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Issue 2

Spring 1999
The What's Up? Staff

Jeremy Berke
Eunji Byun
Sebastian Castrillo
Rosa Chen
Ken Lee
Carlos Mercado
Miyuki Nakadoi
Paul O'Sullivan
Jenny Seo
Carlos Sevilla
Mike Taurus
Sid Thazhathu
Jihan Uweiles
Christina Walsh
I-Hsuan Wu
2 C1ASH OF COLORS Sebastian Castrillo
6 TEACHER'S INTERVIEWS Eun Ji Byun and Jenny Seo
21 AROUND THE WORLD Ken Lee, Miyuki Nakadoi, and Jenny Seo
28 JOY LUCK FOOD Miyuki Nakadoi
30 FREE MUSIC Sid Thazhathu
32 URERCRAFT Mike Taurus
37 VIDEO CAMES Rosa Chen
40 HUMOR Carlos Seuilla and Paul O'Sulliuan
45 COMIC Jeremy Berke and Carlos Mercado
48 HURRICANE MITCH Jihan Jweiles
50 TECH PAGE Sid Thazhathu and Ken Lee
53 MUSIC REVIEW Carlos Seuilla and Paul O'Sulliuan
63 MOVIE REVIEW Sebastian Castrillo and Ken Lee
67 WEEKEND SURVEY Jeremy Berke and Carlos Mercado
70 EMRARRASING MOMENTS Eun Ji Byun and Jenny Seo
78 WED REVIEW Mike Taurus
82 THIRD GRADE POEMS Eun Ji Byun and Jenny Seo
85 GREAT EVENTS Christina Walsh
86 FIFTH GRADE Mike Taurus
88 INVENTIONS Jeremy Berke
90 TIKAL Rosa Chen
92 FRENCH CORNER Sebastian Castrillo
93 THIRD GRADE STORY Jihan Jweiles
94 PHILIP ESSAY Carlos Mercado
98 MY FRIEND WHALE Miyuki Nakadoi and I-Hsuan Wu
101 HOROSCOPE Jihan Jweiles and I-Hsuan Wu
clash of colors
The clash of colors was a great success this year. It all started Friday
in the morning when all the teams were gathered together in places previ
ously planned. They all got ready to go into the field showing off their col
ors and weird hair styles. When it was time to head out, the teams got in
some kind of a line and walked together singing their songs that they had
invented the day before as loud as they could; in some cases they were just
shouting. When all the teams were located in the gym, Mrs. deBeausset
gave a speech and some awards to the students that have been in the school
since kindergarten. After that, the clash of colors began. The soccer field
was full of games, some looked very fun to do and they were: water games,
soccer shoot out, races to take objects from one place to another, and blan
ket volleyball. Since the clash of colors is a team game that probably meant
that the most important game of all was the shape forming game with a
rope; the whole team had to act as one by helping and thinking with each
other, but with out a doubt all the games were very successful and fun.

After a very long day of fun and hard team work, all the teams were
taken once again into the gym, but this time it to announce the winners and
as every body waited patiently for the places their team had ended up in, Ms
Juhaz announced the places from least to greatest.

blue was in fourth place

yellow was in third
red came in second, and
Green was the winner
Here, some questions that where asked about all the fun games and all the hard work
that was put into the arrangement of all the activities. The questions were asked to Ms.
Juhaz, and she was kind enough to answere them. The RE. departament made the clash of
colors such a great success


1. When did the clash of colors start?

the idea began in 1993, but it was called Sports day

2. What was the reason for creating the clash of colors?

to have a fun day so that everyone can come together and celebrate our
school. It also gives students a chance to get to know each other better.

3. Is there a lot of work put into creating the games and making them work?
Mr. Fifield created the events for this year's clash of colors. After the games
are decided, the rules of how it will be played are written by Mr.
Fifield. When creating the games we must consider the following things.
1 .Will all ages be able to play it?
2.Will all sizes be able to play it?
3.Will it be fun for every one?

4. How do you create the teams?

the teams are divided by the RE. teachers so that they are even, according
to their own experiences in RE.

5. Can you tell us in your opinion why the clash of colors is so successful
every year?
I think the clash of colors is so successful because everyone can participate
and the games are unique. Above all, people like the comraderie; young kids
like to be with older ones and seniors like to be leaders.

6. What were some memorable moments in the clash of colors this year?
some memorable moments in my mind are the opening ceremonies, when
all the teams walked in and Mrs. deBeausset's song. I also liked that there
were more games this year, but the most memorable moment was watching
the new students participating in the clash of colors for the first time and loving

7. What do you think about the clash of colors this year?

this event could not be possible without teamwork from teachers to students
to the workers here at school, without everybody's help, this event could not
be possible.
The Science Olympics
The Science Olympics took place on The second event was the Lunch Box Derby.
November 25, 1998. Middle School and High School Each team had thirty minutes to build a car out of
both participated in the festivities. There were two fruits. The car required two axles and three function
events, the first was the Egg Drop. The objective was ing wheels. Whenever the teams were finished, the
to build a successful egg container to be dropped cars were dropped down a forty-five degree angle
from the gym's balcony. The only materials allowed ramp. Most teams did not use the full thirty minutes,
for use were twenty five straws, plastic wrap, and but still had fun watching others. The most popular
masking tape. Parachutes and cushioning were off fruits and vegetables used were carrots, cucumbers,
limits. A second factor had to be taken into account... onions, pineapples, strawberries, oranges, lemons, and
weight. The containers were all weighed beforehand. bananas.
When the middle school containers were dropped,
there were about fifteen smashed eggs before a sur The middle school winners were:
1st Place: Lea Isler 4.4 meters
Lucia Lopez
The middle school winners were:
Stephanie Rudert
1st Place: Dan Kahn 17.48 grams
2nd Place: Dan Kahn 4.32 meters
Ben 'Rirley
Ben Turley
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson
2nd Place: Oscar Orosco 26.22 grams
3rd Place: Oscar Orosco 3.23 meters
Fernando Santella
Fernando Santella

3rd Place: Peter Seo 57.55 grams The high school winners were
Jeff Gonzalez 1st Place: Eunji Byun 5.44 meters
Cesar Polanco Mi Jin Kang
Hee Jung Park
2nd Place: Rishi Bond 4.39 meters
The high school winners were:
Mark Lent
1st Place: Mario Chicas 22.7 grams
Aaron Caballero
Suhan Park
Josiah Fernandez
Magnus Franklin
3rd Place: Paco Ortega 4.19 meters
Woochul Hwang
2nd Place: Susana Chang 23.9 grams
Andres Morales
Alison Kim
Carlos Hiroshi
3rd Place: Woochul Hwang 25.65 grams
Paco Ortega
Andres Morales

Carlos Hiroshi
1 he Science Olympics takes a lot of effort Mr.Bond:
and hard work to put together. The Science 1. Better
Department was in charge of coming up with new 2. Possibly
events, organizing it, and making it work. It was a 3. Unity of students in a fun event.
great success this year and I think everyone had fun. 4. Perhaps different categories
I quickly interviewed Mr. Berke, Mrs. Trujillo, and 5. Yes.
Mr. Bond.

The questions were as follows:

1. What did you think of the Science
Olympics this year, as compared to
last year's?
2. Do you think you will continue with the
Egg Drop and Lunch Box Derby Ms. Dunn

again next year? tests a

fruit car
3. What did you hope to achieve with the
in the
Science Olympics? Lunch
4. What changes will you make for the
students next year?
5. Have you considered making a Science
Olympics for the Elementary kids?

Mr. Berke:
An egg
1. Wonderful. It keeps getting better!
is dropped,
2. No, we change events every year! as the
3. To teach some science and for everybody to have crowd goes

fun. wild.

4. At this time I have no idea!

5. They do have science Olympics in Elementary!

Mrs. Trujillo:
1. I think it went more smoothly, and the events were Mr. Benny,

more fun. Mrs.

2. No- we usually like to do different events
and Mrs.
each year.
3. Fun with Science. Letting students be creative. check if an
Some good-natured competition. egg survived

4. Don't know yet.

5. The Elementary does their own big Science event
each year.
By Eunji Byun and Jenny Seo

1!. Marital status... and famli

1, How many years have you tjeen teaohing?
12. Most important object in1/our life.
2. How long have you been te*aching ai MAYA? 13. Type of music that you Icernost
3. What subject do you teach? . 14. if you can make one wis!i to come true, what
4. University atenoed. woukHtbeamfwhy?
5, Degrees earned. 1S. As a child, what did yo e:<pect that you will
6. cxpeCiaaons jfom students. »5co(ii$ as you beoawe %mm $nd why? ;
?» Anything you woukJP^Iofeill students. 16. If you are to go to desert*sd Island, what i
0, Student you remember mosi ^uldyoti-take? Llst^ol^ecfean«l\»hy?
9, Have you ever been a fiippk>? 1 ?. What do you prefer, coke orpepstandwhy?
10, Interests and hobbies 18. What is your mosi embarrasstng moment? -;

Jim Benny (Nov. 9,1962) 16. A lounge chair, my korn CD collection, of course,
a back scratcher (the kind made of wood

1. 6 years. tappering elegantly into the shape of a little

2. 2 years. scratching hand), an assortment of those little

3. History, Publications colorful paper umbrellas you put in refreshing

4. California State University, Chico, beverages, and some protective sun cream to

City University of New York. preserve my delicate complexion.

5. BA Communications / Graphic Design 17.1 don't drink soda pop - it gives me gas.

MFA Fine Arts 18. Show and tell in my kindergarten - I had a

6. Hard work, respected and hun. bunch of frogs in a coffee can and when I

7. Crazy rabbit, trix are for kids opened the lid to show the class, the frogs

8. I remember the good students most, but it's jumped out into the sitting students causing

usually the "other" students who provide you squealing scrambling chaos,

with the most memorable stories. (ps. I flunked kindergarten.)

9. I proudly admit that I adhere to a daily

bathing schedule, but I did have long hair
a few times.
10. Biking, Hiking, Reading, dressing up like
Evel Knievel
11. Single.
12. My korn, Limp Bizkit and Cannibal Corpse
CD collection
13. Anything by korn or the Bizkit.
14. To become a member of the korn fan club.
15.1 wanted to be a lot of things, but never a
fireman, or policeman, or stenographer, or
mortician, or bee keeper, or carny, or
hotel concierge.
Jonathan D. Berke Pilar Berke (Aug. 8, ?)
(Jul. 10,1956, THE YEAR ELVIS WAS KING!)
1. 13 years.
1. 14 years. 2. 8 years.
2. 10 years. 3. I am the Library aid.
3. Biology, Advanced Biology, 4. I never went to university because I had to
Environmental Science and Algebra. work after I got my teaching degree to help
4. Virginia Tech, Blacksbury, Cal Poly S.L.O. out my family.
5. BS in Agronomy, M.S. in Agriculture 5. Maestra de Educacion Primaria Urbana.
6. Do your best - work, have fun and learn. 6. To respect everyone.
Respect others. 7. Take advantage of the education you are
7. Be happy in what you do, enjoy life. getting at Maya.
8. Agueda Lin - Always gave 110% perfect 8. Dan Luna, he was such a friendly and polite
labs. young man.

9. Too young. Plus all the hippies sold out 9. No!

and drive BMW these days. 10.1 like to walk in the mountains and listen to
10. Reading, listening to music. music.
11. Yes, one son. 11. Yes, one son.
12. My 1000's of records. 12. My family.
13. Space Rock, Atonal Progressive (Can, Wire) 13. Blues, Classical, Rhythm and Blues
14. To win power ball - so I could not worry (motown), country, and jazz.
about money 14. Win the lottery, so I don't have to work.
15. A scientist who discovered a plant that grows 15.1 wanted to be a doctor, to help sick people.
enough food to feed everyone. 16. Water, food, my eye drops, books to read,
16. A fishing pole, a library, a record player, and music to listen to.
my record collection, and a short wave 17. Coke, for the taste of it.
radio. 18. A long time ago a mother came to the library
17. Water, I don't drink soda. and made lots of photocopies. She would
18. Have a cuttle fish being thrown around my not pay me for the copies and started
classroom when a director was in my room. screaming at me in front of all the students!
Annabella de Bond (? ? ?) 4. Univ. Alabama, Westminster College.
5. BS Biology, MA Sec. Education.
1. 14 years. 6. Struggle and enjoy the ride.
2. 9 years. 7. All things pass.
3. Spanish 8. Sack Vaugh, very unique.
4. Rafael Landivar. Lyndon Johnson, cool accent.
5. Teacher, language therapist, Master's 9. Who me?
Degree in Psychology. 10. Guitar, flipping pancakes, catching flies with
6. I expect a good effort in class, quality and a one hand.
high thinking level in their oral and writing 11. Married with children.
work. 12. To live before I die.
7. Have lots of fun after you worked hard! 13. Eclectic.
8. Sergio Cortes, Marcus Holla and Edgardo 14. To have 9 more wishes or to win the
Pabon. They were very smart, creative, California Lottery (the big one).
funny, but always in a respectful way! 15. A fireman, because I liked to put out fires.
9. No way. I didn't live the situations that 16. Sand, water, moza, rubber duck,
cause that movement. and SPF 40.
10.1 love to read, I like to apply my knowledge 17. -—
in psychology to help and resolve some 18. Filling out this form.
"every day" problems wilh family and friends.
11. Married with Mr. Bond, 3 kids, Rishi, Lisel,
and Amy. Mrs. Lopez (April 23, ?)
12. Finish my career, work as a Psychologist,
write a book. 1. 2 years.
13. Classical music and opera. 2. 2 years.
14. Have a beautiful log cabin in the middle of a 3. 4th grade.
forest and live in peace and happiness with 4. Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.
my family. 5.
15.1 wanted to be a teacher because I was 6. My greatest expectation is that they do
always trying to teach, even to my parents their best.
(bad habit). 7. If you can't say something nice- don't
16. My family, a nice bed, a CD player, a big say anything at all.
willow and a magic lamp. 8. —
17.1 don't like either of them. 9. No, I grew up in the 80's.
18. Cuando tenia como 14 afios, estabamos 10. Reading.
juntos, muchos amigos y amigas frente de 11. Married - no children, 5 dogs.
mi casa. Cuando mi tia salio en su carro, le 12. My Bible.
pedf si podia sentarme encima de su Toyota. 13. Pop. soft rock.
Cuando dio la vuelta, me resbale de la 14. Lifetime supply of M & M's.
trompa del carro y cai a la calle. Me levante 15. As a child I was taught to believe in
muy golpeada y ahora todos mis amigos myself and as long as I tried my best I could
todavia se rien y me recuerdan mi vestido y reach all my goals.
de mis medias rotas. 16. Lighter fluid and matches- to build fire,
Canned food- so I don't have to hunt,
Book- to relax with,
T. Bond (Apr. 22, ?) Warm pj's-1 can't sleep if I'm cold,
Toothbrush- can't leave home without that.
1. Very long. 17. Pepsi- its sweeter.
2. Very long. 18. Tripping over the Colegio Maya stairs- who
3. Science (Chem. Physical Science). hasn't had that one?
Gladys Castro (? ? ?) Jennie deBeausset (Jul. 4, ?)

1. 6 afios. 1. 10 years.
2. 6 anos. 2. 7 years.
3. Espanol. 3. French and Music.
4. Universidad Rafael Landivar de Guatemala. 4. University of Michigan.
5. Licenciatura en Psicologia. 5. BA,MA
6. Que aprovechen su tiempo de estudio al 6. To do their best.
maximo. 7. Follow your dreams!
7. Que aprendan espanol ahora que viven en 8. I remember AH of my students because each
un pais de habla Hispana. one is equally important.
8. No quiero poner nombres hay varios pero 9. In my heart, I still am! I have always taken
los recuerdo por su interes en aprender el baths, but I believe in PEACE and LOVE!
idioma espanol y la cultura hispana. Y por 10. Playing flute, bass, guitar and singing.
su respecto a la misma y sus buenos Lifting weights, cross-stitching, snorkeling,
habitos de estudio. learning piano, hanging out with my friends
9. No. and family.
10. Me gusta salir al campo, oir musica y leer un 11. Married to a gorgeous man who also is my
buen libro. best friend; Two good-looking, smart kids,
11. Casada, 2 hijos varones. Kyle & Sasha, I'm LUCKY!
12. Hacer siempre cosas constructivas y buenas 12. My great-grandmother's wedding ring.
para los humanos que me rodean. 13. Motown.
13. Toda dependiendo de mi estado de animo. 14.1 wish that everyone would wear seat belts
14. Viajar y conocer muchos paises porque creo every time they get into a car. Seat belts
que en cada pais hay algo lindo que ver y save lives. Too many people I have known
conocer de su gente. have lost their lives not wearing them.
15. Yo queria casarme y tener un bonito hogar 15. When I was a child, I knew I would be a
con hijos que alegraran mi vida. Porque eso mother. My career expectations and goals
es muy importante en mi vida. changed, but I always wanted to be a mom.
16. Musica, libros, ropa comoda, tienda de 16. My guitar, so I could play and sing; my flute,
campana, colchoncito para poner a bajo y to make music, "I Was This Way," a book
dormir, comida y agua. written about our family by my grandfather,
17. Ninguna, no me gustan las bebidas which I have never completely read yet; my
gaseosas. big cross-stitch project, so I could finally
18. Cuando me cai en las gradas del finish it; and snorkeling gear, to check out
colegio. the sea life.
17. Coke, I like the fizz and the taste best.
18. I'm too embarrassed to tell!

Debbie Diaz (Feb. 6,1970) JeffFifield(???)

1. 3 years. 1. Formal full time : 8 years.

2. 2 years. Full time and Part time : 17 years.
3. 3rd grade. 2. 7 years.
4. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. 3. Physical Education, Adventure.
Chirstopher New port University, Newport 4. Plymouth State College, NH. University of
News, VA. Framingham State College Vermont, VT. Springfield College, MA.
Framingham, MA Framingham State, MA International
5. BA - Anthology, VA, K - 5 Certification M. Ed. Program
6. That they do their best and respect others Bachelor of Science in Education : major -
and themselves. Secondary P.E., minor - Community
7. I learn a great deal from them everyday. Recreation. Master of Education in RE.
8. Maria Mercedes Valle, she was always so Teaching and Administration : Focus in
happy and she used to say "Sit on your Curriculum Develpment.
bumps" instead of bum. 6. Play hard, play fair, have fun, be safe,
9. I'm too young to be a REAL hippie! above all, be respectful and be responsible
10. Scuba diving, travel, language, culture, and active in your learning.
reading. 7. "Get After it!"
11. Single. Dylan - "Be Easy Baby!"
12. Walkman - It keeps me sane on the "Smile!"
commute from Antigua. 8.
13. After living in Roatan for the summer, I am 9. Yeah, you should have seen my long hair,
really into reggae right now. old army coat, bell buttons, big collared
14. Colegio Maya would be in Antigua. Antigua blousy shirts, Listening to Psychedelic
would be on the ocean with a reef nearby to music.
dive everyday after school! 10. Being outdoors - hiking, adventures, reading
15. A lawyer. My dad said I could argue my way mysteries.
out of anything. 11. Recently married to Rosalina and awaiting
16. Mask and snorkel, Journal, Bilingual book of the birth of our daughter (to be named later)
Pablo Neruda poetry, Hammock. in May.
17. Coke, it's the real thing! 12. My family!
18. Tripping and completely wiping out while 13. Soulful guitar solos, Classic Rock, and
running across an intersection in Mexico many forms of Jazz that fit the mood.
with Mr. Benny there to laugh at me. 14. Globally-? To see children grow up without
disease, hunger, abuse.
Closer to home? To have family members
(parents) love to share with today.
15. I expected to become a RE. teacher and/or
Prf. Athlete - since I was always playing
and organizing sports. What I didn't ever
expect to become was -OLD!

Mrs. Janee Gentrup (May 24,1965) Robin Grames (Sept. 3, ?)

1. 5 years. 1. Graduated in 1943 from nurse training -

2. This is my second year. have not worked all those 25 years.
3. First grade. 2. This is my second year at Maya.
4. Bachelor's degree in Marketing, 3. I run the health office.
Teacher's certification, 4. The Geisinger Medical Center School of
Master's degree (to be completed in Nursing, St. Paul Bible College, and the
Jan.). Alliance School of Theology.
5. Framingham State College. 5. R.N., B.S. Missionary Nursing, Masters
6. Work hard, strive for excellence, Professional Studies.
be honest, and treat others with respect. 6. Be honest about your health problems, stay
7. Find yourself. Look for the good in home when you are sick!
others. Be happy. 7. Would love to tell you the secret to inner joy
8. Neha Chadha, an Indian student in and peace.
Bangkok, Thailand. I taught her in grades 1 8. Claudia Melissa Aragon- She was very
and 3. She is a great person and student depressed and doing poorly beginning of
with whom I still keep in touch. last years. She made a remarkable turn
9. No, I was a preppie (early 80's). around - recovered academically, socially,
10.1 love getting to know people, travelling, and emotionally.
exercising, experiencing nature, picture- 9. Nope!
taking and reading. 10. Reading, cooking, sewing. I enjoy swimming,
11. Married w/ three children (Lindsay age 4, sailing, hiking, volleyball, rollerskating,
Nathan age 1 and Jessica was just born) Amusement parks.
12. My family. 11. Married for 20 years! I have four children;
13. Pop, especially from my earlier Lindsay 19, David 17, Christy 12, Peter 8.
years. The old country/western. 12. Faith and Family.
14. —- 13. Romantic Orchestra Music.
15.1 expected to be a politician and an inter 14. Religious freedom for all the world. Today in
national traveler. I have always been China and many Muslim countries you can
interested in helping people and making be put to death for Christian beliefs.
things "right." However, with maturity I 15.1 wanted to help people-1 had the dream to
began to believe that the way to do that be a missionary nurse,when I was 8 years
was through children as opposed to politics. old, I met a missionary nurse who inspired
Who knows? me by her life.
16. -— 16. Bible- to keep up my hope and faith,
17. Coke, It's the real thing. Generator- have electricity for computer,
18.-— Gasoline- to run generator,
Computer- to e-mail and internet to keep in
touch with family, friends and world events,
Food- to survive!
17. Coke- Pepsi seems too sweet to me.
18. Both of my bra straps broke while I was
horse back riding and my bra ended up
around my waist.

<r Picture of Mrs. Grames

I k
Rosa Maria Gularte Estrada (Sept. 11, ?) Ms, Juhasz (Aug. 1,1972)

1. 24 years. 1. 2 years.
2. 11 years. 2. Since Nov. 97.
3. Spanish. 3. P.E. and Health.
4. Rafael Landivar. 4. Brock University - St. Catherines, Ontario
5. Master. Canada.
6. To learn. University of Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario,
7. To understand how life is... Canada.
8. Teaching Psychology in H.S. 5. Bachelor of Physical Education and Biology,
9. No. Bachelor of Education. Masters at Framingham.
10 Bordado. 6. To work to the best of their ability and feel
11, No. good about themselves.
12 To help children and save people. 7. Remember to find the good in all people,
13 Classic and Romantic. things and situations.
14 Go to convent, because it's the place to 8. Because I have been only teaching for a
be fulfilled. short time, I remember all of them! The
15 Nun, because I like it. students that stick out are those who make
16 Water, an effort to be themselves regardless of
clothing, what others think.
umbrella, 9. What is a hippie?
food and 10. Anything active. Reading, writing, traveling,
tennis shoes. beating people in dominoes.
17 Pepsi addicted. 11. Engaged to be married on July 31.1 have
18 three brothers, including a twin. My parents
moved from Europe to Canada when they
were 20.
12. A home.
13. The Tragically Hip and everything except
14. 30 minutes of playtime for everyone,
everyday, because it's fun.
15. Professional baseball player because I was
a pitcher in little league.
16. A ball to play games, another person to talk
to, paper and pen to write down my thoughts,
a boy scout book to figure out how to
survive, and a hammock to relax in.
17. Pepsi, because it seems to be the underdog.
18. There are so many! I don't want to take up
the whole page!

Picture of Ms. Juhaz

M. Kayayan (Aug. 3, ?) Cindi Lee (Nov. 25, ?)

1. 15 years. 1. 14 years.
2. 12 years. 2. Going on 10 years.
3. English. 3. Preschool certified to reach through 8th
4. College of Wooster; American University of grade.
Beirut, Lenanon; Framingham State, 4. BYU.
University of Virginia. 5. BS Early Childhood Education, Masters
5. MA,MED Education, Assoc. in Geog., Travel and
6. That they try their hardest in everything they Tourism.
do, and that they know when to ask for help. 6. To believe in themselves.
7. Nothing is written in stone, you can always 7. You have the power within to do anything
change and grow and improve yourself. you desire.
8. A fourth grade boy who was gifted and 8. All.
wanted to be a LEGO designer when he 9. No.
grew up. He answered an entire science test 10. Sports, crafts.
by drawing, AWESOME! 11. Married, 2 and 1/2 year old daughter Nicole,
9. Depends on your definition, I guess yes. pregnant due in March.
10. Music, walking. 12. Heavenly Father and my family.
11. Married, 2 daughters, 1 son, 2 sons-in-law, 13. Country.
2 grand-daughters. 14. To live in the U.S. close to my family, so my
12. Camera and photos. children can grow up close to my family,
13. Classical - especially baroque. especially my parents.
14. That we would make every yearbook dead 15. More or less what I am now. I did expect to
line on time and with no corrections. My life have more children.
would be less stressful. 16. My husband, my baby, water, and food.
15. Teacher, but a music teacher, because I was 17. Coke!
sure that it had to be the best class in the 18. Too many to tell.
16. CD Player with batteries and CD's (count as
1 or 3), Camera and film - think of the Nancy Mejia (May 21, ?)
sunsets, and sunscreen.
17. Diet Dr. Pepper - Sorry it tastes best. 1. 17 years.
18. Went to school with 2 different colored shoes 2. 12 years.
on. 3. Kindergarden.
4. University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.
5. B.S, in Elementary and Special Ed.
M.A, in Education.
6. To do their best and try new things! Take
Enjoy what they are doing.
7. Everyone matters!
8. No, I remember them all!
9. No, however, we just moved to Madison WI,
and I remember bringing my grandparents
down to the U.W. campus to look at the
Hippies! As an adult I now realize they
were just University students.
Mrs. Lee 10. Read, eat and talk on the telephone.
11. Married, 3 girls.
Anita Stansell (Jan. 25, ?) 16. Sailboat and Sailor Waterproof matches
(Why?) It would keep life interesting.
1. 3 1/2 years. Solar panel water filter
2. 3 1/2 years. 17. Neither, because I'm more partial to water.
3. A variety of subjects such as; reading, 18.1 was finishing up my mile swim when a nice
writing process, geography, algebra, looking guy, I'd been scoping out, started talking
strategies for successful study skills, phonics to me. Just as he was getting out of the
and fine motor skills. pool he said, "You've got a little something
4. Greenville College, Famingham State on your nose." "Oh," I said. As he left I
College. wiped my nose only to find one nice gooey
5. Special Education K-12th, Masters in booger hanging under my left nostril.
Education. "Oh fantastic," what a perfect first impression!
6. They believe in themselves, identify areas to
work on, set goals, and congratulate
themselves when they achieve success.
7. Be proud of who you are, willing to change
things that will help you become a dynamic
individual, and never give up on your
8. Mi, because she always strived to do her
best when she was both in and out of
school. She loved learning and asked a lot Mrs. Trujillo (Dec. 15, ?)

of questions.
9. No, I was a bit too young during this era, 1. 18 years.

however, I did own a great pair of denim 2. 5 years.

jean bell bottoms for kids. 3. AP Psych, 7th and 8th science.
10. Running, swimming, hiking, cross-country 4. Drake University, University of Alabama.
skiing, triathlons, music, traveling, learning 5. BAandMA.

about other cultures, sewing, scuba diving, 6. Do your best!

sports, and collecting keroppi nick nacks. 7. Attitude makes all the difference!
11. Single 8. Me, because it helps me relate to my
12. God, because He has given me life and the students better.

opportunity to serve others. 9. No, I was still in elementary school.

13. Most people who know me would say 10. History, Alfred Hitchcock movies, antiques,
anything. I'm not very selective, as long as it cooking.

has a beat. 11. Married to Mr.. T. 2 kids, and 2 step-kids.

14. My wish is that there would be no more 12. My brain.

poverty in our world. Why? 13. Junior Brown (Country)

Children would have the chance to go to 14.1 want humans to do all they can to preserve
school. Teenagers could stay in school and our planet, because without it, none of us
receive a complete education. Adults would would be here!

be assured their children would have 15. A teacher. I used to "teach school" to the
enough to eat. The elderly could receive the neighborhood kids in the summer for fun.
medical care they need. 16. My family for company, matches-for fire,
15.1 was either going to become an Olympic Food, Water, Toilet paper - wonder why?
gymnast or a stewardess. (Why?) An Olympic 17. Neither one, I like Dr. Pepper because it's
gymnastic because as a child my dream was different!

to win a gold medal and be on the front of 18. Before I got married, my girlfriend hired a
the "Wheaties" cereal box. A stewardess "provocative" male dancer to perform for me
because I loved to travel and talk to people. at a restaurant in front of everybody!

Karen Kay Wever (Feb. 7. ? ) Ethelvina Wong (?.?,?)

1. 25 years. 1. More than 20 years.

2. 21 years. 2. 10 years.
3. Social Studies. 3. ESOL.
4. Upper Iowa University and Boston 4. San Carlos University, Del Valle University,
Framingham State College University. Washington State College, and Framingham
5. B.S and M.A- Education. University.
6. Learn to respect each other and also enjoy 5. B.A., ESL teacher degree and Master in
life. Education.
7. Give the most to your high school years- 6. To succeed in life.
That's when you get the most in return. 7. To follow their dreams and make them
8. Renzo Coen- He was original! come true.
9. Not lately, but it sounds like fun. 8. I remember most of them, because of
10. Sports, gardening, cooking, reading. different reasons.
11. Married, 3 children- All children married 9. No, never.
(love it) 2 wonderful grandsons. 10. Raise dogs, and swim.
12. Husband and then my car. 11. Married- one 23 years old son.
13. Soft rock and reggae. 12. My son.
14. World peace and eternal happiness- then no 13. Classic music.
one would fight or cause harm to others. 14. To have my parents back, I miss them.
15. A cowgirl-1 spent all my free time riding 15.1 wanted to be a teacher. I love to teach and
horses and playing cowboys with my 3 I love children.
brothers. 16. Good books, Portable CD player, CDs, my
16. Drinking water, lots of mystery novels, my dogs, hammock.
E-mail system, Potato chips, Elvis. 17. None, I don't like soda.
17. Pepsi, better Buzz. 18. When I forget important things.
18. When I was in 5th grade, on my way up to
teacher's desk to ask a question, my skirt
fell to the floor, oops!

MaryAnn (Marie) Rossell (Halloween (Many Pablo Sanchez (? ? ?)
moons ago))

1. 11 years.
1. 10 years. 2. 6 years.
2. 8 years. 3. P.E.
3. 2nd grade. 4. National Physical Education School of
4. Moravian College, Framingham Uni., Kean Guatemala.
State College. 5. —
5. B.S. in Elem. Education, M.A. in Education. 6. To try.
6. I expect my students to be respectful and 7. I love my students.
honest, and always try to do their best. 8. Mike Arellano, Kevin Baldizon, Marco
7. Don't waste your time at school- you'll regret Petricevik, Susan, Ana, Lee, Fredy, Joe Tally
it later on in life. Conner, Carlos Victoria, Mino Yahn, Joe
8. Christian Torres-Bono, I had my daughter Yoo, Erik, Mark Holbik, La seca, Raul
prepare cookie mix, so that we could make Avendaho, Manuel Sevilla.
cookies at school. By mistake she added 1 9. NO.
cup of baking soda instead of 1 teaspoon. 10. Sports.
The cookies were awful. However, Chris 11. Casado.
said, "Mrs. Rossell, these are the most deli 12. Cristo.
cious cookies I ever tasted, can I have 13. Cristiana, Jazz
another one." Meanwhile, the other children 14. Have Taqueria.
were complaining and were spitting them out 15.
of their mouths. 16.San Andres, San Andres, San Andres, San
9. No. Andres, San Andres, is beautiful.
10. Painting, reading, cooking exotic foods. 17.Coke, it's better.
11. Married to a Guatemalan plastic surgeon. I 18.When I was elected to be a Rey Feo.
have four children- two in college, one who
just graduated from College and Marian who
is in 1 lth grade at Maya.
12. I'll have to say my children and husband.
13. Country-light rock.
14. That my children are happy, healthy and
successful throughout their lives.
15.1 always wanted to become a teacher,
because I've always enjoyed children.
16. A Sydney Sheldon book, My CD Player,
Sunblock, A big straw hat, a hammock.
17. Coke- it just tastes better.
18. Years ago, I had an appointment with the
director of my daughter's pre-school. It was
at 7 a.m. Since I had four very young child
ren at the time, my morning was very hectic
trying to get everyone ready for school. I
rushed off to the meeting and noticed that
the director kept staring at my hair. After
wards, in my car, I looked into the mirror to
back up and saw that I had forgotten to
remove a roller that I put in my bangs the
night before.

Anabella Santella (?. ?, ?) Michelle Shader (?. ?, ?)

1. 14 years. 1. 7 years.
2. 11 years. 2. This is my 2nd year.
3. Spanish in Elementary. 3. Math.
4. Universidad del Valle. 4. Northern Arizona University.
5. E.S.L. 5. B.S. in Biology.
6. To learn a second language. 6. That they do their best, are prepared, are
7. To work hard and don'tgive up. courteous, kind and accepting,
8. Dan Luna, because he had a negative are responsible for themselves.
attitude about learning Spanish and he 7. The most important thing in life is your
changed it. relationship with others. Always be kind and
9. No. honest.
10. Sports and reading books. 8. Jamie Masses, she lived with my brother
11.2 children (Eduardo and Fernando and I the end of her senior year.
Santella). 9. Sure, in 3rd grade it was all the rage.
12. Succeed in life, raise my kids properly. 10. Hiking, camping, sailing, diving... being
13. Folk music. outside!
14. That my students use more of their Spanish. 11. Single, I have my parents and one brother.
15.1 wanted to be an astronaut, but then I 12. My mom's paintings, books and photos.
realized that I needed too much knowledge 13. Dance music.
in Math, and that's hard!! 14. That I find a career that I love, where I make
16. One pair of running shoes, one good book, a decent amount of money and have time to
1 bottle of suntan, a pillow, a soft blanket. myself to do the things I love.
17. None, I like to drink water and natural juice. 15.1 don't remember.
18. To talk in front of a big audience. 16. A salt water still (so I don't die), my camping
equipment (so I'm comfy), seeds to plant,
a fishing pole (so I have food), a straw hat
(so I don't get burnt).
17. Diet coke, it's not too sweet.
18.1 can't repeat that story.

12. My home. 15. A professional ballet dancer, because I took
13. Soft rock. ballet classes for nine years, and I wanted to
14. Everyone is healthy. With health you can be like Margot Fontain.
conquer the world. 16. Bible - to keep my faith and have a guide.
15.1 wanted to be a teacher since the 2nd Guitar - to play and sing.
grade. I did not have a very successful Watch - to organize myself.
school career, I believed I could change it Paper and pencil - to write my thoughts and
for others! feelings.
16. My family, my friend, and water. 17.1 don't like pepsi and coke.
17.1 really like to drink both. 18. When I fell down in public.
18. Years ago in a college class, I was sitting
on my legs. We needed to get in groups
and I stood up and fell down right in the
middle of the room. The worst part was I
Katia Kayayan de Morales (Jan. 22, ?)
couldn't get up! I had to sit there until my
legs came awake!
1. 1 year.
2. 1 year.
3. Library.
4. Uni. Francisco Marroquin, Georgetown Uni.,
Framingham State College.
5. BA Political Science, currently working on
Masters in Education.
6. Come to school ready to learn.
8. Ben Feia, first student I worked with.
Vicky de Molina (May. 1, ?)
9. No.
10. Reading, horseback riding, movies.
1. 10 years.
11. Married, 1 daughter (Amy).
2. 2 years.
12. Car.
3. Spanish.
13. Spanish popular.
4. Matias Delgado and Mariano Galvez
14. To have all the wishes I want.
15. Doctor- to help people; Spy- for fun.
5. Profesionado en Ensenanza Media en
16. Water, Food, Suntan lotion, Good books,
Pedagogia y Ciencias de la Educacion.
Cellular phone.
6. Try your best at every moment.
17. Coke, Pepsi is too sweet.
7. Que construyan sus metas y luchen por
18. Falling down stairs at school.
% alcanzarlas.
8. Robin Orlansky; because she was
unremitting, organized, intelligent and sweet.
9. No.
10.1 like to dance and listen to music. I play
tennis and read.
11. I'm married. I have 4 children, one girl and 3
12. Reach my goals without losing my happiness
13.1 like all the music but I prefer 60's and 70's
14. Travel around the world, because it is
interesting to know how people act in their
Patricia O'Sullivan (April 8, ?) Amy C. Wiley Ramirez (Aug. 16, ?)

1. Lots. 1. 15 years.
2. 4 years. 2. 9 years.
3. Grade 3. 3. 4th Grade.
4. Uni. of Maryland College Park, Bridgewater 4. Asbury College.
State Uni., Framingham State Uni. 5. BA, Masters.
5. B.S./BEHS, Post Graduation 1-6 Elementary 6. Their best.
Ed., Masters of International Education. 7.
6. Do your best! 8. Alex Pietricevic- you figure it out!
7. Luck o' the Irish to ye! 9. Just a Jesus Freak.
8. 10. Reading, Acting, D.J. ing
9. No! 11. Married, one son, (Tito) 4, Pre Kinder at
10. Reading, piano, horseback riding, walking.
Colegio Maya.
11. Married, one son, a senior at Maya. 12. Bible.
12. My family. 13. Rock.
13. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Enya, KORN. 14.
14. I would live near all my family so I could be a 15. A teacher, because I was born to be a
part of my nieces' and nephews' lives. teacher.
15. A teacher, because I liked the idea of 16.
working with kids. 17. Coke, because of the taste and it's based at
16 Antonio Banderas- because everyone needs
Atlanta, GA.
a friend. That's all I need. 18. Going' to a camp as a teenager and being
17. Diet coke- just for the heck of it!
surprised by both of my boyfriends showing
18. Lots- when this paper is turned in! up.

dance of Punto Guanacasteco" is a traditional
dance performed in northern region of
Guanascate. It is performed only on special
Costa Rica is often known as the virgin of days. Colorful wooden ox-carts are an
all nature because of its natural beauties enduring part of rural Costa Riean scenery;
and untouched mysterious jungles. The they are used to cany agricultural products.
native people proudly represent their culture, There are various typical meals in different
but at the same time, they treat foreigners very parts of the world, and in Costa Rica most
friendly. The official language of Costa Rica is people eat corn as the main source of food.
Spanish, although most black people are Located in the Atlantic Lowlands, people in
bilingual The natives speak Bribris, which is Limon enjoy a distinctive cuisine that makes
their ancient language. Ths ci|hoHc church is extensive use of coconut oil and milk. Corn is
an important structure in communities and is eaten very often for many dishes in northern
found in almost all villages. part of Costa Rica. Birds such as tucans and
San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica offers many parrots are often found in Costa Rica. The
art museums and artists. In the last 20 years, colors of the birds give an impression ofjoy,
impressive artists have been showing up from prosperity, and hope.
all over and doing arts is very common. 'The
Korea is a country with about 50 million people and its capital
Seoul is the 10th largest city in the world with a population
of 11 million people. Currently, Korea is divided into tm
The communist party North Korea and the Republic of South Korea/
South Korea has 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. In
(spring, it is a little cold because of the left over winter winds, but it is
beautiful In summer, it is humid and hot You will need shorts and
T-shirts. And in fall, the weather is breezy and it is a time to go places
mid see a lot of beautiful things.
Hotels are found in many
parts of Korea and they are
classified in 1-5 stars.
Many hotels could be
found in various sites such
as Kyong-ju and Che Ju
island, Che iu island offers
beautiful white sand and
obsidians from a volcano
located in the middle ofthe
island Kyong Ju is an old
capital of an ancient empire
which is also a famous site
for the graveyard of the
ancient kings.
Traditional dances such as
the Tal dance can be found in amusement parks and conventional centers.
This dance is performed by performers with masks made out of wood and
dresses made similar to the ones from the ancestors.
Traditional food such as kimchi mdpibimpap can be found almost
everywhere in Korea- Kimchi is the most famous Korean food A fermented
vegetable dish highly seasoned with red pepper and garlic, it is served at
virtually all meals, and has become the best known of
Korea's dishes abroad. Pibimpap is made from
cooked rice mixed with bits of meat, seasoned
vegetables, and egg. If desired, it can be eaten with
koch'njang (a hot red pepper sauce). They are sold
for reasonable prices and they are delicious. A
Korean traditional alcoholic beverage makkolli,
which represents a Korean host family's heartfelt welcome and dedication to
its guests, is made of flowers, herbs, grains, and fruits, Makkolli, the oldest
liquor in Korea is made by steaming non-glutinous and glutinous rice together,
then drying them, mixing it with malted wheat and water and letting the
mixture ferment. This fermented mixture is milky white and is consumed in
that form. There are many different recipes and they are used for important
meals and guests- Traditional Korean cake offers elegance and great taste of
one of its kind* The cake has many different names and appearances, but their
basic ingredients are rice and other kinds of crops cultivated inside Korea.

For entertainment, Korean ancestors have invented a bull fight game which
consists of two bulls fighting for life. Watching a bull fight has become a
tourist attraction and it is growing in its popularity. The bulls push or poke

each other with their horns and kill the opponent
Korea welcomes you anytime with warm greetings and lots of memories. The
people will make vpix feel comfortable as you are in your home.
How would you like to travel around the
world and see new countries? This is the right
article to get an idea of which places to visit in
various countries. Also, we are presenting
map so you can have a good idea about the
place. The countries and features we are pre
senting are India-Taj Mahal, Kenya-Marasabit,
Australia-Sydney, France, Canada-Niagra
Falls, Brazil-Rio de Janeiro.

A very good place to visit in India is the Taj Mahal,

which is located in Agra. It is described as the most
extravagant monument ever built for love. It was con-
tructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his second
wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Her death left the emperor so
heartbroken that his hair was said to turn grey overnight.
The Taj Mahal stands on a raised marble plat
form that is around a garden. The close-up details are
really astounding. Semiprecious stones are laid into the
marble in beautiful patterns. The precision and care that
went into the Taj Mahal's design and construction is very

In Kenya, the Marsabit National Park and Reserve is a good place

to visit for animal lovers. It is a national park that is home to larger mammals
including lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, wart hogs, zebras, giraffes, hyenas and
gazelles. The area is so thickly forested that if you go there, you won't see much unless you spend some time.
A good place to camp is Lake Paradise, which is a crater lake. It is an enchanting place because of its sereni
ty and tranquility.

Sydney is a beautiful place to visit if you
are in Australia. The airport sits beside Botany
Bay and it is in sandstone cliffs. Port Jackson is
a very nice place, because there are safe, large,
and the most beautiful on Australia's east coast.
It is shaped by a lot of fingers of oceans, inlets,
coves, and bays. Suburbs are now in all direc
tions from both shores. 90% of the population
lives near the coast.

France is a land of incredible

beauty. From Paris to the Alpine
glaciers, from the beaches of
Normandy to the flower-Strewh hills
of Provence, its vistas are varied and
dramatic. Their achivements in
architecture, literature, painting,
fashion, cooking, and wire-making
have dazzled the rest of the world.
France has so many places to visit.
The coast of Brittany con
tains many tranquil little coves that
get crowded only during summer
vacations.Asterix is a cartoon char
acter created by Goscinny and
Uderzo a few decades ago. Modern
readers of the comic strip can now
mingle with the Gallic heroes at the
Pare Asterix.
Canada is the largest country in the world. It covers elegant old town of Niagara-on-the lake, perched on
more than 3.8 million square miles. In spite of its Lake Ontario, the parkway runs south past fruit
size, Canada is one of the least populated countries in orchards, steps up 300 feet onto the Niagara
the world. Politically, Canada is divided into 10 Escarpment, and romps into the bright light of
provinces and three territories. Each province is Niagara Falls. One of the joys of this drive is the
responsible for the admininstration of all provincial chance it provides to dip into Canadian history.
matters. The territories are controlled by the federal Another place to visit is Toronto. It is
government because of their remoteness and small Canada's largest and most cosmopolitan city. The CN
population. Tower, the tallest structure in the world and 1,815 feet
Horseshoe Falls in Ontario is part of the world dominates the skyline.
famous Niagara Falls, a breathtaking attraction
Canada shares with the United States. From the

If you ever hankered to lord over a harem or to belly dance in public, there's a city where you can not
only get away with it, but you're likely to win applause for your efforts as well.
If role extravagance reversal is not your thing, you can wear ordinary street clothes and still enjoy the
festivities just by watching other people, tens of thousands of them, enacting their fantasies in the most extrav
agant costume pageant
on earth. At
Carnival, Brazil
becomes a fairyland
of erotic music.
Joy Luck A

\ Holiday Fruit Pizza
What to \ Crust
♦Slightly more than half an 18 oz roll

eat II
* Refrigerated sugar-cookie
\ * Cookiedough, softened
\ Topping
* 8 oz cream cheese,
It's very important to know how to cook at least . * 1/4 cup powdered sugar
one dish! % * ltsp vanilla extract

i There h one story of a guy, who disappointed his * 5 kiwi fruits

* 12 medium-size strawberries
i te g^ fl0| bgiag afcjg to cook one dish or desert.
^This guy named Tim ^ent to the college and he was * Sprinkle a little flour on to a
'" ■
cookie sheet and with floured fin-

cook. * What am I doing to eat today?'1 He said the speech i gers pat cookie dough in to a
three time a day. His room was terrible. Full of fast food pizza like circle about 1/4-inch
trash and Want food. But he oWt realize that he was get- i thick.
thick-Bake according to
Bake according to packag
ting sick from eating too much instant food. J instructions.
™tructions-Let c°o1- Mix cream
Let Cool. Mix cream
/s x f * ♦ ♦* a t* '.,. .,«. * « | cheese, powdered sugar and
Oneway, his parents visited him without telling befor / vanina together and spread on
* hand, to, Mirprlse him...but it wasn't fo, He surprised them, j cooled cookie crust. Siice kiw;
i He looke^d very baoV blue tod fkwu He was sent to the ; i fruit and strawberries. Place fruit
\ hospital^ Tim was hi a very critical situation* He got bet- / in a circle on crust. Serve immedi-
\ ter some days later. After that he was' sent to a cook- / ately or refrigerate for up to 2
♦ _ ' » hours. (You can use other fruit, too.)
la d

\ that I found in his first cookbook.

Peel potatoes. Put in cold water until ready

Potato Latkas
to cook. Starting with the onion, alternate grating
onion and potatoes (to keep mixture from blacken
ing). Using a clean
* 5 medium potatoes cotton towel,
* 1 medium onion press out as
* 1 large egg much liquid
* 1/8 cup unbleached all purpos flour Bread as possible.
crumbs or matzo mealfchouse one) Blend mix
* Salt andpepper to taste ture with egg,
* Vegetable oil flour or bread crumbs
or matzo meal), salt and pepper. Heat oil (l/4inch)
in frying pan. Press mixture into patties. Place in
skillet, turning once, until golden and crisp on each
side. Drain on paper towels. Serve with yogurt, sour
cream or applesauce. For a switch, substitute zuc
chini for potatoes.


,.'*'"*'* *********
y* * 1 stick butter, softened
/ * 1/4 CUp granulated sugar
* 2 cups self- rising flour
, $ •
* 2 egg yolks
* 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 1 cup finely chopped nuts ( of your
* 1/4 cup water powdered

Combine all ingredients (except pow-

dered sugar) thoroughly. Form into 1-inch
balls. Bake in a 350F oven on an ungreased
cookie sheet for 12 minutes. Do not brown. Wait
for some minutes to cool. Roll in powdered sugar.
Try it! It's very good. Easy, and doesn't take
a lot of time!
Don't you ever wish that you could have all the music you
wanted for free. Well, now you can. This article is about ^Rating of ike
making your own CDs for free. Mp3 (Mpeg 3) is an audio for Product* capability
mat where music is compressed in a Ratio of 1:11 to a WAV file
Even though these files are compressed, they have CD quality-
sound and can be downloaded in less than 15 minutes (if you
have a good con
nection). A stan
dard file size
ranges from
1700K to 5000k.
M.p3 files are
found all over the
net. Once you
download a Mp3
file you can play it
on your computer

with an Mp3 play

er, and also trans
fer it to CD Rom.
Another great
thing about this is SONIQUE PLAYER ft ft ft ft
that you can take
music from your
CDs and convert
to Mp3 format and
WINAMP 2.091 share it with your
friends on Zip
Disk, or if you want to wait a really long time send it over E-
mail. To start making CDs all you need to begin with is a CD
recordable drive. Now follow the steps listed to start making

■jV # iV if A
WPLAY 170 BETA2 * ft ft
UNREAL PLAYER MAX 1.29 ft ft ft
I. First of all you should download a Mp3 player for your
computer. These are available free at,
under software. The players that I prefer die most are
WinAmp and Sonique .62.

9L After installing the player, you can start to download

die music that you want See "finding your music".

3. After you have downloaded your music you can listen

to it as much as you want on your PC, or you can put it
onto a CD.

*t. To transfer an Mp3 file to a CD, first you have to have

a decoder which will rewrite your Mp3s as WAVs. You
can download decoders from, under
decoders. To rewrite the file simply open the Mp3 file, and
then resave it as a WAV ****WARNING**** A WAV file
is twelve times larger than the Mp3 file so make sure you
have a lot of free space. One CD of mine took up 600Mb.

5. After you have the WAV file, you can write it on the
CD with the software it came with, which can support
WAV format. If you decide to buy a CD Recordable drive,
there are reviews of drives in the Tech Page of this maga



This is the hardest part, finding the music that you

nc-rr want There are hundreds of Mp3 sites where you

can download music. To start off you may want to try, and There are also Mp3

» if search engines. is one good search to try

***Offcourse ifyou don'tfind your music you can
always buy it offme $$$$***

ftV $t0 THAZttATHO

Basic Principles
S/1A simple hovercraft is a platform riding on a are
cushion of air created by an air supply and a
"$JdrtH which contains the air under the plat- sweat
\form, The lift force is generated by a thin
flayer of air escaping the cushion evenly under payment
the skirt* If the air supply is powerful enough
apd the skirl Is cut correctly, the hovercraft
will almost never touch the ground This results 16 a ^^r,small drag force .and allows the
jyhovercraft to be propelled wlih $immmum amount of &tt)& Some small hovercraft can
i$V§k° ProPe^e<i &y &e <Wver leaning to oa« i&te or anoiher. The factors which limit & hover-
^'^ctaft^ perfojcmauce, therefore, are the strength of air supply, the distribution of wdght oa
♦- Hhe platform^ and the evenness of the skirt's tength*

||Materiab/ Initial Planning / Purcha$in0 Phase

A set of plans was found on the internet which
the design team decided to follow as closely as
A circular p1ywo<«i platform of 4(
was f>ureha$e4 as well as an identical
backup platform. Following the plaits^ a
-sheet ofheavy-duty plastic was also m&ikd.
'Unfortunately, the only ske of plasltethe team
^could obtain was too thin, so two large sheets
!were purchased.

Since the construction of the hovercraft's body and air bag was seen to be the first priority, the air supply was
not purchased until later. PVC pipe segments to conduct air from the blower to the air bag were also pur
chased. With the usual double redundancy, two sets of pipes, not just one, were purchased. In addition to the
hovercraft's main components, massive amounts of duct tape, contact cement, a staple gun, measuring tape,
and a drill were either purchased or supplied free of charge (see Acknowledgments).

Construction Phase 1
First, the circular platform was carefully measured. Then two holes were drilled into the platform following
the initial plans - one 1/4" hole in the center and one 3 1/2" hole
halfway between the center and the platform's rim. It was difficult
for the team to fit the PVC pipe through the larger hole using only
the tools at hand, but massive amounts of duct tape around the
connection prevented any leakage from the air bag.

With the platform ready, the two plastic sheets were duct taped
together and folded around the rim to make a bag. One challenge
was finding the correct folding technique to create a tight seal
between the bag and the plywood platform. A creative mix of
folds, contact cement, industrial staples,
and massive amounts of duct tape solved that problem. Still following the
original plans, another 1/4" hole was cut in the middle of the bag and rein
forced with massive amounts of duct tape. The two small holes were
aligned and connected with a bolt. A strong paint can lid was fixed to the
other end of the bolt to give the air bag a donut shape when inflated.

Five equidistant holes were cut in the bag about halfway between the
center and the outer edge, slightly closer to the center. To prevent the
r holes from ripping due to the intense pressure of the blower, they were
also reinforced with the prerequisite massive amounts of duct tape. It was
at this point that the leaf blower was purchased. The air supply was restricted
to an underpowered electric leaf blower for safety reasons. Using a second seg
ment of PVC pipe and, of course, massive amounts of duct tape, the leaf blower was
joined to the first connector pipe. With the bag secured and the air supply connected, the team moved on to...

Test Phase 1
The first test was a quick inflation of the air bag. The hovercraft was turned upside-down and the leaf blower
was activated. The bag inflated quickly and air jets shot out the
five holes as expected. Next, a second indoor test was performed
with the hovercraft right-side-up and the team's test pilot on board.
Because the test was on a carpeted surface, there was significant
drag caused by friction. Therefore, the third test was conducted
on water. The hovercraft was placed in a large pool and turned
on. After a minute, the team was satisfied that the craft was sea
worthy and the test pilot boarded it. As expected, there seemed to
be very little friction and the pilot could move the hovercraft by
leaning to one side. All was going well when another team mem
ber unwittingly unplugged the leaf blower, sending the pilot to the
bottom of the pool and seriously endangering the leaf blower. It
was decided to end this test phase and allow the hovercraft and leaf blower to dry out before continuing.

Test / Construction Phase 2
Following The Pool Incident, the team experimented with
making the donut hole larger in the middle by using a
disk larger than the paint can lid to hold the bag in its
shape. Two other disks were tried, but the pressure of I
the bag folded them in half. It was decided both that
the hovercraft's air bag was too lopsided to properly cre
ate an even flow of air out the bottom and that one leaf
blower was not sufficient to power the hovercraft. So, following
other internet plans and a TLC video, the team scrapped the donut-shaped bag in favor of a more realistic
"skirt" (see Appendix B). The bolt-hole in the platform was sealed up using only minimal amounts of duct
tape and a hole approximately 3' in diameter was cut in the bag. When the skirt was inflated in the first test
run, it held its shape and the hovercraft floated to an extent. Three inches of the skirt still touched the ground;
an unacceptable drag, the team agreed.

With no other option, the team purchased a second

leaf blower and a PVC Y-pipe to have both blowers
feeding into the original pipe. Instead of having the
Y-pipe feeding directly through the platform into
the air cushion, a 90 degree curved PVC pipe con
nected them.

This new twin-blower design was tested and modified by gradually increas
ing the size of the hole in the skirt. Another major modification was the
repositioning of the hole from the blowers to the air cushion. The hole
halfway from the center to outer rim was sealed with massive amounts of
duct tape and another hole was drilled in the middle of the platform. The
rationale behind this move was to center the airstream and make the cushion
more symmetrical. Furthermore, a metal disk was bolted about four inches
under the central pipe to force the air to flow out to the sides and fill the skirt evenly. Despite these modifica
tions and the addition of a circular frame for the hole, the hovercraft still touched the ground.

Final Phase
With no other recourse, the team purchased a third and final leaf blower. Connecting it to the midway pipe
with unprecedented massive amounts of duct tape, the hovercraft was again tested, this time on a tile surface.
The team decided that three leaf blowers would be sufficient after viewing the test results. Although there was
still an inch of skirt touching the floor, it was apparent that a fourth blower would not produce significantly
less drag. There is a law of diminishing returns between the force of the blowers and the amount of drag - at
some point the added lift is not worth the additional weight of another leaf blower, not to mention the cost.

Nearing completion, the hovercraft received its final modifications. A

plastic lawn chair bolted to the platform and a coat of red paint for decora
tion finished the hovercraft's construction. One final series of tests
remained - to make sure that the pilot would be able to control
of gravity while seated in the chair. Two team members sat on the chair at
full power and determined that, while the center of gravity was high and
the hovercraft faced problems with tipping over, the chair was still a nec
essary addition because it made mounting and dismounting easier for the

Building and testing the hovercraft was instructional for the team.
Its members discovered for themselves the importance of coopera
tion and brainstorming. It was agreed that had only one person
been in complete control of all phases of the hovercraft's redesign,
construction and testing, the project would not have been a success.

One key aspect of the hovercraft's planning phase was the realiza
tion that the original plans were faulty and would not work. The
team managed to halt construction when this vital observation was
accepted by all and completely redesigned the hovercraft in one ______■
afternoon. Without improvisation and determination, the hovercraft would never have been built.

The team members also learned that science is not cheap; the
per-person cost for the hovercraft was estimated to be
around $100. Construction also required sacrifices in
terms of time. It took the team three weekends
working over 10 hours per person per weekend to
complete the project. Also worthy of mention are
the vast amounts of sweat and blood taken as pay
ment by The Ubercraft. It is the opinion of the entire
team that the hovercraft should be evaluated not only in
terms of performance but also in terms of the sacrifices
required to bring the project to fruition.
and businesses for &eir suj^orfc

Wd family'fortiiestaple

immxte «f 4uct tape

s", thr«0 w^kends1 worth of pizz^, Chinese

food and teansportatio», and esped«Uy patiedce

the Physics i4ajo» for bis

unemtigly wrong
Everybody is amazed with video games old and new. You go to the store and
search for new and fantastic stuff, then you take the games home, and you play the best ones.
In fact, every game has levels that continue to challenge you; when you pass a level you are
going to another stage, it's successful. How do you feel? After being through several levels
you are an expert on that particular game.

Mostly, people own pocket game boys to carry around and entertain themselves when
they have nothing to do. Game boys are in COLOR now; you can play colored Tetris, Mario
Bros, and other entertaining games. There are also people that have video games that are
hooked up on TV. On television there are many Play Station and Nintendo 64 commercials;
they show new games over and over. What do the commercials make you think of video

Video games are everywhere. In fact video games are so popular that they sell them in
every corner of the world. You can play on the computer and find information on the internet.
The web sites are a quicker informative source than any other source. Everyone in the world
uses the internet to find what they want. Video games are even more popular now because of
the web sites, which have attracted tons of people into the world of fantasy. New stuff is added

every now and then, check out and get the news.

Find out MORE about VIDEO GAMES!

Here are some interesting websites: You can go to or (The web fs most popular video game site). There is one event going on in
the internet, a vote for the best: Nintendo 64, Play Station, and others. Select the most enter
taining and best system. If your vote is not in yet, go to either and find out
how to vote. On the internet you may find stuff (at such as the Games of the
Year Awards for 1998, the Top 50 Game Boy Games of all Times. (Tetris, Legend ofZelda,
Pokemon are favorites.) Get into the net NOW.

Video games are for fun, but it is good for our brains also. For the game Tetris, you
have to think and be quick or you die when the pile reaches the top. Any game that is about
running, eating or escaping monsters is a game of thinking, thinking what to do in a certain sit
uation. Thinking is the purpose of most video games. Puzzles games, where it is hard to find
your way, that's thinking too.

Here are some stations
of video games



game systems:



Look at some exciting video games!

Nintendo 64 play set

Play Station Magazine

Screen from a robot

video game

HUMOR? After careful thought, considera
tion, hardwork, and the inevitable technical diffi-
culties,we two young authors, Carlos Sevilla,
and, Paul O'Sullivan figured to make a fun page,
one that would defy laws and boundries, one check only two please
that would appeal to the general public. After
tiresome difficulties in the computer lab includ Teacher interview
ing, freezes, shutdowns, and endless disputes
with the console, our original article tragically
ended in a travesty. Due to the cold heart, iron-
fisted manner of the class agenda, the totalitari
u Preamble

an deadlines reduced our creativity and ingenuity

Chinese food
a great deal. So here you have it, jokes gath
ered by us, by students and by teachers. I'm
sure you the reader will enjoy this a lot more
than your average news article, I mean you can't
read about recipes, movies, and music all the
time, don't you agree Carlos? Actually quite the
contrary, I do not, but alas I digress, thou cannot
even imagine the great perils of pain and tor
ture... Anyway that's enough out of my "sidekick" French
for now. Hey, for all you Al Bundy fans out there;
we've got the joke for you. Carlos, go ahead.
Ok, why did the woman cross the road? No Phil essay
answers out there? Who cares anyways,I just
wanna know why she's out of the kitchen!
Good Golly man the women of the world will MUSIC REVIEW
have your head on a stake for that! In no way
manner or appearance is the "What's Up?
magazine" affiliated with that joke. We hope you HUMOR PAGE
enjoy the article and use the jokes with good
taste and in the proper situations. The jokes are
not meant for harm, but you gotta admit they are
pretty good. If you want more you can find them □ Advice

at It's a great humor sight,

including straight edge jokes and then the not so Tech page
straight edge jokes!
If you the readers would be so kind
as to fill out the survey in the next column Comic

please tear it out and drop it off anony

mously to Mr. Benny's mail box. This would
Weekend survey
influence later management decisions, and
help create a better magazine. This survey
is provided to get some feedback on the
Around the world
most popular articles. Thank you for your
time and support, it is much appreciated,
we hope you enjoy the rest of the article.

i i
1. Log on, wait a sec, then get a frightened look on
your face and scream, "Oh my God! They've found
me!" and bolt.
2. Enter the lab, undress, and start staring at other
people as if they're crazy while typing.
3. Borrow someone else's keyboard by reaching over,
saying "Excuse me, mind if I borrow this for a sec?",
unplugging the keyboard and taking it.
4. Stare at the person's next to yourfs screen, look
really puzzled, burst out laughing, and say "You did
that?" loudly. Keep laughing, grab your stuff and
leave, howling as you go.
5. Pull out a pencil. Start writing on the screen.
Yo mama's so big, it takes her 2 hours just to haul Complain that the lead doesn't work.
Yo mama's so fat and old that when God said "Let
there be Light", he told her to move her fat behind out
of the way.
Yo mama's so fat she jumped up in the air and got 1.If using a touch-tone, press random numbers while
stuck. ordering. Ask the person taking the order to stop
Yo mama's so fat she plays hopscotch like this: LA, doing that.
Detroit, Chicago, NY.... 2. Do not name the toppings you want. Rather, spell
Yo mama's so fat she was baptized at Sea World. them out.
Yo mama's so dumb that under "Education" on her 3. Put an extra edge in your voice when you say
job application, she put "Hooked on Phonics." "crazy bread."
Yo mama's so dumb, she took a ruler to bed to see 4. Stutter on the letter "p." 30. Ask if you get to keep
how long she slept. the pizza box. When they say yes, heave a sigh of
Yo mama's so stupid it takes her 2 hours to watch 60 relief.
Minutes. 5. Use expletives like "Great Caesaf s Ghost" and
Yo mama's so stupid on her job application where it "Jesus Joseph and Mary in Tinsel Town."
says emergency contact she put 911 6. If he/she suggests anything, adamantly declare, " I
Yo mama's so stupid she studied for blood test & shall not be swayed by your sweet words."
failed. 7. When they repeat your order, say "Again, with a
Yo mama's so stupid that she go hit by a parked car. little more OOMPH this time."
Yo mama's so stupid that she sold the car for gas 8. Put them on hold.
money. 9. Ask how many dolphins were killed to make that
Yo mama's so stupid when she saw "under 17 not pizza.
admitted" sign, she went home and got 16 friends
Yo mama's so stupid, she asked You "What is the
number for 911".
Yo mama's so stupid, that she got fired from the
M&M factory for throwing away all the W's. These are contributions that came from randomly
selected high school students and teachers they aren't
exactly the gags from Saturday night live, so keep in
tfcttCfi fo mind, you have been warned...
1. "How did the Ewok cross the road"?

ZW "Ewoked"
2. "What did the church say when it caught on fire?"
Random Ways To Confuse Or Scare The Bejeezus "Holy Smoke!"
Out Of People In The Computer Lab 3. "Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?"

"He didn't have the guts!" two pigs, though this time they were wearing baseball
4. "What do you get when you cross a cow with a hats. So the police man stops him again and he says,
pogo stick?" "I thought I told you to take them to the Zoo!" Then
"A milk shake!" the driver replies, "Oh, we went to the Zoo, and that
5. "Your dad is so old he flagulates dust!" was fun! But today we're going to a baseball game"
6. "What's big, red, and eats rocks?" - Mr Bond
"A big, red rock eater!!"-- (Mr.Berke.)
4. There were a couple doing some night time read

'Dedicated ing, when they began to hear sounds downstairs. They

both got really scared because they knew that their
house was being broken into. The wife says to the
man "Umm, why don't you look out the window, so
1. I'm tired because I'm overworked. The popula
the burglars see we have a dog!" the man was very
tion of this country is 237 million. 104 million are
shocked and surprised at her comment so he replies
retired. That leaves 133 million to do the work.
"why dont you put on your bath robe, go downstairs
There are 85 million in school, which leaves 48 mil
and walk up to them, so they see that there are ghosts
lion to do the work. Of this there are 29 million
in the house"
employed by the federal government, leaving 19 mil
-Mrs Bond
lion to do the work. 2.8 million are in the Armed
Well this concludes our humor pages, we hope
Forces, which leaves only 16.2 million to do the
you had a good time reading and hopefully were
work. Take from the 14,800,000 people who work
laughing away. We decided since this is the last issue
for state and city governments and that leaves 1.4
of the magazine this year, we wanna go out with a
million to do the work. At any given time there are
bang; we're gonna leave you guys with....a riddle or
188,000 people in hospitals, leaving 1,212,000 to do
two perhaps!
the work. Now there are 1,211,998 people in prisons.
Here's one from wise man Carlos,
That leaves just two people to do the work, you and
1) Real eyes Realize Real lies
me. And your sitting at your computer reading jokes.
O.k. Confuscious anyway here are two brain
- Mr. Lyne
stumper, if you think you know the answer to one of
themwrite it on the back of the survey, send it to Mr.
2. There were two low IQ human beings having a
Benny's box, and the first person to get the correct
debate over what the meaning of Easter was. The first
answer to one wins a free issue for next year! What a
guy says "Easter is when they shoot a pumpkin in the
air, they shoot it and it explodes!" the second says to
him "no idiot that is the Fourth of July" " Easter is
1) There is a certain crime that if it is attempted, it is
when a giant bunny hops down chimneys and gives
punishable, but if it is commited it is not punishable,
presents!" the second replied. "I know the true mean
what is it?
ing of Easter" said the first " Easter is when 2000
years ago they crucified a Jew, and threw him inside a
2) A boy and his father are in a car crash, the father
cave and put a giant rock over the entrance. Every
dies, but the boy is transported to the nearest hospital.
Easter he crawls out the cave, and if he sees his
When the boy enters the room the surgeon says "I
shadow he crawls back in"
cannot operate on this boy, he is my son". How can
-Mr Berke
this be?
Well thanks again for reading and please take
3. There was this guy and he was driving in his pick
the time to fill out the survey and if you can answer
up truck with two pigs up front. When a police man
one of these riddles enter for a chance at a free issue!
drives by and stops him, the policeman says to the
guy "your not allowed to have pigs in your car! Take
them to the Zoo!" The next day the cop is riding
again on the street and he sees the same pickup truck,
as he nears it he sees the the man in the front with the


A hurricane is a very big storm, with winds flowing

around a giant circle. Hurricanes, are similar to tornadoes
which cover thoudsands of square miles. A hurricane looks
like a doughnut, a pinwheel or a single galaxy.

This is what happened to Central America. A disaster hap

pened. Hurricane Mitch destroyed thousands of villages, espe
cially in HONDURAS, which was the country most affected.
Another nation which was destroyed by hurricane Mitch was
NICARAGUA. In HONDURAS, Hurricane Mitch cut off
Santa Rosa and many other coastal towns from the rest of the
country. The storm took at least 10,000 lives and ruined the
region's economies.

The survivors had to wait for international aid to come to

them. Some isolated communities in HONDURAS didn't
receive any aid in the first 10 days of the disaster. Health
problems had been
Many people in HONDURAS suffered from diarrhea after
drinking water from a contaminated river. Because
many homes were destroyed, several families were
crowded into one house, speeding the spread of res
piratory ailments and other contagious illnesses.
Few roads exist in HONDURAS but now they are
working on it. People waited for the food that
would allow them to feed their children, the seeds
that would let them become self-sufficient again
and the tools to rebuild the thatched-roof huts
destroyed in storms. One month later they were still
waiting for aid to come. The world is trying to reme
dy the problem in HONDURAS with millions of dollars
of food aid and transportation equipment. U.S first lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton toured the nation devasted by Hurricane
Mitch. French president Chirac and Spain's crowned prince Felipe de
Borbon offered their support as they separately visited HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, EL SALVADOR, and

In NICARAGUA the recovery from Mitch is expected to be slow and expensive. Officials from affect
ed Central America countries estimated it will cost $4 billion to rebuild their nation. Mexican first lady Nilda
Patricia Velasco de Zedillio distributed $9.6 millions of aid during a hopscotch tour of four countries..
She spread the money to HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, EL SALVADOR, and GUATEMALA after it
was raised a four-day campaign in Mexico. German Sheperd Ammo, arrived in NICARAGUA to search for
victims in the mud slide.


-You should know all the roads that lead inland in case you have to leave in a hurry.
-Make sure you have a battery-powdered radio so that you can hear weather reports when the electricity is
knocked out.

- You should store fresh drinking in jugs and stock up on foods in case you must spend some several days
at home without electricity power.
It's that time of the year when all
the companies release their lat Korean car maker Hyundai has rev
est advances for the new year. We olutionized gear changing. Driving
have reviews for everyone that will gear cars has never been easier. The
make your everyday lives more Hyundai Euro 1 has a grip on the
interesting and worth living. Next steering that you twist to change
to each of the reviews is a rating of gears. Even though this is a totally
how good we thought that item is new method of driving, the safety
for you, from 5 stars to 1. aspects so far are good. That's not
all this car comes with: a 380 horse
power engine, adjustable pedals and
Sony's new VAIO 50G Super Slim
steering wheel, and a windshield
laptop weighs less than 3 pounds and that can be lowered or raised
measures less than an inch thick.
This fiill iiinction windows laptop
has a 200Mhz pentium processor, 32
Mb of memory, 2.1 GB hard drive
and 56 KBps modem. It's so thin you
feel as if you're typing on a piece of
paper. With its power and size, it's a
great offer for just $1999.
The Magellen Corporation has made
it possible to send and receive e-
mail anywhere in the world. The
first hand-held
global satellite
communicator is
a8x 3x1.75
inch device,
slightly bigger
than your
Calculator. The
Magellan GSC
100 stores up to
100 messages
and 150 address
es. It also comes
with a GPS
antenna. If you
have the money it would be a pretty
neat gadget to show off with.
Checking your e-mail has never
been more mobile. Retail Price

<S>HYUnDR! Panasoni
ft ft ft ft ft

Oakley's new multisport sneaker is

the intersection between feet and
science. The sneaker is made from
rubber impregnated with special
fibers, which provide the athlete
with unmatchable grip even after
long periods of use. Other features
include shoelaces that never undo
by themselves, and an anti-moisture
system that keep your feet dry,
even in the wettest conditions. With
these on you'll have people willing
to kiss your feet. Retail price $129.

ft ft ft ft

If you're thinking about getting a CD

rewritable drive, say maybe to record
your own music, you should think about
Yamaha's new external CD-RW. Not
only is the hardware great but the soft
ware that is included is amazing. The
drive reads at speeds of 16X, and writes
and rewrites at speeds of 4X. For more
information you can visit Yamaha's
website at, and look
for the product CRW4416SXZ. With
ft ft ft ft this in your house you could make lots
Panasonic's DVD-LIO palm theatre lets of$$$.
movie fanatics all around the world watch
DVD quality movies anywhere they go.
The portable DVD player weighs 2
pounds and features a 5.8 inch LCD dis
play surrounded by stereo speakers. If you
are not satisfied with the small screen you
can plug it into a normal TV and still
enjoy the quality of DVD. Now in the
bus, instead of listening to music, you can
watch DVD movies. This product sells for

SW Tbaxbaf-txi & Ken Ue

•A A A £

Got a pet in your house? Does it have

fleas and you always sacrifice your
blood? Well, now you can get a flea
powder brush and stop scratching your
self. It is an animal hairbrush that can
dispense flea powder at the same time
you brush the animal's fur. The hair
opens or splits apart to let the powder
FK3 1
reach the hides. It is very useful, so pro
tect your pets and yourself.

Tired of holding your hair dryer after you

take a shower? Now, there is a hair dryer
which can be attached onto your wall and
one switch will do your dryings. The dryer
can be moved around because of the flexible
tube that holds it.

t,. ;. .; j • • i • • : ^^^^^

The inflatable car cover can be used at any

time anywhere. It can protect your vehicle
from anything such as UV light from the
sun, hard rain, snow, or even stones. This
is possible because of the air cushion
between the car and the outside. Anair
valve situated inflates the air. There are
channels of air pockets to have more con
trol of the inflated cover.

(Cet> Ue

powerful, enlightening and energetic Limp Bizkit
redefines any and all musical

Sill genre barriers while creating an

entirely new standard for aggres
sive music. The bizkit is definite
ly a leader and not a follower, Limp Bizkit slams out
a completely innovative, singular sound compiled of
"Limp what? Bizkit who?,11 you say. Well, maybe funky bass grinds, some jazzy percussion, some crazy
you haven't heard the buzz yet, but don't
hip-hop grooves, hard guitar riffs and an overall
intensity that packs a punch with more bite than a
And by mad pitbull on crack. The vocals range from angry
outbursts and vein-popping screams to groovy little
time it raps and soft spo
reaches ken, whispers.
The Bizkit
virgin began in late 1994
when vocalist Fred Durst hooked up with his long
time friend and bass player, Sam Rivers, who in turn
recommended bringing his jazz drumming cousin,
John Otto, in. Before long, guitarist Wes Borland and
to have
DJ Lethal (House of Pain) joined the fold and Limp
Bizkit was born. Their first break came when a little
(ahem) band by the name of KoRn played their first
fied gig in the Jacksonville area. After the show, Korn's
into a bassist Fieldy and guitarist Head met up with Fred
and went back to his place to get a few tattoos (Fred
ing is not only an amazing singer, but also an accom
plished tattoo artist). An instant bond of friendship
Limp was struck between them and the next time KoRn
Bizkit came back to Jacksonville they hooked up with Fred
is any again. This time Fieldy and Head heard the Limp
thing Bizkit demo and were
but immediately impressed
what is with the bands powerful
implied by its unusual name which by the way, refers sound so much so that
to the "limp bizkit" brain of one of the bands "burnt they promised to pass the
out, maniac roadies". These Jacksonville gents pos tape along to producer
sess one heckuva monstrous sound that will literally Ross Robinson
knock the wind right out of you. This dark, intense, (Sepultura, KoRn). They did, and Ross loved it. The
buzz on the band began to intensify and, as a result dering explosion of "Pollution" rages against people
Limp Bizkit landed a tour with House of Pain and who constantly criticize
another with the Deftones. Offers from record labels loud music as "noise pol
across the country began pouring in to the Limp lution." The jazzy angry
Bizkit camp. After carefully considering all of the reproach of1Stuck " strikes
deals, Limp Bizkit chose to sign with the up-and- out against individuals
who are motivated solely
by greed and the catchy,
groove-laden "Stalemate"
digs deep into the heart of
a relationship gone sour.
The pop infested turned hardcore Faith is a takeoff
of George Michaels once hit song. According to Fred
he "just had to make it better!" Every song is a must-

listen. This album is definitely a {M/t OW, <JL

coming indie label Flip Records, which in turn

brought them to Interscope. Produced by Ross Erik "Everlast"

Robinson and mixed by Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Schrody's first album
Smashing Pumpkins), Limp Bizkit's phenomenal since the end of
debut album, Three Dollar Bill Y'allS. blends the per House of Pain reign
fect amount of attitude, honest emotion, slammin1 shows more depth
grinds from all instruments and players, instantly and maturity than any
addicting grooves and powerful lyrics into one huge, of his previous mate
bubbling cauldron of intense musical power. The rial with the House of
lyrics are as potent as they are personal and the Pain. Everlast actually
bands straight from the heart style of songwriting will looks into his soul for
appeal to all audiences. The furious, vengeful this first solo effort, a
"Counterfeit" retaliates against "fake people" who hip-hop/folk/rock
change themselves and their appearance just to fit in combination that
with a certain crowd, while the encapsulating, shud shows an introspec-


tive side of himself. one thing everyone

Of course, the album notices as Everlast
also features the creates very catchy
same brand of ener tunes, lyrics and
getic hip-hop that deafening effects.
generated a hit, some Everlast's rap
cash, and a lot of tunes sound like
jumping back in good old House of
1992 with "Jump Pain. This album
Around", probably really brings the
the most famous of listener back to the
all House of Pain era of hip hop and
songs. Everlast's softer tunes show a lot more depth rap but at the same time gives the listener a sneak
than most of his older hip-hop tunes. The song peek on Everlast's life and experiences. His lyrical
"Ends" gives the listener some insight towards flow is full of rythym and soft spoken songs that real
Everlast's near-death experience. "Today (Watch Me ly grab the attention of anyone listening. The hit
Shine)," a duet with BronxStyle Bob (Super 8, song "What it's Like" is everywhere and his biggest
Khaleel) "signifies that Everlast holds the gift of change ever. The style is all blues with mellow
effects and a tranquil guitar line. The album is defi
nitely worth it if you ever liked the House of Pain and
if you like good hip hop. It's a great style and a great

change for Everlast. This album gets a...

three and a half out of five.

music within his soul. The
song just grooves along with
emotion that can only be felt
through music." If Everlast
focused more on creating more musically-based
pieces, this would be an incredibly solid album.
Instead it's often emotional, but also kind of direc
tionless album that works to a good extent. I doubt
most people here listen to albums that go in many
directions anyways, so don't let that fret you. Songs
are jumbled in what seems like no particular order
and the style jumps randomly. Of course the style is
these, like "Silver and Gold" and "Dancing Barefoot,

D2: Best of 1980 had plenty of airplay when originally released, but
none of them, ranks among the bands finest work.
But best of all, despite the many changes the band has
gone through since its creation, its '80s anthems like

1990 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" still sound fresh today. The

album is
great for
fans and of
This album people that
comes in two sets: want to get

one is just a single a taste of

cd of old hits and their
the other is a dou music,
ble with the hits style, and
and remastered b- sound in
sides. This album ■?the begin-
is great, especially Inings. I
for those of you gave this
who like U2 but album a...
can't get a hold of any of their albums. Some of the

great songs that are included on this album are, "New

Years Day," "Pride in the Name of Love" and "With three out of five!
or Without You". There's nothing really new here
except for the song "The Sweetest Thing" which sort
of qualifies: It was written for Joshua Tree, one of the
most famous album's of U2,
released as a B-side and reworked
for this collection. The real
appeal for true hardcore U2 fans is
the inclusion of a second disc of B-sides. Some of

I ncubus is a fairly new band, but already
they have achieved massive audiences over exceed
ing their original expectations. Incubus are five
musicians from Calabasas, California. They all
began to play music together off of pure friendship.
Vocalist and percussionist Brandon Boyd
and Jose Passilas went to the elementary school
together. When they got to middle school they met
Mike Einzeger. They became friends with the
bassist Alex Katunichg.The four friends decided to
form their own little band. In 1995 DJ Lyfe saw
Incubus in a live performance, and asked the band if
they would be interested in using some of his Hip-
Hop tracks. After one rehearsal DJ Lyfe was recruit
Incubus has two Cd's released. One being
Enjoy Incubus, containing six remixed songs previ
ously recorded as demos. Then their full length
album was released, it came under the label
S.C.LE.N.C.E. "Our album is called S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
because we were able to experiment, we were able
to take our time and get everything to sound the
way we wanted it to, weird science and Energetic
Funk" says Mike.
Brandon writes all the lyrics, and they carry a
positive theme through the stories of space, and socio
political issues. Brandon expresses himself the most in
"Redefine" "New Skin" and "Mv Favorite Things"
Incubus blends Funk, Thrash Rock, and hip
Hop, into one single type of music. In their music
Incubus tries to bjend as many things into it as possi
ble, so that no one instrument is being listened to at
once. Their style of music has not been made for a
certain few, but to a much wider audience.
I think that Incubus' music is outstanding, it
keeps you on your feet wanting to listen to more, and
it keeps you humming to the tune all day long.
and best release up to date is Gallery ofSuicide.
ith Six Albums released Cannibal Corpse has
established themselves with the title of most brutal "Gallery Of Suicide is, in a sense a mile stone for
Death metal band. Cannibal Corpse assaults the listen Cannibal Corpse", states Alex, "what you get with this
er with thundering guitars, Guttural vocals, and record is a full album written and performed with the
aggressive drums. complete line up.
What divides Bringing Pat O' Brien, a
Cannibal Corpse from long time fan of the
other Death Metal bands band on board has
are their morbid lyrics helped Cannibal Corpse
filled with graphic, and attain a more cohesive
violent scenes "We wrote bond within the songs.
super condensed horror This album is 100%
flicks set to music" says Cannibal Corpse from
bassist Alex Webster. After top to bottom and what
the departure of Chris you will hear is a few
Barnes, vocalist and lyri surprises as each song
cist the band was faced really stands on its own,
with the problem of who musically and lyrically.
would write the lyrics. This is also our first
Corpse-grinder, Chris album with
barnes replacement had to "Corpsegrinder" Fisher.
expand the lyrics to keep
their fans. Cannibal Corpse is
Cannibal Corpse composed of Jack
has released seven records. Eaten Back to Life. Owen, Paul Mazurkievics, Alex Webster,
Butchered at Birth. Tomb of the Mutilated. Hammer Corpsegrinder, and Pat O'Brien.
Smashed face. The bleeding, and Vile. Their newest In my opinion cannibal Corpse is an ideal CD
for Headbangers. This is an extremely heavy band, and
should be avoided by anyone who is not into Heavy
fairly new band Coal

Chamber has captured the atten

tion of thousands of fans. With
their music being Heavy metal
they have obtained respect from
such bands as Fear factory,
Korn, and Brujeria.
Coal Chamber has been
through some very difficult
times. With the departure of their
lead singer Dez, Coal Chamber
was left crippled. After half a
year Dez, was reunited into Coal
Chamber. They developed a
strong "No look back" attitude.
Mixing hard Core, and
Heavy metal Coal Chamber has achieved a level of
music unchallenged by many other bands. Coal
Chambers music and lyrics reflect their way of life. At
first their lyrics sound like meaningless phrases set to
music, but when you pay attention and you understand
Coal Chambers history, you begin to understand the
)al Chamber's lineup is Dez-Vocals, Meegs-
Guitars,Backing Vocals, Rayna-Bass, and Mike -
Drums. This lineup is
close to perfect, with
each band member
having incredible talent
in their field.
With a second
album in the process of
being released Coal
Chamber will continue
with their massive
expansion, throughout
the world. You can
expect a lot more from
the second album of
Coal Chamber, since
the album has taken
two years to be made.
In my opinion this
is an excellent CD. I
would recommend this
CD to anyone. This is a
type of CD that leaves
you with an insatiable
craving for more. This
CD is the type that
makes you feel like
breaking something.
**** out of ****
The plot of the movie Antz was
written by Randy Cartvvright and the
producer was John Bell Many famous
celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez,
Sylvester Stallone, and Woody Allen
were chosen to talk as some of the
ants. The first sight of this movie
seems like an ordinary cartoon for young children but the movie has a
deep-heart touching plot The protagonist Z-4195 is an ordinary ant who
meets a'beautifulgirl named Bala, (he Queen's daughter. The story goes
on with an unforgettable love story and Z\s experiences. It is amazingly
Well-plotted and blended into the cartoon. The graphics were stunning and
it led to better quality of the film. Personally, I think it was an impressive
piece of work and I highly recommend renting the movie in a movie shop.

*** out of ****

Rafael, a Cuban janator called into the United States, has a job in a dancing
school. He meets Ruby, a young and beautiful woman who goes to the
dancing school. Rafael falls in love with Ruby but Ruby does not
accept it because she has a chlid and she does not want to fall in love
again. She was married with another professional dancer but they
divorced. Another reason was that Ruby wanted to keep on dancing
without distractions.

This movie was a very good example of a true love. Ruby chose to go with
her love and she considered love more important than anything else. It's a
very romantic movie but the esciting dances performed
by Vanessa Williams was very impessive and it showed
her compassion towards her work.

This is Chayanne from

one of the scenes in
Dance With Me. ►

This is Vanessa
Williams thinking about
her career and her love.

By: Sebastian Castrillo
Everything goes as planned.
The cash is already aside waiting for
the robbers to take it with out a prob
lem. So when Porter (Mel Gibson)
and Val (Gregg Henry) steal it,
they're in the clear, nothing could
ever happen to them. Until the The
Time comes to split the money and
get it over with but Val makes three
very big mistakes: he takes Porter's
cut; he takes Porter's wife and tries to
take Porter's life. The Problem is,
when he killed porter, he didn't
make sure that he was really dead.
Porter soon resurfaces, reborn want
ing vengence. He wants his cut and
doesn't care what he has to do to get
it. Now, everyone in the city's crimi
nal underworld want porter dead.

by: Sebastian Castrillo

The story starts when

star quarterback Lance Harbor
suffers an injury, the Coyotes
are forced to depend on the sec
ond-string quarterback Jonathan
Moxon (James Van Der Beek).
With five games to go in his
senior year, the new quarterback
Jonathan Moxon is suddenly put
in comand and expects him to
lead the team to victory but
that's something he never want
ed to be, Mox dreams of going
to college and getting away
from football and the small
town in which he lives. When
he suddenly finds himself the
team's starting quarterback and
is forced to deal with the pres
sures and that come along with
being a football star. With a
record of winning championship
after championship, coach Bud
Kilmer is a local hero with
power in West Canaan that goes
outside the football field. Rude
and intimidating, he expects noth
ing less then a victory and runs
treats his team bad as a result. It's
his way or the highway, even if his
way is wrong.

©= Boring
©© = Alright
/ Subjects were rated by the amount of fun they
N. have on the weekend with the Fun-ness Scale.

~ Excellent

Student XXX Sk8 by day, drink by night, go to parties. (mfmtm

Flirt with lots of girls!

Sk8, rock & roll all day and party all

Jeremy Berke

Go to Pradera, watch movie. Flirt with

Dan (Anonymous) ZaZ perfume girls. Get slapped. Play
softball and rollerblade . . .

Go to school, check email, clean house,

shop, do laundry, watch movie or foot
Mr. Dinga ball game on TV, play softball with guys
from the United States of America.

Student FFF Sleep, sk8, drink, smoke.

Play guitar, hang out & eat in zone 10,

Mr. Bond take care of kids.

Mr. Gentrup Read, go to parties, eat out, take care of


Mr. Berke Go to Coban, chill with Mr. Trujillo or
Mr. Bond, go to dinner or movie.

Carlos & Luis

Listen to some "phat" rap tunes.

Anna Lopez Go out to Z. 10, hang out at home, sleep.

Drink like a psychotic animal and dance.

Student SOS
(Note from authors: What a loser.)

Go to the Teen-chat room where all my

Cyberfreak cool friends are waiting every night! (No fun present)
Really! I swear!

i uu everyining you urazy kius uo jusi

more of it cause I am all grown up."

Get wasted and hang out with the crew (mfmtmim

Student Y and represent.

Robert: Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons and go

the zoo.

Frank: Skate with Fernando and Won Joon, prac (No fun present)
tice backstreet-boyz style dancing, golf.

Won Joon: Play with Frank and himself.

Go to Jonny's house and have G. I. Joe

Albert: wars, watch Power Rangers.

Peter Hacks Computers.

Ken Go to the movies, play some golf, go


Sebastian Cheap thrills, cool parties, and lots of tmtm

swing dancing.

Go to the movies, go to the beach (life fmimfm


Christina Walk from Zone 10 to Zone 14 and do


incus nuiic ui yvui uuauicsa:

Student J Workit!

Do homework.
Girl A

Play golf.

Student W-Swan Watch low-budget movies, sk8, kill mos-

quitos, mind-expanding activities.
Oscar (No fun present)
Sk8 all day with "Team Quest"

Play with barbies fn stuff, give them hair- wMmfm


The names of some individuals were changed to protect the guilty.

So now that you know the activities everyone does,

you can go out and try them for yourself! That's right,
you too can have a life! Don't try them out all at once
though, becuase a number of them may cause brain
damage! If you have any qualms with the activities listed,
please apply the following rule of thumb: If you consider
filing a lawsuit, we were just kidding! Ha ha ha!

everyone. Gwen Stefani, of the band No blow up in somebody else's face. Be
Doubt was constantly made fun of in high thankful that your best friend told you,
school for being chubby. But she did she's a real friend.
something about it, she joined the swim
team. Now she is a successful musician / am feminine. Help me please!
and is looked up to by millions of fans.
You just have to believe in yourself and Don't worry. You are perfectly nor
trust yourself. You don't have to be bad mal. Every guy has a feminine side, you
in school. Seek extra help, make sure are in touch with yours. Most guys are
you do all of your afraid to show it because
homework, and con they might be labeled
centrate in class. Do "gay". There's absolutely
something that makes nothing wrong with being
you feel special and feminine. Besides, it has
confident. Just been scientifically proven
remember that you are that there are no pure
important. guys or girls. Guys have
female hormones and
girls have male hor
Dear Advice Column, mones.

I know this guy

and I thought he was
my friend, but Ifound \ls it normal to be some-
out that he was talking \what attracted to guys at
behind my back to my \this age? (I'm a guy!)
best friend. My best
friend didn 't say anything but I know that I don't know if it is actually normal
she was hurt too. I really hate him, but I to be attracted to guys but it is probably
have to see him at church. What should I nothing to worry about. I read some
do? where that guys somehow feel that they
try to measure up and compare them
Hate is a very strong word. First of selves to other guys. If you look back to
all, take time to cool off. You'll probably the Greeks and Romans, you will find
find that you are not as mad at him after that the men were fascinated with bodies
you have had time to think. When you of other men. They idolized and praised
are ready to confront him, do it. ask him them. Your best bet is to talk to a coun
why he's talking behind your back and selor, a close friend, or parent for advice
ask him to stop. If you keep your feel on further information.
ings bottled up inside, you will probably
Mostly, Chinese people eat rice, like tortillas
are the main food in Central America; every meal is
either white rice, or rice soup. Rice by itself is sim
ple no taste at all, so it is eaten with veggies,
meat, and fish. Because they have rice everyday,
they get tired of it, so they have chowmein for a
change.When you think of Chinese food, the
first thing that comes to mind is chowmein.
Chowmein is a typical Chinese food. This plate
consists of noodles mixed with egg, pork, beans,
veggies and whatever seems to taste good. People
know chowmein the most because in most restau
rants they have this dish and it satisfies your hunger.
Other than chowmein there is chow fan, chowmeefen, and "Cross the Bridge" noodles.
other "chow-11 plates. The term "chow" means fried, A type of chowmein.
lf is noodles in Chinese, so "chowmein" is fried noo
dles. You can get full by having two bowls of chowmein. The Chinese eat in bowls and with
Steamed dumplings chopsticks. You may want to hold the bowl in your hand;
that makes you eat faster.

Would you like to try some Chinese food

made with your own hands? Here are a few exam
ples of instant food that are in the markets of
\ Taiwan. For instant noodles, you add boiling hot
water and leave it for three minutes before eat
ing. Dumplings: dump them in hot water and
boil till they float on the water. The dumplings
can be hand-made, but it takes time and patience.
Soup is really easy: Heat up a pot of water, pour in
the (soup) powder; when it is about ready, add an egg
to the soup and stir it at the same time. Also, there is

Another kind of soup
Sour and Hot Soup

creamy corn soup; everyone should know how to make it.

The ingredients are corn, ham, egg and water. Prepare as follows: put water in a pot,
boil the water, add the corn and ham, and let the soup boil. Finally add the egg and stir when
the soup is boiling hot.

Now here are the desserts: There are fruit gelatins and Jell-O's that people know about,
but someone created coffee and tea gelatins. In Taiwan, the markets have this kind of gela
tin ready to eat. The gelatin comes in powder and anybody can prepare it; they usually come
in little bags with ten or twelve bags in a box. There is a dessert for winter called Small
Glutinous Rice Balls. These are often eaten with the sweet red bean soup. With soup, there
is an advantage of it not feeling too dry in the mouth. The soup is usually without taste, but
if there is red bean soup it is different, it is sweet.

in Syrup

o as

014 sblj U8A9}} 'setn3]djjB jaded jo uojpnj;s|
st|| o^ pejeoipap ajjs b ^aiey '(|9jb noA o IMinidisc technology is becoming more
m^ em joj[ land this site has ail the information you'll ©
(about this versatile technology.
/LlBltF*** [very extensive with up-to4he»mfnute
Q* «ft

Preamble of 8A
'We the students ofSJl, in order toform a more perfect class, establish
a better learning environment, insure respect ofa% provide classroom
tranquility, promote Honesty, trust, andfriendship among everyone,
andsecure the blessings offreedom, do ordain andestabBsh this con
stitutionfor the class of 8JI ofCokgw Maya ofguatemata.


Students may use tne oainroom w£en necessary.
Students should£aoe topay fower tuition.
Students shouldbe a£fe to express t£emsefoesfreeluin class.
'amendment iv
j Students should6e allowedto go offcampus dur/nafree fane,
O£e 8t£ Strode cfass s£oufd£aoe a siudu room.
Une scjSoofsJSou/tfserve Getter tastingfoodin t£e cafeteria.
Schoolshouldtry toyetpersonallaptop computersfor eac£ande r student.
8thgraders s£oufd£aoe afiefdtrip eoety 2 mani£s.
Students snould£e allowedto wear w£atf£ey want
-Punishments s/toufyrfit't£e crime, and6efair.
Preamble of 8

We the students of89 Cotegio Maya, in order toform a more enjoyable

andeffective learning environment, do esiabGshfriendship, insure respect
among students, provide morefreedomfor the students, promote afeeling
ofhappiness andsecure an academic andfunfiOedyear, do ordain and
establish this billofrightsfor the eight grade class.


jflaoe mare class actio/iies andprojects.
Jrlaoe different language classes.
JVaoe limited £omea>ar&on weekends.
Jlaoe Sili arade lounye.
JVaoe a classpet
Ctxpress i£e£r opinions.
SfntercJ&anye activities mit£ot£er StAgrade section.
Jlaoe classes outside
Qdse s£aie6oartk androffer-6fades alfunc£it'ime.
ylCa£e our own c£oicesfor exploratory.

3rd Graders' Wonderful Poems on
Germ and Five Senses of Food.
By: Eunji Byun and Jenny Seo

Tony Walters

I'm a germ
And I like to squirm
I have a friend the worm
Sometimes we will play in your tommy
So you may walk like a mummy
And we say yummy a tasty tummy
So I'm a germ

Rafael Isler
Tony Walters

Yummy and good

Fresh and nice
Red and white
Red or green
Round and cold
Hard and smooth
Juicy and crunch, crunch,
Crunchy when I bite it
Juicy and sweet
Sour and tasty
Caitlin Treacy

Perfectly yummy
Pretty greasy
Kind of chewy
Very cheesy
Slicy triangular

Jose Pablo Ortiz

Wonderful and fantastic

Yellow and brown
Hard and hot
Crunchy and crackly
Tasty and super

Amy Bond

Fresh and wide

Round and big
Soft and hot
Ugh and yucky
Mmm good and tasty

Dasom Kim

Wonderful and fantastic

Brown and fat
Warm and chewy
Squashy and squishy
Super and tasty and yummy

Josef Niederheitmann

Fresh and good


Frances Rust

Fresh from the ground and juicy

Bright green and dark green
Smooth and hard
Hard and crunchy and good
Wonderful when I bite and chew
What Was the Greatest Event
In 20th Century American
On Monday, January 25th, Mr. King's ESL 4
class conducted a survey. While studying 20th The population polled was grades
Century American History, the class wanted to find 8-12. for the Spanish classes, where 7th
out what Colegio Maya (secondary) though about and 8th grades are mixed, some 7th
certain events of this history. graders were included in our survey.

The topic was "What do you consider to be Unfortunately for Mr. Benny, who
the greatest achievement of 20th Century American after a last-minute attempt was still not
History?" It should be noted that the word "great"
able to successfully campaign for the vic
does not necessarily mean "good". By definition,
tory of Evel Knieval, the results were as
great can also mean "of importance" or "signifi
cant". By this definition, we can say that Hitler was
a great man, not implying that he was a good man.

The choice/ were:

Women gaining Ihe right to vole
Civil Righl/ movement
Space flighl
Cvel Knieval jumping Ihe f nake River Canyon in 1971
Invention of Ihe automobile
Dropping Ihe atomic bomb on Japan
Invention ol Ihe Hi-flow toilet.

# I =1pace flighl 28 vole/

#2 = Invention of Ihe Hi-flow toilet 24 vole/
#J = Invention of Ihe flulomobile 17 vole/
#4 = Women gaining Ihe righl to vole 15 vole/
#5 = Dropping Ihe fllomic bomb on Japan 12 vole/
#6 = Cvel Knieval jumping Ihe Snake River Canyon in 1971 10 vole/
#7 = Civil righl/ movemenl 9 vole/
Tikal Field Trip
The 6th and 9th grade classes recently went to Tikal. The 6th grade were assigned various research
topics about Ancient Mayan way-of-life, the ruins of Tikal and the rainforest biosphere. The photos below
show some of the sights. Check out the Colegio Maya web site for our special 6th grade Tikal web page
showing pictures and student essays.

c The Central Park

The MAN, the GORILLA, and the AX

Once there was a man hunting deer with his ax when he found a
little gorilla. He thought of killing it but decided to keep it. Then he
taught the gorilla to kill deer. He found he didn't have to hunt the
jcornering him in his house

Foxes and the Cat

by HanNa

lay, mere was a group of foxfjTand a cat. The foxesysaw a

farm filed with sheepgThe foxes killed the sheep, but the cat lian't.
When the farmers caraeout, they caught the foxesym^even the car. Q>
The cat said, "I'm not a fox!" TljfrtSrmers said, "m don't care because,
Jeremy Berke

The 21st century is quickly

of all
which ones are the best,
approaching, and with it, so and which ones we could
are many new inventions. n't livewithout. That's why
In this century alone, hun the 7th graders have done it
dreds of new gadgets and for you, by surveying
gizmos are being invented middle school and high
everyday. But with so school. The pie chart
many inventions, some below shows you the aver
times it's hard to decide ages of both surveys.










First Grade Art Gallery


The Hungry Rat
by Tony

One day there was a rat that was very hungry. While he was
CD walked in his rat hole he saw the refrigerator opening. Inside he
w wj&jie! He ran instantly to the refrigerator, but then it closed.
He4Wfted to see if it would open again, but it didn't. He thought
to get back in and get the cheese, but he would have to
ntil the person came back to open the door
He waited for a long time and the personydame back,
opened the door and the rat jumped in fay and got the
ran out quickly! When force fails, patielce will often

The Ape, the Rat and the Chihuahua

by Francis

Once there was an ape that loved to eat and eat and eat. But
is friends the rat and the Chihuahua weren't happy with that.
ind the Chihuahua wer^^fi^tfP mev ma£ie a
• -^- .'41^1 while the ape was sleepj|f||ij|||p)t every bit^of
went away because mere was bad
thing was that the rat and the Chihuahua died of hunger because
they finished the food themselves and nothing was left. Evil
g6 wishes have evil consequences.

The Strangler Fig Tree

The Temple of the Jaguar

" le coin fran s"
(the french corner)

qq va tres bien, David! Et This was submited by

toi? Christina Miller

amf>has5s on the capitalized word


salut mon amour

qq va Set Tune Bunny HAY!
That's a good idfia! (Cestune bonne idiel)

Kelly DAY!
What an idea*

salute V
rNatal ie,comment Oil Cooney DAY
le temps
Ho idea

1 Way Sam Pa TUUC

es rangqise?

Soodfeije! (Aurevoiri)

By The 3A Starts

One of the scary night, there was a magic bear named " Little Bear ". He was at school learning to do
magic. In the magic school there was a big bully pumpkin head named "Sqush Head." He always grinned
and played tricks on Little Bear.
That night while Little Bear and his friend Black Cat went to the lake for recess, Sqush Head tried to
push Little Bear into the lake.
Suddenly, the leaves were waving. The lake water was splashing. They heard whislting getting louder
and louder.
Black Cat screamed, "Alarm, alarm, a high wind!"
Black Cat and Little Bear ran into the classroom and locked the door. They looked out the window.
Squash Jead looked up. The light in his head went out, and he blew away. Black Cat and Little Bear never had
trouble with Squash Head again.
drey mi«|s
The band GREY MINDS was formed in the spring (May) of 1998, when a group of three
friends came together and got to know each other. It all started when Young Seok Ahn
and Philip Commeyne (now the lead guitar players and singers) came together with their
acoustic guitars and started playing. Jonathan Scharwz, (now the drummer), approached
the two guitar players and started a conversation. He explained that he played the drums
and was interested if the other two would join him in a band. They agreed.

During the interview of the band members, everyone said that they had always longed for
each other. Some of them have joined bands, but were never serious enough to continue
playing together, and the rest have played—and
some still do—at their churches and individually
during smaller events.

Many names were considered for the band, so

"YSPJ" became the temporary name, using the
initials of each band member. Eventually, later that
month, 'Grey Minds' was chosen out of the many
intriguing names. The term 'Grey Minds' was
brought up by Young Seok, giving it the meaning:
"We aren't all pure and clear as white, and not
as bad and dark as black, but with the two mixed
together, gives a shade of gray." The word 'Grey'
with the 'e' was a spelling error.

PLAYED for the first time at their school campus,
during a 24-hour event (Middle school lock-in).
With a crowd of over 100 people, Grey Minds were ready to come out with their talents
for the very first time, after having practiced tremendously for this event. Among the
songs they played were "Time to Think" and "Super-Active Man" which became the
band's hit song and was repeated over and over during other events. The band received a
lot of publicity, and soon decided that they would take the offer to go play at a Coffee
Shop. After their first performance, they had performed several times for smaller events.

The bands fame and publicity was at the highest point when an unexpected collapse of
the band occurred when Young Seok had to make an immediate transfer to New Jersey
involving family and business matters.

The band desperately searched for another
replacement for Young Seok. The first person
that came in mind of one of the members was to
bring in TJ Callaway. A very good friend of the
band as well as well as a good singer and guitar
player. Weeks before Young Seok's departure,
TJ had attended the band practices.

Philip Commeyne immediately asked TJ to join

the band as the singer and guitar player. Without
hesitance, he took to over and was playing with
the band.

The band knew that they had to start from

scratch, like they did at the very beginning of the
formation of the band. TJ Callaway was brand
new to the band and it was clearly shown that it
would take him a long time to adjust to the music
and lyrics of the songs.

Before Young Seok had

left, the band was
practicing very hard in
preparation to play in
the Coffee Shop. They
all knew that TJ wasn't
ready for any
performances, and at
the same time they
were all depressed due
to the hard work they
have done in
preparation of this
performance, which
eventually wasn't done.

The idea about playing in the Coffee Shop was postponed several times by the band
members as they prepared TJ and themselves again for their upcoming performance.
With more problems occurring regularly during their practice, their performance had to
be cancelled over and over again.

Most of the problems were the relationship and the way of communication the three band
members shared among each other. These were problems, which brought back past
conflicts with each other and later formed into personal problems, involving their
families as well as their studies.

Months later, as the conflicts kept on going, the main concern of the band was whether
they would remain as a band and improve their problems. As they focused on that, all
their upcoming performances were cancelled completely.

Everyone in the band realized since the time that Young Seok Ahn had left to New
Jersey, that the band was lost their and from then on till now was dying a very slow
death, full of misery and pain. Though each band member knew that, they all made it a
point not to mention about ending the band. Even with the problems, they stayed strong
together fighting to keep the band as a whole.

The Band
Young Seok Ahn - In the band, he was both the lead and rhythm guitar player, as well as
the lead singer. After his departure from the band, Grey Minds will forever remember

Philip Commeyne -In the band, he was the lead and rhythm guitar player, the pianist,
and the singer. After Young Seok left the band, Phil took the job of leading the band, and
setting up the songs and lyrics.

Jonathan Schwarz -If not for him, the band wouldn't exist right now. In the band, Jon is
the drummer, the songwriter, and the backup vocalist. Without him the band couldn't
continue on.

TJ Callawav- The most recent addition to Grey Minds since the departure of Young
Seok. In the band, he is both the lead and rhythm guitar player, and is one of the lead

holes rieeiflippersto
■<( ARIES ~)~
13/21 to 4/20

4/21 to 5/21 the mistakes. Try not to dominate people, because
people do not like that. People around you can reject you, so
you better change for your own benefit.
EXTRAS: Best days 6th, 7th, 10th, and the 19th.

•<( GEMINIS )>■

5/22 to 6/21 Two of your friends
wants to go oi
home, try to mal

6/22 to 7/23
friends go aws„
month, so don't waste

7/24 to 8/23 Leo people, you are bitter this month. You want
the spotlight. Change the way that you are because you are
turning biter every day and that will scared your friends.
EXTRAS: best days 3rd, 21st and the 22nd.


8/24 to 9/23 so sweet to people and sometimes

3 you better change because
advantage of you.

9/24 to 10/23 You want to spend some time alone this month. In
your free time try to read some books. You are going to have a
huge experience and that will change your life forever.
EXTRAS: Best days 2nd, 18th and the 23rd.


10/24 to 11/26
something, say it
want to we

1/23 to 12/21


12/22 to 1/20 are wasting a lot of money buying things that you
don't really need, you should be mystified by the current eco
nomic situation. Your best friend needs help, try to be there.
EXTRAS: Best days 13th, 16th and the 27th.

positive outlook on
friends recently, because
own and watch.

of the best nights is going to be this weekend. You
2/20 to 3/20 are going to have a blast one night. Don't take things too seriously
because poeple might fool around. Relax and don't get too stressed
EXTRAS: Best days 10th, 20th

%" < 4