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Rationale I have chosen to write a blog to show how beauty in the eye of the media influences the lives

of teenage girls around the world. It is based on Part 1 of the Literature & Language course. My character represents a stereotypical anorexic teenage girl. Writing a blog contributes personal opinion of the dangerous impacts of the media. The Riotous Belle is an honest, intriguing blog dedicated to girls that are misunderstood by the society. Belle, an anorexic model writes her blog in her perspective that is clearly shown in her writing which fits perfectly to conventions of a blog. It consists of personal experiences and interests in the view of the author, hence creates a discussion by her readers, which can be seen through the comment section indicating authenticity. The task I will be writing is inspired by a theory by Naomi Wolf entitled, The Beauty Myth. By taking one of the big ideas in the book, which is the stereotypical views of feminists perpetrated by the media, which includes the belief where teenage girls feel the need to wear make up or too lose extra pounds purposefully, to fit the beauty perspective that has been constructed around them. The target audience is teenage girls who admire Belle, that they feel the need to have specific beauty standards and the socially constructed ideologies relating to beauty and body image. It is set during present time, where plus sized models are starting to be looked upon by the society. Therefore, this blog will powerfully express the view that is rarely heard through its strongly opinionated content.