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Outline of Personal Project Statement 1.

Introduction Reason of choosing this specific topic and the context, refer continuously to the MUN idea and why it is not introduced in our school Personal experience with the idea of MUN Getting MUN started and the formation of it Why MUN was a good choice for me in the end, when you reflect upon it. 2. The goal What AOI was the context for my project - why Specific features of the AOI i wanted to focus upon the link between MUN skills and to find the difference between them and the common misconceptions about both skills. intention for audience how you formed the guiding question by merging the AOI and the topic. why the answer to your question isn't that simple goal for actual keep referring back to your specifications and talk about the most prominent ones that outline your product in essence. 3. Selection of sources why did you choose certain sources (talk about why interviews are best sources for MUN conferences) were some better than others? in what way does one have advantage over the other? how did you decide to use the information you collected? (how did you cut out info and decide what to put in and what to leave out?) electronic sources, human sources, printed sources - how easy they were to use, what was valuable about them (again, comparison) how did you evaluate your sources 4. Application of information what exact steps you did to complete the project what decisions you made based on info you discovered yourself and from sources referring to specification on sources again how did info help solve problems? how did it affect personal choices and modifications? specific techniques you developed from investigation and research 5. Achieving the goal did you do any adjustments to the product while it was being made why you made those changes, referring to specifications especially on this part did you have to alter specifications? ^ how effective were specifications when creating product?what level of achievement you would award yourself does your supervisor agree 6. Reflection on learning what exactly you learned from investigation, response to GQ, what aspects of investigation helped you most, what new understanding you have of ATL


how well did you do the project, what new skills youve learned? format of process journal, why it was preferred ib qualities and suggested improvements final comment on project Appendices