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Warren County Bass Club Rules & Regulations 2013

Warren County Bass Club General Information:

Membership in the club is $40 per year with $15 going to the club and $25 going to the classic pot. Warren County Bass Club WCBC! "ournaments re#uire that at least 1 person on a competing boat is a club member. "he guest $ee is $5 $or non%members that wish to $ish. WCBC has an optional &lb pot which is a'ailable to members only. "o enter into this pot $or the $irst time is $20 and to re%enter into the pot is $10 i$ it has not been won. ($ it has been won then the pot starts o'er and e'ery member who wants to get in the pot must pay $20 again. "his pot is paid out to the angler who catches a &lb or larger bass during a club tournament. ($ more than one &lb bass is caught at a club tournament and the anglers who caught them are part o$ the &lb pot) the pot will be awarded to the angler with the hea'ier $ish. (n order $or a team to be eligible to win the &lb pot both members $ishing on the boat must be entered in the &lb pot. ($ the pot is not won during the tournament season) the pot balance roles o'er to the ne*t season and e'eryone re%enters. WCBC has an optional +ngler o$ the ,ear +-,! a'ailable to members only. "his is a $20 per person entry and the winner o$ the +-, race will win 100. o$ the pot. /or +-, all tourneys will count toward your year end points total. "he angler with the most points at years end wins. "his will be awarded a$ter the regular trail tournaments are complete) the classic does not a$$ect this pot. /or this pot to ta0e place there must be at least 5 club members which sign up $or it.

Entry Fees & Payout:

WCBC holds 10 o$$icial tournaments and a classic. "he entry $ee is $25 cash only! $or an indi'idual includes big $ish! and $50 cash only! $or a team includes big $ish!. "he payout is 100. at the ramp with 1st place recei'ing 50. o$ the pot) 2nd place recei'ing 15. o$ the pot) 1rd place recei'ing 15. o$ the pot) and Big /ish recei'ing $5 times the number o$ $isherman entered in the tourney. + member must $ish at least 2 o$ the tournaments in order to be eligible to $ish the classic.

ngler of t!e "ear # $"%:

+-, points will be 0ept. 1st place will recei'e 15 pts) 2nd 14pts) etc. ($ an angler or team doesn3t weigh in a $ish they will recei'e 5 points. 4'ery e'ent will count towards the year%end total.

&ournament Information:
5egistration will begin appro*imately 1 hour be$ore the tournament is to start and will end appro*imately 20 minutes prior to blast o$$. +ll blast o$$s are at sa$e light e*cept $or any tournaments beginning at 6am.

Weigh in time will be decided the morning o$ the tournament by a ma7ority 'ote. Weigh in will begin as soon as possible a$ter the tournament ends and all competitors ha'e had a chance to get their boats8$ish out o$ the water and to the weigh in area so all competitors can 'iew the weigh in and 'oice any concerns. (n the e'ent o$ hea'y $og) lightning) rain) or any other weather related problem) the tournament director can postpone or cancel the tournament. "his decision will be made by the tournament director. "he tournament will start at the discretion o$ the tournament director. Cellphones may be used during tournament hours $or $amily) business) and emergency calls. 9o discussions pertaining to $ishing during tournament hours are allowed. +nglers must wear a Coast :uard appro'ed li$e 7ac0et any time the boat is underway by its main motor. +ll bass must be caught in a legal manner using arti$icial lures or li'e bait. +n angler may only use one rod and reel at a time. "rolling is allowed. +ll anglers are to conduct themsel'es in a sportsman li0e manner. "here is a ;ero tolerance $or the consumption o$ alcoholic be'erages or the use o$ stimulants or depressants during tournament hours. /ishing is permitted anywhere on tournament waters which you can reach by boat. +nglers cannot $ish within 50 yards o$ another competitors boat anchored or not. +ny competitor which allows any other competitor to $ish within 50 yards o$ their boat has suspended the 50 yard rule and has opened the water to all competitors. ($ a competitor has an emergency or brea0 down on the water) only another competitor can transport your $ish to the weigh in. ($ a competitor has to lea'e $or an e'ent8emergency be$ore the tournament is complete the angler can lea'e his8her $ish with another member participating in the tourney $or them to weigh in $or them. "he tournament director must be noti$ied o$ this be$ore the angler lea'es. "here will be a 5 $ish limit per boat la0e rules apply!. +t <err and :aston =a0e) you can ha'e 2 12> $ish and the rest must be at least 14>. "here will be a .25 pound penalty per dead $ish subtracted $rom total weight. /or e'ery minute a team is late to weigh in) that team will lose 1lb and a$ter 15 minutes that team will be dis#uali$ied. ($ a$ter weigh in is complete and there is still a boat missing) the 5 $astest boats will lea'e to go loo0 $or the missing boat.

+ny team attempting to weigh in a short $ish will be penali;ed that $ish plus the largest $ish in their bag. + courteous measure will be allowed i$ re#uested by the team. "he o$$icial measuring and weighing instruments $or club tournaments are the club3s ruler and scales. +ny protest must be made to the "ournament ?irector be$ore the weigh%in period ends. +ll decisions by the tournament director are $inal.

"he Classic will be a paying tournament plus the reser'e Classic $und will be paid out $25 o$ membership dues!. "he classic is a 1 day tournament. 4ntry /ee $or the classic will be the same as a regular tournament $25 indi'idual @ $50 team!. "o #uali$y $or the classic one must $ish at least 2 club tournaments. Aayout will be the same as a regular tournament plus the percentages $rom the $25 per membership that goes to the classic pot. ($ two members are $ishing together in the classic both must ha'e #uali$ied $or the classic.