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ECE Seminar Topics List
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ECE Seminar Topics List

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

Bubble Power

Vehicle-to-Grid V2G


Super Capacitor

Bio Batter

!obile Train "adio Communication

Paper Batter

Smart #ntenna

1. Blac$-Bo%

1. #dapti&e !issile Guidance 'sin( GPS

#utonomous 'nderwater Vehicle

1. ) dro(en Super )i(hwa

1. Silicon on Plastic


1. *nter&ehicle Communication

*ntelli(ent Wireless Video Camera

1. *ma(e Codin( 'sin( +ero Tree Wa&elet

)uman-"obot *nteraction

Wireless L#, Securit

1. Smart ,ote Ta$er

1. Embedded Web Technolo(

1. Electrooculo(raph

1. -istributed C.!

"emote #ccess Ser&ice

Wireless Char(in( ./ !obile Phones 'sin( !icrowa&es

0--imensional Printin(

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

)umanoids "obotics

1. Transparent Electronics


1. Sur/ace Plasmon "esonance

!icrowa&e Superconducti&it

1. !emristor

1. Earthin( trans/ormers 1or Power s stems

1. -irect Current !achines

1. .ptical Ethernet

1. -- 'sin( Bio-robotics

Clos #rchitecture in .PS

2G Wireless S stems

Wearable Bio-Sensors

1. Pol 1use

,on Visible *ma(in(

,uclear Batteries--aintiest - namos

1. !*LST- 3440B

1. !icro Electronic Pill

!.B*LE *P&5

1. Chip !orphin(

Challen(es in the !i(ration to 2G


B*T /or *ntelli(ent s stem desi(n

# 52 Point 1ourier Trans/orm Chip

1. #nthropomorphic "obot hand6 Gi/u )and **

#,, /or misuse detection

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

#dapti&e .ptics in Ground Based Telescopes

#luminum Electrol tic Capacitors

*B.C Technolo(

)one pots

*mmersion Litho(raph

1. Gratin( Li(ht Val&e -ispla Technolo(

1. 1ractal #ntennas

1. )#"T Communication


1. Electro - namic Tether

1. 1PG# in Space

-V Libraries and the *nternet

1. Co-operati&e cache based data access in ad hoc networ$s

!esh Topolo(

!esh "adio

1. !etamorphic "obots

1. Low Ener( E//icient Wireless Communication ,etwor$ -esi(n

1. *ndoor Geolocation

1. Wireless -SL

1. Wireless !icroser&er

'ser *denti/ication Throu(h 7e stro$e Biometrics

1. 'ltrasonic !otor

1. Virtual "etinal -ispla

Spectrum Poolin(

1. Si(nalin( S stem

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

1. 'ltra Conductors

1. Sel/ Phasin( #ntenna #rra

1. "ole o/ *nternet Technolo( in 1uture !obile -ata S stem

Ser&ice #ware *ntelli(ent GGS,

Push Technolo(


1luorescent !ulti-la er -isc

Compact peripheral component interconnect 8CPC*9


Wideband Si(ma -elta PLL !odulator

Voice morphin(


Speed -etection o/ mo&in( &ehicle usin( speed cameras

.ptical Switchin(

.ptical Satellite Communication

.ptical Pac$et Switchin( ,etwor$


Crusoe Processor

"adio 1re:uenc Li(ht Sources

;oS in Cellular ,etwor$s Based on !PT

Pro<ect .% (en

Pol mer !emor

,a&belt and Guidicane

!ultisensor 1usion and *nte(ration


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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

!obile Virtual "ealit Ser&ice

Smart Pi%el #rra s

#dapti&e Blind ,oise Suppression

#n E//icient #l(orithm /or iris pattern

#nalo(--i(ital ) brid !odulation

1. #rti/icial *ntelli(ence Substation Control

Speech Compression - a no&el method

Class-- #mpli/iers

-i(ital #udio=s 1inal 1rontier-Class - #mpli/ier

.ptical ,etwor$in( and -ense Wa&elen(th -i&ision !ultiple%in(

.ptical Burst Switchin(

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor ,etwor$s

1. Laser Communications



White LE-

Carbon ,anotube 1low Sensors

Cellular Positionin(

1. *ontophoresis

-ual Ener( >-ra #bsorptiometr

Per&asi&e Computin(

Passi&e !illimeter-Wa&e


)olo(raphic -ata Stora(e

.r(anic -ispla

S mbian .S

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

.&onic 'ni/ied !emor



Bio-!olecular Computin(

Code -i&ision -uple%in(

.rtho(onal 1re:uenc -i&ision !ultiple%in(

'tilit 1o(

VLS* Computations

Tunable Lasers



-i(ital Li(ht Processin(

1ree Space Laser Communications


-istributed *nte(rated Circuits

#C Per/ormance ./ ,anoelectronics

)i(h Per/ormance -SP #rchitectures

1in1ET Technolo(

Stream Processor


1ree Space .ptics



Embr onics #pproach Towards *nte(rated Circuits

Embedded S stems and *n/ormation #ppliances

Electronic -ata *nterchan(e

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

-SP Processor

-irect to )ome Tele&ision 8-T)9

-i(ital Subscriber Line

-i(ital )'B'B



#u(mented "ealit

#s nchronous Trans/er !ode

#rti/ical E e

#* /or Speech "eco(nition

Treatin( Cardiac -isease With Catheter-Based Tissue )eatin(

Surround Sound S stem

Space Time #dapti&e Processin(

"eal Time S stem *nter/ace

"adio 1re:uenc *denti/ication 8"1*-9

;uantum -ot Lasers

Plasma #ntennas

.r(anic Li(ht Emittin( -iode

,arrow Band ? Broad Band *S-,


Led Wireless

Laser Communication S stems

@osephson @unction

*ntroduction to the *nternet Protocols


Cellular Communications

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List


.ptical !ouse

Time -i&ision !ultiple #ccess

Element !ana(ement S stem

E%tended !ar$up Lan(ua(e

S nchronous .ptical ,etwor$

-i( Water

C"T -ispla

Satellite "adio TV S stem


Wireless #pplication Protocol

S nchronous .ptical ,etwor$in(

Cellular "adio

.ptic 1ibre Cable

*n/inite -imensional Vector Space

Low Volta(e -i//erential Si(nal

Plasma -ispla


Landmine -etection 'sin( *mpulse Ground Penetratin( "adar



Wireless *ntelli(ent ,etwor$

*nte(rated Voice and -ata


1. Smart ;uill

1. #utomatic ,umber Plate "eco(nition

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

1. .ptical Camou/la(e

Smart 1abrics

1. @a&a "in(

1. *nternet Protocol Tele&ision


1. ,i(ht Vision Technolo(

1. "- "#!

*mplementation ./ +oom 11T in 'ltrasonic Blood 1low #nal sis

!ilitar "adars

!odern *rri(ation S stem Towards 1uAA

Smart Cameras in Embedded S stems

Spin Val&e Transistor

!oletronics- an in&isible technolo(

1. Laser Communications

Solar Power Satellites

!*!. Wireless Channels

1ractal "obots

1. Stereoscopic *ma(in(

1. 'ltra-Wideband

1. )ome ,etwor$in(

1. -i(ital Cinema

1. 1ace "eco(nition Technolo(

1. 'ni&ersal #s nchronous "ecei&er Transmitter

#utomatic Teller !achine

Wa&elen(th -i&ision !ultiple%in(

.b<ect .riented Concepts

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

1re:uenc -i&ision !ultiple #ccess

"eal-Time .bstacle #&oidance

-ela Tolerant ,etwor$in(


Ps choacoustics

*nte(er 1ast 1ourier Trans/orm

Worldwide *nter operatibilit /or !icrowa&e #ccess

Code -i&ision !ultiple #ccess

.ptical Coherence Tomo(raph

S mbian .S

)ome ,etwor$in(

Guided !issiles

#C Per/ormance ./ ,anoelectronics


BiC!.S technolo(

1uAA based Washin( !achine

Low !emor Color *ma(e +ero Tree Codin(

Stealth 1i(hter

Border Securit 'sin( Wireless *nte(rated ,etwor$ Sensors

# Basic Touch-Sensor Screen S stem

GS! Securit #nd Encr ption

-esi(n o/ 2-- 1ilters usin( a Parallel Processor #rchitecture

So/tware--e/ined "adio

Smart -ust

#dapti&e Blind ,oise Suppression

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

#n E//icient #l(orithm /or iris pattern

Si(ni/icance o/ real-time transport Protocol in V.*P

1. Stora(e #rea ,etwor$s

1. ;uantum *n/ormation Technolo(

!one PadB The 1uture Wallet

"obotic Sur(er

Swarm intelli(ence ? tra//ic Sa/et

Smart card

Cellular Throu(h "emote Control Switch

1. Terrestrial Trun$ed "adio


Electronics !eet #nimal Brains

Satellite "adio

1. Search 1or E%traterrestrial *ntelli(ence

1. Line-"e/lect-"e/lect Techni:ue

1. Low Power '#"T -esi(n /or Serial -ata Communication

1. Li(ht emittin( pol mers

1. Cruise Control -e&ices

1. Boiler *nstrumentation and Controls


Sensors on 0- -i(itiAation

#s nchronous Chips

.ptical pac$et switch architectures

-i(ital #udio Broadcastin(

Cellular ,eural ,etwor$

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List


Wireless 1idelit

S nthetic #perture "adar S stem

Touch Screens

Tempest and Echelon


1. -ata Compression Techni:ues

1ractal *ma(e Compression

Computer #ided Process Plannin(

Space Shuttles and its #d&ancements

Space "obotics

Weldin( "obots

Sensotronic Bra$e Control

1. !obile *P

1. Power S stem Contin(encies

1. Li(htnin( Protection 'sin( L1#!

Wideband Si(ma -elta PLL !odulator

1. Bioin/ormatics

1. E%treme 'ltra&iolet Litho(raph


1. !olecular Electronics

1. Cellonics Technolo(

Cellular -i(ital Pac$et -ata

1. CT Scannin(

1. Continuousl &ariable transmission 8CVT9

)i(h-a&ailabilit power s stems "edundanc options

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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List


*ris Scannin(

1. *S. Loop ma(netic couplers

1. LW*P

*ma(e #uthentication Techni:ues

Seasonal *n/luence on Sa/et o/ Substation Groundin(

Wa&elet trans/orms

1. C berterrorism

1. *p&5 - The ,e%t Generation Protocol

1. -ri&in( .ptical ,etwor$ E&olution

"adio ,etwor$ Controller

1. Wireless ,etwor$ed -i(ital -e&ices

1. 0- - *C=s

Sensors on 0- -i(itiAation

1. 1uAA Lo(ic

1. Simputer

Wa&elet Video Processin( Technolo(

1. *P Telephon

1. "P"

1. P) Control Techni:ue usin( 1uAA Lo(ic

1. !ultisensor 1usion and *nte(ration

*nte(rated Power Electronics !odule

)i(h Speed Pac$et #ccess


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1/10/2014 8:58 AM

ECE Seminar Topics List

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