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Table Of Contents
Mr. Pastore Another batch of English Class Poetry
Mr. Pastore wraps up the second year from Mr. Pastore's section of the senior
of our glorious magazine with class (got that, Allison?). We got poetry
comments, thoughts for the summer, from Alejandro Valbuena, Jennifer
and other stuff like that. Peterson, Karin Faass, Aaron Chock,
Jae Ahn, Jorge Cortes, Daisy Kim,
Suzanne Polanco, Ayumi Sakamoto,
ElEOIVES and Susan Sperry.
Alison Tsuji
An in depth look at The Mystery Maze,
the AASCA trip to Nicaragua, and the FRESHMAN POETRY
Clash of Colors. And some more poetry from those
youngsters, the Freshmen (and women).
MOVIE KISSES Featuring work from Ana Mercado, Hee
Alison Tsuji Jung Park, Isaias Saavedra, Giancarlo
What kiss made the studs and chicks of Valle, Zuleira Chock, Maria Koch,
Colegio Maya melt? Find out here. Esteban Fanjul, Mario Chicas, Pat Yoo,
Carolina Mejia, Rebeca Saavedra,,
Mariana Raskosky, Alison Kim, Marianel
Luisa Meyerman Coolen, Alex de Gaay Fortman, Stephin
Another ridiculous survey featuring the Lee, Maggie Rhodes, Su Han Park, and
incredibly awesome ... McGyver. Eun Ji Byun.


Luisa Meyerman Movie reviews, book reviews, stories,
Legends, essays, and more, straight editorials, and perspectives on life.
from the pages of our Spanish classes. Contributions by Matthew Roney,
Magnus Franklin, Reinier Sprujit,
Susana Chang, Paige Cunningham,
Kevin Swartz, and Mi Jin Kang.
Edgardo Pabon

A look at all our Basketball events,

ranging from Copa Maya to our very HISTORY POEMS
own AASCA. A collection of poems/songs written by
the history classes. All new pieces by
Alice Chen, Amanda Rhodes, Robin
Ben BaMizon
Orlansky, Alison S., Rana Hamdy, Ben
Once again, the seniors are leaving us. Baldizon, Woochul Hwang, Nathan Lee,
A look at their plans and aspirations. Paul O'Sullivan, Inbal Mazar, and Jamie
year (Tomas Lin 1ST semester; Ben
Baldizon 2nd Semester) a whole lot
easier. Secondly, Don Carlos in the copy

D center was the one who always managed

to fit the enormous photocopy job that the
magazine has become into his busy
V schedule. He even delivered it to me
collated this year!!! Thanks! Last but not

least, the students who wrote for the
magazine, in particular those who had the
"luck" to have Publications class; they

S worked under less than ideal conditions

this year, but always managed to get
things done. Thank you for putting up

O with me.

A little note to those of you in HS

R who will have me for English next year- it
will CONTINUE to be a requirement of
my class to write for publication in the

S school magazine every quarter. So over

the summer if the writing itch needs to be

scratched, GO AHEAD!!! Get a head start
on the school year and bring some
creative writing back with you in August.
By: Mr. Pastore
To those of you who have signed up for
Publications class, get ready for a super
"Summers here and the time
year. I will be bringing back a copy
is right for dancing in the streets..."
scanner and a ZIP drive that will be fully
compatible with the Mac lab and my home
Another school years ends. It's computer, so we will be able to cram in
time to put the last issue of The Maya lots more graphics and even photos next
PULSE for 1996-1997 out into the year (please, let there be a laser printer
hands of our "adoring" public, the Colegio on campus!!!), and hopefully one of you
Maya community. I'd like to take this will be able to keep me on track with my
opportunity to thank a whole lot of people constant plans to include 20+ pages of art
who helped to make the publication of this each issue (I'm trying Mrs. Ramirez, I'm
quarterly magazine possible. First of all, trying!!!). We published over 300 pages
Mr. Giovanni Castellanos in the this year in The Maya PULSE , a
Elementary computer lab has been a remarkable achievement for such a small
godsend. Without the ability to fit my High School. Next year we'll shoot for
Publications kids into the Mac lab in the 400+...
afternoons, the magazine would never Xhat's it!!! Enjoy your summer-
had been a possibility this year. Also, his
read a lot ("Seventeen" and "Sports
expertise in handling the editing process
Illustrated" don't count, Mr. Smith...) and
made the life of the design editors this
have fun!!!
By: Alison Tsuji


Clash of Colors (formally known as All games were held either on the
Sports Day) was soccer field the
held March 21rst. outside courts or
During the initiation the inside courts.
ceremony Mr. Fruit and ice cream
Hansen (a teacher was provided for
who has been here everyone. The
at Maya for 25 school's spirit was
years and has shown by faculty
attended many and students
Clash of Colors) throughout the day.
was honored. Then At first it looked as
the rules were though blue was
stated. All 4 teams the winner, but as
(divided in 4 the games went on
sections) ,red, blue, it seemed like blue
yellow, and green was falling behind,
were wished the and the tug of war
best of luck and changed it all.
with that we were Yellow beat red
set loose to see and then green beat blue. Then yellow
which team would win Clash of Colors! and green played and green once again
Seniors were assigned as team captains won which put them in first place. Blue
and there were people from every grade played red and won.
on all the teams and some teachers were
team leaders. This year the games
consisted of basketball and soccer shoot
outs, a water relay, a new game which
had us throwing balls across the The final score was:
volleyball net (which served as a divider) 1rst-Green(GOOD JOB GREEN!!!)
and the losing team was determined by 2nd-Blue (YOU ROCK BLUE!!)
having more balls on their "territory11; this 3rd-Yellow (GO YELLOW!!!!)
game is called over&over&over. And 4th-Red(GOOD TRY RED!!!!!!!)
finally the tug of war (which divided the
winners from the losers.). Congratulations to Mr. Smith and to
all the other people who helped organize
this year's Clash of Colors because it was Cast
a success. As a participant I thought it was Lee Underwood: Vanessa Bergonzoli
very fun!!!! Mr. Deetweiler : Ben Baldizon
Millie Pendleton: Christina Cowart
MYSTERY MAZE Lillie Pendleton: Ana Mercado
Susan Pendleton: Daniela Lopez
Mystery Maze was the high school Ron Gannaway: Kevin Baldizon
play held the 3rd and 4rth of March. The Pat de la Cruz: Maggie Rhodes
play was about an old man who dies and Leslie Worthham: Maria Koch
hides his fortune in his school and sends Barbara Cooper: Amanda Rhodes
his heirs out around the school in a sort of Edward Mendoza: Abdias Irizarry
scavenger hunt to find the money. This Dolly Romaine: Allison Lugo
play's way of being set has to be original, Charles Lillibrew: Dan Luna
as it's the first time I've see a play that isn't Director: Rana Hamdy
set on a stage but all around the school. Grim Reaper:
The audience has the choice of selecting
the character(s) who they wish to follow. Directors: Joseph Feia
There were 12 cast members in total untill Kjerstine Storey
Edward Mendoza (Abdias Irizarry) was
killed by the lawyer because he was Artistic Director: Jan Ramirez
thought to be the murderer. Susan Production Assistant: Thomas Lin
Pendleton (Danieila Lopez) finds the Stage Crew: Sebastian Strzalkowski
treasure, an education, and wins the Isa Orozco
fortune left behind, although at the end Poster Design: Jamie Brown
the murderer turns out to be Lee Program/Ticket Design: Kevin Baldizon
Underwood (Vanessa Bergonzoli). Video: Thomas Lin

Mr. Feia,
At the end of the play we find out Why did you choose this kind of
Vannesa's plot to keep the money for play?
herself. She killed the old man and "It was the cheapest one available."
planned to kill all his heirs to be able to -Mr. Feia-
keep the fortune left behind for herself.
The hero of the play is Charles Lillibrew Were you satisfied with the
(Dan Luna), who saves everyone lives. students performance, why or why
Everyone at one point or another not?
suspects everyone else. "No, uhhhhh.. well because we have
The directors of the play, both with a lot extremely hard standards there very hard
of experience, were the theater arts to meet. We are never satisfied."
teacher Ms. Storey and Mr. Feia our high -Mr.Feia-
school math teacher. Also one of
Colegip Maya's new student's, Rana Did the audience respond the way
Hamdy, helped direct the play. you thought they would?
Congratulations on a job well done!! "Everything always happens the way I
want it to happen. I leave nothing to Are you looking forward to next
chance." year's AASCA? Why or why not?
-Mr. Feia-
"No, one reason is because it's in
What night and why was in your October, and it wasn't originally planned
opinion the best? then. This doesn't give students enough
"Opening night because we sold exactly time to prepare. I'm thinking hard about
the right number of tickets." not going and establishing something
-Mr. Feia- else."

Now a question for the four people

AASCA Musical who participated and represented
Colegio Maya in AASCA, What was the
Festival thing you liked best about the
AASCA performing arts trip?
Maggie Rhodes-'Meeting a lot of new
This years Musical Festival was
held at the American School of Maria Koch-'Acting"
Nicaragua. The 4 Colegio Maya
participants this year were: Maggie Eun-Ji Byun- "I met new people"
Rhodes (ninth grader), Maria Koch (ninth
grade), Eun-Ji Byun (ninth grade) , and Paige Cunningham-'Being able to see
Paige Cunningham (ninth grade). They other schools drama programs"
left the 26th of April after the Friendship
Fair and returned April 30th. Maria Koch Well I'm finally done with the article
won one of seven gold medals. and it's my last article ever. So I hope you
Congratulations!! enjoyed the short period that I've spent
writing for the readers of The Mava Pulse
Interview (Ms. Storey): Maybe someday we'll meet again (I
doubt it) but who knows, well see you
What awards were given to the later, much later!!!!
Colegio Maya students ?
Well then I gotta go so I guess I'll
"A gold medal was given to Maria Koch leave you all to read the rest of the
when she performed a monologue about exciting articles in this issue of "The
her physically abused friend." Pulse:"

How come only four students from We apologize if we forgot to

Colegio Maya participated in mention Mystery Maze in last quarters
AASCA? edition of The Maya Pulse. It was not
intentional! Your play was very well done
"That's all the people who wanted to go." and all of you deserve credit for making it
smioviis mmaos ¥©y
By:Alison Tsuji

This article is basically self "Oh I don't know, forget it and you better
explanatory - What kiss in a movie made not put that I said that either. Come ask
you melt? We have quite a variety of me for best movie and I'll give you an
responses, from the truly bizarre to the answer, hey what are you writing? Just
really sick, gross, boring, mushy stuff. So leave it anonymous okay"
sit back and urn, like, enjoy or something. Yeah sure
-""Love Affair. / knew they had to end up
together but it seemed like an eternity Well there you have it! This can only
before they did, so the first kiss made met happen at Categio Maya. GEEZ... some
cry forever. "- people just don't know how to listen.
Luisa Meyerman
-"Space Jam ' When Bugs kisses
Well usually that happens, the people Lola."-
take forever to kiss but when they finally Kevin Baldizon
kiss it makes it more meaningful.
-When Bugs Bunny kisses Lola-
-'The Romeo & JuHet the firstkiss, Marcus Holla
cause they were like ufa.weird people,-"
Ben Baldizon Sorry guys, I cant agree! For some ODD
reason cartoon kisses have no effect on
R&J were a great couple and their kisses me.
were even better, but in what way were
they weird? -'The Wizard of Oz". when Dorothy
kisses the lion"-
-"Legends of the Fall, when Brad Pitt Gustavo Andrade
kisses thatlady."-
Christina Cowart Wow talk about misinterpreting kisses!!!!

Actually I think it's Brad who makes you -"When Bambi kisses the doe in
melt Tina, not his kisses!!! "Bambi"-

"Beavis & Butthead Do America" Okay, Adrian, two deer can make you
Wait!! They never kissed in that movie!!! melt. That's kinda scary.
"Oh you want the best kiss in a movie"
Yes -"When Simba licks Nala in 'The Lion
Kinq".- Aaron Chock

Actually that was more cute than romantic Sorry, never saw the movie, but thanks
but oh well, Inbal you tried. anyway Aaron.

-"Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'hata in ActuaHyf kisses are very important,
"Gone with the Wind".. They display affection between two
Ms. Storey people. Kisses show many other things,
depending on the length, people, and
That was a classic and who more to profoundness. Actually, kissing has been
choose it than our Theater arts teacherl proven to be good for you! According to
doctors, kissing exercises the tissues in
-"Ghost. Cinderella, and Walk In the the face and helps circulation in the face.
Clouds" -
Ana Garcia Weft the most popular responses
seem to be "Space Jam" and
Nice choice/Anal! "Legends of the Fair A don't
understand why "Space Jam" was a
"Legends of the Fall"- popular response cause the truth is that it
Vanessa Bergonzoli didn't win any awards (thank God)!!!!!!!!!

I detect another Brad Pitt fan. "Legends of the Fall "was an

excellent movie which deserves two
. "I like the kiss in Golden Eve between thumbs up, especially Brad1 Pitt, Did you
the two chicks" know that, that movie was filmed in
Anonymous Montana (NO; that's not in Texas SORRY
guys.)? Well personally the movie kiss
Umm. that's women to you; but okay, what that made me melt was the one in "Jerry
ever makes you happy is fine to me. McguireTShow me the money!!!????")
between Jerry Mcguire and Dorothy
"Before Sunrise tf wa& r&tlteffo? Boyd at the end. That kiss was so
Mr. Smith meaningful because of all they went
through together and they were at the
Well real life can be nice sometimes verge of breaking up. Also, at the end he
looks at things in an entirely different
-"Demi Moore and Robert Redfordin perspective and he accepts that he
Indecent Proposal and John Smith messed up something that people don't
and Pocahontas in Focahontas" - - -.. do everyday. So my vote goes there, I
Edgardo Pabon was disappointed to see that nobody
agreed with. me. Well anyway, thanks to
Okay talk about a meaningless kiss alt the people who provided me with great
Edgardo, you should have just"said I! don't answers and an occasional laugh!
know! (Just kidding) V .; Weff till next time faithful, read^rs of
Colegio Maya's magazine, The Pulse. I
-"Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in know it'll be hard to live without me but
Basic Instinct".- hang in there!!!
by: Luisa Meyerman

McGyver was definitely my childhood

hero. Not only was he Fl I NINE (whatever),
but he was cool enough to destroy a " Michelle: Ha, ha, ha, ha.. He
bomb with a television wire and a tooth gets a parachute and jumps
brush. Anyway, he was pretty darn cool out. Jamie: But, he gets his
until I figured out that everything he did shirt caught on the wing of the
was a lie. Can you believe how my little airplane and realizes he is
heart broke? So, I was talking to some of nothing but a chicken and says
my friends, (keep in mind these people "Oh well", he then turns into
are high schoolers) and some where still that chicken on the uh, uh, uh...
fascinated by his "awesomeness" (if that Michelle: What show? What are
is a word, which I truly doubt). So in my you talking about? Jamie: well,
deep philosophical time (actually during a
he turns into a chicken, when
boring class) Benjamin Enrique
he realizes that chickens don't
jp helped me come up with a
wear shirts, so he free falls to
survey qtlestion:
the ground, meanwhile some
people from Polio Campero
McGi flying in a Boeing
where looking for a logo, when
747, ftj|$h suddenly, an engine
the chicken falls on the sign
blows up, and an group of
men with large
eJtew po£o
Michelle: Jai
^^ an
are hijackl^^
does McGiver doT

I got some really original answers.

Are yoiT hungry Jamie? How did we
Actually, I usually do, and that's why I
get from McGiver to Polio Campero,
always enjoy doing surveys: and whatever happened to that
tie takes out his knife
fights....ummmm, breaks the And now, my favorite:
window, and puts masking tape on
the engine, he gets back in the "You know how McGiver is
plane and everything is fine." always armed with a rubber
Markus and Adrian band and a paper clip? Well he
makes a sling shot with the
Well, that was, well... well... original? previous and shoots it through
Not really, but let's move on... the first guy's eye. The paper
clip shoots out of the first one, Questions anymore."
and goes through the second
one's ears, and later lands on Paul O'Sullivan
the third one's neck. (JFK
theory much too much) He gets Well, no comment Paul. Exert
the paper clip out of the guy's ORIGINAL DUDE!!!!
neck and fixes the engine. Then
while fixing the engine, with the fps up the seat covers,
other hand, he takes off his >arachute and jumps ,
shoe laces and wraps them ly out he stuffs the
around the rest of the little into the burning
men, left, who later fall out. " the fire. They
Well Mr. Feia, I think you have seen rniore, so
enough cartoons for this lifetime. ire auqjA.the


the little men to fat JCt jistory
that feeling) Ana 3tthe
what, I wasn't paying ai
ok, write that I didn't hear the
Edgardo Pabon
"O.K. This is easy ... He is
actually an alien from the laci
behind the comet Billy-B<
he turned invisible usim [jumps., wait he is
higher intelligence and u changed my
the bathroom. In the bai queSion. way he jumps out
he used his high tech of hi picks up a
to call the mother ship, spoon ms "Spoon!!!"
in an instant the mother He chuc n at the
came and out jumped 20 window gunmen so
guys similar to Rambo , the gunmen round and
the doors , then the> shoot it they hear
their machine guns the clii a hole in
bazookas, guns and missiles the window and get sucked out
and blew the lights out of like "ufffff" like this (awkward
everyone in eluding the plane, face) but the air is going
then the alien ships , and the through the window, grabs a
real McGyver is being disected tray and puts it on the window
so you can't ask these Alison: how do you know it's big
enough? Ben: Leave me alone! Some were really spontaneous, and
McGyver takes off his shoes, some had me sitting there for like
climbs out the window (While half an hour trying to figure out
holding his breath) Fixes the something "MacGyver like",
engine with his toes while although they really went a tad
holding on with his teeth... overboard, but it is still funny,
Alison: and then there is a especially those answers from my
chain of CPR, well that wouldn't favorite teachers, I knew they'd
work. Ben: Anyway, he climbs come up with Something. Well, I
back and gets CPR from a hot could go on and on forever as I
stewardess. usually do, but it is time for my very
special awards:
Mostly Ben Enrique Baldizon.
The award for most ORIGINAL
Cool BennieThanx. Spoon!!! answer goes to....

"He goes into the Bathroom with the Tsafi

phone. He brings along some
utensils from lunch tray, and makes No, she didn't bribe me.
a gun since he couldn't bring his
along. He gets out of the bathroom For B E ST and most elaborate
and realizes that the little men were Mr. fcseph Fcla
just hallucinations from the gas that
the broken engine gave off. He takes No, I didn't give it to him because I
out the oxygen masks opens them, want a good grade.
and gets a string or something and
ties the string to the bags, he has The award for the FUNNIEST goes
everyone do this, theyjump off the to...
plane and make a parachute Paul O'SHllloan
thingie, then he wakes up."
O.K. That brings me to the end of my
Alison Tsuji
survey, thank you all who contributed, to
this article. This not only brings me to the
That was pretty cool Tsujisan, end of the survey, but also to the end of
except, are you sure those gasses the school year, and to the end of my life
where from the engine, I mean... he as a journalist. It has been a pleasure,
did go to bathroom and you have writing for you, even though my skills
tasted airplane food... aren't that perfect. And I hope that every
time you read something that doesn't
Once again I have enjoyed me very make any sense, you remember me.
much, some of those who I asked, Well... Good bye, Adios, Hasta Luego,
seemed very enthusiastic about Chao, and in whatever other language I
don't know.
answering, most of them really.
Spanish Department
By: Luisa Meyerwoman

On behalf of the publications class we more complicated: the class you are in, is
would like to apologize to the Spanish based on, wether you choose AP
Department for not including them in the language or literatue, or wether you take
last issue of the pulse. Advance Placement at all.

The Spanish department tends to be Advanced Placement literature is taught

underestimated by many students. by Sra. Barrera, only seniors can join this
Spanish class is often taken lightly, course. Next school year, ther will be no
although it is as important or even more AP language for Juniors, yet you can
important than any other class taught in prepare and take the AP test at the end.
our school. The Spanish department is
very creative. As you enter the second
floor of the secondary building, many
pictures and projects might be displayed
on the walls. Don't ever hesitate to admire
these projects which are often done by
Sra. Mona Cintron
talented students. This edition of the Maya
Pulse will include: some written projects Nationality: Puerto Riquena
done by various Spanish classes, more Years at Maya:7
about our teachers, and for the new
Teaches: Spanish first languafge for
members of our school society, a brief
middle school, 9th and 10th grade first
explanation on how the Spanish
language, AP language.
department works.

For the new students and parents of Sra. Carolina Barrera:

Colegio Maya: from 6th to 10th grade, the
Spanish classes are divided into three Nationality Guatemalan
sections according to the ability or Years at Maya: 7
knowdlege of the student. Each grade, Teaches: 11th grade First language,
(individually) is divided, for example: The 9th grade advanced, Middle school first
10th grade,
language, AP literature.

Begginer Taught by Sra. Castro

Advanced: Taught by Sra. Anabela Sra. Anabela Bond:
Spanish First Language: Taught by Nationality Guatemalan
Sra. Mona Cintron. Years at Maya: 8
Teaches: 6th,7th, 8th,9th and 10th
As we enter the Juniors and Seniors advanced. 11th grade First Language.
Spanish classes though, it gets a little 10th grade intermediate.
Mrs. Bond's advanced Spanish class,
Sra. Castro: under each Gregueria there s a
translation to English in italics, in case
Nationality: Guatemalan you are not able to understand it.
Years at Maya: 2 (she was here before
though) La lima sirve para afilar los oidos sucios
Teaches: Spanish Begginner for high del hombre.
school and middle shcool.
The file is used to sharpen men's dirty
The description of what our Spanish ears.
teachers teach (redundent), might be a Lin -Chie Pong (Julio)
little puzzling, but that is the way it is.
Some teachers teach the same class Uso la tenaza para cortar mis
(Mrs. Bond and sentimientos
Mrs. Barrera duros.
11th grade first
language) / use plyers to
because their cut bad
schedules feelings.
collide. Others Pat Yoo
have great
Spanish ability, El candado
yet not enough sella el
practice to be in corazon de
First language algunas
with their grade, gentes.
so they move
down one. Well, The lock seals
it is an the heart of
organized some people.
mess, yet it
works fine. Carlos Hiroshi

Con el martillo metere un tornillo en la

L cabeza de Miguel, porque le faltan

Greguerias are personifications, With a hammer I will put a screw in

describing material objects used to Miguel's head because he is missing
influence a type of feeling. OK? If you many.

didn1 quite catch that here is an example: Marianel Coolen

The sword is used to pierce our La cadena refuerza la amistad.

The chain strengthens friendship.
Here are some "Greguerias" done by
Maggie Rhodes mentioned on the previous Pulse, here
are some of the most outstandin legends
Uso el hacha para cortar el mal humor. in the class:

Kevin Baldizon:
/ uise the ax to cut a bad mood.
Reinier Spruijt
Hace mucho tiempo en las Verapaces
existia un camino formidable que unia
Las Haves habren la puerta de tu mente y
Semuc Champey con el pueblo de
de tu imaginacion.
Lanquin. El camino era completamente
piano y siempre buen estado gracias a la
The keys are used to open the door to
intervencion del hijo del cielo, Jito. Jito
your mind and imagination.
siempre se aseguraba que los turistas y
habitantes del alrededordel alrededor
Christina Cowart. pudieran viajar facilmente del pueblo al
rio. Jito era un ser poco comun, puesto
Las gafas se usan para ver el mundo mas
que su madre era la tierra y su padre era
el cielo. El era mitad agua y mitad came,
con rayos como dedos. Podia deslisarse
Glasses are used to see the world clearly.
como un relampago y de esa manera
siempre vijilaba el camino. De ves en
Magnus Fraulelin.
cuando llegaba Semuc para relajarse en
las pozas que formaba el rio. Su corazon
Con la lima quiero afilar mi amor.
era muy bondadoso y no dejaba que la
gente se ahogara en el rio. Todo era muy
With the file, I want to sharpen my love.
feliz en esa parte de Guatemala. Gente
venia de todas partes para ver la belleza
Stephin Lee. de Semuc y el maravilloso hijo del cielo.
Pero en el mundo existe la gente de
El diamante puede cortar la amistad
corazones crueles, conocidos conocidos
como si estuviera cortando vidrio.
como los de corazones negros. Al
enterarse de la existencia de Jito
The dimond can cut a friendship like decidieron tratar de raptarlo. Tomaron
muchos anos en planear la manera
perfecta de atraparlo. El dia llego y los
Eun Jin malhechores se pusieron en camino a
Semuc en sus micro-buses. Uegaron al
rio. Uno de los Corazon Negro se metio
en el agua y empezo a gritar "Me ahogo!
Me Ahogo!" Un rayo cayo del cielo y ahi
estaba Jito a la par del malhechor. El
resto de la banda de corazon negro
Mrs. Barrera's AP Literature class wrote inmediatamente tiro una red magnetica
"Leyendas" or legends, about the trip they sobre Jito. El hijo del cielo se quedo
attended to Champey, which was inmovilizado. Rapidamentelo llevaron al
micro-bus y huyeron de Semuc a maxima muchas horas mas tarde. Cuando
velocidad. El cielo al verlo que pasaba le finalmente lo hizo, antes de siquiera ver
grito a la tierra que se robaban a su hijo. donde estaba, volo, volo y volo hasta el
La tierra se enfurecio y levanto montanas lugar donde luz no llegaba. Cuando
en el camino de micro-buses arruinado el finalmente desperto de noche, penso en
camino del hijo del Cielo. Los del corazon su hermosa presa y tristemente se dio
negro no pudieron contra semejante cuenta que esta se habria ido muy lejos.
fuerza y el micro-bus choco subiendo una
de la recientemente hechas colinas, Sin embargo, su tristeza se esfumo
matando a todos incluyendo al hijo del rapidamente, cuando al mirar a su
Cielo. Desde ese dia el camino de alrededor se dio cuenta del esplandor del
Lanquin a Semuc ha quedado lleno de lugar en donde se encontraba. Se hallo
colinas. El cielo se enojo con los en una cueva que en general le parecio
humanos, y ahora cuando el Cielo llora fascinante. Y siendo tan buen companero
por la muerte de su hijo ningun micro-bus -al no querer disfrutarlo el solo- le pidio a
puede subir las colinas sin ayuda. su amiga la luna que le ayudase a buscar
a sus companeros. Esta por supuesto le
Maria Estrada: dijo que si, y esa noche, la cueva era una

Desde entonces, millones de murcielagos

La Leyenda Del Murcielago y habitan la cueva de Lanquin, y aunque
las cueuas de Lanquin no les gusta ser molestados (sobre todo
por las excurciones de los adolecentes),
Dice la leyend indigena, que un atraen a miles de turiatas al ano.
murcielago llamado Kicbin fue no solo el
primero en llegar a las grandes cuevas FIN
de Lanquin, sino que ademas el que
atrajo a los miles de murcielagos que These are all the most outstanding works
venian detras de el. handed in from the Spanish teachers.
Unfortunately, due to publishing dead
La leyenda empieza en Honduras lines, some articles handed in late into the
cuando un ave muy lind paso por la quarter, could not be published in this
cueva de los murcielagos y por su gran issue of the pulse.
esplendor los atrajo a casi todos. Y como
dicen que el amor es ciego casi todos los Since this is my second to last article this
murcielagos decidieron perseguirla sin year, I'd like to say some final words. I
importar cual uera sin importar cual fuera want to thank Mr. Pastore for pushing us
su destino final. Pero cuando ya casi se constantly, Hey! If it wasn't for him we
hacia el amanecer, todos los murcielagos wouldn't have this much work time. The
tuvieron que volver a su cueva excepto Spanish teachers for their cooperation,
Kickbin, que quedo tan enamorado que and Edgardo and Alison, for making the
decidio continuar su persecucion. class a bit more interesting (although it
was virtually impossible.) Thank you the
Cuando salio el sol pobrecito Kickbin reader, and thank you Ben for helping me
choco con una roca, y no desperto hasta and putting pictures in my articles.
%The Return"
By: Edgardo "Psycho Spanky" Pabon

E<ike the calendar moves on, the
sports seasons keep on rotating. We all
know that the sports year started with
Volleyball, then Soccer, and then
Basketball (at last!!!). Fourth quarter is
time for the Basketball players to
represent our school in the different

national and international tournaments,
such as Copa Maya and AASCA (which
this year took place here in Guatemala).
Here are the two teams that represented

the school in the different tournaments:

Poss. Name #
C George "Chip" Chester* 25
G Albert Delgado* 9
F Abdias Irizarri* 33
F Michael Kim* 11

G Javier Lacayo* 6
F Daniel Luna* 13
F Alexander Petricevic* 10
G-F Isaias Saavedra* 18

Reinier Sprijt
Joe Yoo*
Pat Yoo*
G Brian Jung 23
F John Song 91
•AASCA players

Poss. Name #
F-C Jamie Brown* 8
G Kristin Gonzales 17

G Mary Joe Lent* 6
G Elizabeth Luk* 7
G Loretta Luk* 28
F Ana Teresa "Bob" Mayrides* 10

G Ana Mercado 11
F-C Amanda Rhodes* 1
F' Maggie Rhodes* 33
F Alison Tsuji 9 well and work hard as a team. All 6 teams
F-C Debra Walsh* 4 are good enough to win the Copa Maya."
F Michelle Wiater* 29
F Ji-Hyun Yoo* 40 M r.S: "I fear NO ONE! (except Mr.
G Vanessa Bergonzoli 20 Pastore because he is my idol.)"
*AASCA players
-Do you think the Maya team is
After preseason was over, I asked ready to participate in an AASCA
tournament with all those
Mr. Pastore and Mr. Smith (the school
competitive schools in Central
coaches) about the teams, and this is
what they answered:

Mr.P: "Yes. The hardest part will be the

-How do you feel about the amount
same 10 guys playing 6 games in 3 days."
of people that joined the team this
Mr. S: "I would like another week or two
for practice, especially with such a young
Mr. Pastore: "Great. So far there have
team but, we are ready to play our
been 19 boys involved on the varsity and
best, learn a lot, and have fun!"
junior varsity. A few have had problems
with grades, but they are learning that it is
-Apart from tournaments and
necessary to have the proper grades and
games, what are your main goals
make your parents happy with your
for the team?
grades, to play on Maya teams."

Mr. P: "To learn how to be better players

Mr. Smith: "I think it is great, the more
and to have as much fun as humanly
the merrier."

-Knowing your player's skills, do

Mr.S: "To have all the players:
you think they have what it takes to
1 .learn the sport of basketball
be a team?
2. have fun
3.get in shape
Mr. P: "Yes, if they learn to work hard
4. learn what commitment means
enough and play together. It takes
5. increase their self confidence
discipline, desire, motivation and a
6.and learn to play as a team.
positive work ethic to become a team."

Mr. S: "Yes, absolutely!" This year Copa Maya started on

April the second with the participation of 6
-What teams are you playing at teams including Coiegio Maya (of course
Copa Maya? Which ones do you the host team), Coiegio Austriaco,
fear the most? Coiegio Americano, Christian Academy,
Coiegio Interamericano, and Coiegio
Mr. P: "Austriaco, Americano, Christian Montessori. Just by looking at the' teams
Academy, Interameriano and Montessori. we can imagine the quality of this years
None! We can beat them all if we play tournament. In the middle of Copa Maya
a recess was taken to give some time to Baker. The girls won both, one against
this year's AASCA basketball tournament, Marian Baker and then the second
which was hosted by our Guatemalan against Costa Rica Academy. At the end
schools and which had the participation of of the second day the record was 2-2 for
teams from all over Central America. The both boys and girls. On Saturday, the final
teams playing were: day, the girls lost against the Trojans
(American School of El Salvador) and
Group I : that brought an end to their participation
Guatemala: after an excellent job representing the
I.Colegio Maya school. The boys also lost both of their
El Salvador: games (the first against Tegucigalpa and
2. American School the second against the American School
3. International School (only Boys) of El Salvador) and did a great job
Honduras: especially in their last game against the
4. American school of Tegucigalpa Trojans. Congratulations boys and girls!
5.Mazapan School La Ceiba
Costa Rica:
Demonstrating great talent the
6.Costa Rica Academy
7.Marian Baker School Trojans ended up winning first place for
both boys and girls, leaving no chance for
Group II : the rest of the schools to win. From the
Guatemala: Guatemalan schools participating, the
1 .Colegio Interamericano best were Colegio Interamericano, which
won second place in the girls, and
2.Colegio Americano
Colegio Americano got placed forth in
3. International School Of Xela (Boys)
Honduras: boys. Here are the first four places of this
year's AASCA tournament:
4.International school San Pedro Sula
S.American School
1 st - American School of El Salvador
Costa Rica:
2nd - American School of Nicaragua
6Country Day School
3rd - American School of Tegucigalpa
7. Lincoln School
4th - Colegio Amreicano de Guatemala

During three days our two teams Girls:

played a total of 11 games; the boys 1st - American School of El Salvador
played 6 games and the girts played 5 2nd - Colegio Interamericano de
games. The first day of events, the boys Guatemala
went 1-1 winning their first game against 3rd - American School of Nicaragua
Costa Rica Academy and losing their 4th - American School of Tegucigalpa
second against the International School
of San Salvador, while the girls went 0-2 Once AASCA was over, 8 games
against Mazapan and against
for Copa Maya were left, only 2 were
Tegucigalpa. The next day the story was
played. On those two, the boys went 0-2
the same for the boys who lost against
losing to Austriaco by a score of 40-55,
Mazapan but then won against Marian
and then to C.A.G. 32-44. The girls went
2-0, winning their first 19-11 against
Austriaco, and then their second 18-17 Girls :
against C.A.G. After the AASCA week, the
Maya school played their other 16 games Maya -vs- Austriaco 19-11
left. The boys played Inter twice winning 29-19
the first one 20-0 since they decided to
-C.A.G 18-17
not show up, and the second one by a
score of 46-43. They played and lost 13-17
against: Americano on their first meeting - Inter 20-0
24-32 and C.A.G. for the second time with 12-19
a score of 28-40. After those games the
boys faced Montessori for the first time,
-Americano 19-20
and won 43-32 but when they faced them 16-18
again, they lost 44-28. The other two -Montessori 13-12
games of the season, were a victory
against Austriaco 43-39, and a loss
against Americano 51-35. The girls
played the exact same games; 2 against After that the basketball season
Inter winning one 20-0, and loosing the was finally over just as the rest of the
second 12-19. Then they lost the same sports scheduled for this year. Here are
two the boys lost; against Americano 19- the results for the 1997 Copa Maya:
20, and C.A.G. 13-17. After that, they won
13-12 against Montessori (their first
meeting), and also won the second by a
Scoreboard of 16-11. At last, they won 29- 1st-Montessori
19 against Austriaco, and lost 6-18
2nd - Colegio Americano
against Americano.
3rd - Christian Academy
Here are the complete scores of the
Maya games: Girls:
1st -Colegio Interamericano
2nd - Christian Academy
Maya -vs- Austriaco 40-55 3rd - Colegio Maya
- C.A.G. 32-44
28-40 I talked to the coaches at the end
of the season, and here are their
- Inter 20-0
- Americano 24-32 -Were the results of Copa Maya
35-51 and AASCA as good as you
- Montessori 43-32
28-44 Mr. P: "I told the team that wins and
losses were not important to me when we consistent improvement."
started, and I meant it. However I know
that the boys realize that saying "could -Did you notice any improvement
have won" and "should have won" about as a team after the season was
4 or 5 of our losses isn't good enough and over?
hopefully will inspire them to work hard to
get ready for next season." Mr. P: "Yes. We lost by 15 points to
Austriaco our first game of the season and
Mr. S: "Copa Maya: 6-4, 3rd place finished our season with a 4 point
AASCA: 2-3, 5th place. We played better overtime win against the same team... that
than our record in AASCA, and that is says it all.
reflected by the
5th place. Copa Mr. S:
Maya was OK, "Yes we all
but we should played
have beat better
Americano and defense
been in 2nd and were
place." able to
-Were all run our
your goals offensive
for this schemes.
year's team By the end
achieved? of the year
the players
Mr. P: Tor the would
most part. We make
played hard
and learned
team work,
leadership and
What more could I ask for?1 adjustments as the game went along, we
couldn't do that in the beginning.Almost
Mr. S: "Yes, most were. everyone was in better condition at the
1 .We wanted to finish with a winning end of the season."
record and we did 8-7.
2.0ur team goal was to be a strong
Well my fellow readers this is all
defensive team and we were. Only one
for the sports covering this year. Be sure
team was able to score more than 25
to buy The Maya Pulse next year when
points on us, most were under 20!
Volleyball season takes place. Hasta la
3.We finished with our best performance
as a team in our last games which shows
Sayonara Seniors • • •
By: Ben Baldizon

Once again, the seniors are really need to go to be succesful, but

leaving us (funny how that works, isn't it). college could help a person to be more
And once again, I have been chosen to educated. But I don't think it is really
write about them, their lives, their dreams, necessary.

and all that other stuff. So here goes the Tomas Lin (3/3/80): It will be very
survey, representing ... Til© ClilSS
Jeff Brown: Big. Exciting. Kind of scary.
of 97 Allison Lugo (4/5/79): I think I'll like it, but
it will take some gettng used to. I like the

What do you think of idea of independence.

Aaron Chok (8/11/77): I don't think about
it much.
Maricel Castaner (12/8/79): It's a place
Kevin Baldizon (12/2/78):
where you go to be able to have a great
Anonymous 1: I think college is very
life, hopefully.
important, but also scary.
Maisy Hidalgo (7/30/79): A good chance
Anonymous 2: A lot of parties, too much
to assume responsibilities and be
homework, one or two hours of sleep.
Abdias Irizarry (3/28/79): I think it's a
good way to get away from your parents What college did you
(but I don't want to). originally want to go to
Melissa Leon (8/8/79): A good way to and why?
expand on knowledge and study what MC: None in particular
you want, not what you have to. MH: Tec. de Monterry
Loretta Luk (4/22/79): It is very scary to Al: American University because of the
think about college. location.
Jorge Cortes (10/31/??): I think it is the MLRyce. Their science program.
most important part of the education of a LL: I have not decided.
person. JC: I want to go to Marroquin College
Alejandro Valbuena: That it is going to because it is the best college for the
be really hard. career I want to study.
Karin Faass (10/3/78): I think college is a AV: Don't know.
great opportunity to enrich your life. KF: Any college that is not in the states. I
S miles (6/3/77): I think"Aghhhhhh!!!" don't want to go to the states.
Scary! Ugh! Another four years! S: I really didn't have a preference.
Jennifer Peterson (2/6/79): It's going to JP: UMass
help us. We heed to go there. JA: X
Jae Ahn (2/16/79): A person doesn't TL: MIT. It had a really good reputation.
JB: Whitman. It was close to my Grogsania 2 of Mars.
grandparents, small, and had a reputation A1:
of teaching everything well. A2: I don't know yet.
AL: Georgetown University. I has the
best international relations program, but I What college do you plan
don't like D.C.
to go to and 'why?
AC: University of Washington. It's the MC: I don't know, because of money and
grunge state and it's a good environment I don't know where I want to live.
to live in.
MH: Tec. de Monterrey or maybe one in
KB: Westmont, because it is small,
Guatemala, because my parents want me
Christian, and good academically. to stay.
A1: Up to now, I really don't have a Al: AU. I like it.
preference. I'll either stay in Guat. or go to ML: Marroquin. My dad.
LL: I plan to go to University of Miami (still
A2: I wanted to go to U.S.A. to study for not sure) because it has a good program
higher education because U.S.A. is a big for medicine.
country and everyone knows about the JC: I'm planning to go to Marroquin
country. because it is the best college for the
career I want to study.
What colleges have you AV: Don't know.
been accepted to? KF: Some college in Mexico because I
MC: Univ. of Puerto Rico, U. of Florida, like Mexico.
Boston College. S: UTSA because it's an awesome
MH: Tec. de Monterrey. university.
Al: AU, Goucher College. JP: UMass. I wanted to go somewhere in
ML: Haven't applied. the Boston-New York area.
LL: Pepperdine University, Washington JA: Korean University because it's
University, University of Miami. cheaper although hard to get in and once
JC: Applications are in June. you get in you are free (almost).
AV: None. TL: I IT. They gave me mo1 bucks.
KF: None. JB: Harvard if I get in, obviously.
S: Well, I've heard from one, but the Otherwise Whitman.
others haven't responded yet. AL: I plan to go to MSU because I already
JP: UW, EauClaire, UMass. know the campus and I like their program
JA: X a lot.
TL Illinois Institute of Technology, Florida AC: University of Washington.
Tech, Boston College. KB: Dun!
JB: Hampshire, Whitman, Williams, A1: I still haven't made up my mind.
Vassar, Swarthmore, Weslyan, Reed, A2: Colleges in Canada, because when I
Harvard waiting list. think of Canada, it is so peaceful.
AL: Michigan State University (Waiting to
hear from Boston University, Washington, What do you 'want to
and Lee University). study and why?
AC: Atlantic College. MC: Psychology because I like it, it's
KB: Westmont, Azusa, Stanford, and interesting.
MH: I don't know, I like a lot of things.
Al: Environmental Science and Drama, Where do you see yourself
Their the only two subjects I like. in 10 years, ideally?
ML: Biochemistry, psychology. Realistically?
LL: Medicine because I like to study the MC: Married, with one kid, traveling on
human body. vacation to lots of places, and working as
JC: Business Administration because I a psychologist. Realistically, I don't know.
could do a good job at it and it is a safe I hope I can do the ideally.
career to get a job in. MH: Married with children, a professional,
AV: Not sure. good status (economically). Realistically,
KF: Hotel I don't know,
Management. I (hopefully the same
think it's as ideally).
interesting. Al: No clue.
S: International ML: Working in a lab
business. curing diseases.
Managing hotels Working in a lab,
and advertising. It trying to cure
sounds like fun. diseases.
JP: Nursing and LL: I see myself in the
maybe go into U.S.A. Realistically, I
medicine. I like don't know.
kids, and I see JC: I see myself
myself as a working for an
pediatrician. international
JA: ? company and getting
TL: Computer a pretty good salary.
Science. AV: Working
Professional bum somewhere.
and procrastination KF: Ideally, rich,
are not choices for somewhere on an
majors. island. Realistically,
JB: Music, math, physics, computers. somewhere in an apartment in Mexico or
They resonate in my soul. Germany.
AL: International Relations and S: Good Question! Hopefully rich and
languages or government. I like traveling famous.
and they're interesting. JP: Working, a mother, living somewhere
AC: Software programing or with my husband (in Guate or El
environmental science. Salvador).
KB: I would like to study everything JA: I don't know.
because I am curious about everything. TL: Ideally: in India working at a mission
A1: International business. Sounds house. Realistically: Dead in a New York
interesting. City back alley.
A2: Medicine, because I can use my JB: Ideally, a professor/jazz musician at
knowledge in medicine in many diverse some university that pays decently.
ways. Realistically, the same.
AL: In ten years (both realistically and and keep him as a pet.
ideally), I see myself finishing a doctorate S: I wouldn't give 'em! They're mine! If he
degree and/or working for the U.N. or a wants baseball cards, let him go out and
government. buy his own! He he!
AC: A really poor scientist or musician. JP: I'd give them to him, so he'd leave me
KB: Ideally: living a comfy life with a alone.
family, a 9 figure pay check, and helping JA: If the alien can land on my toast, it is
missionaries all over the world with those probably very small and thus harmless. If
9 figures. Realistically: I would be going it is harmless I would capture it, contact its
out with a possible wife, living comfy, with planet, and make a trade. If it had some
a 5 figure salary, helping missionaries if kind of ESP then I would try to get
not being one myself. something in return or I would just say that
A1: As a successful person. I despise baseball.
A2: I'll be finishing my doctor degree. TL: The alien, assuming that he is small
enough to land on my toast, must be very
If you were reading the small compared to Mt. Everest. So, I
New York Times at the would undergo a radioactive mutation in
table 'while eating my weird chamber, and pick up Mt.
Everest and smash the alien with the tip of
breakfast, and an alien
it. After the chaos of continental
landed on your toast and
displacement is over, I'll give him the
demanded that you give
cards, since baseball STINKS ANYWAY!
him all your baseball
JB: 1)1 would probably admit that I don't
cards, what would you do collect baseball cards, unwittingly
and why? ensuring my instantaneous vaporization
MC: Run away with my most valuable and subsequent journey to the Limbo of
baseball cards if i have time to get them Moron Soldiers (Valhalla for Dummies).
because I'd be too scared, or paralyzed. 2) The impudent microscopic E.T., failing
MH: Tell him to take my toast and go
to get my attention, would suffer a painful
away because I don't have any baseball end in a bath of guayava jelly and gastric
cards. Then I'd finish my breakfast. juices.
Al: I'd offer him some cereal, they might AL: I'd ask hi what he'd give me in return
be hungry after a long trip.
(cause I don't really acre about baseball
ML: Ask him politely to get off my food,
cards one way or the other unless they're
ask him why I should give him all my worth $).
cards, ask for a trade-off, and offer him
AC: Sure go for it.
KB: I would beat the snot out of him with
LL: I would shout and run away to get my the card, then tell him to not invade earth
parents because I would be very
because it's blue, but to take out people
surprised about what happened.
who don't give him creative answers for
JC: I would invite him to have breakfast
these types of questions. All because this
with me. Then I would probably
question needed a weird answer.
exchange cards with him. If he didn't
A1: I wouldn't give them to him, they're
agree, I would shoot him.
AV: I would eat the alien with my toast. A2: I don't understand what you are
KF: I would say no and put him in a jar, saying. Sorry!
'The Journey"
Life is but a journey . ..
You have to travel it all the way
Life is but a journey . ..
You have to live adventures every day.
Life is but a journey ...
You have bad weather to face.
Life is but a journey...
You have to keep up the your pace.
Life is but a journey. ..
You have to struggle through it all.
Life is but a journey . ..
You have to be strong and not let yourself fall.
Life is but a journey . ..
A journey with an end.

By: Alejandro Valbuena

"To Mom"
You're someone very special,
Someone whom I very much care for,
You're not only the person who gave birth to
You are my best friend.

Many times you can be strict and make me mad,

But I know you're the boss,
And even though I don't want to talk to you again,
Acting this way is my loss.

rYou're very honest,

rAnd definitely extremely modest;
rOne thing is for sure,
For any problem you're my cure.

Mom, I love you more than you can

ever imagine,
And when I leave, you need to see :
Not only won't I have someone to
tuck me in every night,
But not having you anywhere around
will greatly hurt me.

3y: Jennifer M. Peterson,

"Live your dreams"
Dreams are nothing,
if not fulfilled.

They're only visions

that appear.

All your hopes and

all your might.

could be washed
away like a tear.

Nothing more, nothing less

it's easy to lose your way.

But if you're strong and don't give up,

you will live your dreams someday.

By: Karin Faass

Same old people
Same old gossip
That eds up as a different tale.
It never fails
When I'm bored
The stupidest jokes
Have lost their humor.
An empty gym
Gives me claustrophobia.
Silence swallows me whole
When I am bored.
People babble in the background.
Conversations lose their meaning.
Listening and looking as if I care,
I feel uncomfortable
among "friends."
When I am bored.
Laziness takes its toll
Sleep takes control
Over me.
Waiting for the time
To leave.
Channel surfing
for that program.
My life slips away
When I am bored.

By: Aaron Chock

On the
And I as

g in a w
ing its
ask m

re that d
ask m
Where am I
Rough, tough, cold
Nice, soft, warm
Which one
should be the one to chose

Confusion is my middle name

Drowning in a glass of water
While I should not even care
All my hope in You, all my love to You

Is there anything else to say?

Anything else that seems insane?
A long list of senseless complaints
Always, someone pointing his crooked
little finger at everybody else
Accusing them of making a mistake
But does he really care?

Not worrying about them is the safest

The truth, I never really listen to them
A long list of senseless complaints
Can they really blame being the same?

A long list of senseless complaints

Why even care?
All my hope in You, all my love to You

By: Jorge
Time has flown and islflowing
wihtout taking a bit of rpst.
I could not resist it
I could not avoid it.

Time swept away my pj^t and

my important people in \ second
^without any hint.

Time is so powerful, somet\ies

iftdumps on me.

Ncrone can beat time,

beclmse people are not fast enou*

One dhy everyone will be gone

with tin\ forever.

Everyone n^s to face its decision

at the end.

3y: Jin Kim (Daisy)

It's about who you love and who you ache for,
It's about who makes you happy and who
makes you sad,
It's about keeping trust and betrayal,
It's about a friendship and an enemy,
It's about being,
A meaning in what you say,
A chosen word that may blow you away,
A feeling so powerful,
A feel of fear, ignorance, rage and love,
A manifestation of full control and reprisal,
I'ts about being,
Bearing and inner hate and lust,
Simply agonixing over what you feel,
Realizing that it will soon disappear,
In a matter of time.
It's about being,
Implying the person that you are.

By: Suzanne Polanco


^i^^^-^-^? r3P^3t|onis Sa^etBi^rig veTy ifnpb*fflPht* tD""usT":th"G/rsenior class.

^!?S^^v-^ecpfidi$ and merhbries pome up to myshead. /
PK^ ■ /^n61 reafly graduatihg? ^ V" \ /
I&^SII;^-''^" P-Q.'.'-^'^iye to -graciUiate?" . \^/
W:X:h: Uh! (do not want to separate from my good friends.
||il;3 After,all, I learned so many thngs in Colegio Maya.
p^kTrip to Lanquin? really inspired me and I enjoyed feeling the nature nex
f\ ;l\remember the interesting events at school, such as Sports Day and th*
|^C)f;course I will, be very thankful about all the people who supported me.
Ill^er will.i forget this special day, My Graduation.
teH> -■:■■:■ . .: ,■•-■■ . ■ ■ ■■■■:.,■■ ' ■•■....■.
|Br ;Ayuit}i Sakamoto ; :''-:- \
I tried to convince my heart
to hate you,
Baut all my heart can do,
is love you more.
I tried to convince myself
I didn't care,
But each time I see you,
I care more.
I thought I could live
without your love,
But each time I tried,
I felt my heart pound slowly,
I felt uncertainty in my soul,
I slowly felt myself drifting
Into loneliness,
slowly felt myself dying,
Without your Love

By: Susan Sperry


Gosh I hate that
It stinks so much
They think that I fouled her
It was just a touch!

Whats the matter with me!

What am I doing!
I just got three travels!
What am I, Ewing?

Wow did you see that?!

I made my first shot!
Not bad for a freshman
I like this game a lot.

By: Ana Mercado

"Within My Own Space"

I would like to have

My own space
Where I could breathe.

I would like to spread my wings

Within my space where violent wind
And glaring sunlight
Can't easily invade.

By the roadside,
Branches are hanging down
With thickly covered leaves.

In my heart, peacefulness flows

Beautiful song of a bird pleases me,
And I would like to stand alone
On the roadside.

By: Hee Jung Park

I remember hanging out
with all my friends running about

I remember, we used to hang

and play football games

I remember, we used to stay out late

just to hang out with my friends all

I remember, we use to fight

and everybody said it was a sight!

I remember, we used to go to the

and watch them all day long.

I remember we used to go on field

trips to the beach
and stay there late looking at girls.

Now that I'm here to stay

I feel like they are away.

By: Isaias Saavedra

Throwing trash is not a good
Because the more you throw,
The more you develop pollution.

So be a good citizen
Throw your garbage in the bin,
Instead of ruining your streets
Which would be a sin.

Take care of our land,

Then people would have,
The idea, to lend a hand,
Toward our environment.

So let's arrange,
To make a change

By: Giancarlo Valle.

A flower a day
may ask for more
a picture of a child
was such a bore.
I swing
beneath the sky,
a crippled old man
watches me cry,
the lip I seal
was not to clear
A facial mask,
a face of me
I fear for more.

The smell of nicotine

arose my heart, a special smell
engaged my blood.
Harmony told me
a story, I once knew
which disgraced
my birth.

By: Zuleira Chock

a self centered girl
asked the priest for a sacrifice
but the evil saint
flew to another world
i held her hand
a fresh taste
bloomed the place
the circulation of my blood
left her weeping for joy
i understood her advance
from the glare i looked
she felt a shimmer
from the red sky
that flew below our heads.

she whimpers,
is sit,
she watches,
i sneeze,
her bloodshot eyes
staring beneath the water
i bathed with
a glimpse of herself
made her unconscious.

she kills herself,

leaving trade marks
of the oxygen i felt
but a fog of hydrogen
■Wi* "\ " •
left me mute
in a way i blessed her saint
seeking his soul
for me!

By: Zuleira Chock

an hour has gone by
the ticks
are molesting
your blood.

my appetite is strong
the young drool
was born to last.

an equation i was knew

sent the hours drifting apart
a sincere laugh,

i have no life
watch people
see them
make a fool of themselves!

pointing at
while your eyes
hate my words
of wisdom
and courage!

you vomit
the saturated salt
i told you,
but a selfish heart
may dream
of myself!

Zuleira Chock

"The Forest1

Walking in, to the sounds of the

My body shakes, feeling surrounded
with fright.
Looking up, I see the crescent
shaped moon,
That will descend into the dark
clouds real soon.

In the distance, the howling of

makes my already pounding heart
And as I hear the wind rustling the
leaves above
I begin to mark my pace.
I blindly run through the evening
When suddenly the stinging icicles
of rain cut
through me.
I suddenly awake, terrified by all this
And am comforted by the room I see,
And all of its familiarity.
By: Maria Koch

/1/1 i
'The Shining Star"
She is like a young star
Merely starting to shine;
Shining bright through the infinite
Lighting the void in my heart.

She fills me with warmth

Like the sun on a hot summer day.
Her radiance can shine through any
No matter how thick.
That shining star...
How can I live without you?

By: Esteban Fanjul

"The Puck"

The man in the prison shirt,

Warms me in his hands.
I fear to leave his reassuring
As he goes toward the center
of the rink.

Two goliaths await me,

With rage in their faces,
With bloodshot eyes and
foam in their mouths.
They hold clubs of steel as I

I hit the icy surface

I hear the cheers in the
Do they think I enjoy this?
Do they not know all the pain
I must endure?

I am hit across the rink over

and over again,
60 minutes of torture with only
20 minutes of rest
I'm bruised and beaten
No mercy in their actions
Will I survive through this
And repetitive season

By: Mario Chicas

"Life is like..."
Life is like me brother's hair,

It's so short.

Life is like the high hurdles,

You always have to face new


Life is like a pencil,

You never know when you are

going to break.

Life is like a basketball team,

There is always someone

better than you.

Life is like an empty box,

You never know who you are

going to meet.

Life is like an accident,

You never know what's going

to happen.

Life is a dish of home-made food,

After done cooking, no matter

how good or bad it is, you have
to eat it.

Life is like a clock hanging on your


You keep on running until it


By: PatYoo
Wipe your tears
And dry your eyes
Life seems so unfair
I hate sating good-bye

All the happy memories

We've shared together
They are unforgettable
And sill stay with me forever

I can't believe you will be gone

Your voice on the phone
Will give me hope
But will that be enough
For me not to feel alone?

So wipe your tears

and dry your eyes
Then, maybe it won't be so hard
To say good-bye.

By: Carolina Mejia

"My Lost Beloved
I was always there for you
As you were always there for me.
We had this bond
No one understood except we.

MY lips understood your lips

As your lips understood my lips.
And we had so many things in

That we made it look charming.

Our respect for each other

Was bether than others.
And that made us
A great couple

We were together for three long

And we didn't shed a tear.
Whenever their was a problem
We would hug each other.

Even though we are far away from

each other
will never forget the way we were
with one another.
Until this day I cry day by day
But hope someday we will reunite
once again.

Rebeca Saavedra
"A Good Bye Walk"
As I walk, my feet sink into the mushy
Again I get that feeling, so I hold his
We walk slowly, admiring the
beautiful sky,
And all of a sudden I start to cry.
He then holds me tight,
Under the moon's light.
A humid breeze sweeps us away,
I can taste it's salt all around the bay.
We end up sitting at the side of the
And I stay thinking of nothing more.
Then the reason for the walk comes
And I think of how it just can't be.
It is time for that postponed good bye
And I start it even though I'd prefer to
At the start it wasn't that bad,
But then it became more than sad.
First we hugged and said good bye,
Then we confessed to every lie.
So we were now both pure and
And finally accepting that the
moment was here
We were both full of fear,
Shedding just one tear.
The end of the relationship had
Leaving me completely numb.

By: Mariana Raskosky

AA^ AA^ AA^ A^ AA^ AA^ AA^

1^^r ^^^ *^^J '^^W ^^W '^T ^^^W

"Just One Day"

Just one day, I want to be with you,

because it can't be forever
Just on day...
When you are loving, you believe
that it will be forever,
but love can't ever be forever.
So, just one day, I want to receive
your love.
It will be better just one day
than forever without love
So, just one day
I want to share love with you.
I think that you can give me one day.

Just one day...

By: Alison Kim

"Guatemala, land
of hope"
Created by God, Full of wonders of
Volcanoes, rivers and lakes
But the most beautiful
Are your people.

You struggled against the
You fought them
With heart and soul
And you won
Creating your independence.

Your history is full of pain
Your people suffered
You cried and wept with them
Because of injustice
Because of no future.

Your sons and daughters
Didn't accept situations
Of hunger, injustice and death
And committed themselves
To look for peace for everyone.

Peace was signed
A new era is starting
All of us will accompany you
To a new country
For all.

By: Marianel Coolen

"A Lover's Dream"
As I sit and stare at the glancing

I sit here and hope to see you soon.

Then I fear I won't see you tomorrow,
So I would sit here and cry in sorrow.
Now I have a dream which I hopes
comes true
And that one dream is to be with you.

By: Stephin Lee

When I look at the trees, I see

When I look at the grass, I see


When I look at the soccer field, I see


When I look at the mountains, I see


When I smell the grass, I smell


When I hear the leaves dancing

around, I hear

When I look at my terrace, I see


Green is the best color

because it exists over the whole
and you see it all the time!!!!

By: Alexander de Gaay Fortman

>'re Hying a love stpry

just DANCE

Kowhere else I'd father be

be shy. standout

far between.

7]u}-3*!uK" "Waiting for Tomorrow"

^l"-2- Today is love

Tomorrow is parting...
I am waiting for
Someone who is coming
In the hope of forgetting
The ones who left.
Falling tears,
a heart full of emotion
just when the sun is going down
we talk.

At the station we feel regret and

sorrow. Missing each other in anger.

It would be easy
To miss someone and
to have someone come near me.
In the sadness of sending someone
away, I'm anxiously waiting for
Tomorrow which will come.

s *- rj- Today will go away,

Tomorrow will come.
What I anticipate is
Another meeting,
What you want is

I let you go
will forget you
without looking back again

By Su Han Park
"Love is..."
Love is
Something beautiful,
Something with no end line,
Something that exists no matter
Something that won't change,
Something that just leaves you with
a broken heart,
Something that makes you suffer a
Something that you will regret
Something that you will experience,
Something that's pink,
but most of all,
Something that can't be said in one

By: Eun Ji Byun

The English
especially if uncontrolled, can destroy as
well as bring people together.
Despite these positive elements, a

Patient: case can be made that the the greatness

of "The English Patient" has been
exaggerated by movie reviewers. This
Movie Review film is the kind of romantic movie, with
complicated human relations, which is
by Matthew Roney
very much liked by a certain type of
intellectual. Stripped of its wonderful
'With ravishing beauty and
cinematography and its basic story of
unsettling intelligence, Michael
adultery and passion, "The English
Ondaatje's Booker Prize - winning novel
Patient" is a psychological study of a
traces the intersection of four damaged
number of people who happen to be
lives in an Italian villa at the end of
together. One could say that the film's
World War II. Hana, the exhausted
popularity is based on the same sort of
nurse; the maimed thief, Caravaggio;
violence, passion, and sex which make
and the wary sapper, Kip. Each is
daytime soap operas so popular. One
haunted by the riddle of the English
can suppose that much of the book's
patient, the nameless, burned man who
psychological complexity has been left
lies in an upstairs room and whose
out. Those types of books made very
memories of passion, betrayal, and
slow, plodding movies. The director has
rescue illuminate this book like flashes of
done a very good job of giving the
heat lighting."
viewer just enough of a story line to
These words sum up very well the
hold his interest. Throw in danger,
movie title. Most people in the United
airplane scenes, war, and superb
States who have seen the movie
cinematography and one has a very
probably have not read the novel,
appealing movie.
which won an English prize. This
In the final analysis, one must
successful movie adaptation from an
decide if "The English Patient" is a very
apparently complex novel won nine
good, or great, movie or not. As stated
Oscars, such as best picture, best
above, the answer is probably both yes
director, best costume design, best
and no. In great part, the answer
supporting actress, and others.
depends upon the taste of the viewer.
Certain aspects of the movie were
If you like very romantic, passionate
excellent. In particular, one should
characters and a story line which
praise the stunning photography of the emphasizes tragic situations, then this is
airplane scenes (mostly filmed in the movie for you. If not, a good
southern Tunisia) and the beautiful suggestion is to avoid this film at all cost.
indoor scenes of parties. In parts, the You might be bored, aside from the
cinematography reminds one of great scenery.
sweeping epics like "Lawrence of
Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago." In
addition, "The English Patient"
demonstrated the complexities of human
relations and, in particular, that passion,

e U universe
By: Magnus Franklin

It is by now a pretty well established and then tries to grasp that every single
fact that the Universe is an extremely event in the universe may have been caused
complex place to live in. In the time before by that cucumber, then it can be said that the
we had realized the actual complexity of our extinction of the dinosaurs and the invention
universe, or in fact, our galaxy, this was a of the atomic bomb may have been caused
heavily debated subject within scholarly by, say, a fat goat eating that cucumber. It
society. Some people even went to the has even been said that Nostradamus'
extent of thinking that our small blue-green predictions were caused by his fondness for
planet was the center of the universe, and cucumbers.
that the rest of the universe was in fact a Due to the complexity of our
spherical globe around what they believed universe, many people have chosen to settle
was a flat surface. This view down in a quaint countryside
was, of course closer than house by a dusty dirt road, to
anyone thought to being completely fail to grasp the
complete nonsense. immensity of the stuff that
Now that people have surrounds them, preventing
started trying to understand themselves from going
how complex our universe is, completely mad. Other people,
some people have pondered in fact, try to comprehend how
what will happen if we ever whopingly cool our universe is,
understand how it works; as and consequently go
one source put it: "If we ever completely crazy, trying to
understood how our universe stuff their house with
actually worked, it would instantly be cucumbers while trying to explain to
replaced by something even more themselves the importance of this to the
staggeringly strange and incomprehensible" future peace of the galaxy. Some people
some evidence even suggest that this already even go to the extent of explaining to people
has happened. Another fact that shakes that mice, in fact, are pan-dimensional
some scientists' fundamental beliefs is how hyperintelligent beings who currently are
large and very unlike a dusty countryside conducting horrifying experiments on
dirt road our universe is. This was not what humans. Most of the people who go this far
shook the scientist's beliefs. What shook quickly die from food poisoning from eating
their beliefs was that some multi poisoned cucumbers, again explaining the
dimensional beings have commented, on usefulness of cucumbers in this world.
how similar our universe looks to a dusty An extensive explanation of the
countryside dirt road. complexity of our universe can be found in
Another concept that some people The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by
try to comprehend is that every atom in our Douglas Adams, chapters 1, 3,9, 12-19,22,
universe is affected by the movements of 25, and in fact the rest of the chapters as
another atom. If one imagines a cucumber, well
Rncient Core
by Reinier Spruijt

3n the Christian Bible, there are fire. It is also referred to as a dragon.

passages that show there were It could not fly and supposedly could
once giants and fierce, horrible not be caught. It had a coat that could
monsters. They could have been not be pierced, and had jaws of
mythical, beings three times as tall as terrifying teeth. Its back was enforced
average people, monsters that could with rows of "shields" fastened
spew fire and fly but, if they did exist, together very tightly. There was no
could they still be alive today? weak spot in its skin, and its heart had
Many cHil(Wi's stories have ho fear. It was tie king of the wild
giants in them. They belonged to three beasts.
basic f^ilies, Gath, Anak, and The other monster, Behemoth,
Aiiakim. GolJith, the one that lost to was a land diiRial. It ate grass as a
David* was pie of the last Anakims. cow does but was a lot mare powerful.
His other brothers were Ishbibenob, Its tail was said to be as strong as a
Saph, and Lahmi. All four brothers tree, its bones as strong as bronze, and
were fierce wambfs. The Anak and its legs like iron bars. Nobody could
Anakim families were more tranquil catch it for it was too powerful.
Og was an Anakim and was ki#g of Did these creatures actually
Ammonite land. When he was |uried? exist? Were the Leviathan and
his coffin had measurements of Iwo- Behemoth dinosaurs? Are there any
by-four meters. Two other gian§s that such animals today? Maybe these
were kings were Hormah and Arad creatures were aliens from another
both from the Anak family, plants planet or |olar system. There are only
came from human women and questions and speculations because
supernatural beings. They were the nobody really kiiows on Earth.
great heroes and famous men of long Maybe, someday we will find the
ago. answers to these creatures, maybe we
The Leviathan was a symbol of already have, but until we find out for
the forces of chaos and evil or, of the sure, they will always remain a
nations oppressing Israel. The mystery.

Leviathan is a sea-monster that spews

Respect or Freedom?

I realized that there are family members and relatives.

many differences between the Several months after I came
Korean and Western culture, here, I saw a girl that looked
atfter living in Guatemala for at most eighteen and old
several years. Both cultures woman smoking together, in
value and emphasize respect. a section of a shopping mall.
However, in Korea, respect is By overhearing their
above everything and it had conversation, I knew that they
always been and still has an were daughter and mother. A
extremely large influence on thing like that is much less
people. likely to happen in Korea.
There are so many Back then, I thought what
manners to observe for the these two women were doing
sake of respect for others in was so terribly wrong. But as
Korea. Koreans, for example, time passed, I came to
have a special language only conclude that there is nothing
for older people. You can't wrong in their behavior. I
call older people by their thought, "It is a free country
names. There is an after all, and who cares if
appropriate titles to call older others think bad about them?
ones, such as "brother It is their choice." In Korea,
(name)" and "sister (name)". many people would consider
Also, when you meet them as vile women with no
somebody older that you respect, but in most Western
know, you have to bow down countries, people wouldn't
and say nice greetings even care about them. Then a
though you don't mean a question arose in my mind.
word you say. In addition, not "Are things like smoking with
many Koreans smoke or hold an older person that bad and
their girlfriend's or indecent? Is respect that
boyfriend's hand in front of important as to take freedom
older people, especially older away from the people?"
Respect has always been students to build their own
a part of Korea's long history opinion upon the information
and my ancestors considered they get in schools. Classes
it as a fundamental largely include class
responsibility of people. discussions and student
Respect toward the king, the presentations. This difference
teacher, respect between the in education shows that
husband and wife and by people of Western cultures
children for parents were the have more freedom in their
four basic teachings in everyday life and that there is
schools in Korea. Through more equality of importance
respect, people got along of people.
peacefully, but it also put So the final question is:
people in order of importance. which is more important and
The king, teachers, older valuable, respect or freedom? I
people, and men were usually would personally prefer
considered the most freedom, but I would also feel
important. This cultural trait weird, maybe even bad, if I
still makes it hard people of see some young Korean
different age or different ladies smoking in public, in
educational background to be front of their parents. So I
friends or understand each guess I can't answer that
other. question that arose in my
One example is at mind after encountering
school. In Korean schools, Western culture. Western
teachers are way above culture seems to have many
students and have complete convenient and fair
authority over students. No characteristics, but I guess I
argument or difference in am attached too deeply to my
opinion is allowed from the Korean culture, which I also
students. It is not allowed just love very much, to be
because teachers are older completely comfortable in any
and have more academic data other culture. Respect or
in their brains. So classes are a Freedom? I just say it's
continuation of lecture, cultural difference.
undisturbed unquestioned by
any student. In contrast, most by Susana Chang
Western schools encourage
intMintm Her fait
By: Paige Cunningham

A fter having traveled to the apparition appeared, her trepidation

homes of Rammel dTlur and Kyant
Meglyn and her escort cantered
d'Koy, Metheglyn visited Jaspur
into the town of Glydean. There they
d'Akada and Tiuy D' Wund. Neither of
found an inn called the Tawny Hart. Its
them was the person Metheglyn was
neat, attractive courtyard was filled with
looking for either. She felt like giving
grooms. Apparently a hunting party was
up and not even bothering to check out
being organized.
Gaelyre d'Quin. Her trip had been
After the hunting party departed,
thoroughly disheartening thus far. On
Metheglyn's party dismounted and
the way, Meglyn had, on several
handed their horses' reins over to stable
occasions, felt as if a threatening
hands. They moved their bags inside
presence had come down on her, but had
and looked for the proprietress. Later in
swiftly been lifted. Still, to her
the day, Metheglyn and her entourage
disappointment, she had not found any
were served a nourishing meal of roasted
fowl in a light wine sauce, spicy greens,
Finally, after some work on
crusty bread, and a full-bodied red wine.
Elantra's part, Metheglyn was convinced
For dessert they received pastries glazed
to continue on to the house of d'Quin.
with honey.
On the way, the hair on the back of
Following lunch, Meglyn
Meglyn9 s neck began to prickle. Then
traveled to the house of d'Quin. There
out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed
both she and Kylla were presented to
something white. As soon as the
Lady Gaela d'Quin and her son Gaelyre.
Upon seeing the young man, Metheglyn could be premature," she stated.
got an incredible shock. The d'Quin son However she was beginning to think
was none other than the youth who had there was a very good chance that he
banished the bandits at the beginning of was the one.
her journey! Meglyn dazedly introduced At that moment, Kylla, who
herself and was left to converse with Metheglyn had forgotten about, leaped
Gaelyre. onto her lap. Have you realized that it is
"Well, I guess that by now you nearly six o 'clock? You have to change
have recognized me as that 'rakish9 for dinner! You will be back here soon
young man you encountered enough.
previously," he stated sheepishly. Then Excusing herself, Meglyn picked
he grinned that memorable grin at her. up the staff that she carried everywhere,
"Yes, I suppose I have, however, and swiftly retired to the inn.
I would like to know why you appeared
so suddenly that day. Not to mention That night, Meglyn confided in
howl" she replied. Elantra. She revealed that she had hopes
"I guess that my appearances had for the young d'Quin. She also informed
to do with two things. One was that you the sorceress that he was the one who
were there when I caught up to the had rescued them from the bandits.
bandits. Therefore I was showing off. A knock on the door of their
The second is that I was honestly trying room startled both occupants. The sound
to get rid of them for both of us. You echoed resoundingly in the inn room,
needed them out of your hair right then, sharply contrasting with the silence of
and they have been making a nuisance of the moment before.
themselves around our home. I had been "Enter," commanded Metheglyn.
following them for some time when they Following that cue, a young lady entered
slowed down to bother you. It was too bearing a sealed missive. "I come from
good a chance to pass up." the house of d'Quin. I have been ordered
"I see. Do you think that we to await a reply to the letter I bring you."
could have been placed in real jeopardy? With those words, the girl curtsied and
I wonder if they would have really hurt stepped back to the door.
us. I have also been wondering if the Meglyn broke the seal on the
attack was really a coincidence at all. If note and read the letter. "Lady d'Quin
the attack was planned, who was formally requests the honor of the
responsible?'queried Meglyn presence ofPrincess Metheglyn Lynya
"I must confess that I am at a bit and Sorceress Elantra at a ball at seven
of a loss," admitted Gaelyre, "but let's o 'clock morrow eve." Meglyn finished
discuss something a bit more important the letter and handed it to Elantra. When
right now. You and me." the sorceress had read it, a quick
Raising her eyebrows, Meglyn discussion passed between eyes. Then
complied. She asked him what he Metheglyn found pen and paper and
meant, and said that he wanted to know penned a reply.
if she thought they would be compatible. "We will be honored to attend your
"It's really a little to soon to tell, ball, respectfully,
don't you think? Any judgement I make
Meglyn handed her reply to the off her shapely arms. Her green- heeled
girl, who curtsied again and withdrew. slippers and uplifted hairstyle coupled
"What am I going to wear? I with a simple pair of gold studs as her
have nothing appropriate packed, and if I only jewelry added elegance to her
did, it would have been ruined by now. I stunning appearance.
have nothing to wear to a ball!" she At precisely quarter of seven, a
wailed. carriage pulled up outside the inn.
Elantra soothed her pupil saying Meglyn, Elantra, Kylla, and Koratha
that they had plenty of time to create floated down to the carriage and were
fabulous dresses for both of them. whisked away to the d'Quin manor.
Reassured, Meglyn decided to prepare The brightly- lit building was
for bed. She entered the white tiled still empty, as everyone as yet remained
bathroom. When she emerged, she on the front portico. Colorftilly-dressed
stepped onto a thick burgundy carpet, men and women milled around on the
then ascended a short ladder into a tall steps greeting one another cheerfully. As
four-poster.. She fell asleep amidst deep the clock tolled seven, the doors opened,
green bedclothes. and the guests streamed inside. Meglyn
and her party descended from the
Just before they were scheduled carriage and joined the flow. Inside,
to arrive at the ball, Metheglyn and their senses were dazzled by the swirling
Elantra created two lovely ball gowns. colors and festive babble.
They designed Elantra's dress of Suddenly the motion and sounds
midnight blue silk woven with silver were stilled. A fanfare erupted from the
threads. The dress's small waist and balcony above the ballroom. "All hail
very full skirt, which just grazed the the Princess Metheglyn Lynya and the
floor, made her look even taller and sorceress Elantra!" Noise spread
more shapely than she already was. The through the hall. The people parted,
bodice was a separate piece which laced leaving a passage for the four to the dais
up the open back with criss-crossing upon which sat the members of the
silver chains in a way that showed off house of d'Quin. As they ascended the
her creamy skin. The sleeves skimmed steps to the dais, Metheglyn spotted
along Elantra's arms, then formed someone new. She saw a girl of about
floating trails at the wrists, enveloping her own age seated next to Lady Gaela
her small hands in soft folds of fabric. d'Quin. The girl appeared bright and
Her silver slippers were barely visible, vivacious, a possible kindred spirit.
and her delicate silver necklace showed "This is my daughter, Gaely
through the dropped neckline of her Morgan d'Quin," introduced the Lady.
dress. Her hair rippled loosely out of a "Please call me Morgan,"
half twist to cover the back of her neck. entreated the girl. Morgan's wavy
Meglyn looked a dream in her brown hair and sparkly eyes made her
ball gowa The fiill cut emerald silk with look incredibly cheer&l. The biggest
the gold inlay truly became her. The surprise was the ball of gofcUbrown fiir
gown's high, sloped neckline on her lap. Morgan had the magic!
accentuated her slender neck. The "This is Kelly, my familiar, as I assume
sleeves which hugged her arms and you have now guessed," commented
terminated at cuffs at her wrists showed Morgan. "Maybe she and..?"
"Kylla and Koratha," Meglyn "Actually, I have heard of male
supplied. sorcerers, but not in thousands of years!
"Maybe they would like to get to You are incredible. I am sure that my
know one another." teacher, Elantra will teach you. She
We think that that would be a knows all you will ever need to know
good idea. Human parties are always so about how to get a wild source under
boring/ control. What else can you do?"
With that, Kelly jumped off "I can create living creatures for
Morgan's lap, and led the other two moments and make gates from here to
familiars away. about five feet away," stated Gael
Just then the music resumed, and "You can? I didn't know that
Gaelyre stood up. "Will you join me?" was possible!" exclaimed Morgan.
he asked Metheglyn. "Not since the days of the
As an answer she placed her Greats," Meglyn said softly. "That
hand in his and turned to face the floor. talent has been lost for millenia."
She lifted her skirt as she descended the "You had better get some
short flight of steps. The couple joined training before you cause another Fall-
the formation for a few dances, then Out!" cried Morgan in great excitement.
walked outside, where they were joined "I hope your teacher can fit all of us in.
by Morgan. The young d'Quins led her I want to learn more about history. "
to a rose arbor which gave a glorious "I only hope that she can control
view of the stars in the heavens. this power in me," said Gael.
"Are you the only person in your "So do I," whispered Metheglyn.
family to practice magic?" Metheglyn "So do I."
asked of Morgan.
"I am the only trained member of
my family, but Gael has a potent force
himself," replied Morgan. "Why don't
you show her Gael?"
The young man excused himself
and quickly returned with a small lyre.
He began to play a slow, dreamy piece,
which made Metheglyn think of clouds
and springtime and romance. She
thought she smelled flowers, and then
realized that she could smell them.
Exclaiming, she was soon informed that
that was a major part of Gaelyre's
magic. His was almost entirely related to
music. With music he could do nearly
everything he could conceptualize.
However his magic was severely limited
by unpredictability. He needed training
to gain control over his magic, but no
teacher was willing to take him on,
because he was male.
ON THE WEB By Kevin Swartz

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There are also chat rooms to go which is
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The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

The novel, the Good Earth by fatter everyday from his greasy foods
Pearl S. Buck, is known to many and rich meals. Wang Ul, the second
people. Buck wrote this story based son, is very good at trading. He
on her experiences in China It's a earns money from it, and later on, he
story about a farmer who loves and even sells the land for his business.
admires the land. His name is Wang Wang San, the third son, didn't like
Lung. Wang was born from a poor his father much. He runs out of the
farmer family. He marries to O-lan. house when he is only a teenager to
She is so quiet, that it's even scary to join the army- Later, he becomes the
go near her sometimes. However, leader of an army himself. Anyway,
she's a very hard working person. he doesn't have any love for the land,
One day, accidentally, they got either.
lots of jewelry, and started to buy the The author describes each
lands that Wang always dreamed character in detail, so that the readers
about. After several years of their can understand fully* Also it has a
marriage, the hunger and poorness very good conflict that everyone goes
was ending little by little. They have against their father's will and the
four children, three sons and one protagonist's love for the land.
daughter. The daughter is mentally These factors are probably the major
retarded, because she suffered too reasons that the Good Earth is such a
much from hunger when she was great novel.
only a baby. The three sons didn't
know any thing about hunger or by Mi Jin Kang
poorness since they didn't experience
any because Wang was rich when
they were growing up. So all they
cared about was the money except
that the third son cares about
growing and enlarging his army.
Wang felt alive when he smells
and touches the sand of his land. So
he always wanted to let them know
the beauty of the land, too.
But everything goes the opposite
the way Wang wants to be. Wang Li,
the first son, is only interested of
keeping money. He gets fatter and
We Didn't Start
the Fire
The following songs are from an assignment of Mr. Smith's. After playing Billy
Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire" for his junior and sophomore classes, Mr. Smith made
it an assignment for the Juniors to write a song in the same manner as "We didn't Start
the Fire" but with lyrics covering events from the U.S. history book. Then he gave the
same assignment to the sophomores but he made it an optional extra credit
assignment. The sophomore songs had to cover events from two chapters of their
history books. Anyway, a variety of songs resulted from this and here they are.

Speculators invest more and more; saturated market

Then one day: Collapse, Boom, stock market crashed
Black Thursday, prices fell, DEPRESSION
Hoover tried, but it died, he lost to FDR

In comes the New Deal with 100 Days Congress

NRA and AAA get bogged down
But that's ok, economy's back, Rosy saves the day.

By: Rana Hamdy


Robert Kennedy, JFK

Atomic and H-bombs blown away
Playboy sex, Malcolm X
Luther King Jr., Chavez Mex
Stalin, Hitler. World War II
Soviets. US sends the U-2
McCarthy, McArthur, Korea and Hoover,
Since when did Eisenhower take a shower?
Vietnam, Pearl Harbor. Watergate. CREEP<
China. Tienanmin, Mao can't weep
Sputnik, Scuds and Killer Bees.
Gorbachev and Reagen in Moscow meet
LBJ, Nixon and Quadaffi,
Why can't they be more like Steamboat Willie?
Johnson. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
Roe vs. Wade debating abortion
Cold War. stagflation, stock market crashed.
Panama Canal. Ford. Salt II smashed
Black leader Jessie Jackson,
Don't become like Michael Jackson!
FDR. Grenada, NATO and Watt.
Cocaine doesn't make you fat
Carmichael, CIA. PLO and the plumber.
Jewish refugees and Nixon-Kissinger.
Apple, Silicon, and the car industry.
Who's more gorgeous than Dean and Prestley?
Batman and Robin chase the screens,
NBC and HBO rule the TV
Someone was in the killing mood
Realize that George Wallace wasn't in Hollywood
Saddam. Iraq and Kuwait were fighting.
The United States history keeps on going

by Alice Chen
Poodle skirts, football stars, baby boom, great big cars
Bill Hailey, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Bloody Mary
Television, go to church, McCarthyism, John Birch
Eisenhower, James Dean, Doris Day, and the Queen

We didn't start the fire...

Kennedy, Peace Corps, and the Vietnam War

Hippies on LSD, Blacks want equality
Women start to see the trend, King jr. sees his end
Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Marijuana, fun in bed

We didn't start the fire...

Richard Nixon, Watergate, McGovern couldn't set them straight

Vietnam finally ends, Roe V Wade, Yuppie trend
Jimmy Carter, Disco, Gerald FoFd's got to go
Cold war marches on, hostages in Iran

We didn't start the fire...

Olympic boycott, Amanda born, Reaganomics, curtain torn

Gorbachev, HIV, a united Germany
Sandinistas, Salvador, Iran Contra, Ollie's War
Hill Street Blues, Wonder Years, Cosby Show, along with Cheers

We didn't start the fire...

Cold war done, Gulf war hot, Did Clinton inhale or not?
Bush out, grunge in, gay rights, a Clinton win
Employment up, tobacco down, Bosnia, Ron Brown
Waco and O.J., teenage moms, Tim McVeigh
(Women power, Albright, Finally men get it right)

We didn't start the fire...

By: Amanda Rhodes

"1860-1900 Song"
Fall of Fort Sumter, sparking of the Civil War,
Confederate conscription , and Union taxation.
Impressment Act of '63, for for the army,
Iron-plated war boats, telegraphs and railroads.

Abraham Lincoln, leader in the Union,

Jefferson Davis and Stephens in the south.
Rifles are the newest guns, Battle of the Bull Run,
Yorktown, Fredricksburg, Antietam and Gettysburg.
Stonewall Jackson, Robert Lee; commanders in Confederacy
Emancipation Proclamation, abolition, confiscation.
Appomatox Courthouse, April nineteen-sixty-five,
Lee gives in, Union wins, Reconstruction now begins.

Amnesty and Lincoln's plan, South rejoins the Union,

Blacks become freedmen, president's impeachment.
Carpetbaggers, Ku Klux Klan, scalawags, Ulysses Grant,
Die off of the buffaloes angers the Arapahos.
Grange movement, ICC, women's rights and mining,
Dime-novel hero, John Muir and Yellowstone.
Industry, Jay Gould, expansion of the railroad,
Rockefeller, Carnegie, southern mill economy.

Advancements made in transportation,

Little problems with inflation,
Slums, ghettos, poverty, Children's aid reform leagues.
Skyscrapers, immigrants, poor city governments,
Amusement parks, baseball, boxing matches, dance halls.
Ragtime, "Huck Finn", modernism's really in.
Hayes, McKinley, Garfield too, Republican party grew.
Watershed election sees a debate over currency,
War with Spanish, Open Door, I can't take Smith anymore!!!

By: Robin Orlansky

"1920S 1930'S SONG"
Babe Ruth, Murderer's Row, Gertrude swims against the tow
Knute Rockne, Notre Dame, Dempsey at the height of fame
Coolidge, Ness, and Al Capone, Lindbergh-Paris all alone
Roaring twenties, lots of cash, followed by the Wall Street crash

We didn't start the fire...

Prohibition, exhibition, Cotton Club and all that jazz

Marcus Garvey, Ku Klux Klan, Charleston and Dixieland
Roos-e-velt, fear itself, New Deal, union seal
Fitzgerald, Cecil B., Burns and Allen, NBC

We didn't start the fire...

Garbo, Fairbanks, Jolson sings, Valentino's Araby

Fred and Ginger, they're the pair, Freud and Einstein, MC squared
Dillinger, Baby Face, G-men, master race
Gable, Harlow, Groucho Marx, Shirley Temple Seven Dwarfs

We didn't start the fire...

Dust bowl, union strife, unemployment, what a life.

Faulkner, Ernest, Grapes of Wrath, Cagney, Robinson and Raft
Mussolini, Reichstag fire, Gulag, Mein Kampf
Adolf's chomping at the bit, Jews and Gypsies, this is it!

We didn't start the fire...

By: AlisonS.
*We Don't Got Barbwire'
Marriage age is shifting down
People are moving to town,
Bastards born, no birth control
Throw the kids down a hole
Foundlings and Infantacide
And so many kids have died
Kids are seen as little toys
Worthless pets, those girls and boys

We don't got barbwire, you must enclose must land all by yourself,
We don't got barbwire, we left it all at home, lying on a shelf

Potatoes come with vitamins

Parents have good nutrition
Doctors know nothing knew
Do the things they always do.
Hospitals make you worse
Stupid doctors, stupid nurse
Catholicism's comming back
But rulers ain't taking no flack
Stamp Act, new tax
Revolution to the max
John Hancock, Washington
Franklin and Jefferson
France follows U.S. lead
In fact and in deed
People want legislation,
Kill the king, make a new nation
Revolution leads to war
Thanks to the Parisian poor
They can't buy bread to feed
Then the Mountain takes the lead
Public Safety, Robespierre
Institutes his "Reign of Terror"
All seems lost but Constitution
Brings and end to revolution

By: Ben Baldizon

I^th century doctors
Not very good proctors
The rich were served by them
But little did they know
That they would die faster.
All the surgeries, amputations and treatments.
I'd rather be in peasant's apartments;
Then I would die slow.

The American Revolution

The colonies were taxed bad
And they had no representation
It is so sad, theat the British got mad
The Boston Tea Party, Jefferson and Washington.
The Bill of Rigfits, Federalists and Constitution,
All led to the production
Of the present day United States.

0 History, Western History,

How fun can you be?
Prom the Babylonians to the Revolutionary,
You make my mind work inside of me.
Edmund Burke, Wolstencraft, and the rest of the Jacobins
Revolution, Liberalism, chaos and tyranny.
King Louis' execution and the second revolution.
San-cullotes, middle calss, and the aristocrats.
Robespierre, Reign of Terror, 4-0,000 Frenchmen dead.
Prance, Europe and the Americas,
All end up in a fight.
Directory, Napoleon and the end of the Revoluiton.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a genius.

He made an empire with his army.
He was smart and tedious
But he took the rights of many.
He went into Rusia
But was sefeated by the Alliance.
Austria, Britain, Russia and Prussia
Sent Napoleon back to his lands.

by Woochul Hwang and Nathan Lee

"The French Revolution Song"
The American Revolution sparked a French Revolution of the sort
Seeing a problem with the tax, the French went for a solution
First they formed a government that was unsure and could not ENDURE,...
The problems they faced
All in all the government wasn't working out,
Enough to make the poor man turn and shout,


So the poor man said,

Hey! Raise your arms!
We can't let any HARM come to this city
If you don't give in you'll be dead, SO
Lower your price on the bread!!!


Now rm gonna talk about a man called Marquis

Marquis de Lafayette was a heroic type of guy
So much quality would be hard to buy!
Made himself a freedom fighter in America
So much the Frenc welcomed him con una chica


Just as the King fixes the government or tried

The poor DEFIED the oppression, time for the next session
There were riots, looting, and killing
Only 'cause the food wasn't filling, even the women took charge
No MIRAGE I'm telling the truth, It don't take no super sleuth to figure this
one out!


The French Revolution was a violent war,
More complex, influential it set tha9 bomb off in tha9 core
"The great revolution99 historians say
Opened the modern era of politics to this day
Now sit bach and listen to my rap,
Cause this stuffs phat, so listen as I chat about THIS and THAT!
By: Paul O'Sullivan and Inbal Mazar
Third Estate at Versailles,
Tennis Court, the Bastille.
From great fear throughout the land,
To Declaration of the Rights of Man,
Women from Paris march
The Clergy establish a national church.
Loius' down in the town,
Little Paris has the crown!
France a war declares,
Now September massacres.
War with Holland, Spain and Britain,
Struggle in the National Convention:
Girondists vs. Mointain,
Robespierre wins again.
He becomes a dictator,
In a reign of terror.
Napoleon, France's dictator,
Crowns himself Europe's emperor,
At battle of Waterloo,
Austerlitz and Trafalger, too.
Napoleon Bonaparte,
Builds on the Directory.
Destroyed by a coalition,
In fear of his restless ambition.
The French Revolution ends,
With "failure" coming from their tongues.
Inspired by Enlightenment,
America and bad judgement.
They lost the fight for liberty,
Self-government and equality.
Never again old Europe would,
Be the way that once it could.

It's a Revolution.
Across the nation
We want liberation!
It's a Revolution.
Who's to tell
If France will do it well, [by Jamie Brown]