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ADVISOR'S CORNER: Mr Pastore wraps up the
95-96 school year.


again. This time Manuel will explore students reactions to a
question involving mystery and murder.

FEATURES: Susan looks at self esteem; Ji-ho examins the

dangers of smoking; Dan munches on vegetarianism; Daisy wants
to know why?; Dan thanks the workers; Susan goes to Mardi
Gras; Manuel psychs us out with a little tit for tat; Susan goes one
on one and teen to teen, and wants us all to get over our shyness


. some books; Manuel goes to the Oscars; Ji-ho stirs up a mess in
the science labs; Alvaro listens to a Bohemian Rhapsody; Dan
hits the mark with a Broken Arrow; Alvaro does a 60 Minutes
take off with Dr. Pasquale. .


wild at the Clash of Colors and spotlights the Advanced
Placement classes; Ji-ho says good-bye to our departing staff
members; Eric goes in depth with the class of 1996; Alvaro and
Eric tell all from the AASCA Soccer tourney; Manuel talks up
the Knowlede Bowl; Ji-ho discusses the ups and downs of his
five years at Maya; and Ben fills us in on the future plans of the
class of 1996.

SPANISH^ Daisy looks at "love" Latin style!; Gianna does

a guest spot; and Eric takes the easy way out with more work
from the Spanish dept

CREATIVE WRITING: Alvaro takes us all on a

trip to the (final?) restroom;and Mike and Ben try to finish off
their alien encounter begun last issue; Dan takes a trip to the
beach with Herald.
CREATURE FEATURE: Daisy looks at the good
and bad in man's best friend; Mike cries Wolf; Daisy comes back
once again for a look at the friendships that exist in the animal

YEAR IN REVIEW: Mike Ramsey looks back over

the whole school year here at Maya and wraps up all of the
awesome and amazing events that took place on and off of the
Maya campus.
ADVISOR'S deadline that he could keep...just ask the
C rest of the High School teaching staff! But
O he has developed a fine style in his articles.
R It is easy to see him working in journalism
N somewhere down the road... if he can
E remember to actually go to the office once
R in a while! Finally, Manuel Negron...Mr.
bv: Mr. Pastore
"Lunchtime Inquisition" himself. I'm not
quite sure what color the sky is in his
Well, the end is upon about if I
world, but you can bet that it is different
just focus on the Publications' kids and the
from the one we wake up and look at every
fantastic job that they have done this year?
day! But for true entertainment value, his
This issue will push us over the 200 page
writing is hard to beat in any magazine
mark for the year, a remarkable
achievement for a school of this size.
But the staff isn't just seniors. For
Putting out an issue such as this one,
example, Mike Ramsey has ben an
roughly 80+ pages in length, is a real
intergral part od the staff from day
accomplishment that should make the
one... even if his fiction series is a bit hard
members of the magazine staff feel
to understand all in one reading. Daisy
extremely proud of themselves.
Kim has produced many articles that help
I guess I should start off with the
flesh out the magazine and keep it from
seniors on the staff. This group has put in
focusing 100% on Maya all of the time.
an enourmous amount of work over the
This is also an area of the magazine that
course of the school year, and I can
Susan Sperry has concentrated on,
honestly say that in years to come, this
bringing us a lot of thought provking
group will stand out as the source of
material. Dan Luna joined us in January,
inspiration for succeeding generations of
and while he seems to be following in
PULSE staffers. Alvaro Zelaya used his
Eric's shoes, he obviously has a lot of
articles in the magazine to explore his own
talent (deadlines? Oh...I see...).
"world view" (one that we can all say is
Finally, Ben Baldizon has picked up a lot
truely different!). He has produced some of
of what I am trying to plan for the future of
our best "birds eye view" articles from the
the magazine (please don't go!!!). He has
various trips he went on this year. Ji-ho
proved to be an outstanding contributor.
Yoo came to the staff in January (actually,
You might also notice a bit of an
he was forced into it, but we won't go over
attempt to add art to the
the whole story right now..."NO!!! I
magazine...however, photocopies of
photocopies don't really do justice to the
true talents of the Maya artists. Diane Kiel
has done an outstanding job with our kids
CLASS!!!) and became our most
and we will really miss her. Also, Gianna
methodical reporter. The only thing that
Caneba (1 lth grade) has graciously
upset Ji-ho in Publications was the fact
permited us to print a "little" example of
that I INSISTED that he write about
her poetry. Hopefuuiy this will inspire
something other than Basketball ONCE in
more students to submit thier poetry and
a while!!! Eric Holbik never met a
art next year.
the bullet coming towards him. They

The trained a dog to do it." Intestinal juice?

It? They trained a dog to do it? First, let

us attack the issue of this so-called
intestinalyw/ce. Where do they sell this
intestinal juice? Which aisle of the

Inquisition III supermarket can it be found in? Is it for

drinking when you are thirsty? Or, is it
by: manuel negron
for my intestine, like a medicine? I got
Q: There is a corpse in an apartment on it! From what I know of Kristin, I must

the thirteenth floor of a building. The come to the conclusion that it is a very

door is locked from the inside with a important ingredient in some sort of evil
deadbolt. The window is shut. There is spell or witch's brew. She must have

absolutely nothing in the barren room but used it to kill the man on the thirteenth

a puddle of water near the window and floor.

the blood from the gunshot wound on the Next, what is iff Did they train the

carpet directly next to where the dead dog to pee and excrete intestinal juice

man fell. How did he die? just like the dead man? If so, Fm not

I mean, How was he shot? terribly impressed. Anyone can make a

dog do that. Squeeze him.
Oddly enough, others beside Kristin
The time has finally come for the
also did not believe me when I told them
final installment of The Lunchtime
that the puddle was a puddle of water.
Inquisition-finally At last, the time
They were convinced it was some sort of
has come at last. The day at last has
human excrement. I guess Colegio Maya
come at last-finally. The final question
has a preoccupation. Case in point, Inbal
of the year is here; itfs near. Finally, the
Mazar, "I think he peed on the floor
end of The Lunchtime Inquisition is
'cause he was scared;" Ms. Storey, "the
puddle of water wasn't really water, it
This final question posed the students
was his inner juices that he let out once
with a mystery to solve, requiring a lot of
he died." I wonder if Kristin and Ms.
imagination—not as much science as the
Storey buy juice in the same store?
second Inquisition, or as much
randomness as the first.
And why was the dead man being
Of course, this last and final question
stingy about the juice? Is it so valuable
brought Kennedy and other famous,
that he can only let it out once he's dead?
mysterious assassinations into the fore to
If I were to stay on the staff an extra
be scrutinized further and blamed for the
year, these could be possible questions
murder of the man on the 13th floor.
for future Lunchtime Inquisition's.
Kennedy and aliens from outer space... as
Maybe not!
opposed to aliens from France or
Why didn't anyone believe me in the
Mexico, of course.
first place? If I say it's water, it's water-
Said the onymous fresh-girl/woman,
not pee or any kind of exotic-possibly-
Kristin Gonzalez, "He had to have been
tropical juice IVe never had before. Why
shot through the keyhole with the fmagic
did Lizette say, "the puddle is because he
bullet1 from Kennedy. The water wasn't
peed." Really? Why? What did I ever
really wa^-. IT WAS PEE Ponft
do that no one believes me anymore. It's
change my story, freshgirl!] mixed with
my INQUISITION anyway! Next time,
intestinal juice. He peed when he saw
take my word for it!

8 i
yourself on the back; Always try to keep

Self- a positive mental picture; Always see

yourself moving and speaking
confidently. Having a good self-image

gives you faith in yourself.
It doesn't do any good to pretend you

By: Susan Speny.

feel great if you really don't. If things
aren't going well and you are upset admit
Self-esteem is the value each person to it. Don't cut off the people who might
places on himself or herself. All this be able to help you or make you feel
contributes to good mental and physical better, and always stay involved with
health. your friends and family. You're old
People talk about self-esteem as if it enough to form your own thoughts on
wasn't that important. To complicate life. By determining how you feel about
things, the movie and advertising drug use, war, teenage sex and
industries tell you that you are no good pregnancy, abortion, violence, and
unless you wear a certain type of success and failure, you will develop
clothing or own a specific sports car. guide lines for yourself. Having your
Many believe you can raise a persons own set of rules and goals will be a big
self-esteem in just a few weeks. This is help not only in deciding what you want
completely wrong. Self-esteem is a but also in coping with any stress,
whole way of being in the world. There anxiety, or depression you might
aren't any techniques you can learn to encounter.

raise your self-esteem. You dont just With some effort, everyone can take
get self-esteem from people telling you positive action to improve self-esteem.
that you are a worthwhile individual. Learning to control and take
When a person suffers from lack of self- responsibility for personal action is
confidence and self-esteem they see helpful, as is organizing oneself to make
themselves as failures. However, you do sure tasks are completed successfully
need to know and understand that you and on time. Any achievements, no
are a good person, that you do things matter how small, can help a person feel
well and your existence is valuable. But, capable, in control, and worthwhile. A
you have to live well to build your own person can help others develop self-
self-esteem. esteem by giving sincere feedback and
If you feel good about yourself and by avoiding unkind criticism or "put-
maintain that feeling, you will have the downs."
confidence you need to manage through No one feels exactly the same way
tough times. about self-esteem. Some people might
Some good ways to develop good be very happy with themselves and
self-esteem are: Do things you are proud others might not. The following is one
of; Be good to other people; Be a good students declaration of self-esteem. It's
friend; Care about someone you love; about how one person feels about
Concentrate on your strong suits and the himself or herself.
things you have going on for you, Pat
Peer pressure: 48%

Q: When did you start smoking?

10,12, 13, 14, 16, 17

Q: If you see someone smoket would you

want to smoke?

By: Ji-Ho Yoo Yes: 1%

No: 99%


Q: How did you feel when you tried
Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon
your first cigarette?
Are you familiar with this quote?
This quote is marked on every pack of Dizzy: 74%

cigarettes. Have you noticed the locked Wanted to puke: 13%

doors of the bath room? This article is to Sick: 12%

present Colegio Maya's biggest Others: Cool, Disgusting, Choked

controversy: smoking in the school.

Q: Do you think that the school should
Mr. Tangeman, the secondary
have smoking privileges?
principal, plans to take any student
privilege (like field trip etc.) away from the
students, if they keep smoking in the Yes: 67%
No: 33%
school. As you know, some high schools in
the US have smoking privileges for juniors
and seniors (Colegio Maya has kinder to Due to the survey, most ofthe

the seniors in one school.). So Mr. students were pro-smoking. However, on

Tangeman thinks that the smoking privilege last question, many smokers think that the

will set a bad example for the younger kids. smoking privilege can mess up the school. I

To get to the point, I surveyed 39 found out that Guatemala kids are smoking
Colegio Maya high school students about more than US kids. One student never

smoking. smoked in his life, but he became hooked in

Guatemala. He told me that he can't quit.
Q: Do you think smoking is cool? Also, Asians are smoking more than Latin

Yes: 4% No: 96%

people. Over 75% of adults in Asia smoke.
As a result, Colegio Maya students don't
Q: Do you know the effects of nicotine? smoke to be cool, but because of peer
What are they? pressure. The students get pressure from
school work, SAT, and getting into
Lung Cancer: 98%
Very addictive: 2% college. Most of the people start to smoke
when they are 12 years- old. Most of the
Q: If you smoket why do you smoke? juniors and seniors agreed that the school

I like it: 21% should have smoking privileges. One

T can't quit: 10%
However, I look and sound, whatever
I say and do, and whatever I think and
MY feel at a given moment in time is me,

DECLARATION this is authentic and represents where I

am at that moment in time.

OF SELF-ESTEEM When I review later how I looked and

sounded, what I said and did, and how I
thought and felt, some parts may turn
out to be unfitting; I can discard that
I am me.
which is unfitting and keep that which
In all the world, there is no one else
proved fitting, and invent something new
exactly like me. There are people who
for that which I discarded.
have some parts like me but no one adds
I can see, hear, feel, think, say and
up exactly like me. Therefore,
do. I have the tool to survive, to be close
everything that comes out of me is
to others, to be productive, to make
authentically mine because I alone
sense and order out of the world of
choose it.
people and things outside of me.
I own everything about me - my
I own me therefore I engineer me.
body, including everything it does; my
I am me and I am okay.
mind, including all my thoughts and
ideas; my eyes, including the images of
all they behold; my feelings, whatever
they might be - anger, joy, frustration,
love, disappointment, excitement; my OF SELF-ESTEEM
mouth and all the words that come out
of it- polite, sweet and rough, correct or l.SECURITY
incorrect; my voice, loud and soft; all A feeling of strong assuredness.
my actions, wether they may be to others Involves feeling comfortable and safe.
or myself
I own my fantasies, my dreams, my 2.SELFHOOD
hopes, my fears. A feeling of individuality. Acquiring
I own all my triumphs and successes, self-knowledge.
all my failures and mistakes. Because I
own all of me, I can become intimately 3.AFFILIATION
acquainted with me. By doing so, I can A feeling of belonging, acceptance or
love me and be friendly with me in all relatedness.
my parts. I can then make it possible for
all me to work in my best interests. 4.MISSION

I know there are aspects about myself A feeling of purpose and motivation in
that puzzle me, and other aspects that I life.
do not know. But as long as I am
friendly and loving to myself, I can 5.COMPETENCE

courageously and hopefully look for the A feeling of success and

solutions to the puzzle and for ways to accomplishment in things regarded as
find out more about me. important or valuable.
student wrote a letter to Mr. Tangeman because of the students who smoke. Also,
about setting up a smoking room. as high school students, we have to set
Cigarettes are very addictive. When good examples for the elementary kids.
you are hooked on smoking, it's really hard I know. Life is short, enjoy your
to quit. Cigarette smoking is a true life. But let's enjoy it without getting sick.
addiction, more powerful than dependence
on alcohol, heroin or cocaine. Also, "the
nicotine delivery from tabacco carries an
ominous burden of chemical poisons and
cancer-producing substances that boggle
the mind." Not long ago, an addiction was
considered a social ill, but it is now seen as THE FAR SIDE By GARY LARSON
a disease. Addictions are attributed to
psychological difficulties, such as stress or
repression of feelings.
There is still more in a cigarette
than addiction, poison, pollution, disease,
and hypocrisy. Cigarettes cause memory
loss, and make you forgetful. Many people
die of lung cancer, emphysema, and mouth
cancer. Over 390, 000 Americans are killed
yearly by cigarettes. Also, for every
American who dies of cocaine, 195 die
because of tabacco!
Cigarettes are a legal drug. That
means you can buy a pack of cigarettes
anywhere, not on the "black market". So, it
is totally your choice to smoke or not to
smoke. You can smoke in a party or in
your room. (As long as you don't get
caught!) But let us not smoke in the school.
It is true that smoking in the school might
influence other kids to smoke. At the night
of "FAME", Colegio Americano The real reason dinosaurs became extinct
complained to our school that there were
many cigarettes in the bathroom.
Smoking is not good for playing
sports. The Carbon monoxide, CO, can
reduce the amount of oxygen that is going
to the lungs and brain, so you will get tired
easily, and won't able to breath well.
The school is trying hard to prevent
students from smoking in school. But, I
think it is more like forcing than trying. The
non-smokers should not be prevented, Sources: NICOTINE on SIRS
cholesteral which can lead to various
Beat the Meat, health problems. Other meats such as
chiken or pork may not be as unhealthy in

a look at a diet, but one needs to take extreme care

in handling and cooking them in order to
avoid tichinosis or seminila poisoning.

Vegetarianism Furthermore another aspect why people

choose not to eat animal carcassas is
by Dan Luna
because of the humaine issue. For some
A vegetarian is someone who does
people it is very hard to bring themselves
not eat any animal flesh of any kind. Some
to eat an animal that they know was
vegetarians may eat jello but for the most
murdered and in most cases had to die a
part we dont eat it if you have to kill the
painful death. Then there are vegetarians
animal in order to obtain the product. So
who were simply raised as vegetarians.
if you know someone who only eats fish or
Sometimes people become vegetarians for
chiken, they are not vegetarians.
a combination of many different reasons,
There are basicaly two types of
but it is obvious tha it is a big desision and
vegetarians. There are ovo-lacto
it needs to be thought about until one has
vegetarians and there are vegans. Vegans
found various reasons why they want to be
don't eat any animal products of any kind,
a vegetarian. What ever the reason
where as ovo-lacto vegetarians eat eggs
becoming a vegetarian can be very good
and dairy products. Being vegetarian is a
for ones health as well as for their mind
big step in it self and becoming vegan can
and concience.
be an even bigger step. Personaly eggs and
It may seem unhealthy to eat alot of
dairy products fulfill alot of the nutricious
meat but it is also a very unhealthy habbit
value that the absence of meat left behind.
to entirely cut meat out of your diet and
Being a vegan is very hard because one has
not replace it with anything at all. When
to find interesting alternatives to animal
meat is enirly taken out of your diet you
products as well as biproducts.
loose alot of protien. Ovo-lacto
Furthermore, just because a food doesn't
vegetarians can overcome this problem
have any meat it doesn't mean that it is o.k.
relatively easily by simply eating more
for a vegtarian to eat it. For example,
eggs and dairy products, but for vegans it
things like chiken broth or jelatine , even
is more difficult. A vegan may have to take
though they may not contain the actual
vitamin sopliments in order to stay healthy.
meat the still require animal bones.
Protien sopliments are pretty much
There are many reasons why one
available at any health food store and
would become a vegetarian. Alot of
drinking protien shakes or taking vitamines
people try not to eat meat because of the
can really stabalize a vegetarian diet.
health implications and others may have
When you take all the meat out of your
been raised in a vegetarian household.
diet your meals become alot more diverse,
Even though meat can be a healthy food
but as time goes by it becomes very easy to
choice there are many problems
a point where you don't even have to think
sorrounding a diet where red meat is the
about it any more. The only time it is very
primary sourse of food. In a situation
hard to be a vegetarian is at fast foods
where the meat has not been thoroughly
restaurants. It's really hard to find food at
trimmed of fat it can be very high in
places that are so centerred on meat, but I animals such as chiken are forced to lead
really don't miss it that much. very dismal lives in order to sreve our
Being avegetarian is a wonderful purpose. I would feel more comfortable
thing. It can give one pride, health, eating game animals because they would
peaceof mind, and it eliminates alot of the have at least had a chance to live.
health problems and diseases that animal Moreover, I don't eat meat because it
flesh sometimes can cause. However doesn't have any value to me as a food. I
being a vegetarian has many chalanges rarely crave it and when I did eat meat it
atatched to it, besides eating healthy. always left me with a heavy and
Once you become a vegetarian you say unpleasant feeling. What ultimatly forced
goodbye to some of your favorite foods, me into becoming a vegetarian was an
forever. Furthermore your friends, in most encounter with an animal in pain. It is an
cases, won't be vegetarian, so even entirely different sight when an animal is
theough you don't eat it meat will probably in pain because they are so helpless.
always be around and one has to learn how Furthermore their is always a sence of guilt
to cope with not eating it. There is also the I have when I see an animal in pain, I
obsticle of overcoming tour parents always think that they want me to help
nutrition beleif. For me the problem lays them. Other people have similar views on
within my grandmother. She beleives that the subject. For example, Kristen
human beings need alltypes of meat Gonzalez stopped eating red meat and
especialy chiken and fish and according to eventualy she stopped eating chicken
her a person needs red meat every once in because she felt sorry for the animals.
a while. Needless to say I don't agree, I've Asaf Mazar has an interesting view on
been an a vegetarian for about five months being a vegetarian. He says that he does
and I haven't had a problem the whole not beleive in eating meat because he feels
time, furthermore I am a pretty active that the human body wasn't made to dijest
person so if being a vegetarian would animal flesh, being a vegetarian is
effect someone I think it would probably something very difficult to decide to do so
affect me the most. Vegetarians can have it is obvious that vegetarians are going to
perfectly healthy diets they just have to be have very strong opinions about why they
a little more careful. are vegetarians. Being a vegetarian is
Being a vegetarian meens alot to something that is very satisfying and
me personaly. I really love animals and I hopefuly I will be a vegetarian for the rest
feel that eating animal flesh contributes to of my life.
the torture of animals. However I do wear
some animal products, such as leather. I
use these products because I beleive it is
better to use an animal hide than waste it.
One of the reasons I dont beleive in eating
meat is that the animals are usualy killed
in inhumane ways, such as decapitation,
furthermore in many cases when a cattle is
being slaughtered it is concious through
the butchering process. Another reason I
chose not to eat meat is because cattle and
They drink plant juice. Only
females suck blood because blood plays a
Why? function in the gestation of eggs. Also,

Why? birds can supply the blood to keep the eggs


Why? W hy are Asia and Europe considered two

continents even though a quick glance at the
map reveals them to be only one?

By: Jin Kyong Kim (Daisy) In the sixth century B.C., a

cartographer named Hecataeus of Miletus
W hy do Radio Stations play hit songs long divided the world into two equal parts.
after we are utterly sick of them? But from the vantage point of Athens or
The average listener listens to only Alexandria, the Eurasian landmass seemed
about fifteen minutes of radio a day. To virtually sliced in two by the line of water
give listeners a chance to hear a song again running from the Aegean Sea through the
and again, it must be put in once every two straits known as the Bosporus. The world
hours. Also, stations have researched what map in 240 B.C. shows Europe and Asia
the audience wants to hear. And for the joined only by a narrow isthmus of land
most part, people want to hear something between the Black Sea and the Caspian
familiar. Sea.

W hy do credit cards have so many numbers? W hy is it impossible to tickle yourself?

Even if we gave every person on Tickling requires unexpected
the planet his/her own account, we still stimulation. If you try to tickle yourself,
would only need ten digits. The extra you get so much feedback from your
digits make it extremely unlikely that a fingertips and from the voluntary
store clerk will accidentally write down movement of your arm that the subsurface
someone else's account number. There are nerves do not get excited. There should be
10 trillion possible thirteen-digit Visa mild apprehension, not fear, as a result, a
account numbers, but only about 65 child is more effectively tickled by parents
million actual Visa accounts. than by strangers. We are easily tickled by
those with whom we have an underlying
VY hy do eyes turn red in photographs? sexual chemistry. Boys are more ticklish
This is caused by blood The flash when touched by girls that when touched
from the camera is being reflected on the by other boys.
rear of the eyeball, which is red from all
the blood vessels. The problem can be W hy do fingernails and hair still grow for a
solved when you turn up the lights in the while after you die?

room, making them as bright as possible, The tissues of skin and the tips of
which causes the subject's pupil to contract the fingers and toes shrink as the body
and admit less of the light from the dries out. The result is an illusion of nail
subsequent flash. and hair growth. A corpse may decompose
more slowly and become what is known as
W hy do so many billions of mosquitoes live in an adipocere "a peculiar gray-white cheesy
swamps where there's no one to bite? state" in a cool place.
Along with high pay and free time , the

Maya workers are given a basket full of non

parishable food at Christmas time. Tha

and it's
faculty and students provide all the food,
and it is avery nice thing to do during the

workers Much of the good will between the

student body and the workers comes from
By: Dan Luna
common courtesy. One can see how well
Not many schools in Guatemala
we get along just by seeing how the
enjoy a campus as pleasant looking or as
students allways say hello and how a lot of
clean as the campus we enjoy here at Maya.
the students even know most of the
The maintenance of the campus would not
workers by name. It's really nice to be in a
be possible if it weren't for the workers and
school where hard working people are well
guards here at Maya.
One of the responsibilities the
It is obvious that the workers work
workers have is to care for the campus,
very hard, and that the student body
doing such things as caring for the flowers,
appreciates them. This is due to the fact
keeping the lawns watered, and building the
that there is a respect for what they do for
roof on the walkway to the cafeteria. The
our school.
workers do a lot more than the students
give them credit for. For example, we are Maya staff and Guards:
able to enjoy our gymnasium because the Ismael Andre, Ramiro Yuman,
workers are their every day taking care of
Adelso Tunche, Pedro Rivas,
it. Furthermore whenever the baskets
break on the upstairs basketball court the Carlos Perez, Daniel Penate,
workers are always there to weld them Marko Tulio Sicajan, Gilberto
back together. We should be greatfiil for
Ariel Sanchez, Justina Melchor
the work they do.
The apreciation of the workers by de Sierra, Juana Melchor,
the student body reflects the hard work Rigoberto Lopez, Lorena Lopez,
they put into the school. The majority of
Arnolde Lopez, Alejandro
the student body say that they appreciate
the job that the workers do. Furthermore Lopez, Roberto Jimenez, Eric
the majority of the student body agree that Manuel Flores, Belter Cardona,
the workers aren't given enough. However
by Guatemalan standards the workers here
Rigoberto Caal, Santos Buch de
are very highly paid. Hernandes
The workers here also enjoy playing
sports on there lunch breaks as well as after
school. Some workers enjoy volyball, and
they play on the upstairs court. Some of
the workers enjoy playing soccer, they have
even beaten the boys varsity on some
occasions. Another form of activity that
many of the workers take part in f
dollars preparing for the Mardi Gras
season. Street parades begin the week
before Mardi Gras Day. The ones who
organize and pay for the festivities are
societies called KREWES. During the
carnival season, the krewes give balls
and private parties. Their members
parade in the streets in masks and fancy
By: Susan Speny. dress. The best known krewes are
Comus founded in 1857 and Rex
There is a lot of people, including me founded in 1872.
that don't really know the true meaning A parade of beautiful floats and
of Mardi Gras or what it really is, so marching bands takes the carnival to it's
What's Mardi Gras? OK, Mardi Gras is highest point on Tuesday, Mardi Gras
a gay, colorful celebration held on Day. Each year a specific theme is
Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent carried out.
begins. Lent is the penitential season The Mardi Gras celebration goes
preceding Easter, marked especially by back to an ancient Roman custom of
forty days of fast in memory of the forty marry making before a period of fast. In
days1 fast of Christ in the desert. The Germany it's called FASTNACHT, and
date of Mardi Gras depends on the date in England it's called PANCAKE DAY.
of Easter. The celebration takes place It's basically a day when you can do
at the end of a long carnival season that what ever you want to do, the things you
begins on January 6. It's celebrated in can't do on Lent Day.
many Roman Catholic countries. Mardi There is some people in our school
Gras is a French term that means FAT that have been to Mardi Gras so I asked
TUESDAY. Well, the term came from them to tell us what's so special about
the custom of parading a fat ox through this day?, and what exactly do you do on
the streets of Paris an Shrove Tuesday. this day?
Mardi Gras was introduced into
America in the 1700fs by French It's a wild party were people take
colonists. The custom became very advantage of doing crazy things.
popular in places like New Orleans, Mr. Conolly.
Louisiana, and then spread throughout
the Southern States. It's actually a legal It's a week to have fun at several
holiday in some places, like Alabama, different parades, and do wild and crazy
Florida and eight counties in Louisiana. things. It is the time where you are free
Mardi Gras celebrations also take place to express yourself in any way possible.
in places like Rio de Janeiro and Nice. As you walk through the streets of New
The most famous celebration is held Orleans you see the people jumping,
in New Orleans, it's also the most shouting, and having a blast, beads,
important annual tourist event; it attracts cups, teddy bears, underwear, toys...
tourist from every where and attracts etc...., are tossed through out the crowd.
millions of dollars in business. Families It's especially good in Bourbon street.
spend the entire year and thousands of Christina Miller.
So for those of you that didn't know
what Mardi Gras is, like me, now you
So she goes home one day and tells her
"They Say That mom that she wants to get married. The
mom goes totally psychotic because she is

Life is Titfor really jealous of her daughter and because

she is a psychotic cripple.
"Mommie, please, please!"
TAT!" "No! No!"
by: manuei negron One day, the fianc6 comes over to meet
the mom. Joanne leaves to the store, the
The TAT is an anagram for a
mom starts seducing the fiance and hefs
psychological test uneconomically known
repulsed so he pushes her away. He falls
as the Thematic Aperception Test. This is
asleep and the mom plants evil thoughts in
a subjective test in which the psychologist
his head by whispering in his ear that his
presents his patient with a neutral stimulus
wife-to-be is no good. When he wakes up,
(a picture), and the patient must tell the
he flees. The daughter comes home and
psychologist what the picture makes him
she, too, falls asleep giving the mom a
feel. In other words, the patient is shown a
chance to plant similar suggestions in her
picture and must then create a story based
head telling her that her husband-to-be is
on the neutral picture. What the patient
no good. She wakes and is glad he is gone.
choses to focus on, or recurring themes,
can give the psychologist some very keen
interpretation by me-
insights into the preoccupations of the
Natasha identifies with a shy woman,
patient. Sometimes though, the
Joanne, dominated by her overpowering
interpretation of the TAT by the
mother. She meets a man named Herald
psychologist can be a reflection of the
(instead of Harold) who is a herald of her
psychologist's own preoccupations and not
prospective chance at finally
the patient's. It is a test surrounded by
consummating her love-search despite the
controversy and very widely-used. The
shadow cast on her by her mother. In the
following is an assortment of stories from
end, all loving plans are cast asunder by
the psychology class based on the same
the mom acting as an imposed conscience
group of four pictures, and the
on both Joanne and Herald
interpretations of the stories.
Again is the search for love a key factor
in this story. But, in this story their plans
Natasha Muren #4-
are foiled not by a natural force, but, by
During a walk in Central Park, Joanne
her mother. The significance of how the
bumped into a man-Herald. From the
mother acts is most important here. She
moment they met, they fell in love. They
acts like a conscience imposed on them,
dated for many months. They were so
like religion is imposed on children by
happy together. They had so much in
their mothers and fathers. This religious
common. Joanne had never been serious
conscience thwarts all of Natasha's natural
with any man before-many found her to
desires and makes her feel guilty. All of
be too shy, not very pretty. And she lived
this leads me to conclude that deep down
with her ill mother, which kept her very
Natasha feels the religion imposed upon
her by her parents has stood in the way of
her attaining her true love, her natural
instincts. It has made her shy, like Joanne, anger. "Lemmee in!! Open the door,
and it is not a natural part of her (it is not damnit!!
instinctual). It has been imposed upon her "O.K. O.K. I give in."
and has thus secured the unlikelihood of Frank found himself muttering. "The
Natasha's consummation of her true-love door is open." He repeated it over and
search. over in a vain attempt to ease his seething
anger. It didn't work; it only got louder.
Manuel Negron # 1— "DOOR'S OPEN."
Frankie's father had left when he was 4 Frank's dad calmly opened the door
years old. He returned again when Frankie with a smug look on his face, his briefcase
was six for a brief, 6-month sojourn, after in hand, and his hat on his head. Frank's
which he left again. When Frankie was 10, dad looked calmly at all that was his until
his Daddy returned. This time he only his eyes occasioned on his son-his only
stayed 3 months, during which time he son. He smiled.
managed to take with him all the Frank couldn't stand it anymore. He
electronics, and all their savings. Again, leapt like a jungle cat onto his surprised
Frankie's mom accepted a crying Frankie's father screaming, scratching, kicking
dad when Frankie was halfway through his raging like the drunken Bacchae, despite
first year of middle school. Frank was 11 his mother's desperate screams. "STOP!"
and he hated his Daddy. He couldn't stop. He didn't stop until
Frank's mom continued to his dad was out of their apartment, down
unconditionally love Frank's dad, the dark and narrow hall, down the
withstanding Frank's many discourses to wooden flight of stairs, and in the street,
his mom concerning the worthlessness, with his smug hat trampled underneath the
vagrancy, evil, and possible drug-alcohol- heavy heel of his only son.
and/or-gambling addiction of Frank's dad. Frank ominously, menacingly towered
She heard, but did not listen. over his dad, looked into his dull, gray
Frank warned her, but she was blind, eyes, looked into a face that resembled his,
and was surprised when Frank's dad left and evenly whispered, "Don't come back."
again after his 7th-grade year off into the He turned slowly on his heels, opened
unknown. The years passed Frank turned the door, and went up the stairs, all the
15. He still hated his daddy. while trampling the papers that had flown
One day, Frank and his mom were out of his dad's briefcase during the
watching television when they heard a struggle. He walked as if through a glass
knock at the door. Frank got up to open trinket filled with snow through the papers
the door, but his journey to the door was flying around him on a cold gust of wind
inopportunely cut short by the drunken that penetrated the building while he was
drawl of his father calling, "Lemmee in!" evicting his dad. He finally reached the
Frank stopped dead. His mom looked door, let himself in to find his mother
reflexively to the ceiling and started loudly sobbing on the floor, her arms and
crying. She was mad, scared, and even head staining the worn couch with her
happy. She blubbered on the carpet excessive tears. He helped her up and
Frank could not move, his fists and his tucked her into bed, silent. He kissed her
teeth clenched steely tight in extreme on the forehead, and she was happy.
He calmly went to the bathroom, ChisaNishii#2~
brushed his teeth, and went to his The man that stands behind the woman
bedroom. is a ghost, who possesses super powers.
He could not sleep. He lay in bed and When he first came to her to grant some of
thought, reassuring himself of what hefd her wishes, she was a poor beggar with a
done while another gust of wind picked up beautiful soul. (Even poor, she was kind
the papers in the stairs and whirled them and took care of her family and friends
around a flurrying current like snowflakes. greatly.) However, as her wishes were
granted, she became more and more
interpretation by Natasha- ambitious. In the picture, she is asking for
I think the scene that Manuel describes more money. She just feels a strong desire
of a son confronting and standing up to a for money. But, on the other hand, the
parent finally after many years of silence, ghost feels sorrow thinking about the
of compromising, reflects Manuel's own extreme change she has undergone. I hope
wish to be able to act on his desire to speak that she will notice her mistake. However,
out against his parents1 limiting decisions. I do not think so. Shell ask for more and
Manuel is the type that for the sake of more money until the ghost will abandon
harmony will not talk back to his mother her.
even though he may feel completely
against what is at hand However, I think interpretation by Agueda Lin-
this has built up-he is so tired of going Chisa identified with someone nice that
along with what they say that he is dying to becomes ambitious once she becomes rich.
burst out and say "STOP! I will do what I The language of the story is simple, but it
want to do!" However, at least at this point is very well organized. The story is not
in time he will not because he knows the very well-developed, but it is original. In
chaos it will bring just like the chaos of the this story, she ends up telling what she
papers that fly around in the room thinks will happen instead of simply
(described in the story). stating what happened I really don't think
these stories reflect Chisa's personality
Ji-HoYoo#l~ 100%. She is happy and kind, not
His wife died of sickness, and her soul ambitious at all.
couldn't leave the earth, so she became a
ghost. Every time her husband came back MicheleHall#l-
from work, she would give him a kiss on Here comes Bob through the door after
the cheek. Her husband was sad. She will a hard day of work. To his surprise, he
live in the room, and always be with him. finds boxes packed all around the room.
All the furniture is gone. He calls the
interpretation by Ivan Ou- police and realizes his family has gone
In picture #1, Ji-Ho identified with a away. However, the police have no record
working man who lost his wife. The of the family to have ever existed. He
storyteller wrote about the man's feelings looks for any trace or remembrance of his
of sadness. It seems to reflect instability, family, but is left with nothing. The boxes
insecurity, and failure. The paragraph is are not of his things, but of another
very brief, not much explanation. family. He is not of this time and goes
insane looking for reality. (What's real and
what isn't?) He then kills himself strange, green light danced upon his face
instantaneously. and shoulders. The light was emerging
from the small crack between the shade
interpretation by Viviana Valbuena- and the windowsill. It was so strange that
She identifies with the man; the story is the man couldn't help but to peek into the
seen through his eyes. It is like a mystery- small crack, considering he is a real person
the guy is in search of reality and cannot and naturally curious. In the window he
find it, so he kills himself. The attitude of saw a strange woman, dressed in what
this story is a negative one. It has common seemed like a witch's robe, and she was
language. This story reflects how negative waving her hands as if drawing something
and pessimistic Michele can be sometimes, towards her, and her mouth seemed to
like there isn't a solution to something. chant a strange rite. The man was so
drawn, he entered the house-never to be
CarlosVictoria #4- seen again.
These two women live in the same
house. The old one is the maid and the interpretation by Alex ter Kuile-
young one is the housewife with no life. Caroline seems to relate or identify
They are on the balcony of their house with mysterious and supernatural
looking at people and gossiping about characters, where little is known about the
them. Right now they are looking at the characters. It is hard to determine what
house in front and they can see a couple sex she relates to the most. I believe this
arguing. The enjoy watching the fight and story reveals how interested Caroline is in
start making up stories of why they are the mysterious and supernatural She likes
fighting so they can tell it to other maids the idea of strange happenings that must be
and housewives. investigated (the passerby). The theme of
this story is that of intrigue, curiosity, an
interpretation by Vanessa Novo~ mystery. I do not feel that there is any
In this story, he identifies with the consistency in the language. What is
typical women whose only job is to consistent is that discovery occurs over the
criticize. This character reveals that the course of the story. I know that Caroline
storyteller doesn't mind people watching likes the supernatural, witchery. She
and criticizing you. The theme of this writes horoscopes, and so it didn't surprise
story is the criticism between people. The me to read her stories about mystery and
language used in this story is very simple. strange happenings.
The storyteller did not want to complicate
the story by using hard words, rather he Most of these stories serve to reflect the
wanted to go straight to the point, just to inner worries of the storytellers. But, we
make it clear. The organization is pretty must not take the interpretations given to
clear. He has a good imagination and each as fact, for the interpretations
creates good stories. themselves are a response to a neutral
stimulus needing interpretation. Either
Caroline Grimier #3- way, judge for yourself... or don't judge at
This man was simply walking along the all and enjoy the stories for their creative
sidewalk in a suburban area when he merit!
suddenly saw the strangest thing. A
&: t -? v ' '** ?g^fo^w smm
-..' '%

When a person finds that their life is

TEEN TO complicated by feelings they don't easily

handle or understand, they drink to feel
better. Alcohol is also used to get over

TEEN shyness and low self-esteem. Many

teenagers drink simply because they
AN ALCOHOL PROBLEM believe it will help them enjoy
By: Susan Sperry. themselves, "Just to have a good time"
and "A good way to celebrate".
Teenage drinking is a scary thing, Physiological problems may also
especially when it gets out of control. contribute to drinking. Studies show
It's particularly scary when it's someone that a hyperactive person may drink in
close who has a problem. Alcohol is attempt at self medication. And "peer
something to be learned about and pressure". Many believe this is the main
controlled. reason teenagers drink and in many
The use of the label "alcoholic" cases this is true, but most recent studies
implies that drinking problems should be of teenage drinking show that peer
understood in terms of a disease. pressure--the sense that others will
Alcoholism is a disease that can destroy disapprove of you if you don't follow
your body, your mind, and your family. along— has surprisingly little influence
Anyone can be an alcoholic and anyone on adolescent use of alcohol. But if a
can become an alcoholic. People you friends1 disapproval doesn't count, their
may have known for years may be behavior does. Teenagers who have
alcoholics without you knowing it. drinking friends and who belong to a
Things like too much stress caused by peer group that encourages drinking are
everyday affairs and not being educated likely to be drinkers themselves.
about the effects of alcohol can make There are some things that can cause
addiction to alcohol more of a possibility you to suspect people in your life to be
for someone. alcoholic.
Most alcoholics have compulsive THEIR DRINKING- When alcoholics
personalities. What that means is if drink, they drink frantically, "until their
something tastes good, the alcoholic eyes pop out". They don't stop at one
won't settle for one drink, they will have drink, they feel the need to go on having
one after another. Alcoholism is a one after another.
progressive disease. This means that if THEIR BODIES- One effect is the red
you don't put a stop to it in time it will nose that people who drink a Lot of
get worse. alcohol develop. Their blood vessels
Alcohol is the most misused drug. stay open so much because of the
Teenagers who misuse alcohol tend to alcohol in their system that their vessels
reject traditional values and act break just under the skin.
independently but impulsively, such that THEIR EMOTIONS- If their personality
their behavior leads them to involvement changes after drinking alcohol.
with other problems. Alcoholics live in two different worlds.
WHY DOES A PERSON DRINK? There is the good world when they are
To feel better, to have fun, peer pressure. sober and themselves and the bad when
alcoholics get drunk and are completely Anonymous and 4. Peer to Peer
different people. Counseling.
THEIR MEMORIES- Blackouts are one Most people at our age don't really
of the most important signs of think of the consequences of their
alcoholism. Blackouts come because actions. All they think about is "let's go
alcohol is a big strain on the brain and out and have fun", and that's perfectly
can cause the brain, in alcoholics, to stop fine, hey who doesn't want to have fun?
functioning. The problem is most people think they
THEIR ACTIONS- Alcoholics will often have to drink in excess to have a good
get themselves into trouble from time. Let's be realistic. Who ever wants
drinking, like getting themselves into a drink is going to get a drink but don't
fights. let it get out of hand and don't let it get
THEIR DISASTERS- Many alcoholics to the point where it controls your life.
fall asleep behind the wheel killing If you can't control the amount of liquor
themselves or another innocent person. you consume or you can't control
THEIR STOPPING- Trying to quit and yourself when your drinking, it's time to
can't. Alcoholics stop drinking over and look for help. Don't be afraid to talk to
over again but usually they always go someone for help, you can talk to a
back. It could be that they go back to friend, an adult you trust or the school
drinking for the same reasons that they counselor.
started drinking. At this time it's when If you do have a problem it's time to
alcoholics need the most help and put control back in your life, it's time to
support from friends and family. say NO and STOP.
So can anyone die just from
drinking? The answer is yes. Not only
can you die from drinking but because of ALCOHOL IS MANY THINGS TO
your irresponsibility someone else could
get hurt or die.
But the truth of the matter is that
alcohol is not all bad. A lot of people -To little kids, it is a curiosity.
who drink, drink responsibly. And not
everyone who drinks alcohol becomes -To teenagers, it is "cool".
an alcoholic. In fact, only one person
out often becomes an alcoholic. -To responsible drinkers, it is a relaxant.
If you are an alcoholic or know
someone that is, there is help available. -To actively drinking alcoholics, it is a
There are many choices available if a heaven.
teenager wants help. One thing you
have to have very clear and always keep
-To people close to drinking alcoholics, it
in mind, a person may need help, but he
is a waste.
or she can't get help unless they want
help. Some available help groups are: 1.
-To recovering alcoholics, it is a painful
Residential Treatment Centers; 2.
old friend.
Outpatient Treatment; 3. Alcoholics
:./3l Xy** X V F|:V !r * /■

PpSt^A •^iffSf ^ • ^•^%^;^;C:; >. •' s^' ■■'■ - ■ ^

r-; 'h-A^\-- ti^$F'> -""•SSL' ^; '\'va^V'

' ■ ■-..;> -:^^— -•;:i/.■■■> -^%.^ ->XV'

■•••:•" ■-. .-:< . v--s/ V;V7>- •-: ■■•■■

are a big influence are: The size of your

SHYNESS family, finances, living conditions and

moving around a lot Someone from a
large family with limited resources may

GET OVER feel to shy about socializing with more

of their classmates. Birth order can
influence also influence shyness.
IT! Significant family events, such as death,
By: Susan Sperry. divorce or illness of a family member
can cause a teen to become shy and
Some consider shyness to be withdrawn. Psychological problems and
sheepishness, bashfulness, uneasiness or substance abuse are big influence in a
psychological discomfort in social teen becoming shy and withdrawn. And
situations. Shyness is related to fear and moving around a lot. Some teens when
is a nonevaluative emotion precipitated they move around create a world of
by an individual's discomfort with strangers feeling lonely and isolated.
others. Sometimes this causes to have a low
People are social or asocial by self-esteem and trouble relating with
genetic disposition Inhibited or shy others, especially adults.
people are withdrawn and appear fearful To be able to relate to others you
and uncomfortable. Shyness involves have to have a good feeling about
the way you feel in social situations, if yourself. It may seem strange, but itfs
you are shy you feel uneasy around true. A person who really likes himself
others. or herself gets along well with others a
Shyness is almost a universal normal lot better. You have a feeling of
human emotion. A lot of people at one security, content, and therefore, able to
time or another suffer from shyness. At be interested in others.
least eighty percent of people admit To overcome shyness you have to be
feeling shy at some time in their life. willing to take chances. You shouldn't
Shyness is equally common among associate assertiveness with being
guys and girls, with adolescents aggressive, mean or bossy. You have to
experiencing die greatest shyness. Girls try to be assertive. By being assertive
experience more shyness during early you will be able to defend your rights,
adolescence due to physical changes. state your needs or interests and express
For girls it tends to occur between 11 your opinions. At times you are going to
and 13. For guys between the ages of IS have to stand up fore yourself, stand up
and 17. During these periods the person to peer-pressure or bullies an assert
tends to feel clumsy, awkward and yourself. Assertiveness is a sign of
overly self-conscious. maturity, leadership and self-confidence.
A lot of things can influence a person It takes time to overcome shyness,
to be shy. Shyness can be learned from sometimes you will encounter tough
the way you are treated and from the situations and embarrassing moments,
role models you imitate. If both parents but you have to overcome them and
in a family are shy, at least one of their work through them to be able to get over
children is likely to be shy. Things that being shy.
8. Visualize before you act. Use
WAYS TO OVERCOME your imagination to overcome shyness.
Imagining yourself in good, positive and
SHYNESS. happy situations. And try to be relaxed
in every situation you encounter.

1. Accept yourself. Start with self-

acceptance. Think of yourself as a 9. Become an active listener. You
friend for life. will forget you're self-conscious as you
to others and their problems.

2. Think positively. Being

optimistic can really change your life. 10. Speak up. When you have
Become a critical thinker, not a critical something to say, say it.

11. Help others. Shy people who

3. Turn mistakes into learning help others, help themselves. You forget
experiences. Each mistake will bring your shyness when you are helping
you closer to a solution. others. This will help you feel valued
and needed.

4. Handle problems as personal

12. Assume more responsibility
challenges. Doing this will help you
become more disciplined and mature.
for your life. Teens overcome shyness
Never ignore your problems, they will as they assume more responsibility.
only pile up. By resolving your
problems you gain more control of your 13. Assert yourself. As you become
life. more confident, you will be able to set
goals for yourself, make decisions and
take the actions you want
5. Try to overcome your fears.
Most fears concerning shyness are
imagined dangers. Think positively and
14. Dare to be different Always be
yourself and you will conquer your
have courage.

6. Try to improve your social

skills. Try to maintain healthy
friendships and relationships. Try to
make new friends, take the initiative to
start up a conversation with someone.

7. Expand your social horizons.

Plan extra activities to get to meet
Another great topic, my personal

The Book favorite, is fantasy. Fantasy is great

because it takes imagination to create the
worlds the books are about. Fantasy books

Worm. usually take place in another world with

strange creatures. However this is not
always the case. There are fantasy books
By: Mike Ramsey. where the only creatures are human beings.
J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit, Robert
Everybody likes to read different Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, and
types of stuff. For instance, I like fantasy Terry Brooks1 Shannara books are some of
books though other people prefer action, the best in this field
classics, nonfiction, etc... In this day and Another type of book that people
age there are many different types of enjoy are mysteries. Authors like Agatha
books, and everybody likes different Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and
things. Franklin W. Dixon have made mysteries
One popular form of literature are famous. Christie and her numerous works
the relatively-new, technical-action books. have attracted readers around the world.
These are realistic stories that are fast- Dixon attracted a young audience with the
paced and usually involve new technology. famous Hardy Boys Doyle invented the
New weaponry, espionage, and all sorts of immortal Sherlock Holmes.
modern equipment are included Authors Although old, the classics are not
in this field are Tom Clancy, John forgotten in the realm of books available
Grisham, and Stephen Coonts. Clancy today. Stories by Mark Twain, Maiy
writes about all sorts of topics but almost Shelly, and Herman Melville are still read
all his books revolve around the Pentagon. today. Twains1 Huckleberry Finn and Tom
Some of Clancy's books include Patriot popular among all ages.
g Mary
Games and Clfiflr ftffd Present Danger. Shelly's Frankenstein and Melvilles1 Moby
Grisham's characters are usually lawyers or Dick, have not lost their popularity either
involved in legal disputes gone haywire Also widely read, nonfiction
such as the Pelican Brief Coonts writes presents readers with all sorts of
about flying military aircraft in the information. Biographies and
Vietnam war era and other similar autobiographies are read by all, along with
subjects. Coonts1 best is Flight of the books about other subjects.
Intrude^. Another popular form of books is
Another popular form of reading historical fiction. O. E. Rolvaag's Giants in
material is science fiction (usually taking the Earth is a great example of this. Books
place on another world in space with some on war are also rapidly attracting attention.
kind of alien in it). Examples of writers in The filler Angels by Michael Shaara won
this field include Larry Niven, Robert a Pulitzer Prize.
Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. One of the Everybody likes different types of
great things about science fiction is that books and stories but all of them in some
the material does not always have to be way are entertaining.
complete books. Sometimes, science
fiction are short collections.
Another Night to Carbonell. This brings us to another
novelty added to the usually mundane
Remember: Oscar show in order to spice it up. It was a short
interlude with a bunch of people tap-
Night '96 dancing, stomping, and doing other
musical things with their feet... Hmmm?!
fay: Manuel Negro©
The timing on it was absolutely
"Ahh. Best movie: Braveheartl"-W.C. immaculate. It was synchronyzed with
Hwang various highlights from the history of the
silver screea It was thoroughly enjoyable.
"I wanted Apollo 13 to win. "-Mr. Feia Another great thing about the Oscar
show this year was the hostess: Whoopi
"I'm glad Braveheart won... 'Viva El Goldberg. Whoopi was "in the zone" this
Salvador!m-K. Baldizon Oscar night-she was classy, funny, kept
things running smoothly... she was
"I gotta say one thing about Braveheart- everything a hostess should have been
tFREEDOM!m-A. Petricevic while also maintaining the characteristics
that make Whoopi Whoopi One of the
This year's Oscar celebration was very funniest moments of the night was
different from past Oscar shows-this following Vanessa Williams's performance
year's producer was Quincy Jones. Yes, it of Colors of the Wind (which won best
was largely he that was to blame for the song). After this performance, Whoopi
fashion show, the stepping show, the told the world about her own worries
cartoon show, Whoopi as a host, and other concerning her gastro-intestinal system,
refreshingly new conventions that added "What color is. my wind?" [followed by
tremendously to the entertaining quality of uproarious laughter]...NOBODY can
this year's show. It was by far one of the resist bathroom humor? Sad, isn't it?
least boring I have ever seen-not that the This year's show also featured a well-
Oscars could possibly be boring anyway. edited cartoon show, which turned out to
The night started off with the award for be an immense crowd-pleaser. All in all,
Best Costume Design. To show the this year's new features kept the show
costumes for each film, there was a fashion moving along at a faster pace than years
show, during which clothing from each past, and made for a much more
film was modeled by some of the top entertaining show than past Oscar
models in the fashion business. Kristin ceremonies.
Gonzalez said about the fashion show, For brevity's sake, the following is a list
"The models, the guy models were hot. of some of the awards given-
They were white-hot. I want Marcus
Schenkenberg." The winner, an obscure Visual Kffeete-Rahe (over Apollo 13\)
movie called Restoration, beat the Lifetime Achievement-Kirk Douglas
costuming from such films as 12 Monkeys, Supp. Actor-Kevin Spacey(over Mr. Pitt)
Richard III, Sense and Sensibility, and ActQt-Nicolas Cage (over Sean Penn)
Braveheart. Actt£SS-Susan Sarandon (over Ms. Stone)
"The fashion review and the stomping Original Screenplay-77k? Usual Suspects
was cool," said freshman Vanessa Screenplay Adaptation^Wt^,Ww/)/7;Yv
Director—Mel Gibson, Braveheart There were too many emotions brought on
Supporting Actress-Mira Sorvino by his mere presence clouding his speech.
"I also liked Mira Sorvino's speech," said It was confusing. It really didnt make any
freshman, Vanessa Carbonnell. Fm going organizational sense. It seemed to me they
to have to agree with her. I think there just brought him out to bring him out and
were very few, dry eyes in the audience they really didn't care what he said. It's a
after her speech-once her dad started shame.
crying, everybody lost it. It was very And, finally for Best Picture, the winner
touching. is... drumstick please... and extra gravy on
Another highlight of the night came those mashed potatoes... come on, don't be
during the award for best Cinematography, stingy! Three freshmen girls gave their
which award Braveheart was a shoe-in for. own opinions of who would win—said the
The humorous highlight was a result of first, "// Postino, Massimo Troisi died,
the unique presentation provided by Mr. man. He should at least get an award."
Jim Carrey. Not that I think he's funny all Said the second, "Apollo 131" said the
the time! But, on this occasion, I actually third, unable to come to a final decision,
found myself amused in a sick, unexpected "BABEHEART!!" Quoth I, "Braveheart."
kind of way. This is how it happened: he I was right.
provided the viewing audience with his Braveheart is one of those epic movies
token facial contortions and started playing that becomes a classic up there on the shelf
with some dolls. Then .unexpectedly, he next to The Ten Commandments, Lawrence
screamed at the top of his lungs, "Viva El of Arabia, and East of Eden. This movie
Salvador!!" was spectacular in all aspects. This is
I thought this was pretty random. I evident in the fact that it was the movie
knew he knew everyone would think this, that was nominated for and won the most
which in turn, led me to deduce that Jim academy awards. I recommend it to
Carrey is a spy from the Church of everyone. It's a must see-5 Manuels,
Scientology and that "Viva El Salvador" Blintzy Blintzy Bonanza.
was a coded message-like "the eagle has And that concludes 1996's awards gala.
landed." Therefore, I too will issue out a Everything was fine, except for the fact
coded warning to my people in opposition that I really wanted Sean Penn, Sharon
to the evil that is Jim Carrey: "Shoplifters Stone, and Brad Pitt to win The Best
ofthe world, unite and take overW" Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actor
Another high point of the night was the awards respectively. But, hey, you cant
visit of a paralytic Christopher Reeves in a win them all.
wheel-chair to tell everybody about I am still recovering from the shock of
societal reflections in cinema, how great Kathleen Quintan's nomination in Apollo
the cinema is, and how grateful he is for 13. I thought she was truly awful. There
his lot in life. This segment aimed at must have been a fluke at the factory,
tugging the audience's heartstrings. But, I something went wrong over there. Well, at
think it fell short of its mark. The point he least she didn't son!
made about cinema being a reflection of Tune in next year for more drrrama!
society was very interesting, but there was
little he could do with it as no one was
really focusing on what he was saying.
more understandable to read a one page
summary instead of a five-page report.
The last step is building a model. If
the topic is about a lab, then you can set a
lab up instead of a model. The model is
another good method to illustrate the topic
that you are working on.
However, the new science fair is
just egg drop contest, and paper tower
THE OLD Science Fair is back!! The 6 students of the physics class
Mr. Bond's physics class is doing
worked over 3 months for the science fair.
something different this year. It is the
First, Mike Arellano and Susy Lee are
return of the old science fair. Our topic was doing Projectile Motion. Allison Lugo and
about physics.
Maricel Castafier are working on
Mr. Bond is doing this Science Fair Telegraph. Ivan Ou and
for creativity, investigating concepts at a Ji-Ho Yoo are working on the
deeper level, not just as a part of chapter. Loudspeakers. They are planning to present
One senior picked a loudspeaker as a topic, our little Science Fair to the elementary
because he plays music and so he is
students, and some teachers. I asked Mr.
interested in speakers. This old Science Fair Bond about his opinion about the "old
is projects for the students to do outside of science fair" and the "new science fair11.
class on their own.
Q: What is your point of bringing back
First, the students had to pick a the "Old Science Fair1?
topic that we thought was interesting. A: To inspect some interesting topics ifl
Then, they had to do a lot of research from various aspect of science. To stimulate
an encyclopedia or from the news. (These ntor$ creative processes outride of the
days, they can just use the CD-ROM) format laboratory exercises
After the research, they had to write a
MLA (Modern Language Association) Q: What is your opinion about "new
style report on the topic we had chosen. • science fair"?
Also, we had to have a backboard for A; It's anotfipr alternative to a hands-on
illustration. The size of the backboard must experience. Itfs a lot of fiin and exitement
be 120 cm x 60 cm. They got the Even though, the "new science fair"
backboards from OBI (they sell the is easy and does not take that much time, it
plywood etc.) in zone 1. does develop your creativity. I personally
The backboard must have a think that I learned more about what I was
purpose, a hypothesis, a result, and a interested by the old science fair style,
conclusion on the wings of the backboard. because I did a lot of research on the topic
And in the middle of the backboard, we by book, encyclopedia, and CD ROM. I
have to put the procedures ofthe topic. hope the science fair to become too
Also, we need to have a one-page difficult like the "old science fair", but not
summary of the research called abstract. too easy like the "new science fair".
The abstract is made for the viewers, so
they can understand the report better. It is

,;, :<^-<;*■+'
:•••■:. vwpot v-■■ -^
j -r-t'«V-'"-<>>trj.- ._..._..


J\3 :a.o

- '.'•'."■••■-.I- "

> ••%■ S
release was in 1993 with the album

Bohemian Sombras En El Jardin produced by

Guatemala's Primera Generacion studio,
which supports many young artists striving

Rhapsody to be heard. Other noticeable bands that

were released by Primera Generacion are
Viernes Verde, La Tona, and Fabulas

by: (al) varo Zelaya

Aticas. Bohemia's album and concert
anthem indisputably is "Peces e Iguanas"
Mil Palabras Con Sus Dientes followed by "Del -fin" and "Nadie Sabe".
Personally Fve been following the band
like a" Deadhead" and so have many
Bohemia Surbana other people( I'm still working to get the
(Are): Giovanni Pinzon, lead vocals, lyrics
first bootleg).
Juancarlos Barrios, lead guitar
Juan Luis Lopera, bass Although fame sometimes is not
Alvaro Rodriguez, rhythm guitar, desired, breaking into the mainstream
synthesizer mostly seems to be due to lack of
Alex Lobos, drums, percussion advertisement, usually concert dates go by
word of mouth . The band though does
tour out of Guatemala. I heard they did a
series in Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Bo-he-mi-a n. 1. A community of
Fortunately, Bohemia is expected to reach
persons with artistic or literary tastes who
higher ground with the 1995 release, Mil
adopt manners and more conspicuously
Palabras Con Sus Dientes. The band went
differentfrom those expected or approved
all out to produce their second effort.
ofby the majority ofsociety.
They flew to the Vox Radio label in Miami
to record. The high quality and sound
Sur- ba- na adj. 1. Of, pertaining to, or captured on the record makes the
characteristics ofa suburb. statement that the band wants to go places,
and if they do it, don't expect it to be just
Bohemia + Surbana a super deluxe a drive by.
Guatemalan Bohemia wistfully regurgitates
rock band. "Peces e Iguanas" and 'To te vi" from
Sombras en elJardin, so new- listeners can
The awakening of Guatemala's native experience what they missed (and maybe
music is at its peak of awareness, even persuade them to buy the first album) the
though it still dwells in the underground first time round. New accomplishments
scene. Pioneers of Guatemala's rock come from " Los Suenos de Tansu" and
scene (What can we call this rock "Duele" which carry very "Curish" -
scene? popish, square dancish rhythms, plus
11 Grunge" is already taken.) is Bohemia they're great shower song sing along
Surbana. The Bohemians got it working materials (I use the shampoo bottle for a
1992 and now barely 4 years later mike). Two other robustly structured
they're well still in Guatemala, which ditties are " El Vaso" and "Detras de
isn't bad at all. Their first successful
Mama". "Vaso" is your typical soft candle
light verse, only to be assaulted by the
hard-driven distorted chorus; it's a ying
yang thing. "Detras.." is similar but
carries more of a Brazilian lambada type
beat( at least that's what the voices say!).
Then going back the early Bohemia -style
comes Oberol and "Siento Que Me Voy",
carrying very political overtones with
lyrics like,
" ...atado a un gobierno que promete
castigos eternos." (translation: tied up to a
government which promises eternal
punishment). "Planeta Hola\ a funkadelic
piece and the opener, takes a poke at
Guatemalan politics by softly and subtly
singing in a Barry White type voice," Un
planeta decadente donde un burro es
presidente.". Then winner of the zippo-
lighter song goes to Aire ( previously
heard on a Mana album gag). Finally the
closing tracks " Bolsas de Te" and (the
specially hidden track) "Lombriz" go and
end the album apropiately; they're no
slacking off songs. The vital aspect of the
album ascends from the straight guitar
driven album they present, unlike
" Sombras...", which is a more U2 digital
sound. Hopefully (and shamefully) Td
like to ( discreetly) get more people to buy

the album by saying Buy ThlS

Album, It's Worth i
know I get commission for the advertisement)
Throughout the film Slater and
Movie Travolta develop an intense rivalry.
Slater's character contrasts sharply

Review: with Travolta's. Slater represents the

young, outgoing, ambitious pilot who
is dedicated to his work and to his

Broken country. He develops a sort of

love/hate relationship with his
counter part and he always seems to
Arrow be one step ahead. Finally, with the
help of an extremely diversly talented
forest ranger, the two are able to foil
Travolta's plans to sell the weapons
by: DanLuna
back to the US military . Although
the forest ranger is involuntarily
thrown into the situation, it always
John Travolta
seems like she actually knows what
Christian Slater
she is doing. I didn't find her
Howie Long
character to be even remotely
Stupid forest ranger
believable, and at times her actions
seemed to be extremely ridiculous.
The movie Broken Arrow starring
Furthermore the viewer wasn't given
Christian Slater and John
enough background on the character
Travolta,has been playing at Proceres
to actually be able to believe some of
for over two weeks now. I chose
the things she was able to do. For
Broken arrow because I had not
example, the viewer doesn't know if
heard any commentary what so ever
she's a martial arts expert, so why
on this particular movie. Now I
should she be able to beat up a navy
know why.
seal. Out of all the character's in the
The story is about a bitter air force
movie, I found the forest ranger to be
pilot (John Travolta) who has been
the most difficult to believe.
passed for promotion countless times.
Furthermore, the idea of the helpful
John Travolta's character is portrayed
forest ranger has shown up in a
as an extremely competitive man.
number of films. However, the
Throughout the entire film Travolta's
forest ranger in this film is the least
character is overcome by the need to
believable than any other I have seen.
succeed and that, together with his
The forest ranger usually becomes a
arrogance, is what ultimately leads
helping hand in most films, the
him to his downfall. He steals two
ranger usually has an advantage
nuclear weapons with the help of
because he is closer to the earth than
wealthy sponsors and combat
the actual hero, but in this particular
veterans who are to help him
film the ranger always seems like
transport the weapons from the
she's trying to steal the show. When I
dessert like area from which they
think of a forest ranger in an action
obtained them to a safer area where
film I think of someone who has
negotiations could take place. Every
respect for the land and whom can be
thing seems to be going in Travolta's
helpful in certain ways, however I
favor until he runs into his old co
don't think a forest ranger should
pilot, played by Christian Slater.
have such a wild array of abilities. movies these days would be a little more
artistic and have less sex and violence.
The film is filled with classic Out of all that was wrong with this
action movie cliches, ranging from movie I thought Howie Long was very
the top pilot gone bad to the super good. Howie is the man, he's like fifty
forest ranger. I feel that if the and he shows exactly what an action
movie would have been remotely hero should be. Howie is the diamond
believable I could have enjoyed it, in the rough in Broken arrow and he
but some of the situations were gets my vote for the academy award.
simply ridiculous. What bothered me Seriously what can the man not do?
the most was the forest ranger. The I thought the movie had a very cheesy
main problem was their was no trend plot and I really would have rather done
in her personality, one minute she my homework that knight. Seeing this
would be in tears the next minute she movie gave me an idea of why movie
would be beating up the bad guys. reviewers get paid. I didn't find the film
Another problem with her character to be even remotely entertaining, and
was that she was a forest ranger, who during the screening I found myself
just happened to be able to do flips praying for a black out. However, that
on the side of a moving train, and was my opinion and I wanted to hear
who just happens to know the entire some other thoughts on the movie so I
history of the towns mining industry. asked someone else their opinion.
I would have liked her character Did youfind the movie to be original, or
more if she was less assertive, did youfeel it was just anther action
sometimes it felt like she was the movie?
pilot and that Christian Slater was the Yes,I thought it lacked originality.
simple park ranger. I really didnft How did youfeel about the forest
buy the whole super forest ranger ranger?
deal. I thought it was kind of cheep how she
I actually felt that the actors played their was able to do so much acrobatic stuff
parts well. Christian Slater played a Do youfeel the other actors did a good
good hero and John Travolta proved to job?
be an excellent villain, however I cant I guess so.
say much about the forest ranger with Over all, did youfind the movie to be
supernatural powers. The other thing entertainig?
that really killed the movie, was the lack Well, I never got bored.
of originality with the plot. The movie Broken Arrow was not worth the twenty
was actually another version of the Quetzales that I paid for it, I should
movie speed accept with airplanes and have gone to McDonalds. Everything
nuclear weapons. down on this movie, but I give it one
Well, if your looking for a typical action star for Howie Long's performance. Its
movie this is it. It has everything from a typical action movie but I think I liked
the boyscout hero, to the psycho villain, it better the first time I saw it when it
and of course the super forest ranger. was called Speed.
Its really sad how they just crank out
movies like this, there is always like
three of them a year and all you have to
do is see one and you know what all
three are about. I just wish that action
regulations. They're required to reinforce
them...or leave.

Q:" What is your concern about cigarette

avec smoking in school?"

A: There is a concern between students
and teachers. I respect that. I don't know
though if we're ready to establish a
smoking area. I think it should be O.K. for
by: (al) varo Zelaya adults to smoke. I haven't had the
opportunity yet to speak to teachers who
Directors of schools do affect do smoke.
Colegio Maya's success in the academic,
teaching, and recreational areas. The Q: What are your personal achievements
directors duty is to represent Colegio Maya of the year?
to those who know us not well. The A: I don't know yet. I've really enjoyed
Colegio Maya director, Dr. Pasquale, has being director of Colegio Maya. I am
just ended his first year at Colegio Maya, (pleasantly) surprised by the physical
morever he is just begining a (hopefully) plant and the student body. I think the
gracious career and experience in our little efforts made by others and myself to
piece of educational heaven. organize and plan for the future have been
Interview with Dr. Pasquale The board of directors and staff
have worked on the basic beliefs of
Q: " What is your belief in school dress Colegio Maya and now the board of
code?" directors are working on their goals.
A: " I don't believe Colegio Maya has a I'm a firm believer in few rules and
strict policy on dress codes. There leeway. regulations, but I firmly believe in
The two things I've obviously been enforcing them. I have thirty years of
associated with are the intervention of experience in schools, including Mexico
hats in classrooms, and wearing tattered and Peru, which are large international
clothes and apparel. It is common manners schools. In those thirty years, I believe
and decency around the world to be well Colegio Maya has the best learning
dressed in school. All we are asking for is environment, at least the best I've been in,
that people dress neatly. We must draw the and that is what I love about Colegio Maya
line somewhere." . I consider all of us here to be the luckiest
people in the world. We should all realize
Q: What do you say to teachers who really this as we go into the real world.
give no importance to dress codes?
A: We simply talk to the teachers if they Q: Do you think you have good relations
are not consistent in enforcing the dress with the students?
code. Of coarse there are disagreements A: The one thing I regret this year is I
and we do respect teachers opinions on haven't had the chance to acquaint myself
dress codes, but there are rules and with the seniors or the student body. I
really try to keep my nose out of student
life on a day to day basis. I will though,
pay more attention in the future. Q: Outside of the Maya community, what
comments have you heard about Colegio
Q: There has been a decline in the student Maya?
population. How much do you worry over A: Well the Southern Association Of
the fact? Colleges and Schools visited us a year ago.
A: There is a big concern in student The report was very favorable. The report
decrease. It all depends with the Peace is located in the library.
Accord that President Arzu will or will not
sign. If the Accord is signed, it means there Q: Does Maya have any limitations?
will control over crime, trade ect... in A: I always believe any institution can
Guatemala. The bill will keep our become better. That can only be
international community in Guatemala, accomplished with team work. We can
and let it grow. always improve our efficiency and
I'm really optimistic on what is effectiveness in Colegio Maya. My job is
going on, Ifm sure that President Arzu will to look for teachers who can help execute
sign the bill. I do believe the student that.
population will be larger than this year.
Q: What do you look for in teachers when
Q: Have you considered trying to bring in you are recruiting them?
more Guatemalan students to Maya? A: When I go to recruiting fairs I look for
A: Over Christmas we did open a lot to the someone who has a good academic and
Guatemalan community. We advertised technical background. I look for
through newspapers and videos. The exceptional personality, an attitude in the
results individual, someone who is open-minded
weren't what we expected. Anyhow the and culturally mature.
Guatemalan community seems to be happy We have a lot of people wanting to
with the Americano and Inter-Americano come to Colegio Maya. Teachers from the
schools. Afterall, our tuition is double the Americano and Inter-Americano have
cost. applied here.

Q: What do you look for in a Colegio Q: Any words of wisdom?

Maya student? A: All of us who are here are lucky people.
A: Through exams and interviews we I'm lucky to be here; I got this job by
know what we want. Yd say we're looking accident! Guatemala and Colegio Maya are
for college bound kids. We also look for a precious gems.
student to be successful in all areas of
Colegio Maya, wether it be academic,
sports etc...
On another note, we do accept
students who know little English and put
them through intense ESL programs. We
have even accepted students on academic
probation. We have faith in all our

\ .

places. Then a senior of each team went

The Ctash Of up to the stone stage and gave a little

speech which no one could understand

(courtesy of our wonderful PA system) but
was received with thunderous applause
By: BenBakhzon anyway. Then each team screamed their
cheer and song, showed their banner, and
The Clash Of Colors is and has went out onto the field On the field 3
been a Maya tradition for many years, seniors (Marko, Eric, and Suzy) carried a
although it has not always been the same. lit torch to an urn on a platform. Suzy then
The earliest recollection of anything like took the torch and lit the contents of the
the Clash Of Colors that I have been able urn, kind of like in the Olympics. These 3
to find is from Mrs. Kayayan's memory of seniors were honored because they have
her daughters participating in it in 1982. been at Maya the longest. After this, 1
However, from 1982-1988, Clash Of section of each team color went inside to
Colors was called The Olympics and was do relays while the other sections stayed
held on Saturdays. Then in 1989 it became outside to do other activities. There were
known as Sports Day and it was held all also fewer activities this year and the water
day long on a Friday. Somewhere along relays were taken out (to the great
the way it became Clash of Colors and that disappointment of many students). Finally,
is how it is known today. while last year Mrs. Kayayan was honored
The basics of the Clash of Colors for being the most involved in the Clash Of
has always been the same: Different color Colors, this year they honored Mrs.
teams competing in different activities. Maldonado.
Clash Of Colors seems to be the most The 8 teams this year were Green,
appropriate name for this event because White, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue,
the activities that are performed arent and Black. The team names this year were
really sports. Some examples of the very original: Green Slime, White
activities used over the past few years are Dragons (Okay, maybe not that original),
the water relay, Siamese twins, problem Purple Maniacs, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
solving, and many other relays that involve Smashing Pumpkins, Yellow Pages, Blue
bean bags, balls, and an assortment of Jeans, and Black Plague and the Black
other items. Holes. The coaches (there were 2 for each
This year's Clash Of Colors was team) were Dr. Thomas and Mr. Giovanni,
different than other years for several Mr. Pastore and Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Barrera
reasons. First of all, there were 8 teams and Mr. Crasto, Ms. Storey and Mrs.
instead of the usual 4; but there were the Ramirez, Mrs. Leon and Mr. Getten, Mr.
same number of sections because while Vance and Ms. Greenwood, Mrs.
other years there were 4 sections per team, O'Sullivan and Mrs. Feia, and Mr. Feia and
this year there were only 2. The second Mrs. DeBeausset
major difference was the opening This year the events we did were
ceremony. We have never had anything divided into 2 groups: relays (inside the
like this before. The opening ceremony gym) and others (outside the gym). The
started with all the colors going into and relays were balancing a ring on your head,
around the gym until they reached their scooterboards (backwards), ping pong
balls on plastic spoons, balancing ball on for sportsmanship and spirit, of which Red
paddle, and crabwalk to half court then got the former and Yellow got the latter.
crawl to the other end. The outside events After all the ribbons were distributed, a
were Basketball free shot, Tug-o-war, senior from each team went to get
Soccer shoot, and Egg toss. The popsickles (also courteously donated by
Basketball free shot consisted in trying to the PTA) for all their team members.
get the ball in either a plastic garbage can The organization of the Clash Of
or the basketball hoop from different Colors this year wasn't really dumped on
locations for l,2,3,or 5 points. Each player any one person. However, Mrs. Adams
got one shot. This turned out to be the took control of the actual Clash Of Colors
most embarrassing event for one of the when she found the detailed notes that Mr.
Green teams since the only point they got Fifield had left and expanded on these,
came from their Kindergartner's shot. The including the lighting of the torch and the
Tug-o-rope was a standard best 2 out of 3 procession at the beginning. A committee
tug-o-war game, except that there weren't of teachers was formed, and they all
any mud puddles or ant piles to pull the volunteered to do a job, whether it was to
other side into, which should have been be a team coach, supervise events, prepare
included to increase the teams, motivation food, or other jobs that needed to be done.
to win. The Soccer shot consisted in The Clash Of Colors did come as more of
taking shots at the soccer goals inside of a surprise this year than it has in others
which were medium sized soccer goals, because the students found out what team
small soccer goals, and a small cone in the they were on only about 1 week before the
center. A shot in the big goal resulted in 1 Clash Of Colors and they didn't even find
point. If you made it in the medium sized out what the events were until the actual
goal you got 2 points. If you scored in the day, unlike last year when they knew what
little goal you got 3 points. And if you hit teams they were on several weeks before
the cone you got 5 points. Finally, the Egg and they also knew what the events were
toss was a true test of your throwing and going to be in advance and even practiced
catching skills and hand-eye coordination them in PE class.
since you had to throw and egg back and Since the students were the people
forth between you and your partner from involved in the actual events, I thought it
distances of 2 feet to maybe a couple would be interesting to see what they
yards. Sometime during the course of the thought of it.
day each team went to the cafeteria for
some mango or watermelon, courteously "It was ridiculous to take out all the
provided by the PTA. games involving water because those were
At the end of the day, all the teams the most fun'1
gathered inside the gym to see who the -Tomas Lin
winners would be. After a few minutes "It was very fun and it was good
(during which the teachers counted the because it showed school spirit"
scores), the results were announced: Black -Ji-Ho Yoo
came in third, White came in second, and "The tug-o-war was fun"
the magnificent, marvelous, incredible, -Mike Ramsey
outstanding Green team (of which I was a "It should have been judged better"
part) came in first. There were also prizes -Kristin Gonzalez
strong commitment since you sometimes
APproaching The have to stay after school or come up on
holidays (as the AP Calculus class did on
End May first).
By: BenBaldizon This is not to say that taking AP courses
is bad. Inalotofcollegesyoucan'tget
The end of the year is coming up and enough credit to pass a whole year from
with it the AP tests. Students are just AP courses. Taking a few AP courses
frantically studying and cramming their could make your first year at college a lot
brain with as much knowledge as they can easier if you had fewer classes to worry
while teachers are just as frantically about. You will also have to take the
preparing them for the dreaded exams. classes in college if you don't take them
Total chaos rules the lives of those taking now and you will have to study and work
the tests (while the rest of us are having a just as hard there as here. Most people try
great time with no worries whatsoever). to take as many AP course as they can so it
Just what exactly are these classes? seems the pros outweigh the cons.
The AP (Advanced Placement) courses are This year the juniors were only offered
courses that juniors and seniors can take to 1 AP course: AP History. To get into this
prepare them for the AP tests. If you get a (and every other) AP course you have to
3 or above on these tests you pass and get permission from the teacher in charge
many colleges will give you credit for (in this case Mr. Vance). The AP History
different courses. However, not all class uses the same book as the other
colleges will give you credit for AP eleventh grade class but they go over it a
courses For example, you can't get credit lot faster since they have to be up to the
for AP Psychology at Yale or any AP 1970fs in their book by May 10, the date of
courses at Trent However, at the colleges their test. In order to get this far they
where you do get credit for AP courses, started staying after school for an hour and
depending on how much credit they will a half since the week after the musical
give you, you could skip a whole year of £&B£(orthe 18 of March). As the date of
college. However, this depends on how the test approaches, the people in the class
many credits are necessary to pass each are staying after school more and more
year at a college. At Yale, 36 credits are often to review and there is intensive
necessary to pass and you get 2 credits for studying going on at home.
every AP course. The seniors had the option to take a
It may sound like taking AP courses is total of? AP courses. The 7 courses
the best thing to do but there is a negative available were AP History, AP English
side. First and foremost, if you take Language, AP English Literature, AP
enough AP courses you could enter college Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature,
as a Sophomore. This may sound great but AP Calculus, and AP Psychology. There
(and this is especially relevant to people are no seniors taking AP History this year
who haven't lived in the United States for a because it is really a Junior course. But, in
while) just getting used to your first year of theory, it would be possible for a senior to
college is difficult and if you enter it as a take it if he/she really wanted to.
Sophomore it can be a lot harder The AP The AP English courses are taught by
courses also take intensive studying and a Dr. Thomas, but there is only one class,
English Literature. If you take the English has also been doing dozens of reviews and
Language AP test you have to prepare for practice tests since March.
it on your own. The English Language Last but not least, there is the
class has been specially preparing for the Psychology class, taught by Mrs. Trujillo.
test since January by writing 40 minute The class is not an AP class but the
essays (they have 120 minutes to write 3 students use a college level psychology
essays on the AP test) and taking various book and if anyone wants to take the AP
practice tests. test they must finish the book on their own
The AP Spanish courses are different and do all their studying outside of class.
than the English AP courses because there Following is a list of all the people
is a class for Spanish Language. There taking the AP exams and the tests they are
wasn't very much special preparation taking.
involved in the Spanish Literature course
(which Mrs. Barrera teaches) besides just List of AP Exam Candidates
taking the class, although they did do a few
small practice tests with a few multiple AP Lanmiafre

SusanaLee AguedaLin
choice questions and some essays. Mrs. CristinaLin Katrina Carlson
Barrera says that this is because there IvanOu Caroline Grimier
Alvaro Zelaya Chisa Nishii
really isn't any need to do practice tests or EncHolbik Hannah Edgerton
reviews in order to pass the exams. The Natasha Muren Jessica Lee
Marko Petricevic
AP Spanish Language class is taught by
Mrs. Cintron. The AP Spanish Language AP English Literature
class is for people who have Spanish as a Mike Arellano Manuel Negron
Caroline Grimier Hannah Edgerton
first, second, or third language but know AlexterKuile
how to speak and write pretty well. In the
AP Calculus
class, the students learn how to better
Mike Arellano Manuel Negron
express themselves and about different SusanaLee AguedaLin
CristinaLin IvanOu
writing techniques. They also go over
Alvaro Zelaya Chisa Nishii
language mechanics. The Spanish
Language students have been writing AP English Language
AguedaLin Manuel Negron
various essays and taking many practice CristinaLin Katrina Carlson
tests to prepare for the AP exams. Natasha Muren

Mr. Feia didn't have to do very much to

AP Sl>ani*h Literature
get his AP Calculus students preparing for
Mike Arellano Manuel Negron
the test. He suggested that people stay SusanaLee AguedaLin
CristinaLin Katrina Carlson
after school to study and this suggestion
was readily picked up by most of the
students. Ever since March they have been AP Psychology
Caroline Grimier Eric Holbik
staying after school for an hour and a half. Natasha Muren
Hannah Edgerton
However, because a lot of the students had
soccer practice when the extra Calculus 4f> US Hictnry
Kevin Baldizon Andrew Hamill
studying was going on, Mr. Feia offered to Melissa Leon Martin Doe
teach 2 hours on Saturday afternoons for Allison Lugo Maricel Castafier
Maisy Hidalgo Maria Estrada
the people in soccer. The Calculus class Marie Holbik Jeflf Brown
Mike Ramsey JaeAhn
TomasLin Gianna Carmeba
1. What did you like about Colegio

2. What did you like about Guatemala?

3. Where are you going to teach?

4. What was your best memory of

Colegio Maya?

5. Since you are leaving, do you have

anything to say to the faculty members
or students?
By: Ji-Ho Yoo

And they answered:

Y,ES! The end of the school year Mr. Tim Leone-Getten

has finally come. No more, homework, no

1. First of all, I like the wonderful students
more pressure. The beaches are waiting for
I have worked with here. I also enjoyed
getting to know and working with other
However, the ending also means
"good-bye". Nine proud teachers of
Colegio Maya are leaving us. They worked
2.1 love the people and cultures of
so hard to educate us crazy kids. To show
Guatemala. It is a wonderful and
them our appreciation, I wrote an article on
fascinating land that I am sure I will return
the teachers who are leaving, and I found
to many times throughout my life.
out where they are going, and what they
liked about CM (Club Maya).
3. Next year, I will be teaching Spanish at a
The teachers who are leaving are:
high school in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but I
Dr. Thomas (10, 11, 12 AP Literature),
hope to return to teaching ESL soon.
Mr. Vance (10, 11 AP History, 12, Geo
4. While I really enjoyed the special days
Mrs. Keil (Art)
like the "Clash of Colors and the "Middle
Mr. Getten (ESL)
School lock-in", probably the best memory
Mrs. Maldonado (6th grade)
I have is seeing how fast my students
Mrs. Greenwood (5th grade)
learned English. They're awesome!
Ms. Guy (kinder)
Ms. Richardson (kinder)
5. Have fun next year and good luck.
Mrs. Adams (Elementary P.E.) Students, keep working hard on your
I interviewed each of them to find
out where they are going and the following
Mrs. Anne Adams 3.1 will be teaching Kindergarten at the
International School of the Sacred Heart in
Tokyo, Japan.
1. The beautiful campus above the smoke
filled city, the small classes so that I could
4. Going to IRTRA with my class. Hearing
teach a wide variety of sports and activities,
the relaxed family atmosphere where them say, "We're at Disneyland!"

everyone is included in all activities

building a strong "espirit de corps". 5.1 would especially like to thank Anne
Feia for her continued support throughout

2. The amazing blue skies and white fluffy my 3 1/2 years here! Also, thanks to

clouds, the friendly helpful people, the new everyone for being so friendly!!

smells, the traveling to explore vast

diversity from Monte Rico to Tikal to Ms. Trish Greenwood
Chichicastenango, the wonderful culture
and special celebrations of "Navidad", 1. Colegio Maya's international population
"Ano Nuevo", "Semana Santa", and
"cumpleanos." 2.1 like everything about Guatemala.

3. In Sacramento, California as an 3. I'm going to teach at Telluride, Colorado

elementary P.E. specialist in an elementary
school. 4. Thanks for a great year.

4. Clash of Colors, the wonderful

Mrs. Keil
gymnasium, especially during the rainy
season. All of the eager brighten highly
1.1 like the multi-talented students.
skilled elementary students and their
understanding and flexible cooperation
2.1 like the colors and climate.
from my colleagues.

3.1 have not decided yet.

5. Believe in yourself. Take time to dream
and go for your dream. Remember the
4. Enjoy everything about Colegio Maya.
important thing is to take part, to struggle
It's a great place, lots of fun, and lots of
and put forth your very best at all times.

Ms. Christine Guy

Ms. Susan Richardson
1. The people I worked with and all of the
1.1 like the people who I worked with.

2. Its villages and country side.

2. Meeting new people- my boyfriend,
3. I'm going to California.

4. Thanks for the help!

Dr. Judy Thomas settle their differences, because this country
will have a bright and prosperous future if
1. The wonderful students who really want the people can learn to live with each other

to learn. The fact that students can do so peacefully.

many things like drama and sports and not

be excluded 3. Seisen International School in Tokyo,

2. The climate and beautiful mountains.

The artisans who weave beautiful cloths. 4. IVe had many great memories of Colegio
Maya, but 111 always remember 1) watching

3. The Carol Morgan School in Santo the senior class of f96 grow up and become

Domingo, Dominican Republic. an exceptional group of men and women

who I know will be successful in life; 2)
directing 10 Little Indians, 3) winning the
4. Watching my son, Chris, graduate in
1994. Teaching the seniors last year when AASCA Knowledge Bowl Tournament; 4)
Mr. Horton's 50th birthday party; 5) being
they were juniors together with Mr. Vance.
a part of Fiddler on the Roof.
The class discussions were great. Also,
seeing the set and actors come together for
10 Little Indians this year. Coaching a 5. To the students: Don't take this school

great group of young ladies in basketball. for granted! You have a cooperative,
possessive, friendly and peaceful place in
which to learn and prepare for your future.
5. Thank you to all the teachers I've
Not many students can say that.
worked with for three years. We all came
To the faculty: I have learned much from
together to make Maya an exceptional
working with you and have grown
place. To the students I want to also thank
professional having worked with you.
them for rising to my expectations of
Thank you for your professionalism and
excellence. Don't lose it!!
your support- 111 miss you.

Mr. Brian Vance Mrs. Maribel Maldonado is taking a

year off from Colegio Maya; therefore, she
1. IVe seen the school undergo many is staying in Guatemala. I am pretty sure
transformations over the past 5 years, the future 6th grade class is going to miss
almost all of which have been her. Mrs. Maldonado is planning to come
improvements that have helped make the back for 1997-1998.
school a better place to learn. The greatest The end of the school year is the
asset of Colegio Maya is the student best time to show your appreciation to the
population. teachers who worked so hard and so
persistently for us. Good luck to the
2. The climate, the culture and the great teachers who are leaving!
places to travel to on the weekends.
Guatemala is a beautiful country with
beautiful peoplt fnd a wonderfully rich and
vibrant culture. I hope that the military and
major population can agree to peacefully
i r .-;
president of the class for four straight
years. I asked her some questions about
her role in the class of 1996.
(E)ric: What made you decide to run for
the presidential office?
(S)usy: I wanted to make a
do something for the class.
(E): What goals did you set out to
accomplish for the class?
(Class of 1996!!!) (S): Raise enough money for the Prom,
..and to unify the class.
Yes, it is finally time to dedicate (E): What advice can you give for the
this issue to the all-mighty seniors of future senior class officers?
Colegio Maya. They have endured the (S): To set their goals and work for it.
seemingly everlasting 4 years of high Donft be afraid to speak out.
school. It is the anxiety filled year where The parents and students helped get
applications are sent, hopes are raised, the year off in an organized fashion by
acceptance letters come pouring back, and establishing a meeting in which future
the days are slowly counted down to plans and activities were discussed and
graduation. It is the final year where debated. This meeting created a class-
friends and memories are made, enjoyed, parent relationship that helped establish
and kept. what the class expected, and what the
The beginning of the year is parents were willing to offer and support
definitely marked by the hardships of One of the most successful ideas
filling out the college applications. The was the division of the class into three
counselor's office was constantly packed committees, Graduation, Prom, and the
with anxious seniors seeking advice and Senior Trip. Each student is a member of
help. But by Christmas the majority of the one of these groups. The committees had
applications were sent and our future and to then research and present ideas for their
fate laid in the hands of the admissions appropriate event to the entire class.
office. (Not an easy feeling to cope with The leadership of the following
throughout the rest of the year). officers have provided the opportunity to
The class leaders were up to the do many activities. The year started off
challenge of satisfying the needs of the with a senior retreat where the class went
seniors class, (and helping us get away to Susy's house in Lake Amatitlan to help
with many of them) These bold guides are unify the class. The retreat gave a chance
Suzy Lee (President), Caroline Grimmler for the newly arrived students to meet
(Vice President), Katrina Carlson other classmates who have already been
(Secretary), and Christina Lin (Treasurer). members of the Mayan community.
The student advisors who help keep the Accompanied by the two senior advisors
seniors on track are Dr. Thomas and Mr. and the school's two counselors, the class
Vance (who has seen alot of us grow up discussed college, life, and future
since 8th grade). activities.
Suzy Lee has emerged as a leader Some of these other activities
sincejhe ninth grade by being the include the five day senior environmental
science trip to Lanquin, Champey, and of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian will
Coban. See the previous issue for an in- follow as well as their speeches. The high
depth look at the trip. school choir will perform some songs, and
The seniors later grouped together afterwards the senior teachers, Dr. Thomas
to secretly plan an unscheduled senior skip and Mr. Vance ,will each give a speech,
day. The leadership of several anymous followed by the presentation and awarding
seniors got the entire class to take a day off of graduate diplomas. Manuel Negron and
and relax in Antigua. After the week of Natasha Muren will be singing "Friends"
stressful AP exams, the seniors felt they together after the awarding of diplomas.
deserved a day to just forget about school, The candle ceremony will proceed when
and all be together. So, that morning, the parents and graduates will exchange
instead of being in school, the class of '96 flowers and candles. The slide show,
enjoyed a pizza lunch 45 km away (as far accompanied by their chosen class songs,
as possible) from school. Photo will be presented. The slide show consists
opportunities were taken advantage of of photos of the graduating class, and
while we relaxed in the central park. individuals. Finally, the Class Moment
Afterwards, the class all shopped at the will allow the class to individually
local market, walked around the city, and congratulate each other and embrace one
later headed home. another. The recessional or ending of the
The seniors will show their ceremony will be the exit of the graduates
appreciation of their parents by cooking accompanied by the playing of "Pomp and
breakfast for them on a Monday morning. Circumstance".
The class will all sit and eat together with As the 1995-1996 year is quickly
the seniors giving thanks to their parents. coming to a close and as the final days
There is also be a scheduled senior pot- pass away, each senior (well, most of
luck lunch that will fepresented by the them) makes an effort to establish lasting
teachers. It will held at the Marine House friendships and try to keep in contact for
with senior teachers and students enjoying the future. Our paths crossed in the
games and pool side fun. American International School of Colegio
The prom will take place May 18 at Maya, but they will once again divide as
the Hotel El Dorado. The goal of the class each individual takes a different course.
this entire year was to make enough money This realization that next year the class of
to pay for the expenses of the celebrated f96 will be independent students in a
event. The success of several fund raising foreign setting, has began to set in to the
events helped pay off the necessary senior's minds.
expenses. On the following page is an depth
The graduation will be held on May look at the seniors and their ambitions.
30th, after the senior exams, at the IGA Obviously, some did not take it so
theater. The graduation program will start seriously, but they're seniors, let them be.
off with the entrance of the seniors, A piece of advice for all the departing
followed by a welcome address by the seniors and the friends they are leaving
director, Dr. Pasquale. Then a benediction behind: "Cheer up, the worst is yet to
or spiritual speech will be performed by come." -Philander Johnson
Joseph Rider, a reverend and former
counselor of the school. The presentation
L.Name F.Name D.O.B. Nationality Ambition Fav.Music Fav.Actor Fav.Movie
Arellano Mike 10/20/78 ISA. Engineer lock Mel Gibson Sraveheart
Barrera Carolina 8/19/78 Suatemala Hotel Manager Spanish Pacino Dead Poets Society
Carlson Katrina 6/10/78 ISA/Colombia I types Robin Williams Sraveheart
Jhamorro Margid 9/19/78 Colombia J.N. Employee Everything M Pacino Scent of a Woman
Jhamorro Lizette 9/21/77 Colombia I don't know Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall
6 Grimmler iaroline 3/23/78 Guatemala Chef ie Samples The Crow
Hall Michele 6/18/78 U.S.A/Colombia sinesswoman Alternative Tom Cruise )irty Dancing
8 Holbik Eric 1/17/78 U.S.A. 3iness/Envio/Law Jim Carrey 3raveheart
9 Lee Jessica 2/8/76 Taiwan Anything rrench Kiss
10 Lee Susy 10/11/77 Taiwan 3usiness/Architect Anything Robin Williams French Kiss
11 Lin Christina 11/17/77 ite/Taiwan Anything Ethane Hawk Sense and Sensibilty
12 Lin Agueda 1/26/79 Taiwan Doctor Julie Andrew Sound of Music
13 Muren Natasha 7/22/78 Costa Rica/U.S.A Lawyer ive Dustin Hofman Stand by Me
14 Negron Manuel 3/11/78 Puerto Rico Septic Tank Cleaner [Everything James Dean East of Eden
15 Nishii 10/8/77 Japan ily God knows Gone with the Wind
16 Petricevic Marko 5/1/77 Bolivia Shrimp Farmer ternative Jim Carrey Ace Ventura
17 erKuile Aleida 10/21/78 IN. Peacekeeper [Tori Amos Morgan Freeman Shawshank Redemption
18 Valbuena Viviana 8/28/77 Colombia tentative Robin Williams Braveheart
19 Yoo Ji-Ho 1/29/78 Korea litect ip-Hop Jackie Chan Thunderbolt
20 Zelaya Alvaro 4/10/78 U.S.A. i little Tea pot olka Robin Williams
21 Edgerton Hannah 12/12/78 U.S.A. Juisness/Envi Everything My
lystic Pizza
11/2/78 Spain/Guate
11/8/77 Chile/Taiwan
businesswoman Everything
Computer Animator [Rock i
Robert Downey Jr. Interview w/ a Vampire
Courtesy of Country Day we were
picked up by a bus which took us to their
school so we could meet our hosts.
Everyone was anxious to see if they would
get a cool host, cool meaning my host will
take me out and have a late curfew. Of
course, though, we, the dedicated soccer
team, refused to go out while we had
games (Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no
by: (al) varo Zelaya
more say no more.) Everyone seemed
Pep rally or not the Maya 1996
happy with their host, even Elizabeth
soccer teams were pepped up (like Peter
Adams, who had a seventh grade host (I
Piper who popped his pimple) to play in the
heard she had a mean set of Nintendo with
1996 AASCA tournament organized by
a doulbledecker 2020 " Look, Ma1, no
and hosted by Lincoln and Country Day
hands," joystick). We all departed Country
school in Costa Rica. At 11:25 on Tuesday
Day until the next day.
we boarded the bus to go to the airport.
Everyone seemed to have a good
Checking in the flight smoothly ( except
night's sleep, no partying for us, no siree.
there was a problem with Jennifer
The morning preparation included the
Peterson's baggage; naturally there was
opening assembly at Lincoln. The glamour
excess weight. She claims her make-up kit
and glory commenced as we proudly
was below 100 lbs.) Going through
marched around the school's soccer field.
migration went smooth as a baby's butt. By
Every school sung their countries anthems
the time everyone went through, we still
with their heads high. When it came time
had 2- 3 hours before boarding . To kill
for us to hail Guatemala, we were as loud
time in an airport, one can enjoy duty-free
as a Cats show on Broadway(creek ,creek);
shopping. Most people bought the usual
fortunately we had Americano and Inter
(cheap)" tipico" miscellaneous
Americano schools of Guatemala next to
accessories. I was busy playing the
us. After that, we were off!
internationally acclaimed game of B.S,
The tournament for the next four
which stands for Bologna Sandwich. At 3
days would go as smooth as Bill Clinton's
p.m we hi-jacked the plane with our
diet plan. All the girls' games woulld be at
hyperactivity because, besides going to
the Lincoln school while all our division
Costa Rica, we had the privilege to skip,
games were at the Tibas stadium. On a
diss, blow off, miss, play hooky, watch
daily basis Marco, Mark, Joe, and I would
daytime T.V ect... The flight went directly
be the delivery boys for the McDonald
to Costa Rica in 1.5 hours. We were served
lunches. We would take everyone's order
and groomed by the economy flight. There
and get a cab to Mickey-D's. One time, we
nothing like cuisine d' aeroplane. I believe
had trouble with a cabby. When we got a
Allyson Morrill licked her plate clean and
cab to go back to the stadium, Mark
still had thirds. Later she was asked to sit
accidentally slammed the door shut. The
on the aisle so the weight on the plane
cabbie then started mumbling to himself.
would be distributed equally. The landing
Then, a minute later he started growling .
was as smooth as butter on flapjacks and
He kept on saying something about his
getting our baggage went as smooth as the
eggs and something about the taxi not
American Budget plan.
being cheap. For the entire ride he ranted semi's. Believe me, Eric looks good with
and scolded us. In the words of the valley pompoms.

girl, "As if!" We scrammed out of the cab, Anyway, to make a long story
I mean this guy was worthy of N. Y.C longer, we still had to watch the girls'
cabby-hood. Anyway we made the delivery championship game, which included our
with golden arches. I confess; the only proud Maya girls and Country Day girls.
good thing about going on the delivery Once again we cheered loud and
trips was keeping the change. obnoxiously. We got the Country Day
O.K since I'm not a girl (I double goalie to show her affection for us by
checked), I can't really tell you what the letting us see her birdie. We even nagged
girls really did throughout the day in detail. the boonies out of number 13 from
I asked team captain, Alex ter Kuile. The Country Day. Her name was Tupper, the
response was that they went to study hall, granddaughter of Mr. Tupper, who
ate, watched games, ate, played games, ate, invented Tupperware. [The results and
picked-up cute guys, and finally more the high-lights of the games will be
eating. The girls, though, did come watch reported in Eric Holbik's article.]
one of our games after Mr. ( drill-sergeant) The closing ceremony was nothing
Pastore said " I'll think it over if you girls out of the ordinary. The food was as good
want to watch the game." The trouble was as cafeteria food, which was actually
that our games were scheduled at the same passable in Costa Rica. Everyone was
time and at different locations. happy and excited about the big night out.
Well, we, the boys, did pretty much San Pedrana school seemed so excited that
what the girls did, except there was less their speech mechanics became impaired,
" eatin1". actually they pretty much said the same
On a more personal note, I enjoyed things over and over; for example they used
most of the days in the luxurious dug-out. the popular word spoken by our ancestor
My butt was made for bench wanning. Cro-magnon man -"EEEEEHH!".
Although I did have the chance to make Following the ceremony we were
snide remarks at the opposing teams, my escorted to the parties. I will abstain from
favorite part was teasing the Salvador going any further on this matter since Maya
team, especially number 11, who shaved has a reputation uphold.
"11" on his head. I kept on shouting, "Give The next morning we were to be at
it up Velcro- boy, you'll never score, your the airport at 6:00 am to catch our 10:00
shirt keeps on sticking to your head" (ha, am flight. We were all famished. Next time
ha, ha, the reason I called him thus was anyone drops by the terminal area in Costa
because it looked like he had two pieces of Rica, look for the nice little snack bar they
Velcro on the back of his head I think have. They serve the best grilled cheese
that joke bombed). sandwiches.
The guys1 team got to see a girls' Well everything went well on the
game with Country Day against Maya. The way back home. With a click of our shoes
giris had already made it to the semi-finals, we made it no time. Finally as they say
butthk was their rival team in the division. " Colorin Colorado, este cuento se la
Jkc guy* were tejueathed tfee role of cabado!"
scored on a free kick. The game ended
The AASCA in a 1-1 tie. The final day for divisional
play was scheduled to be the most

Soccer difficult for the Maya team. They had to

play the American School of Nicaragua,
which won the tournament two years
Tournament ago, and Country Day School, which
came in second place for two
by: Eric Holbik
consecutive years. One the day before in
The A.A.S.C.A. tournament is an head to head competition Country Day

international competition where many of tied Nicaragua l-l.

the schools based on the American The Nicaragua game ended in a

educational system compete in a variety one goal victory for Maya. Once again
of events. The 1995-1996 soccer Alex terKuile provided the scoring. The

tournament was held in San Jose, Costa two victories and tie guaranteed
Rica hosted by the Lincoln School. This advancement into the Semifinals. This

year marked Maya's third year straight was a first for the Maya sports program

appearance in the tournament and there in any AASCA event. So the match
shall be many more to attend. against Country Day, who had the same
The tournament is divided into amount points as Maya, was not a win or
male and female categories with two death situation, although it would

divisions consisting of five teams in

determine first and second place of the
each division. A victory results in three
division. The half-time score was 0-0;
however, in the second half Country Day
points, a tie gives one point, and a loss
gives zero points. Each team plays every scored on a free kick by their MVP
team in it's division, the highest point
player who would later lead the

values determine the place positions on

individual scoring statistics. All though
Maya lost the game 1-0, it might have
each division. The playoffs or semifinals
been better for the team. This is because
occur as first place team in each division
by placing second in the division, they
would play the second place team in the
would have to play the first place team
other division, with the winners playing
in the second division, which was the
against each other in the finals.
Americano school of Guatemala. In
The Mayan girls came into the
Copa Maya several days before, Maya
tournament with a positive and confident
had defeated the team 1-0.
attitude as they had won all four games
On Saturday the semifinal games
in Guatemala leading up to the
were all played, with Maya facing off
tournament. Their first opponent was
with its rival school. For fifty minutes
Mazapan, a school in Honduras, that
the teams battled, and yet in ended in a
proved to be a swift and easy victory.
0-0 tie. To decide the winner of the
Forward Margie Chamorro scored 3
game a series of penalties kicks are
goals to give Maya its opening game
done. Amanda Rhodes, who has been
victory. The following day brought the
playing goalie for the first time ever, was
Interamericano school from Guatemala.
faced with the pressure of defending the
Inter scored first in the second half, but
goal and the fate of the Mayan
after several minutes, Alex terKuile
advancement into the finals. A 2-2 tie in host school for the Maya players. The
penalties scored and only one kick left first goal was scored by Mike Arellano
for each team created an enormous tense early in the first half A Maya auto goal
and nervous atmosphere for both teams. and another offensive goal by CDS gave
But Susy Lee, overcame true tension as the opponent a one goal lead into the
she scored on her kick. This gave Maya second half. With the final 10 minutes
the edge with the final kick by left to play, Mike once again scored,
Americano. Amanda blocked the final ending the game in a 2-2 tie. The
kick and gave Maya a 3-2 victory, and atmosphere after the game was
the privilege to play in the 1996 AASCA victorious, because already in one game,
finals!! the boys team had performed much
The final game in the 1995-1996 better than they did in last years
A.A.S.C.A. tournament was held on A.A.S.C.A soccer tournament
Saturday in the Lincoln school campus, The second game was played the
with Colegio Maya in it's first ever next day against the El Samperana (EIS)
showing in any sports final. They had to school. The day before EIS had tied the
face the only team that had beaten them heavily favored El Salvador team 2-2.
in the tournament, Country Day, The Control of the ball was equally fought
game was intense as both teams pushed for, although EIS had by far more shots
the ball and aggressively tried to score on goal throughout the entire duration of
first. However, it wasn't until the middle the game. Maya scored the first goal in
of the first half when Michele Wiater the game, when Jason Peterson shot the
kicked a goal right between the out ball after dribbling through the opposing
stretched fingers of the goalie and the defense inside the penalty area. EIS
top cross bar. This gave Maya an early responded with their own goal a few
lead that pressured the opposing team minutes later with a head in goal from a
into an offensive frenzy. The Maya corner kick. The half-time score was 1-
defense held out the attack for several 1) with forty minutes still left to play in
minutes until a free kick goal by the the second half of regulation. Maya
opposing team's MVP tied the game. once again scored first with an outside
Nearing the end of the first half, a Maya • shot by Mike Arellano. Maya held the
autogoal that resulted from an accidental one goal lead for most of the second
deflection of a defensive player, gave half, desperately seeking to hold the EIS
Country Day a one goal lead into the team scoreless in the second half. With
half-time. The second half was more a few minutes left in the game, EIS
defensively played as both teams were scored the heart-breaking goal to tie the
held scoreless for the twenty-five game 2-2. The Maya boys team
minutes of regulation. The game ended however, left the game with hopes of
as a Maya loss, but the entire journey succeeding against the El Salvadorian
into Maya's first final game appearance team, their next opponent.
in an A.A.S.CA. sports event and The Maya team realized the
second place overall was a victory all in tough competition that they were about
itself to face. The game was completely
Maya's first boys game was dominated by the American School of El
against Country Day (CDS) school, the Salvador, although the Maya defense
held them scoreless for most of the first atmosphere, especially the girls with
half. It was only a matter of time before their emergence on the finals.
El Salvador would score since the Maya Participants on 1995-1996 A.A.S.C.A.
offense failed to keep the ball on the Soccer Team:
other side of the field more than a few Female Position Grade
minutes. The second started with a 2 Alex terKuile (Cap) Mid 12
Susy Lee (Cap) Fwd 12
goal lead by El Salvador, and they
Margie Chamorro Fwd 12
scored one more time to end the game at Lizzette Chamorro Mid 12
3-0. Michelle Hall Def 12
The loss, however, did not end Caroline Grimmler (Cap) Mid 12
Maya's chance to advance into the Vivianna Valbuena Mid 12
Melissa Leon Def 11
semifinals. Since the rest of the other
Jennifer Peterson Def 11
teams had tied one another, the second Amanda Rhodes Goa 10
position in the group was a tie with most Allyson Morrill Def 10
of the other teams. For Maya to advance Vanessa Bergonzoli Mid 10
they needed a victory in their last game, Robin Orlasky Mid 10
Michele Wiater Mid 9
and for EIS and CDS to tie, and for El
Elizabeth Adams Mid 9
Salvador to beat CDS. Kristen Gonzalez Fwd 9
The final opponent was the local Coach: Mr. Pastore
Costa Rica Academy school. The game
was a disappointing one from the start Male Position Grade
Mike Arellano (Cap) Fwd 12
after two goals were scored, seemingly
Marko Petricevic (Cap) Def 12
simultaneously, in the early minutes of EricHolbik Fwd 12
the game. The Mayan team was Manuel Negron Def 12
obviously exhausted and frustrated by Alvaro Zelaya Goa 12
their style of play as they ended the Kevin Baldizon Mid 11
Andrew Hamill Def 11
game without scoring a goal and
Abdias Irrizany Mid 11
allowing eight goals against them. The MarcHolbik Goa 11
game was a frustrating and embarrassing Martin Doe Mid 11
loss that ended the Maya boys Mino Yang Mid 10
appearance in the tournament The Valerio Demeo Mid 10
Jason Peterson Fwd 10
injuries and exhaustion from all the
Joe Yoo Def 10
games leading up to the final game Tonatiuh Romero Def 10
definitely played a role in the Pablo Sanchez
disappointing loss.
The final male game was a
Lincoln school victory over
Interamerciano by a score of 2-1. El
Salvador place third, with Costa Rica
Academy in fourth. Maya ended in
ninth place overall.
The soccer tournament was a
very successful one as both the boys and
girls teams enjoyed the winning
The game was against the American

Knowledge school of Guatemala. It was early,

Saturday the 23rd, and we were all kind
of tired from a night of mild partying.
Bowl? But, we maintained our undefeated
record and defeated the American school
by: Manuel Negron

This yearfs Colegio Maya Knowledge This marked the end of the first part of
Bowl team was, in the words of their our journey. We were ranked first in our
coach, Mr. Brain Vance, "the strongest bracket and first overall because we had
team we've ever had." The team was more points than the undefeated team in
comprised of four juniors (Tomas Lin, the other bracket: the American school of
Andrew Hamiii, Kevin Baldizon, and our Tegucigalpa.
resident Canadian specialist on the Next, the first-ranked teams in each
amendments, Martin Doe) and one bracket played the #2 teams in the other
strikingly handsome and mature senior bracket-us against Mazapan, and
(cough, cough). Last year our team had Tegucigalpa against El Salvador.
won the first place spot in the Tegucigalpa beat Salvador by a narrow
tournament, so we were hoping to repeat six-point margin. They would now
our victory with a stronger team, but advance to the finals against the winner
sadly this was not the case. of our game against Mazapan.
The team was off to a very good start The game against Mazapan was by far
on Friday, the 22nd of March. We first the most tense, nerve-wracking, and
played Inter of Guatemala, and beat them highest-scoring game of the entire
soundly 35-7 (they were eighth out of tournament. Initially Mazapan pulled
eight teams in the end). We were ahead This very much angered the
cooking, but the second game would Maya team, who would not let
soon prove to be a much tougher match themselves be beaten. In the end, Maya
than the original game. pulled ahead to a twelve-point victory
It was us against the team that we over Mazapan at 56-44, the highest
defeated in the finals last year: the scoring game of the tournament.
American school of El Salvador. Their We had made it to the finals. It was
team was lead by their cartoonish team us against Tegucigalpa. We did not think
captain, "Super Wally." (I later got the they would be so tough—although their
opportunity to converse with Wally. We matching red coats were awfully
both came to the conclusion that we were intimidating. They were also far superior
actually the same person, and we shared to us in raw tonnage. In the end, we
a brain. It was pretty weird.) They were decided to play serious.
a very good team, but, in the end, Maya But it wasn't enough.
was victorious by six points in a veiy The questions were very science-
low-scoring game 12-6. oriented and not geared to our
We had one more game on Friday, but, specialties. They were also extremely
of course, the electricity went out in the quick. The first team to win two out of
sweltering heat of the gym. We were three matches would win. In the end, we
forced to suffer in the heat for one very were defeated at 27-17 in the first game,
long hour, until we decided it wasn't and at 50-17 in the second game.
going to come back and postponed the Anyway, we came in second over all.
game until early the next day. But... our team was the team with the
most trophies as it was a player from the
Maya team that won the MVP award good thing about this place was the
(cough, cough!). people. Unlike clubs in Guatemala, it
Nicaragua was a pretty cool place— was not packed to overflowing,
although I might be giving a biased exceedingly hot, and marked with a
opinion 'cause I had a really cool host. I peculiar smell. It had plenty of room to
had the time of my life. I got to go dance in, music I haven't heard over and
dancing and partying with the people over a million times (gag me, Macarena),
from the American school of Guatemala. and people who were friendly and not
I got to experience first-hand real afraid to just go up to you and talk to
Nicaraguan nightlife, and I liked it. It's a you. All in all, pretty much anyone could
lot more laid back than the night life have gone to this club and felt
here. You can do your own thing there, comfortable there. It was really easy to
and no one passes judgement I found have a lot of fun. And surely, we did as
the people (the girls, to be specific) a lot we returned to this same place a second
more outgoing than people here. Sorry, time on our last night in Nicaragua-a
ladies. night during which we were not
On the first night, I was taken to a bar permitted the luxury of sleep as we had
called Chaplin's. Unlike most bars here, to be awake at four in the morning...
it was not just a bar. It was also a place Of course, anonymous Maya student,
for karaoke (uh, oh...) and for dancing. Andrew Hamill, did not know this. He
This way everybody can enjoy took a "nap" and almost missed his plane
themselves. Anyways, the music they the following day. Oops.
were playing was really good music that
was easy to sing along to (Uh^Oh...). So,
I did. I started singing along with
someone else I knew from my table... big
mistake! Unbeknownst to myself, a
sneaky man with a microphone had
snuck up behind me and subtly slipped a
microphone around my neck and under
my chin where everything that came out
of my mouth could be heard by
everybody at Chaplin's. I wasn't sure
what was happening. I couldn't really see
the guy or the microphone, but I felt a
distinct sinking sensation as my voice
seemed to echo around me. I didn't
really figure out why until I noticed my
singing partner had stopped singing. He
was laughing too loudly to continue
singing. Whoops! I looked down, saw
the microphone, and duly shut my mouth
in order to prevent all my friends from
loosing all bladder control due to
The next night, after having gone
bowling (my host was some sort of
bowling demi-god (oxymoron)), my host
took me to a disco called Light City. The
WELCOME always got kicked out by exploding their
poisonous gas.
I finally learned every bad word
and a little "regular" English, so I started to
play basketball. Back then CM had a

cheesy outdoor court with a cement floor,
so when I fell there were huge blood stains
on the cement floor. Since we had such an
By: Ji-Ho Yoo
awesome soccer field, I played soccer, and
football. It's too bad that CM doesn't have
a football team. I could be the next Deion
Now, this is a story all about how Sanders (Who knows?).
my life got twisted and turned upside We had 45 minute class periods, so
down. Td like to take a minute so just sit we had 8 subjects a day and we had to go
right here, and let me tell you how I to the same class everyday. And there were
became the prince of a school called a lot of homework's. Due to my lack of
"Colegio Maya", (cool, huh!) English, it took me 6 hours to do
This article is about my view of homework. But thanks to Mr. Vance and
Colegio Maya over the past 5 years. Mr. Berke for encouraging me to learn
Colegio Maya is the first American school English (and not just the "bad11 words).
that I ever went to. I attend CM (short for The best thing about CM was the
Colegio Maya... or Club Maya). This is the students and the environment of the
school from which Tm graduating., and I school. CM is not like high school in the
have a lot of memories of CM. US. It is amore quiet and peaceful school.
When I first came to CM in The students don't carry guns here, and I
August, 1992, the school was so small. love the corporation between the students
Back then, Mr. Hansen was "Big Kahuna" and the teachers. Since the school is small,
(principal). We had a student population the classes are small The teachers help the
about 270-290. They had an awesome students 1 on 1. And since the CM is all
soccer field, and cool bleachers. the way up the mountain, we have a quiet
When I first came I did not know studying environment. Also, Colegio May
any English. It sucked when my class tried is a good place to escape from the air
to talk to me and I did not understand pollution in the city.
anything. I could not talk to anybody However, things got a lot harder as
(There were only 5 Koreans in CM), so I I got older. In 9th grade, I really had a
sat in class and got big fat 0's in tests. I difficult time with civics and physical
was depressed, but I had cool friends who science, but Mrs. Wever and Mr. Bond
helped me to learn English. Unfortunately, helped me a lot. When ESL students
I learned the bad words before any other attend their classes, they are so nice to the
words (aah, the good olf days!!!). We used students. I think that when the teachers
to laugh when Mr. Vance drew a missile encourage the students to learn English,
on the board to explain the Gulf War. I the students learn English faster, and
don't know why, but somehow farting in better.
the class was a big hit in 8th grade. The One of the best thing that happened
students who sat in the back of the class to me in Colegio Maya was basketball. I
did not play basketball back in Korea. I did California. While I waited for the answers,
start to play when I came to CM (it was too I was dying... but I got accepted in both
bad that the floor was rough cement.). colleges. I think getting into college gave
I started to play basketball, and I loved it. I me a lot of stress. But when you get
became so addicted to basketball, I could accepted, you feel like ( You have to
not do anything without playing basketball. get accepted in university to feel how I
(I sound like a nicotine addict, huh?). feel.).
Sometimes, I skipped class to go play I liked the sports program of Colegio
basketball. Of course I got in trouble many Maya. The thing that remember the most is
times. But what else could be more fun the basketball program of Colegio Maya.
than doing what you love? The tournaments like Copa Maya, and
Guatemala and Colegio Maya were AASCA tournaments were a blast. Colegio
the places that made me realize that there Maya is such a small school, but the sports
was violence and hate in the world A team are some of the strongest in
couple years ago, one kid got kidnapped Guatemala. I was surprised that how a
from the school bus. This accident turned small school like Colegio Maya could have
the school upside down. Canal 3 reported so many talented students. "Maya Jam"
about our school (I saw my-self on TV, (Basketball) was one of the best things that
but unfortunately, I was flicking).The FBI happened to me in my life. I could meet
captured the kidnappers and we got the many people in tournaments, and I made
little girl back. One year ago, one student, many friends, and I also got to work out.
Raul Avendaiio, got shot. The Guatemalan Practice was so hard, but maybe that made
newspapers wrote articles on Colegio us such good teammates. Even though I
Maya, and they wrote that the students of sucked at shooting, I wanted to be
Colegio Maya do drugs, and they wrote a recognized as the "Best Rebounder in
lot of other really negative things about my CM".
school. But the things that were wr9itten A Couple of years ago, there were
don't happen here, so I learned to not only a few musicians here. They barely
believe what I read in the newspapers by played in school. However, there are many
these articles. concerts in school now. There are many
The hardest grade of all was 1 lth guitarists, and people who play the piano,
grade. It was preparation for college. I flute, drum and violin. I think that FAME
planned to go to college in the US, but was the first musical in which the music
what I did not know was that I had to take was played by the students.
both the SAT and the TOEFL in 1 lth Colegio Maya is a small school, but
grade. Finally when I became a senior, I there are many talented people, and there
was so busy taking the SAT and TOEFL are many kinds people. I hope that this
tests. I took 3 SATs and 2 TOEFLs. If you article gives a little idea about what
are a junior, I suggest you to start taking Colegio Maya is all about for the new
the SAT now. The college application students. It is the best school that I ever
process was so hard and so much, I could have been part of...and I will miss it a lot.
not even do my homework. (I was even GOOD-BYE MAYA...
filling in college applications in my
dreams!!!). I applied to Washington
University and the University of Southern
George Mason University, and George

Sayonara Washington University. I felt that the

environment of all these were one in which
I could fit in. They had a good

Seniors international environment.

AgiiedaLin(A.L): Colleges in Taiwan
By: BenBaldizon
because I think that HI feel better there.
kaDJQu(IO.): Carnegie Mellon. It's an
This being the last issue of The
excellent college with computer
Ptdse to be printed with the seniors
undergraduate at top 2.
around, I thought I might show some
Cristina Lin (C.L.): University of Texas at
common courtesy and write an article
Austin, Georgetown University, and
about them. Since Eric already wrote
University of Richmond. They are well
about the class as it is in Colegio Maya, I
known and not too expensive.
decided to find out about where the seniors
Susy Lee (SX): I had wanted to go to
are going and what they want to be. There
University of Pennsylvania because they
were a variety of answers which is quite
have a very good business school and also
reasonable since we have such a variety of
because I have always dreamed of going to
seniors here at Maya. Following are the
questions and the seniors' answers.
Ji-Ho Yoo (J. Y.): University of Southern
California. Because it's in L.A. and they
What college did you originally want to
have a good architecture program.
go to and why?
ChisaNishiifCN.V UC Berkeley because
MargidChamorroCMC): Javeriana
it is beautiful.
Bogota Colombia
Eric Holbik (E.K): University of Florida
Viviana Valbuena (V.V): Javeriana, Los
because I'm a Florida resident and I
enjoyed the campus.
Marko Petricevic (M.P.): Florida State
Carolina Barrera (C.B.): Universidad Las
Americas, Universidad Marroquin,
Hannah fidgerton (RE.): Originally, I
Universidad Rafael Landivar, Ifes.
wanted to go to Duke University because I
Michael Arellano (M.A.): Did not have a
love the campus, had a wonderfiii personal
interview, and it had what I wanted to
Natash? Mvirsn (N.M.): Colorado
study at the time.
University. It has a really good law
Jessie Lee (J.L.): Parison (N.Y.), Otis
program and nice location.
(L.A.). Because I want to study fashion
Vanessa Novo (V.N.): Universidad
Marroquin. I want to go there because I
Michele Hall (MR): University of South
like it a lot and it is a good university for
Florida. The location and I'm a resident of
my career.
Lizette Chamorro (L.C.): Javeriana
Alex ter Kuile (A K ): Trent University in
(Colombia). Because it's prestigious
Canada and Brown University in the
Alvaro Zelaya (A.Z.): UC Santa Cruz.
Manuel Negron (M.N.) Vassar.
KatrinaCarlson(K.C): Georgetown,
Princeton, Boston College, College of
William and Mary, American University,
C.B.: Probably Ifes since I am studying need to learn how to manage it and
hotel management and this career is good improve it.
there. Maybe after a year, Til transfer to S.L.: Architecture because I like designing
Spain. houses, etc.
M.A.: Swarthmore. It has liberal arts and J.Y.: Architecture because I'm interested
an engineering program. in architecture and I learned architecture
N.M.: Southern Utah University because I before.
don't have to pay out of state taxes plus it C.N.: Environmental science because I
also has a good law program and theater want to know more abut it in order to find
arts department. out what we can do about it.
V.N.: E.H.: Many different things to see what I
L.C.: Don't know yet enjoy the most. Probably business.
A.Z.: UC Santa Cruz. I like the sound of C.B.: Hotel management I like it.
the name. M.A.: Engineering, most probably.
M.N.: Yale. N.M.: Pre-law and psychology. It is what
C.G.: Endicott College. They have the I'm most interested in.
best balanced college in Hospitality, V.N.: Business administration because
Culinary, Arts and Tourism. since I was little I wanted to be like my
What are you going to study in college? father who is a business man and I am very
Why? attracted to his job.
M.C.: Industrial designing. It interests L.C.: Don't know yet.
me. A.Z.: It's the system, man. I'm going to
V.V.: Business or international relations. study bumhood with a minor in bench
M.P.: I want to study water agriculture. sleeping.
H.E.: Tm not sure but I think I'm going to M.N.: Probably theater because I like it.
study literature because I love to write and C.G.: Hospitality, culinary, Arts and
also Latin American business and Tourism. Because I like it.
environmental studies. Based on what you are going to study,
J.L.: Fashion Design. what do you want to be and why? (If
M.H.: International business. you haven't decided what you are going
A.K.: International development and to study, just write what you think you
environmental science. I'd like to work might want to be).
with the U.N. M.C.: Rich!
K.C.: Up until now I plan to study V.V.:
international business. Math has always M.P.: Shrimp grower.
been one of my favorite subjects and since H.E.: I think I might want to be a business
I consider myself international I thought woman in Latin America and incorporate
that it is the career for me. environmentally safe products and ideas
A.L.: Biology because later I want to study into what I do.
medicine and it is a good preparation. J.L.: Fashion designer.
I.O.: Computer science, engineering, M.H.: I would like to be the head of a big
animation, or graphics. Computers are the company (an international one), go to
future. There is high demand and pay. worldwide conferences, etc.
C.L.: Probably business because our lives A.K.: I'd like to work with the U.N.
are tied to the economic system and we
Caroline Grimier (C G ) Hawaii Pacafic V.N.:
University, Northern Arizona University, L.C.: Don't know yet
and Endicott College. A.Z.: UC Santa Cruz
What colleges have you been accepted M.N.: Tulane, Vassar, Yale, Tufts,
to? University of Florida.
M.C.: C.G.: Hawaii Pacific University, Northern
V.V.: None Arizona University, and Endicott College.
M.P.: Tallahassee Community College. Out of these, which are you going to and
H.E.: Tulane, Indiana University, and Tm why?
on the Duke waiting list. M.C.
J.L.: None in the States because I didnt V.V.: Either
apply. I got accepted in the College in M.P.: Tallahassee Community College
Japan. because I only applied to two.
M.H.: University of South Florida, H.E. I think Fm going to go to Tulane
University of Central Florida. because it has what I want to study, I love
A.K.: Cornell, Duke, University of the atmosphere, and I liked the atmosphere
Arizona, Trent University, St. Mary's when I was there.
University, Mount Allison University, J.L.: College in Japan. Because my
waiting list of Brown University. parents want me to go to Japan.
K.C.: Boston College, College of William M.H. University of South Florida because
and Mary, American University, George I like Tampa.
Mason University, George Washington A.K. Trent University. Because I like the
University. programs and the size of the school.
A.L.: Pitzer, Pepperdine, Carleton. K.C.: I chose George Washington
I.O.: University of Illinois, Virginia Tech, University because I felt that it was the
USC,andRensellaer. best place for me. I am not positive what I
C.L.: University of Richmond want to study and this university offers a
S.L.: University of Notre Dame, Carnegie wide variety of careers.
Mellon, University of Michigan, Purdue, A.L.: Maybe Pepperdine, because I might
University of Washington in Missouri. not get into any colleges in Taiwan.
J. Y.: Washington University in St. Louis, 1.0.: University of Illinois because it is in
University of Southern California in L.A. the top 3 in computers and very high in
C.N.: UC Davis, Santa Barbara, Irvine, just about everything else.
Pitzer College. C.L.: University of Richmond
E.H.: University of Florida, University of S.L.: University of Notre Dame because
South Florida, University of Central they have a good architecture program plus
Florida. they are small. I decided that I would be
C.B.: I haven't taken my tests. They are in better off in a smaller community.
June J. Y.: University of Southern California
M.A.: Cornell, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, because of their architectural program and
Washington University, Emory University, California girls.
Carleton. C.N.: Pitzer college because it is small
N.M.: Northern Arizona University, and I felt comfortable there.
University of Arizona, Southern Utah E.H. University of Florida. It was my first
University. choice.
K.C.: I might like to work in some then change to become an
corporation helping it deal with the environmentalist or an environmental
international aspects of the business. lawyer.
A.L.: 1 warn to be a doctor because I like C.B.: A hotel manager. I like organizing
this profession. things and doing things for service to the
I.O.: Computer animation, or something public well done.
having to do with computers. I like M.A.: An engineer of some sort.
computers, especially animation and N.M.: Eventually 1 want to be a lawyer or
graphics. a psychologist.
C.L: I'd like to promote international V.N.: I want to have a business by myself
business and create better ties between because that is my dream.
countries. L.C.:
S.L.: I want to get an MBA in my graduate A.Z.: I want to be an airplane pilot la la la
education with 2 degrees. I would like to la la la.
be a (hopefully) successful business M.N.: A professional midget thrower. It's
woman. Why? Because that's my goal. glitzy and glamorous and I want people to
Besides, I like doing it. admire me.
J. Y.: I want to be a professional basketball C.G.: An entrepreneur - Chef,
player (just kidding). I want to be the best Eco-tourism, hotel owner.
and richest architect in the world.
C.N.: Only God knows. I want to work in To all the seniors: enjoy your last few day
some company concerning the world's as the king (and queens) of the school.
E.H.: I would like to start off in business, Good Luck!
Enroscada. enredada. totalmente feliz.
Y aunque quizas yo soy un baboso
te amo. mi bella lombriz.

By: Jin Kyong Kim (Dai^y) PorJat Aim

I would like to introduce some ^Quien invento el amor?

Spanish poems from Mrs. Bond's class. Nadie sabe quien io invento
Also, I asked people how they would define Pero todos saben que
love. There were many interesting El amor es importante.
definitions. How would you define
"Love"? I want to say thanks to Mrs. Bond El amor no huele ni se ve
because she provided me the great Spanish Pero todos pueden sentirlo.
poems and the idea. .Also, thanks to
everyone who participated in the interview. <>Se puede vivir sin amof?
How do you define "Love"? Es imposible que el amor se desaparezca

LOVE i/ Pero todos saben que

El amor es importante.
^Happiness-Manuel Negron
*Trust and Sharing-Mr, Feia
El amor no suena ni se habla
*Suffering-Michelle Hall Pero todos pueden sentirlo
*\Vhat you eat everyday-Jemi Yang
*Four Letter Word-Mr. Pastor
£Que Crees?
*La razon por la que todos estamos Por Alex
aqui-Maisy Hidalgo He visto el amor
*Everything-Maricel Castaner Ya me ha tocado
* What you feel-Jae Ahn Pero...
*When you know that you will Duele un poco
never forget about a person. y poco me ayuda
Theyll always own your heart. No hay una definicion de amor
porque se hace de dos sentimentos.
* Something beautiful that two
Describelo. iQuc crees?
people share, with love two can be
Voy a decir que tu estas equivocado
come one-Susan Gonez
Y vas a decir que yo estoy equivocada.
*El amor es el sentimiento que me
^Quien sabe?
hace pensar que tu existes antes
que yo-Mrs. Bond
In my opinion, love includes so
many thing that you cannot say them all and
CIEGO write it all down. Each people might have
Por Jeff Brown
experienced different kinds of love and
Nunca te he visto, pero se que eres
each one has different feeling. People
always seek to be loved by someone and
Nunca te he oido, pero siempre te escucho.
want to give love to somebody. I heard
Cuando gateo por los tuneles, buscando tu
that giving love is more meaningful than
taking love. I hope everyone could give
estoy contento, sonando contigo.
love more than taking it.

Tu abrazo de mocos me Uena con gozo.

' T^tkMB^^^
Este poema. irata de un poetaio de un individuo) (Cuan protundo, poco a poco,
que protesta kacia un simbolo de poder que pierde Oestruye lo que en algdn momento
su poderCo en la mente del Lndividuo. El que akora escribe
JRespetd y que akora aborrece en su intelecto,
Basica\ly tke poem is about a poet (or a person)
wko rebels against a figure of power tkat kas lost En mi escribir trato de ensenar
its control over tke mind of tke individual. Tke A.1 que lee o escucka,
poet expresses ideas of individual freedom as well as Un sentimientor una pal&bra,
tke freedom of expression. Una forma de pensar,
Que tal vez no es la misma
YO TE CR1TICO, YO TE ACONSEJO, Oel que entiende mi expresar.
YO TE IGMQRO, YO TE OLVIDO Soy crftica entendedora,
iFanatica de libertad,
Se nie ka dicko en la infancia Fuerte en mi trato de encontrar
Que no kay que criticar La verdad de mi sentimiento.
rSli kalagar aI que no lo merece, Es por eso que encuentro
Pero voy akora a comentar En mi tan triate sentimiento
\ con la frente en alto enfrentar Cuando en carcel de pensaaniento
iLas cosas que no me parecen justas. Me encierra tu sentimiento.
Y de una vez ensenar
Que de pie yo ke de eatar, No profeso una guerra,
Desde el dfa de koy kasta el final, Tanto menos revoluci6n,
Por las cosas en que 70 creo. Al menos no en parte fisica,
Y si justicia recibo Espresa tu ilusi6n.
0 enjusticiar debo, Son tantas las cosas que un joven como yo
Lo Jiare* akora miamo, Tiene que expresar,
Entente tuyo No clausures mi expresi6n.
Y enfrente de cualquieraf 1 o no le dirijo esto a un individuo
Sea el rey o el presidente, O tal vez eso kago yo,
Un kombre o una mujer, Se la dedico al oido
El pobre o el rico. Que siente lo que siento yo.
Debera, quiera o no quiera,
Escuckar mi razonamiento, En el mundo el tiempo corre
Con gran sentimiento, En gran afan de arrivar
Que en este tnomento Al tiempo en que tiempo ya no exista.
Declara mi parlamento. No clausures mi espresi6n.
No siempre piensa la gente
Un dfa escucke* En la forma en que tu y y6 pensamos?
Que expresidn libre Pero en el tiempo en que pasamos
Censurada quedaria A ser algo en este mundo,
1 que" nunca encontrarCa Sea un punto, una palabra,
Una justa salida. Una frase, una leyenda,
Mis companeros ya perdfan Si no kubiesen personas como 70,
El amor a sus superiores, Que te dicen pi^ en tierra
Respeto, tridtemente aoorrecian Lo que piensan, lo que quieren,
Y mas eomplejo obedecer serla. No tendrfas la vida que koy protejes
No era culpa del que atentamente escucka Con ese orgullo tuyo
O del que en au entender enae&&, El cual calpesta" koy el nilo.
Es del que en su ignorancia creyo
Tener poder en el pensamiento, Ten un poco de comprensi6n
No 86lo personal pero politico, En esto8 versos que yo escribo,
En la fuerza del que se expresa, No lo kago en vano
En el que desafortunadamente queda
Oaio los pies del que no sabe * Calpesta- mackuca, poner el pi^ sokre algo
0 por simple inspiracio'n, Que con ojos so&olienios me pide un favor.
JL© kago para kacer un cacko de diferencia No queda pues en mi
En el tieinpo en que vivo yo, Ni una gota de {idelidad kacia it
Que tan r£pido se me ka ido Me kas librado del opresivo sentir
IT no se" si regresara. De ser un esclavo de pensamineto,
Quiero demostrar que koy kay que entender Hoy declaro mi independencia
Las causas y consecuencias de algunos 1 te mando mi sentencia.
Y retener las creencias de otros,
Que por anticuada tradici6n Ten cuidado a quie*n. tu kablaa
Proponen una barrera, una traicirfn, Y en que tono in lo kaces,
AJ joven que entiende este mundo T6inalo como quieras,
De otra forma y r&z6n. Seas quien seas,
Hoy ya no soy tu discipulo,
No doy razones, ni iampoco perdones, Ni mucko menos parte de tu mentira.
No es consejo, ni critica, Olvidate que yo exista
No es mi pensar, no es lo que no creo, I si no saoes qui^n yo soy
Es todo, no es nada, Esta kien asL
Segdn tu tn.en.te, segun tu forma. ^lant^n tu memoria en klanco
Si coniprendes mis palakras, Oel que akora te aconseja, critica,
Entoncea eres como yo. Olvida y especialmente desconfia.
01 las desprecias, seguro no te comprendo yo, Me conviene,
Oi las aiabas, con tiimido enrrojecer Te conviene,
Te agradezco yo, Pues tu kas kecko inspirar a un pobre poeta
Pero no es de eso que quiero kaklar, A decir su pensamient mas oscuro y profundo.
Por una tangente ke ido a dar.
Si recuerdas mi parlamento te ir£ Lien
En el tiempo diminuto I a ml confianza me daras
En que yo ke vivido, Que algo bueno ke logrado,
He visto muerte, ke visto milagro, Que al menos un camLio ke provocado,
He sentido odio aunque poco amor. Tuyo o de otro en este escrito.
Y kaata akora puedo decir ^\kora yo me dedico a dejar este papel,
Que nada ke alabado Formar otro pensar,
%^on la excepcidn de una persona, Tal vex volver a inspirar,
iLa que con gran esfuerzo al mundo me trajo. Sea lo que sea.
Con !a sakidurCa que ke acumulador No prevengas mi escrikir,
Tal vez demasiada, Pues eternamente en mi escritura
He visto ignorancia en el mis estudiado, Quedaras como un mezquino,
Ot*an sakidurCa en el menos inteligenie, Como un pedazo de tristeza y pokreza,
Compasi6n en el que cruel se crefa, Por inas rico que tu seas,
Tristeza en el mas coutento. En el olvido de este poeta.
S^, por eso, que en algo kas perdido
El poder de ser mi mayor, Giovanna Caneba
Pue8 perdiste, poco a poco, Febrero 2, 1996.
O debo decir que en rapido coniemplarf
Tu liderazgo, tu compasi6ny En dado caso que no me conoscan, me llamo
M-i resjyeto, que tanio yo ke apreci&do Giovanna Caneka, como ya se kan de kaber
Y que koy fcrisiemente, por completo yo ke perdido. enterado, tengo 17 anos y soy una junior en kigk
sckool. Tengo varios anos de escrikir poemas y este
El que yo ve£a con mucko po<ler, es uno de los cuales me gusta mas. Espero que les
Una esperanza al saber, guste tambi^n a ustedes (si no se duermen antes de
Hoy desilusiotiA mi pensar, terminar de leerlo).* "
Expreso en mi escrikir.
Tus promesas no valieron naday
Tu poder es menor del nino
Como su cereal sin saborean la vida. Se
Spanish: pone a tocar guitarra y se olvida de su
amo. A las 7:00 el amo lo llama para ir a

Creative Works su trabajo. La misma carretera todos los

dias. Las estupidas conversaciones en el
by: Eric Holbik
trabajo una perdida de vida. Llegar a
casa ir al gimnasio sin contacto con el
The first language 1 lth grade amo y al llegar a casa repasan lo hecho en
Spanish class read a poem called el trabajo y despues recargan sin baterias
"Walking Around" by the Spanish poet para el siguiente dia."
Pablo Neruda. The poem reflected the By: Aaron Chock
poet's view about his routine life and how
he couldn't change it. Mrs. Barrera's "Llego el lunes una vez mas
class was asked to create a similiar poem y es como si fuera un nuevo ciclo
based on the pessmistic theme held by con la diferencia de que todo sigue igual.
Pablo Neruda. The following are poems Abro los ojos y leo lo mismo,
by a few students that received high oigo las mismas voces, y
recommendations by their teacher. hasta creo sentir lo mismo
No tengo salvacion,
"Estoy tan harta de esta monotona un paso en falso y me vuelo de cristal,
vida de robot. Me levanto, me bano, me no puedo innovar,
visto todos los dias. Siempre hago lo llego el lunes y todo sigue igual
mismo, mis manos y mis pies se mueven Mi vida es una rutina fatal,
sin que yo ni piense. Mi vida transcurre es veneno vil
sin mi permiso, sin que yo desee que Todo sigue igual
suceda. Cada vez que miro al espejo veo y yo no creo cambiar.
la misma persona y ya no puedo soportar Dicen que la vida es como una vibora
el abommiento de vivir sin sentir. Me beso tras beso y no para de matar,
molesta no poder cambiar la rotina que no puedo escapar
domina mi vida y la de los demas. Es llego el lunes y todo sigue igual.
como un iman que atrae, pero devora Cierro mis ojos,
todo lo que encuentra, saciandose de creo sonar
nuestras almas y nuestras ilusiones, sin Veo lo que veo, y no veo mas,
dejar ni un misero espacio para respirar no lo quiero creer
libremente. Todo ya esta calculado y algo debe haber alia
aunque queramos movernos en direccion en mi mundo exterior,
opuesta, siempre caemos bajo las redes casa, escuela, estudio,
eternas que hacen que sucumban todas Fatal
nuestras vidas al vacio que reune los Llego el lunes y todo sigue igual.
millones de robots que vagan en el mundo Arboles, gentes sin cara, talvez corazon,
sin sentido de nada." el canto de los pajaros,
By: Maricel Castana el ruido del aire, diciendome
"Llegaran mas lunes y todo seguira
"La moto pasa a las 4:30 y la pena se
pone histerica. El robot se pone a pensar By: Maisy Hidalgo
en hora y media que tiene. A las seis su
amo le dice que se levante y lo manda a
ponerse una pulsera de esclavo sin esto
no puede estar en contacto con su amo.
his pretty noose). She ran
her fingers through his hair.
He jerked and turned his head
towards her. Today his eyes

bathroom were very blue.

any blue she had seen.
Bluer than
" His
by: (al)varo Zelaya
blue eyes would make the sky
look gray," she thought.
....he leaned against the
11 Your eyes are too
white wall. His skin looked
blue," she said.
sickeningly pale, like the
" Let's smash every god
scales of a dead fish. He
forsaken light in this
looked to the right and down
school," he said softly as he
as if trying to remember his
cringed his nose and eyes.
assignments for the night. He
The light was making his skin
blinked quickly once every
five seconds. With his right
" And your problems will
hand he held the side of the
be over?" she presumed.
shower curtain, clutching it
" Yes," he said and
and then in his desperate
thoughts he loosened his
She reached out and
grip. He always needed
clasped his head to her
something to hold, something
chest. Fingers pressed
to fiddle with. Otherwise his
against her heart. His body
arms would jolt and have
was so meek, she felt as if
weird spasms; his muscles had
she was holding his bones
a life of their own. Often he
together. She sniffed his
got tired of having a body,
hair. It smelled like
he sometimes wish he were
sweetened wax.
catatonic in his desperate
" I'll turn of the
moments. It always occurred
light," she audaciously said.
to him that hefd rather be a
So she did, and he exhaled.
light, a blue-green light
His body leaned heavier
that turns rooms into emerald
against her. The room was dim
cities. This room had
and slightly blue. They
florescent lights, "cancer
stood beside the shower stall
lights" he would call them.
until the air illuminated
All these lights really did
warm auroral colors.
was show off his dullness, it
made him nauseous. These
rotten lights, he felt, had
anti-healing properties.
She stood in front of
him. She had been there for
twelve minutes gazing at him
with maternal love and
sympathy. Now she reached out
and touched a curl (she undid
maniaticaliy. "How good to see you again,"
A Day On he said. "You don't know how pleased I am
to have you here. Now I can start my top
Neptune's Fourth secret Project X." Just the sound of the
word made our hair stand on end. We must
Moon have given some external sign of our terror
By: Ben and Mike
because the emperor said, "Don't be afraid.
As you may recall (if you have a long
I won't hurt you... too much. I need you
term memory of more than a few days), we
alive for my little project. But first, a little
(Mike and I) were just captured by the
torture to destroy any thought of resistance
treacherous emperor of Mars. Our escort,
you may entertain." Suddenly, a little red
Captain Gabyx, had fled in terror when the
light turned on on the emperor's personal
emperors elite imperial thugs ambushed us.
telephone pole. The emperor turned pale
We were alone in an unfamiliar prison cell
and stuttered, "Unfortunately I have an
with nothing better to do ... except wait.
important meeting right now. Our little
As we hung on the walls of the
torture session will have to wait a while."
emperor's deluxe prison suite (better than
With that, the emperor ushered us out of the
your average cell), I had an unprecedented
chamber and ordered our thug to take us
opportunity to ponder many things, like a)
back to the prison cell On the way back, I
why did the emperor kidnap us?, b) why
wondered about the emperor's sudden
was there a telephone pole in the corner of
display of fear. What could make the ruler
our cell?, and c) why the comma key on a
of Mars turn white with fear? I added this
computer keyboard shares its space with a
to the long list of mysteries I needed to
funny little < thing. Before I could get
much farther in my pondering, Mike
Anyway, when we finally got back to the
sneezed and broke my train of thought. I
cell our thug kindly admitted us into our
was quite annoyed and about to tell him so
suite. We knew that only a few hours
when an elite imperial thug suddenly
remained to us before we were to be
opened the door and stood there looking
whisked away to our doom. While we
rather bewildered. Then he pulled out
anxiously awaiting our appointment we did
something that looked suspiciously like a
the only thing we could think of. Rock.
checklist and started going over it,
After about 50 tries we realized that we
mumbling to himself. "Cleaned kitty
were missing something because we kept
litter...bowed to telephone pole...ate
on tying. Suddenly I realized what was
food...drank water..." "Takeprisoners to
wrong" We forgot the paper and
emperor's chambers to be tortured with hot
scissors!!!" Now our game was a lot more
pipes and needles? " Mike stupidly
productive. After a while we got bored and
volunteered. The thug's face lit up and he
resigned ourselves to sitting in our
took us down from the wail. Unfortunately,
respective corners and pondering our fate.
he then put some heavy manacles on our
Suddenly a section of the wall imploded
hands and feet and prodded us to the
outwardly (yes, believe it or not, this can
emperor's quarters with a sharp spear.
happen). After the dust cleared we saw a
When we got to the emperors rooms, the
big flying thing. A section of it unfolded
thug opened the door. The emperor was
and produced a ramp from which, to our
waiting for us with an evil grin on his face
great surprise and relief, Qyter descended.
and when we got closer he started to laugh
Mike suddenly cried, "Guards! Guards! what?" I had no idea what to do so I made
Help! Someone is trying to free the a polite comment about the weather. Then
prisoners!" I quickly shut him up and ran Mike intelligently said, "Let's go to
for the ship, dragging him along. As I Neptune!" I thought this was a particularly
boarded the ship I looked behind me and stupid idea and was about to say so when
saw a pair of thugs running toward us. I Gabyx said, "What a splendid idea! Qyter,
yelled, Quick, raise the ramp!" plot a new course for Neptune on the
Unfortunately, I was still on the ramp and double."
when Qyter raised it I went flying across And so we were off to Neptune. After
the ship and smashed into an, amazing as it about three days in space we arrived at our
may sound, telephone pole. destination. We landed at Neptune's most
Now that the ramp was up Gabyx turned popular and largest space port for a short
the ship around and zoomed off. Mike and I rest before doing something equally boring
celebrated that we had escaped the evil and unproductive. Our party entered one of
grasp of the emperor and his stupid project, the many different eating establishments
but we rather missed the thug. After we got and sat down at a booth. After a few
over our initial excitement we noticed the minutes a waiter arrived to take our orders.
ship we were on was not exactly in prime On his forehead (above his three eyes) was
condition, if you know what I mean. I a gleaming name tag that read Cire Kibloh.
mentioned this to Gabyx and he asked me Upon seeing this I exclaimed "Wow! What
what I meant. Mike with ever increasing a cool name!" Mike replied" Yeah but if
subtlety said" He means it really sucks" you turn it around it sounds kind ofstupid,"
Crestfallen, Gabyx retreated out of the Gabyx, Qyter, Cire, and myself promptly
control cabin and into the main chamber told Mike to just order something and shut
where the dim thuds of his paddleball toy up. After we placed our orders Cire left. I
could be heard. Mike was sorry but he thought that we should begin planning our
didn't really give a damn. Anyway it next move." Well guys, what next?" The
certainly felt great to be going back to good only one to comment was Mike who said,"
oldFeyzabad. I went up to Gabyx and How about we go to Pluto?" Upon this
asked him how long it would take to get comment everyone at our booth and the guy
back to Earth. "Oh yeah and by the way behind us proceeded to beat Mike over the
Mike is not really very sorry but I'm still head with those neat roll up napkins that
going to apologize for him anyway." you can make fun shapes out of and come
Gabyx was so impressed by my sincere in various colors. Just then Cire came back
apology that he immediately stopped with our orders. About three feet away from
pouting. our table he tripped and sent our food flying
Everything was going just groovy until everywhere. He promptly righted himself,
Qyter ran into the room and said, (for the saying that he would go get some more. We
sake of realism), "UIGIUJHDIOUO joig watched as he approached the kitchen door
ogjoJO OOG!" Apparently Qyter had just (again) and stumbled into the door just as
intercepted a message from the emperor someone else was trying to come out of it.
that ordered all warships in the area to stop Needless to say it was pretty funny. Ten
and search any earthbound vessels and minutes later Cire came back but before he
blow up all unauthorized ships. Gabyx and got close the rest of us got up and just took
Qyter both turned to me as if to say, "Now the food from him. He said it wasn't
necessary and that he was all right now but suggested that we should try to run into one
we didnft want to take any chances. of the ships and blow it up with us instead
After our meal Mike had his first decent ofjust being shot down. Mike, perceptive
thought since we were rescued. He said, as usual, said, "Why don't we do a kamikaze
"How about we leave without paying!" Of attack instead?" Since we were sure we
course we told him that it was immoral but were going to die we refrained from hitting
we did it anyway. On the count of three all or kicking him. Because nothing he could
four of us subtly made a mad dash for the do now could make our situation worse, we
door bowling over about fifteen people on decided to let Mike drive. He aimed our
our way. We were still running when Mike vessel at the nearest warship and put the
went back to saying stupid things like" Do engines on full power. I sat back in my seat
you think they noticed?" Still running, we and watched the ship get bigger and bigger
all hit him repeatedly over the head. About in the view screen. Then I noticed
two thirds of the way back to the ship (if something was wrong. The fool had
you could actually call that a ship) we heard miscalculated and we were going to go
police sirens behind us. Qyter told us to go right under the ship! I groaned and
ahead while he "delayed" the police. We prepared to be blasted out of the sky.
ran on and finally made it to the ship when Fortunately for us, the Martian captains
Mike said (very perceptively) "Hey guys, were incredibly stupid and continued to fire
we're at the shipl" By this time we were all as we passed under the ship. Amazingly
to tired to hit him any more so we kicked enough, all the shots missed us and nailed
him. About this time Qyter came back and the warship. As we zoomed out from under
we realized that the sirens were all quiet. the battleship, we saw the captain return
Instead of asking questions we piled into fire on all his comrades. As the sky behind
the ship and took off. us erupted into a free for all, we entered
After we were safely away from earth's atmosphere. I took over the controls
Neptune we began to plan. It was decided and set a course for Feyzabad and relative
that we would head to Earth and try to safety.
sneak back onto the planet. Several days When we landed, Qyter lowered the
later we approached Earth. ramp and I joyfully ran down it... right into
A voice suddenly rang out on the comm a waiting telephone pole. As Qyter helped
and said "HALT OR BE SHOT." Needless me up, I realized that everyone was staring
to say we kept on going. Then the warship at us. This made me realize that we had to
fired a laser at us. I was sure we were do something about the aliens. When I
going to die since we were going too fast to presented this to them, they said, "No
change course. Just then a giant thing that problem. We already thought about that
looked sort of like a cross between Dan and decided to become waiters... on
Luna and a butterfly splatted into our Neptune's fourth moon." This sounded very
windshield, knocking us off course. The reasonable to me so Mike and I headed
laser just barely missed us thanks to that home. On the way I thought back over our
heroic space bug. adventure and realized that many things had
However, the rest of the ships were been left inconclusive. Why did the
closing in now, firing all their lasers, and Martians use telephones? What was the
our luck couldn't hold forever. Our emperors evil project? And what the hell
situation was obviously hopeless, I did Oog mean?
Sunday morning when an old woman
found a decapitated poodle on her
doormat The rest of the animals were
found in her garden and they were all
Herald's murdered. The week that followed was
very hard for the whole town, especially
for Nancy. She had not seen her husband
Trip to the for days . The only times Herald would
come out of the basement would be for
dinner or to go on small trips. He would
Beach sometimes go away for hours and come
back with strange looking camouflage
by Dan Luna

It was a beautiful morning on the crates. However, she wasnft worried,

island of Guam. Herald and Nancy had because tomorrow they would be together
been planning a day at the beach for a and alone on the beach.

couple of weeks now. Nancy had really The next morning the woke up

wanted to spend time with her husband, early. Herald had the entire back of the
and she was ecstatic that he had finally jeep hidden for some strange reason.
agreed to taking some time off. Nancy began to get worried because she
Herald was a pharmacy owner and didnft know where Herald was going. He
he had dreams of opening other took her to the pharmacy basement where
pharmacies in other Caribbean islands. he tied her up and threw her over by two
He had worked for years in order to familiar looking college boys.
achieve this dream only to have his dreams "Herald! What are you doing." she
crushed by a couple of college kids out
"Stop, the voices, make them
looking for a good time. One day two kids
stop! "he said frantically.
from the University of Guam came in and
"What voices? What are you
completely trashed the pharmacy causing
talking about?"she asked.
thousands of dollars in damage and ending
"The voices that tell me to hurt the
herald's dreams. After the incident Herald
doggies, and the voices that tell me to hurt
suffered a stroke, and he never fully
those boys, and I'm going to do it right
recovered mentally. Herald was a classic
workaholic and it took a lot for Nancy to
As he was about to pounce on the
convince him to take a day off. She finally
boys a mad poodle sunk it's fangs into
did, however, and she was happy that they
Herald's neck and was able to render him
would finally do something normal
unconscious until the police got there.
together because some freaky stuff had
Herald was committed to the Guam
been going down in the previous weeks.
institution for the mentally disabled, while
It all started about two weeks
Nancy and fluffy(the poodle) lived happily
before the had planned to go to the beach.
ever after.
Cats and dogs had been strangely
disappearing from peoples yards and
homes. It got so serious that the police had
t set up a search party for the fifty or so
missing animals. The pets were found on a
Dogs that kill rabbits are not only
feral dogs, but some are runaway pets.
Many people feel that keeping their pets

Doggies, under supervision would be too cruel for

their dogs. Since dogs are sociable
animals, pet dogs who run free often join
with other free-running pets and form
packs with feral dogs. For example, two
German Shepherds believed to be
someone's pets ran into a sheep farm and
slaughtered sixty sheep worth $150 each.
The owner sued the township for damages.
In some parts of the world, dog
fighting is permitted. However, in
England and the United States, dog
By: Jin Kyong Kim(Daisy) fighting is outlawed and illegal. When
Some abandoned animals are picked matches occur, even the best fighting dogs
up as strays by dogcatchers and taken to rarely survive more than three fights.
animal shelters, where they might be lucky Dogs from animal shelters that are
enough to be adopted into a new home but to be killed anyway are used to study the
more likely will be killed. Each year more effects of things that can occur to the
than thirteen million unwanted cats and human body by a new Wound Laboratory.
dogs are destroyed in animal shelters. Dogs have played a key role in a number
About one million Americans are of important medical breakthroughs. For
attacked by feral dogs(former pets) that example, the discovery of insulin was
have reverted to a wild way of life. These conducted on dogs. Moreover, surgeons
can be a nuisance or even a danger to practice the techniques of transplant
people and livestock. Dog bites: half of surgery on dogs before trying them on
them are minor cuts that need only a human patients. Thanks to dogs1 sacrifice,
thorough cleaning and a swab of thousands of people are alive. But, to
disinfectant. But ten percent of the bites animal lovers using dogs for experiments
requires stitches and follow-up visits. is very offensive. They say that it is
Also, a dog's mouth may contain 64 against nature and a prime example of
different species of bacteria that can cause human arrogance. Finally Wound
infectious in humans. Between one and Laboratory have decided to use pigs and
two percent of the dog bites are so serious goats instead of dogs until the ethical
that the victim must be hospitalized, and aspects of the question can be studied
about half a dozen people each year die further.
from these injuries. Sometimes dogs in the street hurt
Not only humans suffer from people. On the other hand, dog sacrifices
attacks, but animals do to. For example, in have helped the human race, that's why
one town, a feral dog killed rabbits and probably they are men's best friend.
chickens but left them uneaten. Later that
month, the suspect was captured: a
reddish-brown hound dog.
spraying snow on the rest of his pack.
Endangered Up ahead the doe took a faulty step and
stumbled. The wolf sprang through the
Species of the air launching himself with a tremendous
thrust of his hind legs at the neck of the
World. caribou. All of his 5 feet of rippling
muscle slammed into the luckless
herbivore, knocking the wind out her.
Without pausing the pack leader began
The Gray Wolf
ripping the life out of the doe. Soon it
By: Mike Ramsey.
was all over, and the rest of the pack had
caught up. The feast was on and all the
Faster and faster the pack ran victors gulped down the warm meat and
throughout the woods. The scent of began sniffing the ground for more.
blood was in the air and it was close. It Later, after the moon had risen,
had been several days since the pack had the pack gathered on a hill where only
eaten last and now caribou had been the moonlight gave any light to see by.
found! In the pale light, the pack began to howl.
It had started in the early It was a long, beautifiil sound though it
morning. While patrolling their terrain, chilled the blood of those who listened.
one of the pack had paused for a gulp of It was a scene of tranquillity and
water. As it approached the stream, the mystery. The wolves made dark patches
wolf noticed a large caribou on the other on the snow with the moonlight glinting
side. The wolf then slowly backed away off their eyes and fangs.
and rejoined his pack. Afterwards the
entire pack spread out and surrounded The gray wolf is one of the most
their quarry. Unfortunately the doe leapt majestic beasts on Earth. It is one of the
away as soon as it had caught their scent. most mysterious. Hundreds of years ago
Immediately after their prey had they were widely feared wherever they
escaped, the pack gave chase. Now they roamed. They once roamed all over
were gaining on the caribou with the northern North America, Eurasia, and
pack leader in the lead. He was a fairly northern Europe. Superstitions with
old wolf but still strong and quick. He werewolves, and witches were some of
forced his powerful forelegs to go faster the reasons that they were hunted down.
and faster until he could hear his own In the 1700rs, Great Britain killed the
blood pounding in his chest. The doe gray wolf into extinction because it was
was taking all kinds of wild turns in an considered evil. Adults would scare their
attempt to lose their pursuit. It was children and each other with tales of
useless. No matter which way she wolves raiding houses and murdering
turned, she could not fool the nose of her innocents. In America and Canada,
predators. Now the head wolf could French fur trappers killed the wolf for its
smell the fear in the scent of his victim. hide during the colonial era.Another
As the doe began to tire, the wolf forced reason that the species is vulnerable
himself to run even faster. His powerful today is that they have a tendency to raid
forelegs were going so fast that he was farms and kill livestock. Hunters use
traps, poison, and guns, to kill wolves family. Other members include the fox,
today for their fur which is used in the coyote, and other types of wolves.
lining of clothes. For whatever reason Wolves are one of the most
wolves are dwindling in their numbers. famous animals. They are found in
This species (the gray wolf) of mythology, culture, and other forms of
the wolf has been seen in many different literature. The famous legend of
sizes. A large northern male gray wolf Romulus and Remus (which explains the
can be up to 7 feet in length! These founding of Rome) is one of the oldest
animals range from 90 to 120 pounds. stories about the wolf. It was about two
Their bulk enables them to bring down boys being raised by a she-wolf. A
large prey with ease. similar story by Rudyard Kipling (The
The fur of the wolf also serves a Jungle Book) is also about a boy raised
specific purpose. The density of the pelt by wolves. The American Indians also
protects the animal from the extreme based large arts of their culture on the
cold of the arctic. Usually gray (hence wolf. They thought of wolves as
the name gray wolf), the fur may be mysterious beings with ghostly powers.
colored black, brown, red, or white. The Indians use to, and still do, respect
The wolf will hunt rabbits, large and awe the wolf
birds, and other small animals, but it Overall, the wolf is a magnificant
prefers large herbivores. Whatever it creature with many mysteries
kills, it always strips the carcass to the surrounding it. One thing is clear about
bone. Each pack has between twelve and the wolf, though. If they continue to
forty members with one dominant leader decline, so will the ecosystem. Wolves
which is usually a male. The packs claim kill herbivores which frequently feed on
their territory by urinating on trees and grass. If more wolves are killed, then
other plants so that other wolves will more herbivores will live and will
smell it and not enter the terrain of continue to eat grass until there is not
another pack. The territory of a certain enough left for farm animals and the
pack is around 20 to 60 miles in like. When farm animals lack food, the
diameter. When another wolf enters the economy takes a turn for the worse. That
territory of a strange pack, they will will hurt a lot of people. The wolf,
challenge the stranger, which generally although it is "just an animal", plays a
results in death. big part of many lives.
The wolf usually lives outdoors, Interesting Facts.
but when a male and his mate have - The wolf can grow up to
babies they move to a safer place until seven feet in length.
the young can fend for themselves (not -A wolf pack has a domain of
relying on their mothers milk). This safe up to 20-60 miles in diameter.
tiaven is frequently an underground - Wolves, due to their
burrow that can lie up to ten feet beneath incredible senses, can track animals
the surface of the earth. The burrow over long periods of time.
keeps out the cold, which may harm the - Most countries before the
young until they develop fur. 18th century believed wolves to be evil
The closest relative of the wolf is and a menace to society.
the dog. They are members of the canine
Friendship between the honey
guide bird and the ratel Honey guide bird
is lack the ability to tear open beehives
they find, so they find a friend to do it for
them. A ratel is a stocky animal. It will eat
anything, but especially likes honey. As
honey guide birds locate beehives, it
comes looking for it. To gain ratelfs
attention, the honey guide bird flits about
By: Jin Kyong Kim (Daisy)
and trills. When both animals are at the
Sometimes, in the animal world,
certain animals associate with completely beehive, the ratel rips apart the hive. It is
different animals and benefit from it. This naturally protected from the stings angry
bees. After the ratel is finished eating, the
is called symbiosis. But not only in the
honey guide swoops down and claims its
animal world does symbiosis occur. You
bounty of bees and beeswax. Meanwhile,
can find it among plants and even bacteria,
the honey guide bird has another
algae, and fungi.
relationship with other birds.
Ostrich and Zebra herd and feed
Some animals are physiologically
together, one group warning the other of a
not able to clean themselves. In the sea,
prowling lion, mutual enemy, or other
more than forty-five species offish are
possible predator. Ostriches have eyesight
known to be cleaners. To attract their
and can spot large predators long before
clients, some cleaning fishes swimming
they are close enough to attack. Zebras
vertical position with their head down.
have a sharp sense of smell and hearing.
Moreover, they tend to be brightly colored,
Because of this, zebras sometimes gather
which can be easily seen. As the cleaner
with the sharpsighted ostrich. Thus, the
cleans of bacteria, diseased tissue, etc, the
ostrich benefits from the zebra's sharper
cleaner gets a meal.
hearing and sense of smell.
Remoras are able to attach
Aphids take useful nutrients from
themselves to other objects, especially to
the juices within a plant. However, ants
larger fish such as sharks, swordfish, and
love aphids, unlike gardeners, because
marlins because they have a large oval
aphids consume more juice from the plants
suction dish on the top of their head.
than they can use, and ants find the sugary
Remoras gain food when large fish rip into
liquid appetizing. Ants care for aphids that
their prey, tearing huge chunks of flesh
are small and the most defenseless of all
from the victim, much of large fish's food
insects in much the same way a fanner
becomes scattered in the water.
tends its cows. Ants protect aphids from
Furthermore, attaching to large fishes,
severe weather. In return for care and
remoras swim easier and a provided a
protection, aphids allow the ants to use
certain amount of protection. On the other
their honeydew and extra juice. They
hand, large fish like sharks do not gain
produce naturally. Moreover, ants are
much from remora. But, some types of
always around to take advantage of
remoras remove dead skin tissue and small
mealybugs, treehoppers, and the larvae of
shellfish that dig into the shark's skin.
Australia, which can also produce
honeydew and can be also be milked by
The tuatara lizard and a bird known
as the shearwater have one of the most
unusual relationships. The tuatara 's
ancestors were around even before most
dinosaurs. It could be mistaken for an
iguana, except for a third eye hidden in the
middle of its forehead. We can call it one
of the earth's rarest creatures because of
its unusual characteristics. It can go a
whole hour without breathing. Also, it
does not mate until it's twenty years old.
They have a hundred year life span. Longer
than those of any other reptile, a female's
eggs take from twelve to sixteen months to
hatch. The shearwater, a small, gray bird
shares its burrow with the tuatara. The
tuatara lives in its burrow during the day,
and in the evening, the shearwater takes
over. While shearwater is gone to search
for fish, the tuatara may protect the eggs of
the shearwater.
The rhinoreros, a big mammal,
which weighs between 1 and 3 tons has
problems spotting danger. Although
rhinos have sharp hearing and a sharp
sense of smell, they are nearsighted and
have trouble seeing clearly at a distance,
not even 4.5m. When tickbirds see a
danger, they flap their wings widely and
screech a warning call. They peck sharply
on its head. If the screeching doesn't get
the rhino's attention.
In the animal world, there are many
unusual relationships that I never knew
before. I thought there was no way two
animals could be good friends, but I have
learned that they help each other very well.
Probably, animals help each other with less
complains than man.
ages. Another form of entertainment that
Year In Maya has seen this year is choir. Thanks to
Ms. Storey Colegio Maya now has the
most active choir that Maya has ever seen.
Review The 95-96 choir has participated in other
countries, schools, for the students and
families themselves. The choir is made up
of high school girls and is directed by Ms.
By: Mike Ramsey
Storey. Not all of the entertainment was
organized by the teachers though. Students
themselves have contributed to the music
This past school year (95-96) has
here at Maya. Bands have performed in
been surprisingly fun despite all the work.
front of the student body in numerous
The school sponsored and participated in
assemblies and outside of school several
many sporting events, entertainment, and
other activities. Considering it's my last
Maya has also had a busy year in
year here it's been great!
sports. Volleyball, basketball, and soccer
Colegio Maya has produced more
teams all participated in events all over
entertainment this year than ever before.
Central America. The male volleyball
Drama, musicals, skits, and concerts have
team, coached by Mr. Pastore, played in
been numerous this year. Only several
the AASCA tournament here in
months after school started, Mr. Vance and
Guatemala, the Copa Maya, and Copa
Dr. Thomas directed and produced Ten
Americano. In AASCA the boys volleyball
Little Indians, a play by Agatha Christie. In
team lost all four of their games thought
case you missed it the play was a mystery
they played with great skill. In Copa Maya
set in a mansion on an island off the
the boys A teams1 record was 2-2, the B
British mainland. It was one of the only
team came out 2-1. The overall record of
high school dramas that Maya has done in
both A and B teams was 7-9. The girl
a long time. Right before Christmas
volleyball team coached by Ms. Feia also
vacation, auditions were held for Earns, a
played in AASCA. Maya's varsity
musical directed by Mr. Feia and Ms.
basketball teams traveled to El Salvador
Storey. Earns was about a performing arts
for another AASCA tournament and
school in New York City and the kids that
finished seventh out often teams. The
attended it. There was dancing, acting,
female varsity got first place in the
comedy, and as my friends like to remind
Montessori tournament with Alex ter Kuile
me, a few onstage kisses. At about the
leading the team in scoring. The girls also
same time the middle school came out
won another tournament hosted by
with Coming of Age also directed by Mr.
Montessorri. The B team for the boys
Feia and Ms. Storey. This play represented
were, most of the time, playing A teams
typical middle school life Even though the
from other schools to get in shape for the
year is about to finish, Maya will present
upcoming season. The boys B team went
100 Yeftrs of Broadway, a play that shows
2-1 in Copa Maya while the A team had 2-
the history of Broadway performances. Not
5. The overall record of the boys A and B
just a school production 100 Years of
teams was 7-13. Finally, our soccer teams
Broadway involves the entire community
made us proud. The girls varsity placed
such as parents, teachers, and kids of all
second in the AASCA tournament at Costa hundred people showed up and attempted
Rica and and are currently undefeated in the 8 kilometer trek including marines,
the country. The boys also represented the teachers, parents, and kids of all ages.
school very admirably bringing home the Maya was also the host of the AASCA
sportsmanship award and placed ninth out Leadership Conference, Students partaking
of eleven teams. in this event learned how to effectively
Here at school we've had all sorts lead and participate more in society.
of great activities for all ages. March 29 Attending the conference were student
was the day of the annual Clash of Colors. council officers and representatives from
Almost the entire school (except for Pre- all over Central America. Also in
Kinder) played in events such as tug of attendance were class officers from
war, relays, basketball shooting, and much, Colegio Maya. I think the ftinnest part of
much, more. This event is unique to Maya the conference was playing volleyball and
because it involves all ages of kids and hacky-sack with new friends. The first
everyone has to work together. It's a day student council activity was the Twister
when big kids and little kids alike can Party. That was a great event because
interact with one another. In May, the nobody played twister. Games of soccer,
Knowledge Bowl team went to Nicaragua basketball, and volleyball were started
with their coach Mr. Vance. They returned instead.
with the second place trophy!!! In This year has been full of great
Nicaragua they tested their knowledge activities of all kinds. There literally has
against other similar teams around Central not been a dull moment (except in some
America. One of the greatest things that classes!!!). Out of four and a half years at
Maya does was held on April 20. Maya Colegio Maya this has been the funnest
had its famous annual Friendship Fair. and unfortunately the last.
Exotic and familiar food were both to be
had along with confetti eggs, prizes, books
etc All kinds of games were available
such as football tosses, a dunking booth,
cake walk and much more. Also on this
day was the inauguration of the new
jjarden which is proudly displayed in the
Plaza where it celebrates the lives of Raul
Avendano, Andrea, Melanie, and
Stephanie Raaska. Early on in the year our
cafeteria was the site of the father/daughter
dance. A lot of fun was had by everybody
who attended. On May 4 there was the
rousing mother/son kickball game (which
the sons won). The game was attended by
mothers and kids of all ages. In fact there
was were so many participants that there
were two games happening at once. Earlier
in the year there was the Fun Run along
with the Junior car wash. Over one