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STUDENTS RUBRIC My last trip to Latin America Nombre _____________________________________________ Clase _____________________Fecha___________________ CRITERIA Exceeds expectations 10 Communicates more

information than required to fulfill the task.You have talked about your trip adding details besides the ones presented in the pictures, you include vacation activities, where you stayed and give characteristics of the souvenirs you bought and your overall impression of the place. Meet expectations 9-8 Communicates adequate information to fulfill the task.You talked about your trip according to the pictures presented, you include the place where you stayed, vacations activities and the souvenir you bought. Progressing toward expectations 7-6 Communicates some information, but amount is less than what is required.You have omitted the place where you stayed or parts of the information required for the assigment. you are missing pieces of information presented in the pictures.
TOTAL Does not meet POINTS AND expectations WEIGHTING 5-0 Provides almost no _______ pts information, or there X4= ______pts is not enough speech to evaluate. You are providing the information required of the assignment.

Task completion

Comprehensibility (Pronunciation & Fluency)

Speech is smooth and flowing. No hesitancy or rephrasing.No errors in pronunciation that impede comprehension.

Speech is smooth for the most part. Occasional pauses. Some rephrasing.A few errors in pronunciation rarely impede comprehension.

Speech is generally hesitant and often choppy.Occasional pronunciation errors cause some confusion or misunderstanding.

Speech is extremely _______pts hesitant and choppy. X3=_______pts Frequent pauses and/or unfinished phrases. Frequent pronunciation errors cause consistent confusion or misunderstanding.

Accuracy (Vocabulary You have no or very few grammatical errors.You use the & Grammar past tense correctly. You use a structures) wide range of vocabulary appropriately. Such as the places where you did the vacation activities, or characteristics of the souvenir you bought. You incorporate vocabulary from previous units.

You have some grammatical errors however do not impede comprehension.. Most of the vocabulary is used appropriately.

You have several grammatical errors that occasionally impede comprehension.You use an adequate range of vocabulary, but sometimes it is used inappropriately.

You have frequent Grammatical and vocabulary usage errors that impede comprehension.

_______pts X3=_______pts


Total: ______/100

Grading Scale:

A = 90-100 Points;

B = 80-89 Points;

C = 70-79 Points;

F= 0-69 Points

STUDENTS RUBRIC Criteria Succeed expectations 10 Your postcard includes more than 3 vacation activties, your impressions about the trip, and what you bought.

Name ___________________________________________


Meet expetactations 9 Your postcard includes 3 vacation activities, your impression about the trip and what you bought.

Needs improvement 8 Your postcard includes only 2 vacation activities.

Does not meet expectations 7 Your postcard is incomplete and does not include enough information about the trip.


Your postcard is Most of your organized and easy to postcard is follow. organized and easy to follow.

Parts of your postcard are organized and easy to follow.

Your postcard is disorganized and hard to follow.Teacher did not understand what student was trying to communicate.


Your postcard has few mistakes in grammar and vocabulary.

Student usually uses correct grammar, word order, spelling & punctuation. Student fulfills most of the requirements of the assignment.

Student makes frequent mistakes with grammar, word order, spelling & punctuation. Student fulfills some of the requirements of the assignment.

Student consistently makes errors with grammar, word order, spelling and punctuation and vocabulary usage. Assignment is incomplete.


Student fulfills all of the requirements of the assignment. The descriptions include current & prior material.

If Student does not complete assignment ZERO points will be given. POINTS 40 39 % 100 98 36 90 31 78 35 88 30 75 34 85 29 73

38 95 33 83 28 70

37 93 32 80 0 0