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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod...

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Modems
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Huawei New Algo Price 1 Router Unlock Code $2.00 USD mail me kamlesh2011@

Upgrade Huawei E303 Firm ware t o to unlock all Huawei E303 Modem s Huawei has launched E303 Hi Link m odel in various count r ies, som e are dir ectly unlockable using only Unbranded Huawei m obile partner soft war e, like you can see in this article ( Hut ch E303 Hi Link m odem unlock solut ion ) . I m ean t o say that Huaw ei has launched E303 Hi Link m odem article also. But , if your Huawei E303 Hi- Link m odem com es with custom ised firm ware t hen can not be unlock ed t hrough norm al procedure. For unlocking Huawei E303 Hi- Link cust om ised firm ware m odem you need t o first flash t he m odem wit h uncust om ised firm ware and then you can follow t he norm al pr ocedure w hich is available st ep by step below. St e p by st e p guide t o fla sh H u a w e i E3 0 3 H i Lin k cu st om ise d fir m w a r e : 1. Download all the soft ware / firm ware from the link w hich is pr ovided at t he end of t he art icle. 2. Now run Universal Mast er code soft ware, select Huawei t ab and generat e flash code for y our m odem . 3. Now run t he download firm ware file of Huawei E303 m odem and when ask for passwor d / flash code t hen prov ide t he flash code ( which you generat ed ear lier ) as your passw ord. 4. Now wait for finish t he flash process. 5. Now Close any runing softw are / dashboard / connect ion m anager . 6. Run the CardLock_Unlock softw are / t ool. 7. Now put y our 8 digit unlock code into t he unlock code box and click on OK. 8. Now you will get m essage " Unlock Success". Enj oy and don't forget to visit m y blog ht t p: / / unlock4m odem for m or e and m ore unlock solution. Lik e m y Facebook Page. above som ewhere with uncust om ized fir m war e and on som e places cust om ised firm w are. Uncust om ised firm ware can be unlocked direct ly as you seen in this

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m entioned link solution will not work for your m odem , and y our Huawei E303 Hi - Link m odem

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N ot e : Don't ent er any wrong unlock codes into y our Huawei E303 m odem , it is a new securit y code m odem and contact on em ail k am lesh2011@gm t o get unlock code in cheap rat es only 1.15$. Dow nload Huawei E303 Firm ware Upgrade ( Firm w are Version Download Universal Mast er Code Tool Card Lock Unlock Tool ( Password of zip file : m odem unlocksolut ion.blogspot .com )

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod... Page 2 of 6

Samuel Essaysaid... Card Lock Unlock Tool can't be downloaded, shows error 404 26 JANUARY 2013 01:02 Kamlesh Kumarsaid... Get it from ht t p:/ / unlock4modem.blogspot .in/ 2012/ 12/ best -huawei-modem-code-writ ertool-t o.html 26 JANUARY 2013 01:59

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod... Page 3 of 6

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod... Page 4 of 6

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod... Page 5 of 6

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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Mod... Page 6 of 6

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