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Adverbs of Duration I.

Learning Objectives
Identify adverbs of duration from sentences Use adverbs of duration Appreciate Gods gift of life


ubject !atter
A. Topic: B. eferences: $. 'aterials: Adverbs Of Duration !"#$ II %.& s(ort paragrap() selection) printed materials

Value Focus: Faith in God/Reverence

III. "rocedure
A. "re#arator$ Activities %. !otivation *or (o+ long (ave you been living in t(is +orld, As a c(ild) (o+ do you en-oy you life, &. 'nloc(ing of Difficulties a. b. c. d. occupied blessings c(oice / 0 0 0 t(an.) s(o+ appreciation of busy gifts) graces preference

). Develo#*ent of Lesson %. "resentation ead t(e selection: 1#ife is a gift to be en-oyed and not a problem to be solved.2 T(oug( +e live temporarily in t(is +orld) +e (ave to ma.e t(e most out of it. 3e may be briefly occupied but lets find time to t(e #ord for all (is blessings. 4o one .no+s (o+ long +e +ould e5ist. 6ome die s(ortly after birt() +(ile ot(ers live long enoug( to be +it( t(eir loved ones. 3e +ont stay (ere permanently. 3e +ill all leave t(is +orld) 6ooner or #ater. 4obody .no+s7 But one t(ing is sure) let t(e #ord come into our life t(at +e may stay +it( 8im forever7 T(e c(oice is yours7

&. +o*#rehension +hec(,'# a9 3(at is t(e selection all about, b9 3(at does t(e +riter tells us about life, -. .licitation a. ead t(e p(rases:sentences from t(e selection. ;. &. <. %. =. T(oug( +e live temporarily in t(is +orld 3e may be briefly occupied. 6ome die s(ortly after birt( +(ile ot(ers live long 3e +ont stay (ere permanently. 6tay +it( 8im forever.


/. Anal$sis a. 3(at does eac( underlined +ord tell, >duration9 b. 3(at +ord is modified by eac( +ord, >lengt( of time9 c. 3(at part of speec( do t(ese +ords s(o+, >verb9 0. Generali1ation Adverbs of duration tell how long something happened. Examples are briefly, shortly, long, forever, permanently, temporarily. Adverbs of duration describe how long an action is done.

+. "ost Activit$ %. A##lication A. "ncircle t(e adverb of duration in t(e follo+ing sentences. a. b. c. d. e. *at(er arrived s(ortly after 'ot(er. T(e manager presented (is report briefly. T(e s(o+ +as temporarily cancelled due to po+er failure. T(e family decided to migrate to t(e United 6tates permanently. Do animals e5ist forever,

B. *ill in t(e blan.s +it( t(e appropriate adverb of duration. ;. T(e secretary read (er report ?????????. >briefly9 &. T(e tourists stayed ?????? in Boracay. >long9 <. $lasses +ere suspended ????? due to flas( floods. >temporarily9 %. T(e family decided to live ??????? abroad. >permanently9 =. T(e policemen arrived ????? after t(e incident. >s(ortly9

@Ans+ers may vary. &. .nrich*ent Activities Dyad Activity: $all on pupils to as. and ans+er Auestions using adverbs of duration. "ncourage t(em to ma.e t(eir o+n Auestions. e.g. ;. 8o+ long does a butterfly live, >s(ortly9 &. 8o+ long s(ould you ans+er a teac(ers Auestion, >briefly9 <. 8o+ long do you plan to stay in grade sc(ool, >temporarily9 -. Values Integration 8o+ can +e be +it( our #ord forever, 3e can be +it( our #ord forever by 8im as our 6avior.

IV. .valuation
ead t(e paragrap( belo+. *ill in t(e blan.s +it( t(e appropriate adverbs of duration. $(oose your ans+ers from t(e +ords inside t(e bo5. s(ortly permanently forever overnig(t temporarily long

A bomb blast roc.ed one of t(e commercial centers in t(e city.

1 4e+s about t(e incident spread ?????????? after t(e bombing. 2 T(e area +as closed ?????????? to t(e public to avoid furt(er accidents t(at mig(t follo+. elatives of t(e victim stayed 3 ?????????? in searc( for t(eir loved ones. Ot(ers +aited 4 ?????????? in nearby (ospitals caring for t(e in-ured. 6ome

business establis(ments +ere closed ?????????? due to severe damages and losses.


Use eac( of t(e follo+ing adverbs of duration in t(e sentence. ;. s(ortly &. permanently <. forever %. temporarily =. briefly