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Volume 3, Issue 2
Table oF Contents
Advisors Column by Mr. Pastore

450th Anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes by Adriana Olivares
The All American Bummer by Ryan McKnight
The World Series by Peter Benson
METALLOID by Sebastian Castrillo
Knowledge Bowl by Ben Baldizon
School Events by Anonymous
The History Of Drums by Eduardo Santella
H/C/P/A/V/C/W .by Miguel Turner
Colegio Maya Website by Carlos Mercado
MANA: Suenos Liquidos by Psycho Spanky Pabon
YEARBOOK REVIEW. by Eduardo Santella
NHS REPORT ; Miguel Turner
Kids These DAYS! by Jihyun Yoo
The Legend: James Dean by Debra Walsh
The only way someone can be of help to you is in challenging your ideas! by Asaf Mazar
Ska by Christina Walsh
Death to Spice Girls by Carlos Mercado
STUCO by Anonymous
The Tortoise and the Hare: the real story by Sid Thazhathu
Volcanic Attack by Erez Cohen
Happy Ants by John Song

Mr Pastore - The Advisor

Ben Baldizon
Ryan McKnight
Nieve Pizzatti
Ana Mercado
Zuliera Chock
Giancarlo Valle
Miguel Turner (TGO)
Sebastian Strzalkowski
Carlos Mercado
Christina Walsh
Magnus Franklin
Maria Brady
Gretchen Perkins
As ' Wake by James Winkelhorst
Basketball by Ade Adamson
POOR BOY: the racer by Nate Perry
What is Love by Jihan Jweiles
Insanity by Anonymous
Sea of Frienship by Ivy Chen
Memories of Mist by Javier Lacayo
Numbers by Rosa Chen
The Coming by Sindy Chamorro
Tea Party by Zuleira Chock
The World Will Change by Eduardo Santella
Soul Mates by Zuleira Chock
2 Faced byAnaMercado
Bird's Story by Maria Brady
Wonderland byAnaMercado
1 Wonder by Salameh Massis
The Dream by Li Tsai Chen
Waterfall by Jenny Seo
Life by Anonymous
Sensitive Points by Zuleira Chock
On a Lighter Note by Anonymous
Fear by Cristian Cseh
Cheats by Anonymous
From Where I Lie There Is No Light by Joe Rodriguez
Out of Control by Luis Sevilla
Close Call by Cecille Ocasio
Sea by Elias Sundelin
The Swan by Elias Sundelin
Meditation by Sergio Cortez
Cyber Buddies by Maria Brady
Falling Blossoms by Kyong Hwa Kim
Why by Ruth Carbonell
River by Byung Jun Kwon
You Broke My Heart by Gianna Pipoli
Meaningless Saying of a Wise Man? by Anonymous
Pointless by Anonymous
Thank You by Young Jin Kang
Greetings of Two Worlds by Michelle Flores
My Happiness by Ximena Lopez
Hate by Claudia Garcia
Love Junkey by Anonymous
Little Things by Anonymous
Rain by Kevin Odle
The True Meaning of Love by Eduardo Santella
To A Special Person by Brian Jung
The Truth by Eduardo Santella
Waves by Ken Lee
within them. However, several new
A students to Colegio Maya, as well as the
D normal "I think I'll switch electives at the
semester to find an easier course" class
V transfers have kept the numbers high.
I Please welcome to the staff Cristina
Walsh, Ade Adamson, Katherine
S Gonzalez, Jenny Seo, Mutsumi Ishii and
Miyuki Nadoki. They bring fresh blood
and enthusiasm to our quarterly efforts.
Once again you'll see in this issue
S a lot of fiction and poetry. Remember: any
COLUMN student or staff member can contribute to
The MAYA PULSE. All you have to do
by Mr. Pastore is to turn in final, typed versions of your
work to any member of the writing staff, or
leave it in my mailbox. We would be glad
elcome to the "late but never to help you get into print. Think about it- if
better" 2nd quarter edition of The MAYA you were to be printed every quarter for
PULSE. Things sort of got side tracked four years of high school, that would make
in getting out the second quarter edition you a "regular contributor" to the schools
on time before the holidays, what with literary magazine- not a bad thing at all to
semester exams and holiday excitement. have put on your college transcripts! Of
Plus, the staff of the school musical "Into course- if you happen to be in my English
the Woods" was busy putting out their classes, you actually have no choice;
program during Publications class period, bummer, huh?! Of course, the main goal
using the same machines. In fact, there in doing this is to get my students used to
was a crossover effect, with Magnus writing for a larger audience than just
Franklin not only being involved with the themselves and one teacher. Besides,
Musical but also being an integral part of you have to admit- it is cool to have
the magazine staff. something you wrote actually in print!!!

But enough with Anyway-1 hope you enjoy this

you've got the second quarter issue in issue. Of course, you should be seeing
you greedy, grubby, hungry for fact and another one within several weeks, since
fiction little hands, so enjoy! The staff this is the late 2nd quarter issue. We are
worked hard to get this all done, and I am doing a much better job now getting the
proud of them (Of course, they do get a 3rd quarter issue organized and ready for
print and distribution. The returning
grade for it!).
members of our staff from 1st semester

There have been some changes in

are concentrating on being more efficient
the staff for the second semester, what
in how we use the computer lab upstairs,
with several staff members deciding to and the division of duties between them
heed their "thespian" urges, and others should make all of our lives that much
running to the call of the artistic muse easier.
450th Anniversary of
Miguel de Cervantes
by Adriana Olivares

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Besides three English versions and

was born in 1547. He was a Spanish five other French translations, Schulman
writer of the Golden Age. His masterpiece compared continuously her own version.
of world Literature was the novel Don
Quixote. This novel is considered a For Schulman, translating the 1st
classic and is the most known novel of version was the most difficult thing
Spanish Literature. becuase she tempted to see how the
other writers had translated some difficult
Cervantes was born in Alcala de parts. Sometimes they had found
Henares, Spain. He wrote Don Quixote solutions that she wouldn't so in that case
under the title, "The History of the knight- she used their version.
errant Don Quixote of the Mancha." It is a
story about a madman who imagines She hopes that now on with her
himself as a knight-errant performing the translation to French other writers will
splendid feats described in medieval benefit. It took her six long years to end
tales. It was such a success that within her work. Schulman didn't read or talk
two weeks after it's publication three about anything athor than Don Quixote.
pirated editions appeared in Madrid. She dedicated all her hard work to
commemorate the 450th Anniversary of
Don Quixote has had a the birth of Cervantes, September 29,
tremendous influence on the 1547.
development of prose fiction. It has been
translated into all modern languages and
has appeared in about 700 editions. The
first publication in English was in a
translation by Thomas Shelton.

Because of the 450 years since

Cervantes birth, a new translation has
been edited in France, by Aline
Schulman. Aline has been very hard at
work. She started translating the 2nd part
first, sand the most difficult work was
translating the 1 st part because of the
symbolism that Cervantes used in the
Spanish version.
The All American Bummer
by Ryan McKnight

Dodgers win the wild card!!" Just wait till the

day comes when a team will lose on purpose
lirst the wild card, now realignment!
just to get a more favored first round opponent.
What's next, a round robin tournament
between all of the teams at the end of each
season? These new, "modern" ideas for the
lealignment is also a big mistake.
reform of Baseball are silly and ridiculous. The
people making these suggestions are ruining The people in favor of realignment believe that
the classic games that we all love. by realigning teams and putting them in
different divisions and leagues there will be a
new ora of excitement for Baseball and more
why are all these changes people will come to the games. This won't
happen mainly because realignment doesn't
happening? This is a good question. After the add excitement to the games. Imagine the
strike baseball attendance went way down Braves in the American League or the Yankees
(understandably so) and the boys upstairs in the National League. It just doesn't sound
panicked. They asked, what can we do to right. One of the ideas is to put teams in
raise attendance? One of their "bright" ideas divisions geographically. For example, they
was to add a wild card to the playoffs. Sure, wanted to put the Cubs and White Sox in the
this helped boost attendance a little, but it same division. Who is going to want to see a 3
definitely didn't make the game look better. game series between the Cubs and White Sox
Now they have another "bright" idea, at Wrigley and then cruise across town to see
realignment. another 3 games series between the same two
teams, but this time at Cominsky.

Let's start with the wild card since so

many people believe it is an improvement to Hlopefully, the men who have to make
the game. You hear everywhere (especially in the final decision on realignment will reajize that
Miami), "The wild card system is great, it gives it is not a good thing. Hopefully they will
teams that should've gone to the playoffs a realize that they should focus more on
chance to go." This is the wrong way to think. preserving the "classicness" of the games
The wild card gives teams that didn't make the rather than trying to attract more people. The
cut a second chance that they don't deserve. true fans will come no matter what.
Some will argue that the Marlins had the
second best record in the NL and if it weren't for
the wild card they never would have gone to
the playoffs. This is true, however it is also
fair. Let me explain. The reason that the
Marlins would not have gone to the playoffs is
because they were second place in their
division. To get to the playoffs you must first
win your division, it doesn't matter what your
record is. You have to step up to the level of
play in your division, not your league. Another
evil of the wild card is that it diminishes pennant
races. It throws away the excitement that a 3
games series at the end of a season would
have. Imagine Mel Allen in the final game of the
1954 season between the Giants and the
Dodgers when Bobby Thompson hit the game
winning and playoff clinching home run against
the Dodgers in the ninth, "The Giants win the
pennant, the Giants win the pennant!! The
The World
Series by: Peter Benson

behind the plate catching for the Indians.

Bottom of the ninth, two outs, the game The orials trail by a run because of a solo
and series are tied at three. I'm up and it homer at the top half of the inning, the
is time for me to win the World Series after three-two pitch from Mesa to Alomar is a
almost losing it. The reason that I say this baorderline pitch that Alomar is called out
is because in game four, five, and six, I on. This sent the Indians to the World
made some very costly mistakes. This is Series that they would eventually loose to
what caused the series to be tied. In game the Marlins.
four I missed the ball That is not the case here though.
and hit my head and* The count is now three
bounced over the wall balls and no strikes. He
for a grand slam home should have a green
run in the bottom of the light and take all the way
ninth causing them to to get the walk. The pitch
win. Then in game six I is hit to deep right field. It
overthough the ball four is going to be a home
times, always letting run! The ball is still
them score. Now it was carrying and it is going
my chance to prove over the warehouse. The
myself, salvage my Orioles have won the
image, and win the World Series! This now
World Series. their twenty-fifth World Series
"And here it is, the Orioles final at Championship and their seventeenth in a
the bat of the Wold Series. Who better to row. This leads the Yankees, who only
be at the plate. He has made at least ten have twenty-four. Now the press
errors that have cost his team the three confrence."
wins. Here is the pitch, and it is ball one. "How did it feel when you hit the
This sort of reminds me of another must- ball?"
win situation twenty years ago. It was the
"Well I did not give up after all the
1997 A.L.C.S. Indians vrs. Orioles game 6
mistakes that I made. I continued to have
bottom of the eleventh. Back to the game
confidence in myself. I was sure that the
were the pitch is ball two. As I was saying,
ball was gone and was very excited.
Roberto Alomar is at bat. His brother is
Thank you."
D eep inside a galaxy unlike

the one we know, there was a planet

called Metalliod. It was a very ugly planet.
There were only grown ups that lived on it
and the few that did were very unusual;
they wore clothes that had metal color.
The planet was seen to be a chunk of
metal, but it wasn't.

T his a story about a doctor that

lived on this planet, his name was Oster.

He had a normal life, a good job and the
w hile he was thinking over

the problem he heard screamings so he

people of the planet respected him
went outside and saw a big and tall beast
because he was a nice person and
killing everybody who was in his way. The
because he was the only doctor on
only thing the doctor could do was to run
Metalliod. One day when Dr. Oster was in
away but with no where to go. So the war
his office, an old man came in and said
against the beast had started. It lasted
that a big and tall beast had killed his
many days and many people died. The
wife. The doctor was amazed, because
only survivers were the doctor and 2 other
there were no killers in Metalloid and
men and the great tall beast. So the
besides there were no beasts. Oster sat
chase begun, there were no bullets so it
down and started thinking what could
so it was hard for them to kill the beast.
have happened.
While the doctor and the men were
running around the planet, the doctor
found hole and from the hole you could
hear the sound of children playing.
Without thinking twice the three men
jumped in. It seemed to be endless but
then they finally ended the great war.

By Sebastian Castrillo
By: Ben Baldizon

Optimistically, this article should be an plain. Then he quickly covered the hole in the
unbiased account of the events that transpired window with an incredibly resistant barf bag
(I like that word) during the 1997-1998 AASCA before too much air could leak out of the plain.
Knowledge Bowl Meanwhile, Rana, using her patented karate
Tournament. Of moves, managed
to beat the snot out
course, this would
of the hijacker and
produce a totally boring
lock him in the
article that not many
overhead storage
people would be
compartment. The
interested in, so I have
grateful audience
taken the liberty of, urn,
tried to give us
embellishing certain
money in return for
accounts and inventing
our services but on
a few others. Hopefully
behalf of our team
you'll get the general
Mr. Slave master
idea and a good read at
Pastore declined,
the same time.
saying that too
much money would
Well, nothing
make it difficult for
much happened the first
him to keep us
morning (November 6,
properly miserable.
1997) until we all got on
the airplane. We had a
When we landed
normal take off, but
in Tegucigalpa,
once we were in the air
after changing
a man in a clown mask
plains in El
suddenly jumped up
Salvador, we were
and announced that he
greeted by 15
was hijacking the plane.
dangerous looking
Then he pulled out a
men dressed in
gun and said that
black with swords strapped to their back. I
unless we gave him all our money he was
was sure we were finished when suddenly,
going to blow up the plain with a thermal
out of the blue, Paige whipped out a book with
detonator he had in his palm. However, before
which she single handedly managed to crush
anyone could act Bobby, assembled a gun
all 15 men's windpipes, effectively eliminating
from contents of the pocket seat in front of him.
the threat.
He then shot the hijacker's hand, dived and
caught the thermal detonator, blew a hole in the
When we finally made it to our hotel
window, and shucked the bomb out of the
that your team doesn't win the championship." times I had to break up fights before permanent
He then accelerated towards the edge of the damage was done to the participants. Sad.
cliff, which was 500 feet away. Thinking fast, I Very Sad.
sprinted to the front of the bus where I wrestled
with the driver for control of the wheel. Seeing The next day we finally got to sleep in
that I was going to lose the battle against the but some anonymous Korean boy woke up at
300 pound, current world wrestling champ, I 6:00, stomped around the room for a while, and
instead decided to work on the door. Propping then opened the curtains, ignoring the cries of,
it open quite easily (the device was a cheap "Su Wan, get away from the curtains!"
piece of trash), I jumped out of the bus. While Needless to say I didn't get anymore sleep that
everyone thought I was fleeing, I actually flew morning, although Bob the human zombie
to a telephone booth and changed into my managed to get back to sleep in about 30
super hero outfit. Then I quickly flew back to seconds. My opinion is that the Evil Coach
the bus, picked it up, and turned it around, so had somehow convinced the anonymous
fast that nobody noticed. After depositing the Korean to wake us up at 6:00 in order to make
bus back on the ground, I flew into the bus and our lives as miserable as possible.

zapped the bus driver to another dimension.

Once again the audience offered me rewards The second day our first game was
but as a super hero, I couldn't possibly accept against Inter of El Salvador. If we won this
and therefore jeopardize my international game, we would be the champions, regardless
standing. of what happened in our second game. I
wasn't nervous, but that was probably due to
That night Bobby, Paige, Rana, and Su the fact that I was in a permanent state
Wan decided to play RISK, and, worst of all, somewhere between semi-consciousness and
regular RISK, so I was morally obligated to not death and I wasn't really feeling anything. El
play, which was a facade covering the fact that Salvador turned out to be quite good at the
I didn't want to play, since they had all vowed beginning of the game, but we pulled ahead
to gang up against me. It's amazing how and beat them 29-11. During the game, we
personal a game of RISK can get. Several managed to get one of Inter's players to
room, my spider-sense warned me that all was try to win, placing their coach in the first row of
not as it should be. Upon entering the room, I the seats in a rather successful attempt to
noticed that there was a suspicious laser light distract two male members of our team.
on my heart, as if from a sniper's gun. Doing Unfortunately for Inter, we were still able to use
an amazing series of jumps, rolls, and dives, I our amazing luck and win the bout 44-32.
dodged all the bullets that the sniper, hiding on
the third floor of the next door building, fired at Our third match, probably the easiest,
me. Then I picked up a lamp from the bedside was against Nicaragua. Of course, now that
table and slung it with deadly accuracy, we had a reputation for cutting it close, we
knocking the sniper off his perch on the didn't want to kill them or anything, so we
balcony and to his death a hundred feet below. settled for a fairly even game (this served as a
convenient cover up for the fact that they were
The rest of the first day proved rather doing pretty good and it was a relatively close
uneventful, which was to be expected after match). Even so, when the time came, we
three failed attempts to eliminate us. We went answered the last two questions and went to a
to lunch, played RISK, the game which results stunning victory of 29-19.
in personal vendettas, and had a healthy
dinner of chocolate pudding and Chips Ahoy. Our last game of the day was against
I'm sure some more stuff happened that night, last year's champion, San Pedrana, and boy
but I can't for the life of me remember it and were they tough. We briefly contemplated
therefore it must not have been important. kidnapping three of their members and therefore
increasing our chances of winning, but
The second day we had to get up at discarded that notion when we realized that
the ridiculous hour of 2:30 A.M. so that we none of us carried duct tape in out pockets. So
could meet at 2:45 down in the courtyard, we stuck to the rules and played a fair game.
where the Slave master made us do something
in the vicinity of 1000 pushups, twice that
many situps, 400 pull-ups and an hour of
sprinting through the streets of Tegucigalpa.
When we were all sufficiently miserable we
went to our rooms, showered, and met
downstairs at 7:30 to catch the bus to school.

After a nice little opening ceremony, last

year's champion, San Pedrana, played the
host, Tegucigalpa. A landslide victory on San
Pedro's part put quite a damper on the
enthusiasm shown by the host school. Then
we broke up into our team and went to play our
thrilling first game against Mazapan.

Mazapan was pretty good, and it was This was a really, really close game. Once
a close game. It came down to the last again it came down to the last question, which
question, where the score was 33-31, our they needed to get right and then get the
favor, and the question was one of those bonus right too to win. The question seemed
annoying ones where you're given 4 options. to be an easy one and I was going to guess"
Fortunately for us they guessed it wrong and Locust" when the other team beat me to it.
we won 33-30. They were about to whip out Fortunately, the right answer was "Cicada," so
broad swords and challenge us to a physical that game was also won by the mighty [lucky]
fight in order to settle the match but their coach forces of Colegio Maya, 42-36.
stopped the violence before it could escalate
into a bloody free for all. After this game we went back to our
hotel in a school bus. Halfway there the bus
Our second game was against Inter of turned off onto a dirt road and drove over to a
Guatemala. This too was a close competition, cliff. Using a secret device he had installed the
coming down to the last 2 questions, but at the morning before, the bus driver locked the doors
last moment we pulled ahead and won the and windows and announced, "I'm very sorry,
match. Inter used a very devious scheme to but I'm morally obligated to drive off this cliff so
despise us because of a call the judge made fourth place between Inter of Guatemala,
(don't look to me for the logic involved). Of Tegucigalpa, and Inter of Salvador, and three
course, nobody cared because the rest of the more games were going on to figure out who
team was thrilled that we were now the got what. Unfortunately for Inter of Guatemala,
champions while I was still in my not-quite- their star player had left that afternoon for Miami
with-us state. and wasn't their for the games. At least, that
what we were told. Kind of makes you wonder
Quite suddenly, I was jolted out of this as to what really happened to him. Anyway,
condition by the appearance of strange green Teguc got fourth, Inter of Salvador got fifth, and
men with big guns, which just happened to be I'll let you figure out the last one on your own.
pointed at us. Before we could be blasted to
pieces, I picked up the pencils we had been After the games there was a nice little
using during the game and in a quick ceremony and we got a nice little trophy and
succession of throws managed to kill all 5 little nice little medals, and then got (nicely) out of
men, driving the pencils through their throats. there. When we got back to the hotel, they all
However, as soon as they died their bodies wanted to play, amazingly enough, RISK. So I
disintegrated and I was hard pressed to figured, what the heck, let them have their fun
convince people that those little men really had and I played too just so that they could kill me
been there. I mean, it was so obvious that and feel good about themselves. I left after
they were a last attempt to kill us before the that, and finally went to sleep, without aver
end of the tournament, how could anyone not hearing anyone else. This was about 2:00,
believe me, right? and from what I hear Bob and Su Wan got
about 45 minutes of sleep that night. Not to
Our last game was against worry, though, Bob, the human zombie, used
Tegucigalpa. This, like all our other games, his amazing mutant ability, which was the
was a close game that came down, once again, ability to go to sleep anywhere for any amount
to the last question. If they had gotten both the of time no matter what was going on around
question and the bonus they would have him. He proved this time ad again at the airport
beaten us but fortunately is was a relatively next day as he slept through the explosion of
simple chemistry question that Rana quickly an airplane on the runway, a hold up at the
answered, saving the day, the earth, and quite counter by terrorists, and finally the destruction
probably the whole of mankind. In short, we of the airport itself by a misguided wrecking
won 25-20. crew.

About this time we went back to the We made it back to Guatemala

hotel because Paige looked like she was going uneventfully enough, although my memory of
to puke and I figured we better get to a safe this is quite hazy due to lack of sleep. Once
place before THEY decided to try to attack our we got the airport I simply got my luggage and
team in its weakened condition. Upon arriving walked out of there, 'cause face it, nobody
at our room, I smelled a very strange smell that wants to see anybody when they've been
smelled like a smell I hadn't smelled in a long sleep deprived for the last four nights.
time. It was the smell of a nuclear explosive.
With amazing brilliance, I gave the key to Bob That about concludes the exciting and
while running for the stairs. Once in the relative adventuresome 1997 Knowledge Bowl trip.
safety of the stair hall, I put on my super hero Now let me remind you, not everything in this
outfit, flew out the window and into our room, story is 100% true, and therefore I trust you will
found the nuclear thingy, and chucked it out the exercise your judgment on what to believe as
window. The bomb, which was set to explode total truth and what to believe as maybe just a
in 4 seconds, left a nice big crater in street tad bit exaggerated. And whenever your
below and sent shrapnel flying all around, tempted to strangle me because you just can't
destroying the first floor of the hotel and several distinguish between the two, just think of how
other buildings. Fortunately, no humans were ^■tboring this would have been if I'd told
killed, or if they were, I never found remains the story exactly how it happened.
that could prove it.
We had to go back to school at 4:00 to
watch the final assembly thingy and (more
importantly) to get our trophy. When we got
there, we discovered that there was a tie for
School Events
Every school year in Colegio Maya, lots of 1998
events take place. Alot of them no one
really knows about because most of them JANUARY DATE

are for Elementary. However, many First Day of school 12

Family Bingo Night PTA 30
important events take place in Middle and
High school. The 97-98 school year is
especially exciting because we have Elementary Science Fair 13
participated in many activities already. Father/Daughter Dance 20
And we would like to keep you informed.
Below is a list describing what has MARCH
AASCA Basketball 19-21
happened first semester and what will
(Costa Rica)
happen next semester. Our list includes
Mother/Son Kickball PTA 14
elementary, high school and middle
school activities. APRIL
AASCA Soccer 26
AUGUST (Colegio Americano)
first day of school Friendship Fair PTA 1 8
senior retreat
welcome back breakfast (PTA) MAY
teachers dinner (PTA) Sixth Grade Orientation 28
Senior Graduation 28
Authors Day 8
Visual & Preforming
Bingo Night
Art Show 9
Soccer Festival
Teacher Appreciation
Volleyball Assembly (Copa Maya)
Cocktail 22
Billingual Concert Colegio Aleman JUNE
Kindergarden & Prekinder
Book Fair (Elementary)
Graduation 2
Fun Run
Eigth Grade Moving Up
Honor Society Induction
Ceremony 3
Talent Show
PTA Family Read-In Last Day of School

Knowledge Bowl Assembly We hope that the previous information will
Knowledge Bowl (Tegucigalpa)
help you be more aware in our school. As
Middle School Lock-In
you can see, we have lots of events to
Kite Day
School Musical "Into the Woods"
look forward to in the second semester.
International Food Day (PTA)

Elementary Holiday Program
Middle School and High School science fair
PTA Bazar
The History Of Drums
By: Eduardo Santella

the music feeling and tempo. Today

r ercussion has been around for
they are used in many types of
thousands of years. Cavemen used
musical styles. New colors and
the skin of animals to make drums
wood types are
to sing and entertain. Over the
added to the new drums sets and
years they have been used in many
still for a great price!
ways. The most known percussion
artifact is the drumset. Many Lars, along with other great
companies have evolved in the drummers have achieved great
market. Pearl is the best drum success in the music buissness.
company in the market. DW and Many great drummers like Dennis
Yamaha are on their way to success. Chambers, Gregg Bissonette, Matt
Sorum, Steve Smith, Tony Bowls,
Urums are one of the most
Gray Devon, and many others have
important instruments in music.
dedicated themselves to the
Worldwide bands would never be
practice of drums. They have risen
famous without the wonderful sound
to the top with hard work and
of the drums. They are the basis of
music. They conduct the tempo and
determine the speed of the music. What it takes to be a great
The only bad characteristic of DRUMMER?
drums is the fact that they are
LOUD!!!!!!. Well there are other things 1. Need a Drum set (important)
than the sound!, the way they are 2. A pair of drumsticks!
manufactored with the finest wood 3. A great teacher to learn from.
in the world and that is what makes 4. Practice at least 3 hours a day.
the quality of drums. Maple is one of 5. Use ear protection when palying.
the most commonly used woods in 6. Develope speed in hands (helps!)
drum making. Gold is used in The
uses a 24q gold finish, WOW!!!. 75% A II of these tactics will help you
of the drumset is wood and the rest
in your successfull career. I
of the drum is metal which gives
gurantee you will learn and maybe
beauty and resonance.
become a great drummer like the
L/ rums set's were first used in greats.

soul music. They were added to give

by Miguel Turner

To start out I should probably mention People make viruses for many reasons. The main
what the title of this article means. reason is usually revenge, but there are people
H/C/P/A/V/C/W - Hacking / Cracking / Phreaking who make viruses simply because they can.
/ Anarchy / Virii / Carding / Warez.
A carder is someone who has stolen or
Hacking has many definitions, depending created a credit card number and uses it to buy
on the type of hacking that is being defined. The things. Programs exist on the Internet that will
most common definition of a hacker is someone create random credit card numbers for hundreds of
who explores the details of programmable systems different banks. Carders with cracking abilities are
and how to stretch their capabilities. A hacker the main fear of people who shop over the Internet.
occasionally will use the techniques of a cracker to
Warez, the final item, is probably the
help release information that they believe should
largest area of all the above. The U.S. government,
be known by the public.
and for the most part the F.B.I., Spands a lot of time
Another definition for a hacker has finding and arresting pirates, hackers and crackers
become less used and should be used to define who distibute warez. Warez are the full versions of
the term cracker instead. A cracker is someone programs whose copy protection schemes have
who breaks the security Qf a system or program. been removed. About one-third of Usenet, a large
The term was coined in 1985 by hackers who were part of the Internet, is warez servers. It is here that
against the misuse of the term hacker. Cracker's the pirates of the world come to upload the
usually work illegally either to break down the programs they have cracked and to download the
defenses of a computer program for the purpose of cracked programs of others. For many pirates,
distributing it for free or selling it at a cheaper price dealing warez has become an obsession, or hobby.
than normal, or to break into computer systems with They spend all there free time cracking the newest
the purpose of collecting information which would programs and downloading any they don't have.
normally be inaccessible. Many hackers look down Most pirates do not distribute warez for the purpose
upon the cracker community. of making money, but because they have become
addicted to collecting programs, many of which
A phreaker is someone who can crack into
they never even use. Those who do distribute
the phone network (for such purposes as to make
warez with the purpose of making money are the
free long-distance phone calls). At one time,
targets of the U.S. government. But usually, if
phreaking was a semkespectible activity amongst
pirates know anything about the methods of hiding
hackers. However, recent changes in phone
themselves, they will never be caught. It is usually
networks have made certain illegal activities (such
only those who sell warez, and therefore have trails
as the theft of phone card numbers) neccessary for
of money and credit card numbers, that ever get
certain phreaking activities. Many of the new tools
at the disposal of phreakers can cause serious
damage to phone networks. Right, now I've defined each of these
terms, but how are they related? First of all,
Anarchists believe in total chaos. They information of each of these items can be found
work to bring down the structures of many
over the Internet, and the Internet is a place where
governments. Anarchists often resort to activities
the people who do these things often talk and
such as terrorism to carry out their purposes.
discuss techniques and new discoveries. Also
Virii refers to the creation of viruses. many of these are considered to be parts of
There are many programs on the internet that will hacking and cracking, which are similar. To be able
create viruses for you. Some make it as simple as to crack a program, thus creating warez, one must
designating what you want the virus to do. have the skills of a hacker.
Colegio Maya Website
By:Carlos Mercado

As you may or may not already members of Maya to visit. It will include
know, Colegio Maya is now a presence current and vital information such as class
on the internet. True, the presence may schedules, tests, and important events
not be all that notable, but it is going on at school.
nevertheless a presence. Last quarter we Plans for the future so far include
got connected to the infosuperhighway. student personal email adresses, and
Now a selected few must take on the student webpages linked to or on the
daunting task of representing us on the maya website. Computer classes are
web. At the head of this operation is already learning the standard internet
Sebastian Strzalkowski (Straw-cuff-skee). programming language HTML. Also,
In cooperation with Advisor Miguel entire classes may have their own
Turner, he has toiled over our site, webpages. For example, Mrs. Wever's
molding it into the marvel of modern World Culture class may have their own
technology that it is site with
today. Here are the information on the
top secret class and history.
declassified So far the
blueprints of the site biggest problems
as of yet. the designers
A guided tour have faced in
of Colegio Maya, building the page
one photgraphic, is compatability.
one virtual reality. It Some computers
will enable the do not have a high
average web user eneogh resolution
across the world to have an insight as to on their monitors to view the page
what our school looks like, and where all correctly.
the bathrooms are, should they be so The web page itself will use cutting
inclined. The photographic tour will edge technology. It will include Java
showcase all of those "special spots" that animations and frames to facilitate
make Colegio Maya such a beautifull navigation and make the site more
institution. interesting. The machine that the server
Information on the teachers and will be running on is named Itzamna. This
students will be provided. Also, is the name of the Mayan god of wisdom,
philosophy and goals will be on display to who adorns our school logo.
give visitors a sense of what Colegio
Maya is all about. Links to other school
related pages will be there. Also links to
the authorities.
The website will also be a place for
Suenos Liquidos

By: Psycho Spanky Pabon

The Mexican band Mana, is considered Great song with excellent lyrics about a
the best Spanish rock band of all time. In man that chases his lover for a long time.
October 1997, they presented their new
CD, Suenos Liquidos (Liquid Dreams), III. Como Dueles En Los Labios (How You
which is their fourth album release to Hurt On The Lips)
date. Mana started out a long time ago The first slow song of this CD. The voice
with the group name Sombrero Verde and Guitars make this a really good song,
(Green Hat) but they never saw any emphasized by it's good lyrics. This song
success until they changed their name to closely resembles Rayanfo El Sol, which
Mana and their single Rayando el Sol was their first big hit.
became popular then their music was
heard and they became famous. ?En
Donde Jugaran Los Ninos? and Cuando
Los Angeles Lloran followed these two
albums with equal or greater success
and now this last CD seems to follow this
musical pattern that Mana has had
through the years. To many musicians,
Suneos Liquidos is the best album of the
four, but that is still yet to be proved.
Mana is:

Fher: Vocals, acoustic guitars

Alex Gonzales: Drums and percussion
Sergio Vallin: Electric Guitars
Juan Calleros: Bass Guitar

Suenos Liquidos:

I.Hechicera (Enchantress)
This song is the first in which Mana
employs different rhythms from Spain. It
describes a bueautiful lady that enchants
men, and has a really slow rythem in
which the voice of the singer pops out the
most. IV. Chaman (Shaman)
One of the best songs on the CD. The
II. Un Lobo Por Tu Amor (A Wolf for Your lyrics narrate the story of a man who finds
Love, Music: Fher/Alex, Lyrics: Fher love in the most far away desert
imaginable. The whole song is a she wouldlike to ride a dolphin and
metaphor which expresess that you need escape to freedom. Fher first thought of
to keep on loving because love is this as impossible, but then wrote this
everything. beuatiful song after realizingthat that it
was the dream of many other Cubans.
V. Tu Tienes Lo Que Quiero (You Have
What I Want)
In every Mana album there is a song X. Yo Voy a Convertir En Un Ave (I Will
sung by the drummer. In this album it is Transform Into A Bird) This song is
this song, whose lyrics were written by inspired by the book Pedro Y El Capitan
him. Also on this song, the band uses a and the band dedicated it to all the people
Cuban style instrument called "tres being chased for their ideals in the
cubano" which the guitarist had to learn to different regionns of Mexico.
XI. Como Te Extrano Corazon
VI. Clavado En Un Bar (Stuck In A Bar) A song in which some tropical rythems
This song is the first single off the album are used.
and it talks about the horrible time a man
is having after his lover leaves him. The XII. Amame Haste Que Me Muera (Love
song's Video has been a success in Me Until I Die)
countries like Spain and Agertina where The only case in which someone besides
Mana is popular. Alex and Fher make the music. Sergio
does it on this track.
VII. Robame El Alma (Steal My Soul)
An Excellent song in which the guitar is
definately the best. Sergio does a great
job on the solo and throughout the song.
It is a pure Spanish rock songand it is
one of the best of it's type that Mana has

VIII. En El Muelle De San Bias (On San

Bias' Dock)
The second slow song of the album. It is
the story of a woman who spent the time
from the day her lover left until the day she
died, waiting for him at the dock.

IX. La Sirena (The Siren)

This is also a slow song about how a
woman wanted to escape from Cuba to
look for her lover who had immigrated to
a land of freedom. While spending time in
Cuba with the band, Fher talked to a
Cuban woman whose lover was all the
way up in Florida. She told him how much
By Eduardo Santella

Mrs. Kayayan has been a English quality going to improve?

Some color pages just like in the past
teacher at Colegio Maya since 1979?.
yearbooks but much better
Since 1994 she has been the official
image quality with the great new camera.
yearbook director.
Every year she is really glad to create the
yearbook which she says takes a lot of 6. How is everybody handling the
her time to finish. She is the "Super computer programs?
Woman" of the school. She teaches, she Well everybody thinks it's easy to use.
takes pictures, and dedicates time to her When all the work is done it is all sent to
niece and her two daughters. She was the publication company.
nice enough to answer these questions
on the yearbook for this year, and this is
7. How is work divided in class?
what she had to say.
Camera people are very well selected or
who I can "Trust" and everybody is always
1. How has your class improved from working on something, I really love this
the past years? class!.
We are further ahead in terms of text and
picture work this year, and
8. When is the yearbook scheduled to
I'm very proud of the work.
Well let's see in the first weeks of May....
2. What are the new additions and I'm not responsible !!!! HA!!!
changes for this years yearbook? HAHA!!!!
Ah... urn., we are trying to include student
and faculty quotes and opinions from the
whole school.

3. Do you have better and improved

equipment this year?
Yes we do, new camera,"Big Help",
computers, and we are waiting to
have Internet access.

4. How many roles of film did you use

on last year's yearbook?
Ha!.. Well we used 70 to 90 rolls of 36
pictures each !!! HAHAHA...!

5. How are the image and printing

by: Miguel Turner

Benjamin Baldizon
So far this year, the Eagle chapter of the
National Honor Society here in
Jamie Brown
Guatemala has nothing much to report. Robert Pearson
We are currently collecting Christmas Mario Chicas
baskets for the workers. This year with
the Christmas baskets, rather than having The following people have joined the
people bring in their leftovers from home, NHS during previous years:
however, we decided to assign products
for each grade to bring in. This way the
Rana Hamdy
workers will get more of what they need.
And besides the assigned products, one Joe Yoo
may still bring anything else they wish to Sung lAian Ro
bring. We are also currently selling CD Vanessa Bergonzoli
raffle tickets. The person who wins the
raffle will get their choice of a CD for free.
Alice Chen
The tickets are only Q.5 so if we haven't Robin Orlansky
stopped selling them yet, go ahead and •Amanda Rhodes
buy some. We are still in the
process of deciding on our
group project. This year the
chapter hopes to be very helpful
in our communities, and will
work hard to do so.
The following people are new to
the NHS this year:

Su Han Bark
Paul 0'Sullivan
Wbo Chul B/\ang
Miguel Turner
Kristin Gonzalez
Magnus Franklin
Mariana Raskosky
]y&rgaret Rhodes
Paige Cunningham
Hee Jung Bark
The Legend: James Dean
by Debra Walsh

James Dean's views on life and his starred Elizabeth Taylor and Rock
tragic death all create an image of a Hudson. While filming his movies James
potent legend. The death of James Dean Dean was thought to be, by many of his
at the age of 24 was from a deadly car co-stars, a bitter, self abusing, vengeful
crash. He collided at an intersection and monster. But all agreed that he had a
he was dead within minutes because his special talent and each character was him
neck had been broken. His death cause a could only be played by James Dean.
a stir which led to the beginning of the East of Eden opened six months
James Dean cult. prior to Dean's death, and both Rebel
James Dean was born in 1931 in Without a Cause and Giant were released
Marion, Indiana. His birth name was after his death.
James Byron Dean after the poet. Dean's
mother died when he was only nine years
old, from then on he lived with his aunt Dean's Movies:
and uncle on a farm. The death of his
mother may explain the personality
problems he had. James Dean had been East of Eden 115 min. Drama.
very successful in school. He had talent This movie takes place before WW1. It is
in drama, was an excellent athlete, and based on John Steinbeck's novel. In this
graduated as a top art student. He movie James Dean plays Cal Trask, a
attended Santa Monica college then mixed up boy. The plot is about two
transferred to UCLA, where he studied brothers' (Aron and Cal) rivalry for their
theater. After graduation he landed a father's love.
small role in the TV play Hill Number One
in March of 1951. Rebel Without a Cause 111 min.
In September 1951 Dean moved to Drama. This movie is based on the book
New York where he hired an agent Blind Run by Robert Linder. James Dean
named Roger Brackett. He appeared in plays a confused boy named Jim. The
the play Jaguar which closed after the story in this movie is about Jim's search
fourth night. In '53 he was in The for self esteem, communication between
Immoralist, a Broadway play. On the his parents, and finding a true friendship.
opening night Dean gave his "notice."
Luckily for Dean that night a director Giant 201 min. Drama. Based on
named Elia Kazan saw Dean and cast the novel by Edna Ferber. James Dean
him for the part of Cal Trask in the movie plays a supporting role as Jett Rink who is
East of Eden. a self Conscious misfit who works on a
Before the movie East of Eden was ranch as a ranch hand. The movie is
done filming he was cast as Jim in Rebel about two generations of a Texas cattle
Without a Cause, which also starred ranching family. Jett does not get along
Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo. His last with his boss and later becomes an oil
project was the movie Giant which co- tycoon.
Kids These DAYS!
by Jihyun Yoo

it for themselves. It is the same with

Some kids can be so stupid these drinking and smoking. Many kids smoke
days. They would do anything to anybody cigarettes just to show off to their friends
if they think it is cool, when they don't that they are cool and tough. And what is
know what cool really means. Everybody really stupid is that some kids act like
makes mistakes and they learn from they are such an expert on smoking but
them. However, some they don't even inhale
mistakes they choose to when they are smoking a
make are not just the little cigarette. Also, kids think
things that they can feel that drinking is cool, that
sorry for later on. I admit that they think they need to
there is alot more peer learn how to drink if they
pressure than the time when want to hang out with
our parents used to be certain types of groups?
teenagers, but sometimes One day, I overheard this
we should all miss that time kid saying that she drank
when everything wasn't so the whole bottle of Vodka
violent and dangerous. on a school day, so she
These days, society is was telling her friends how
based on people's image. cool it was, which made
As a Sprite commercial me think,
would say, " Image is "Poor Kid." Also, the kids
everything" and most of the who have cars think it is so
people might aggree that cool to drive 90 miles per
our society cares more hour. They think that they
about the people's Image know everything and if the
than what they really are. car in front of them doesn't
Girls who are 14 or 15 years go fast, they curse at them
old wear the darkest and laugh like a little kid. I
makeup and dress like 20 know this boy who drives
year olds. Why are they in really fast only in front of
such a rush to grow up? his girlfriend just so she
Many girls dress like that might think that he's the
because they think guys will toughest guy and might
like them more, and they like him some more. How
think guys are everything in their lives and immature is that? Kids these days don't
they can't live without them. Most of the act like kids, instead, they try to act like
things that kids do are to show other adults. But how can they? They have the
people, and not because they really want mind of a child.
The only way someone can be of help
to you is in challenging your ideas!"
By: Asaf Mazar

Many times, as we talk to resulting massacre need to

people, read books, or gather described here. Evedently, people
information in any other way, we can be easily controlled when they
are delighted to find out that what are told something that they want
we see or hear agrees with what we to hear, something that they already
already believe. To us, it is an believe in. We tend to get rather
affirmation that we are right and aggresive when our opinions are
helps support us in our opinions. I challenged. The stronger the belief,
would like to give some examples of the more hostility. Religion is an
when reinforcement of our ideas excellent example of this. The
came have some rather horrific Muslims believe that pig meat
effects. While gossiping; for should not be eaten. Hinduism
example, people have a great time forbids the killing of cows. In the
sharing their exaggerated beliefs process of defending their religeous
about other people's faults, i.e. beliefs, Muslims and Hindus have
"Mr.Pastore gives us so much killed each other.
homework!" "Yeah I know what you
mean, did you hear what he did to Now, you might say that these
so-and-so?." are all extreme examples; Worst-
case scenarios. After all, didn't
This situation does not do Martin Luther King do a lot of good
much good for anyone. A much more acts by helping the African
extreme example occurred when American Comunity in their beliefs
Germany was trying to recover from of a nation that supported abuse and
a economic disaster of W.W.I. This segregation. That is what made him
man was named Adolf Hitler, got up such a great teacher; because true
and told the people everything they learning takes place not when you
needed to hear; in short, that he was are told something that you already
going to make Germany the most know and believe in, but when your
powerful country in the world and beliefs are challenged.
that the country's honor would be
restored. The population was
delighted that finnaly someone was
going to "help" them, and the
by Christina Walsh

Vans. The acts on the three main stages

Ska is a type of music that is
were Pennywise, SickOfltAII, The
becoming quite popular lately but has
Bosstones, The Descendents, Vandals,
been around for a long time. It has been
Hepcat, andBlink 182. In fact, the tickets
classified in the skate rock category of
sold out faster than any other summer tour
music beacause nobody knows where
including Lollapalooza, The Lilith Fair,
else to put it. The most well known ska
and the H.O.R.D.E. Tour.
bands that started this new era of music
and influenced many of the modern A band that wasn't there wasS/cay.
groups are: The Specials, Madness, and Skay is a new eight member group from
The Clash. Some of the relatively new Toronto, Canada. They have one hit
bands hitting the mainstream right now single in Europe called "The Cat's
areBuck-O-Nine, Reel Big Fish, Royal Pajamas". Its an all male band with the
Crown Revue, Suicide Machines and exception of one of the trombone players
Save Ferris. The Mighty Mighty named Zane (last name hard to spell
Bosstones, most noted for their hit "The because it's French). I think that you will
Impression That I Get" have been around be hearing a lot from Skay in the near
since 1983 playing "skacore". One of the future.
lesser known two tone ska bands from Many people feel as though all
England are No Sports. ska songs sound the same, just different
The signature sound of these words to the music. If these people would
bands are the trumpets, trombones, just hear a few songs they would realize
horns, beat, and cool electronic sounds that each band has their own style and
used in the songs. These songs are way of making their's sound unique. Like
usually three to four minutes long. The the magazine critics, people say its just a
lyrics are not too serious, mostly just passing phase and that soon the guys
whatever comes to mind that will leave trying to make music will fade and fail
the listener feeling the vibe. According to among the masses probably forcing them
Ryan ska is the root of all homosexuality, to break up. Ska fans have been around
Most of the recent ska bands are f°rever; underground, but still there,
on indie record labels beacause major I would suggest listening to the old
music critics don't like them and they give stuff that makes ska what it is. Also check
them bad press. MTV and the radio out Reel Big Fish's Turn the Radio Off,
stations don't really play any of these The Bosstones'Let's Face It, Skay's
great songs beacause they are not Goatee, and anything on Moon Ska,
'trendy' enough. Every once in while you Mercer, and Pork Pie Records. This kind
will see the "Sell Out" video on M2 or 120 of music may not be popular, but its pretty
Minutes, but that's about it. cool.

In the States, ska is becoming

more popular beacause of great line-ups
like in the Warped Tour, sponsored by
Death to 1/ ice G n Is
By: Carlos Mercado

While watching their performance on SNL, can neither sing or dance. With their off-key
my suspicion about the Spice Girls was finally wailings as they swapped verses, it seemed
confirmed. Judging from what I saw, they don't perfectly imaginable that the Girls were lipsynching
even come close to the praise that they so their way through the perfectly crooned choruses.
frequently recieve from image savvy publications And then there was the, urn, dancing. You
and of course, the media. To say the least it was could almost see the Girls' lips moving as they tried
monotonous, but at least something good has to remember and work through the basic dance
come out of the 3 1/2 minutes I spent watching steps pounded into their heads in a barrage of
their onstage antics. I will expose them for what down-to-the-wire rehearsals. What was most
they truly are: the biggest frauds since Milli Vanilli. impressive about their first live television
If you didn't know better, you would have appearance was the Spice Girls' inability to look into
thought the Spice Girls were five women who had a camera without making some sort of funny face -
won some sort of contest with a first prize of Jenny McCarthy style.
performing on Saturday Night Live. Not Though Emma (she's the cute and blond
surprisingly, in recent months, there have been one) was a close second, Geri (she's the sexy and
reports on the "persistent rumors" of the Spice sophisticated one) won the contest to see which
Girls' inability to perform live, much like Milli Vanilli. Spice Girl could wink at the camera most often. To
So on SNL, the Spice Girls had something seal her victory, Geri jumped off the stage during
to prove. And they proved something all right, just the show's farewell credits to run up to the camera
not what they intended to prove. As it turns out, and kiss it. As the group worked its repertiore of
questioning whether the Spice Girls can actually winks, blown kisses, finger pointing, and peace
perform their songs live is like wondering whether signs, the camera became a a one way mirror
Cheez-Whiz actually has any cheese in it. To put it through which viewers could watch the five girls act
more bluntly, they stunk. out their pop-star fantasies. If not for the mugging, I
The five singers, whose debut Wannabe, would have almost felt sorry for them.
has become a hit on radio and MTV, are the latest For the young-girl audience that has
assault on reality - a real life cartoon, as if Josie and adopted the Spice Girls, maybe that is the real
the Pussycats or something had come to life. appeal behind all the hype. The advantage of
Following a style owing more to the Mighty Morphin wishing you could grow up and be a Spice Girl is
Power Rangers than the Beatles, the Spice Girls that they have no superpowers or real special
are five flashy singing/dancing characters with talents at all.
distinctive looks and personalities, so fans can have Little boys who dream of becoming a Ninja
fun choosing and arguing over favorites. Turtle or a Power Ranger are bound to be
The Girls' Wannabe video is slickness itself, disappointed. But judging from this performance,
a swirling, candy-colored, three-minute rush of up anybody could be a Spice Girl.
tempo singing and high-energy dancing. The Girls'
live performance of Wannabe, in jarring contrast,
was amateurism itself, a stiff, off-key mess of bad Internet Sites to Visit:
singing and shameless mugging for the camera. It
was painful to watch. When the package becomes Anti-Spice Girls Page
the product, so to speak, the real thing is never as
good as the simulation of the real thing.
The old-fashioned response while watching the Spice Girls Fan Club (not for the faint of heart or
Spice Girls is dumbstruck amazement that such stomach)
extrordinarily untalented individuals could be pop
music's latest sensation. Simply put, the Spice Girls
The Student Council (STUCO) has been
very busy during the second quarter with
activities such as bake sales and
contests. There were two contests: the
pie eating contest and the
costume(Halloween) contest. The pie

eating contest was won by Javier
Marques(11). The costume contest was
won by Robin Orlansky(12) who dressed
up as an "80's Chic".

The STUCO has a lot planned for

this quarter and throughout the year. The
major project for this quarter is a survey of
the students concerning the dress code.
The idea is to find out what the students
feel about the changes this years in the
dress code. After gathering the
responses the STUCO will write up a

report to present to the board, where
hopefully there will be a decision in favor
of the students.

Long term projects include

obtaining a flag from each country
represented in this school (70). The goal

of the Student Council is to hang all of
these flags in the gymnasium by the end
of the year.

Along with these projects the

Student Council is working on raising

money. Throughout the year STUCO has
held several bake sales which have
proven to be very successful.

According to Mr. Smith (Student

Council Advisor) this year will be a very
successful and exciting one. Not only for
the students, but also for the teachers and
I he I ortoise ana me I
and the are

e real story
By: Sid Thazhathu

The day of the race came and,

Harris, the racing hare, gave Torto a head
start. The elephants blew their trumpets
and the race began. Harris took overTorto
Before humans inhabited the world, there in his first leap and before a mile was
were animals like we have today. These gone Torto could barely see Haris.
animals could talk and had the same
intelligence as some of us now. They
Though tortoises were slow, they
lived in large towns, small villages, and
were excellent cheaters, and Torto wasn't
every part of the world you can think of.
planning to win the race fair. Like
tortoises, eagles didn't like hares, and
One type of animal that was very before the race Torto had asked one of
proud of itself was the hare. The hare the eagles if he could drop a rock on
boasted day after day about it's agilit, Harris. So as innocent Harris was
gracefullness, and speed on land. Not rounding up his fifth mile, a huge rock hit
many other creatures liked to hear about his head and the hare fell unconscious.
the hare's never ending, egotistical talk, Torto passed Harris (kickng him on the
especially the tortoise. Generations of way) and the finnish line came into view.
tortoises put up with the hare's jabber, but All the animals stared in surprise as the
not this particular tortoise named Torto. tortoise crossed the finnish line, except
Torto got so angry at the hare's boasting the eagles and the tortoises. When Harris
that he decided that he would challange was concious again he told the hares
one of the hares to a race. God only what happened, but non of them believed
knows how he was going to win. him nor did the story tellers, except me.
So that's how the tortoise beat the hare.
One day Torto went to one of the
hare villages, walking proudly to the king
of hares, Harero. Torto told the king that
he, Torto, would challange the fastest
hare that that he had to a ten mile race.
Herero agreed and after setting the time
and place, Torto departed to his village to
spread the news.
Volcanic Attack
By: Erez Cohen

It all happened five years ago tremulously, but got no reply. I started to
when I was just a young lad; now my life feel uncomfortable with the idea that no
will never be the same. In the year 1980 I one answered me. I went upstairs to
underwent the greatest emotion any kid check on my family, and I found them
my age had ever gone through. packing incredibly fast. Then I too started
Thousands of people died and suffered to pack. I turned on the news on T.V. and
through this horrible event. Guatemala there it was, they showed a picture of the
writhed in pain and so did I. It was a volcano live, it was frightening. The
volcanic eruption that lasted for almost volcano was spitting out lava and cinder
two hideous and scary days. rocks. We left the house speeding in our
Guatemalan scientists started car, but found ourselves in incredible
getting readings that there was certain traffic with people shouting at each other.
volcanic activity in the Pacayan mountain. Boom! Volcanic rocks started hitting cars
It was a volcano which allegedly had and buildings as well. Red hot burning
been asleep for forty years. Guatemala lava was all over the place and was
gathered its best volcanologists together unstoppable. The police and the fire
to try and figure out this mess. Some fighters arranged for helicopters to come
proposed evacuation of the city , but and pour hundreds of gallons of water
others said that the volcano was not onthe lava, and then see results
causing a threat, and that it was My family and I couldn't wait any
impossible to evacuate three million longer and got out of the car. We started
people in such a short period of time. The to jump over the cars, since the lava was
citizens of Guatemala didn't find out about approaching. As we looked at the
the danger until a few hours later. people's faces we saw they were
My father tried to calm us all. I panicking, but so were we. Lightposts
personally didn't know what was going began to fall, building windows exploded,
on, and I was utterly scared and puzzled and anything the lava touched melted.
over all this. We lived at the edge of the My family and I tried to stay together, and
city, just a few kilometers away from the not lose sight of each other. My mom was
volcano. As I looked out the window, I screaming hysterically, but my dad held
saw in the distance a plume of black on to her even though he too was crying.
smoke spreading through the sky. It was Suddenly from the skies emerged
getting closer until I could almost see the a huge helicopter. We flew through the
bursting ashes. "The volcano!" I sky until we got to a big green mountain
screamed. But my family wouldn't listen, outside the borders of the city.
they were all too terrified. I watched many people dying and I
Suddenly a great spurt of lava shot felt lucky to be alive. I started feeling sorry
out trough the dark air, blazing like the for the dead people down in the city.
sun. I knew then the danger I was in. The Now as I write this in the deep dark
ground commenced shaking and I felt my chambers of Charles Darwin's mental
feet trembling, sending a shiver down my institution, I ask myself, "Why me?"
spine. "What do we do?!" I asked
Happy Ants By: John Song

One day, there was a group of was Terry the Terrible. Upon learning this
happy ants. They lived in the deep forest Terry the Terrible smiled and said, "I will
called Timber-Land. Nothing ever be happy to kill this ant." And so he
happened and stepped on Billy and Billy was dead. All
there was no to the ants were were sad and they cried,
fear. But one day "Why did Billy have to die?" And they
Terry the Terrible thought that it was all over. They buried
came! He was an Billy in a small tomb in the ant hill. But
elephant. He three days later they went to check up on
hated so he Billy to put flowers on his tomb. But Billy
stepped on all the was gone, they were thinking and
ants and the ants wondered, "Where is Billy?" Then Billy
became afraid. Many ants dies and they appeared to them and said, "I have come
wondered, "Ho wilhwe be saved from the back to life and now I will have a plan to
elephant?" Then one day Billy the Good kill Terry the Terrible and rid the ant
came. No ants before had ever seen kingdom of this terrible animal." And with
Billy. Billy was the boss ant but no one that he ordered the ants to make a big
expected him to come, for he lived far hole and so they did. The covered the
away. But still Terry the Terrible hole with big leaves to hide it. And they
continued to step on and kill the ants. The waited.
ants asked Billy, "Why don't you save us?" Terry the Terrible went looking for
and Billy said, "I will, but I need a plan." more ants and didn't see the hole. He fell
Terry the Terrible began to hurt into the whole, broke his neck and died.
even Billy the Good and was trying to kill The ants were all happy and Billy
him. But he never could. The one day became the king of the ant kingdom and
some ants who were friends of Terry the the were never afraid again.
Terrible accused Billy of wrong-doings
and they put hi in jail. They said that Billy
was quietly trying to overthrow the ant
kingdom. So one day they had a trial and
some ants claimed they heard Billy speak
words against the ant king. Now most of
the ants new that Billy had never spoken
against the ant king. But the ant king
heard that and became super angry and
spoke loudly, "You are a traitor and you
must die." And so the ant guards took him
to a rock to be killed. The killer chosen


As I Wake

As I wake from my eternal sleep

I realize I have to count more sheep
I cannot sleep I see
I wonder what I'll be
A great shadow lies outside
Which I cannot abide
The great earth rotates
In all kinds of states BASKETBALL
I do not comprehend the complexity
Of our life and our great destiny
His name is Jay and he's here to say,
I started to think
He'll entertain you today.
Why are we almost pink
He's full of surprises when on the court,
Why are we all here
Just cause B-ball is his sport.
It is all real queer
Makin1 scores the crowds plead for more.
We are all unique but what is our goal
Flyin1 like Mike, dunkin' like Shaq,
Why were we created to bear a great
He makes the other players look really whack.
human soul
They all go "oh" when he steps from his car
Did our complex organism evolutionize
People treat him like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Or did our species just customize
He's a supreme basketball star
Is there a real god
With his head all slick
Or did we come from a pod
Flyin' straight like a stick
There are so many questions
Without throwin' up bricks.
There are also so many great explanations
He's the one they envy it's so temptin'
But where is the truth
Gettin1 harassed by those side line wannabees
What is the truth
They all cry "I wanna be like him."
So many answers
So many errors
By Ade Adamson
There is so much theoretical knowledge
That has to be understood before you
reach an edge
What When Where Why How
To who do we bow
Who is the king
To whom do we sing
Who made us all
Who do we call
Were we at all created
Or a mistake uncalculated
Look inside your soul
Take some cereal in a big bowl
Because this will be your great decision
You will put yourself in one position

by James Winkelhorst

I am losing my sanity.
Or maybe the whole world
is going mad.
But, is it possible
to lose something
you never really had?
I see it fading away.
We no longer
control the future.
We can't decide anything
for ourselves anymore.
We walk around like
zombies in a graveyard,
looking for flesh to eat.
While the Man
decides our fates.
He could wipe us off
the face of the planet
if he chose to.
So why doesn't he?
Because he needs us
to play his little game.

POOR BOY: The Racer

There once was this boy,

Who liked to race his bike,
He even called his bike
His little toy.

Well there once was this time,

Where he stood at the gate,
He said in his mind,
"This race is mine."

Well the gates fell down,

And off he took,
He was just like a car,
Speeding throughout the town.

Well he looked through the crowd,

To find all of his friends,
Only laughing and mocking,
His new beautiful "bends."

By Nate Parry
Memories of Mist

This poem was written while I was

with one of my friends and thinking of
another. It was inspired by all my friends
and the people I love. Thank you for
everything and I love you all. Dedicated
to D.L

Memories pour though my mind

All thoughts of the same kind.
The only thing I can see,
His soul rising over me.

He took us within him.

Yet we took him within us.
When we looked, the light was dim,
But now we see it shining thus.

The misty breeze with salty flavor.

Took you off with strong behavior.
All thoughts of the same kind.
Memories pour though my mind.

The only thing I can see,

The misty breeze,
From violent seas

by:Javier Lacayo

WHAT Is Love

Love is an emotion that comes and goes.

Sometimes it's painful but at the same
time it's wonderful.
Suffering is a part of love.
Love is loving somebody;
does anybody love me?
I think about it all night
and it's fearful when I'm not right.
When I'm in love I feel butterfly's.
When you are not in love you feel
pain, unhappiness and you ask your self
"What did I do wrong?"
When your in love that will be for so long.
You blame yourself for not being there.
The person that I love is gone.
I will always remember him, he is John.
You get lost in your own world.
When you are in love you are in danger.
You do anything for love.
I sometimes ask to myself
What is love?

By Jihan Jweiles
2 faced

Can you be sincerely happy

if you're not sincere?
The impression is so important
that you hide yourself, Not good enough,
and put the mask of hipocracy on.
If it means lying you'll do that too.
So good at it that you start to believe it
But underneath,
what you tried to bury won't disapear.
Those who look behind the act see that it's
all fiction.
So desperate, Insecure
Working so hard to win affection
you repulse the ones that see you for you
that has become your Mr. Hyde.
but in deep denial you manage.
How can you be sincerely happy
if you're not sincere?
Soul Mates

By: Ana Mercado

simple as words
she begins to molest herself
and begins to crawl,
what she wishes
is not fear
but i enjvy
her likeness
from her peers,
as she hates
what i am
deep inside
the dark hollow
inside my heart,
and tonight she enjoys
the hurt and pain
the gift i was hoping for
as she kills her cells
and her body, shredded into pieces,
as i take a mirror,
she looks at herself
makes a fake smile towards me
and vanishes,
she leaves her heart to me
i grab the only thing she left
as i look inside ,
her heart was a fragile thing
as it pumps blood, it covers
my hands with a special color,
i grab my heart, and make an exchange
with hers,
the one i envyed so much ,
has gone away.

by Zuleira Chock
I wonder

From where do the stars come?

WHere do they go?
Looking at the sky makes me wonder, "Are
we not alone?"
Watching the universe's pearls from home,
I try to figure out what I don't know.

How do dogs bark?

Why do plants grow?
I makes me wonder, "What is the meaning
of nature?"
Walking lonely under the infinite dark,
I notice we are so low.

What would life be without dying?

What would death be without living?
It makes me wonder, "What comes after?"
The cold around you is like crying,
But the warmth inside you is like laughing.

All of these questions make me wonder...

Who or what life really is.

by Salameh Massis


For summer vacation I went

To Niagara Falls
I took a huge boat
And the boat passed through the
two beautiful waterfalls.

When the boat passed through

The waterfall it felt like
It was raining really hard.

I turned my head to
The other side
And I looked at the blue lake
The fish were flying
And jumping
It seemed that the fish were
Feeling cold, as i feel it

Next to the cold beautiful waterfall

There was a colorful rainbow
With seven beautiful colors
And I thought that the
Beautiful rainbow
was warming the fish...

by Jenny Seo
Out of Control

Once there lived a lad

Who was completely mad
He loved himself so much
That he could not bear anyone of a
distinct touch
He considered his roots to be the best
When asked his opinion of the rest
He said:
"First I'll comment on the blacks, an
inferior race
They need no rights, chances, or a place
Too many Latins, send the aliens back to
their space
Now let's talk about the gays
All spreading their AIDS
Eliminate the Jew
Eliminate the interracial few
Destroy all the useless ones
Eradicate the difference
Exterminate the divergence."

He always ended his thoughts by stating,

"I've got to purify the humanity,
Terminate the abnormality
Save our superiority from this weakness,
From this sickness.
I refuse any impudence
Or any kind of divergence."

However not once did the man think

Of what others thought of him
He never realized
What makes people noble
Are their actions,
Not their religion, race,
Color, age, sex, nationality,
Social class, language, dress, or money. From Where I Lie There Is No Light

by Luis Sevilla From where I lie there is no light,

The grass above is feet away,
A chapel found and stones upright.
Solemnity is all there is.

The funeral was at this place,

The service and my friends who came,
The life was gone like in a race,
A huh! The crash and nothing else.

The crowd of people all but I,

Am I in Heaven or in Hell
For where I lie there is no light,
No, do not drink and drive and die.

by Joe Rodriguez
You Broke Mv Heart

You broke my heart

did you do it on purpose?
I did not know what tosay,
I wished you have given me a
chance to tell you how much
I loved you.
but since you didn't tell me
things got worse
you didn't care anymore
and we didn't talk either
The day had to come
you talked to me with your heart
and you told me
II i don't love you anymore"
My eyes filled up with water
and the first drop landed on
your hand.
I went running far away from
you and got lost in my own world,
Full of sadness, and full of
I didn't know what to think
ANd i was confused,
but then i realized that
you weren't worth it
and that i was suffering
for someone that just
broke my heart.

by Gianna Pipoli River

Let me name you the Time

Perhaps you don't know
How to come back,
Just going forward.
Let me name you the Time.

Let me name you the Memory.

Never can find you back again,
But we can remember you again.
Let me name you the Memory

Let me nme you the Love.

Breaking frequently,
Full of happiness, and takes
A lot of pain
Let me name you the Love.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

just flowing down the river,
Let me name you the Time,
the Memory and the Love

by Byung Jun Kwon


Madness slowly stirs up a squal;

White friendly faces to grumpy gray
The thunder of battle booms ever closer.
Immense numbers branch off for assault,
And the forces of rogue horses and riders,
a rumble.
All plunder powerfully onto their destiny;
Minute pieces fall from the tall;
A sound sign of serenity, a cleanser.
It leases its power to the earth below free
of fault.
Outside, the plentiful joy of children who
play with it, and stumble.
A fine feast for the grateful ground;

By: Kevin Odle

Little Things

Deep fom the hole of darkness she crawls

desperate and defeated
she'll do anything

eye's glazed over

she's gone
something else has taken over

the demon morphs her little body

The little thing is biting
sucking you
sweet little thing
sweet little thing just killed you
too bad there is no hell
you get the pit
until you rise again
Greetings of Two Worlds

The doors open to the corridor of both

Avoid the one where you will be hurled.
A believer's new life will shine upon
entering the other.
Follow the call from the greetings of the
highest Father
Do not let deceit and hate lure you into
misleading hands,
Because you will not enter the promised
In Limb you will be before granted any
entrance key
To a life of misery or blissful eternity.
Forever more in hateful duties
Nothing more worse than these cruelties.
Shining down from above, remembrances
of others
Will be reunited with loved ones like no

by Michelle Flores


Hate can be expressed

In so many ways
Sometimes there is no way
To express it at all
It just wants to burst out
But it simply can't
Or it simply won't
Other times it is expressed
So violently that you end up
Hurting your opponent
When you come to think of it
Hate is a bad thing
It just should't be done
But a person can't hold it
Some way or the other
Hate comes out naturally
It can't be stopped from appearing
Hate is casued by yourself
Nobody but you starts it,
Nobody but you stops it.

by Claudia Garcia
Thank You

I know where you go

I know what you mean, old man
Because I know where you came from

Not too late

Venture after venture, I finally found out
the treasure for my heart
My eyes shine of hopes like a little Lucifer

I now realize why I am who I am right now

I now realize why I faced what I faced
long ago
I now realize why I am where I am rigt now
I finally realize...

There will be another sun-rising for me

I'ts not too late yet
I thank you
On a Lighter Note

by Young Jin Kang

11. . . and on a lighter note, this week's
forecast looks good.
Looks like we're finally going to see
some of the great weather that Steve's
been promising us.
Meanwhile on Wall street today, someone
just lost everything they had.
People everywhere are dying of AIDS
because of ignorance. You really have to
exercising and eating right. Role models
for children
are doing steroids.
Old men are giving blood to buy booze.
Someone is trying to buy an island
with their inheritance while this man is
to survive on food stamps. Unemployment
is down,
and the market is thriving,
so why can't any of these people find
More on that at eleven.
And now we here at the Channel 16 would
like to remind you
that if tobacco companies were ever at a
they would be buying people new lungs
instead of paying the state. Also, "Friends"
won't be on tonight
because of the World Series.
Stay tuned now for Danny Fuller with

The love I feel for you is much too great,

the way I admire you every day, just
waiting for your presence I stray.

We are miles away but distance does not

matter. When will we meet? that is what I
ask myself everyday. I can't forget you,
and all day thinking about you. I Love
you that is what I say every day. Love is
made for all but only the one who seeks it
will find the true meaning.

By: Eduardo Santella


The numbers have magic:

A person who stands strait up is one.
The person becomes a swan,
Oh! It's two.
Then, it changes to a panda.
Wow! Looking at him by a side,
It looks like three.
After it ia an ostrich,
Look! It can stand on a foot!
It forms Four.

There is a wheel chair,

It seems like five.
A friend makes an OK sign
to me, there is six.
That giraffe moved its neck backwards,
Ah! Seven it is.
There comes a pig walking,
Uhmm... I think it is eight.
Of course it is.

Welcome to Taiwan.
Look! Those are bus stops.
They are a little bit like nine.
This is a farm.
There live the hens.
Let's go and look at the coop.
An egg is in it.
Zero is Chen.

by Rosa Chen
The World Will Change

The world will change with the

Horror of pollution
Black as night is the substance
which covers the light that shines
the sleepless city
The sun will shine no more and
disaster will come and end the
lives of people. Though it is us that
do the damage and all we cry for is
for what we have done !
Will we die? we ask our selves...
Will we die? That will depend on us!
Sorrow hits our soul and we know
we have done bad!..and there is no
{need to cry, it is uncurable }

by Eduardo Santella

"The Dream"

The speaker wrote this poem beacuse at

that time the speaker got a strange feeling
about a movie, which gives me a
motivation to write a poem.

When I start to dream

my feelings changewith my dream.
But when I am awake,
everything is a mistake.
I start to question myself,
if my world is missing something.

Then I start to think about my dream,

since the answer must be in my dream.
the dream I was thinking about,
answered my question,
Now I know what is missing in my world,
it was the lady, who I thought I did not
care for.
I remember what she said word by word.

Now I do not want to dream anymore,

because I decided to tell her how much I
love her.
She's a symbol of my love, my dream, and
At the end, I wish to have her love.
To be toguether where our love will never

Now I kno know that's my destiny,

because now I believe in my destiny.
Because our destiny is like my dream.

by: Li Tsai Chen

To A Special Person

SHe warms me with

her smile.
Sending shivers down
my spine.

I have forgotten
my trouble.
I have lost
track of the time.

Now I know this is eternal,

I know she is the one.
The one who I have been waiting for
to become my only angel.

by Brian Jung

Love Junkev

You'd do anything to get it

This narcotic sold by Cupid
Injected with his arrow
My you were so stupid

Said you'd never get addicted

Took one shot to hook you
You can't hope to control it
there's nothing you can do

Now you're high is getting low

It's not what you expected
not what you were paying for
All alone, rejected
Cvber Buddies

They met on a day

much like this one
and all of the sudden they clicked
It was like they knew each othr all their
but it had only been 10 min.
and so on everyday
they met on the net
to tell each other
what had happened
then all of a sudden
out of the blue
They decided to meet in person
at a McDonald's near you

by Maria Brady


A supercilious image confronts my soul

in the lawn I can't help it and crawl.
The feeling of a lynx scratching my skin
with sharp and rusted claws suddenly starts
to pour lemon on the open wound,
those images; I had never seen.

The shadows creeping on the ground

are all laying down as I turn around
and they will probably live with me
from now on and never let me free.

I'm living dead and buried alive

sometimes I wonder what's worse
to be walking on the sidewalks of heaven
or to be crawling on the earths crust.

by Sergio Cortez
Mv Happiness

I have found a sunshine

That lighted my way,
To a place of happiness
That I never thought was there
As I walked through the path
I can see my shadow fellowing me
Following me to the path
That would take me to that
So called place of Happiness

by Ximena Lopez

Meanless Saying of A Wise Man?

I was somebody yesterday

I am fifty years old today
And I will be nobody tomorrow

My eyes drown into the lachrymal glands

Regrets after regrets, I finally open up
the eyes in my mind
But, too late

I now realize why I am who I am right now

I now realize why I did what I did a long
I now realize why I am where I am right
I now finally realize...

I regret
But, too late
Because there will be no more sun-risings
for me after this sunset.

Beyond the coast

Lies the big blue sea.
No one has the power to rule over it.
The wind and Earth can stop it but not
break it down,
Not even the sun can stop the sea from
making its waves.
It shines beautifully when it reflects the
The sea is home,
The sea is life,
The sea is the beginning and the end.

by Elias Sundelin

The Swan

On the big lake lives a snow-white swan.

She is the queen of the lake,
Queen of beauty.
So softly and nice she spreads her wings
And starts to fly.
No one knows where she is flying.
She glides through the air
Whereever the wind takes her.
Everyone admires her.
She is the Queen.

by Elias Sundelin
Bird's storv

one day i was taking a walk

then all the sudden, a bird began to talk
he told me of a time when there was
cheese and wine
of goblins and dragons, when he was only
it had been like that
for thousands of years
and then all was gone- everyone lost their
they couldn't hear the old music anymore
so they all just sat on the floor.

then all the wonderful things were gone

scattered about on the giant's lawn..
he had come in the night
and taken everything in sight
and he left nothing at all for the ppl The Coming
so they all went to the steeple
and prayed to the ppl I could feel it coming
in heaven and all that above Coming to get me that night
then one day there was a dove I had all the signs; I was sure of it
coming down from the heavens above It was a horrible sensation.
Getting hotter and hotter, then suddenly chills.
and that is that There was no way out this time,
so i saw no point to the bird's sad story I had no way to run or hide
i was just sitting there getting fat During the night i t came to haunt me,
by the way, this is gettin boring' telling me there was no escape
so that is that It would creep up on me, then hit me hard
I would twist and turn
My head would spin in circles
And the sweat would trickle down my nee k
No time to sleep or take a short rest
It was always there, torturing me
Then came the worst part
It would tickle and pinch
Making me itch, so itchy it kills
All the scratching and rubbing
But it would still not stop
Out of control, wild like a fox
Desperate for help, all at once
The sun came out, the morning arrived
My head was hurting, my body aching
scratch, scratch, rub, rub
I woke up tired from a long and heavy night
To find all my body conquered and swollen
With red spots everywhere
I jumped in suprise
yelled in shock
so hard, so loud, it reached the docks
Yes, oh yes,
I got the chicken pox

by Sindy Chamorro
The Truth

We seek this in life and we die with out

this phrase goes through our
nothing is said
thought fills our minds with doubt and
millions and millions of theories are said
of the secret of life, but never the truth.
We will seek the true meaning and we will
live to find the truth.

by: Eduardo Santella


oh i hear insects cry

bugs sit on my
blurry eye.
in my inner heart
i watch them start
eat up, my new grown wart.
how did it feel?
something so real
i couldn't deal.
Vitamin C, was produced
and introduced
insects, quite confused
by the injection they seduced
from me.

by Zuleira Chock

Adrenaline starts pumping.

Your body grows pale,
As death's need starts rumbling
For life's ale.
Running is not an option,
But hiding is not
For mind has a way to auction
All that is you thought.
That does not matter,
Because destiny has chosen your path.
That which is yours is a ladder;
It ends with an unforgetable wrath.

by: Cristian Cseh

Close Call

I was under the water

I needed some air,
as I drowned, I thought,
How unfair.
I was out of the water
I stared up at the sky,
I thanked God for life
And for not letting me die.

by Cecille Ocasio

As strong as an elephant and

as big as a whale
they crash into the sand.

They come up to land and they

take everything with them
like a vacum cleaner.

The sand castles get destoyed

gigantic waves have no
fears and they swallow everything.

By Ken Lee

Am I the only one who belives in

nevernever land?
with dragons and princes to the rescue?
Am I the only one who never grew up?
No one seems to believe me when I talk of
Prince Charming.
Is it all just a dream.?
Is this like Sleeping Beauty
...or Alice?
I'm trying to find the yellow brick road.
Grandmother's house was left long ago.
I'm afraid the wolf will catch me.
You say he's dressed in sheeps clothing?
You seem to know your way around.
Are you where you want to be?
Your soap opera life is fun to watch
But I prefer my happy ending. Life
If I ever get there.... If it's there at all.
Life is something we must all treasure.
by Ana Mercado It is somethingthat you cannot take away.
When a person dies,
He or she can't get his or her life back.
As long as you live,
Have all the fun in the world,
To make your life happy.
Life is something you cannot forget.
Life is a very valuable thing,
That cannot be bought with all the money
in the world,
Alot of experiances will take place
And everyone of them will teach a lesson
about life
Sea of Friendship

If I could catch a comet

I would do it just for you;
And share with you it's brightness,
On the days your feeling blue.

If I could solve your problems

I would lock them with a key;
And find a unique special' place,
That's perfect for you to be.

If I could move a mountain

You could call your very own;
You would always have me here,
And never be alone.

I would do anything just for you

And all these I cannot swear;
But let me be what I know best,
A friend that's always there.

by Ivy Chen


Have you ever noticed

how everything goes so- fast?
Everything rushes by,
as if it has somewhere to go.
The people rush
through the streets,
as if they need to get somewhere
that keeps growing smaller
before their eyes.
But when they get there,
their whole world will end.
And if they don't,
they will continue their
pointless journey.
The Adventures of
Fatso and

Special cameo guests!

By Giancarlo Ualle
and Sebastian
Voice of Miguel: Victor Emanual!
| You know, I think I'm getting a
little overweight
V maybe I should go on a diet.

Well, the famous

venerable monk,
Frederick Barbaboosa
came up with an
amazing weight loss
formula in the 17th

IVe got it! I recently finished making the new

Timemachine Gas Station! Let's go back in time
and get the formula!
And so our heros
their way to the

:oa ! ^r^^
■w* |

09 a-
a aU_ •%'J - p

3 DU. D
L..'"""J ^

G4< a

Q 2 '$,. ■—

0 ^:^V
New York City 1997


3th Century France

/--y y


Have you seen a

monk around here,
by the name of
Barbaboosa? v

\'' \

-7 a r
7/ This isn't ye olde A
y tavern! Let me take

a gander... y


Hi! We heard you 1.

' ' the
had ' weight
ght j\
i2!i^^^_—J I Ob, sure, you



(Wait! You left your cane!

New York City, 1998|

Wow! What
has happened
to the village?
of stone have
been erected!
Watch out mister, the OH NO! Abba is dead!
knight was accidently
I brought back to the
\ future with us!

Ouch! You have

run into me, and
kicked a hole in


End! Abba is dead! The knight gets run over by the truck!