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What s 110
Colegio Maya
Editor's Note The What's Up? Staff

Thanks for picking up the debut issue of What's Up?

The articles and contributions assembled in this pub
Eunji Byun
lication have been written by students from all grade
levels as well as our publication staff. It is the goal
Sebastian Castrillo
of What's Up? to depict the interests and activities
of the Colegio Maya community.
Jihan Jweiles
We have created this magazine using QuarkXPress,
the most popular software program used by the
graphic and publication industry. This means that the Ken Lee
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methods. We are still in the learning process of using Miyuki Nakadoi
this software and we have met with our share of
technical problems in creating this issue. There is a
variety of quality in our scanned images and photo
Paul O 'Sullivan
graphic reproductions and transfering files to print is
still a challenge. Jenny Seo
We would like to welcome your ideas and comments
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will find it's way into our future efforts. Sid Thazhathu
I think our first issue represents a phenomenal
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Christina Walsh
software program as we began the year. I'd like to
congratulate the staff for doing a great job on our
first effort.
I-Hsuan Wu

Jim Benny

Front cover: Paul O'Sullivan

Back cover: Laura Rudert
Activities Coordinator by Maribel Maldonado Page 2

The World's Fair by Christina Walsh Page 3

Year '98 by Sid Thazhathu and Sebastian Castrillo Page 6

New Administration by Ken Lee Page 8

Volleyball by Ken Lee PagelO

What Changed At School by Miyuki Nakadoi and I-Hsuan Wu Page"! 4

The Seniors in Retreat by Mike Tauras and Paul O'Sullivan Page"!6

The New Students Interview by Jihan Jweiles Page19

First Grade Frogs Page25

New Teachers Interview by Jenny Seo and Eun Ji Byun Page30

Sports Section by Sid Thazhathu Page39

Tech Page by Sid Thazhathu and Ken Lee Page42

Movie Previews and Reviews by Ken Lee and Sebastian Castrillo Page44

What To Eat by Miyuki Nakadoi Page48

Web Site Reviews for the Masses by Mike Tauras Page50

Music Reviews by Paul O'Sullivan and Christina Walsh Page54

Horoscopes by I-Hsuan Wu and Jihan Jweiles Page62

During Those Private Moments... by Christina Walsh Page65

Recipe for Making a Friend Page67

Do you Need Advice? by Eun Ji Byun Page68

*Miscellaneous artwork throughout magazine was provided by the Kindergarten class.

The past few weeks have been very challenging
ones. If you have been on campus, you must
have noticed all the activities going on,
Elementary, Middle school, and High school.

Some of our students travelled to the AASCA

leadership conference in Panama, with Mr. Kjera
and returned with many ideas and ways to
enhance our school. Our Volleyball players have
done a fantastic job defending our colors in Copa
Maya, and , will do a great job nest week during
the 1998 AASCA Volleyball Tournament, which
we are hosting in our school. At the same time,
many of our Drama and Speech students are
preparing themselves to travel to Costa Rica in
two weeks to represent us at the AASCA Festival
of Performing Arts.

Elementary and Middle School students have

been busy, playing Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and
doing many varied activities, like ceramic
Painting, Dancing, Roller Hockey, Outdoor COPA MAYA CHAMPIONS

Games, and other activities in the Spanish fun

Club. Due to student's request, many of these
activities have been extended until Christmas.

I would Like to thank all the students, teachers,

parents, and staff members for their enthusiasm,
help, and support.

Our next after school activities will start some

time in January, and run, hopefully, for 12 weeks.
I look forward to having as many students as pos

Mrs. Maldonado
World's Fair
Every year, the Elementary school holds a World's Fair for
the students to learn more about other cultures. This interac
tive event allows th kids to experience the diversity that living in a place like Guatemala brings. The students
are excited when this activity comes because they get to learn about growing up in a foreign country. They
broaden their view of the world and the different cultures in it.
The World's Fair is not just a day's worth of un. For weeks before the event, each classroom picks a
country that they are interested in learning more about. The students research about their countries and write
reports on them. Also, the students preform plays from the area,
learn a few phrases in the official language, cook typical food,
read books, and much, much ,more. The students really seem to
enjoy this and at the same time are actually learning a lot.
The actual day of the World's Fair is a hectic and com
plicated one. At the end of a few weeks of investigating, the
kids get to "visit" other countries in the decorated classrooms.
Each class room is set up to feel as if you were entering that
country. Many of the students dress up in the customary cos
tume. This adds another hint of traveling. You actually feel as
if you were experiencing another culture. The classrooms are
absolutely covered in posters, brochures, books, pictures, drawings, and art work from their country choice.
Every year, the World's Fair seems to be a smashing success. The students, kindergarten through fifth,
welcome it tremendously. Hannah McKnight exclaimed, "It was awesome! We studied Egypt last year and
we got to learn all about the Pharaohs and especially King Tut." The other kids only had positive things to
say. Among th positive responses were "It was cool", "Perfect", and "Tons of fun".
This year, the World's Fair will be taking place in
lOctober. The countries that the Elementary School will be
(studying are:
K Russia
1 A South American Country
2 Australia and New Zealand
3 Mexico and Africa
4 East and West USA

This event is not only for the elementary school

Jstudents. Middle, High School, and teachers are welcome
to check out the classrooms.
This is a wonderful idea and activity for all students. I hope that you all take advantage of this oppor
tunity to see what the littler kids have been up to. Its not everyday that a high school kids can interact with
the younger ones. I urge you to stop by the classrooms for a quick peek. I am sure they will be happy that
you took the time to see their hard work being displayed. You might want to visit one of those countries after
learning more about them.
As we enter the second quarter, we all
feel like we need another vacation. This fea
ture article is to give you a view of the up
coming events that will take place in the
remaining three quarters. It give's you a brief
idea of the scheduled activities and events in
each month throughout the first and second
quarter, starting with October.

The month of October is full of activi-

*% ties. Four days into the second quarter the
sophomores have PSAT testing. We hope that
they all do well on their first big examina-
1 tions. On the 21st of October the drama class
will be going to the Lincoln School in Costa
Rica for the Drama Fest. Students signed up
and auditioned for the Drama Fest, which is a
contest involving students all over Central
America. This is a chance for the students of

Maya to show off their abilities in Drama and

Speech. The Drama Fest will last till the 24th
of October. Also on the 24th of October is the
Fun Run. Everybody is welcome to join in the
Fun Run where all the runners are sponsored.
The collected money goes to charities around
Guatemala. On the 27th of October the High
School and 8th grade will have the Honor
Society Induction's. This shall give the students
a reward for all their hard academic work in
school. Finally, at the end of the month there
shall be a Halloween performance by the High
School. Details for the performance are not set
yet as of this writing.
As the month of November starts, the
Terra Nova testing begins. The test compares
the students in Colegio Maya to students
throughout the USA. Terra Nova testing ends
on the 5th. On the 8th of November the
Middle School will have their Lock In. This is
when Middle School students have the chance
to spend a night in school, with the teachers.
This is one of the most popular events for the
Middle School students. An event that they
never forget. On the 13th of November the
Middle School and High School will have
their Science Fair. Information on the Science
Fair will be given well in advance by the sci
ence teachers in each grade. As we go into the
end of the month on the 20th and 21 st the
Middle School Musical will be performed. We
all hope for an entertaining performance by
the Middle School students. As the month
ends with Thanksgiving break, we enter

On the 3rd of December, the All School

Choir Concert begins. Anybody is welcome to
join the school choir, which will be singing in
many special events. On the 9th the PTA
Holiday Bizarre starts. Gifts and other items
can be purchased at the Bizarre for the
Holiday season. The bizarre shall continue till
the 11th. Finally on the 16th the high school
shall take their first final exams of the 98/99
year just before Christmas Holidays.

By Sid Thazhathu and Sebastian Castrillo

Mr.Trujillo New

Having some previous experiences by and students and for having a good administra
being an elementary principal, tion. Two members of the board and Mr.Trujillo
Mr.Trujillo was elected as the new direc are going on a video conference to Costa Rica to
tor of Colegio Maya. Becoming the new direc learn more about how to improve the technology
tor, he feels more responsibility and feels good. center.
On the other hand, he misses his job as an ele Mr.Trujillo enjoys jogging and playing basket
mentary principal. ball. He runs around zone 13 and 14 for 4 miles
Because he has been in Colegio Maya before, he every day. Mr.Trujillo enjoys eating hamburg
knows what to improve and how we have to ers, which give him energy. Music is one of the
work to make a better school society. Some of things he is mostly interested in. His favorite
Mr.Trujillo's goals are to keep up with the tech kind of music is R&B soul and his favorite
nology improvements, improve communication singer is James Brown. The favorite kind of
with school parents, and work with the new outfit he would most likely wear outside of
teachers. This year, there are more new teachers school is Levi's boots with a T-shirt on top.
than usual, so Mr.Trujillo Wants to make them
comfortable and welcome. He is happy to start
the school year smoothly with the new teachers
Mrs.Mercado was a 5th grade teacher last year. But this year she was promoted as an elemen
tary principal. She feels very different and has a lot more responsibility than her last job. She
enjoys the job being a principal because she has a wider variety of ways to be effective. Some
of her goals for this year are to have good communications with school parents, build a spirit of commu
nity, and do whatever is possible to improve the elementary. At school, Mrs.Mercado is a responsible
and hard-working woman; but at her dwelling she
bakes and reads books like anyone else. She
doesn't do a lot of exercise because the elemen
tary building is on the top at the hill; she walks
up and down the stairs and this gives her enough
exercise. She is very happy to have new teachers
and students, but she feels that more equipment
such as computers and TVs are needed, larger
classrooms have to be prepared for elementary
students, and she wishes to have more
Guatemalan students to have more contact with
the native culture. Some of her favorite singers
are Dave Matthew, Kenny G, and Lloyd Webbers.
She is concerned of Hurricane Georges after hit
ting Puerto Rico. She has lived there for many
years and she can imagine how people are suffer
ing after the hit. She likes to explore and research on different ways to teach. Basketball is her
favorite sport and her favorite team is the Chicago Bulls.


The Colegio Maya Girls Varsity Volleyball Team is made up of:

Coach: Mr.Dinga
Name: Grade: Number: Nicknam

Monica Garcia 12 14 Nakia

Michelle Wiater 12 29 Shelly
Vanessa Carbonell 12 13 Necha
Luisa Meyerman 12 34 Lulu
Jamie Brown 12 8 Casper
Kristin Gonzalez 12 17 Canche
Ana Lopez 11 10 Banana
Ruth Carbonell 10 9 Rutia
Rebeca Robbins 10 5 Becka
Miyuki Nakadoi 10 23 Miyu
Vanessa Wiater 9 1 Nessa
Danny McKnight 8 21 Dani-San

Claudia Garcia 10
Cecile Ocasio 10

Bump Set Spike it!! That is the way Colegio Maya We appreciated all those who have stuck to it and
Varsity Players like it! We started off not knowing have showed that we can. Even though they might
much, but as time went by we improved our skills not be starters this year, we bet next year they will
and our ability to play with each other. We grew as be, they will then have experience and their ability
individuals and as a team. We learned that it is not and skills will improve. We want to thank Danny
very important to win, but to play well as a team and Miyuki for their commitment to the team. The
and show our skills. Not all of us knew much two new players in the team, great players who
about volleyball but those who had the guts to join have improved as our season goes by. Vanessa
the team, demonstrated that courage is what is Wiater played very well and our players did a good
needed in sports. Being a good player is not the job on representing our school.
only important thing to be in a team, it is the deter
mination to win and learn.

Copa Mava Results:

Tuesday Sept. 1.98 Maya vs Naleb 15-1/15-5 Friendly

Tuesday Sept.8.98 Maya vs Naleb 15-0/16-14
Thursday Sept. 10.98 Maya vs Evelyn Rogers 15-0/15-5
Thursday Sept. 17.98 Maya vs C.A.G. 15-3/11-15/15-9
Friday Sept. 18.98 Maya vs Americano 15-1/15-8 Friendly
Tuesday Sept.22.98 Maya vs Naleb 15-1/15-8
Friday Sept.25.98 Maya vs Americano 15-3/15-3 Friendly
Friday Sept.25.98 Maya vs C.A.G. 15-10
Tuesday Sept.29.98 Maya vs C.A.G. 15-10/11-15/8-15

There are various games that are not included in this list which have been friendly games.
Colegio Maya Varsity Girls Team has had a great participation and has won all of their games except
one. It has been a great season and we wish them the best.

The result of the Copa Maya was excellent. We won all games except one against C.A.G. All the
team members varying from 8-12 grade have worked very hard on their practices. They showed positive
attitude during the games. They would lifc<to thank Mr.Dinga for putting up with them. For the Copa
Maya, we got first place with C.A.G. The next tournament is AASCA (Association of American Schools
of Central America) and we finished first as well. We have worked hard for this and we tried our best to be
the best.

What Changed at
What have you noticed that has changed when coming back to school? The first thing you noticed is
the new teacher. There are 18 of them that are very well prepared. The new teachers are:

2. Ms. Bose- Art (elementary) Another thing that has changed at school
3. Ms. Clayton- 6th lang-Art are the new computers in the class
4. Mr. Dinga- Math rooms. There are 27 computers
5. Ms. Dunn- Social studies ( drama) and 1 professional laser print
6. Mrs. Fernandez- MS Math/science er with a capacity to print
7. Ms. Johnson- 5th grade high resolution images. We
8. Mr. and Mrs. King- ESL, English/ 2nd grade interviewed 2 students to
9. Mr. Kjera- Art see their reaction to the
10. Ms. Lou-HS Spanish new computers and their
11. Mr. and Mrs. Lyne- Computers/ 1st grade reactions were:
12. Mr. Mckee- HS English 1) Jenny- " Cool! I think
13. Mrs. Morales- Elementary Liberian it's cool to have new com
14. Ms. Nyrop- HS English puters, he he."
15. Ms. Orozco- 5th grade 2) Ken- " I think computers are
16. Mr. Petersen- Technical Support Manager very helpful to our daily lives and for
our future, the internet especially will be
the gate to the 21st century. The world will
become one big nation and there won't be any more impossible things we can't do"
The appearance of the school has changed because they are building a roof in front of the school, so
when it's raining the students will not get wet going out. In the elementary playground, a roof is being built to
cover the gym when it is raining.

The appearance of the school might have changed but the rules of the school are also different. Last
year when you came tardy to class, you needed a pass. Now if you are late the first time the teacher will warm
you, then if you are late the second and third time the teacher will sign detention. If you are late the fourth
time you will be sent to the principal's office. Another rule that has changed is academic dishonesty.
Plagiarism is defined as academic dishonesty, and the students will receive a zero. If offenses continue, stu
dents will receive suspensions, parent conferences on that assignment, and even expulsion. Another rule that
changed is public displays of affection. Students may hold hands and offer a customary greeting but may not
show other public displays of affection.
Finally, there are many new students. There are 54 new students in the school from pre- Kinder
through 12th grade. The number of students this year is 322 students. Last year there were 354 students. Now
that there are changes at school, it should be a better place. Many things have changed, but some have not.
Change is good and it will make the school better.

he seniors left school for Coban early Friday morning in two small buses. For the

T next four hours we were subjected to bumps, bad singing, and the occasional
"unpleasant" smell. The guy's bus (which obviously had a motorcycle engine)
arrived well over an hour after the girl's bus. When we
arrived at the Park Hotel in Coban, lunch wasn't yet
ready, so we decided to visit the zoo. The Park Hotel's
zoo is perhaps the most disgusting group of animals
ever collected; it smelled worse than our bathroom
after Javier used it! Well, maybe not that bad... Our
first meal was a harbinger of what was to come: bad
food at high prices. After we ate lunch and settled into
our rooms, we had our first meeting to plan the year.
Topics included class elections, senior privileges, and
ways to raise money for our senior fund. After the speeches and campaigning were over,
Jamie Brown was elected to senior president, Paul our vice-president, Bobby Pearson
treasurer, and Lisa secretary. When we couldn't pay attention any longer, we were allowed
to go back to our rooms and relax until dinner. After waiting over an hour for our food
(which we ate in a few minutes), we
returned to the conference room and con
tinued to plan the year. At the second
meeting we were joined by our esteemed
principal Mr. Gentrup, who helped us
plan the rest of the year. After the meet
ing, we all went back to our beds (except
Bobby Daily, who went back to his Sega).
We needed our sleep for the long hike the
next day.

Saturday morning was heralded

by the bright dawn of a new (albeit high
ly unanticipated) day, but what the hay, it
was full of wondrous things and adven
tures. The wake up call came ever so gra
ciously from an eager, somewhat insane
Mr. Berke and his all-powerful whistle.
Why, you ask, wake up at that hour? Well,
to hike a 200-mile death march up a mountain of course!! What else?! O.K., maybe it
wasn't 200 miles, but it sure as heck felt like two hundred miles. Following breakfast, the
class and the eager advisors loaded the
busses and began the journey to Mr.
Berke's, farm. After the two-minute
ride, we were all unloaded and given a
pep talk of a sort, then began the
treacherous, but good-for-us journey!
Shortly, a few seniors dropped out of
I the race, unable to cope with the rigors
of a ninety-degree incline. It turns out

they were sick, but we
would soon realize
how lucky they were...
After the first slope we
were faced with death
ly sunrays, dangerous
mountain trails, and a
decided lack of moti
vation. We stopped
only once half way
into the hike (which
was enough of a march
for 90% of the seniors)
at a fresh mountain
spring, which provided
coolant. The entire distance of the hike was a good five miles or so up and down. After about a half of quite inter
esting four letter words, cuts, bruises, and dehydration, everyone reached the summit of the mountain. After a

"long" break of about ten minutes, it was time to head down

the treacherous slope. YAYYYM! We all expected the descent
to be easier, but to our dismay, when Mr. Berke said down, he
meant DOWN. The easiest method was to jump, land on your
rear, and slide (although many did try to stay upright, to no
avail!). Congrats go out to Bobby Daily, Ben Baldizon, and
Carlos Hiroshi for being the first to complete our meaningful
trek! I arrived shortly after with another small group and
immediately sought out transportation to shelter (and a show-

er!). After our break at the hotel we gathered once again for another long (wait for) lunch. After yet another short
rest, El Senior Gentrup delighted us with his presence and held a meeting where topics such as Senior Privileges
were discussed. After exciting bonding experiences came dinner followed by still MORE bonding experiences,
then back to the rooms and bed.

We woke up Sunday morning tired and sore, but happy to finally be leaving our five-star tropical resort.
After ordering scrambled eggs at 8:00, and getting fried eggs at 9:15, we boarded our bus with the motorcycle
engine and started back to the city. An hour after we departed, the girl's bus (which could actually go over
25mph!) left the Park Hotel. Four hours later we arrived at the Burger King, where the other bus had been wait
ing for us.

l.Tito Ramirez
I have the list of the new students this
2. 4 yrs.
year so you can know more about
3. Pre-Kinder.
them. They were asked a lot of questions
4. None.
that you might want to know, so go
5. Blue.
ahead and read this ARTICLE !
6. Pizza and hamburgers.


1. What is your name ? 1. Josefina Oh

2. How old are you ? 2. 4 yrs.
3. What grade are you in ? 3. Pre-Kinder.
4. Do you have any brothers or sisters ? 4. One sister.
5. What is your favorite color ? 5. Purple.
6. What is your favorite food ? 6. Chicken.

1. Lindsay Gentrup 1. Fabiola Miro

2. 4yrs. 2. 4 yrs.
3. Pre-Kinder. 3. Pre- Kinder.
4. One brother. 4. 2 brothers.
5. Pink. 5. Pink.
6. Olives. 6. Tomatoes.

l.Alexa Herman 1.Angie Bastias

2. 4 yrs. 2. 4 yrs.
3. Pre-Kinder. 3. Pre-Kinder.
4. One sister. 4. 3 sisters.
5. Red 5. Red.
6. Corn. 6. Coffee and bread.

1. Andrea Razo 1. Jorge Soto
2. 4 yrs. 2. 7 yrs.
3. Pre-Kinder. 3. 1st grade.
4. One sister.
4. One sister, Daniela ( age 3 ).
5. Pink. 5. Blue.
6. Chocolate, grapes, and corn. 6. Cheetos.

1. Tony Butler 1.Maria Fernanda Razo

2. 5 yrs. 2. 6 yrs.
3. Kindergarten. 3. 1st grade.
4. One brother 4. One sister, Andrea in Pre- Kinder.
5. Green. 5. Pink.
6. Oranges. 6. Pizza.

1. Nathan Treacy 1. Justina Silva

2. 4 yrs. 2. 7 yrs.
3. Kindergarten. 3. 1st grade.
4. One sister. 4. One brother, Dua, age 4.
5. Red. 5. Red and green.
- 6. Cucumber, macaroni, and cheese. 6. Rice and beans.

1. Kenny Mestre 1. James Huang

2. 5 yrs, 2. 8 yrs.
3. Kindergarten. 3. 1st grade.
4. Two sisters. 4. 1 brother, Jimmy, he is in 3rd grade.
5. Red. 5. Green.
6. Jello and ice-cream. 6. Chocolate.

l.NikkiDailey 1. Stephany Mestre

2. 4 yrs. 2. 6 yrs.
3. Kindergarten. 3. 1st grade.
4. 2 brothers. 4. 2 brothers, Kenny is in Kinder and Nene,
5. Blue and Pink. who is the oldest.
6. Grapes. 5. Pink.
6. Grapes.
1. Brian Scholl 1. Christopher Shmeelk
2. 6 yrs. 2. 7 yrs.
3. 1st grade. 3. 2nd grade.
4. 2 brothers. 4. 1 brother.
5. Burgundy. 5. Green.
6. Mango. 6. Sandwiches.

1. Michael Scholl 1. Jonathan Schmeelk
2.7 yrs. 2. 10 yrs.
3. 2nd grade. 3. 5th grade.
4. 2 brothers who are Brian and Daniel. 4. Two brothers.
5. Violet. 5. Blue.
6. Pizza. 6. Pizza.

l.Jared Borns
2. 7 yrs.
3. 2nd grade.
4. 1 sister - Ariel. HIGH SCHOOL
5. White.
6. Spaghetti
1. What is your name ?
1. Jimmy Huang 2. What grade are you in ?
2. 10 yrs. 3. Where are you from ?
3. 3rd grade. 4. How old are you ? When is your Birthday ?
4. 2 brothers and 1 sister. 5. What do you like and dislike about this
5. Green. school?
6. Hamburger. 6. What do you like doing on the weekends
and in your free time ?
1. Dante Caballero 7. What type of music do you like ?
2. 8 yrs. 8. What are your outlooks for the future ?
3. 3rd grade. What do you want to be ?
4. One brother who is AarUn. 9. If you are a girl, how are the guys in this
5. Purple and green. school ? If you a guy, how are the girls ?
6. Macaroni and cheese. 10. In the old school, did you have a nick
name, if so, what was it, and may we call you
1 .Ariel Borns that here ?
2. 9 yrs. 11. Give us your opinion on drugs.
3. 4th grade.
4. 1 brother. 1. Tara McLaughlin
5. Blue. 2. 6th grade.
6. Junk food. 3. Colorado Springs.
4. I'm 12 years old and my birthday is in June
1 Hoon Lee 4.
2. 9 yrs. 5.1 like the teachers and I dislike the cafeteria
3. 4th grade. lunches.
4. 1 sister. 6.1 play Tennis and Horseback riding.
5. Blue. 7. Rock and Rol.
6. Pizza. 8.1 do not know.
9. There are cute ones and dumb ones too.

10. In the American School they called me Whoever ever takes them is dumb... What
Tar and I hated it. does it help you to feel free or what ? I
11. They are the worst thing in the world and wouldn't even try smoking... Taking
whoever takes them, I hope they get run over drugs...NO WAY !
by a truck, because you will probably die any
way and it is a quicker death. l.WHIR.
2. 8th grade.
1. Anabel Huang ( Chin- Jue ) 3. Utah
2. 7th grade. 4. 13 years old, Nov. 8, 1984.
3. Taiwan. 5.1 like Science, Heavy homework.
4. 13 years old. At February 8. 6. Movies, swimming, SNES.
5.1 like my class, I dislike the roof in our 7. Bach, Czerny, Piano.
school. 8. A Scientist, Musician, Astronomer.
6.1 like to go out with my friends or family 9. Just normal class people, just like the boys.
on the weekends. I talk to my friends on the 10. None
free time. 11. Drug are a very bad thing. They are pret
7. Pop Music. ty unhealthy. Getting drunk isn't a good
8.1 want to be a singer or a housewife or a thing, it makes you crazy and you wouldn't be
flight attendant. your own self. Drugs can put a great effect
' 9. They are really funny. on your life. They will lower your life
10. My old school is in Taiwan, so I don't expectancy too. If you don't do drugs you
have a nickname in English. will
11. The drugs are bad for your health. It notice that life is better. You are awake and
could let you feel better, maybe but it is really you have a good normal life without it. Most
bad who do drugs are in bad shape.
for your brain and a lot of parts of your body.
1 .Daniela Martinez
1. Elizabeth Chang 2. 8th grade.
2. 7th grade. 3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
3. Taiwan. 4. 12 years old, September 13th.
4. 12 years old, September 2nd. 5.1 love the plants and the colorful class
5.1 don't know exactly what I like. Too rooms and flowers, but I think the school is so
big. You have to go from one bilding to
6. Listen to music, chat on the phone and another to get to your classes.
internet. 6.1 like to read, watch T.V., play volleyball,
7. J-pop. Amuro Namie. go on trips, talk to my friends, share time
8. A lawyer. with my family, and hang out with my
9. Not any particular feelings about them. friends.
10. Liz. 7. Reggae, classical music, and rap.
11. Drugs are a harmful dumb thing. 8.1 wish I could be either a teacher and-
Humans discovered and tried to use them ille- DON'T LAUGH- an astronaut ( be the 2nd
galy. woman in space).

9. Some guys here are nice, and some are
cute, but some call you names for no good 1. Rebekah Robbins
reason. 2. 10th grade.
10. Well, over the years, I had many nick 3. Utah.
names. When I was in 7th grade, some of my 4. 15 years old, November 8.
friends used to call me the "Living encyclope 5.1 don't like all the homework. I love the
dia "( but with affection ) DO NOT CALL sports provided.
ME THAT!!! 6. Going to movies.
11.1 think that drugs shouldn't be in the reach 7. Variety.
of young people, because at our age, we do 8.1 want to be a designer.
crazy things. Also, if you see a friend who is 9.0k.
doing drugs, you should try to convince 10. BekahorBek.
them to stop. If you can't stop them, I sug 11. They're no good. I hate drugs.
gest that you should inform an adult about it.
1. LeAnne Lyne
l.Jen-Yan( Albert). 2. 10th grade.
2. 8th grade. 3. Houston, Texas.
3.Taiwan. 4. 15 yeras old,, May 20.
4. 14 years old, March 6, 1984. 5. The people are nice, but there is too much
5.1 like RE. I don't dislike anything. homework.
6. Play computer. 6. Hang out with my friends.
7. Rock music. 7. Alternative.
8.1 want to be a doctor. 8. A physical therapist.
9. Some of them are bad. 9. They have good personalities, but that's all.
10. Albert. 10. No nickname.
11. They shouldn't be taken. 11. Why mistreat your body like that.

1. Fawzi Jweiles
2. 8th grade.
3. Guatemala. 1. Jane Richards
4. 13 years old, January 19. 2. 11th grade.
5.1 like the gym and I dislike the weather ( 3. Born in the U.S.A.
it's too cold). 4. 16 years old, December 31.
6. Go to the beach, hang out with my friends. 5.1 like the people, the teachers, and the
7. Heavy metal. opportunities.
8. A business man. 6. Party !
9. The girls are ok. 7. Punk, alternative, and classical.
10. No. 8. Study... I don't know.
11. That drugs can kill in a very painful way. 9. Good.
11. Don't have opinion.

1. Marian Rossell And this is the rest of the new students
2. 11th grade. at Colegio Maya who we failed to get
3. Guatemala. responses from : Sophie-Anne ( 6 grade ),
4. 16 years old, November 25th. Joon ( 6 grade ), Lauren ( 6 grade ), Lorena (
5. The people, I don't dislike anything. 6 grade ), Antonio ( 6 grade ), Angela ( 7th
6. Party ! Listen to music. grade ), Diego ( 8th grade ), Stephanie ( 8th
7. Everything except country and rap music. grade ), Mario ( 8th grade ), George ( 9th
8.1 want to be a successful pediatrician. grade ), Ronald ( 9th grade ), Laura ( 12 grade
9. They are all nice and very funny. ), and Michael ( 12 grade ).
10. Mary or Marian.
11.1 hate them and I think they mess up your
life completely.

1. Rodrigo Aguirre
2. 11th grade.
3. Paraguay.
4. 16 years old, December 19th.
5. Don't know.
6. Partying !
7. Any type.
8. Doctor.
10. Roll

1. Jamie Rudert
2. 11th grade.
3. Dominican Republic.
4. 16 years old, April 15, 1982.
5. Too small, I like the setting.
6. Zona Viva.
7. Merengue.
8. A heroin adict.
9. All right just not enough of them.
10. Jemerson.
11. Good, but bad in excess.

Watch out!
First graders' frogs are hopping around!

Kristeena Seckinger

Roy Castillo

Justina Silva

James Huang

Maria Luisa Sibaya

Maria Fernanda Villalobos

Maria Fernanda razo

Stephany Mestre

Da Re Kim

Min Jae Song

New Teachers Interview
Questions: By: Jenny Seo & Eun Ji Byun

1. Which school did you teach before coming to Maya?

2. How many years teaching?
3. What subject are you teaching?
4. Universities attended?
5. Degrees Earned?
6. Interests and hobbies?
7. Single / married? Havefamily?
8. Have you been to any other international schools, ifso, where?
9. Do you like Maya? Why or why not?
10. What do you expectfrom the students?
11. Anything you want to say to the students?
12. What is the most important thing, (object) in your life?
(Although it was object only, most teachers didn 9tfollow the rule).
13. What type of music do you like most?
14. Have you ever been a hippie?
15. Most embarrassing moment in your life?
16. Draw a self-portrait.

Andrew Kjera (Jan. 20, 1967)

1. Salesian High School. Richmond, CA.
2. 7 years teaching
3. Art
4. California College of Arts and Crafts
5. BEA in Painting and printmaking
6. Listen to music and sports
7. Single (getting married in June, 99)
8. No.
9. Yes, because of the publication.
10. To learn a lot from the student.
12. Personal Artwork.
13. Punk.
14. Last year, I had longer hairJhan you.
(He was talking to Eun Ji Byun in 1 lth)
15. I hadn't been very embarrassed until now.
(The interview).
Jerry Lyne (Sept. 8, 1949)
1. Spring High. Spring, Tx.
2. 24 years
3. Computer
4. Kansas State University and Emporia State
5. Masters
6. Tennis and photography
7. Married, three children and wife
8. No.
9. Yes, why not? It's a nice school in nice country with nice people.
10. Do things right, and follow instructions.
12. Family.
13. All the kinds except Rock, and Rap.
14. No.
15. Walked into the classroom thinking that there was a class, but I
had confused the time of the day for I had taken a nap, and turns out
that there wasn't a class.

Peder Aune (May 15, 1971)

1. San Pedro High. California.
2. 4 years
3. Math and Science
4. Standard University
5. B.S Mechanical Engineering
6. Spanish, Basket ball, drawing, Hiking
7. Single
8. No.
9. Yes, because of Jeffrey Gonzales, Sara
Hoffman, Pablo Wolf. (Editor's note:
These students stayed late in the class
room packing their belongings, and were
nearby Mr. Aune during the inter view).
10. Try to do the best they can.
11. What's up students?
12. Basket-ball.
13. All different kinds.
14. No
15. Behind showing at swimming pool.
(He didn't wanted to get more into the

John Dinga (June 19, 1945)
1. Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok,
2. 26 years
3. Economics, Algebra II, and video production
4. University of Hawaii, California State College,
University Embry Riddler Aeronautical University
5. B.B,A economics, statistics, M.B.A, A.A english
and humanities
6. Sports (softball) good books and movies
7. Married, wife (Thailand)
8. Australian Schools, American Military School in
9. Yes, it is everything that I heard. Friendly teach
ers, supportive and helpful staff, and highly motivat
ed students.
10. Try to do the best all the time and talk when
are concerned.
11. Work as hard as you can, because you don't know when you might need it.
12. Car.
13. Easy listening, Rock 4n Roll, Ballads. 1956-now.
14. Kind of, I had long hair.
15. When I was in 3rd grade, hanging on the chin-up bar, a female classmate came along, jumped up on my
legs, and pulled down my pants.

Sonya Nyrop (July 24, 1973)

1. London, England (As a substitute teacher).
2. 1 and 1/2 year
3. English and Drama
4. University of London, Columbia Union College,
La Sierra University
5. MA (almost!) fifth year program in Education, BA
6. Reading (What do you except-1 teach English) Music,
scuba diving, traveling and languages
7. Single
8. No, but I went to many international schools.
9. Yes, the school is nice and small, so you get to know

10. Two words: Studying and bribes. (For the teacher!)

Both work wonders. (I like butterscotch
11. The truth is out there.
12. To become Mulder's partner and solve the X-Files.
13. Classic Rock...70's
14. No, but have seen a Grunger (Editor: Have no idea), and a Goth (Dressed all in black, black
lipstick, etc).
15. The first time I used a dishwasher (I was nineteen!), I put regular dishwashing soap instead of
dishwashing soap. Next thing I know, the kitchen was waist-deep in soap suds-unfortunately, I was
in a hotel room! My parents, to his day, won't let me near their dishwasher.

Daniel Mckee (March 27, 1963)
1. Middle School in New York for Spanish/English bilingual stu
2. 11 years
3. All english literature
4. Brown University, Columbia Teachers College
5. B.A in history, masters in Bilingual Ed.
6. Photography and biking
7. Single, parents, one brother.
8. No.
9. Yes, friendly students and teachers. I came in late to school
and they were helpful.
10. Responsibility, curiosity, passion for learning, respect for
everyone including themselves.
11. Find your passion for learning and knowledge, because
everything falls into place after that.
12. Journals, Photos of friends and family.
13. Rock 'n Roll, 60's and 70's.
14. Sort of, I used ti have an Afro the size of a football helmet.
15. When I skated on a pond over thin ice and fell through and I
had to walk home 10 blocks in my skates.

Jennifer Dunn (Feb. 18, 1970)

1. Galena High. Reno, Nevada.
2. 5 years
3. Drama, speech, US history, and Western civilization
4. Kansas State and University of Nevada Reno
5. BA in Rhetoric and communication with emphasis in women's studies and poly sci.
6. Drama, debate, movies, music
7. Single
8. Japanese School.
9. Yes, few students, and it's multi cultural.
10. Continue to be interested in school.
11. Good Luck! (Editor's note: She said "Good Luck" in Japanese, but due to the ignorance of the interviewer,
didn't quite get it. Sorry!)
12. Travel.
13. Alternative.
14. No.
15. Wearing shoes in somebody's house in Japan. (Note: In most Asian countries, it is a custom yo
take your shoes off when going into the house).

Brian King (Jan. 30, 1972)
1. Patterson High, California.
2. 3 years
3. ESL, English (10)
4. California State University Stanislaus
5. BA in social science, CLAD certificate >—

6. 4 wheeling, drag racing, mountaineering, hunting

7. married, no kids, one dog
8. No.
9 .1 love it. I love the staff, the school is well funded, and stu
dents are exceptional. I like teaching in a multicultural setting.
Also, my English 10 students just love English.
10. A lot. Students work hard, and by June, show big
improvement in speaking ability
11. I've only been paroled for 6 months, so don't, make me

12. Four wheeling.

13. 60's and 70's rock 6n roll. Jimi Hendrix.
14. No.
15. When I wet my pants in the 4th grade.

Ashley Clayton (Dec. 30, 1971)

1. Colegio Americano
2. 3 years
3. Language arts and writing
4. North Carolina UNC. and Chapel NC.
5. Education and psychology
6. read, mt. hiking, and biking
7. Single
8. International School of Prague, Czech Republic
9. Yes, students are very enthusiastic and great
10. Put forth their best effort
11. Make the best of each moment
12. Inner Peace
13. Eclectic Jazz, Folk, etc...
14. Not really
15. A cute life guard threw wet towel on my bikini

Blanca Lou (Mar. 27, 1956)
1. Christian Academy in Guatemala
2. 16 years
3. Spanish
4. Mariano Galvez, and Rafael Landivar
5. School administration, pedagogy and psychology
6. read, walk, spend time with family
7. Married
8. No
9. Yes, it has a similar environment from where I thought before, and people are nice.
10. Try hard
11. Hope you enjoy the class
12. Job
13. Romantic, instrumental
14. No
15. When I was young, I was working as a secretary for a bank manager in Quetzaltenango. Since I was
studying to become a secretary, it was a long time ago. I used to fool around with another secretary, by push
ing each other on wheeled chairs. When'the manager wasn't around. One day, we were fooling around as.
usual, the manager came in and I fell flat on my back, with the chair and the manager came and helped me up.

Katy Fernandez (Feb. 19, 1960)

1. None
2. My first year of teaching. I am also a registered nurse and have worked for the Peace corps and vari
ous embassies
3. 6th grade, math, science, middle school study skills
4. Uni. of Arizona & George Mason Uni.
5. BS in Nursing, Teaching Certificate K-8 and MS in Education
6. Cooking, cross-stitch and crafts
7. Married, husband who is Counselor for Public Affairs at American Embassy, two children here at
Colegio Maya (Adam- 2nd grade' Josiah 9th grade)
8. Yes, American school of Kuwait and Damascus Community School
9. Yes, It's a beautiful school and the students and faculty care about learning and making the world a bet
ter place.
10.1 expect them to care and to do their best.
11. Learning is power!
12. Right now it is my family.
13. Jazz
14. No, I'm too young for that!
15. Can't remember, I think we successfully tried to forget.

Herman Peterson (Aug. 24, 1976) The Tech. Manager
2. —

4. —
5. —-
6. —-
7. Single
9. Yes, the school is small
12. Car
13. Alternative
14. No
15. When I had to pay for the meal in a restaurant and I was broke, but most embarrassing of all was that I
was with my girlfriend.

Donna Lyne (April 18, 1962)

1. Ermel Elementary in Houston, TX.
2. 13 years
3. 1st grade
4. Baylor University
5. Bachelor Science Education and masters of administra
tion Education
6. Cooking, reading and tennis
7. Married, three children
8. No
9. Yes, I love it. The teachers and staff are friendly, and
kids are sweet
10. To learn and to respect themselves and each other
11. I'm glad to be here and looking forward to a great year
12. Family, Car, Jewelry
13. Easy listening
14. No
15. Learning to drive in standard driving car.

Camille King (Dec. 15, 1972)
1. Sherwood Elementary, CA.
2. 4th year
3. 2nd grade
4. Azusa Pacific Ca. State Stanislaus
5. B.A liberal studies
6. swimming, read, camping
7. Married
8. No
9. Yes, it is beautiful school with great teachers, and I love students
10. Work hard, get along with others, and have fun
11. Do your best
12. Family
13. Everything but Country
14. No
15. At my wedding my husband smashed cake in my face. It was all over my dress and went up my nose.

Mariella Orozco (Oct. 16, 1972)

1. Shelter Rock Elementary, Manhasset, New York
2. 1st year
3. 5 th grade
4. L.I University Southampton Campus and L.I University /
C.W Post Campus
5. Bachelors of Art Minor Literature Writing
6. DAncing and swimming
7. Single
8. Dexel Ave. Elementary, Westbury, New York
9.1 love the environment, everybody is friendly and I love my
10. Not everything turns out the way we plan, but there is
always a tomorrow to achieve everything we desire in life.
11. Never give up, always do your best!
12. My teddy bear named Campitos
13. Reggae, Hip Hop, classical
14. No!
15. When I was in 9th grade, I had a crush on a guy. As I was
walking by him, I tripped and fell. It was really embarrassing.

Natalie Bose (Nov. 15, 1975)
1. This is my first school
2. 1st year
3. Art, computer elementary
4. Universidad El Valle
5. ESL teacher
6. drawing, horse-back riding
7. Single (but looking)
8. No
9. Yes, interesting, fun, and different
10. To behave, to do the projects
11. Have a nice year
12. My life
13. Any kind
14. No
15. When people come and ask me the same questions over and over.

Michelle Johnson (Sept. 2, 1968)

1. Colegio Americano, Guatemala
2. 7 years
3. 5th grade
4. Gollege of Charleston
5. Bachelor of Science n Psychology and Masters in Elementary
6. read, run, go to beach
7. single
8. Yes, Colegio Americano, Guatemala
9. Yes, it has small classes, and teachers and students are friendly
10. To come to class each day ready to learn
11. I'm glad to be here and I think it's going to be a great year fir

12. Ring, given by my grandmother

13. Alternative
14. I don't think so...
15. When I was teaching in the states, I got up, got dressed, went
to work, and realized it was Saturday.

Sports Section
Sports play a big part in peoples daily
lives. Every year major sporting events take
place, like the NBA playoffs, the European Super
Cup, Wimbledon, and the US Open. The sports
review doesn't cover all sports, so that the reader
can get a more detailed view of the sports being
reviewed. In the 1st Quarter issue soccer and ten
nis shall be the focus.

As the Soccer season starts in Europe and

all over the world in August, all the teams with
new team members are looking for an explosive
start into the new season. More than 200 million
dollars were spent in Europe for the transfer of
players that made a big impact in the World Cup.
Like Michael Owen, who became the youngest
player to score more than one goal in the world
cup finals. Owen will be going to Lazio, in Italy
after his contract is over with Liverpool. Micheal Owen against Columbia

Negotiations are under way for the price.

In England, defending champions of the
Premier League, Arsenal are hoping that they can
hold back Manchester United and Liverpool. Last
season Arsenal won the Premiership barely, as
Manchester United came in second. After the
World Cup, many new players came into the
English League. As the richest club in the world,
Manchester United has an advantage over other
teams, they have the capability of having any
player they want because of their purchasing
power. Manchester United also has the best histo
ry in England. They have won the Premiership
more than seven times, and the FA Cup (A tour
nament including all the teams in England) 5
times. Other big teams in England include
Ronaldo doesn't look happy
Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool.
Liverpool is the club responsible for training
18yr old Michael Owen into a soccer

There are many big tournaments in Europe
that include the best teams in each country. The
biggest and most important of these cups is the
European Super Cup. In the European Super Cup
the two best teams in every country of Europe play.
The winner of last years Super Cup was Real
Madrid, from Spain who beat Juventus from Italy 1-
0 in the final.
Other major Leagues in other countries in
Europe also begin their soccer season now. In Italy
the league's called Seria A. In Seria A there are
many well known teams like Juventus, Lazio, Inter
Arsenal defenders out of luck. Milan, Fiornetina, and AC Milan. Many young
players go to Italy to begin their soccer career.
Another League is the Bundesliga of Germany,
which has famous teams like Bayern Munich.
There's also the French first Division and the
Spanish first Division.
There have been many debates on which
league is the hardest, and which teams are the best.
In my opinion the hardest league would be the
Premiership in England. It's the hardest because the
quality of players are so good that even the worst
team in the Premiership could be the best in Europe.
Every year teams get new players and these players
can make such a big difference in the teams capabil
ity that you cannot judge which team is better than
the other.
The second biggest soccer tournament after
the World Cup is the European Cup, that also takes
place every four years. Already the qualification
rounds have begun for the European Cup. In the
first qualification round, Cyprus beat Spain 3-2.
England lost to Sweden 2-1, and Italy beat Wales 2-
0. If you would like to catch the latest action of the
European Cup you could go to
Spain are

Zenedin Zidane battles...

still performing as they were in the World Cup by losing
their game to Cyprus. Israel als hopes to qualify for the
European Cup. This would give Israel a real boost for
their country's soccer.
In school the soccer season starts in January but
the first training sessions may take place some time in
November. The more players the school has the better, so
try out for the soccer team if you can.

In tennis the battle for first rank continues

between, Sampras, Rios, and Rafter. Sampras these days
hasn't been at his best, losing games to number seventy
seeds like Paes. Rafter though has been at his best of his
career and only seems to be getting better. Rios also has
been winning lots of games and from time to time goes
up to number one. Many people say that Sampras is the Pete Sampras stretches for the ball.
best tennis player that has ever lived. He needs only one
grand slam title to hold the World Record of twelve grand
slam titles. One of the biggest opportunities that Sampras
gets a year is Wimbledon. There never has been a grass
court player as good as Sampras, who likes the pace of
the ball on grass courts. Tennis is a growing sport and
every year many new young players participate in major
Women's tennis is now dominated by teenagers.
Martina Hingis is still number one but there are other
young players like the Williams sister's and Lindsey
Davenport, that are close on her tail.
In school there isn't a tennis team, but tennis
classes are available as an after school event. If you
would like more information you can contact Mr.Lyne.

Novotna slices

By Sid Thazhathu
rvi The year is 1998 at the brink of the 21st
century, technology has never been bet
ter. Well of course every year it gets better.
If you have problems, technology has the
answers. Most of the items in our review
are already out in the market, or coming out
in the near future.
Adesign by Honda for a revolutionary
new air bag that is installed into the
car's seat belt is under way. Hondas techni
cians believe that its Air-Belt could bring
extra safety to a driver in a car crash. The
Air-bag reduces the force of accident, pre
vents rib cage damage, and whiplash
Nautilus is back, the new loudspeaker
system by B&W. It produces crystal
clear sound and reproduces sound as if it
were actually performed. A pair of these
speakers go at a price of $40,000. Shaped
like a sea shell, certain areas produce bass
Honda's Airbelt frequencies, while three horn shaped pipes
produce the treble frequencies. Put the two
types of frequencies together, and life like
sound is produced.
Have a seat on the new molded plastic
creation that works as a chair. Jack

weighs 9 pounds. Symmetrically shaped,

you can join more than one Jack to make a
table or some other piece of furniture. The
inventor Tom Dixon originally designed it
to be a light, but found it more useful to sit

Do you want to wear the cleats of your

favorite soccer players? Then get the
new Umbro Spin R-G. These cleats provide
vital grip, and also reduces the pressure on

rvi the players knees and ankles. One more

thing, with these cleats on your feet you
can curve the ball better than Roberto
Carlos. You can now buy these cleats in any
major sporting store.
has invented a multi-functional
printer that can print, scan and
copy. It is a very future-like model which

has numerous keys and is very affordable. The difference between this pad and other
It's only $500 so if you would like to get
pads is that it has better clarity and has bet
more information please visit the HP web ter transfer rates . The Cross pad also has
site at The thing that makes the capability of sending e-mails, printing,
this multifunctional printer better than the and saving notes on the pad itself. If you
rest is that it's more compact and easier to would like more information, visit this web
use. It also has great clarity when printing
site at
and scanning.

Tired of fleas from your pets. Now you

can buy the new Flea Powder Brush.
The brush contains powder which goes into
the fur, getting rid of the fleas. If you need
one they are available in New York, and
production of the brush will soon be every
Planning to buy a new computer, but
can't afford a super computer, the new
Pentium II 450 PC is now starting at
$1,800. So now you could get speed and
save money at the same time. There are
also many good names out in the market. If
you would like an affordable computer we
would recommend Quantex. You could visit
Quantex at Another
good company to try is Dell Jack

( or Micron (www.micron- Macintosh is not the best choice
because many times there are program con
flicts and the majority of the programs are
in favor of IBM platform PC's. But if you
are interested in professional graphics then
it's a good option. You could visit a
Macintosh site at
Isn't it easier to take notes on notebooks
rather than on computers? Now you can \
take notes on your notebook and keep it in
your computer. Cross has invented a pad
where the note book is placed on top of a
pad and when something is written on the
notebook it goes on the screen of the pad.
It's necessary to have a special pen
designed by Cross to use on the pad. The
HP MultifUntion
pad is portable and has a very fast transfer
rate of data. The approximate cost of this
pad is $400, and the cost per pen is $80.

By Sid Thazhathu and Ken Lee

H©vle Previews k Reviews

Romantic and sad *** out of****

City of Angels was a movie which
demonstrated that love is more impor
tant than anything else on earth.
Nicolas Cage as Seff, is an angel in this
movie and he falls in love with Meg
Ryan. Meg was a doctor in L.A.
Nicolas falls in love with her when he
sees her crying at the hospital. One
day, Meg hears him and they fall in
love. Nicolas had to become a human
to be able to touch her and in order to
do this, he had to jump from a high
building but he will die someday
becuase he is a human.
He becomes a human for his love and
when he does, something happens to

On my opinion, this movie was very romantic and sad. It's best if you go see it with your fiance.
This movie really touched my heart and Nicolas Cage was a whole different character from other
movies because he was always a hero but in this one, he is really romantic.

Best movie of the year...**** out of ****

Armageddon was a movie which presicted what will happen when earth comes to
an end. A comet size of Texas was heading toward earth at a speed of
22,000mph. If it hit the earth's surface, all living things would be extinct. A crew
of an oil rid led by Bruce Willis was sent to the comet to plant a nuclear bomb
8OOft below the surface. Two shuttles, Liberty and Indepence were sent up but
one of them crashes against a rock and explodes. But the other ship completes its
mission by cutting the comet in half. In the end of this movie, Bruce Willis has to
make a decision and it is very unpredictable.

Personally, I liked this movie better than any movie I have seen so far. There
was romance, action and something left behind. I was very impressed by the
effects and the plot of the movie.
Twenty years ago was the
night he came home. And so began
Michael Myers1 bloody killing.
Jamie Lee Curtis was Laurie Strode.
Now, twenty years later, Laurie and
Michael are about to meet again.

In this sequel to the original

HALLOWEEN, Jamie Lee Curtis
returns as Laurie Strode who twenty
years later, is still trying to put her
past behind her. Now she lives whith
her 17-year-old son, John ,she works
as the head mistress of a private
but twenty years later, Michael
Myers is suddenly back in her life
with a vengeance and it's not just
Laurie Strode he's after, it is also her
son. The terror begins for a whole
new generation, including the next
door neighbor, the novelist who
works as the school security guard,
John and his girlfriend and their

When this small group of stu

dents leave school to have their own
Halloween fun, they find that it was
n't a good idea.

is a movie about love and trade-
gy. the story deals with the
Grim Ripper falling in love with
a human, when death come s
down to earth to collect a soul,
he decides to get to know earth
and the people who live in it, the
only way that he can walk
around without getting so much
attention is look human, so he
gets in the body of the person
that just died, when every thing
is perfect to start, death decides
to get a guide to guide him
around, and so he does, he find
an old man who is willing to
help him. The problem begins
when the Grim Ripper falls in
love with the old man's daughter
and so begins the imposible love.

International Food
Do you want to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some terrific restaurants for you to try. Each one has
good imported food to eat. So do not be lazy just read it and eat it.

Sometimes people want to eat something different and not

common, right! Well the best way to solve this craving is to visit
International restaurants. But you might not know any good
restaurants. I am going to present some of the "BEST" restaurants
in Guatemala. Some of them are very, very, very expensive but
really, really, really good.


$ not too expensive

$$ very expensive
* good
"very good
"extremely good

p \ ' v 1

French $$ **
Joh Fran Sua C: J-
2av 18-20 Zone 10
Best dish: sea food & soup
The service is very fast and they

0 attended to us very well. The

deserts, such as "tiramisu" &
"Apple pie,"are very good, too.

Italian $ **
Tre fratilli
2avzone 10 32-21
Best dish: Bolognesa & Mix pizza

There are many kind of spaghet

ti, lasagna and pizza. If you
want to, you can sit outside and
the view is beautiful.

Japanese $$ ***
15av 6-72 zone 13
3602030/3314093 flg )
Best dish: Seafood (sushi, fried fish)

The owner is Japanese, so all the food has

Japanese flavor. It is very expensive! So
you should bring Q100- 150 each person.
Guatemalan $ **
Los antojitos
Calsada Roosvelt 30-50 zona7
Best dish: Churasco

The view is very good, they have table

made of wood and the food is 100%
Mexican $ ** Guatemalan. And they attended to us well.
Rancho grande
2av 13-40 zona 10
Best dish: Tacos

You can park the car in front of the

restaurant, and there is good security.
Korean $$** The background is really nice because
Han Kang you feel that you are eating in Mexico.
9av 14 calle zona 10
Best dish: Everything

The food is very good, and the place is

Chinese $ *** nice, and they served us very fast.
Tesoro Imperial
Avenida las Americas 4-42 zona 13
\ I -i i
Best dish: Vegetables


The soups are good such as Wonton. It

Try them all! ! ! They are really good. is a little bit expensive, but the place is
OK. You feel comfortable.

Web Site Reviews
by Mike Tauras
for the Masses
The Star Wars Trilogy Site

The Star Wars Trilogy Site is an international site and it is for

all ages. It's creative and interesting,and it has lots of great
graphics and pictures. It also has great sound effects. It does
not have that much text, but enough to explain about the
places or things. It has a option to see behind the scenes,but
to obtain the option you must pass a star wars quiz in the site.

1 he beven Wonders of the Ancient World

Includes imformation and graphics on: the Great Pyramids of

Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at
Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum
at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse
of Alexandria.Additionally, the site also provides informa
tion on Forgotten Wonders, Modern Wonders and Natural

3D Images

3D Images is really cool!! It has 3D art galleries and many

different links: Magic Eye, 3D comic strips (shown in 50
newspapers across the US), Stupid Joke of the Week , and
3D art galleries (not bad, but it isn't always running).

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is a neat web page on technology, mili

tary, cars, weapons and other sciences. It also has movies on
sciences and technology. There is also "What's Hot" which is
about cool cars, Popular Mechanics for kids, contests etc...


SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is an organi

zation located in New Mexico that is searching for signals
from intelligent life forms in outer space. It is not supported
by the government, but instead gets independent donations.
The purpose of SETI is to warn us of extra-terrestrial life in
the neighborhood. SETI has instruments to detect signals
from many lightyears away. They have a device which auto
matically rejects signals from only 400,000 kilometers.
Interesting site!

Mystery of The Maya

Mystery of the Maya is good for students doing projects on

the Mayan people. There is plenty of information and pic
tures that tell you about them. It's also a very interesting site
with many eye-catching decorations. There are many other
sites that you can get to from this web site if you want to
look around even more. There are many examples of Maya
history and there are also many artifacts that you can view.
Great source of information!

The Games Domain

Looking for a little excitement for your computer? Check out

the Games Domain claims to be the largest games-
related web site out there, and there's no argument from us.
Want to read a review of a computer game? Get hints on how
to beat a certain game? Download a game to play? You can
do all that and more right here at this site. No matter what
you like, we're pretty sure you'll find something to keep your
busy for hours here.

rower Students Network

Power Students Network claims to be the ultimate college

site, and it even includes a section for you 9-11 graders who
feel you need to start planning for college early because your
stress ulcers aren't big enough as it is.

Digital Noise

Digitalnoise is true Internet radio, pumping out cutting-edge

dance and electronica mixed live by an actual DJ exclusively
for the web and cool people like you who dance alone in
their bedrooms to music coming out of their computer.


The funniest guys in comedy, Monty Python lives on at

PythOnline. Featuring shameless plugs for ex-Pythoners cur
rent projects, the ironic and self-referentially-titled "Spam"
email list, and naked babies.

Learn The Net

"Jughead, quit parsing my node's backbone or I'm gonna kick

your avatar, yo!" If you can't point out exactly what's wrong
with that sentence, you need to spend way more time on
Learn the Net.

Create A Storm Trooper Costume

At last, you can learn How to Build a Stormtrooper Costume

in your own home. But take my advice and don't actually
make the thing, because it'll cost like $1000 and you can the
oretically kill yourself while doing it.

Follow the
1. Sefy l
2. Jtejje U

KoRn is:
Jonathon Davis: Lead
Every quarter we, the reviewers will do exten
singer, bagpipe
sive research on the inter net and locate the highlight
Head: Guitarist ed band's main or central web-site, this months web
Munkey: Guitar site is, it's a great web-site to go to that
David: Drums contains tons of MIDI files, pictures and band news....
Fieldy: Bass following is a excerpt taken from

KoRn's follow up release to their 1996's album "Korn—Jonathan (vocals), Fieldy (bass),
Life is Peachy is a great improvement. KoRn Munky (guitars), Head (guitars) and David
has completely opened up their perspective, guests (drums)-have become one of the proud few
from the Pharcyde, Ice Cube and even the lead singer to have a new album debut at the top of the
of KoRn's neighbor band Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst charts. Their third Immortal/Epic release,
lends a hand to the albums new feel.
FOLLOW THE LEADER, debuts on the
KoRn strays from their normal sound
Billboard "Top 200 Albums" chart at #1
thanks partly to their tech manager Mike next week (August 28-September 4),
"Caco" Villalovas, He worked with the
having Sound-Scanned an impressive
guitarists head and Munkey on forming 268,000 in its first week of release.
some new sounds and techniques. koRn
Korn are also celebrating an incredible
has had enormous success throughout the debut week on charts around the world.
years they have been around thanks mostly The album debuted at the #1 slot in
to over exposure in magazines and the
Canada, New Zealand and Australia; #4
concert scene. Follow The Leader is a
in Finland; #5 in France, the U.K. and
great album, blends of hip hop and hard-core are Norway; #8 in Japan; #10 in Holland; #12 in
mixed to make a gritty , street kind of sound. Germany; and it registered the highest debut on the
Pan European "Music & Media" chart (at #6).

Quite a feat for a band that had previously
received spotty support from radio, video or
mainstream press anywhere in the world.

Here in the States, the album burst onto the

scene with lots of critical acclaim as well. In a
four-star lead review of the album in Rolling
Stone. David Fricke wrote:

"In attack and distemper, Korn

have the Nineties hip-hop,
amp-death aesthetic...down to
ferocious perfection. 'Children Of
The Korn' is an
emergency-transmission melange
of brittle machine beats, densely
packed guitar distortion and the
tandem barking of (lead singer
Jonathan) DAVIS ('All I want to
do is live!') and special guest Ice
Cube ('Stop messin'wit' me!'). A
smart, sharp example of Korn's

Fricke continued,


true to an older vital hard-rock
tradition of cleansing brutality and
transcendent guitar choler—Blue
Cheer's 1968 speedfreak's
delight, Vincebus Eruptum; early
Metallica and very early Black
Sabbath; the molten heave 'n'
thump of Funkadelic's ' Cosmic
Slop'; the claustrophobic fury of
Steve Albini's mid-Eighties band
Big Black. It may be the fact that
(guitarist JAMES "Munky")
SHAFFER and (guitarist BRIAN
"Head") WELCH both play
seven-string guitars, but there is
an extra, weighty abrasion to their
riffing that, at full throttle, seems
to cleave the music in half
pressing everything else in the
mix toward the margins, (drummer
David) SILVERIAfs bonafide
disco beat is the sucker bait in

'Got The Life,' but it's the crisp Ruca
crush of(Fieldy's)
bass-and-dual-guitar menace that
makes the trackfat with tension. Wyclef jean Presents
When the band abruptly switches
from the cold, clipped chorus of The Carnival featur
'It's On!' to the bright, Big Chord
bridge, it's as ifKorn have ing Refugee All -Stars
suddenly stepped out of their
angst bunker into the
This album was called the standout album of
A-bomb-white daylight."
the year. It was a break through in R and B success.
With twenty four blended songs no style is left
untouched. Everything from Reggae to Hip Hop and
R and B are included. After his break from the
Fugees Wyclef started his solo project and it immedi
ately became a great success. Great songs such as ...
Gone Till November
This is a brighter and more enthusiastic album than
most rap out there, highly recomendable. NO PIC

Stand by Your Van TURES AVAILABLE.

Sublime is Bud: Drums
Bradley Nowell: Guitar
and vocals, (recently
Erick: Bass

The newest Sublime album

is a wild cluster of some of «

Sublimes greatest hits, all taken

from live concerts around the world.
This album includes some old mate
rial from 40 ounces to Freedom and from their self
titled hit Sublime. Stand by Your Van includes the
original playing of Caress me Down and Ruca. This
album is definitely recommended for any Sublime
fan, if your not an avid fan I recommend you just
buy their one of their fantastic regular albums.
Three anda half out of five.

Caress Me Down
Let's qq aet .

Killa Bees
Vol. 1
Produced by the Rza
Four OUT OF Five

Killa Bees is a follow up album to the Wu's Smash hit Wu-Tang forever. It contains many artists and
guests making it more of a compilation album than a Wu album. Members of The Wu that appear include
Method Man, Rza, Inspectah Deck and more. This is a great old school rap album that "keeps it real", No
commercial appeal, just plain hard-core rap.

Cherry Poppin Beastie Boys -
Daddies - Zoot Hello Nasty 5/5
Suit The Beasties are:
Adam "MCA" Yauch - Bass/Vocals

Riot Adam "Adrock" Horowitz - Guitar/Vocals

Mix Master Mike - DJ

"Are these
The CPD are: three fools
Steven Perry - back at it
Jason Moss -
This is the
Daniel Schmid - Bass Beastie
' Tim Donahue - Drums Boys' sev
Dona Heitman - Trumpet enth
Sean Flannery - Trumpet album, Hello Nasty. Who hasn't heard
Ian Early - Baritone/Alto Sax
the song "Intergalactic" or at least seen
Dustin Lanker - Keyboards
that funky video with the dancing robot?
Their music hasn't changed a bit. Their
Their latest album is a breakout hit.
All summer long, the danceable single old school hip-hop is pumped up with
some crazy scratches from the new DJ
"Zoot Suit Riot", was heard everywhere.
They revive the forties' swing style era (check out "Three MCs and One DJ). My
with a touch of nineties punk and ska. favorite songs on this record are "Disco
Breakin'", "Puttin' Shame in Your Game",
This is actual a greatest hits compilation
and "UNITE". Plus there's an extra
with only four previously unreleased
trAcks. If you decide to pick this record bonus, the cool Cd case and lyric sheets!
up, pay close attention to "Come Back To
Me", "Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut", "No
Mercy For Swine", and "Mr. White Keys".
A recomendable choice for swing fans
young and old.

The Mr. T Eve6-Eve6 3/5
Experience - Eve 6 is:
Max Collins -

Revenge Is Sweet
Jon Siebels -

And So Are You

up Vocals
Fagenson -


MTX is:
Or. Frank - This three member band met in
Vocals, electric their high school gym class. THis is their
guitar with amp
debut album and is selling rapidly. THeir
Joel - Bass,
lyrics seem older and more experienced
Jym - Drums and other stuff they are. Their songs deal with universal
themes and about being mistreated by ex
This three member pop punk band girlfriends. The best songs on this album
is known for its "cutesy" songs about girls. are "Inside Out" (MTV Video Fame) and
As their eighth effort on Lookout! Records "Leech". Their rock pop sound is really
(The Crumbs, Pansy Division, Screeching catchy and sometimes annoying. Check
Weasel). Its not as good as their stuff this out if you like the sort of band that is
from the late eighties, I guess they are puppy dog cute with puppy dog cute cho
getting old. MTX hoped it would go main ruses.

stream. Unfortunately, only a handful of

people have been able to hear them play,
by word of mouth of course. This album
is a little over thirty minutes long, and in
my opinion, the best they've produced
since personnel changes. "The Weather
Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful",
"Lawnmower of Love", and "Swiss Army
Girlfriend" combine catchy beats and
lyrics. The songs will be ringing in your
ears all day.

Sign School Friends Extras
Aries You will meet a tot Be&l days of the
3/21 u> 4/20 yotur of new people. month. Hi, 3rd,
You 11 receive good Try to be honest 10th»2lflt,23Kl
grades on the report card. with your friends,
Ask your teachers, for ff} not you might Best Color: While
help (ifyou need it). lose a good friend

Taurus 'I be too harsh on. You wouid like to Best days of the
4/21 to 5/21 yourself. Try to ccsL spend more lime • month: 3rd, 8th,
as much a* possiWe, al your house. lOtlu
Go out to distract your You'll mccst a new
mind Yoifve been doing friend around tfuc BcstCobr:
good at school, so go mit Gteen
and celebrate.

Gemini Pui moro effort into You have terrific

5/22 to 6/21 sludying. You are friencbL Don't month: 5fh, *thT
piohabiy g«lliii8 an "Av Iojjc Ihcin by J7th,23id,28th
on your report card fck having a (wd opinion
morKt crcj^livc with your about Jiim/hcr. Best Color:
work. Try your best Express your
because vou can do 1*1 tmvards them.

Cancer You aTie going tn have a You m% going i<> Best days of
6/22 to 7>23 ,giK)d week at schnoL stan a good monih: 6th, l
Take a break aud don't relationship with I4tk
think tc» much about your ex-iriend
boracwark.. Yotiarc along with your Best Color; Red
going w tticcr someone friend and stop
at school

Signs School Friends Extras

Leo Stop wasting your Don"t say things too Best days this
7/24 to 8/23 time witching TV, dSrectly, think about month: 1st, 9th,
you Ml never get titifigs what you are going to
done, Do after- school say before you say it
activities that rail help Go out with your fiesi Color:
your mind relax mare. friend and try to Puiple
You've tried your best, enjoy the lime.
but you can dlo

Virgo You* re going to have a This last month was Best day?; this
big project, try to get a great For you. You month: 5th, 9th
good gra<te on it. Worry enjoyed being with 17 th, 28th, 30th
more about the test your friends on your
Don't be lazy. birthdav. Best Color;

Libra You are going 10 get Your friends fteed Best days this
9/24 to 10/23 good news on your attention, They are month; 12th,
es, hurt bail news excited about an h
. Tiy nol to bktmc 30th
others when you gei You are going io
the bad news invited Id l^lb ui" Best Color:
parties. Brown

Scorpio Try to relax mote Your friends arc Best day% this
10/24 to 11/22 Don't think too much going to need yowr month: 1st, 3rd
about school because help. Help them and
your mind might explode. you will be closer to
Haw more palkncc. thum. Have Best: Color
iWf be too harsh oti diem tell yuu Ihuir Lemon,
other people. You've opinions about yew.
been working; hard and
deserve good grades.

Sign School Friends Extras

You an: going lu have A Comity will bring Best days this
lots of fun m school, friend* lo vour house month; 2nd%
but out of school I I rcat them well and 6th
don'tthink so! Pay you'll sec that they
more Attention to what mu you better. Color:
you are doing and what out for awhile with Gray
urc saying. your old

Teachers h&ve been You'H meet new Bcs-t days this

i 2-22 to 1/20 fwlping >ou »low be people and you'IJ xnoiiih: 1st
thankful You've beere click with thsm really 1 Uh, 2«ih,
working better titan fast. Don't forget 25th, 27th
abaul your old friends,
proud of yau. call; them- They II help Itett Color
you later on. Beige

A teacher will talk to Go out with }^our friend Best days. this.
you this month about U> the movies or to the month: 2nd,
your grades, Dorri ttrdl ur whatever; but Dili, 16th,
feel bad if your grades just try to spend more 19th, 24th
ba<i because you. arc doing time with them, because
the West that you can ihev need you ami you Best Color
need them. Orange

Pisces You an> too hyper this A lot of things are Best days this
2/20 U> 3/20 month, try lo chill out, or happening around you. mimih: 6th?
else... Pay more aU«nliou If yini have probbiu^ 9th. 16lh,
at school* <jood news L* talk io your friends,
conntng your way at the they will helj> you find
endufthcmoiwh. a really good solution. Best Color:

INiriiMi Private

Everyone knows how horrible embar

I slept over at my good friend's
rassing moments feel, especially when they
happen in front of other people! We don't
house after a huge party. As soon as we woke up, we
always get the opportunity to hear other's
started watching TV I just couldn't keep it in any
embarrassing mishaps and that is why I have longer so I just farted. I had a horrible feeling that
decided to publish this department. After beg someone was behind me so I turned around. Sure
ging, convincing, and bribing students and enough, my friend's mother was there and she saw
teachers, I came up with my favorite bath the whole thing! All she could say was, "Ah-ha.
Very nice."
room catastrophes. Every quarter, I will con
centrate on a special category of embarrassing
moments. They will be rated as the follow
ing... I was at a friend's sleepover when I

told them that I wanted to take my shower first. They
oops! all had these evil smirks on their faces. I'm surprised
HIDE ME!! that I didn't pick up that clue before it was too late.
When I entered the bathroom, I made sure that the
*** JUST SHOOT ME!!! door was securely locked. I began showering.
Before long, all of my friends were in the bathroom
So here it goes, I hope you laugh (at least with me. They threw all of my clothes over the
once!). shower curtain and into the tub. I had to wear wet
underwear for the rest of the day.

I was hanging out with this guy

I went to a friend's house and had a contest to

that I had a major crush on. We were at this huge
see who could eat the most pizza. Then I had to go to
party so I tried to act all cool around him. He told me
#2 really, really badly. I came out of the bathroom
this hilarious true life story that he had. I cracked up
and found everyone waiting for me outside. My other
so bad that I just couldn't hold my bladder. I waited
friend had to go to the bathroom as well. We were all
till he left, then I tied my sweater around my waist.
outside mounting our bikes when we heard a loud
Since it was such a crowded house, nobody had any
shriek. My friend ran out and yelled, "Caca!". The
clue that I had wet my pants.
host went inside to find out that my excretions had
clogged up the toilet. I decided the best thing to do
would be to flush the toilet again. That was a horri
ble mistake. Has soon has a pushed the knob, the
water began to rise and the toilet bowl overflowed.
The dirty toilet water filled the room.

I was standing in line waiting

to ask my teacher a question. There were about five

other classmates ahead of me. When I finally got to
the front of the line, I was standing in a pool of urine.
Needless to say, I was going to ask for permission to
go to the little boy's room. People in my class still
talk about it today and that was three years ago!

Growing up, I always remembered that

my dad was a very vain person. When he started get

ting a few gray hairs, he secretly was dying his hair in
the bathroom. One day, I walked into the bathroom
(the door wasn't locked) to find my father with a
towel around his shoulders, his hair was so messed
up and there was dye on his forehead. He was so
embarrassed that I had caught him and so was I! He
* said that if I told anyone, he would kill me. He had
n't even told my mother!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first edi

tion of During Those Private Moments. Stay
tuned next quarter to hear about more hilari
ous stories. Watch out for roving reporters
looking for your deepest, darkest embarrass
ing moments!

Recipe for Making a Friend
Mrs. Lyne's First Graders have made recipes for a true friend, and according to a few of
the first graders, they said that they had fun making their recipes.

Recipe for Making a friend :

From the kitchen of : Lucy Cazores From the kitchen of: Seo-Hee Lee
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing, Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing,
Reading, Eating, Caring, Being Nice, Truth, Reading, Eating, Caring, Being Nice, Truth, Respect
Respect Directions: Make a friend by sharing, reading, true,
Directions : Make a friend by showing respect, being nice, playing. I play tag with my friend.
I show respect by being nice.
From the kitchen of: Braian Scholl
From the kitchen of : Clara Oh Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing,
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing, Reading, Eating, Caring, Being Nice, Truth, Respect
Reading, Eating, Caring, Being Nice, Truth, Directions : Make a friend by caring for them,
Respect showing respcets, touching nice and being nice.
Directions : Make a friend by playing nice. I
like playing Barbies with my friend. From the kitchen of : Norberto Matzer
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing,
From the kitchen of : Erick Ramsey Reading, Eating, Caring
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Playing, Directions : Make a friend, making them laugh.
Reading, Eating, Caring, Being Nice Laugh when you play.
Directions : Mako a friend by playing. My
firneds and I play Soccer. From the kitchen of : Cindy Quan
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sahring, Reading,
From the kitchen of : Andres Cortes Caring, Being Nice, Respect, Touching, Nice
Ingredients : HappyPerson, Sharing, Playing, Directions : make a friend by reading, telling the
Reading, Eating truth, touching nice, and eating together.
Directions : make a friend when you play
Godzila or Titanic From the kitchen of: D.J. Bowles
Ingredients : Happy Person, Play, Reading, Eating,
From the kitchen of : Pablo Say Caring, Being Nice, Truth, Respect
Ingredients : Happy Person, Sharing, Reading, Directions : make a friend by respect and playing
Eating, Truth, Respect, Touching Nice nice and doing nice.
Directions : make a friend by playing soccer.
From the kitchen of: Rebeca Ortis
From the kitchen of : Michael Burn Ingredients: Happy Person, Sharing, Playing,
Ingredients : Happy, Person, Playing, Truth, Reading, Eating, Caring, Being nice, Truth
Respect Directions : Make a friend by showing respect.
Directions : Make a friend by eating together Playing dolls is fun.
and playing baseball. By : Eunji Byun
Well, have you thought about washing your hair with
much more care? I think that maybe you should do

Do you that. Or, how about getting a treatment? Please

check out our technology article, there is a helpful
invention you might want to consider.

*** *** *** *#* ##* #*# #** *** *** *** *** ***

Dear Boyfriend,
No matter what your girlfriend thinks, the healthi
ness of your body is more important. Remember
that you are still young and you have bright future

advice? ahead of you. By taking those kinds of things, it can

seriously harm you both mentally and physically.
There is still time, the world is not going to end
Dear whoever,
tomorrow, so I think it would be best if you wait,
I'm 18 and have never been kissed. Yesterday at
lunch I was sitting outside and I saw two pigeons and not do anything stupid.
having a relationship. They were cozy right in front
*** *** *** *#* #** #** *** #** *** #** *#* *#*
of me, But them I started feeling strange. So my
quewtion is am I attracted to pigeons? Dear Best friend,
Well, if there is a problem between two of your
Thank you,
friends, you should just let them solve it within
themselves. If you get in, it will make the problem
Dear Confused, even bigger, and it might even cause you and your
Well, I don't think that you are attracted to pigeons, friends to lose the friendship. I know how you feel
if that is your question. But I do have a question for about punching the "stabber" but if the stabbed
you... why did you stay there, not going to some place friend doesn't do anything about it, you can't
else? Well, I guess that you were waiting for some either, because it is his/her problem to begin with,
one or something... and maybe he/she just wants to ignore it. It was real
Anyway, there is nothing shameful about not ly smart of you to stay out of the problem and it
being kissed yet. Everything has its own time, and will be smart to stay out of it, and not get involved.
I'm sure that the time will come for you soon
enough. So hang in there without having second *** #*# *** *** *** *#* *** #** ### ##* *#* #**

Dear Everyone hates me,

*** *** *** *** #** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
If you think that everyone hates you, there could be
some confusion. Think about it for a moment.
Dear Funny,
Maybe other people don't know you well, and just
Well, it seems that you have a strange obsession with see from a certain perspective. I'm sure that if you
clowns. It is good to like clowns, because they make look around, somewhere you haven't looked before,
people happy, and yet they express all the feeling that there is someone who doesn't hate you, but tries to
we humans feel now and then. It is a bit over the line be your friend. So, think about it for a moment and
to see people as clowns though. Well, the only advice look around.
that I can give to you is that try to look at people with
a different perspective, other than clowns. If any con *** *** **# *** *** #** *#*

solation, there are people who see things differently,

Dear 12 years old,
and if you try hard to see people with more thoughts
How about thinking about other thoughts like test
and see their personal feelings, you will discover
that is coming up soon, homework, projects that you
that there are more things in the world than clowns.
need to do, etc.? If you try not to think about those
*** *** #** *** *** *** *** *** *#* *** #*# ***
thoughts, then I'm sure that you can control yourself.
Dear I have fleas and they itch,

*** ##* *** *** *** ***
help. If math is really hard, then you should talk with
Dear Scared, your teacher, and explain to him/her about your
If you really think you are, no matter how scared math situation. You know, many teachers are offer
you are, you should talk to your parents first. ing extra help during the activity period to those stu
Always remember that they love you. And you dents who needs, or wants help. If you don't want to
should have a serious talk with the guy also. It is ask teachers for help, ask your friends or maybe
not only your responsibility, but his also. It is even 1 lth graders who took that class last year. I'm
important that you talk to both your parents and the sure that most of them are willing to help you out,
guy, but most of all, you really should talk to your that is if they still remember. At school, there are 4
parents. math teachers, and I'm certain that they are willing
to help out to those who need help. There is nothing
#** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
to be ashamed of about not knowing, that is why we
learn. Go and talk with your math teacher and
Dear Betrayed,
explain the situation, who knows, maybe they are
I know that right now you are upset, disappointed
happy that you came and told them your situation
and really sad. But what had happened is already
and you two will find a solution.
happened. If he keeps on calling you, then talk to
him. Tell him how you feel, and how upset you are.
#** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Just avoiding him won't help. I know that it is
shock to see your boyfriend and your younger sister, Dear Anonymous,

but try to understand them also. It may sound unfair, I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. I know that
but think about how much you might be hurting them lt hurt t0 see y°ur friend> or who was once y°ur
by just ignoring them. There is a saying "the oppo- friend, to date your ex after 6 days, but have you
site of love is not hatred, but is the ignoring the tried to see it from her point of view? Well, maybe
other." Maybe it is true, but don't you think that it she had crush on him also, but she just couldn't tell
is too cruel? So talk to him, tell him whatever you it to you because you had crush on him before, when
want to tell him, your feelings, disappointments, etc., you two were going out. Think about how much it
but also listen to what he has to say, and try to see it could have hurt her. I'm sure that she had to go
from his point of view also. through many thoughts, and she feels the guilt. Try
to understand her. I know that it sound harsh after
*** ### *## *** **# *** *** *** *** *** braking up with your guy, your friend goes out with
him, and I'm here telling you to try to understand
Dear Need Advice,
her, but there is really nothing else to do. Is he real
To have a crush on your teacher is noting to be
ly worth the destroying friendship that you had with
embarrassed of. I'm sure that almost all the students
your friend till now? Talk to your friend and tell her
around the world had experiences of having a crush
how you feel. She will try to understand, and also
on their teacher. But the most important thing is that
it should just remain as a crush, and nothing more. It hJen t0 what she haS t0 Say* Try t0 understand each
may sound cruel, but that's the life. I'm sure that
someday you will look back on these days that you
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
had a crush on teacher and smile. Also, don't be
afraid of your friends making fun of you. If they are Dear I'm a depressed pessimist,

really your friends, before they start making jokes or You know, everything has a bright side, other than
start bothering you, they will be sympathetic and try only the dark negative side. Maybe it is time that
to help you out. you should look around and find the bright side for
things that happens which you could have missed.
### *** *** *** *** *** *#* #** *** *** *## *** Think of all the things that have happened to you,
sure there are some bad things that have happened,
Dear 10th Grader,
but I'm sure that there are also few good things that
I get your point that the math, and all the 10th grade
resulted from bad things; there is always a rainbow
classes are really hard. But as you know everyone
after the storm
goes through it, some doing well, and some with