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St. Marys Sexsmith

Sexsmith, AB
Newsletter Date Ap r i l 2 0 1 2

Mrs.Walkers Classroom Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, Hello everyone, this will be another short newsletter...since this month too is short! I felt that March went by too fast; at least we were productive once again. Please find the following information helpful in knowing about your childs education. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: email or phone (780) 568-3631. I would also like to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter! We are almost complete our Patterns and Relations unit. A test is scheduled for Wednesday this week. We learned about equality, variables (completing algebraic equations) and finding patterns using input/output tables. Our next unit Data Analysis & Probability, well be learning to conduct surveys and how to convey the data collected. Along with learning more about graphs- drawing them and deciding which one to use with their collected data. We will start this unit right after Easter Break. I will continue to send home a Problem of the Week during this month. These are given out on Monday and due Thursday.

Last month we completed our Space Science unit. All students seemed to enjoy learning about the sky. Our next unit is Evidence and Investigation; we will be learning how to analyze a crime scene, looking at finger prints, footprints, handwriting samples, etc. And ending with a project where the students create a crime scene.

Social Studies
We have been learning a lot about local government this month, moving onto provincial government. Perfect for election time. The timing of the new provincial election is great for grade six Social Studies, I plan to have the students research the parties and present their findings to the class. Be prepared for them to come home asking you questions and about your feelings. I also plan to take them to the voting station while I vote on April 23rd. Congratulations to our March Award Winner for demonstrating Forgiveness:

We live by faith, not by sight. Corinthians 5:7

Damian, Keyana, Cauy, Mackenzie & Sierra

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Language Arts
Last month, we completed our literacy centers. All students worked hard through these, showing me they can work independently and productively in their partner groups. I really appreciate how hard they worked, I think they enjoyed these centersespecially the literacy games. We also focused on sentence and paragraph writing, learning useful tips for their upcoming achievement exams. We will do two more practice writing assessments this month. Each child created a goal for improving their story writing. Ask them what they hope to improve on. This month, some of our Language Arts classes will also be spent on election research. Please ensure your child continues or begins to Read Across Canada home reading challenge. Students should have been at 4380 minutes by the end of January. Those students participating in the challenge should be at 8760 minutes.


This past month, we completed confirmation preparation. Weve already learned about the importance of water during baptism, the white clothing and the oil used during the ceremony. Our Confirmation Retreat was very successfula big thanks goes out to Russ Snoble for assisting us, As well to all the students for their participation throughout the Retreat and class lessons. Confirmation is scheduled for April 18th @ 7pm. Thank you too all the parents for their anticipated help with making this night memorable.

Achievement Test Info:

Just a reminder our first achievement test is on May 16 @ 9:00am: Language Arts Part A (Written component). We have started going through practice questions every morning- to help them understand how to write a multiple choice exam. I would also like to encourage your child to complete practice questions at home at (ID grade 9: Password: grade 9). Our school has bought only a certain amount of log ins- please ensure you child completes the whole test and doesnt waste the log ins. I will be showing them how to access these later this week.

Notes for Parents:

Easter Break: April 6-13- there will be NO SCHOOL for students. Missed School: If your child misses school, and youre unsure what they missed- please visit my website for an update Please ensure your child completes any missed work; were covering a lot of information and also preparing for achievement exams.

Important Dates:

1. April 3rd and 4th: PTIs 4-7pm 2. April 4th : Math Test- Unit 3. April 5th: Holy Thursday Celebration 4. April 6-13: Easter Break- No School 5. April 18: Confirmation @ 7pm 6. April 26th: Virtue Awards 7. April 27th: No School (PD Day) Spring is here...please wear appropriate clothing and footwear!!