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Allan W.

106 Hidden Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Phone: (831) 359-0788

My objective as an employee is to provide fast and efficient means of
service while still providing a friendly and personable atmosphere. I
strive to do the best work for my employer and to follow orders in a
manner so as to expedite my efficiency to the places needed. I work
toward cleanliness, speed, and service with an emphasis on quality and

Fluent in Spanish, money handling, telephone operation, word
processing, cash register operation, meat slicer operation, cleaning,
computer literate, great organization skills, food preparation, light
construction, landscape maintenance and design, Cstmr. Srvc.

11/15/2006-3/19/2007- Upper Crust Pizza, Santa Cruz, CA
Food Preparation, Food handling and serving, cleaning, cash register
operation, phone operations.

9/5/2006-11/07/2006 - Heavenly Cafe, Scotts Valley, CA

Bussing tables in a fast-paced restaurant environment, assisting wait
staff and managers.

6/15/2006-9/15/2006 - Togo's Eatery, Scotts Valley, CA

Sandwich preparation and assisting customers.

1/2006-2/2006- Cashier - Erik’s Deli, Santa Cruz, CA

Cashier, customer service, cleaning, food prep, medical preparedness,
catering, telephone operation.

12/2005-2/2006- Ground Crew - Koala Tree Service, Santa Cruz, CA

Refuse management/removal, ropes, equipment management, clean-

7/2005-7/2005- Landscape Design - Self employed, Scotts Valley, CA

Landscape maintenance/design. Plant removal/insertion. Pathway
construction/ design. Refuse removal.
6/2004-12/2004- Cashier - Erik’s Deli, Scott’s Valley, CA
Customer service, cleaning, food prep, medical preparedness, catering,
telephone operation.

Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA. Sociology Major, 2004 - present

Santa Cruz High School, Santa Cruz, CA – Graduated 2004