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Technology Life Cycle

The Stages of Technology Life Cycle

 Innovation
 Syndication
 Diffusion
 Substitution
Innovation Stage

 It Represents the Birth of a new

product, Material (product
recovering from R&D activities)
 New Ideas are generated on the
‘Need Pull’ and ‘Need Push’
 The Time Taken in the Innovation
Stage as well as in the Subsequent
Stages varies Widely.
Syndication Stage

 It Represents the Demonstration of a

new product (Pilot Production
 Commercialization of a New Technology
(product, Material or Process) with
potential for a immediate Utilization.
 Very Small Percentage is
 Commercialization Depends on
Technical & non Technical Factors.
Diffusion Stage

 It Represents the Market

Penetration of a New Technology.
 Market Penetration Depends on the
Acceptance of New Technology by
Potential Users.
 Supply & Demand Side Factors
Jointly Influence the Rate of
Substitution Stage

 ItRepresents the Decline in Use.

 Eventually Extinction of the Technology
due to Replacement by Another
 Technical and Non Technical Factors
Influence the Rate of Substitution.
 Time Taken in this Stage Depends on
the Market Dynamics.
Growth of Technology

 Technology Changes Through

 Most Technologies Follow an S
Shaped Growth Pattern.
 A Particular Technology Eventually
Reaches a Stage Where it has
limited use.
Growth of Technology

The Hard Ware Intensive Technology

Diffusion Process has Five Stages.
 Incubation Phase
 Introduction Phase
 Growth Phase
 Maturity Phase
 Decline Phase
Growth of Technology

Incubation Phase
 Ideas are Gradually Reduced to one
Single Product for the Introduction in the

Introduction Phase
 The Product is Introduced in the Market.
 Though the Application will be Slow
Growth of Technology

Growth Phase
 In this the number of Application
Increases rapidly.

Maturity Phase
 Growth Reduces .
 Stability can be Observed
Growth of Technology

Decline Phase
 Improved Substitution Makes the
Technology Obsolete.

“The Introduction, Growth and

Maturity Phases are Referred to as
the Three Major Stages of
Technology Life Cycle”
Growth of Technology

Stages in Technological Transformation

in the Production Of Goods.
 Collective Stage
 Refining Stage
 Processing Stage
 Manufacturing Stage
 Packaging Stage