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Table of Contents
Barney: Cute Purple Dinosaur "Observations" 50
or Source of All Evil? 2 By: Gretchen Perkins
by Gretchen Perkins "The Rapper" 51
Chan Ho Park 4 By: Nate Parry
by: Su Han Park "It's Hard To Be Poetic" 52
MAYAN RUINS IN COPAN 6 By: James Winkelhorst
Mutsumi Nishii "When I Die" 52

Junior Survey 8 By: James Winkelhorst

by: Su Han Park and Pippen (Jenny) Seo "Facing Reality" 53
HOW to spend TIME in JAPAN? 13 By: Luis Sevilla
by Muszumi Niishi " Glimpse Into the Future" 53
Sophomore Survey 15 By: Luis Sevilla
By: Christina Walsh & Ade Adamson " Life" 53
NOFX 20 By: Luis Sevilla
By: Giancarlo Valle Memories 54

WHAT I WANT IN By: Brian Jung

ELECTIVE CLASS IS-.. 22 To My Best Friend 54

Mutsumi Nishii By: Brian Jung

Biological and Chemical Warfare 24 My mother 54

by Ade Adamson By: Brian Jung

Take Off With A Gyroplane 26 Sudden Death 55

by Antonio Luzzi By: Ken Lee

Key West: and some other Keys 27 Chased 55

By: Kevin Odle By: Ken Lee

Cat 29 Regretful Past 55

by Miyuki Nakaido By: Ken Lee

JINSEAN, the real 30 Cuba 56

Ji Hyun Yoo By: Elias Sundelin

Senior Survey 31 The Killer Bee 57
By: Gretchen Perkins & Maria Brady By: Sindy Chamorro

By: Carlos Mercado By: Eduardo Santella

Japan And Europe Two Different Worlds 37 On His Shoulders 58
By: Adriana Olivares Javier Lacayo
GIRLS SOCCER 38 Friends 58
Christina Walsh By:I-HsuanWu
Boys Varsity Soccer team 40 Innocent Little Fly 59
By: Ade Adamson By: Claudia Garcia
Freshmen Survey 44 No Name To Live By 59
By: Christina Walsh Javier Lacayo
The meat-men who are they? 45 I've Longed To Move Away 60
By: Giancarlo Valle By: Javier Lacayo
Millencolin 47 The Sea 60
by: Giancarlo Valle By: I-Hsuan Wu
"Untitled" 50 The Easter Bunny 61
By: Gcetchen Perkins By: Sindy Chamorro
Tahiti nfRnntRnts

The Presence of Love 61 The Alley Cat 75

Javier Lacayo By: Ricardo Cortes P.
By: SidThazhathu By: Erez Cohen
Flying through the Air 62 Boy In The Picture 78
By: Ximena Lopez by John Song
Standing Alone 63 A Night On The Beach 78
By: Cecille Ocasio by Salameh Massis
The Step 63 Dumb Harold 79
By: Sebastian Castrillo by Valerio De Meo
Facing Fears 64 In These Walls... 82
By: Michelle Flores By: Maria Brady
Lost 64 The Cloud Dweller 83
By: Ivy Chen By Cristian Cseh
Gone Alone 65 Learning How To Drive 84
By: Joe Rodriguez By: Rosa Chen
I'm Sorry 65 The Last Day With My Neighbors 84
By: Mutsumi Nishi By: Jenny Seo
IN THE BENCH 66 "So Much For the Afterglow" 86
By: Claudia Gunther By Javier Lacayo
Into the Unknown: 67 Public Enemy Is Back With A Vengeance! 86
By: Nieve Pizzatti by: Javier Lacayo
The Long Journey: 67 The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs 87
By: Nieve Pizzatti by Peter Benson
The Seasons: 67 THE CLEVER PAINTER 88
By: Nieve Pizzatti By: Elizabeth Luk
A Fake Life 70 Friendship 89
by Maria Brady by Eun Ji Byun
William's Story 71 10 th grade Creative Projects 90
by: Jenny Seo Collected and Edited by
The Lonely Little Elf 72 Katharine Gonzalez, with
by: Nieve Pizzatti with the help of Ms. Harris
Uncertain Identities 73 Just One of Those Mornings... 96
By: Alon Cohen by: Katharine Gonzalez
The power of unity 74 A Short Story 97
By: Byung Jun Kwon by Ruth Carbonell
. :£'■£. ►■'■•• *'.<:<*•£•: 3

tin* utan:h GiancarloValle Maria Brady

Mr.Pastore ?OVt. una waibu MutzumiHiishi MiyukiNakaM
Su Han Park J^ff- Katharine Gonzales Sebastian Strzalkomki
Magnus franklin jennySeo
Miguel Turner
The end of another year is upon us, in the good, and use the bad to learn.
On to this edition of "The Maya
and once again Colegio Maya is going through
PULSE". Once again, the staff has done an
changes. Of course, the changes are many
outstanding job with the magazine. I have to
times larger and occasionally have a greater
apologize for any proofreading mistakes- while
impact than on most other schools, both
we did a pretty good job on editing this issue,
Stateside and International, but that is also one
but time constraints forced us to go to print
of the best things about Colegio Maya. We do
with some mistakes- sorry! I would like to
more than just "survive" change; we learn how
thank my 9th and 12th grade classes for their
to make the most of who is here while they are
"forced" participation in the magazine-1 made
here and then go on to find ways to keep the
them write either poetry, short stories, or
institution not just functional, but vibrant and
feature articles for credit in class (some of the
exceptional, as it has been for years, and will
last minute senior work is not in here; again,
continue to be far into the future.
time was not on our side!)
Having said that, I would like to
Anyway- this was a very successful
acknowledge many of those who I will miss
year for Publications class. I feel that I have,
next year! Of course- the Seniors, the Class of
along with many dedicated writers and editors
1998 come first. I had the great fortune to
over the 1st three years, left a strong imprint on
teach and/or coach most of them over the last
the school. It is up to Mr. Benny, who will
three years, and I wish them well wherever
teach Publications
they go. Faculty-
next year, to take
Maya will see a
Remember Pacayah the magazine to a
more than average
^^ May 20th, 1998... higher level- which
turnover in faculty
with the new
for the next school
computers and
year, but it had to
eventually happen. VJ\. coupled with his
We have been
experience in the
lucky to have a
field of graphic
certain stability in
design, will surely .
the High School
I do. We have already
for the last several
had several exciting
years, and while
discussions over
they will be hard to
I different options
replace, school
and plans that he
goes on. Departing
has .for next year, and I am pleased that such a
9th, 10th and 1 lth graders- it will be sad to see
dedicated teacher will continue all the hard
you go "before your time" , but such is life in
work of the Colegio Maya student body.
International schools; take what you learned
Have a great summer, and see you in
and experienced at Colegio Maya with you
and remember the good and the bad. Rejoice
Barney: Cute Purple Dinosaur or Source
by Gretchen Perkins

This is enough to suggest that there is foul play

For 30 min. every weekday the children of our
world's minds are being poisoned by Barney & at hand. There is, although, a way to test this
Friends. Who are what is Barney? The PBS theory (see "How To Stop Barney").
The third theory is that he is a space
executives would lead you to believe that he is
alien. Barney the space alien could have access
merely a guy in a foam rubber suit. But I sus
to all kinds of sophisticated equipment. For
pect there is more to it than that. This was
instance, how do you think he hypnotizes those
brought to my attention while chatting on the
poor innocent children. Hypnosis beams, that's
internet. I was minding my own business when
a heated discussion began about the evil of
how. Barney could also have access to such
equipment as holographic projectors and matter-
Barney. Naturally I joined in on the conversa
reassemblers. These would account for the
tion. I was so interested in the subject that I
"powers of imagination" depicted on the show.
checked out some sites, and sure enough, Barney
The last theory is definitely the most
is EVIL! Don't believe me? Read on.
Do you happen to remember Big Bird?
convincing. Barney is Satan. Through this
scientific method I can prove it to you. Replace
Did you ever notice how one arm was always
all the u's in "CUTE PURPLE DINOSAUR"
clutching his stomach and the other one could
into v, the Roman numeral for u.
move? This was because the guy in the suit had
to use one arm to move Big Bird's mouth and the
Now, if you take out all the Roman numerals you
other for his arm. And since humans only have
two hands, this meant that one of Big Bird's get:
arms would have to remain immobile. But
Then you have to find their decimal equivalents.
Barney can move both his hands and his mouth.
If you notice, his eyes are also able to move and You would get:
-100 5 5 50 500 15-
he has demonstrated the ability to dance and
Add those numbers together and you get 666.
jump up and click his heels! If that is a man in
there, that is no ordinary man. He would
There are two principle Barney modes.
have to have about three arms (and super-human
His "Sentient Mode" when he is a six foot, not
strength) to pull off all those stunts. If Barney is
so cuddly dinosaur. In this mode he can move
not just a guy in a suit, then what is he?
around freely and sing his hypnotizing songs.
One possible answer is that he is a REAL
There is also his "Toy Mode" where he appears
dinosaur. Although resemblance to any fossil
to be a small, stuffed version of himself. (NOTE:
remains is doubtful, we can't rule out this possi
we must assume that neither of these forms is
bility. There are some characteristics of Barney
Barney's true form. As a super-natural creature
that support this theory, for instance, he is warm
he can shape-change at will.) There is one thing
blooded. And who are we to say if dinosaurs
you must remember when Barney is in his Toy
were purple or not?
Mode: just because he looks like a fuzzy, harm
Another theory is that he is some evil
less doll doesn't mean he is a fuzzy harmless
supernatural entity posing as a cuddly, friendly
doll. In toy mode Barney is always on his guard.
dinosaur. This one is probably the most likely.
But thinks himself to be invulnerable in his full
Kids LOVE him, and no one can explain why.
grown state, and that shall be his downfall.

How To Stop Barney Barney & Friends. Stripped of his magical

(NOTE: you will need the standard tools, garlic, singing power, Barney becomes evil and hid
an iron rod, a silver bullet (and gun), stuff like eous. Prepare yourself, you may feel slightly
that. You will need to keep all this handy in case odd while watching this, but that is a normal
of RANDOM BARNEY ENCOUNTERS!) reaction. Take a moment to regain your compo
l)Wait for him to go away. Like many child sure and join the forces against Barney!
hood icons, Barney may lose popularity and fade There are two things you should remem

out of the picture. Although, this may not ber about Barney:
happen. Our children's minds are at stake! We l)He can't be killed by any normal means. This
will have to take more drastic measures... is because his life force is made of pure evil.
2)If you happen to be a PBS executive, you Therefore, as long as evil and hatred exist, so
could simply take Barney off the air. Unfortu will Barney.
nately this probably will never happen seeing as 2)Barney is protected by a group of half-lizard,
Barney rakes in a lot of money for the company. half-human beings known as "Loved Ones".
3)Find out where his power supply is and unplug Not much is-known about the group. They keep
him. His power supply could very well be The to themselves and live in underground caverns.
Children's Television Workshop. Cut their They rally together when Barney summons them
funding! to further his perverted whims.
4)Or we could simply stop believing him. Laugh I can tell you this much, no one is safe
if you must, but this has been proven to work. until the Purple One is destroyed.
5) Blow pepper at him. Have a holy man of God
waiting, ready to say "Bless you". Be sure to Some sites to visit:
stand back to avoid Barney bits. The Jihad against Barney
6)Blow his face off with a flare gun (gruesome,

but effective)
7)Decapitate him with a sword, on sacred
ground, under a 3-D picture of Jesus, while
drinking a glass of holy water from the far side
of the glass, with a bag over your head, singing
"Amazing Grace", in a month with a "K"in it.
(NOTE: the sword must be blessed by the Pope.
Otherwise you are wasting your time.)
What to do if you come in contact with the Evil
l)Don't make eye contact. His eyes have power
and he uses them to posses people, (this is not as
obvious on TV).
2)Don't let him sing to you! This is probably the
most important of all. Think about the lyrics...
"I love you, you love me...
Won't you say you love me too?"
And most importantly DO NOT say you love
him too! If you do this he will own your soul
For anyone who doubts the point made
here, just turn down the volume while watching
Chan Ho Park
by: Su Han Park

Chan Ho Park, IS the best pitcher now! (Don't (The best batter in the team). Chan Ho never
care what you say). Chan Ho was born in June stopped baseball, he even played baseball in Han
29, 1973 in Choong Nam Kong Ju, South Korea. Yang College. Later he came to America, in his
Chan Ho Park has three brothers and one older sophomore year.

sister, he is the third child. Chan Ho Park's I think you people know about him, but

nickname is ball park, and when he was in I'll tell you some interesting things. To start the
Myung Chung Do college he was often called description, you must to know that he is a right
"DUMMY." Let me tell you his physical mea handed pitcher. He signed with the Los Angeles
surements. Chan Ho's size is 6 foot 2 (185cm), Dodgers as a free agent on Jan. 14, 1994, and his
and he weights 200-2051b, the weight varies contract ends in 1998. He served as a major
from before and after a meal. Chan Ho's shoe league player for 2 years and exactly 45 days! _
size is 11 inch or 290 cm. His blood type is O. Last year 1997, Mr. Chan Ho Park, emerged as
Chan Ho's T-Shirt size is XL (110 Korean size), one of the N.L. (National League) best young
pitchers after a breakeout season in 1997.. and he
and his pants size is 34 inch.
tied Hideo Nomo for the team lead in victories
with a 14-8 record and posted a 3.38 ERA
(Earned Run Average) in 32 appearances and 29
starts. Chan Ho finished SECOND in the N.L.
with a .213 opponents batting average behind
Montreal's Pedro Martinez with a .184 mark.
Chan Ho's 14 wins tied three other pitchers for
12th, and battled out Tom Candiotti in spring
training for the fifth spot in the Dodgers rotation.
Something that really amaze me is that the fans
really love Chan Ho. The Dodgers averaged
43,871 fans per game in Chan Ho's 15 starts in
Dodgers stadium. Even though Chan Ho is
playing in the opponents field, but he can still
find Koreans cheering him. Chan Ho is a very
good baseball player, but also he is a very nice
guy too. Chan Ho stated that all the money he
makes he'll deposit all the money to Korean
banks. This is very helpful for Koreans right
now, because right now Korea is suffering from
Chan Ho started to play baseball in his this thing called IMF (I M Fine).
Chan Ho's 1998 season started out pretty
early ages. In Kong Ju Choong Dong Elemen
good, because this new Korean player from
tary, he was the third base, and first batter in
South Korea just entered minor league, and soon
lineup. When Chan Ho was in Kong Ju Middle
they'll be playing together as a family. I also
School, he was the pitcher, and fifth batter in
believe that there is at least 5 more Koreans who
lineup. In Kong Ju High School, he was an
just entered the minor league in other teams, but
outfielder, also a pitcher, and fourth in lineup.
they are not good as Chan Ho, because the you for all your cooporation.

rookies are not that strong, and also Chan Ho's

the only one to play baseball since little. Based
on my research the only Korean player who can
beat Chan Ho is this Korean player in Japan
called Seon Dolg Yol. I really liked him, before
I met Chan Ho in person (kidding).
Chan Ho is the man, and in my personal
opinion you should send him some fan mails. If
you want to send him a fan mail send it to.
Choong Nam Kong Ju City
Kay Long Myun Ji San Lee 400
South Korea.
Remember that famous athletics gets lots and
lots of fan mails so if you are lucky Chan Ho
personally will send you some really nice things,
but also you might not get anything at all. Chan
Ho gets 100 letters from Korea and 50 letters
from the U.S every week, but now he gets much
more (trust me). If you really want to meet him
like go to LA and just search for a ball park,
because Chan Ho loves to spend time with his
friends in ball park. You can also reach him in
the INTERNET. Chan Ho's official web page is:
http://www.chanhopark61 .com
it's really cool, and also you can send him an e-
mail (electronic mail) to Chan Ho. To tell you
something I DID send him some fan mail but I
never got them replied why? The reason is that I
didn't get is was because all I wrote in the mail
GRAPH" Be really nice when you send some
thing to him, then you'll get something back. If
you would like to get some cards or some
momorabilia, you can get them in Zone. 10
Gourmet Center, Guatemala. The store is called
"Tips Market" I got few cards of Chan Ho and
they cost me only 50 cents each! Can't believe
that it's only 50 cents and he's a superstar. You
can't buy Chan Ho Park's autograph memora
bilia, because he was mad one day when this
dealer sayed sign like 20 balls and he'll sell it for
him. You know so is better to just send him a fan
mail requesting an autograph. Last thing is that if
you want a baseball card to get signed don't send
him an expensive one, because if a athlete signs
the card the price of the card goes down. Thank
ex features
Mutsumi Nishii t .... ^
In Honduras, there is a place named Copan. It is carved. If you have a chance of visiting Copan,
about 4-5 hours from Guatemala City. ( The road do not miss seeing these stairs.
is so uneven before the border with Honduras)
There are many tourists from many countries, At the ruins of Copan there are many
since in Copan there are many beautiful Mayan peculiar things and all of them are very interest
ruins. Do you know what 'COPAN' means? It ing. For example, the ruins are facing west and
means "The birds' town" in the Mayan language. east or north and south. South and west means
Also it came from the word "suspension bridge." death and north and east means life or to born.
I went there 4 years ago, and again 2 So the face that is looking south or west shows a
years ago, when I was in 5th and 8th grade craving about the last King and about what he
respectively. I went on school excursions with did, and the face that is looking north or east

my friends, my classmates, and teachers for 3 presents a craving about the new King. There
days. I heard that Copan is hot, but since I were kings and there is an altar where those
visited it at the beginning of December, it was kings carved and at the top is carving about what
refreshing. Luckily, it didn't rain, because in those kings did.
December there is a big possibility of rain in
Copan. Copan is famous for its beautiful and Also the ruins that are in Copan,
solid ruins and beautiful sculpture, and having there are some ruins that have straw figures
the coat of a ball game that is restored very which have a rules to the way to read them but it
beautifully. Also because there are stairs that is very complicated. And these figures of straw
have about 1500-2000 steps. Mayan figures in sometimes is like a symbol for the people of the
64 steps,where the history of 300-400 years is high rank. So there are ruins that have the type
of figure in some place like in the skirt or in the means life or be born, too. And the Underground
cane that the king has. World means death. So the animals or humans
In the coat of a ball game which is found in the Heavenly World are flamboyant; for
restored beautifully, the Mayan used many parrot example, the birds have a lot of wings and are
faces where they have to make the goal. And the beautiful. But those which are found in the
Underground World are not flamboyant.
way to play that ball game was kind of a cer
The Mayans were very good in math
emony to offer a sacrifice to the gods.
ematics. The Mayan culture was the first culture
In that game the players had to make in the world that used the number "0". They had
points by hitting the face of the parrots with a a exact calendar. And they already were calcu
lating that 1 year has
ball made of rubber,
365.242 days. There are
they could use their
only about 17 seconds
hands and legs, and the
of differences with the
captain of the team that
calendar of today. Also,
win had to be killed it's
they had the lunar
because to win means
calendar and they used
that the winner team is
the numbers up until one
superior than the other
hundred trillion-trillion!
team so is worth to be
(it has 29 "0"s.) The
killed for the god, and
Mayan were good at
they would kill that
astronomy, too.
person at the Mayan
The Mayans didn't
altar and gather the
know and didn't use any
blood, the Mayans
metal. Their civilization
believed that the hu
was with rocks. In
mans' blood was the
Copan they used "tuff
most valuable thing, so
to make all the ruins and
that is why they gave
the temples. Also they
people's blood to the
didn't know the wheel
gods. Then they burned
so they didn't have
it. It seems that they
carts, or stringed instru
believed that the smoke
of that blood went to the
Now there are'
sky and reached where
many ruins that have
the gods were (the
been destroyed by the
Mayans were polytheis
trees or injured by acid
rain. Before many ruins
Mayans used
were without roofs but
many things in common
now they have to put
in the ruins like parrots,
roofs on the ruins
the straw figures,
because of the acid rain.
snakes, sticks, tigers,
There are many statues
birds, and shellfish.
The 3 world they believed in are repre that are in the museum because of this and they
sented or shown on each of their cravings. They put an exact copy of it on each place where the
had the Heavenly World , the Surface World ruins were. I learned that only 20% of all the
and the Underground World. Heavenly World Mayan ruins in Copan have been excavated.
Junior Survey
by: Su Han Park and Pippen (Jenny) Seo

This quater we decided to have a junior survey to 10) Yes, It will be like normal life but with better
have fun. By reading this page you will be able lighting and everyone wears a tasteful white
to learn everything about the juniors. There was robe.
one person who didn't put their name so sorry 11) The alpha geek of a major international
can't help. Many people, wanted to steal Bill corporation.
Gates' money and help Jenny and I learn some 12) Not on this planet, that's for sure.
more English. Thank you very much. We know 13) I would invest it in a low-risk mutual fund
that this survey is pretty boring, but you know 14) UVA, William & Mary, Wake Forest, JMU
it's good to know more about your friends or because they're cheap. W&M, MIT, UVA, Duke,
classmates. This issue we decided to ask 15 Davidson, because they're good.
questions and they are: 15) Assuming that all living.
2) Age: Woochul Hwang (a.k.a. Woosung)
3) Birthday: 2) 17
4) Hobbies: 3) Apr. 3, 1981
5) Favorite Music: 4) Basketball, sleeping, TV, and pool
6) Favorite Sport: 5) Varied (Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative, ska)
7) Favorite Movie: 6) Basketball; Football
8) Favorite Actress/Actor: 7) Seven
9) Do you think that someone likes you? 8) Hne G. Recton ("The seven mufflers")
10) Do you believe in life after death? If yes, 9) Of course, there is a line.
what will it be like? 10) Yes, I believe God will take me somewhere,
11) What do you want to be when you grow up? probably very heavenly.
Why? 11) A rich business man. The head of a corpora
12) Where will you be in 20 years from now? tion where I own 80% of the stocks.
13) If you could steal Bill Gates' Money what 12) In chung hwa dae. He He more generally in
would you do with it? earth.
14) What college are you interested in applying 13) Is this s trick question? I would use it up.
to? why? Even if I used $10,000 every day for the rest of
15) There's a fire in your house, what two my life, I wouldn't be able to use all of it any
things would you save? why? way.

14) Yonsei University in Korea. Because it's a

Bobby Pearson party school?? I don't know I've been there and
2) 17 its a pretty cool place.
3) Mar. 21 1981 15) Myself, and my money, but I would try to
4) Reading, computer stuff. put out the fire. Myself because., guess? My
5) Oldies (1955-1972) money, because to do things after the fire you
6) Baseball need money to fix things up. Insurance will
7) Star Wars Trilogy cover damages to property but not cash.
8) Jeff Goldblum
9) I would hope so (sniff, sniff) Kyung Ro
2) 16 14) A lot, RISD.
3) March 25, 1982 15) A lot of stuff
4) Listen to music, golf, live.
5) Korean, rap, reg, ballad, etc. all types. Bobby Dailey
6) Golf, basketball, etc. 2) 17
7) All types of comedies. 3) July 2, 1980
8) All comedian/ list too long to list 4) Play video games, watch TV, sleep
9) No. nor do I like nobody. 5) Anything, but not rap or country
10) Yes, Heaven or Hell 6) Soccer, Basketball
11) Lawyer, architecture. No reason 7) Terminator 2 and Striptease.
12) Who Knows 8) Arnold Schwarzenager and Demi Moore.
13) Put it under my account for future use or 9) Don't know
drown Bill Gates with it in cash. 10) No
14) Somewhere in Korea. Have to see about that. 11) Architecture, because I like it.
15) Family first of course. 12) Don't know
13) But all the video game systems and games in
Ben Baldizon the world.
2)16 14) Don't know
3)9/9/81 15) My video games and systems.
4) Soccer, Volleyball
5) Punk Jamie Brown.
6) Soccer 2) 16
7) Return of the Jedi 3)6/30/81
8) I don't know 4) Piano, Sports
9) Yes 5) Good music of any kind
10) Yes Cool. 6) Basketball
11) Taller, I want to be taller 7) Power of One
12) I don't know 8) Lassie
13) Spend it 9) No. I have no friends
14) Westmont. I want to go there 10) God knows (literally)
15) Me, because I like me. Kristin, because she 11) An adult
put me on her survey. 12) Probably 11th grade
13) Give it back.
Paul O'Sullivan 14) Rice, it's a lot of peoples' staple.
2} 16 yeah 15) My mom anjd my dad.
3) Nov. 1,1981
4)Sk8ng Kristin Gonzales
5) Varied whatever good (Rap, ambiend, Under 2) 16
ground, Reggae, some metal and punk. 3) Nov. 24, 1981
6) Sk8ing, Soccer 4) Soccer, Volleyball, and partying
7) "Welcome to Hell" 5) Any music
8) Anida Pad, I.P. Freely 6) Soccer
9) Heck Yeah. 7) Scream 2
10) Uh Yeah, it's a secret. 8) Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!!!
11) Artist/Sk8 9) Yes
12) married + rich 10) Yes there's a huge party in heaven
13) Rule the world 11) Taller because I'm really short.

12) I have no idea 14) Any college in California with a good Medi
13) Spend it in everything and anything cal program

14) University of Florida because my cousin 15) Myself and my memory box
goes there.
15) Myself because I like me and Ben because I Michelle Wiater
need him to get through school. 2) 16
3) Aug. 29, 1981
Vanessa Carbonell 4) Soccer, art and sleep
2) 17 5) any

3) Apr. 8th (Aries) 6) Soccer and volley ball.

4) Dancing, the gym, talking on the phone, 7) Titanic, My best friends wedding
Futeca. 8) um... I have a lot that I like.
5) All except what the skaters listen too (ugh) 9) No
6) Soccer 10) Yes, it will be cool! and exciting.
7) Gone with the wind 11) Biologist, marine biologist...something like
8) (Andrey Hepburn/Judy Garland) Sean that.
Connery 12) um..., on earth... don't know
9) Obviously (my boyfriend, family, and TRUE 13) Go shopping

friends) 14) University of Miami, University Florida,

10) Yes, what everyone things heaven will be University of Maryland.
like. My own personal heaven. 15) my pictures and my dog
11) Healthy, happy, and successful, what more
could you want? Lisa Khan
12) Happily married 2)16
13) Save some for college for my family and 3) Dec. 12,1981
myself and then give half of it to charities around 4) Guitar, TV, talking on the phone
the world and to UNICEF. 5) good music
14) Boston College, because it is a good college 6) Golf
and Boston is cool, and it is a college town. 7) Rumble in the Bronx
15) My family, friends pictures, because those 8) Babe me pig
two things are irreplaceable. No money could 9) No, I'm alone in the world
buy things those things back. 10) Yes, Fll be cool
11) A fireman, because I like fire
12) Dead
Alison Tsuji 13) Spend it
2) 16 14) Puget Sand because it rocks
3) November 24, 1981 15) My cat and my toothbrush
4) Basket ball, sleeping, partying
5) whatever Inbal Mazar
6) Basket ball 2) 17
7) Titanic 3) Nov. 27, 1980
8) Kevin Spacey 4) Going to concerts
9) no 5) almost all (I hate country)
10) Yes, a very big party 6) horseback riding
11) Successful, to be happy (a surgeon) 7) mostly sad movies, I love all of them
12) L.A 8) I don't know
13) Everything and anything 9) I don't want someone to like me, Fm fine like
15) My dog, and cat because it's my pet.
10) Yes, probably just all of us floating around
until we are reincarnated Ryan Mcknight
11) A social worker because I want to help 2)17

people who need help 3)2/8/81

12) EARTH 4) Sports

13) I would use most of it to buy food and 5) Alternative

supply for the needy and there will still be lot 6) Football

left over. 7) Star Wars

14) ??? 8) ???

15) my animals and some letters I own. 9) everyone loves me!
10) ???
Francisco J. Ortoga E. 11) FBI agent

2) 18 12) working for the FBI

3)4/25/1980 13) Nothing

4) Soccer 14) ???

5) Rock and Heavy rock 15) ???
6) Soccer
7) Ben Hur Luisa Maria Meyerman

8) Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, and Sean 2) 16

Cornery. 3) July 7, 1981

9)N/A 4) TV, Movies

10) Yes, I think we die to give birth to someone 5) ???
else, and we'll born again with the death of 6)???
another person.
7) Shawshank redemption, Titanic, Dead man
11) I'm not sure, but I want to be rich. walking
12) Maybe ruling my country 8) Al Paccino, Robert Daniro
13) Burn It 9) What type of question is that?
14) ITESM because I want to go to a Mexican 10) No, just that the energy you create will
College always stay here

15) All important papers 11) Lawyer, family thing.

12) Probably in politics, married
Carlos Hiroshi Nakadoi 13) I would stop everyone from making pointless
2)17 surveys JK, I would invest it.
3) Sep. 05, 80 14) Marroquin, to live here, I have to study law
4) Soccer, motorcycle, play cards here.
5) Rock, Pop, Salsa 15) I'm not materialistic, just my family.
6) Soccer
7) Jerry Maguire, Volcano Monica Garcia
8)??? 2) 17
9) ??? 3) April 30, 81
10) living in heaven 4) listen to music, play sports, socialize
11) Artist, or interial designer. 5) All types
12) U.S. or Japan 6) volley-ball and soccer

13) Buy a motorcycle and travel around the 7) dunno

world with it. 8) Denzel Washington

14) Art, math, science because I like it. 9) no

10) Not really, I believe we will all go to heaven

and be trialed by God.
11) Hoteleria or Eco-tourism. It interests me a
lot. Wife also, 2 children 1 boy & 1 girl
12) Here. Living happy, married
13) First of all I would not steal, but I the orphans and families who need
14) Marroquin or Valle to live here with my
family and friends
15) my family and my dog

Melissa Aragon
2) 18
3) Dec. 5, 79
4) listen to music
5) Merengue and Salsa
6) Soccer
7) Titanic
8) Don't have one
9) no
10) no
11)1 want to be involved in Business - Possibly
own my own

12) Don't know

13) Don't know
14) I plan on studying in Puerto Rico - Don't
know the university yet
15) family and money

Javier Marquez (Javi)

2) 17
3) Jan. 3rd, 1981
4) Video-Computer Games
5) Alternative, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rap
6) Soccer
7) Space Balls
9) I don't know
10) Nope
11) Business man
12) Working somewhere
13) Spend it, and invest it
14) UVA, Bradly Uni., George Washington Uni.
15) The family, and my computer

HOW to spena
by Muszumi Niishi

Have you thought about how you will are very beautiful. The temples of Japan are
spend this vacation!? If you have not decided interesting , all the figures of the temple have
where to go, and you want to visit another deep meaning. For example the temple in Kyoto
country, why don't you go to Japan?! If you visit is very similar to the temple of China. Almost all
Japan, your trip will be more fun, if you read of the figures that the temple depict the Japanese
this information. army of that time. However, some of them are
statues of women wearing wonderful "KIMO
Most of people wonder "Where could I NOS" . The most famous temple is in Kyoto
and it named Kinkakuji.
visit?!'4 or" Where
could I find traditional
This famous temple is
made of gold and dates
food other than un
back to the 14 th century.
cooked fish?" If you go
Also there are very famous
to Japan without any
castles. The most famous
guidelines the trip
castle is Himegi. This
might be boring. The
castle was constructed in
month you visit de
the 14 th century. Sur
pends on where you
rounding this castle are
want to go.
many kinds of figures that
have special meaning, and
example, in summer
reflect the emperor of this
there are traditional
time. Each castle has
carnivals and dance
unique beauty and different
parties. Each town
figures. For the Japanese
organizes this event.
people is very famous this
The party we call
castle because it have a
"MATSURI" is a one
story that people have been
of the events of the
believe. When this castle
shintoism, in which
was constructed the em- •'
people wear traditional
peror has a lot of money,
dress called
and also there was many
"YUKATA". And the
maids working for him.
boys wear traditional
clothes named HAPPI. It is a very colorful event. one of the maid was cleaning ten beautiful dishes
This festivals does to purify them house and to that it was the unique dishes in all Japan. And
wish that they would have a happiness all the when the leader of the maids saw that she was
year. When I went to see I got very impressed. ■ cleaning the dishes she got really angry and the
One of kid carrying the monument is y brother. maid that was cleaning the dishes threw the
dishes. So the leader of the maids killed the
Some other places I have been and I was maid that was cleaning the dishes. From this day
impressed with is when I saw the temples. There in the castle thereis a phantom around the castle.

If you want to visit in the winter you tional food is not just fish, there are many kinds
have to go to Hokkaido. During the months of of traditional dishes as well. Tempura came from
December and January people make statues Portugal long ago but now is thought of as a
using ice, and they make figures of animals and Japanese dish. Noodles are also Japanese food.
buildings. So many people visit there in these We eat many kinds of noodles with a Japanese
two months, not just foreigners who are visit souse, which is made with no oil. So many
Japan, but also Japanese who visit Hokkaido. people eat this kind of dish when they are diet
Also children make houses using the ing. Even for those not dieting, is very healthy
snow and they invite their friends to have fun in for the human body.
the snow house. It is called the Kamakura festi Some people visit Japan to buy clothes. If
val. You can find it in the north of Japan, people you want to buy something in Japan you need to
think it will be cold but it is quite warm. visit Shinjyuku. Shinjyuku is part of Tokyo.
There are good clothes, but the best place to buy

Something that is really interesting to see is the is in Osaka. You can find anything you want!!
Wedding Party. Most brides wear a white Not only is the best shopping in Osaka, but you
wedding dress. And them they wear a traditional can buy things cheaper than any other place.
white Kimono, followed on a party dress.This is
common in Japan, normally, the wedding In Hiroshima there is the PEACE PARK.
ceremony takes 3 to 5 hours. People enjoy Many people visit there, thought it is a place that
joining in this kind of party. When someone makes the people very sentimental. There is a
invited to a wedding party they fell very glad to big museum that exhibits pictures and clothes of
join. The guy at the left is the husband of the the people who died when the atomic bomb fell
women at the right, and the kid at the right is me, on the city of Hiroshima in 1945. The building
and the left is my brother. and decor of the monument is interesting. Also
there is a part that people don't fish in to make
people remember the tragic bomb.
The traditional food of Japan is Sashimi
or Sushi but both of the dishes use uncooked
fish, and some people do not like it. The tradi-
Sophomore Survey
By: Christina Walsh & Ade Adamson

The Sophomore class a a very diverse yet small Sup Han Park:
class. It is comprised of people from just about 1. Dancing along with Spice Girls songs.
every continent in the World. Their nationalities 2. Yes (here)
range from Sweden to Taiwan. 3. Spice Girls, because they are sexy.
4. Declare a war! Against Mr. Berke!
Mr. Berke (teacher): 5. Meet the Spice Girls.
1. Reading/ listening to music/ cooking. 6. Future-1 want to see who I marry
2. Here!
3. Neil Young. To thank him. Giancarlo Valle:
4. Take 20 years off. 1. Skateboarding, Playing the drums

5. Zero population growth 2. Brazil

6. Past-1 would buy lots 3. Fat Mike, just to talk to him
of land and IBM Stock at a Low price. 4. Buy 100 Grand
5. I million dollars
Mr. Berke enjoys eating Sushi and 6. To the past to meet FAT MIKE
watching the show Twin Peaks and the movie
King of Hearts. He enjoys the acting capabilities Giancarlo's favorite movie is Wayne's
of Laura Dern and listening to German space World, actor is Mike Myers, and TV Show is
rock. His favorite sport is Redskins football. Seinfeld. He enjoys soccer, NOFX, and punk
The color blue is his favorite and the band Can music. What is the matter with kids today? is his
sounds and song Hello it's me are also favorites favorite song,and he likes saying "Operation
of his. His favorite word is "soil." Ivy" and the color green.

Katharine Margarita Gonzalez: Nathalia Cau:

1. Sleep 1. Snowboarding
2. Washington, D.C. or here 2. Sweden
3. Eva Peron- 'cause she was really cool. 3. Whoopie Goldberg

4. Give it away 4. Give some to the poor

5. Happiness 5. My grandfather to be alive
6. Future- to see how much worse the world 6. Who cares
Her favorite sports are snowboarding,
Katharine enjoys rap, R&B Soccer, golfing and basketball. She likes Rice the color
Italian food and the song Tell me what you want black and saying "Hello." She listens to R&B,
by Mase. She loves the movie As Good As It Rap, Hip-Hop, and Soul. In addition, she likes
Gets and the band Naughty by Nature. Her to watch the movie Titanic, the show Dawson's
favorite animal is the kitty cat and she likes the Creek, and Whoopie Goldberg.
color purple. Her favorite actor is Tom Hanks
and she loves saying "step off and "anyways." Susana Chang:
1. play piano
2. Guatemala
Miguel's favorite movie is Star Wars, TV
3. Karl Marx because he is interesting Show is The Simpsons, and actor is Robin
4.1 would take a trip around the world Williams. He enjoys soccer, saying the word
5. Be skinny for a lifetime yes, color is green, and food is lasagna.
6. Past because I want to see and live what my
ancestors lived through. Maggie Rhodes:
1. Sports, photography

Eun Ji Byun: 2. Peru

1. Sleeping and listening to music 3. Grant Hill, he is my idol and he is hot

2. Guatemala 4. Buy a lot of stuff.
3. Leonardo DiCaprio, I just love him 5.1 do not know

4. Travel all over the world 6. past

5. No more war and hate.

6. Future, because through history books, etc. we Maggie's favorite movies are Empire
know about the past, but not the future. Records, Singing in The Rain, and The Little
Mermaid. She likes Meg Ryan, all music,
Eun Ji's favorite movie is Titanic, doesn't Basketball and the shows Dawson's Creek and
care about TV Show, and favorite actor is Friends. Her Favorite band is the Beetles, words
Leonardo DiCaprio. She enjoys The Backstreet Superb, color blue, and food Chinese.
Boys and their song "Quit Playing Games With
My Heart". Her favorite sport is Basketball, Gustavo Jimenez:

color is blue, and food is Korean. She sleeps and 1. Cars, music

listens to music. 2. Guatemala

3. Michael Jordan because he is my favorite
basketball player
Hee Jung:

■ 1. Reading, sleeping and listening to music 4.1 would start my own business, I would by
myself a red '65 Mustang convertible, etc.
2. Guatemala
3. No comment
5. To be rich without working the rest of my life.
4. Travel around the World
6.1 would like to travel into the past cause I miss
5. Peace on earth people from the past.

6. Future, because the past is past!

Gustavo likes the actress Pamela Ander
Hee Jung's favorite movie is Titanic, son Lee, the show Beavis and Butt head the
actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, and favorite TV movie Friday. He listens to anything that is
Shows are Korean. She enjoys listening to The good, he plays Basketball,
Backstreet Boys and her favorite song is in and likes Chinese food and the color blue. He
Korean. She likes the color blue, Korean food, listens to Control Machete and likes the song Me
reading, sleeping, and listening to music. Comprendes Mendes his favorite words are
Chido, no manchas and guey.

Miguel Turner:
Marianel Coolen:
1. Singing
2. Yes!
3. Me. I'm awesome 2. yes!
3. Andre van Duin and Celine Dion, because I
4. Leave
5. Money
admire them
4. Keep part of it and the rest I would donate
6. Future, It's cooler
5. For peace and justice
6. Future 3. Leonardo DiCaprio because he's fine.
4. Buy things for me and my family and donate
Marianel enjoys the movie Titanic, the some to the poor.
show Mad About you, she listens to all kinds of 5. A million more wishes
music but she likes to listen to Chumbawumba 6. To the past because I'm not really into tech
and MDO the most. Her favorite song is My nology and also because I really like oldies.
Heart will go on and she likes the color blue,
Lasagna and saying Lekker Ding!!! Mariana likes the movie As Good as it Gets the
show Friends, the actor Bruce Wills, All music
Alexander de Gaay Fortman: and the Sport of soccer. Her favorite food is
1. model building, playing soccer and computer seafood, and color yellow. Her favorite word is
games. excellent and her band the Ilegales.
2.1 might move to another country or stay here
3. Andre van Duin, because he is funny Kristy Hsing-Chin:
4.1 would keep half and donate the rest to 1. Listen to music, watch movie
getting cool stuff 2. Taiwan (in December)
5.1 would wish to be smart and know a really 3. Will Smith because he is cute
fast computer 4. Travel
6. To the future because then I could see what 5. That I am rich
will happen to me. 6. future

Alexander's favorite movies are As Good Kristy' Favorite movie is Titanic, show
as it Gets and Jerry Maguire, show Friends, actor Friends, actor Matt Damon, music Rap, sport
Jack Nicholson, music Rap and Alternative and basketball, food is cake and her favorite band
he loves to play tennis and soccer. R.E.M. and Oasis. Her favorite song is Pink and color blue,
Smash mouth are his favorite band and song is she also enjoys saying Hi, What's up.
Losing My Religion. His favorite word is
Lekker Ding, food, pizza, fries, and pancakes. Zuleira Chock:
He also likes the color Green. 1. Playing the guitar, drawing, reading, and
listening to music.
Yoon Kyung Choi: 2. here
1. no comment 3. Trent Reznor. He's creative with music and I
2. junior like the way he thinks about the musical industry
3. no comment and society.
4. Keep them for me 4. Get away from this country and enjoy my
5. Be a fashion designer and be famous life.
6. no comment 5. No more HAPPY BANDS! (ex. Spice Girls
and Hanson)
Yoon likes the movie Titanic and the actors 6. Future. Want to know what's ahead of us.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. She listens to
Hip Hop, and enjoys basketball. She only likes Zuleira likes to watch the X-Files, Si
food that does not look ugly, her favorite words lence of The Lambs, and enjoys listening to
are friends and color blue. Metal and alternative music. Her favorite bands
are Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana
Mariana Raskosky: and Coal Chamber and her favorite song is
1. Sports "Tourniquet". She likes saying anyways, the
2. Guatemala color blacky anything that has to do with fast
food, and frogs. and animal is the sea cow.

Ana Mercado: Alison Kim:

1. Bugging the heck out of "Z". 1. Have fun at night- dance!

2. Here 2. Here.

3. Stephen King to see how he thinks of so 3. Leonardo DiCaprio, I just wanna see him
many good horrors so fast and to see if he's a 4. Travel.

freak. 5. Guy.
6. Past because I want to change the past.
4. Spend it
5. A million dollars
6. The past cuz I know I'm already going to the Alison's favorite movies are Indepen
dence Day and Titanic, TV Show is Super
Sunday, and actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and
Ana likes to watch the X-Files, playing Will Smith. She likes all types of music except
Basketball, and a clear color. Her favorite bands salsa, football, and the Beatles. Her favorite
are Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, and song is Sweet Day, words are you're mine, color
Deftones. She likes ice cream and cheetahs. is blue, and she likes to eat everything.

Mi Jin Kang: Anna Lopez:

1. Listening to music and reading books. 1. Watching TV, Talking on the phone
2. Guatemala 2. Here

3. Enrique Iglesias (fine honey)

3. Id meet Jesse Camp. Because He's so cool.
4. Spend it, go shopping. I'd invest some too.
4. Invest it to make more
5. A lot more wishes 5. To be a millionaire
6. Future to see where I'm headed. I would be 6. Future. Because the past sucked.
able to avoid the things I don't want to face.
Mi-Jin's favorite movie is Titanic, actors Anna's favorite movie is Chasing Amy,
are Robert Deniro and Julia Roberts, music is TV Show is Friends, and actor is Leonardo
Merengue and Salsa, and likes Grupo Mania. DiCaprio. She likes rap music, volleyball and
She doesn't have a favorite song but she likes basketball. Her favorite singer is Puff Daddy
saying anyways. Her favorite colors are black and song is Sex and Candy by Marcy Play
and white and she likes all food but mainly ground. She enjoys saying the words concubine,
bready things. conspiracy, and spleen. Anna likes navy blue,
Fetuccini, platypus, and yak.
Magnus Franklin:
1. no comment Sebastian Strzalkowski:
2. Still in hell 1. making money, working

3. Me, cuz I rule 2. Same place I am now

4. Eat it 3. I don't care

5. Marilyn Monroe 4. Put it in a bank and invest it to make it bigger.

5. Ultimate contentment for all.
6. No
6. Depends. If I could get back home I'd go to

Magnus' favorite movie is Scream, show the past. If I couldn't, who knows whats in the
is The Simpsons, actress is Marilyn Monroe, and future. At least i could make a profit.
favorite music is Spunk. His favorite band is
Molotov and song is track #9 on their CD. His Sebastian's favorite movie is Austin
favorite color is pink, food is bacon and beef, Powers, TV Show is Home improvement, and

favorite color is blue. He enjoys Alternative, 6. To the past because i want to experience how
electronic, and trance music. He likes soccer, it was to live back then.
badminton, Sirloin Steak and onions with some
mashed potatoes. His favorite bands are Swift Alex's favorite movie is The Devil's
Ales, Radiohead and his favorite songs are Lucy Advocate, TV Show is The Wayans Bros.,
in The Sky and Karma Police. Sebastian also actress is Whoppie Goldberg, and she likes to
likes panthers. say "that's the bomb", she also enjoys rap, hip
hop, R+B, techno, rave, Prodigy, The Chemical
Mario Chicas: Brothers, and the color black. She also likes the
1. No Comment song Sitting Up in My Room by Brandy, all
2. Still stuck here in Maya foods, and dogs.
3. No Comment
4. Put half of it in a bank, spend the rest on
whatever I can buy.
5. To be immortal
6. The past, so I can change some mistakes that
I have made.

Mario's favorite movie is Pulp Fiction,

TV show is The Simpsons, and actor is Samuel
L. Jackson. Hew likes all types of music, base
ball, football, and hockey. His favorite band is
Molotov and song is Black Hole Sun. He likes
hamburgers, the color black, and cows.

Esteban Fanjul:
1. Computers, girls
2. At Maya with a girlfriend
3. No one
4. Buy a new computer, save the rest
5. Date you know who
6. Future because I already know the past.

Esteban's favorite movie is Star Wars,

sport is soccer, band is The Beatles, and food is
pizza. He likes the color blue and cheetahs.
Esteban likes all kinds of music.

Alexandra Cau:
1. Hanging out with my friends, playing sports,
talking on the phone, shopping
2. Sweden
3. Mother Teresa, to say thank you for letting
me stay in her orphanage.
4. I would donate it to charity
5. That everyone loved everyone for who they
really are.
By: Giancarlo Valle

NOFX is a band of many generations. This

multicultural quartet plays a hard hitting whop
per of noise. The band's lead singer is Fat Mike
and he also plays bass. Eric Melvin is guitar and
El hefe is guitar and trumpet and Erik Ghint is
drums. This group has made many CD releases.
Their 1997 CD was entitled "So Long and
Thanks For The Shoes". Other Albums are
"Punk in Drublic", "S&M Airlines" "White
Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean", and "Heavy
Petting Zoo". This band has been around a long
time which is very good because they have
experience. They are the best Punk you will ever
find not like those dumb mainstream stuff that
everyone seems to listen to now...

Once you listen to this group you will

think, "Why didn't I listen to this band be
fore?!?!". But that is your decision, and I will
leave it up to you. Many People (the people that
have heard NOFX before) buy their CD's right
after they listen to it the first time.

NOFX is with the record company

Epitaph which are the record company for some
of the best punk bands ever, like Millencolin,
Voodoo Glow Skulls, Pennywise, The Joykiller,
Bad Religion, H2O, Pulley, Descendents, and
A.F.I which currently moved to Nitro Records.

Lets see what is going to happen to

NOFX this year... they just finished their "So
Long and Thanks For The Shoes" tour in the
USA (January, February, March) and had a little
break. At the end of April they did a little more
of the USA tour (New York, Massachusetts, and
Pittsburg) together with Hi-Standard. Then at the
end of May they'll hit the Europe (Germany,
Italy, Benelux, United Kingdom, Scandinavia)
together with H2O. They'll stay there till the

middle of June. Then they'll go back to the USA

to make the U.S. Warped Tour dates. They'll do "Fat Wreck Chords" just signed two new
all six weeks of Warped Tour. Then they'll return groups: Good Riddince and Snuff.
to Europe sometime in September and will go to In 1994 Fat Mike said that if he could be a
Paris the 29th and Slovenia. I don't know what Sesame Street character he would be
other countries they'll do after. Snuffaluffagus. That is really cool. I like
Snufaluffagus too. That year he liked Rancid and
Two NEW CD compilations just came alot. He listened to them all the time. He hates
out from Epitaph in April with NEW songs from lots of groups that people buy to look cool.
NOFX with some old songs like, "Homophobic
(Scared of Bums)", "It's My Job To Keep Punk Fat Mike and his wife are sponsored by
Rock Elite", and "Monosyllabic girl" . The CD Special Blend (For those of you who don't know
compilations have the bands, Assorted it is a Snowboard Company). They are really not
Jellybeans, A.F.I, Blink 182, H2O, US Bombs, good enough to be sponsored by a snowboard
Pennywise, Sick of it All, MXPX, Face to Face, company but they had a friend that hooked them
Pivit, DFL, The SwiftAles, Less Than Jake, The up with the owner of Special Blend and NOFX
Vandals, Millencolin, and Unwritten Law. played at a party the owner had in his basement

and in turn got a bunch of free clothing. That is

Also many people have asked if Fat Mike cool.
is dead and that seems to be the rumor now. Also
that El Hefe hung himself.Well, the answer to NOFX fans say that their albums keep
both of those rumors is NO! Those are lies. getting better than the ones before, which is very
Right now El Hefe is with the guys from rare. Other bands put out second albums and are
Flipwreck. not as successful as their predecesors.

And for the small percent of people that Now my favorite NOFX CD is "Heavy

have heard of the record label, Petting Zoo". It should probably be their latest
"Fat Wreck Chords", they will be surprised to CD but I haven't heard it. "Heavy Petting Zoo"
know-it was founded by Fat Mike. Just recently is a great CD that came out in 1996.1 could not
NOFX produced a small EP from Fat Wreck find this CD in Guatemala so I got Sebastian to
Chords with just five songs. It is strange that find it and he did. There are 13 songs on the CD.
NOFX is still with Epitaph when Fat Mike has
his own record company
Mutsumi Nishii

* I would like to have the class of skateboard,

I guess everybody has thought at least
because Mr. Benny could teach us. And also
once about having a class of their hobby or about
because I like doing it.
what they like to do. Like swimming class,
or to play some instrument that they like,
internet class, cooking class, or any other class.
* elective class??? urn.... maybe RE, cause P.E
Or take a class that you like. Everybody has a
is kewl oops ~
subject that he or she likes and of course they
want to have that class, right? Then, now in
Colegio Maya, as you know, there is publica
* I would like to have the class of Design and
tion class, which is the class where we make
tennis, beause these are cool. And beause I
articles, like fiction stories, non fiction stories,
think many of the students would like to be
about experiences we have had, also abou t what
designers so I think we should have this class.
we are interesting in; we write things like that.
I like to play tennis! The sports that are for
Also we write about school, we write articles
extracurricular activities are good but I would
about sports, articles that have many people's
like to play other sports.
opinions (like this one) and many other things.
And also we type another students' creative
projects that they have made in their English
* John Song: P.E because I think I like P.E. And I
class, like poetry and stories like we write in this
like the teacher so I want to join P.E, next year.
publication class. Then we make magazines
that include all articles and poems. Then I
asked this question to some to high school
* Yoon Kyung: Art and French. I want Art
students, "What elective class would you like to
because I like to study design. And French
have next year, and why?" Then those students
because I really want to learn it.

* Zuleria Chock: Art, photography and music.

* Su han: I want to have a HACKING COM
PUTER CLASS, because I want to become a
hacker, and then destroy all the computers (
* Carlos Nakadoi: APcalc. or Art and AP
Only MACS!!)...
chem. I want to learn more Math, science and

* I want the class of photography, because I

* Kyong Hwa: Art or French. I want to learn
. want to take pictures.
French badly, and I like Art.
fail fur ibis

good idea if the teachers and directors would

* Kyung Ro: Art, French, and Graphic Art, too get together and create a questionaire in which
bad the schedule doesn't let me take it all. the students would write what elective classes
they would like to take? And after they collect
the information, see which elective class are the
* It would be nice to have some class to do most popular, and include them in our
badminton. Because I really want to and be corriculum for the following years.
cause I like playing this sport. Also I would It would be good, right?
like to have Art class I'm not good to draw
things, and because I like drawing, I want to
have Art class.

* Photography, because I like taking pictures

and it would be fun to learn how to develop

* French because it would be cool to learn a

new language.

* Claudia: French, because I like learning

languages and I want to study many languages.

* Ruth Carbonell: -Theater Arts- because I

love acting.

* Cecille Ocasio: -Theater Arts- because it is


By asking this question to some high

school students, many of them answered that
they would like to have the classes of Art,
French and RE. And many of the reasons are
because they want to learn that subject, and
because it is cool. And the reasons that they had
for this question was "Because I like it."
I think it is important to take Math,
Science, English, Spanish or those kinds of
classes but it is also important for us to do
what we really want to do, isn't it? Since then
we would be more interested in school and enjoy
it even more. Don't you think it would be a
Biological and Chemical Warfare
by Ade Adamson

Chemical and biological weapons have with nuclear weapons, $600 with nerve-gas

proliferated more widely than nuclear weapons weapons and $1 with biological weapons. The
because the norms against chemical and biologi use of these chemical agents offer many advan
cal weapons are not as strict as those against tages to the terrorists who use them. Many of
nuclear weapons, and partly because biological these advantages are unique. These advantages
and chemical weapons are more easily acquired. include the limited capability of anti-terrorist

This is because chemicals and viruses can be groups of detecting such weapons, the low cost
gotten easily from scientists and from living and low technology required to develop chemi
organisms. It doesn't take that much to spawn cal weapons, their extremely frightening image
germs and make chemical mixtures.
and the overall efficiency of such weapons. And
There are four different classifications of best of all they leave no fingerprints.
chemical weapons; blistering, choking, blood Although biological warfare, sometime
and nerve agents. Blistering agents are meant to called 'germ warfare', has never been employed
cause incapacitation rather than death. Choking on the modern battlefield, the increased amount
agents have lost much of their usefulness but of research and testing of disease-producing
phosgene is a common industrial chemical with viruses and bacteria for military purposes has
an average lethal dose, and is a choking agent. caused worldwide alarm. As a result, the Bio
Hydrogen cyanide is a blood agent which has a logical Weapons Convention signed by the
lethal dose slightly higher than that of phosgene United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet
but is less effective due to it's rapid rate of Union, and 67 other nations in the year 1972
evaporation. This chemical group is not really prohibited the development, production, and
for the use on large numbers of people, so their stockpiling of bacteriologic agents and toxins.
primary role would be in assassinations. Nerve The United States completed the destruction of
agents are the new kind of chemical weapons it's biological-warfare weapons in 1975 and
examples of then are sarin, tabun, and soman. currently confines it's research in this field to
They have been the main chemical weapons defensive and protective measures. Biological
stockpiled as weapons. In general they are warfare is the use of harmful microorganisms or
hundreds to thousands of times more lethal than toxins in war. A small number of these organ
blister, choking, and blood agents. These chemi isms could kill millions if effectively distributed.
cals are the most useful to terrorists because of This kind of warfare has never been used in a
the small quantity needed to inflict a substantial modern battle field but countries do possess
amount of damage. These chemicals, in their biological weapons and can use them at will.
most effective form, are more difficult to obtain. Agents such a salmonella, small pox, anthrax,
VX and sarin, the most toxic of the nerve agents, the extremely lethal ebola and many different
can be synthesized by a moderately competent viruses and bacteria could be used in biological
organic chemist, with limited laboratory facili warfare and terrorism. Biologist even have
ties. Chemical weapons have long been consid merged smallpox and ebola. These kinds of
ered "the poor man's atomic bomb" due to their weapons are ideal for terrorists because it allows
relatively low cost and ease of manufacture. them time to get away after a release of the virus.
This is supported by a group of experts who said There are no ways to protect anyone from bio
that for a large-scale operation against a civilian logical weapons. A person would need 52
population, casualties might cost $2,000 per vaccinations to be safe from harm of many likely
square kilometer with convential weapons, $800 biological weapons. Anyway, nobody could
survive all those vaccinations and not every blankets used by people infected with smallpox
disease has a vaccination. If a large portion of were given to the Indians in hopefulness that it
New York City were hit by anthrax there would would pass on the disease. This kind of cruel
not be enough hospitals and it would take about warfare will be a problem in the future. In a
a week for them to use up all the antibiotics that Japanese subway station nerve gas was set and it
fight anthrax. If there was a threat of a smallpox caused many to suffocate and about fifteen
attack in the United States there would not be people to die. This kind of incident in the United
enough vaccines for even half the population. States will happen, and the question is when?
This means the vaccines would be worth more and where?
than diamonds and gold.
The history of chemical warfare goes
back all the way to 400 BC when the Spartans
used sulfur in the Peloponnesian War. Later in
World War I Germany launched chemicals for
the first time during the battle of Ypres on April
22, 1915, by releasing chlorine gas toward the
British and French lines. This gas burned the
lungs of the opposing soldiers. The initial attack
created thousands of casualties, and both sides of
the war quickly developed and used a variety of
poisonous gases throughout the remainder of the
war. In 1917 the Germans used an effective
blistering agent known as mustard gas. During
World War II the Nazis and several other nations
developed and stockpiled chemical weapons,
including large quantities of deadly nerve agents.
They did not us them in fear of retaliation by the
Allied forces. The Germans, however, used
toxic chemicals in extermination camps to
murder millions of civilian men, women, and
• children during the Holocaust. The Vietnam War
was also an occasion for the massive use of
herbicides, such as Agent Orange, to destroy
large forested areas that were used as guerrilla
bases and to clear away the foliage surrounding
roads and United States military bases, thereby
eliminating potential ambush sites. Chemicals
like tear gas, however, are used in riots not in
war. This chemical causes blinding tears and
also makes the victim cough but these symptoms
cease after the victim breathes in fresh air.
The use of biological weapons started in
medieval times when soldiers threw victims of
the plague over the walls of a city under siege,
and sometimes they put the dead bodies in the
water wells of the enemy in hopes of affecting
them. During the French and Indian wars,

Take Off WithA Gyroplane

by Antonio Luzzi

It's a plane! It's a helicopter! It's a ...Gy


These funny sounding flying machines

are a combination between helicopters and
planes. They combine the control of an airplane
with the convenience of a helicopter but not the
cost. Gyroplanes can be used anywhere a plane
can't land or when using a helicopter would .
make the flight too costly. Though these birds
have been around since the 1920's they are just
now being taken seriously as inexpensive trans
Gyroplanes and helicopters are similar.
Both use a big rotor on top and both can take off
and land without going forward. Helicopters
have two or more rotors powered by motors.
But Gyroplanes only have one rotor powered by
rushing the air while it's flying forward. So a
Gyroplane is simpler and thus cheaper to oper
ate. The Gyroplanes also borrow ideas from
airplanes. Both have wings and a propeller, both
needs less maintenance than a helicopter. On a
Gyroplane however, the spinning rotor, not
wings, lifts the aircraft. Wings only provide
control. That means a Gyroplane doesn't need a
runway and can land in any clear spot.
Because a Gyroplane doesn't require a
runway like a plane and is cheaper than a heli
copter the craft allows more flights and no
longer ones. The Gyroplane's developers say
that Gyrolanes could be used by paramedics
swooping down on highways to help car accident
victims or farmers could also use them to round
up lost cattle. Also they could be used in air
surveillance for law enforcement.
Some day a Gyroplane might even lift off
from your driveway at home drooping down to
your schools parking lot or on the top of your
parent's office building.

SOURCE: TLC television corporation, Internet

Key West:
and some ether Keys
By: Kevin Odle , , , , u
. , Ernest Hemmingway s house, and where he
(The following is an informative report main y ^ .^ ^ ..^ ^ on Duyal Strge
spent time at "Sloppy Joe's" on Duval Street.
of interest to travelers in southern Florida written
Ernest Hemingway, a famous American writer,
by firsthand experience.)
lived in Key West during the most productive
time of his life. Hemingway had a passion for
The Florida Keys are a series of small
fishing. One can see how he demonstrated his
islands closely located. Currently, there is a
love for fishing in a novel he wrote, The Old
highway connecting many of the islands going
Man And The Sea. Thus novel depicts an old
about 120 miles all the way to Key West.
fisherman who heroically manages to catch and
kill a huge fish.
If one is in Miami, he had three choices
for getting to Key West. One can take an air
Key West has an interesting history. For
plane for a short flight, take the intercostal
centuries, treasure ships and merchant vessels
waterway (like a ferry boat), or spend between
have sunk or marooned on the extensive reefs
three to three and a half hours driving taking the
surrounding the Keys or from steadily reoccur-
opportunity to enjoy the scenery on the way
ring hurricanes. Even more dangerous were the
down. From Miami Beach to the city of Key
pirates who lived on Key West, which is a
west it is approximately 10,
West 165 muCS
miles. uu "--
On the drive £ n ish hmse The Spanish
through the Keys one can stop and take a tour of P ^ .^ ^ meani
the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key. ? ^^ found
Some of the thirty different dolphins in the q{

facility came from training centers or entertain ^ when ±Q

ing companies like "Water World". Other are $m mmy

dolphins were rescued or brought in for rehabili- c£ntury ^

tation. Most were born in the facility..The tour Qf ^b industries Uke

offers an introduction to all the dolphins and a extraction, and exporting
brief history on each, as well as an instructive CJ* *' ^ .< became ^
lecture on dolphins. The Dolphin Reteach center »atu P « .n ^ ^^ $mes
uses the money charged to the tourists for visit- ^population of Key West grew to
ing the facility to admire dolphins close up to do ^ ^ ^JJh
18,000 making it the.
the latest
largest citv
city in
in Florida,
dolphin research and learn more about them
West became a Naval center during the Spanish-
because the organization does not receive funds
AMerican War. During World War I the naval
from the U.S. Government.
operations intensified, bringing Key West
wealth. Key West had been a wonderfully rich
Once in Key West, one has the option of
and prosperous place, but during the Great
going to the city of Key West. There are many
Depression, it became the poorest city, having
small shops and small stores in the city as well
over half it's population on relief. The majority
as tourist centers and activities. To thoroughly
of the citizens on Key West were involved in
explore the city and get a historic synopsis of the
illegal trade. Importing Chili seeds from Mexico
island and interesting information about the
to plant their own chilies and bringing in mari-
Florida Keys,
Keys, one
one can
can take
take aa ride
ride on
on the
tne Conch
^oncn * examples of illegal trade. Then the
Tour Train. It is a great way to get around town Ju F
and stops at 24 places of interest, including
federal government spent millions of dollars to
get Key West's tourism industry going again.
However, the government indirectly brought the
industry to a halt when the government set up a
checkpoint at Florida City, which is on the
southern tip of the mainland, to search for drugs
and illegal immigrants. This lead to traffic jams
up to 20 miles long. Thus, tourists went else
where. Key West made an eccentric response,
but it was effective. It decided to declare war on
the United States. Key West and all the other
Keys would be renamed as the Conch Republic.
Their plan was then to surrender and seek for
eign aid. Key West had soldiers and men who
would constantly patrol the area (men riding
around on bicycles) and a war ship (a small
fishing vessel). When a U.S. government offi
cial went down to Key West to negotiate, a man
from the Conch Republic broke a long loaf of
stale bread over the head of the government
official and the war had begun. One minute after
the war started, the Conch Republic surrendered.
In the end, the United States agreed to Key
West's demands and removed the checkpoint.

If one wants to go swimming in the warm

coastal waters of the Gulf stream after exploring
the city in Key West, there are two main tourist
beaches. The first is the gentle sloping beach
bordering the city. Thus is where the majority of
the residents of Key West go. The second, Bahia
Honda, is approximately 25 minutes east from
Key West. Bahia Honda is inside of the Bahia
Honda State Park; an enhance fee is required to
be admitted to the park. It is said to be the best
beach in the Keys. This beach is made up of a
shallow semi-lagoon between the beach and the
sand bar, then it drops off into deeper waters.
The different colors of bright blue water are
caused by these different depths of water. This
beach is therefore ideal for swimmers, fishers,
and people who just want to relax.

by Miyuki Nakaido

Cat Knows! would take care of my lovely cat. So I never get

sick. Also I made alot of friends because they
People say that cats have a mysterious like cats, too. After school children in my
ability to predict weather earthquakes, bombs, neighborhood come to see my cat. So I have to
etc. . . There are some records that cats have live for my cat!" Mrs. Nataly said that with a
informed people of events that have happened. big smile stroking her cat Lala.
In Virginia, for instance, I have a friend
named Susan who is raising a beautiful black cat How did it happen?
named Shadow.
Once she got very sick and she had to Have you ever had a cat?! Cats have
stay in the hospital for a year. Strangely, when strange powers. Mr. Albert has a cat named
she entered the hospital, Shadow disapeared the Mike. Mr. Albert has a big problem, he though,
same day. about the cat.
A year went by aand Susan returned He took his cat to a new house, but the
home. When she opened the door to her house, next day the cat disapeared from his house. Mr.
the black cat was waiting for her at the door. It Albert was looking for the cat but no one knew
continued many times, so Susan decided to about Mike.
arrive at home without telling anyone. Even Two weeks went by, when Mr. Albert got
though no one knew of her return home, the cat a phone call from the owner of the old house
was still waiting at the door. So when ever the that Mike was there. Mr. Albert was suprised
cat returned to Susan's house, everyone knew with this news. He wondered how the cat went
that Susan was coming back. This story is told back to the old house, no one knows how nor
as a true story. why.

I Live for the Cat!

Mrs. Nataly was living alone after her

husband died and she was very sad and with no
desire to live any longer.
One day, her friend's cat died in a car
accident, and the cat had kittens, so her friend
asked Mrs. Nataly if she would take care of a
kitten, so Mrs. Nataly said Ok. The kitten was
so small, it had not opened it's eyes yet. Then
Mrs. Nataly decided to name her cat "Lala", she
took care of Lala with a lot of love.
Lala grew up to be a very cute and sweet
cat. So her friend suggested she, show her on a
t.v. show, so Mrs. Nataly showed Lala! All the
people said, "Oh, she is so cute!" During an
interview, Mrs. Nataly said, "Lala gave me the
will to live, I can't get sick because no one
JIHSEM the real
Ji Hyun Yoo

Jinusean is the recent Hip Hop legend group in

Korea. Jinusean debuted in the summer of 1997, dances since he used to be a backup dancer for
the Taiji boys before. Their dances are very
which is not even a year that started with their
powerful such as their own "Beeper" dance.
singing careers. Even though the group is very
Even though Hip Hop came from the states, they
young, they gained so much love and support
from their fans and music lovers especially the
make it easier for the Koreans to understand and
people who love Hip Hop. In 1995 they first met love Hip Hop.

each other and met the most famous Hip Hop

Jinusean's English version album, which is
groups, Taiji boys and Deux. They are known for called "The Real," came out in February this
year. Almost all the songs are in English except
the first Hip Hop groups who made the Hip Hop
the two songs that are remixes of Korean ver
famous in Korea. In that summer, Jinusean was
sions of "Gasoline" and their new title song.
created. There are two members in the group,
There are 10 total songs on this album. The
Jinu and Sean. Jinu used to live in L.A. and Sean
English version of "Gasoline" seem to be more
•used to live in Guam, therefore they speak
powerful than the original one. The first album
English very fluently.
had a lot of support from many other people such
Their first title song was called ''Gasoline"
as Taiji boys and Deux, but this album is more
which had very strong beats and it was divided
special because it was all created by Jinusean
into the west coast style and east coast style of
and their friends. Sean's friend Perry who is very
music. Since Jinu knows more about the west
talented in music, directed and composed most
coast style because he grew up listening to it, he
of the songs. Also, there are other songs such as
raps in west coast style and Sean raps in east
"Like this, Like that" with a Miami style and
coast style. In that first album, there is the
"throw your hands up" and a remix of "Cel
original soundtrack of "Gasoline" and the D.O
version with guest singers from Taiji boys and ebrate".
When they released the English version album,
Deux. Also, the number one track "Jinusean
Bomb" has the most distinct style of east coast
they had to go back to L. A because of their
second album process that will be released soon.
and west coast style with guest singers featuring
The purpose of the English version was to spread
Perry and Legacy. Perry is Sean's good friend
who has been helping with Jinusean's music a
their music not only in Korea, but all over the
world. They are known for opening a new Hip
lot. There is a slow song in this album which is
Hop Manias. The new era began with a new
called "Celebrate" and this is the only slow song
Jinusean syndrome.
on the first album. "Celebrate" has a Korean
version and one English version. Also, there is
another English song called "Young Nation"
which has a very strong theme of young genera
tions. The other two famous songs that became
very popular among Koreans are "Mai hae jur"
and "Nega!"
Jinusean is known for their powerful dances.
Their dances. Their dances are also original Hip
Hop dances and usually Sean coordinates the

Senior Survey
By: Gretchen Perkins & Maria Brady

Movie: Stand By Me/ River Runs Through It

Since the original Senior Survey got
Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt
erased from my disk, we decided to write an
TV Show: Seventh Heaven
other one. What a novel idea! So we made the
Planet: Venus
seniors fill out yet another survey, and we will
1)1 would like to meet James Dean because he
type it out again for your reading pleasure. And
changed the way of acting, and he was the
hopefully this time it won't get erased from my
original rebel, and he acted very well.
disk. So now, in no particular order, the seniors!
2)1 wouldn't want to be reincarnated because one
*silence, sound of crickets chirping*
time on the earth is enough for me.
ummm...Oh well...
3)1 would eat poisoned peaches so I would die
peacefully because I wouldn't want to be alone.
Name: Ana Garcia
4)go to college
Favorite Color: green
5)hopefully working and making a lot of money
Band/Singer: Heroes Del Silencio
and happy.
Song: With or Without You
6)1 would take all my music so I wouldn't be
Food: potato (in any way)
Word(s): ala gran/ puchicas
Name: Ana Teresa Mayrides
Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington
Favorite Color: blue
TV Show: Mad About You
Band/Singer: Matchbox 20/ Celine Dion
Planet: Pluto
Song: 3 am
l)Jesus, it would be very interesting to talk to
Food: avocado, french fries, spicy
someone as simple as him.
Word(s): estupido(a), mihijo(a), do you want a
2)an eagle
cookie now?
3)knowing me, I would go in search of food.
Movie: Titanic
4)party my *** off. actually no, go to college
Actor/Actress: Juliette Lewis
5)eating in an Italian restaurant, ordering
TV Show: Simpsons
fetuccini and planning an evening at home with
Planet: Mars, Earth
my husband (hopefully)
l)Celine Dion because I love the way she sings
6)1 would take food, my Garfeild and teddy bear.
and how she tells people about the things that
The best company, no fights, they agree and I
matter in life.
love them.
3)kill myself
Name: Debra Walsh
4)go to college and have fun
Favorite Color: green
5)1 would be 26, so hopefully married and
Band/Singer: The Wallflowers/ Rob Thomas
Song: Under The Bridge
6)1 would take someone I love because it would
Food: Chinese food
be nice.
Word(s): evil

Planet: Earth
Name: Jihyun Yoo l)It would be my brother, because I miss him a
Favorite Color: blue lot.
Band/Singer: Jinusean 2)Superman

Song: Oh! My Love 3)1 have no idea

Food: Chinese/Korean food 4)Have fun in university
Word(s): man! 5)studying in a rural area of New Zealand by
Movie: Titanic myself
Actor/Actress: Song Seung Hun 6)1 don't know
TV Show: Namja 3 Yurja 3
Planet: Uranus Name: Asaf Mazar
l)my friend in Japan Favorite Color: bluish-purple-silver
2)human being Band/Singer: Bob Marley
3)commit suicide Song: Samba Pat
4)go to college and work my arse off. Food: Pizza
5)TV producer Word(s): berserk
6)my car Movie: Willow
Actor/Actress: none
Name: Vanessa Bergonzoli Show: Seinfeld
Favorite Color: white Planet: Uranus (besides earth)
Band/Singer: Pink Floyd/ Jewel 1) Buddha, he would probably have some inter
Song: Stairway To Heaven esting things to show
Food: Italian food 2) A psychedelic mushroom or a dolphin
Word(s): chevere, quibo, Colombia 3) I would explore
Movie: Devil's Advocate 4) go to college
Actor/Actress: Nicholas Cage/Glenn Close 5) walking around somewhere
TV Show: Mad About You 6) my guitar, some paper, paints, extra oxygen,
Planet: Earth food to stay longer, a shovel to dig
1)Jesus, I would ask sooo many questions
2)a master of spirituality Name: Javier Lacayo
3)cry Favorite Color: greenish-blueish-purplish-
4)get a lot of vocal training to become a profes orangy-red
sional singer and eventually get a record deal & Band/Singer: Korn
study psychology Song: Wicked
5)making records, singing, acting, but most Food: Chinese
importantly, being extremely happy Word(s): wood
6)a good book to read along the way Movie: Happy Gilmore
Actor/Ac tress: Adam Sandier
Name: Young-Jin Kang TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Color: black Planet: Uranus
Band/Singer: Eric Clapton, Sting 1) Homer Simpson, just because
Song: Tears In Heaven 2) I would choose myself again because I'm just
Food: sushi (Japanese) so cool
Word(s): great 3) probably just sit around
Movie: Apocalypse Now 4) study hard
Actor/Actress: none 5) still in school
TV Show: 3 Men 3 Women 6) pictures of all my friends
Food: Thai
Name: Alison Schwarz Word(s): no
Favorite Color: black Movie: Shag

Band/Singer: Actor/Actress: Jack Nicholson

Song: Forever Young TV Show: Home Improvement

Food: pizza and salad Planet: Venus

Word(s): sos un feto, a la no, shutup 1) Alex's dad, Branko Petricivic, because I heard
Movie: Titanic, The English Patient a lot about him and want to meet him
Actor/Actress: Jack Nicholson, Nicholas Cage, 2) a soccer ball
Meg Ryan 3) cry

TV Show: Friends/ Seinfeld 4) go to school (college)

Planet: earth
5) teaching elementary school and married
1) Princess Diana-her compassion for people in 6) take my teddy bear because I love it
need and her sense to help those who needed it
Name: Nieve Pizzatti

2) a cat
Favorite Color: blue, black, white
3) see what was left of the earth Band/Singer: Lenny Kravitz, The Doors
4) go to New York to Stony Brook College Song: More Than Words
5) hopefully with a masters in Political Science/ Food: Italian
International Relationship working at some Word(s): whatever

diplomatic agency Movie: don't have one

6) a person dear to me because I would enjoy the Actor/Actress: Gary Oldham and others
experience with them TV Show: don't have one
Planet: Neptune

Name: Robin Orlansky

1) my father because I was never really able to
Favorite Color: silver meet him very well.
Band/Singer: Cake
2) a bird or another human but in a different life
Song: Moonlight Sonata time

Food: cotton candy

3) I would probably do whatever I wanted.
Word(s): college 4) go to Italy to study design
Movie: Waiting for Guffman
5) working in Italy, States, or Guatemala
Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks
6) I would only take what I needed like food, etc
and whatever needed to wear etc for the condi
TV Show: 20/20
Planet: earth (duh) tions there.

2) an invincible fly Name: Valerio DeMeo

3) commit suicide Favorite Color: khaki

4) discover the joys of my newly gained free Band/Singer: Wu Tang Clan

dom in Chicago Song: Triumph

5) in my last year of grad school Food: Pasta

6) my sunglasses and sun block because it's kind Word(s): wood

Movie: Scream
of sunny there
Actor/Actress: Bruce Willis
TV Show: Beavis & Butthead
Name: Amanda Rhodes
Planet: Uranus
Favorite Color: Blue
Band/Singer: Bob Marley l)Tyra Banks
2) another human
Song: No Woman, No Cry
ij\ raa
3) run around naked through her eyes
4) go work or go to college 3) go to Disney World and I wouldn't have to
5) modeling and being w/ a lot of girls wait in line
6) a person so I could talk to them 4) go to college at Johns Hopkins University
5) medical school
Name: Alice Chen 6) Treetorn (my stuffed bunny), good food, a
Favorite Color: navy blue, orange boyfriend
Band/Singer: Mana, Rancid, Molotov, Everclear
Song: Saint Saens, Piano Concert #2 Bach 3rd Name: Elizabeth Luk
Food: ice cream, gummi worms, any blue food Favorite Color: blue
Word(s): capische, you dork, ha ha ha Band/Singer: Enrique Iglesias
Movie: Good Will Hunting Song: My Heart Will Go On
Actor/Actress: Daria Food: steak
TV Show: Friends, Daria, ER, Dharma & Greg, Word(s): -—
Three Movie: Titanic
Planet: Uranus Actor/Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio
1) I don't want to meet anyone, I wouldn't know TV Show: -—
what to say Planet: Earth
2) a butterfly because they can fly and because 1) Leonardo DiCaprio, Enrique Iglesias
no one is ever suspicious of the butterfly 2) an eagle
3) read through all the diaries of every single 3) I have no idea, it would be very boring
famous person (and wonder why their success 4) go to college and have fun
ful, but I'm the one still alive) 5) at home playing with my sister
4) do everything that I didn't do this year, go 6) family picture
skydiving, be nice to people
5) still alive, I hope Name: Andrea D. Damasceno Vieira
6) A galactic gun (to shoot attacking aliens) a Favorite Color: green
blanket (because I'll be cold) my Pooh-Bear Band/Singer: Banda Eva
(because I'll be scared) Song: Beleza Rara
Food: Italian
Name: Rana Hamdy Word(s): "Oh God, they've got no lives!"
Favorite Color: yellow Movie: Titanic
Band/Singer: Tori Amos, Mana, Lisa Loeb, Actor/Actress: Jodie Foster/Mel Gibson
Alanis Morissette TV Show: -—
Song: Get Out The Map Planet: Saturn
Food: chocolate 1) my grandfather because he held me when I
Word(s): idiot, burbujas, fopdoodle, funky, was a baby, right before he died, and left me his
pomplemons chain. It was very special and I'd love to meet
Movie: When Harry Met Sally him.
Actor/Actress: I don't have one 2) a dolphin
TV Show: Friends, Dharma & Greg, ER 3) I'd go around for a while then I'd cry and be
Planet: I've only been to one, so I can't compare in total despair. I'm pretty sure I'd want to die.
1) my father's mother. I've never met her but I 4) I plan to stay 6 months at a local college, then
heard she was awesome transfer to Brasilia (University of Brasilia) to
2) Shenny Garcia (my maid) cause her life is study medicine
really cool and it's very different from mine and 5) I see myself working in a company that deals
I've always wondered what things would be like with medical research in Brazil and married to

Adrian of course. ous.

6) Fd probably take a video camera to record all - -~~ -—These
the interesting moments (the little martians were the only ones we got. I guess no one else
maybe!!!) wanted their survey in here. But if they didn't,
,—,™™~ ,~~ -— ~~~~—~ it's their problem. So I hope you like enjoyed
this or something because it was a pain to write.
Name: Adrian Devoto We would like to say good luck to all the seniors,
Favorite Color: green and yeah, that's it.
Band/Singer: Andres Calamaro and Filo Paez
Song: Matador y Flaca
Food: Argentinian Steak
Word(s): "'Forget about it!"
Movie: Titanic
Actor/Actress: Al Pacino
TV Show: Wings
Planet: Saturn
1) I think it would be my grandfather since I
have heard so many great things about him.
2) I would choose an eagle
3) I would probably go so crazy that I would
commit suicide
4) Go to San Antonio, Texas to study business at
the university of Texas
5) Married to Andrea, having a well paid job,
and enjoying my life
6) video camera and a good book...

Name: Mary Joe Lent

Favorite Color: blue
Song: Stairway to Heaven
Food: trench fries
Word(s): "Hoochie Mama, Hoochie Papa!"
Movie: Jerry Maguire
Actor/Actress: Antonio Banderas, Andy Garcia
TV Show: -—
Planet: Venus
1) My boyfriend's father the reason is because
he is very much like him. Also they look very
much alike. Also my mother's grandmother.
2) A skunk or a hippo
3) ???
4) Studying in North Eastern Boston
5) Owning my clothes store
6) my boyfriend Beto- obvious; my Pepe le
Pew- my favorite doll and animal; french fries-
my favorite food; a picture of my family- obvi-

By: Carlos Mercado

Lt. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is things interesting. Ripley joins up with the
back in the fourth installment of the ver popular pirates and the rest of the movie is a race to get

Aliens series. The storyline is ressurected, hence to the lifeboats without being eaten by the horde
the name, after Ripley kills the last aliens and of menacing aliens. Needless to say, there is all
then throws herself into a vat of hot lava in of the running and jumping and shooting that is
Aliens 3. For all purposes, I think the story mandatory in all action movies today. There
should have ended right there. It seems as were, however, some excellent action sequences
though Fox is just milking any profits left in the that and an underwater chase scene that was
series before closing it down for good. Artisti impressive. But, for overall content, I found the
cally tacky would best describe this movie, movie to be lacking. Wynona Ryder's character
albeit it was a good effort. Some of the scenes Call seemed to serve no other purpose than to run
were very memorable or just plain fun to watch. from aliens and scream for Ripley. Also, this
This is basically the plot that the movie follows. new, wierd Ripley wasn't at all as appealing as
Ripley is rebuilt from DNA (ala Jurrasic Park) in previous films. She plays basketball, has
with the alien embryo still inside of her. She is cheesy lines, and seems to get turned on by
brought back by scientists who wish to domesti blowing stuff up now. The old Ripley didn't have
cate and capitalize on the aline species, a subject this sick sense of humor that you could see
that is hinted at but never explored in Aliens II. coming from a mile away. It was all to obvious
Sufficient explanation as to why they would that the writers of Alien Ressurection were trying
want to do this is never given. Whne Ripley to make the character into something that she is
wakes up, things are different within her (as in not, or alter her to give the story a more "90s
Aliens 2 and 3). She has been cloned several feel." If you're a real fan of the Aliens series, I
times in order to extract the alien parasites can see why this movie might be worth it. Other
within her. She has some wierd psychic connec wise, wait until it comes out on video.
tion with them now, as she is mother to the
whole colony onboard the space lab (which is of
course in deep space light years from help.) This
plays an important role in the movie in that the
aliens never seem to want to kill her. As the
story crawls forward, a group of space pirates
comes aboard the ship with a "special delivery."
Among them is Call (Wynona Ryder), an incred
ibly lifelike android who learns of the nature of
their experiments and decides to put a stop to it.
The rest of her crew are your regular tough guys,
who happen to be packing enough artillery for
WWIII "just in case." Of course, As you knew
they would, the aliens find a way to escape and
proceed to overrun the ship and destroy every
one except Ripley, the pirates (who happen to be
"good" pirates) and an evil scientist just to make
Japan AnaEurope Two Different Worms
By: Adriana Olivares

After knowing Japanese people this year, I goes by, they are kept exactly as their gardeners
would like to talk about the contrasts that I have created them. Such a thing would be unthinkable
found about two different and important areas of in Japan. There are gardens made entirely of
the world of today: Europe and Japan. sand and stones, with no vegetation, so you can
imagine the different types of gardens that this
The two worlds are very distant from one culture have.
another where their origins are concerned,
although modern life has now brought them To start to understand a few of the many
much closer. differences be.tween the two ends of Eurasia, it is
An American writer once said rather dis perhaps as well to reflect on the fact that Europe
dainfully that Europe is an "antique warehouse". has always pursued the permanent, the definitive
Anyhow, he was right because all Europe is a and the immortal, while Japan has nurtured the
museum. We Europeans are used to coming ephemeral, cultivating those things which live
across old stones everywhere, everything that and die but also constantly renew themselves.
has to do with art and civilization of the past. I
have always asked myself what visitors from
outside Europe, the Japanese, for instance, must
make of this accumulation of old remains.

Japan is a country whose history

stretches back to mythology. While traveling
around the country, we find a lot of remains from
the past, and yet Japan does not give the same
impression of age as Europe. This could be
because of the difference between the two
civilizations concept of time. For us, possibly
though having inherited the Christian tradition,
time is seen as an arrow going from the past to
the future. We are preoccupied with permanence,
so we build our monuments out of materials that
will resist the passage of time. We are obsessed
with antiquity and all that deals with our great
history and architecture.

In the culture of Japan there is no such

clear distinction between the old and the new.
Architecture acts in the same way as Nature,
renewing itself periodically. That's why exists a
tradition in the temples that every twenty years
are rebuilt.

Western gardens are designed. As time

Christina Walsh

Girl's Co-Captain Amanda Rhodes centers the ball in a game against Ineramericano during AASCA

The Girl's soccer team this year has been Yes. I started playing soccer at 11 years old
very successful in more ways than one. They and my father was my coach. We were the
started the season with high expectations and to Foxchase Soccer Club Champions- The "Black"
our enjoyment, they followed through. The girls Team.
have learned more discipline and dedication.
They know that to be great soccer players, they 2. In your opinion, what are the qualities
not only have to have skills but also the right that a soccer player must have?
attitude to win the games. Their winning attitude Be coachable, work hard, function as a team
was a source of the team winning so many player. Of course, coordination, speed, stamina
games. and strength help too!
The pre season for all the girls not in- 3. What were your expectations for the
' volvfcd in Basketball started in the third week of Girl's Soccer Team when the season started and
January, after the return from Christmas break. were they met?
For the other interested girls, soccer practices I expected to have a hardworking team. I
began the day after AASCA Basketball. think the girls worked real hard to do their best,
The girls team has an experienced coach but we never seemed to "jell" as a cohesive unit.
to guide them into a successful season. Mr.
Pastore has been coaching for six years, three of 4. Would you rather coach boys soccer than
them here at Maya. Coach Pastore states, "Girl's girls soccer?
Soccer has a very successful season this year, Why would I want to do that? Girls tend to
and the overall reward reflects that. 19 girls listen better to a coach, and the fact that they
earned Varsity letters, and others got to try at the generally know less about the sport makes them
sport and have fun. I am proud of the way the more coachable in many ways- girls will accept
girls played and the determination they exhib that a coach knows more than they do, while
ited." boys are "macho" and want you to 'prove" it.
I asked Coach Pastore a series of ques
tions regarding soccer: The girls also have two dependable and
1. Did you ever play soccer as a kid?

reliable captains. They are Vanessa Bergonzoli Guatemala and lost 0-1. The girls played their
and Amanda Rhodes. I asked them both what hardest and received the fair play award. Next
they thought about the entire soccer season. year the girls will be more than ready to face up
Vanessa said, " I am extremely happy with the against the tough competition.
outcome of our soccer season. We all improved The leading scorer for the 1998 Soccer
our skills as individual players, and although we season is Ana Garcia with 6 goals. Congratula
did not always win, we learned the value of tions!
unity by supporting each other through team
work." Amanda commented, " We played hard. The Girl's Soccer Team:

It finally paid off. Maya Girls Soccer kicks

mayor buttocks.". Ruth Carbonell (9)
Cecille Ocasio (9) V
Co-Captain Vanessa Bergonzoli in action
Ximena Lopez (9) V
Sindy Chamorro (9) V
Christina Walsh (9)
Maggie Rhodes (10) V
Mariana Raskosky (10) V
Anna Lopez (10)
AnaMercado(lO) V
Michelle Wiater (11) V
Vanessa Carbonell (11)
Kristin Gonzalez (11) V
Monica Garcia (11) V
LuisaMeyerman(ll) V
Jamie Brown (11) V
Amanda Rhodes (12) V
Vanessa Bergonzoli (12) V
Robin Orlansky (12) V
RanaHamdy(12) V
Andrea Damasceno (12) V
Ana Garcia (12) V
Ana Teresa Mayrides (12) V
NievePizatti(12) V
Many new soccer players decided to try out Adrianna Lopez (12)

soccer this year for the first time, making a total V= Varsity
of 24 girls. They earned experience in the sport
and learned a lot of new techniques and skills
that will help them next year, wherever they will
be. Hopefully they enjoyed their first season III COPA MONTESSORI '98
and will decide to join again next year.
AASCA Soccer began on April 23 and Wednesday, March 4:
ended on April 25, three days of soccer competi Maya vrs. Valle Verde (0-2)
tion. The girls played the first game at Maya
against Nicaragua with a score of 4-0. Then, the Friday, March 6:
next day came a game against the Lincoln Maya vrs. Inter Americano (1-0)
school from Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the girls
lost 0-3. Then the soccer team played Inter from Wednesday, March 25:
Maya vrs. Montessori (1-1) Maya vrs. Esc. Parvulos (

Thursday, April 16: Saturday, May 15:

Maya vrs. Jules Verne (2-0) Maya vrs. Valle Verde (0-0)

Monday, April 20: Tuesday, May 5:

Maya vrs. Americano (0-1) Maya vrs. Guate Bilingue (1-1)

COPA AMERICANO '98 Tuesday, May 12:

Maya vrs. Americano (1-1)
Tuesday, March 24:
Maya vrs. Las Cumbres (2-0) Thursday, May 14:
Maya vrs. Inter Americano (1 -1)
Tuesday, March 31:
Maya vrs. Montessori (3-0) COPA MAYA '98

Tuesday, April 14: April 15:

Maya vrs. Sugar Montano (1-0) Maya vrs. Motessori (1-0)

Tuesday, May 19: April 29:

Maya vrs. Aleman (3-0)

Boys Varsity Soccer team

By: Ade Adamson

Soccer, the most popular and played sport Pabon. Having been fit from the workouts in the
in the world. Its popularity is unbelievable, basketball they had no trouble fitting into the
some people even quarrel over trier teams. This coach Sanchez's workouts. Once the boys were
popularity and interest in the sport is present in fit the coach expected the team to do fairly well
Colegio Maya. Throughout the year coach Pablo in their 6 official games. The varsity boys team
Sanchez had been organizing practices and consisted of-—players, these players are:

scrimmages to help both his young and old

Giancarlo Valle
players to stay fit and ready for the season.
Valerio Demeo
Coach Sanchez wanted his team to be competi
Sebastian Strzalkowski
tive against rest of the Guatemalan boys teams.
Sergio Cortez
For about a month before the season had begun
Edgardo Pabon
there were many boys already practicing they led Javier Marquez
grueling workouts and drills, some players said Joe Tally
that, "the practices given by the coach were Elias Sundelin
tiring and a test of fitness." After AASCA for Eduardo Santella
basketball the whole team was formed. The Javier Lacayo
boys who joined the basketball team included Adrian Devoto

Gustavo Jimenez, Sergio Cotez, and Edguardo


Manuel Sevilla through all of this the boys team learned a lot
Luis Sevilla through the play of the opposing and also trier
Tito Massis coach Pablo Sanchez. Maybe in the future the
Ricardo Cortes teams will improve their record. Pablo believes
Paco Ortega that the class of 2001 is the best in soccer as a
Paul O'Sullivan
class in the school and will get the Eagles to
Gustavo Jimenez
number one because of thier competativeness
Carlos Hiroshi Nakadoi
and love of the sport.
After the soccer season Pablo Sanchez
The boys team played a few regular
was asked a few questions about the soccer
season games and scrimmages. They lost a lot
of them due to playing teams like Americano,
who's players do nothing but play soccer. One
1. What did you think about this season?
game Maya was thrashed by Colegio Americano
It was the first time in 6 years that the
9-1. These games were soon just seen as a
season was two short and too close to basketball.
learning experience for AASCA. Due to losses
But I thought it was a good season.

like the ones to the hands of Americano the

players did not really talk about soccer and the
2. What do you expect for next season?
games during school.
I expected the season to be special, like
At AASCA there were four teams in
every season.
contention for the title as the champion. It did
not look very pretty for the boys at Maya. The
3. Do you think next season would be any
teams were much larger, quicker and more agile
than Maya. But the boys went in with the
Yes, it will be better, because there will be
thought that they had nothing to loose. They
more time for practice and there will be a longer
played the teams from all around Central
America, like teams from El Salvador and Costa
Rica. As expected the boys team did not do to 4. Were you dissapointed with this season?
well. They only escaped with a tie. The rest No, it was the fact that there was no time for
were losses. practice and there were not many games. I think
The boys team came out of the season
next season will be a lot better.
with their heads down. Trier very unexpected 1-
5 season shocked some and others not. But
Freshmen Survey
By: Christina Walsh
"S.R". Her favorite actors are Rory Cochrane
Joe Rodriguez:
and Robin Tunney, movie is "Kids", and TV
1. Friendly
Show is "The Simpsons". Gretchen's favorite
2. Energetic, Loud, Troublesome
cereal is Lucky Charms, planet is Pluto, and
3. My Height
Color is black.
4. Being gay
5. As an architect or a sponsored skate boarder
Christina Walsh:
6. Cd's, my skateboard, a girl
1. Don't know
2. A happy person
Joe's favorite band is KoRn and his
3. My hair
favorite song is "Blind". His favorite actress is
4. I was a strand of hair on someone's hair and
Alicia Silverstone, movie is "Kids", and TV .
he went to the Beauty Shop.
Show is "The Simpsons". Joe's favorite cereal is
5. As a marine biologist in the ocean
Apple Jacks, planet is Earth, and colors are
6. Cd's, Cd player, a genie
black, white, and red.

Christina's favorite bands are 311 and

Maria Brady:
Tool and her favorite song is Track #7 on
1. Not sure
yEnema. Her favorite actor is Ethan Embry,
2. Ugly, Weird, Okay
movie is Beaches, and TV Show is 120 Minutes.
3. I would make myself more tolerant
Christina's favorite word is punk butt, cereal is
4.1 was on the Titanic and I rescued everyone.
Lucky Charms, planet is Mercury, and color is
5. I'll be the head editor on a newspaper.
6. Stereo and Cd's, bathing suit, a friend

Eduardo Santella:
Maria's favorite band is 311 and her
1. A noble uncle
favorite song is "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smash
2. Talented, musician, humorous
Mouth. Her favorite actor is Johnny Whitworth,
3. Nothing!
movie is "Fools Rush In", and TV Show is
4. A school disaster
"Unsolved Mysteries". Maria's favorite word is
5. Marine biologist and playing with great
<you don't wanna know>, cereal is Lucky
Charms, planet is Neptune, and color is blue.
6. Girls, instruments, coca cola

Gretchen Perkins:
Eduardo's favorite band is Soda Estereo
1. Pearl
and favorite song is "Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como
2. Depressed, Lazy, Weird
Un Revolver". His favorite actors are Alicia
3. My feet, they are too big
Silverstone and Kurt Russel, movie is "Execu
4. I was a fish in a fish bowl. People were
tive Decision", and TV Show is "The X-Files".
staring at me and tapping on the tank.
Eduardo's favorite word is Chafa, cereal is Capn'
5. In a dead end job and a one room apartment.
Crunch, planet is Mars, and color is blue.
6. A friend, a TV, and suntan lotion

Gretchen's favorite bands are Reel Big These PeoPle were left out of the "Freshman
Fish, 311, and Blink 182. Her favorite songs are Survey" from the 3rd Quarter Pulse.
"Rub a Dub", "She Has a Girlfriend Now", and

The meat-men
whe are they?
By: Giancarlo Valle

Here's a little history lesson for anyone that's WarOfTheSuperbikes

not familiar with the band, the Meatmen... ■ Rock and Roll Juggernaut
Formed in 1979 by singer Tesco Vee, the band We're the Meatmen... And You Still S@#k
has been playing for over 17 years (give or take Stud Powerc@#k: the touch and go years
a year or Gonzo- Hate Vibe
2 here and there). They've released 9 full Toilet Slave
length LP's, a - Pope On A Rope
lot of 7" - War of the
single's, and Superbikes 2
are now

putting the EP's/7-s

touches on - Now We'll Make

what will be Lotsa Pals

punk rock's - Blud Sausage
first "En - Blight

hanced CD". - Dutch Hercules

The -War of the

Meatmen's Superbikes flexi-

line-up has disc
constantly - Rock N Roll

changed over Juggernaut flexi-

the years. In disc

fact, the only -Vintage Meat

original - Straight Edge

member is Tesco Vee. Past members of the -Tesco Vee/White Flag
band include Bad Religion's Brian Baker, and -Tesco Vee vs White Flag
Ton O' Luv's Stormin' Norman Voss. The -Tesco Vee's Hate Police
Meatmen's live show consists of costume's, and -College Radio Loser
the strongest hate-vibe you've ever felt. -Meatmen/Boris the Sprinkler
They are in the process of releasing their 10th Cd -V.M.L. presents THE MEATMEN
called " Evil in a league with Satan" on their first -Evil In A League With Satan
enhanced Cd.
Full Length LFs
-Process Of Elimination
-Crippled Children S@#k -Reagan's Regime Review
- We're The Meatmen... And You -Surprise Your Pig: a tribute to R.E.M.
S@#k! -Underground Hits 2
-The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute to the
special guest stars Brian Baker(Dag Nasty, Bad
Religion) and Lyle Pressler(Minor Threat,
Samhain). The new album features special guest
Bianca Butthole from Butt Trumpet. Around the
The Meatmen are gross. Always have
time we were starting to work on the TVHKB re
been. Any girl who enjoys listening to The
issuing this record. He had spoken to a mutual
Meatmen is a special girl indeed. The band is
friend, Rick Black from Under the Volcano
basically tall blonde creep Tesco Vee and what
Magazine, who told him GO-Kart was an honest
ever members he has surrounded himself
label. Tesco obviously didn't speak to any of the
with for the time being. The music is always
bands, so they came to him.
rudimentary, be it hardcore punk, stupid metal,
or (most recently) a fascinating combination of
The Band is currently on a tour with their
the punk and ska, but darn it - it's also generally
contemplation of Psycho punk/ska songs on the
awfully catchy, too. I'm not proud to call myself
enhanced CD, "Evil in a league with Satan",
a Meatmen fan but heck, they make me laugh
with some of the old special guests I talked about
and their melodies get stuck in my bean, so why
above and with LunaChicks and A.F.I.
not? If you're a guy with a bawdy sense of
humor, give them a chance. If you're a gal, well,
Now that you have finished reading this
umm - that's your call.
you will know a little bit more or


something about the coolest, weirdest, craziest

The re-issue of the Meatmen's classic and most outrageous band you will ever hear. I
1985 punk rock opus as well as a new album's recommend this band to everyone who is willing
worth of material. The original album had to listen to unpredictable punk music.

by: Giancarlo Valle

Millencolin is such a great punk group Getting their Sweden- released CD

that it is in fact the best band from Sweden that distributed by Epitaph brought Millencolin to the
sing in english. With there catchy toons they US early this spring. Thrasher caught up with
have been touring the globe because they like them on a day none of them will soon forget-the
playing live. They also still skate which is even day of their first show in New York city. We
cooler. talked about their just- completed cross-country
tour. They were very ecstatic about the curb
Sweden is a place where the skate/ specs in the States, and especially fond of our
snowboard scenes are almost more than any wheelchair access laws and yellow "No Parking"
where else, intertwined with a music scene. All paint, which requires no waxing.
the bands sing in english and don't bother with

The great band is, Larzon on the drums,

Erik plays guitar, Nikola plays the bass and
vocals, Mathias on guitar.

'That year while touring we were on a green

tour bus, a Volkswagen, and it was a real bad

last names. The members of Millencolin met

through skating and were skaters before they
started playing in bands. 3/4 of Millencolin still
skate now. Guitarist, Mathias, rode mostly New
Deal boards witch happen to be the big skate
company in Sweden. Millencolin was first
introduced to the American punk that they all
admire- NOFX, Lagwagon, Operation Ivy-
through skate and snowboard videos.
jjh in ft nu
Bullion: it is about turning 21 and wasting all
your money on Cd's. And also is about how we
shut out the world just to play Nintendo and he is
tired of keeping a low profile.. He also says that
he sees vans dance.

Move Your Car: He says when you've been

puched to the side you feel useless. The it goes
to talkin' about moving your car and to get on
with your life.

Killercrush: He talks about what is better to have

face or to have charm? Well, my girl's two faced.
And all about those trendy girls.

bus. We were driving back from a concert, and it Friends Til the End: He taks about his girl that
started smoking in the back, and we all jumped is taking a job and how he is in the house all the
out and it burned down. But we saved our equip time. Like as if they changed places and she
ment because we had a trailer that we took off would always come home late.
when we jumped. We thought we'd taken care of
everything, then we said,'!@#%, there's fire The Story of my Life: He says, "this time, it's
underneath!' I never imagined that a van could not a cow, it's kind of personal, can't explain to
burn like that so quick. The windows: bloosh! you why this time, it's not a cow, so mr. PC are
The tires: blam! We started a big line of cars in you ready to bow.
each direction, it took thirty minutes for the fire
department to come, because we were far from Jellygoose: No lyrics
any civilization. Before the firemen came, the
van started to move forward. The windows and Replay: It is about a fantasy he has about this
engine exploded. It was fun. dream girl. Cool right. Ja, Ja, Ja.

Their 1995 super-sonic hit was a messy Vulcan Ears: Is about seeing a tiny spaceship and
mix of punk and ska that is really good. It is being beamed onto the UFO.
Dr. Jakal & Mr. Hide: No lyrics
Move Your Car Softworld: It is about an accident prone girl and
Killercrush how she messes everything up.
Friends "til The End
The Story of My Life
Vulcan Ears
Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide

I've seen what it does to you. "Observations"

I've seen the pain it puts you through.
I know you can't stop, I sit here half asleep,
But that you want to. Lazily watching a young child
I know the doctors can't help you, Run frantically through the grass.
And maybe neither can I. This is all I do now,
But I can't just stand idly by Sit here on this bench and
And watch it poison your life. Watch the people.
If I don't help you,
No one ever will. I saw a junkie
So let me endure the pain. Pushing right in front of me
Let me suffer, as if I wasn't here.
Instead of you. . But I didn't care.
Let me be a real friend
And help you through this ordeal. A young couple sat right down
You push me away. beside me once
But I WANT to endure the pain. Started making out
I WANT to suffer, as if I wasn't there.
Instead of you. But I didn't care.
So let me do you this favor.
A real friend would.

Two gangs walked up right
in front of me.
By: Gretchen Perkins Pulled out their guns and fired
as if I wasn't there.
But I didn't care.

A man stole an old woman's purse

Right in front of me
as if I wasn't there.
But I didn't care.

I could go on
About all the things I see.
But what is the point
If you never do anything
to help them or me?
I could tell you everything
• that is wrong in this world.
But why?

By: Gretchen Perkins

'The Rapper"

There once was this guy named Redman,

And was a old school rapper
from Harlem.

he can bust out any rhyme,

At any given time,
He can break -dance
in any type of pants.

Red likes to rap,

"....Someday he could be like Biggie..."
* Or maybe even like Will, With Jiggy...,

But whoever he is,

He's got that old school style,
44 He could be bigger than Big...."
And he will be in a while.

And then there's Busta Rhymes,

The all time great,
They play his funky music
all across the state.

They call him Bussa Buss

He's the hardcore rapper
With the east coast flava.

He dates amazing chicks,

Plays tricks,
But don't get hit.

And then he goes down town,

Without a frown,
Among the many homies
He don't get with the stonies.

And when he gets back home,

He talks on the phone,
with Joan,
Who is his girl.

And then there's the time

When he makes things rhyme,
When he's up on stage.
He's filled with everything but rage.

And soon he hops in bed,

In an apartment next to Red,
And he's thinking in his mind
about his next rapping time.

By: Nate Parry

"It's Hard To Be Poetic"

It's hard to be poetic,

When there's chaos in your mind;
When your life's all mess and hectic,
And your work is left behind.

It's so hard to be poetic

When there's so much to be done!
Do this! Okay but then
how bout that!? I'll say when
I go up and down
and in and out
And there's much
to think about "When I Die"
Your brain freaks out
and you just want to shout! what will happen to me
AaaaaAAIIIIEEEeeeeeee !
When I die?

* sigh* Will still yearn for the life I had thrown

it's hard to be poetic For the pieces of knowledge that I had never known
When you're numb and depressed For the plentiful things that I never did
When you close your eyes For a chance to solve all the problems I hid
and all you think is from myself?
"I don't feel like getting dressed."
Will I weep for the people with whom I never talked
But who wants to be poetic For the path of ambition that I never talked
when you're nearly PsyChoPaTHiC For a chance to be what I wanted to be
( and you're feeling quite pathetic) For chance to see what I never did see
for myself?
cause when on every single channel you get static
Shut down is automatic; Will I long for the happiness I never knew
You can wait until tomorrow to be poetic If I had only achieved what I wished to pursue
For my dream that one day I swore to fulfill
By: James Winkelhorst
But once I am dead, I know I never will
dream again. • •

Will be content as I gaze down from heaven

Or be filled with regret as I stare up from hell
For I never did live how I wanted to life
And the moment I set foot in the grave I know very well
that all my chances are gone

and I shall weep

by myself.

By: James Winkelhorst

"Facing Reality"

I stood there hoping

That the reality
Which I was facing
Was not entirely true.
That my eyes were not seeing,
But that it was only me imagining
This view of our word.
How can it be,
That no one can see
What harm is imposed
On our earth,
" Life"
With every bad action
That we unearth?
Blind to the world you enter
And blind to it you leave.
By: Luis Sevilla
. Asking yourself one question
"Why is it that you are here?"
Attempting to fulfill this question
From the time in which you're born,
To the time in which you're dead.
With every thought and step that you achieve,
You slowly answer the question
Of why you are here.
Having the option
Of answering this question
By either guiding fate,
" Glimpse Into the Future' Or letting fate guide you.

As you move into 2000, By: Luis Sevilla

Without a view
of what the future
Holds for you,
You question yourself,
And wonder
If it all will be true,
Will it all remain the same,
Or become as they say,
More advanced.
Will we struggle to progress
And achieve and obtain
A better life and world
Or will we all rot
As a result
Of our careless mistaken.

By: Luis Sevilla

To My Best Friend

Friend, you have given me

the reason to be in this place
you have taught me
how to survive in this world.

Friend, I cannot imagine

Memories the world without you
it would be a disaster
I remember one big tree like a volcano erupting.
I remember a small pond
I remember the girl Friend, you have my
who wanderred singing the solemn oath, serious promise
beautiful melody. of my company
till the world ends.
I remember the cotton candy seller
I remember the colorful playground • Friend, this promise I give
I remember a big toy store. because you have shown me
a world of happiness, understanding,
I remember the small school love, and faith.
that was surrounded by nature
I remember the teacher who gave me By: Brian Jung
a dream
I remember the fights I had
with my companions.

My mother
I remember the pacific ocean
which I saw on the plane
In that moment
I remember lights of the enormouse city
my mother was laughing.
that welcomed me to America.

When she saw

I love my memories
my baby pictures,
I'll never forget themm
she was smiling with happiness.
I'll keep then with me
to carry forever.
In that moment,
my mother was crying.
By: Brian Jung

When I was lying

in the hospital bad,
she was crying sorrowfully.

By my mother's tears
By my mother's smiles
I grow up.

By: Brian Jung


Sudden Death

No time to astonish and

no time to cry out,
I see darkness faraway.
It feels cold and my
sould sorrowfully drains out.
I hears rhythms
I have never heard of before.
I only see the face of darkness.
My body is firm as stone
and my heart halts.
Then, suddenly I only
hear the loneliness of the darkness.

By: Ken Lee

Regretful Past

As I look back I feel I should

have had a more delightful life. So man
regrets I have, I wish I could grow
younger. I want to to walk down the sandy
beaches of California and travel the world.
But I am too lonely now and too old.
I remember my teacher who loved her board,
her husband was old and he was also bald.
All of my friends who shared the best times passed,
are now all old and ruffled up and they all
look hilarious. I can't go up the roof where I used
Chased to go with my friends anymore cause I might fall.
I thank my friends to share the greates moments
I see myself in the water, and to them, I will never have any comments.
I hide in the bushes and look.
There he is again... By: Ken Lee
I try to grab him but make
only wrinkles on his face.
The moon in the sky
and its' twin in the tranquil water
seem like they are watching me omnisciently.

I run under a tree but I can

still see the moon.
I run through the thick bushes
and I still see it.
There is no way to escape.

By: Ken Lee


A country lost in history,

Without money and without food,
Though they have the capacity,
If only some one would lend them a hand,
A hand of gold.
It's an island of beauty,
So why should you harm it?
Why not help it?
It is the country of enemies,
No friends as far as the eye can see.

When I saw you sitting there,

Not alone but with fifty other people,
Making cigars so that some old man
Would become happy,
I said to myself:
"What is the difference between you and me?
How will your future look like?
Why are you stuck here?"
It hit me when I saw you,
That you aren't very old.
You must often think what will happen,
Fidel is old and there will come a change,
"But what if it is not,
The change that I was hoping for."
What if it is just gonna be worse,
What is Baptista returns?
You probably not even there,
When he had power.
Your have probably heard what it was like,
Not the kind of life you have now.

When I saw you I wondered,

And I am still wondering
What is your future?
Are you alone going stand up?
And say "STOP"
Are you the saver that I have seen??
The biggest hero in time, the one who changes
the most beautiful thing on earthg...

By: Elias Sundelin

The Killer Bee

Honey Buz was a baby killer bee,

He loved to do out and visit the sea.
A very talented bee which loved to sing,
But his problem was that he didn't like to sting.

He didn't know why he had to kill,

Because his best friend was a human called Gill.
He loved him so dearly he could do no harm,
Not even to a pig who lived on a farm.

Honey Buz had no bee friends,

Because he had to use contact lenses.
His family was disappointed with him,
For not stinging a boy called Tim.

He grew up to be an old bee,

And would always visit the sea.
He died without killing a thing,
And all through his life he lived with his ting.

By: Sindy Chamorro

The Friendship Fair

Laughs here laughs there...

friends and family reunited
for a great day of sun and fun.


A day where people-can

play all day and have a
great great time
along with their families
from food to games
you'll find everything
you like in this great day.

By: Eduardo Santella

On His Shoulders

This poem is written about

the people who hold the
world together and some of
the struggles they go
through: Athletes.

Force the light upon
His face so dim.
From the very first time that I met you,
Having to work for
I knew that you would be my friends.
Everyone's respect.
With your, honesty and openness,
Loved through success,
You made me realize what friendship really means.
Hated in defeat.
You would always stick with me through thick and thin,
Burning out prior
And never let me down when I needed you the most.
To the ultimate goal:
When I had my bad times you cheered me up
To be a champion.
With your jokes and happiness.

Javier Lacayo
Your friendship is like the universe
Open for suffestions and helping me with any problems.
Friendship is like a diamond,
Valuable because it can never be replaced or damaged.

Even though at times we fought a lot,

We always seem to forgive each other no matter what.
We would do some wonderful things together
And keep those wonderful memories inside of out hearts.

I have helped you with your problems

And you have helped me with mine,
That is what friends are supposed to do.
That is why you have become one of my friends.

Your friendship makes the whole year seem like spring.

Never once did winter take over the great friendship.
You respect the people and me for who we are,
Not changing them for what suits you the best.

You have made me realize a lot of things

That are important to my life.
You are one of them because you've been a great friend.
You will always be my friend no matter what.

By: I-Hsuan Wu
Innocent Little Fly

There once was this little fly,

That was flying away from this guy.
He would chase her around with bug spray,
She wasn't doing any harm, she just wanted to play.
She would hide between stuff,
But she couldn't anymore, she had enough.
She had no clue,
Of what she could do.
So she decided she would fight,
She would do this to defend her right.
When she came out,
There was no one about.
So she went all around the house,
The only moving thing she saw was a mouse.
The guy wasn't there,
She wsa happy and didn't care.
She thought she wsa brave,
But the guy came back and she hid in a cave. No Name To Live By
So she was going to make a plan,
To destroy that awful man. I have no name to live by,
She thought really hard... No one, who for me, will die.
And wrote all here ideas on an index card. To the bottom I dive;
She was going to eat all of his food, There shall be no more drive
She was hungry, she was in the mood. To the place I want to live.
She headed for the meat,
It was the first thing she would eat. For the will I once had
Then she covered it with maggots, Has turned around to the bad.
She also did this to the baguettes. I just have to take heed
She heard someone humming, To the idea I will succeed,
It was the guy who was coming. After my death proceeds.
She would watch him go down,
She thought she was clever and deserved a crown Javier Lacayo

He began eating the mear,

He didn't know he was getting beat.
He then got sick
It was because of the fly's trick.
He was beat by an innocent fly,
That you wouldn't expect to do harm to any guy,
This was one of the many guys,
That threatened the life of this poor little fly.

By: Claudia Garcia

I've Longed To Move Away

This poem was written to show

the daily stuggles that some
poeple go through and how they
cope with them sometimes. It is
dedicated to everyone who's hd a
tough day anytime in their lives.

I've longed to move away

From the anger of the day;
The root of all my fear
Begins when I am here.
Everything beneath me drops,
Killed myself to make it stop.

I've longed to move away

From the sadness of the day.
Everyone begins to cry,
Remembering when I died.
I am afraid to speak
Of what really hangs deep.

How I've longed to move away

To the place where I will lay
Forever to be untouched The Sea
By the pain that comes so much.
Bleeding all around The sea is beautiful place to be
While dying without sound. to see a lot of things that are not everyday seen.
It contains a lot of animals,
Javier Lacayo
from fishes to mammals.
The sea is open to the world,
from young people to old.
It has a mysterious side,
that creeps into a person's mind.
The sea is wonderful place to be,
to let your soul go free.
A lot of things will be forgotten,
even those things that are rotten.
Going to the sea is a place to forget everygthing
that has happened to you in the countryside or city.
Going to the sea everyday
to lay on the sand and feel the fresh air.
The sea is like no place on earth
where your soul will be free.

By: I-Hsuan Wu
The Presence of Love

My presence has it's place

In your soul, your life, your face.
In mine, you stand
Above all, to hand
Me what I dream of:
Your eyes filled with love.
A feeling I never had before,
Your face which I adore.
When I think of you and me,
I still see life hopefully.
I have this dream I cannot shake
I love you to the point you just can't shake.
As long as you are here with me,
Love will come quite naturally.

Javier Lacayo

The Easter Bunny

There once was an Easter Bunny

Who lived in a far away land,
All by himself in his little burrow.
He would never come out
In winter, summer of fall,
Except when Easter came in Spring.
He would be so happy and gay,
Because he would go outside
Where the air is fresh and cool.
Flowers and birds would surround him,
Greeting him to the outside world.
The Easter Bunny loved the Springtime,
It was a time he could be free
' From working throughout the whole year.
Poor Bunny was kept busy making Easter eggs
For all the children of the world.
He loved to see children't smile with happiness
When they received a basketball of
Blue, Green, Red, multicolored Easter eggs.
The Easter bunny had a good, generous heart,
By making the most beautiful eggs in Easter.
Of course why wouldn't he
If he was the Easter Bunny,
Who lived as happy as a Easter Bunny can be.

By: Sindy Chamorro


Life is a Sport.
The team your friends,
The ball your decisions.
The goals your dreams,
the field your path to success.
The overtime your luck,
the spirit your will to live.
The wins, your joyous moments,
the losses your painful ones.
The whistle your closure.

Life is a War.
The guns your destiny, Flying through the Air
the pillboxes your impossible missions.
The turrets your sicknesses, Flying through the air
the tanks you hardships. I see the day In will belong.
The trenches your home, Sitting beside two people
the allies your parents. But there is too much noise
The grenades, your faults, That you cant even hear you own thoughts.
the MIGs your teachers. You get annoyed hearing the baby cry.
The mushroom cloud your closure. You get dizzy smelling whatever
Comes out of the bathroom.
Life is a game of Chess. And all you wish to do is get otu
The pawns your thoughts, But as you're flying through the ar
the king you soul. You can't do anything.
The queen you wishes, You wish that this day is over.
the moves your risks. You feel like shouting
The knights your excuses, But you cant or you'll be embarrassed.
the strtegy, your plans. But this can only happen
The kills your victories, Flying through the air.
the killed, your defeats.
The checkmate, your closure. By: Ximena Lopez

Life is an Intrument.
The keys your abilities,
the majors your early years.
The flats your will to learn,
the pedals your help.
The chords your skills,
the music your tasks.
The prelude to birth.
The end your closure.

By: Sid Thazhathu


Standing Alone

I wanted so badly
somebody other than me
staring back at me
but you were gone.

I wanted to see you

walking backwards
and get the sensation
that you were coming home.
I wanted to see you
walking away from me
with getting the sensation of you leaving me

The Step
I wanted the ocean
to cover over me
The best part of us is the step
I wanted to sink slowly
The step that helps us get around
without getting wet.
The leg that moves
Maybe some when
The step that helps get over mud
I don't feel so lonely
The heel that echoes
F11 walk on water
Inside the shoe
every chance I get.

The best part of us is the step

By: Cecille Ocasio
When ever we are in trouble
It is the first to move
The step is our print\
Whenever we give a step
Our footprint is the one that stays
It stays forever in the ground
The mark you leave is important
It is like a trophy for the step
The sound of the step
A hit against the ground
And fights against the sidewalk.

If we wouldm;y hace created so many gods

It is possible
Thart we would worship
The step

By: Sebastian Castrillo


I am lost in your space

Facing Fears like a rat in a maze
My surroundings are black
When we are faced with fears afraid I'm being attacked
Do we runs and hide? Everything dissolves as I try to hold
I ask my self why? onto the only thing I see, you
Is it because of the things we hear — The insvisible voice
or the things we see overwhelms the noise
that makes us want to flee The voice that haunts me
Or is it our dark side that is unknown the noise that daunts me
And I asj myself why? I need someone to
Is it better to face fears or not get me out of here
or will it give us a brain clot? Away from the fear
what will it do for us — that keeps me in here.
except just cause a big fuss.
Is it the lask of courage Why can't I decide
that we cannot find? which way to hide?
We can't let ourselves become blind You have control over me
of our strength or courage like a puppet in chains
for it is the key to recovery Confused by your riddle
We need to face mortal terror traps me in the middle
for when we do we have no need to scurry I've got to find a way out
like we would have done in such a hurry, I can't beathe and that's no doubt
then all things start to become clearer Can't anybody hear my shout?
Finding that inner bliss I hold my breath
will cross the fright off your list And hope to live
• Taking chances I've lost my sense -
will lead to higher advances I've lost my mind
in which we will no longer need to fear, I've'lostyou.
fill our hearts with anguish and tears.
So, pull out that unforbidden fear I know already
so that it can now be very clear what you are planning
what is need to overcome There's no exit
so we don't have to keep things from I'm stuck here forever
the feelings of not accomplishing until someone cares and rescues me
of the things we may be fishing. and brings me back to live
Hopefully, may we complete all With my sins,
so we don't lead a life behind a wall I am nothing
Now I ask why A non-existing soul
Do we still run and hide! I stop my thoughts
I stop my feelings
By: Michelle Flores that hurt my spine
Can't anybody hear me.

By: Ivy Chen


Gone Alone

Maybe in another life,

I would find you there
Pulled away before your time,
I can't take it, it's so unfair.

Now it feels, it seems like,

Everythings gone far away
And it is, yes it is that,
THe whole world has gone cold,
Now that you've gone alone.

Leaving Pictures on my wall,

To show that I still care
I'm Sorry
But the tears that seem to fall,
I know you're still out there. "I'm Sorry."
Simple words.
I reach to the sky,
Important words.
And call out your name
Or if I could trade,
Difficult words.
I'll see you that day When you really feel sorry
But if I could see you here, You can't say easily
Would you really stay Even to your family.
Happiness is nowhere here,
These make you think a lot.
And I won't be alone again.

But for the time that you were gone, When you say these words
I still see you around With all your heart,
Visions of you in my head, You will be transmitted to your friend absolutely
Sadly thoughl know you're dead
And both of you will feel freed.
Still I beg that you'll return
I'm going mad, cause' I'm alone.
There are many ways to show your mind.
But the unique words are
The day that I wept, "I'm Sorry."
Was when I saw you last Simple words.
Everything just seems to fade,
Important words.
Why did you leave so fast?
And the difficult words.
But you did die, "I'm Sorry."
For the mistakes I made
The time has come to be, By: Mutsumi Nishi
You died beause of me.

In this place nobody remains,

My silhouette goes down the drain
Disappearing now,
To wash away the pain.

Today has been the day that I

Travel to the unknown
To be with you, or to be not,
But now you won't be all alone.

By: Joe Rodriguez


When you are on the bench you see the birds flying.
Then you are crying,
Because they are flying away.
You run to find your way.
If you see rock you can sleep for a litter while.
Then you can go back to the bench
And.feel what it is like to be bleacher.
When you are seeing the blue sky
You are noticing again that it is so much fun
To just be there and see it.
Afterwards, you go back to sleep
And dream about a big, big sheep.
The sheep is white and it is growing,
So you can see it and it is blowing.

When you go back to your natural stand

You can see coming a big, big hand.
You try to run far away
But it seems impossible to pray.
You lay drown and cry again,
But this is just an impossible and.
When you are sleeping in your bed
Everything seems possible
But this is bad.
When you wake up, you notice a thing
Everything is strange and who is to blame?
You try to read your face
And see that it is possible that you and me

We are together lying on the bench,

Trying to remember what we used to be.
This is a story of the bench.
Please look ahead and see and reach
It is so easy to dream a dream,
But when you wake up you begin to scream.

By: Claudia Gunther

Into the Unknown:

Into the unknown I go,

To see what will become of me
What awaits me in the blur?
All I know is that I need to see
What is calling me so.

There are things I don't underdtand

Things I will never knowif I stay
And until the day I part, I'll wonder
What needs to be discovered, if I may?
I'll wait to see that future and land.

But now I'll stay and enjoy life

For the time wil come soon eneogh
When I will have to leave everuthing behind
My familu, my home, abd personal stuff
All things that in my heart are lined.
There will come a time to cry and moan
Therefore, I wait before going into the unknown.

By: Nieve Pizzatti

The Seasons:

The spring brings life to the recovering earth

That with winter, brought mirth,
Then comes warm summer to brighten childrens' days
Following comes fall with its colorfull ways,
Winter comes along and turns everything white
Beauty and stillness it restores, what a sight!

By: Nieve Pizzatti

The Long Journey:

The small bird takes it's long flight

And the whole world below
To the south it needs to go
And it will end it's cold plight
It must go on a long journey toward the sun
And it needs to go fast, it must run
To get there safely and in time
There is no time, no time to mime
For if it stops and leizures by
Frozen and dead it will have to lie.

By: Nieve Pizzatti

"Predator" By: Joe Rodriguez
they rushed off. Soon they, were out of the toy
store. Jesse didn't even notice because she was

A Fake life thinking about what kind of Barbie she wanted

to get. Jesse got into the ladie's car because she
by Maria Brady was tired, and she wanted to sit down.

The toy store was crowded because of the -Meanwhile-

holiday season. Jesse and her mother were
looking for a bassinet for the new baby. Jesse In the toy store, Jesse's mother was
was so proud to be helping her mother shop for looking for her. And she was asking everyone if
the baby, it was very responsible for her, because they had seen her. Eventually, the police arrived
she was two. But soon, she got bored because on the scene. They looked all day. But there
they were looking at like 50 of them, and her was no sign of Jesse. Jesse was in a strange
mother wouldn't get the pretty pink one. place, it looked like her house. The nice lady
had said that she was Jesse's new mommy. And
"Mommy, Mommy, can I go look at the that Jesse's new name was Jessica. Jesse loved
Barbies? Pretty please?" Jesse had seen some of her new Mommy.
the newest ones on display, and wanted to look
at them. She figured that if she begged, her
mommy would probably get one for her. Her
mom was preoccupied, and so she said, "Yes, 15 years later-
come back in a few minutes, I'll be right here."
Jesse smiled happily and raced off towards the Jessica was watching tv with her dad.
toy aisle. But since the toy store was so big, she Tommorow was her 17th birthday. Just then,
got lost and was wandering around in circles. So their favorite show came on. Unsolved Myster
she sat down and started to cry. Soon along ies- as it played the opening music, Jessica went
came a grownup who asked her what was the to the kitchen to get some popcorn to munch on.
When she came back, it was just starting. If was
a special edition this evening. Something about
"I lost my Mommy! She said I could go missing children. All these pictures flashed
look at the Barbies and I didn't know the way. across the page. One of them looked familiar,
Now I don't know what to do." Jesse started to and Jessica could envision how she got kid
cry again. Then the grownup said, "I'll take you napped in her mind. But she dismissed the idea
to see the Barbies. And then we can go look for as imagination. She was very sympathetic to the
your Mother together." Jesse decided to go with parents of the missing children. What a horrible
the nice lady. But when they started going the thing to go through. The last case was about a
opposite direction, she decided to warn her. girl named Jesse. It was the girl who Jessica
had recognized from somewhere. As she
"I think we're going the wrong way. I watched, she was amazed because the way she
just saw the Barbies over there." The lady said, had envisioned the kidnapping was the way it
"No, I'm sure it's this way... I've been here actually had happened. And then a computer
before. I was just looking at them myself. Do image of how the girl would look right now was
you want a Barbie? I can get you one. Ok?" just the way Jessica looked. Her father looked
Jesse decided that since she was the grownup, startled for a minute, but the panic dissolved into
she should know. doubt.

"Ok. Let's hurry up." And with that, "That looks just like me!" Her father

shook his head. "It's not you. We even have the blood from clotting. The doctors gave Will
pictures of you with your mother after you were iam injections of Factor VII. William was okay,
born." He looked defensive. They went back to until he was 12. Then he started to get sick.
watching in silence. The next day at school, Doctors took a blood test and found that William
everyone was talking about the show. There had AIDS. He got infected from Factor VII
were rumors flying around that Jessica had been which he took for hemophilia. William was too
kidnapped. But she knew they were just that, weak to go to school. Doctors thought that he
rumors. And if anyone would know, it was her. would not live more than six months.
But she kept having these dreams of being in a But William got better. He wanted to go
toy store with a red haired lady. And in the back to school and be with his friends, but the
dream, she called her Mommy. So, Jessica school would not let him return. Parents, teach
decided to investigate. She went through her ers, and some children were afraid that William
parents file cabinet looking for her birth certifi would infect them AIDS. People thought that
cate. But she couldn't find it. Then she found AIDS could be spread by casual contact like
documents that said she was adopted. touches, sneezes, kisses, sweat, or tears. Doctors
tried to tell people that AIDS could not be spread
She went to her parents and confronted this way. But still they would not let William to
them with the situation. It was a heated argu come back to school.
ment because her parents said it was her fault she For nine months there was a legal fight.
was so upset. And that she sholdn't have gone William had to stay home. Finally a judge said
through their stuff. And Jessica couldn't get that William could return to school.
them to understand how she felt. Betrayed, Lied But when he returned to school, his
to, and most of all, sad. They were very indig friends left him. They called him a "fag." They
nant. FInnaly, her mom broke down and told her told cruel jokes to his face and laughed at him.
that when she saw Jesse in the toy store, she fell He had to use a separate drinking fountain and a
in love with her. And so she just took her. Her separate bathroom. He could not go to gym
dad had been against it at first, then had grown to class. Nobody wanted to be with him.
love her too. And they felt so ashamed about William did not wanted to quit school.
what they had done that they had gotten fake William always kept thinking positive thoughts.
adoption papers. With all that out in the open, He said "If I can live long enough, maybe they
there was only one thing left to do- Jessica's will find a cure for AIDS." He said, "I'm going
"parents" called the police. As they turned to beat this disease or I'm going to die trying."
themselves in, they were hopeful. Because Jesse
still loved them even though they did kidnap her. William became famous. A movie called
She had a very happy reunion with her real "The William White Story." was made about his
parents. They were astounded that she had come real life. He had a part in the movie and worked
home finally. And Unsolved Mysteries got to on the set every day, even though he was very
play a succesful ending to their show. Then, she sick at times. He met a lot of famous people, he
knew why she had been having those dreams. It met Michael Jackson, and other singers.
all made sense. He's doctor said, "William White should
have died years ago. But he is special, he wants

William's Story
to live, he wants to go to school, and have a
normal life."
William tried to tell his friends and other
by: Jenny Seo
people who lived in the same town, that anybody
There was a boy named William White,
can get AIDS, not just drug users and homosexu
Three days after his birth, doctors discovered
that he had hemophilia, a disease which prevents
One day a terrible thing happened to didn't care at all, he was happy, to receive letters
William's house, someone shot a bullet into from anyone who send it to him. He was at the
William's house. His family got scared and hospital for 3 weeks. And then he passed
moved away. They knew why they did it, it was aw ay....forever...

because the people did not wanted them to live A lot of people came to his funeral, his
in the same town. friends and unknown people too.
They moved to a small town. One day
there was a knock on the door. "Hi," someone
said. "My name is Jill Stewart. I'm your neigh The Lonely Little Elf
bor." William could not believe it. A neighbor?
by: Nieve Pizzatti
and someone his own ages, had actually come to
see him? He had no friends. Yes, famous people
There once lived a very lonely elf (since
were his friends. "I want to welcome you to our
he did not have any friends) on a small planet in
school and nobody will treat you badly, we want
space. All he ever did everyday (until he got
everything to be normal." William could not
bored of it), was go walk around the planet to see
believe that a beautiful girl and the president of
how many times he could go around it all. He
student body, wanted to be his friends? It had
would sit on the only tree there was and look out
been so long since anyone had treated him
into the universe and stars to see if there were
any other elves out there he could play with.
William's life had changed. His new
Unfortunately though, the other planets were too
school started on AIDS education program. The
far away for him to see if
school answered all the questions that students
anything lived on them. So instead, he would
had about AIDS. The students and parents knew
always sit and wonder ever come a time when he
that AIDS could not spread through air. They
would have a friend. But no friend or anyone
were not afraid of William and they wanted to be
would ever fly by and since he did not grow
his friends. They wanted to hear William's life,
wings, he could not fly away himself.
seat together in the lunchroom. They wanted to
But one day, that lonely elf heard a voice
hear stories about his famous friends that Will
say to him, "Will you be my friend even though I
iam knew. But they also wanted to be friends
am planted into the ground?" and it changed his
with William, just because he was William
life forever. He had no idea from where this
White, a nice person who wants to beat this
voice was coming from but he was eager to find
out since he had never heard anyone's voice
After few days later, William was sicker
beside his own. So, he started looking around to
then before, he coudl not move from bed, he was
try to see if he could spot who had spoken but he
too weak to move, he stopped going to school,
couldn't find whoever had said that. He finally
and playing with his friends. But his friends
decided to say something himself in order to try
came to visit him everyday. Or sent him letters,
to see if he would get a reply back: "Who are
and card. William wasn't sad at all, because his
you and where did you speak from?" The other
friends were with him, when he needed com
voice replied in a calm way, "Why, I am standing
pany. And his friends were not sad, because they
right beside you here where I have always been."
knew that William wasn't sad.
Suddenly, the elf understood it was that small,
After few days, William was in the
little tree that spoke but he could not believe it
hospital, to give him injections, and medicine.
since he had never spoken in all that time that
But William was far away from his friends. He
they were together on that small planet of theirs.
* wanted to call them but he was too weak to
Of course, the little elf accepted the little tree's
move and to talk. But William's friends sent him
offering of his friendship and company.
cards, every vweek, and letters. William received
letters from unknown people too. But William
That day, the little elf and the small, little to come back. But no one ever came and so his
tree became best-of-friends. They always kept life was back to the way it was before (except
each other happy and gave each other warmth worse now). He was by himself on a desolate
even though the tree could not move. The two little planet where he was the only one there.
became very close and neither of them felt Unfortunately, he went back to being a sad and
lonely anymore. Until one day, when they were lonely, little elf again. Hopefully, some day
looking out into the distance, they saw some someone would come along but who knows
machine-like thing coming toward them and then when that day will come. Besides, if the day
finally landing on their home. They were sur actually comes, who knows if it would last for
prised to see that such a thing had landed on long since those horrible things might come
their home since nothing would ever come near again to take his friend away.
the poor, little planet. In any case, as they
watched the doors open up and let some weird THE END
looking things out, the two were amazed to see
how these things looked and what were doing.
But as they kept on coming closer, the little elf Uncertain Identi-
understood that these things were not friendly
since they had some sharp looking objects in
their hands that looked very harmful. So, the first
thing he did was get in front of his friend to By: Alon Cohen
protect him but all the humans did was push him
away and start cutting down his friend (the little To this day I'm not sure if my best
tree). When seeing this, the little elf could not friend's death was undeserved. My terrifying
really understand what was happening since he saga began three years ago, when desiring to
had never seen someone do something like that receive the best training in electronics available,
before. He had never known if what they were I decided to go to Japan and work as an appren
doing was right or wrong or if whatever they tice. While in Japan, I really grew to appreciate
were doing was hurting his friend. Plus, since the the country, the culture, and the people. Most of
little tree did not utter a word and just accepted my social life centered around the people at
his fate, the little elf was not able to know what work. The coworker I enjoyed and trusted the
his friend was feeling. All he could do was most was Yakito Shrimashu. Yakito and I devel
wonder if these mean-looking things were going oped the daily habit of going to the beach after-
to take his friend away and hope that the little work. With time, I began to look forward with
tree was not suffering pain. He also tried to stop great anticipation to our daily trips to the beach
them but it was useless since they just pushed as they provided the perfect opportunity for . •
him away and pretended he didn't exist, relaxing and developing a deeper friendship with
Soon enough, they were finished cutting down Yakito.
the tree and were bringing it to the machine-like Two months after I began my apprentice
thing. The little elf was beginning to get scared ship, I went to work and I was disappointed
and tried to stop them but he couldn't! It was too when I discovered that Yakito Shrimashu was
late, the machine was already leaving along with absent. After work, I decided to go to beach by
his friend. myself. As the sun was setting, I gathered my
That day, the little elf was so confused things and prepared to go home. Just as I was
that he just sat there thinking of all the explana getting up, I was astonished to see Yakito blud
tions he could find that would match up with geoning to death a fish salesman named Rafun.
what happened to him. He never heard another As I walked home, I was oblivious to the world
voice and all he ever did was pray for his friend around me. I was in turmoil as I wrestled with
the decision of whether or not I should turn in
my best friend to the authorities or keep my -TO BE CONTINUED
witnessing of the crime a secret.

The power ofunity

From that day forth, whenever I glanced
at Yakito I was consumed by a hatred for him
and the crime he had committed. Our friendship
By: Byung Jun Kwon
began to deteriorate and we no longer continued
the cherished tradition of spending time at the
Once upon a time, far far away in the
beach together every afternoon after work.
jungle, there were kingdoms of the sheep and of
One chilly morning I summoned enough
the wolves. The ruler of the sheep's kingdom
courage to confront him about the slaving of Mr.
was named Tony, and the ruler of the wolve's
Rafun. I noticed that Yakito seemed confused by
kingdom was a wolf named Michael. They were
my question and respond, "Who is Rafun?" I
very dear friends, and they helped each other a
was shocked at how calmly Yakito behaved. His
lot. One day, the wolves were out of food. They
aloofness toward my inquiries further intensified
starved to death and some of them died. SO they
my anger to the point that I could no longer
stole 10 sheep, and ate them. Tony found out,
control my emotions and I yelled out what I had
and started to-be a cruel ruler, because he was so
witnessed. He looked at me as though I was
upset that Michael did it. Since the leader was
crazy, unable to believe that it was me shouting
like that, all sheep began to become violent
this accusatory nonsense.
sheep. They fought in the streets, they used
Feeling obligated by my conscience, I
drugs, they said bad words, they didn't go back
picked up the phone and dialed 911.1 demanded
home after the work, the little sheep ran away
to speak with the lieutenant and once I began to
from home and skipped school. The wolves were
converse with him I detailed step by step the
mad, too, and they were preparing for a war
murder. The police arrived momentarily and took
against the sheep. The wolves knew that the
Yakito down to the station for questioning.
sheep's kingdom was going down. One day an
Before they left, they made certain we under
old sheep named Peter came to see Tony. 'Tony,
stood he was only being detained temporarily.
you've got to stop people from the violence."
Based on the details I had revealed about
Said Peter. "But how?" Tony said rudely. "To
the murder, the police found Rafun's body. After
stop people, you have to stop first." Then Tony
a brief investigation, Yakito was arrested, tried,
realized how bad ruler he was. So he changed
and convicted for Rafun's death. The judge gave
himself to an old Tony. He tried to be friends
Yokito the death penalty as the punishment for
with Michael again, but Michael was so mad at
his crime.
Tony, he said "I hate you!" to Tony. And Tony
Two years after Yokito was put to death, I
found out that the wolves were going to attack
was startled by a person who was so similar in
sheep. The next day, Tony called every one to
appearance to Yakito, that he appeared to be a
Central Park, and made a speech. "Hello every
clone. Longing to know who he was, I walked
one. Yesterday, I finally realized how bad ruler I
towards the clone and asked him if he had heard
was being. And I found out that the wolves are
of Yakito. At that moment he confessed that
going to attack us. We should reunite to fight
Yakito was his twin and only brother. As I
against them. The war, hate, and all violence
walked back home from the supermarket, I was
should dis'appear in this kingdom. We should get
drawn back to the day when Rafun was mur
along and shall live forever!" Then every sheep
dered on the beach and I began to doubt what I
was so sorry to him about the violence in king
^ had firmly believed that day about the identity of
dom. SO they finally reunited and prepared for a
his slayer. Had Yakito Shrimashu murdered
war. Finally, the wolves invaded the sheep's
. Rafun, or his twin?
kingdom. Every single sheep fought against

them. Wolves were stronger, but the sheep were better place. I belonged to this sweet girl Katie,
so well prepared for a battle. Sheep were out almost too sweet, but I liked her anyway. She
numbered, but they had mind that they have to was the first person in the would to care about
win. Even 10 year old boys fought. Finally the me, and the idea of having her by my side at all
battle was over. The sheep defeated the wolves. times didn't come as a shock to me. It was as if
But one thing that was bad was that the great I'd gotten a guardian angel to keep me safe from
ruler, Tony died. He fought bravely, but he was harm, or doing harm. What a change of my life
too old to fight in a battle. So they sheep buried had gone through! From licking the residues off
him, and gave the name of Tony the Great. Then the backbone of a dirty fish behind that big red
his son Tony II became the ruler of the sheep building in the back of the alley, to being fed this
kingdom. With Tony the Great's spirit watching new canned marvel, all to myself. The problem
after them, the sheep lived happily ever after was, I now had no worries whatsoever. This
with the great ruler, Tony the Great II and no came to me as a relieving and flamboyant varia
wolves around. Forever. tion, but at the same time, it felt sort of awkward
to have nothing in life as a goal to achieve, as if
this was a reward I had not earned. I said hey, if
life had gone nice on me for a change and got me
out of trouble, then why not give something back
and give it a chance to grow on me. So I decided
The Alley Cat this new kind of habitat had more pros, than
cons, and I'd take it as it had come to me. One
By: Ricardo Cortes P.
day as Katie and I walked down Central Park,
my old pal Phil came by and we began a conver
What can I say? I'm an alley cat, that's
sation. He told me life down town was pretty
all. It's not a bad thing if you think of it, I mean,
much in the ordinary and how lucky I was to
I don't go around making a mess of everything
have been taken in by these luxurious people. He
or anything. I have all the trouble I need already
was quiet right, and I felt like a million bucks
trying to live this so-called life. I don't mind
when he said that; still I found myself in a state
though, it's how I was brought up and how I like
of melancholy hearing him talk again. We had
to be. My name is Cowdlebug. I know it sounds
never been any sort of soul-mates or anything,
weird, but most names do if you think of it,
but for about two seconds I saw myself back
maybe even yours. I was abandoned when I was
with the gang, kings of the streets, the world at
very young. I lived most of my life in fear and
our feet. This was incredibly amazing, could I
sometimes it got too depressive, living down the
truly be nostalgic about having left the dump I
streets scratching for food, sleeping wherever I
was once part of? Then I realized, not from
could... So what I did was I created a personal
thought but through a doubt I had kept all along
diversion in my own mischievous way. That
since the day I was reborn as a king. I had
seemed like fun at first but, pretty soon it landed become a slave to domesticity, where my bones
me behind bars, but I don't want to talk about
had gotten sore from all the sleeping, where I
that, let's talk about after that, when I got my
had nothing to live for, for everything was given
second chance, and my name. You see this to me. My God I had become a major slacker,
family came along and, I guess you could say soon I'd be three times m normal weight and
they rescued me, cause they adopted me and before I knew it birds would build a nest on my
brought me to live with them at their house; but head and raise family. I could not let this happen,
it was their home, not mine. Still it sure was an nobody owned me other than myself, I was the
improvement over... well over that other place; sheriff in my town, my place, my home. Destiny
lots of space, fresh air, lots of interesting things had changed may life, but I was going to be the
to explore, little details that make the world a
judge on deciding what was good, and bad, and "I'm going to call my husband so you
most important, what was best. can meet him." Carolina went up stairs to call
It would have been painful to see Katie's her husband, Gonzalo.
eyes once more, those sweet blue eyes, and "Hello, I'm Gonzalo. Nice to meet you,"
maybe I'd changed my mind and stay. No! I took "Hi," said Linda and Jorge.
my collar off and ran like there was no tomor • "We came here to invite both of you
row. I was proud of my decision, it took charac tomorrow to the zoo at 9:00 a.m."
ter to do such thing, and although my colleagues "Sure," said Gonzalo.
later told me I was nuts, they sure were glad to "Where do we meet?"
have me back in the gang, where I belonged. So "Me and Linda will pick you up."
what's so bad about being an alley cat? You tell "We have to go." said Linda.
me, and be sure to think first, cause it ain't that "Bye. See you tomorrow and thank you
bad if you think of it. for the invitation." The night had passed fast.
It was 10:00 a.m and they were already in
THE NEW NEIGHBORS the zoo. They had a wonderful time.
By: Jihan Jweiles "Honey," said Gonzalo to his wife. "We
should go now back home because it's getting
"Jorge look, the new neighbors are pretty late." It was 8:00 p.m. Something strange
coming to their new house." was happening. Carolina and Gonzalo were
"Oh, I see Linda we should go talk to shrinking.
them and tell them that they are welcome," "Jorge," said Linda. "Look at Gonzalo
"Yeah," said Linda. "Why don't we and his wife. They are turning to vampires!
invite them to the zoo on Sunday morning and Jorge! That's really weird, how can that hap
we can stay the whole day there, then we could pen?"
know each other better?" "Oh, my god! They are not humans."
"Ok," said Jorge. "Good idea. Why don't Carolina and Gonzalo had became vampires
we go today at night to their house," because they shouldn't be outside from their
"Sure." said Linda. The day had passed, house at night. No one saw them again. Sud
it was already night. Linda and her husband were denly Jorge was shaking his wife. Linda got up
ready to go to the new neighbor's house. and noticed that it was just a dream. "It wasn't
"Jorge," said Linda. "I'm ready to go to real!" said Linda.
the house of the new neighbors."
"Ok let's go," replied Jorge. Ring, ring, "What is not real?" asked Jorge.
ring the bell of the new neighbors rang. "Nothing really important. Just forget it."
"Yes, who is it?" said Carolina (the new Linda was thinking in her mind that sometimes
neighbor). you think something that isn't real but some
"Hi, we are your neighbors and we would times the dream tries to tell you something
like to invite you and your husband to the zoo so (something that one day might happen).
we could get to know each other better also we
like to say that you are welcome."
"Oh yes, please come in," said Carolina.
"Look I'm Linda and he is my husband
"Nice to meet you," replied Carolina.
- "Please sit down. Do you want something to
^ "Oh no thank you," said Jorge. By: Erez Cohen

"We've rescued many people but we that made the streets impassable. People were
know there are more, under the gigantic rocks," terrorized by the possibility of another earth
shouted the fire chief during the rescue clean up. quake, their fears were well founded when that
I remember that day as if it were yester same morning another earthquake struck Jerusa
day. As my first assignment, I had been sent to lem. The streets were filled with people who
Jerusalem to report on the conflict between the were shouting and crying, and desired to retreat
Jews and the Arabs, but after the earthquake I from the city. Many people had to face the loss
was given a rapid change of assignment. At least of family members. It was a very unnerving
70 human beings were killed and over 300 place to be at the time. The people were scared
injured in a devastating earthquake which hit and many believed they had no option but to
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel that Saturday leave. While some people evacuated the city,
morning. The city was rocked by violent tremors others had faith in god and remained steady in
at 9:00 a.m. lasting over 20 seconds. Several Jerusalem. Reporters were scurrying every
houses collapsed and many other were badly where trying to get the latest break new and
damaged in different localities. Some towns most unique angle on the story of the earth
within 30km from Jerusalem were affected as quake. It was startling for the tourists to see this
well. According to Jacob Robinson, the earth kind if situation in an Israel that just a day
quake measured seven on the Richter scale and before had been such a nice place.
its epicenter was 20km southwest of Jerusalem.
Besides Jerusalem, the other districts where the Just a few hours later the people started
tremors were felt this morning include Moza, to calm down and attempted to cope with the
Mevasseret and Bet Shemesh. Extensive bodily problem. They abetted the clean up in the streets
injury and property damage was reported from that were filled with rocks, cement, furniture
these districts. The quake especially affected the etc... The Israelis tried to maintain a positive
areas that had the old mud or semi-western attitude toward the situation. Benjamin
structures. The cement structures and newly built Netanyahu, the honorable Prime Minister, was
houses remained most intact. In the heart of on the radio trying to encourage the people to
Jerusalem the Hilton across from the police remain calm and to not be worried. Trucks and
station and the police control station were badly tractors were removing the debris from the
damaged. Power was out, phones were down and ground. People were motivated to help restored
faint moans could be heard from the rubble of Jerusalem to its original condition when they
the governmental office building near the Uni saw friends and neighbors join together to help
versity of Jerusalem. I was a mess! to clean up the filth. All were inspired by their
The people were terrorized and did not common suffering.
know how to act upon seeing the total destruc
tion. Reporters were everywhere, panic was on After two years Israel had completely
the streets and the mayor was making futile rebuilt all the buildings that had been ruined in
efforts to calm the people. The Prime Minister the earthquake. The situation was superb, and
was trying to handle the situation by talking to the country was back to normal. But people still
president Clinton and asking for advice, but in remember the enormous destruction and the
return he got no concrete help. untimely deaths of many friends and family
caused by The Big One.
The nest day, Sunday, the people started
the overwhelming task of cleaning up the streets,
trying to not lose hope and to maintain a positive
attitude toward the situation. Trucks were every
where endeavoring to remove the fallen debris

Boy In The Picture

father said "Be careful next time, because many
times what you wish will come true so you must
be careful about what you wish for." I said that
by John Song
"I was alone and just wanted some friends." So
he made a phone call to his friend who had a
grandchild and his grandchild came over with his
"One day I went to my grandfather's little puppy dog to play with me, and from that
house. I was an only boy at this time in my day on I never wished anything from a picture to
house and I always wanted to have a brother. So come life again. I knew how dangerous it could
when I was playing in my grandfather's small be!
room, I was the old picture of a little boy. I

a Might On The
looked at the picture with surprise because the
boy looked so real. I spoke aloud to the boy in
the picture and I said "If only you could be alive
now..." And with that the boy came to life!
He said to me "I'm now your friend" and by Salameh Massis
with that I began to play with him. We became
I opened my eyes, looking at my watch,
very good friends so suddenly. We played and
noticed it was 11:00 p.m. I asked myself "What
•played and I gave him his name. His name is
am I doing on a friday night in this hotel room?"
George and of course my name is John. We
I couldn't sleep so I got up out of my bed, put on
went outside and played some football and all
some shorts, and headed out the door. Outside I
kinds of sport games that we liked to play. I said
felt a big difference between the warm humid air
to him "Look at the picture" and he looked at the
of the beach, and the air conditioning inside.
picture and so did I. We saw a dog. Since I
Walking through the hotel I met a group of
didn't have a dog I said "If only this dog could
friends hanging out near the lobby, telling jokes.
be real!!!" and the dog became real! But the dog
I stayed with them for awhile until I was tired of
was not friendly and he began to chase me and
hearing the same voices over and over again, so I
the boy.
started towards the sea. On the way I passed in
I ran and ran but the dog was running
front of the Golden Shoe Disco, where I met up
very fast too. I said to George boy "Why is this
with my cousin. He invited me to join him in the
dog so bad...???" and he said "It is not a dog it is
Disco, but I refused.
a wolf!!!" and he said "It is going to kill us and
eat us...!!" I became very afraid I said "I want
Aproaching to the dark thick sand of
the dog away" and he said "You just have to
"San Jose" beach, I could smell the salty air and
wish it back to the picture!!" but before I could
all the other odors of the sea animals. I didn't
wish it back into picture the wolf attacked me.
exactly know where I was going, but I knew I
So I screamed out aloud and my grandfather
had to go somewhere to escape from my present
came and I said "The wolf came from the pic troubled reality. After walking ten minutes on
ture, please make it go back into the picture." the shore, I found a nice quiet place to lie down
So with that he said to the wolf "Back
and relax. Gazing at the stars I felt an
into the picture you go." And the wolf disap
apreciation for the beautiful bright night with
peared back into the picture. So my grandfather
lots of shiny starspopping out all over the sky. In
says to me "This is very strange. How did you
that moment all my problems and troubles were
make them come out?" And I replied "I just forgotten. Lying there admiring the sky, looking
wanted some friends to play with and I told them at the waves splashing against the sand, I thought
I wanted thqm to play with me." And my grand and understood that the meaning of life wasn't

something that could be explained by anybody. went out to play a game of basketball at a public
It occured to me that waves are very much like park in which many of their friends would be at.
people's lives, and their characteristics. As there Since it was summer it was hot and it was going
are weak, small, big, and powerful ways, differ to be hard to play a full game of basketball.
ent people have lived through time with these "Man it is so hot today."
same characteristics. There is a place and time "Damn kid, I don't think I'm going to
for everyone in this world. Some waves are even be able to play ball because I'll be so
determined and powerful as in their destination, exhausted by the time I get there." said Harold in
just like some people. Other waves are small a low and fatigued voice.
and just flow areound to wear the current takes "Stop complaining and keep walking."
them, as people. There are leaders and followers replied John with almost no breath left.
in people and waves, but everyone has an ob When the two go to the basketball court,
stacle that doesn't let them reach their goals and it became so hot that both of the boys were
not everybody or anything succeds in overcom dripping sweat off their chins to a puddle on the
ing it. Then I blanked out, and unconsiously I ground. The two sat down and started talking
was lead through a series of beautiful dreams about sex and how school had ended for them.
that made me look at life from a brighter angle. For some strange reason Harold brought up the
I was awoken by the chilly water from subject of drugs and kept telling John how he
the sea wetting my feet. In that instant I thought wanted to try it.
of another comparison of waves and people. "Come on John let's get baked! Nothing
Some waves just like people past their limits and will happen man."
boundaries, just like the wave that awake me had "What the hell are you say in1 man! If I
done. I stood up and walked to my hotel room, catch you doinf that stuff, I'll bust you up!"
where I stayed the rest of the night. It had been yelled John as he got up and walked away with
one of the best easter vacations I'll never forget. the worst look on his face.
For a couple of days the two didn't see
each other and John would spend most of the day
Dumb Harold thinking about how he would react if Harold
actually did try some drugs. John thought it over
by Valerio De Meo and decided that he needed to call Harold and
talk to him as soon as possible. When John
called Harold's house the mother told him that
"John, will you hurry man!" yelled out Harold had gone over to Kevin's house.
Harold as he waited patiently for John to get Everyone knew that Kevin was into
dressed. dealing very badly and that if you ever needed
"I'm coming right now, just chill for 2 any sort of drug, just to go over to his house.
more minutes." replied John with a hurrying When John heard this, he started to freak out and
tone. left his house running all the way to Kevin's
John and Harold had been friends for a house which was located in a different area.
very long time and ever since both of them were When John walked into Kevin's house he saw
five, they had never been separated. They were Harold laying on the couch drugged up out of his
now seventeen and they would spend their days mind.
relaxing and talking about what they were going "What the hell do you think you're
to do for their senior year. John and Harold lived doing?" screamed John.
in the downtown area of Chicago so they could "Come on John. Take a hit with me. It'll
always find places to go and have fun. make you feel good and stoned."
One Tuesday morning John and Harold "No way! Look at you Harold. You look

like a complete idiot. Why don't you stick to

drinking with me rather than frying your brain
with these dorks?"
"This is way better than drinking man, if
you only tried it"
"No it isn't. I can't even talk to you
when you are like this. I'll see you tomorrow
and we'll have a long talk about all the stupidi
ties you have done for the day."
John went home and tried to get some
sleep, but could only see his best friend falling
into disaster. For some reason something both
ered John. He could feel something bad was
going to happen to Harold if he didn't stop after
the first time. John told himself he needed to
forgive Harold, and make sure he wouldn't do it
For a couple of days straight John kept
trying to call Harold but every time his mom
would tell him he was out with Kevin. John
swore to himself that if he ever saw Kevin again
he would kick his ass.
A week later John received a call from
Derek telling him how Harold was dead. At first
John couldn't believe it, as if it were impossible.
Derek went on to tell him how Kevin and Harold
were really high on some really heavy stuff and
they ran into some gang members on Larston

"Harold wasn't cool at all and he tried to

fight them and then to make things worse he
started to tease them. Man, Harold wasn't in his
right mind. It must have been the drugs 'cause
he was pushing it all the way. One of the guys
just lost his cool and pulled out a gun and shot
Harold six times in the chest. Then he shot him
one last time in the head to put him to rest." said
Derek in a panicking voice.
John started to cry and kept blaming
himself because he knew something like this was
going to happen. Tears just kept pouring down
John's face as he hung up the phone and said to
himself, "Because of drugs, thirteen years of
friendship had come to an end."

Paul O'SuUivan "Untitled'

she was certain that this was just a dream. It was
In These Walls... to much of a coincidence to be true.

By: Maria Brady "Yes I am. But please excuse me, I am looking
for something. You haven't happened to see a
Janet was ten when this happened. She locket.anywhere here, have you?" Askley contin
had just moved to a small town on the east ued to search the walls.
coast. It had played an important part in the
American Revolution. Janet's parents were "What's so important about a locket?"
always moving the family around to different
places. They liked to renovate old houses. It was "It's a really long story."
acually their job. The city or town would give
them a budget to use while renovating the house "That's okay, I've got lots of time to listen."
of site. Then they'd get paid for it depending on Janet sat down, and waited for Ashley to begin.
how good the house looked at the end. usually,
they would give Janet a room in the house that "Well, it all started when my father gave me this
was out of all the commotion. This time, she got locket (The one I'm looking for.). He said it was
to live in the attic. She was really bored, so she real important that I wear it at all times and
decided to research the house in the public never let anyone touch it or open it. He had been
library. The newspapers in the town hall were having lots of problems with the British during
extremely helpful. Apparently, the house had this time, because he was helping print the
been involved in some sort of revolutionary plan. Revolutionary Newspaper, and the British were
In the midst of it all, a young girl was killed, her suspicious of him, but they couldn't prove
name was Ashley. It had taken place in the attic anything because my father was too smart to let
where Janet was staying. There was no conclu anyone know. But just in case, my father had a
sive evidence to the murder, so a suspect was special escape route for my mother and I in case
never questioned. But the father, upon finding he was ever caught. Most important of all, I had
the body, had blamed it all on the British because to hide the locket so that no one would find it."
Ashley's locket was not around her neck. He Ashley paused to catch her breath. Janet was still
gave no indication as to what this proved, but he thinking about how interesting her dream was.
just kept repeating that the British spies had done
it; Janet found the whole thing quite interesting, "Well, one day, I was upstairs, in this room, and I
and she was perplexed about the mysterious was playing with my dolls. I heard someone
death of Ashley. When she went to sleep that scream downstairs. That was the signal to hide.
night, she couldn't stop thinking about Ashley. So I looked around the room for a place to hide
She was wondering how Ashley died, and if it my locket. I pushed it into a crack in the wall.
was while she was asleep or something. Finally, And just as I was about to hide, I heard the door
open. Ther was a loud bang, and then everything
she drifted off to sleep.
went black." Janet was now really interested.
When she woke up, she heard a scratch
ing noise on the wall. When she looked around, "So why did you come back to look for the
she noticed an odd looking person in the corner locket? Didn't your father find it?"
of the room looking at the wall. She looked
remarkably similar to ashley, the girl who had "No, he didn't. I hide it too well. So I have to
died in that room.
find it and give it back to him. He needs it,
because it is the key to winning the revolutionary
"Are you Ashley?" Janet was very curious, but war. But I'm never going to find it because this

wall has been covered over so many times."

Janet helped her look for the locket for about two The Cloud Dweller
hours, and still they found nothing, so she said By Cristian Cseh
goodnight to Ashley and went to bed.

Once there was this kid with a very

When she woke up later in the night, the whole
akward life. Actually he wasn't an ordinary kid,
room looked different. Wow she was in the
he was a clouddweller and his name was Henry.
1700's! She walked out of the house and down
He was majical being like his people. He was
the street. It was like walking through a story
very special because he could cause the weather
book. She say a restaurant on the corner and
to change. Actually all of the clouddweller could
walked in. Ther was a man she recognized at one
do that. Their job. Since they lived in the sky
of the tables. 'He must be Ashley's father', she
that is about all they knew about. The weather
thought to herself. So she stationed herself over
usually changed when their mood changed.
next to his table. Luckily, she was a ghost in this Anyway, Henry was normal to his
world, no one noticed her. She listened to the people. Normal to them is strange to us. Henry
conversation. They were talking about the
was sixteen years old. He did have troubles in
underground newspaper. It was in danger of
school. Actually he had troubles everywhere.
being discovered by the British authorities.
Henry liked to get in trouble. He wasn't afraid
Ashley's dad needed the key to open his strong
of his parents. Actually his parents. Actually his
box in which the plans for attack were hidden,
parents were nice to him. They did all they
and the key was hidden in Ashley's locket.
could for him. They did all they could for him.
That's why it was so important! As Ashley Henry liked to get in trouble because he knew
turned around, she saw some other people were their had to be somrthing better in life than work
listening to the conversation too. But then they all the time like his dad. So he challenged
got up and left, so Janet followed them. They society and tried to find out what he could do.
went to an abandoned warehouse where there There was something else about Henry.
was some kind of meeting. As janet watched He was sort of cocky. He thought he was the
with growing concern, they planned to attack on best. Everything he tried he did it good. Well,
Ashley. They would sneak into her house at exept for school. So he thought if he found what
night and steal the locket from her at all means he was looking for he would be the best at it.
necessary. As soon as Janet heard all the plans, Then one day when he was driving in his
she went to Ashley told her father, and he sta cloud looking car, he stopped a 7-11. And
tioned some of his men inside the house to loitering around where there tree skate punks.
prevent harm from coming to Ashley. Luckily, it He had seen them before, but he never really
all went according to plan, and Ashley was thought about them. Then he realixe that he
saved. She gave her father the key, and she. gave wanted to be like them. They had the perfect
the locket to Janet as a gift for saving her life, life. They never worked and they lived in
and she wasn't killed. The spies were put in jail, anarchy most of the time.
and Ashley and her father were heros. Janet fell So Henry tried to imitate their ways. He
asleep wondering how it could all have turned started to get in more trouble. He tried to hang
out so interesting. And then when she woke up in around them. But they wouldn't notice him. He
the morning, she was in her own bed. tried his best but it didn't work. Henry kept on
trying because he knew that is what he wanted.
"Wow, what an interesting dream. Too bad it Then one day he got tired of always
wasn't real. " Janet stretched, and her pillow fell trying to impress them. So he went up to them
on the floor. Under the pillow was Ashley's and said, "How come you do not notice me?" "I
locket. So maybe it was real after all.
do all the things you do". lot better then I, of course. Mother soon drove
"You try too hard", one of them said. perfectly, but I always made mistakes on every
Them another one said, "You're just a POSER!" thing. Father had to say many things to correct
Well that really got Henry mad. He was me. When I learned a new important thing about
so mad that he hit one of them. Then all of the driving, I was getting better at every part where
sudden the other two hit Henry. They beat him I had made mistakes.
up and told him to stop trying to be like them. Learning how to drive in those days at 4
From then on Henry knew that he wasn't the or 5pm, I figured out something: if you know the
best. And that no matter what he tried he details about doing something and think about
couldn't cheat fate. Too bad he ha to learn the how to do them the proper way, you can soon
hard way. learn doing it. This all came out of my mind
because my father told me things I did not know

learning How To
before I made bad mistakes. You always have to
hear every step people tell you to make at doing
something, so you' can do it right. When doing

Drive something unfamiliar, you have to ask for the

details and think about them. Everything be
By: Rosa Chen comes easy when you get to know the details and
For our week-long vacation Semana Santa I the steps on it.
went nowhere but a few places in Guatemala
City: near the National Theater to watch a
procession, to watch another precession in Zone
The lastDay With
My neighbors
1 near the old Presidential Buildings but it was
too crowed and covered the view, and another
time I went near the National Theater and
By: Jenny Seo
walked around shopping. But mostly what I did
was drive, actually learning. At first it was only It was a day when a black limousine passed
my mother practicing driving, I was in it after. in front of my house. "Wow! check it out, they
My father said I am old enough to learn, so he must be our new neighbors!" I said. I was study
taught both of us how to drive on uneven roads, ing with my best friend Joey, when the new

turn right, and turn left. We practiced from neighbors were moving to an old big house.

Sunday to Sunday, except for Monday and "They must be rich." Joey told me. "Yeah,

Tuesday when my father had to work so he came maybe we should go over there and welcome
back home somewhat late and tired. them." f said, "okay, lets go!" and we went over
every day we practiced; my father drove to their house and rang the door bell. A big guy
us, our family of four, to La Canada, Zone 14, opened the door and stared at us for a second ,
where we practiced. It is a high-class place of and Mark told him, "Hi, my name is Mark and
houses. At the entrance there is a stand in which this is my friend Joey, and we are..." But the guy,
a guard pulls and lifts the control bar of entry of who seemed to be the father, just turned around
vehicles. Anyway, my mother and I practiced all and shut the door. ""

that we needed to. We passed the same buildings and Mark finished his last three words with a
at least twice. There were several embassies trembling voice. "Jeez, what's wrong with them,
around there, of Spain, Germany, Argentina, man, weird neighbors." said Joey. "I don't know,

Venezuela, Israel,...etc. but I think something is wrong with them, maybe

As my mother has already received her upset." Mark said, and both of them just went
driver's license and she is an adult she was back to Mark's house to finish studying. Joey

willing to drive well and she did. She was did a had gone to his house and Mark started to think
about his new neighbors. He thought that some asked him. "Well, we should go to their house,
day something bad was going to happen. when nobody is at home, and take a look
At night, when Mark was getting ready to around." Mark said. "Okay, tonight." Joey said.
sleep, when he heard a sound, like a scream. Mark was a chicken, but this time, he wanted to
Mark thought that the sound was coming from know and he was not scared at all. Weird.
the neighbor's house. Mark went over the win After school Joey and Mark went to the
dow, and watched what was going on. He saw new neighbor's house. Nobody was there, the
two shadows, a woman and a man, probably they house was totally empty, only furniture. Then
were the parents. The man started to scream and main door was unlocked, so they did not have
ran one place to another, and the woman was problems with the door, but they wasted a lot of
with a tool, it looked like a knife, a small one. time in searching for the man. They went to
Mark started to think that the lady was trying to check all the rooms but nobody was there. When
kill the guy, but he was not sure about it. The they went to the basement, there was a chair, and
man started to scream again, but louder. Mark in the chair there was something. It looked like a
just pulled down the curtain and went to his bed, human, because the shape of the shadow was
and started trembling. He could not sleep, and he like a human. When they turned on the light,
was thinking over and over about what he saw. they just screamed. But then they started to
Then Mark heard another noise, someone talk laugh, it wasn't a human, it was a big doll! But
ing, he went over to the window, when he saw a then they heard a noise, the owners were back, or
lady burying something heavy, it had a shape of we should say, the murderer was back. They
a human body, and the lady told herself, "Sorry tried to hide, but it was too late, she had caught
honey, I had to..." and then she went back to her them. "What are you guys doing here?" she
house again. Mark was shocked and he told asked gently, she wasn't mad at all. "Um, well, I
himself, "She's a murder. I have to tell this to saw you bury a dead man at the backyard, I think
Joey." and then he went to bed again, but he did you buried your husband." Mark told her.
not sleep the whole night, because he was "What? my husband? I love him, I would never
scared. do that to my husband." The lady told them.
The next day Mark called his friend Joey, "Really? then what did you bury?" Joey asked
"Hey, Joey I need to talk to you okay? come over her. "Oh, its nothing, I was trying to make my
my house. I'll be waiting." "Okay, I'll be there in husband statue, I like to do that, but I didn't
three minutes, bye." Joey said. Joey and Mark make it, so I buried the statue, that's all." She
started talking, and Mark said, "You know, I saw told them. "Oh, okay sorry, about it.... We are
something really scary yesterday, and I could not really sorry about it, we have to leave, its getting
sleep." Mark told Joey. "What did you see?" late, bye." Joey said, and they ran outside the
Joey asked Mark. "Well, I saw the new neigh house. "Haha,very funny Mark, you saw her
bors, screaming and running in the room. And burying a statue, not a human." Joey told Mark.
then I saw a lady who buried a human body in "I'm sorry okay?" "Okay." Joey said. And they
the backyard. But I'm not sure if it was a human went to Mark's house.
or an animal, but the shape was like a human The next day, the new neighbors weren't
body, a piece of human body." Mark said. "Are home, the house was empty. Nobody was home.
you sure she was burying a dead body?" Joey Until Mark saw in the newspaper, that she was
said. "I guess I did, because today at morning, I arrested for burying her husband in the backyard.
didn't saw the guy go out to work." "I think you He could not believe it, but it was true he could
are crazy, how can a lady kill a guy so easy, and not do anything about it. It was over, she was in
bury him in the backyard?" Joey said. "Well, jail. Mark did not know what to say about her to
there's only one way to find out if she killed him Joey. Joey knew it too, he was shocked. Because
or not." Mark said. "And what's the plan?" Joey what Mark had told him, it was all true.
So Much For the
Alexakis just after the release of "So Much For
The Afterglow".
One thing's for sure, Everclear hasn't lost

Afterglow" it's roots and the things that brought them to

where they are now. That's why they've stuck
By Javier Lacayo with the same subjects on their songs. Some
songs are pretty close to ones on other albums.
Straight out Portland, Everclear has some "Amphetamine" is pretty close in the story to "
out with their third album, "So Much For The Sparkle and Fade's" "Heroin Girl". This is one
Afterglow". About five years after their first of the few songs that seem to resemble songs
album, this one shows how they've really ma from other albums.
tured musically. By adding string sections, Everclear's new album, "So Much For
banjos, guest stars, and the use of horns, The Afterglow", came out with great new songs,
Everclear's new album is quite different from the a slightly renewed sound, interesting themes in
prior ones. But just because you add a little their songs. I recommend this album to anyone,
dressing to a salad that doesn't mean that it's not even if they don't listen to rock, once you listen
a salad anymore. The sound is still the hard, to it you'll love it.
guitar-rock that we've seen in the other albums.
Art Alexakis, Craig Montoya, and Greg
Another new album that just come out
Eklund, the bands only three members, have
and that's really cool is
come out on the album with great enthusiasm.
In a recent interview, Alexakis said that the new
"He Got Game"
records is " the most melodic record he's heard
since This year's Model".
The record is very similar to the former
records because of the content of the songs and
Public EnemyIs
their themes. Alexakis wrote all the songs on
"So Much For The Afterglow" and they all have
that sad, depressing sound that Everclear fans are
used to. Songs like "Father of Mine" and "So
Much for the Afterglow" talk about Alexakis'
WithA Vengeance!
relationship with his father and with an ex- by: Javier Lacayo
girlfriend. The album has it's share of depres
sion and darkness but it also has some nice, light They're back! Public Enemy is back after
music like "Everything to Everyone" and normal four years out of the studio. With the help of
like You". Spike Lee, Public Enemy has come out to do the
There are also some covers and songs entire soundtrack to Lee's new movie "He Got
about their growing fame. The band covers Tom Game". This is a full-blown reunion by all the
Petty's " You Got Lucky" compilation which is original members of Public Enemy. They come
called "American Girl" and Alexakis wrote a out talking about inner city dilemmas, corrup
songs about Their Ever increasing fame, "Like a tion, and the modern world gone wrong, which is
California King", with the help of The basically what the movie is about. The album is
Wallflowre's keyboardist Rami Jaffe. Songs like controversial, upbeat, rap album with a lot of
"One Hit Wonder" were written prove some things to say.
critics wrong after saying Everclear would be The whole crew is back, even the produc
just that. " They said we couldn't come back ers of the original Public Enemy disc. Chuck D
with new stuff but we proved 'em wrong." said and his sidekick Flava Flav are still together

along with Professor Griff and Terminator X why. I relieved all this information in a press
mixing the turntables. The producers Hank conference that the three little pigs gave after the
Shocklee, Keith Shocklee and Eric Sadler are wolf had been arrested. I think that I was the
also back to make this record. only one who believed what they said because it
The title track on the album, uHe Got happened to be very hard to believe. Anyway,
Game", is a song with a deep message of en on to the actual story and it's explanation.
lightenment and love. The song has a sample of It all began one day when the wolf (who
Buffalo Springfield's song "For What it's was named James) got hungry. He went to the
Worth". This is also an appearance by Stephen kitchen to get some food, but he had none. Then
Stills on the track and he sings part of the origi he went down to the local McGruders. What he
nal cut. Another big name that comes out on the hadn't realized was that it was a holiday and it
album is KRS-One, who comes out trading raps wouldn't be open. After waiting for about two
with Chuck D on the song. hours he remembered it was a holiday and by
"Unstoppable," along with, Masta Killa, this time he was very hungry. James knew of
from the Wu_Tang Clan appears on "Resurrec some pigs who lived on the outskirts of town that
tion", the first song on the CD. might be a filling meal. They were Nat, Alex,
As usual, the presence of Flava Flav adds and Joe, who lived in the usual straw, wood, and
some goofiness to the usually serious Public brick houses, respectively. So James went out to
Enemy album. With Chuck D talking about very Nat's house so that he could attempt to eat her.
serious subjects, Falva Flav adds a lot of appeal What James didn't know was that all three pigs
ing raps mixed with Chuck D's messages. The had installed a "Wolf Detection Security Sys
Bomb Squad also adds a lot of flavor with their tem." This had radar, a conection to the police,
unique sound and the talents of Terminator X. and could put up a force field around the house
Chuck D's seriousness in seen in the song, when needed. When James arrived at Nat's
"Politics of the Sneakers Pimps" which talks house he knocked on the door and said, "Oh Nat,
about the markers of athletic shoes, their foreign could I please come in?"
factories, and their marketing toward the youth "No way, James you'll try to eat me, you
of America. already tried that once."
Even though "He Got Game" is a So James said, "Well I'll huff and I'll
soundtrack album, it still shows this groups puff, and I'll blow your house down."
provocative and controversial views. These guys "Yeah right." retorted Nat.
have proved that they're stronger than even and He tried to blow the house down. How
that another Public Enemy album will soon be ever, because he was asthmatic he could hardly
on it's way. get enough air to blow out a candle. James got
fed up with blowing so he went and got a herd of

The Real Story of

cattle and sent them towards the house. When
this happened Nat put up the force field and
caught all the cattle. She decided not to stay

the Three Little around so she teleported herself (probably the

part of the story that the other reporters didn't
believe) to Alex's house to warn her and protect
Pigs herself.
"Alex, James is after us and a bunch of
by Peter Benson
cows are trying to eat my house so I had to come
here.", Nat said frantically.
This story takes place in Jamesville, where
"My house is made of wood and it will
the big bad wolf and the three little pigs live. It
stand up to anything.", came the confident reply.
is the true story of what actually happened and
James stormed away from Nat's house
after the cows finished it and proceeded to THE CLEVER PJUHTER
Alex's house. When he got to her house he did
By: Elizabeth Luk
not even ask to come in he just said, "Let me in,
or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your Once there was a very clever painter who
house down." lives in a small house in town. He liked to paint
Nat and Alex's answer was, "No Way!" different things. Sometimes he painted flowers,
Again he tried to blow the house down sometimes landscapes, and sometimes fruits.
and again his asthma prevented it. So James However, he never paint people in his life. Many
went home to get an electric saw and chop down people knew him and bought his paintings, but
the house. When James came back Alex tried to they never gave the painter a lot money.The
put up a force field but couldn't. There was a painter thought day and night of different ways
glitch in the system and when they saw the blade to make his paintings look more special so
come through the wall of the house they people would pay him more. But the painter
teleported themselves to Joe's house. As soon as could not think of anything.
they arrived they said, in unison, "James is after "You should paint people" ,said his
us, help us." friends.
Joe had no fear because he lived in the Since the painter had never painted
brick house and so he told them, "We would be people, he was afraid that the idea would not
safe even if the wolf was not asthmatic."
The wolf finally arrived at Joe's house " They will give you a lot of money", His
and mumbled/'Little pig, little pig, let me in, or
friends said.
I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow the house "Very well",said the painter.
down." The painter wrote in very big letter on a
piece on a piece of papenl PAINT PEOPLE.
James asthma this time allows him to Then he pinned the paper to the door of his
give a big blow, but the house did not come
down. By now James was very very hungry and The next day someone knocked on the
very, very, mad because he had missed two full
meals. James decided to rent a wrecking ball "Come in please." said the painter.
and drops it through the roof of the house. The The door opened and a beautiful girl
three of them are relieved when he left. came in. She had beautiful black hair, Big brown
"Finally he is gone." eyes, beautiful nose and a beautiful mouth.
"See, I told you my house would protect "Do you paint people?", she asked.
us from him." "Yes", answered the painter,
However when James came back with an "please paint me",said the girl. • *
Ace an Co. wrecking ball, Joe connected to the " Sure, please sit on the chair by the
police who arrived just as James was about to window", said the painter.
drop the ball through the roof. They stop him The girl sat down and painter started to
and pulled him put of the cab and arrested him. pain the girl's beautiful face. He painted her
James immediately claims he was innocent. beautiful hair,her beautiful nose, her beautiful
In the end James was convicted of at mouth, her white teeth. He was a very good
tempted eatery and the three little pigs became painter.
world celebrities. After he finished painting the girl he
You can figure out your own idea of what said," You can see your painting now"
,- happened after you read "The three little pigs" "Oh!" exclaimed the girl. "It is a beauti
a from the point of view of the wolf. ful paining. Thank you very much." The girl was

very satisfied with her painting and gave the just get. I've done a little research on my own
painter a lot of money. about friendship. Most of Colegio Maya stu
The next day there was another knock on dents say that friendship is a bond between
the painter's door. people in which each depends on, trusts, respects
"Come in please." he said. the other.. Maybe this is the real meaning of
The door opened and this time a very friendship, but I also have some ideas of my
ugly girl came in. She had ugly hair, small eyes, own. I think that friendship is something that
and a very big mouth. Some of her teeth were cannot be explained, and yet, it is also something
yellow, some brown, and some were even black. that is needed to survive in life. It's funny
" please paint me." she said. sometimes how friendship works; many times
"Yes , said thee painter. " Sit on the chair two people can know each other and talk to each
by the window, please." other, yet they are never really that close to each
The girl sat on the chair and the painter other, however, two people can just meet one day
painted her as she was. He painted her ugly face. and immediately click and cannot be separated.
When the painter had finished paining The only explanation for this is that maybe its a
the' girl he said, " You can look at your painting part of the meaning of friendship; the sharing of
now". the soul in two bodies. I've known this girl for
The girl stood up and when she saw the less than two years and we are soul mates. No
paining she said," Oh my God! Is that me?it is a matter what, I always understand her, and she
very ugly painting That can't be me. I don't want does the same for me. Is this a true friendship?
the painting" Is the most important factor of a friendship the
The ugly girl left without giving the bond between two or more people who under
painter any money. stand each other? It seems as though there are
The next day another ugly knocked the many rules to have a friendship. Such as:
"please paint me." said the ugly girl. -It must be based on Honesty
"Please sit on the chair by the window", -It must be based on Trust
said the gainter. -It must be based on Respect
again, the painter started to paint the girl. -You should be able to depend on each
However, this time he did not pain the girl's ugly other.
face. The painter painted a beautiful girl instead. -You should be able to understand each
The girl in the painting had beautiful hair, nice other.
eyes, nice nose, and very nice mouth. When the
painter had finished, he showed her the painting. There are many other rules, but, these are
"Wow! Is that me?", asked the girl "It is a most important.
beautiful painting. You are very clever painter. I started out writing this article intending .
Thank you very much" The girl gave the painter to figure out a precise definition of friendship,
a lot of money and left with the painting, very however, I ended up confusing myself more. I
satisfied. think that friendship is probably something that
cannot be put into words. However, my own

Friendship meaning of friendship is that no matter how far

away friends are, friendship lasts forever, and as

by Eun Ji Byun
long as friends think about each other, that's all
that is important. After reading this article, if
What is friendship? It's really amazing how you have some thoughts about what friendship is
friendships is one of the few things that we take really about, please, feel free to tell me because I
for granted, however, it is not something that we am ready to listen any time.
dream of his life, to pitch a World Series game.
10 th grade Cre It seems as if he's moving in slow motion, as he
goes back with his ball, his legs are elevated and

ative Prefects his hands are stretched . All of the sudden, the
power in his right arm exploded and launched
the ball as fast as lightening , striking the player
Collected and Edited by out.

Katharine Gonzalez, with

with the help of Ms. Harris


During the spare time that 10th graders by Mariana Raskosky

have in the first or last 15 minutes of English

class, we work on creative free-style writing. As his finger gently pushed the button, it
Sometimes personal questions are presented to lit up. His hands then slid into the pockets of his
us and we are to give our opinion on something dark gray Armani suit. While waiting for the
or share personal experiences. Other times we elevator to arrive his eyes caught sight of a
are asked to free write about anything that we beautiful red-head. DING. The metal doors slid
think of. Below are examples of character open and his size ten feet carried him in. Once
descriptions, a skill that we have recently learned in this lighted up box with cheesy music and air
to develop and recognize. conditioning, he let his hand carefully search for
the corresponding button to his destination; the
eleventh floor. Up went the elevator. His stom
ach took note of the quick ascent. His eyes
DAMON DA MAN quickly glanced at the timepiece; quarter to eight
by Su Han Park , he was fifteen minutes late. Thoughts of the
scolding voice of his boss entered his head. The
OH my god!! The World Series is tied 3 elevator stopped at the eleventh floor and the
to 3 and it's the bottom of the ninth inning!!! doors slid open . His long legs walked without
'The Rocket belongs to the pitcher from Chi reservation into the conference room. His butt
cago. Damon's pitch is as fast as a shooting was gently bumped by the now shut door behind
star.Damon's hard hands are made out of iron, him. The boss's face was stern and angry.
very hard, yet very flexible. The crowd is going
wild, as if they had been set on fire. Faster and
faster the sweat dropped down from his head. TWILIGHT

His hands were shaking as if there was an earth by Zuleira Chock

quake. 'His mouth was full of tobacco and he

was spitting disgusting tobacco juice every While playing his guitar, his fingers
where. He stared with an eagle-eye at the oppos danced on the guitar bars. Every tune he played
ing batter, hoping to shake his opponent's confi would lighten up his heart. His body slouched in
dence. Damon's manager touched his cap, his chair while he played. The perfume of
shoulders, pants and his head; it was a signal. incense filled the room. Posters that hung on his
The signal meant that the team would replace wall made him feel comfortable as he played his
Damon with another pitcher. Damon turned his guitar. He could feel a great sense of emotion
face away and ignored his manager. His foot rising, for the song that he was playing reminded
was kicking the dirt faster and faster, and con him of his long lost grandpa. But the only good
centrated on, now. I was time for him to start the thing he thought he could do was play the guitar

rather than to study. He concentrated on his steel of the Colt. 45. She hoped she wouldn't
tapping fingers whose sound was filling the have to use it. Her mind flashed back to the last
room. Playing the guitar was his escape from time... she shook the thought out of her head.
the world. The feeling of emptiness returned. Ronnie said he was taking extra precautions on
Memory of his grandpa flashed in his mind; the the job. Said they'd hit big this time. She turned
cigarette smell of the soft cotton shirt that he on the radio. Static. Impatiently, she turned the
wore. The wax dripped from the candle onto the knob and stopped at a station playing "Low
table ad flickered in the room. A light breeze Rider" from War. She reached into her purse to
entered the room, which made the wind chimes find some lipstick, her foot tapping uncon
play a different tune. He felt a special peace no, sciously to the beat. The cheap, red lipstick slid
as his mind went into twilight. across her mouth. She peered into the rear view
mirror and the froze. A figure was sprinting
madly towards her. Something terribly wrong
SEESAW had to have happened to make a guy like Ronnie
by Hee Jung Park run like that. She was such a schmuck for
believing him this time. She gunned the engine.
Johny went up;Sammy came down. Now she could see Claymore's thugs with their
Sammy went up; Johny came down. Sammy's Uzi's close in pursuit. Bang! A million thoughts
legs pushed against the sand , and up went shot through her mind but she was only listening
Sammy with legs lifted as Johny came down to to the panic that gripped her chest. Ronnie was
the ground. It was Johny's turn; his legs pushed fifty meters away. He wasn't going to make it.
hard and launched his body to the top. Sammy, If she waited much longer, she would be dead. It
being younger than Johny, was afraid to fall, and was as simple as that. Her foot stomped on the
his fingers felt numb as he grabbed onto the bar gas. Tires screeching, the car swerved. Ronnie's
extra hard. When the body was catapulted into eyes caught a last glimpse of red as it disap
the air, his eyes were shut and a scream burst out peared around the corner before his body fell to
of his mouth. Up and down went the seesaw and the ground.
and the air was filled with screams. Then, Johny
lost his balance and fell. Johny burst into tears
while his head throbbed of pain. Johny rubbed
his eyes with his little hands. Johny looked up
and realized that Sammy was coming towards The Phone Call
him. Sammy stretched his arms to reach for by Susana Chang
Johny's hands. Johny was able to stand up and
discovered that his pants were covered with dirt. Grace started to pray to God. Her eyes
Sammy's hand brushed off the caked dirt and closed tightly, lips pressed hard, and her brow
took his friend home as the sun descended. wrinkled as she imagined what would happen if
she got a bad answer. Fear stiffened and para
Anticipating... lyzed grace's bones and muscles. "Cool it down,
by Ana Merc ado friend", replied Trisha, Grace's best friend.
Cross-legged and leaning comfortably on the
The familiar sounds of traffic were dying cushion, Trisha sat on the sofa. She was trying
down now. Her eyes glanced at her watch. to hold the phone between her left ear and her
Almost time. Her fingers tapped nervously on shoulder while licking a pink lollipop at the
the steering wheel. The little red pinto looked so same time. A teasing smile appeared on Trisha's
exposed in the parking lot. Her hand reached face as if to mock Grace. However, when Trisha
down and her fingers closed around the cold heard a faint voice through the phone, a sudden
startle made her drop the lollipop. As soon as and out of his mouth came a loud cry of pain.
Grace noticed her friend's surprise, she immedi "Poor Whisky" his mom thought and wondered
ately looked into her eyes to figure out what who could have done that. He thought, "Billy
happened. my dumb sister!" Billy felt sorry for her brother
, but inside she felt that she was asleep and he
was the one who bothered her. She had only
From Crash to Light bitten him out of shock.
by Kurt Rupprecht

The soft and ominous light instantly Joy

swept over their pale and weary faces. Frag by Miguel Turner
mented images of the crash that brought them
here rapidly flashed through their minds. The movement of the machine sent
Thought and worries of a past once familiar vibrations up his arms. For hours it had been
world faded into the probing light that engulfed working, throwing pieces of rock right and left.
them. Straining what vision he had left, Billy The man's forehead trickled with salty perspira
stared sedately into his love's blue eyes. While tion as the machine stopped shortly. An arm
returning his look of love with one of her own, swept forward in an attempt to rid the suffering
Jane mustered what will she had left as her arms man of his discomfort. A low sigh escaped his
wrapped tightly around Billy's weakened frame. mouth as the arm returned its duty and the
Only with one another could they find comfort in machine started up again. Meanwhile, thoughts
this strange realm. The light that easily sur of a day's end flooded and occupied the man's
rounded them would just as easily see through mind. Gazing eyes then caused the machine to
them. The pasts and secrets they had already stop and the mind to go blank before flaring up
forgotten were revealed by the light. A destiny with thoughts of mirth. Reaching down, bare
of either salvation or damnation lay ahead for hands grasped a large, heavy object. Weariness
these young lovers. The light would decide moved the man to a lighted area where his legs
which one. collapsed and his body seated itself. Shining
light reflected off the object into his eyes, show
ing him evidence that he would never have to
The Cute Little Kitty Cat work again.
by Alexander Fortman

Slowly, and uniquely, Billy's legs The Tears of a Boy

crouched into a sleeping position. Her eyes by Mi Jin Kang
closed and she started purring. It was such a
sweet noise made by such a tender kitty. Billy The ice cream slipped out of a boy's
was so tired after her little white legs had been hand. The eyes of the boy and the puppy met
jumping around. Her mouth was totally pooped together and stared at each other. Simulta
from sucking the milk from her mom. The nails neously, both of them looked at the ice cream.
of Billy's little paw stretched out into the carpet. At the same time, the boy's hand reached to grab
Just at that moment, her brother Whisky jumped the ice cream while the puppy's mouth went
on her and, waking up with a shock, Billy nailed right after it. The puppy got to it first. His foot
Whisky who let out a loud cry. Billy's feet took instant speed, running to get away from the
jumped on her brotherly prey. The ensuing furious boy. The boy clenched his fist and his
battle ended with a stomach wounded Whisky. eyes glared with anger. His feet were charged
Whisky's paws took him all the way to his mom with energy; immediately, he started to chase the

dog. For years, the boy and the puppy had been were erected and lifted the mound of fur above
best friends, but they were about to break off the ground where it lay before. The pillars
their friendship over an ice cream. Again they moved toward a mound dog food with a bowl
met. The puppy's mouth growled and his sharp keeping it together. The food was received well
tooth was revealed out of his top lip.The boy's by Fido's mouth.
arm swung in the air, trying to reach the ice
cream. He heard someone calling him and
turned around. The puppy took advantage of
him turning around and he swallowed the ice
cream. His eyes glanced back, but it was too The Beginning of a Long Journey
late. Drops of salty water dripped from his eyes. by Eun Ji Byun

Soft, white skin. Slowly, the small soft

hands reached for the floor. She tried to unbend
Patience Rewarded her knees. Half way through that stretching, her
by Paige Cunningham knees bent again. On the floor she sat, tears in
her eyes. Her eyes saw big, rough hands coming
The leopard crouches low among the tall toward her. For a moment, there was a silence.
blades of waving amber grass. Eyes barely Then her small hands latched onto the big hands.
open, she stares intently at the plain, watching, Once again, now with the helping hands, she
waiting. The spots on her hindquarters ripple as stood up. Her legs remained stretched out but
she flexes her muscles. Slowly, up comes her unsteady for a second or two. Slowly, one leg
rear, the tip of her tail hanging down. Gently at was lifted and moved forward. The little mouth
first, and then more violently, the tip of her tail opened with amazement and emitted quiet
begins twitching. Back and forth it jerks, mak sounds of relief. At last she had done it; the
ing an almost inaudible sound, as it barely beginning of her long journey.
disturbs the dry grass.
In the distance, the fluttering grass moves
irregularly, torn out of its normal pattern by the I Saw Him Fly
flight of a terrified beast. A darting gazelle by Gustavo Jimenez

• passes within feet of the leopard. Eyes popping,

open, the head follows the gazelle. Suddenly, Through the air he flies, as if he was
the great hunter surges to all four paws and takes floating in space with his tongue sticking out and
off after her prey. Quickly, the leopard over a ball in his hands: it's Michael Jordan going for
takes the gazelle. With one snap of the clamp- the dunk , he had a killer look that can't take his
like jaws, the leopard brings down the gazelle eyes off the rim! All that is going through his '
and lies back down to eat her dinner. mind is how he is going to nail the ball in the
rim. I the rim could talk it would be crying for
mercy. The expression on Michael's face looks
Story like a mad tiger going towards its prey. A boy in
by Giancarlo Valle the crowd is looking at Michael and it seems as
if he is a statue; to him everything is in slow
Layers and layers of fur were on the raw motion , he can't breath or blink his eyes; he
hide of Fido. In the mist of fur, lay the tiny does not want to miss a single second of the play.
villages of fleas, using the fur as protection. At The other players on the court are as astonished
the end of the hide was a long, curly patch of as the little boy,and they stayed on the ground
hair. Then, the four pillars of skin and bone while Jordan flew through the air. They feel
miserable just of thinking they can't do anything With his old hands, he opened the car and took a
to stop him. It seems as if gravity didn't exist step forward and put his butt in the driver's seat.
for Michael, he nails the ball and scores another His wrinkled hands reached in his pocket and
two points for his team. In a matter of seconds grabbed a pair of keys and then put the keys in
the play was over, and everything went back to the key hole. When the engine started, the car

normal. set off. The bright yellow sun caught his atten
tion as he drove slowly and carefully. Suddenly,
a black car hit the side of Bob's car. Tumbling,
The Chase rolling over, and capsizing, the car hit the bottom
by Alexandra Cau of the long hill. A young lady saw the accident
and called the ambulance. The ambulance came
Gray as a storm threatened sky, lie the as fast as the wind. They jumped out of their
crouching cheetah in a tree. Not just any tree, ambulances in their red coats and their strong
but a low lined rare tree with gray boulders legs carried them to Bob's car. The ambulance
around. His tail swishing back and forth, his drivers opened the smashed door and pulled Bob
claws dug deeply into the bark, alert are his ears. out. His neck was broken and the warm blood
Darting back and forth over the landscape move was coming out of his body like a fountain,
his eyes, searching for prey. He stops. Some when they realized that he was still alive. Then
thing small and brown catches his attention. His they put him in an ambulance. They drove as
eyes focused and he realized it was a rabbit. fast as they could. When they reached the
Unaware is the rabbit, standing in the twilight, hospital, they put him on a bed that had a nice
scrubbing grassland, his nose was wiggling back aroma. Rushing toward the emergency room,

and forth and his ear's standing straight up. The they realized that he was no longer alive. This
cheetah reacts quickly, as he leaps from the tree accident was reported the next day as the "Dark
to the boulders to the sandy brown ground. The Accident".
cheetah runs like the light towards the rabbit and
the rabbit feels the ground beneath him vibrate.
His brown little head turns around, and to his The Fuzzy Bear

surprise he see's a cheetah running toward him. by Sebastian Strzalkowski

His brown legs hopped away from the cheetah as
fast as they could. The cheetah catches up with The fuzzy bear used his short stubby legs
the rabbit and the claws of the cheetah injure the to jump up onto the braised wooden table. The
rabbit. The rabbit runs to one side and circles toasty cuddly bear thought in his small stuffed
back. The cheetah darts at a ninety degree angle cerebrum, "I am so sleepy." So the dwarfish
to the right bringing the rabbit to the ground. fuzzy bear sat down and stretched his tiny arms
His long, sharp yellow teeth are buried into the out and laid down on the welcoming level table.
rabbit's soft throat. He then brings the rabbit The fuzzy brown bear dreamt.

back to the den.

His dreams were about ice cream and
lavender and feathery silk from China.
They were white pliant clouds, towering
The Dark Accident mountains of candy, and fabulous toys. The
by Nathalia Cau toasty brown bear was dreaming quite well, but
then it came time (like most times come) for his
An eighty year old man named Bob dream to end. And so it did. The bear woke up,
decided to take a spin in his blue-green car. On and got down from the almighty level table, and
his unbalanced legs, he walked towards the car. went outside to play.
With his old hands he walked towards the car.

"Well there's no need to be rude!" The

Airplane flight attendant handed her the drink and pushed
by Maggie Rhodes the heavy cart onward.
After the juice slid quickly down Karen's
As the voice came booming over the dry throat, Karen could finally get back to sleep,
loudspeaker she was startled and awakened from As her eyes began to shut ever so slowly and her
her short lived nap. She had had a hard enough head began to fall, a voice came over the loud-
time falling asleep with all of the bumps of the speaker,
"Lunch will be served promptly" was the
message over the loudspeaker. The Dive
Oh good! Karen thought. She hadn't had by Magnus Franklin
time to eat breakfast that morning with only ten
minutes between waking up and immediately His body fell from the edge of the boat
rushing to the airport. The pins and needles in into the ice-cold water. The glove-covered
her arm gently informed her that her arm had had hands reached for the console, and gripped it
enough use as a head support for her nap. She firmly. His arms lay flat along his body for
leaned forward to reach in front of her to get a minimal friction as his legs propelled him, head
hairbrush out of her carryon bag. In doing so, first into the abyss, his face like a stone mask
her head struck the tray table in front of her. from the effort of trying to ignore the stinging
Ouch! As Karen's fatigued body bent over, her cold. When there was barely enough light for
blood shot eyes caught sight of the feet of the the eyes to see, his hands moved the console up
woman next to her. In high heels and stockings, in front of the mask that covered his eyes. His
the woman looked uncomfortably dressed for a eyes read the illuminated depth gauge carefully,
ten hour plane ride. Karen had always been a making sure that they did not misread the num-
tee-shirt and jeans girl herself. bers: 110 feet. His hand then flipped the console
"Chicken or beef?" Inquired the flight over and laid it out horizontally, so that the
attendant. compass could spin freely. His body turned east,
Karen being a vegetarian, was to her and his legs managed to perform eight kick
dismay, going to have to miss another meal. cycles in that direction. His hand reached into
"Is that all you have?" Karen's voice the pocket in his BCD, and found the flashlight,
pleaded for the slightest chance that a vegetarian Although it was glove covered, his hand man-
dish would be available. aged to seek out the on-off button in the dark-
"I'm afraid so, dear." the disgustingly ness, and a sharp beam of light emerged from the
cheerful flight attendant responded. flashlight. Right in front of him, his eyes saw
"Then I '11 just have to settle for a glass just what they expected: The flashlight moved
of tomato juice." Karen was becoming increas- back and forth over the immense stern of a
ingly grouchy and uncomfortable. Her long legs submerged steel ghost ship. Now his whole
yearned to stretch out in the cramped airplane. body was trembling with excitement, and all the
"Would you like that with lemon?" the thoughts about the numbing cold were gone. His
flight attendant's high pitched voice inquired. fingers quickly pressed the button on his timer:
"Sure, why not." Karen just wanted the five minutes before nitrogen narcosis would start
juice and for the flight attendant to get out of her to affect him. Cautiously, the flashlight illumi-
face nated the rusted surface, his hand grabbed the
"How about some salt?" now ragged railing and pulled him toward the aft
"Yes! Salt! Whatever! Just give me my of the ship. His flashlight shone through win-
juice!" dows into what was formerly cabins and naviga-
tion rooms. Soon, the hull opened up to reveal a watch read 7:35. Immediately, she sprinted out
door. His hand grabbed the edge of the opening of bed and rushed to put on her silky pale pink
and pulled him slightly inside, so he could see suit. Her agile finger quickly put her hair up in a
what was in there. The flashlight shone on lab chignon and brushed her teeth. She knew that if
equipment: rows of microscopes, test tubes, she hurried, she could actually make it on time.
canisters, plastic bottles marked with the symbol Ahe put on her shoes and reached for her brief
for hazardous chemicals, heating plates, and case and recklessly ran out of her room. She ran
many things that he did not recognize. His arm towards the direction of the elevator and pushed
pushed him out again, and he checked the timer the elevator button repeatedly. She kept doing
again: two minutes and counting. Farther down this until she realized that the elevator was not
the ship the beam of light struck nets and cranes. moving; it wasn't working. As she rumaged
He logically deduced that this was some kind of through her purse, looking for her car keys, she
oceanographic research vessel. This time, the was running through the lobby, and she nearly
timer showed that he could only stay down for collided with five people. Outside, in the park
forty-eight more seconds, and he decided to ing lot, she struggled to recall shat type of car
slowly start to ascend. As the gray ship slowly she had rented yesterday.' She finally remem
disappeared from his field of vision, he feel the bered that she had argued with the guy at the
kind of satisfaction one can only get from seeing auto rental that she wanted a Mercedes-Benz and
something no one has ever seen before. he had finally given it to her, and in her favorite
color-red. She rushed to the car that she be
lieved to be hers, got in, and drove out of the

Just One of Those parking lot while searching the map for the
location of the nuilding where she neede to go.
Needless to say, she was speeding and her ears
Mornings... were alerted byt he sound of the siren, that a
police car was requesting her to pull over. She
by: Katharine Gonzalez was glad that she had thrown her license into her
briefcase last night after she had carelessly
She was startled as her ears heard the searched for it. Only after giving her a huge
ringing sound of the phone. She blindly reached lecture on the importance of driving safely and
over to her nightstand and picked up the object . not speeding, the policeman let her go. Aside
that most seemed like a phone. On the other end from being nervous because this was her first
of the receiver she heard an annoyingly cheerful speech, it made her exceedingly anxious to get to
morningbird voice that said, "GOOD MORN the meting because it was 8:20. As she hurried
ING!. It is 6:00 AM and this is your wake up up to the 8th floor, she ransacked her brain
call." Her eyes felt like sand paper as she barely searching for excuses that she could give her
found the strengthto open them. She had barely boss. She got off the elevator and quickly ran to
slept last night. The hotel clerk had given her a the conference room. Some of her colleaguese
lousy room, where the worst of the heat and were having coffee and socializing as usual.
humidity could be felt, and she consequently "What are you doing here so early? It's only
spent most of the night tossing and turning. She 7:20" They said to her. After a hectic morning of
knew that today was important because she trying to make it on time, she realized that she
would have to give her first speech on marketing had forgotten about the time zone change and
ideas for portable computers. But, because the had failed to set her watch back one hour.
meeting was at 8:00 AM, she thought that she
could get away with taking a little snooze. She
shut her eyes and, the next thing she knew, her

A Short Story "Marsha, can't you even see that you're going
skydiving with the hottest guy on campus?"
by Ruth Carbonell "Well okay, maybe I am, but there are going
to be other people there."
"Marsha, the thing is that you are so over
come with fear that you can't tell what luck you
"Come on Marsha, nothings going to happen."
Bobby said. Bobby was talking on the phone with
"Well maybe I am lucky, but I'm still
Marsh Jay wood, his crush. Bobby was tall, he had
ash blond hair, blue-eyes, a great body, a great smile,
"Just ask Bobby to jump with you at the
and a straight nose.
same time and hold your hand."
"I don't know, I mean it could be dangerous."
"Yeah, like that would ever happen."
Marsh answered. Marsh was a tall brunette who had
They talked on until it was about noon and
an excellent body, a great smile and blue-eyes.
Marsha heard a knock on the door so she hung up.
Bobby was trying to talk Marsha into going skydiv
ing with him and some other kids she knew.
"Who is it?"
"Who else is going?" she asked.
"It's Bobby, I'm here to pick up Marsha."
"Well let's see Peter Robinson, Jan
Wintersmith, Greg Carson, and Sindy Bronce."
Marsh unlocked the door and opened it. And
"You mean all the people I don't get along
there he was. He had a "No Fear" hat on that hid his
with are going top put their lives at risk and you want
ash blond hair. He was wearing a dark blue shirt and
me to tag along? I don't think so."
a pair of blue Levis. He had the school sweater tied
"Marsha, you don't have to talk to them, you
around his waist. The yellow letters of Boston
can stay with me and we'll jump together."
College made a great contrast to the black sweater,
"Well ummm...."
and he was wearing Adidas shoes. He had gotten a
"Oh come on Marsha it'll be fun, I promise."
tan from vacation, which made him look more
irresistible than ever. Marsha was wearing her hair
"Okay, great! I'll pick you up at about noon.
up in a ponytail, which made her face look more
Oh and Marsha, thanks."
firm. She had a white shirt and blue Levis Qn. Like
"No problem."
Bobby she had the same sweater around her waist
and she had sneakers on.
"Bye." marsh hung up the phone and started
thinking, "Oh my God! What am I doing?"
"Hi" Marsha was the first to break the
She immediately picked the phone up and
"Hi" Bobby answered.
dialed her best friend's number.
"Hi" it seemed that hi was the only word that
would.come out of her mouth.
"Hello Janet."
"So should we go?" Bobby asked.
"Marsha hey, what's up?"
"Wait, how much money should I take?"
"Janet you won't believe what I just did and
"Don't be stupid I'm paying! Okay?"
who I finished talking to!"
"What? Who?"
"I just finished talking to Bobby Bailey and I
Marsha closed the door and they headed for
told him I would go skydiving with him."
the elevator. Bobby pressed the button to go down
"Ah...oh my God I can't believe it!"
and studied Marsha. To Marsha the silence was
"Janet what am I going to do?"
unbearable. When the elevator arrived they both
"Don't you mean what are you going to
stepped in, but it wasn't an easy fit. It seemed like an
hour went by while the elevator was going down.
"Hello, earth to Janet! You know I'm
Finally, they were out of the elevator and headed for
freaked out about going on an airplane. How to you
this black van that was moving because of the
expect me to jump out of one?"
vibration of the music. Bobby was being a gentle me to go over which strap you pull to open your
man and opened the door for her. When he opened parachute?"
the door the smell and smoke of cigars came out and "Yes, please."
she started coughing. The seats were covered with "Okay, to open your parachute you pull your
black leather, and the carpet was also black. There left strap, if it doesn't open don't panic just pull your
were four people in the back but she couldn't tell right strap okay?"
who they were. But suddenly she remembered that "Okay."
Bobby had told her that Sindy, Greg, Jan, and Peter "Listen Marsha I want you to pull the strap
were coming. They all mumbled hi and so did she. before me just in case okay?"
Bobby was driving and she was next to him. He "Okay, sure."
started to slow down the car and she could see this "Are you ready?"
small warehouse and a plane outside. They all got "Yes."
out of the car and started heading toward the ware "Okay hold my hand and on three we jump."
house. Bobby grabbed Marsha's hand and started
telling her about skydiving. Marsha gave Bobby her hand and leaned
forward. She heard Bobby count to three and
"Okay you jump off the plane with me jumped. It was a great sensation of flying and an
holding hands together, and when you see everyone awful sensation of falling. She was wondering what
pull the strap, you pull the strap and not a minute if my chute doesn't open, what if Bobby's chute
later okay?" doesn't open what if we all die? But all of these
"Okay sure" She answered. feelings melted away when Bobby smiled at her.
From then on she started concentrating on pulling the
There was this short fat guy walking toward left strap or was it the right. Oh my God what if she
them with a grin on his face. He started talking with pulled the wrong strap and everything just blew up.
Bobby but Marsha couldn't understand because they What am I going to do? Then she heard Bobby's
were talking in Spanish. voice saying "You pull the left strap first, the..." She
looked up because Bobby was squeezing her hand,
"Bobby, hola como estas?" the guy asked. he was signaling for her to pull the strap. So she did
"Muy bien gracias, te tengo que pedir un and it worked. Then he pulled the strap and it
favor." worked also. She looked over at him and smiled. He
"Cual es el favor Bobby?" smiled back and stretched his hand toward her. She
"Quiero ir skydiving con mi novia y mis gave him her hand and he mouthed the words "Will
amigos. you be my girlfriend?" and she mouthed back "Yes".
"Esta es tu novia?" the guy asked looking at When they reached the ground they ran to each other
Marsha. and kissed. When they finally stopped Bobby was
"Si ellaes mi novia." the first to talk.
"Es muy bonita."
."Gracias." "So I guess this is the sport that brought us
"Si te puedo hacer el favor." together?"
"Muchas gracias." "It sure is." Marsha answered.

Then Bobby told Marsha and his friends to And they lived happily ever after.
get ready. Bobby told Marsha that he would help her
with her things. He did his things first and then went
to help Marsha. When they were all done they all got
in the plane and were off.

"Marsha, you have to pay attention and hold

my hand and never let go."
"We will be the first to jump off, do you want
'Burned Out Rudolph" by Paul O'Sullivan