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July 18, 1978 BC78-228

Question: If a vessel has been manufactured and stamped to Section VIII, Division 1, is it permissible for a company that assembles the vessel into a system to perform seal welding on the vessel's threaded piping fittings? Reply: Such welding is outside the scope of Section VIII, Division 1, and, as such, would be subject to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction at the point of installation. Such a regulatory body would set forth the applicable procedures for maintaining Code compliance for the vessel. An alternate procedure to better satisfy the assembling company's need might be to have the vessel manufacturer install and seal weld the first piping fittings into the vessel fitting. Under remarks, the Manufacturers Data Report should indicate that this was done by the vessel manufacturer, but in accordance with U-1(e)(1) the geometric scope of Section VIII, Division 1, stopped at the threaded vessel fitting. Under these conditions, subsequent assembly work could proceed without dependence on Section VIII rules.

Interpretation: VIII-78-98 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-11 Date Issued: July 18, 1978 File: BC78-292 Question: May a welded manway ring which complies with a Manufacturer's Standard be used in a Section VIII, Division 1 vessel without a Partial Data Report Form, authorized inspection, or identification in accordance with UG-93 if the ring meets the applicable requirements of UG-11(c)(1), (2), (3), and (4)? Reply: Yes.

Interpretation: VIII-78-99 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-23(c) Date Issued: July 18, 1978 File: BC78-302 Question(1): In determining the maximum direct (membrane) stress as described in UG-23(c), may this be done by the use of any appropriate stress combination theory such as maximum stress, maximum strain, or maximum shear provided the requirement of U-2(g) is satisfied? Reply (1): Yes, except all formulas and rules given in the text and mandatory appendices of this Division must be met regardless of what theory of failure is selected to satisfy U-2(g). Question (2): UA-266 of Appendix L illustrates the use of the maximum stress theory used in Section VIII, Division 1. Does this preclude the use of other stress combination theories? Reply (2): No. See Reply (1).

Interpretation: VIII-78-100 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-77 Date Issued: July 18, 1978