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Personal Finance

Ms. Kramersmeier Room 17 Period 2 - Semester 2 - 2013-2014 Course Description This course will focus on the students role as a citizen, student, family member, consumer, and active participant in the business world. The goal of Personal Finance is to inform you of your various financial responsibilities and to provide you with useful information on becoming a financially sound and productive person in our society. This course will help you maximize your earnings potential, develop strategies for managing your financial resources, explore skills for using credit wisely, and gain insight into the different ways of investing your money.

Course Outline Unit 1 Money Management Unit 2 Borrowing Unit 3 Earning Power Unit 4 Investing Unit 5 Financial Services Unit 6 Insurance Grading
This class will follow the district-wide grading policies and procedures. The grading guidelines use the following scale: A+ = 100-97 C = 76-73 A = 96-93 C- = 72-70 A- = 92-90 D+ = 69-67 B+ = 89-87 D = 66-63 B = 86-83 D- = 62-60 B- = 82-80 F = 59-0 C+ = 79-77 The grading guidelines use a uniform percentage District Grading Scale and place greater weight on final products of learning (summative) in calculating the grade with less weight on the academic practice (formative) involved in learning. Academic Practice (formative) will be 20% of final grade. Academic Achievement (summative) will be 70% of final grade. Semester Test will be 10% of final semester grade.

Required supplies
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pen or Pencil Notebook paper Pocket folder Student Planner Charged iPads

Class policies

All school rules and procedures will apply in this class Guidelines from the Student Handbook will be enforced in this class Make-up work will be allowed for absent students by contacting instructor for assignments. Remember this is the students responsibility!

Arriving to class on time will be expected. If you are late to class, bring a pass or you will be counted as tardy. After three unexcused tardies, the student must serve a detention with the teacher.

Use the restroom and get a drink from the fountain before coming to class and arrive before the tardy bell. Students must bring materials and supplies to class every day. Cell phones are not to be heard in the classroom. Make sure your phone is on silent to ensure it does not disrupt class.

Every class begins with electronic devices put away and lids on iPads until further direction. When leaving at the end of the class make sure lids are on iPads.

If bringing bottled water into the lab please place it in a safe place away from the computer. It is the responsibility of all students and school staff to respect and care for the computer equipment.

Behavior expectations

Be Be Be Be

ready to learn and have fun. respectful of each other and of the teacher. respectful of equipment and classroom supplies. responsible by being on time and ready to work when the bell rings.