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Aircol SR 68

Synthetic Turbocharger and Rotary Compressor Oil

Castrol Aircol SR 68 is a polyalphaolefin-based synthetic compressor oil, using an advanced additive system to enhance thermal and oxidation stability and reduce component wear. This product is intended for use in Marine turbochargers and rotary compressors, where it will provide significant in-service benefits when compared with other mineral and synthetic based lubricants. It is approved as a Special Low Friction Synthetic Oil by ABB Turbo Systems Ltd and is therefore required in certain ABB VTR 4 series turbochargers.

Castrol Aircol SR 68 is a synthetic compressor oil for use in dedicated turbocharger lubricant systems and in rotary screw compressors. Aircol SR 68 provides significant benefits when used as a system oil in separately lubricated turbochargers, where extended oil change intervals will be possible. ABB Turbo Systems Ltd have tested Castrol Aircol SR 68 and have approved it as a Special Low Friction Synthetic Oil (SLFSO). Aircol SR 68 is therefore approved for up to 5000 hours drain intervals and as a low friction lubricant, the use of which is mandatory in certain ABB VTR 4 series turbochargers.


Aircol SR 68 is also particularly suitable for use in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors. It has outstanding oxidation stability and antiwear performance. The ester-free formulation eliminates acidic corrosion resulting from hydrolysis. The performance of Castrol Aircol SR 68 compressor oil offers the following specific benefits: v v v v v Extended service intervals Reduced maintenance Extended drain periods Cleaner operation Reduced friction

Aircol SR is not suitable for use in Reciprocating Air Compressors, for which Aircol SN is recommended

Typical Characteristics Density @ 15C, kg/ltr Viscosity @ 40C, cSt Viscosity @ 100C, cSt Viscosity Index Flash Point PMCC., C Pour Point, C Aircol SR 68 0.84 68.0 10.5 142 249 -54

Nov 2001