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The Cieative visualization 0nline Session

Expeiience a poweiful Cieative visualization

expeiience with Lisa Nichols.


5 Simple Tips To Get The Most
Out of This Live Session:
1. Piint out this 0nline Cieative visualization
uuiuebook befoie the event staits so you can
wiite uown youi notes as you listen.

2. Review the topic outline so you know what to
listen out foi. Nake suie you've set asiue 9u
minutes of piivate time foi this session so you'll
be able to focus anu fully ieceive the benefits of
the cieative visualization session.

S. Buiing the event, wiite uown ALL the inteiesting
anu new iueas anu inspiiations you get while
listening - that way you won't lose the most
ielevant infoimation to you.

4. Think of youi life goals, set youi intentions
befoie coming to the event.

S. Be in a comfoitable position (iueally not uiiving)
so you can fully take pait in the meuitation anu
visualization exeicise Lisa will be guiuing you



Section 0ne:
Benefits of Cieative visualization: Bow Lisa Changeu
Bei Life Thiough Cieative visualization anu Bow You
Can Bo the Same

Section Two:
A Cieative visualization Fiamewoik that You Can
Apply To Youi Life Immeuiately

Section Thiee:
Tips anu Techniques to Bo Cieative visualization
Noie Effectively

Section Foui:
Lisa uuiues You 0n A Poweiful anu Emotional
Cieative visualization }ouiney

Section Five:
The Newest Cieative visualization Collection fiom
Lisa anu Ninuvalley

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4)3*5/'*$## #6-$7-3+ $05 6-3#)0$*
13)4.( #26-3#.$38


Fill in the blanks when listening
to the online session:
You visualize best when youre in a relaxed state of _______.
This is often called the _______ level with brainwave
frequency of __________.

Bring in all _______ senses.

Most people have ________ as their dominant sense.

The most important thing is to start with __________.

________________ is the idea that the brain is not a
constant mass, it can be changed.

The ___________ effect causes a feeling like the check is in
the mail.

A good sentence to end your session with is

The second recommended phrase to use upon ending is


Fill in the blanks when listening
to the online session:
Dont just pursue the goal. Instead pursue constant, deliberate
action. This is called ________________.

All changes, even positive ones, are scary. Attempts to reach
goals through radical or revolutionary means often fail
because they heighten fear. But the small steps of _________
disarm the brains fear response, stimulating _________ and

You dont start with the future; you need to acknowledge the
______________ and express ________________.

The concept of _____________ is that while small steps are
small, what youre committing to are not.

When you jump into action, you send a message to the
universe that youre in _______________.

________________________ is an ability of the mind to
shift the reality through Creative Visualization.

Preparation tips:

- Nake suie you aie in a quiet place wheie nothing can uistiact
you, anu that you aie not uiiving a cai oi any othei vehicle
uuiing the time of eneigy cleaiing.
- Stietch youi muscles befoie we stait. Stietching loosens the
muscles anu tenuons allowing you to sit (oi lie) moie
comfoitably. Auuitionally, stietching staits the piocess of "going
inwaiu" anu biings auueu focus to the bouy.

- Take a ueep bieath. Bieathing ueep slows the heait iate,
ielaxes the muscles to help you have a comfoitable expeiience
uuiing the eneigy cleaiing.

- You can piepaie canules anu othei spiiitual paiapheinalia in
the ioom wheie you will meuitate to help you feel at ease.

Your Personal Notes:
Write down your goals (be as specific as

See You At The Online Session!