.Z. Karny Shomron 2 settlement Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Ofra Itamar

name Luiza Mia Motola Preservers Netanel Spices Nimrod Cheese Noah Winery Of Habira Olive oil Eretz Gshur Openheimer Organica Ramat Hagolan Dairy Sde-Bar Farm Shamir Salads Sharp Delicatessens Shemesh Spices Shomron Meat Soda Club Super Drink Supersal/ Mia products Tasty Tofu Tekoa Mushrooms Tekoa Wines Tel Arza Wines Tomer Organic Tzuriel Farm Yenon Zehavi Hakerem Zion Wines Zorgenika

product herbal Tea food products pickles spices various cheeses wines chicken olive oil chocolate and sweets spices dairy products dairy products & olive oil ready made salads sausages spices meat products drinks Food products health food mushrooms winery winery dates dairy products processed food winery organic dates

settlement Alon Moreh Edomim I.Z. Imanuel I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Nimrod Hebron Edomim I.Z. Gshur Atarot I.Z. Hamara Katzrin I.Z. Nokdim Barkan I.Z. Elon Moreh I.Z. Karnei Shomron Karnei Shomron Atarot I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Alfei Menashe Tekoa Tekoa Edomim I.Z. Thomer Shadmoth Mehola Alfei Menashe Barkan I.Z. Edomim IZ Chamara

home soda water devices Edomim I.Z.

* Only this product is listed, and not all of the Arava products, as the raw material for this product comes from settlements.


name A.M.B. Adora Screens "Ahava" Dead Sea health products Aiko Aladin Amgazit Arieh Plast Atzmon Kitchens Azuley Ceramics B.H. silk Bar Chairs Barkan Carpets Barshap Beitili California Marble Camping Idan Chic Design Dali Painting Delta Textile Doron Furnitures Dror Kitchens Edomim Chemicals Eichut Furniture Erez Kitchens Euro Veavers Flick Fried Harahit Kitchens

product cosmetics screens $ parasols cosmetics upholsterer's workshop cleaning products gas equipment nylon bags makers of kitchens household utensils artificial plants chairs carpets cosmetics frniture & carpets carpentry & marble camping equipment furniture wall paintings textile marketing furnitures makers of kitchens household cleaning products furniture makers of kitchens carpets plastic bags and file folders feathers blankets makers of kitchens

settlement Elazar I.Z. Adora Mitzpe Shalem Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Gush Etzion Maale Ephraim I.Z. Talmon Beit Arye Geva Binyamin Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Beit Arye Barkan I.Z Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Imanuel I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Geva Binyamin Shaked Mevoh Hama Ariel Barkan I.Z. 4

Hlavin Industies Hod name Ivgi Moris Jet Air Jerusalem Knitworks Jerusalem Pencils Keter Plastics Keisaria Carpets Lipski Lital Modan Mul-t-lock Ofer Carpenters Ofertex Paint li

cosmetics paving stones product furniture bathroom cabinets uniforms plant pencils plastic furniture carpets plastics furniture satchels, handbags locksmiths and security doors bathroom & kitchen cabinets cleaning rags importers of paint and art tools scotch bright sewing workshop textile cleaning chemicals youth sofa furniture paper products Cloth Knitting solar heaters textile arts & crafts carpets beds & mattresses cleaning products locksmiths ropes shoes & sandals

Barkan I.Z. Kiryat Arba I.Z. settlement Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Shaked Barkan I.Z.

Barkan I.Z. Nili

Polish Plasten Rensan Royal Night Schem Laboratories Shely Metal Furniture Shik Design Shuruk Srigamish Super Isra-Chom Textile Shano Tohikon Winter Carpets X Market Yahalom Industries Yardeni Yerushalmi Industries Zivanit

Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Kdumim Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Maale Ephraim Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Karnei Shomron Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Ein Zivan 5

GENERAL INDUSTRIES Name A.D.H. A.G.S A.R.J. Flow Control Accessories Abir Adir Adir Alfa Shutter Alon Apholstery Alum-Tal Alumentle Siga Amda Agriculture Technologies Aphrodite Asher Ykav Atav (Shomron) Avgol Avig Aviv Aviah B.R.B. Bel Efri Benda Plast Ben-Or Ben-Tal Motors Best Stones Builders of the Fathers Town Canfei Yona Carp-Tec D.S. Expres Dado Lyne Product computers toys and games air valves, sewage valves tekstile plastic packinks metal works aluminium shutters apholsterer's workshop glass products aluminium chemicals cosmetics hide for tefillin plastics unwoven fabric metal works builders safety equipment textile jewllery food packing vacuum packing electric motors stone processing building blocks hide for tefillin carpets kindergarten equipment equipment for exebitions settlement Elkana Beit Horon Kibutz Kfar Charuv Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Maale Gamla Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Kdumim Barkan I.Z Barkan I.Z. Atarot Maale Ephraim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Kidmat Zvi Katzrin I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Merom Golan Barkan I.Z. Kiryat Arba Edomim I.Z. Shaked I.Z. Ginot Shomron Edomim I.Z. 6

Dapei Gvanim Disctec (1993) Name Dotan Edomim Edomit Einat Elraz Emiplast Eshkol Ever & Levin Extel Feber Brothers FiberTech First Class Flick-Mapal G. & T. Gal Fiberglas Bal-Ran Gachelet Golan Industries Greencoat Israel Green Oil Gumian H.L. Haalonim (Oaks) Haarchivarim Haargaz Technopach Hagim Halbin Zricha Har-Shefi Harsa Studio Lipskg Herto Hayovel, Shofars

printers coating technology Product leather goods metal works wood mills uniforms ofice furniture plastics publishers jewllery aluminium metal works fiberglass pipes products for gardens calendars & diarys metal works gardening aluminium aluminum factory metal works metal coating machine oil gumi products plastics building blocks archive tin industry electronic systems plastics packing plastics textile industries Judaic ritual implements

Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. settlement Mevoh Dotan Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Migdal Oz Geva Binyamin (Adam) Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Kdumim Edomim I.Z. Maale Efraim Karnei Shomron El Ad Mevo Hama Karnei Shomron Alfei Menashe Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Bnei Yehuda Barkan I.Z. Ariel Edomim I.Z. Shaked Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Neveh Dekalim Barkan I.Z. Beit-El Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z Beit El 7

I.S.M. I.V.M. Name Irit Iron Isra-Beton Isratoys IsraVit Itel Izuv Kesem HaShaked Jerusalem Archive Jerusalem United Laundries Kalia Kalia Kalil Kanfei Mathechet Kanfei Yona Katchenshtein-Adler Y. Kenigsberg, Hides Processing Kershin Klima Israel Ltd Kraus Industries Kraviz Lasri Ltd Levi Lipsky Liran Packaging Loren Hidekel M.A.B. Wood Works in the Negev Maashe Hoshev Malchi Jourden Industries Maoz Maoz Onkovski

safes automatic drinking machines Product silk Screen printing metal works cement industries toys & games plastic and metal works phormaika metal products archives laundry emunition weapon & ammunition aluminium safes tannery electrometer Judaic ritual implements air-conditioning aluminium solutions for water pipes stationery metal works metal and wood works plastics cardboard packaging timbre products kitchens & carpentry embroidery cosmetics electronics tools

Barkan I.Z. Barkan settlement Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Alon Shvut Homesh Edomim I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Karnei Shomron Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Elon Moreh Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Nily Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Kdumim Har Hebron Susya El Ad Merom Golan Barkan I.Z. 8

Marsh Plast Industries Matim-Li Name Mega Print Mei Zurim Mezanenei Michlol Michmash Miraz Industries Mitkanei Psagot Multilock N.I.S.G. Mizrachy N.P.M. New Mile Niron Nituv Nuriely Or-Lil Or M.A.M. Or Zurim Oranim Oren Ezion Orli Print Ortal Oz Netting P.V. Ran Palphot Paper Bags Jerusalem Pezal Plasco Print Plastfiber Polidan Poul Production Print Gvanim R.G.M. Frames R.I.S.

plastics clothes Product Sewing workshop water purification metal indurstries electronic circuits metal furniture kindergarten equipments locks carpentry machins furnitures machining textile threads fiberglass building iron electronics metal works cars lights printers metal works printing house aluminium nets plastic products post cards & calanders paper bags water filtering flexible wrappings plastic products plastic bags plastic bags printer metal products furnitures

Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. settlement Barkan I.Z. Gush Etzion Edomim I.Z. Maale Michmash Oranit Psagot Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Emanuel Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Katzrin I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Gush Ezion Edomim I.Z. Kfar Ezion Neve Daniel Shilo Barkan I.Z. Naaran Karnei Shomron Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Karnei Shomron Barkan I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Ariel Imanuel I.Z. 9

R.N. Ramat Magshimim systems Name Readymix industries Remet Trom Retek Revadion Rolbit Romix Ronopol S.I.G.A. Samet High Tec. Shiloh Technologies Shir Shleiser Speiro Plastics Spideshe Spiro Plastic Spery Metal Spiral Glass Super world Sus Etz Taub, Prestige Manufacture Tayar Melal Tefillin Bet El Telton Electronics Textile Kfar Saba Tip Top Toys Top Green-House Technology Toytoplast Triplex Tuf Merom Golan Tzarfati Victor Technologys

judaica automation Product cement aluminum products metal plastic products electronics metal plastic products plastic products coatings tools automatic systems metal cutting plastic products ready grown lawn plastics metal painting glass plastics toys Judaic ritual implements doors judaic ritual implements electronics textile plastics green-houses plastics glas products fertilizers metal works metal coatings

Edomim I.Z. Ramat Magshimim settlement Edomim I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Atarot I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Einav Ariel Edomim I.Z. Shearei Thikva Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Gilgal Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Barkan I.Z. Ariel Edomim I.Z. Tzofim Barkan I.Z. Beit El Barkan I.Z. Karnei Shomron Barkan I.Z Ariel Barkan I.Z Katzrin I.Z. Merom Golan Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. 10

Victory Yerushalmi Bezalel & Son Name Yshai Zion Zabar Arts Zakay Zion Textile

oil seals felt Product polishing stones ceramics agricultural products textile

Edomim I.Z. Barkan I.Z. settlement Barkan I.Z. Katzrin I.Z. Edomim I.Z. Atarot I.Z.

If you are aware of a product or service that are made in the settlements and is not on this list, please notify us: (donations will be accepted gratefully) Gush Shalom phone: 03-522 1732, P.O.Box 3322, Tel Aviv 61033, Israel. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF SETTLEMENTS Abir Yaakov Adam Adora Afik Alfei Menashe Almog Almon Alon Alon Moreh Alon Shvut Alonei Ha'bashan Anathot Aniam Argaman Ariel Givat Yo'av Givon Hachadasha Gshur Hadar Beitar Har Adar Har Gilo Hebron (settler enclave) Imanuel Itamar Kalia Kanaf Karmei Tsur Karmel Karnei Shomron Katserin Neot Adumim Neot Golan Neriya Nethiv Hagdud Neveh Ativ Neveh Daniel Neveh Tsuf Nili Nimrod Nofei Prat Nofim Nokdim Nov Odem Ofarim


Ateret Avnei Chefets Avnei Eithan Barkan Bat Ayin Beit Aba Beit Aryeh Beit Chagay Beit Choron Beit El Beit Haarava Beit Yathir Beithar Ilit Bekaot Bnei Yehuda Bracha Bruchim Chalamish Chamara Chaspin Chemdat Chermesh Chinanit Dolev Efrat

Kdumim Keidar Keshet Kfar Charuv Kela Alon Kfar Adumim Kfar Etsion Kfar Thapuach Kidmat Tsvi Kiryat Arba Kiryat Netafim Kochav Hashahar Kochav Yaakov Livneh Maaleh Adumim Maaleh Amos Maaleh Efraim Maaleh Chever Maaleh Gamla Maaleh Levona Maaleh Michmash Maaleh Shomron Maon Tsvieli Maskiot Masua

Ofra Omarim Oranit Ortal Othniel Pduel Pnei Chever Psagot Ramat Magshimim Ramot Rechelim Reichan Revava Rimonim Roi Rosh Tsurim Rothem Salit Shaal Shadmot Mechola Shaked Shavei Shomron Shearei Thikva Shilo Shima 12

Ein Chogla Ein Zivan Einav El-Dor El-Rom Elazar Elei Ad Elei Zahav Eli Elkana Eshkolot Ets Efraim Fatsael Geva Binyamin Gilgal Ginot Shomron Githit Givat Zeev

Mechola Mechora Meitsar Meitsad Merom Golan Mevo Chama Mevo Choron Mevo Dothan Metsadot Yehuda Michmash Migdal Oz Migdalim Mitspeh Shalem Mitspeh Yericho Naama Naaran Nachliel Natur Negohot

Shnir Shvut Rachel Susia Tal Menashe Talmon Teneh Thelem Thkoa Thomer Tsofim Tsoref Vered Yericho Yafit Yakir Yitav Yoezer Yizhar Yonathan