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4. SPeed and endurance trial speed trial. shall be conducted over a recognized measured mile.

Each speed trial shall consist of a number number of runs in the oppsite direction consecutively , and the speed shall be obtained at these consecutive runs.Two double run are to be made with the engines running at 25% an endurance trial shall be carried out for four (4) hour with main engine load at 25 % MCR and carried out in conjunction with speed trial and turning circle and steering trial.

5. Crash Stop and astern trial the emergency crash stop trial shall be carried out with the vessel running ahead and with the both main engine at maximum continous rating.The propulsion control lever is then moved from is full ahead position to full astern position The time taken to boring the vessel to a stop and the distance run between the orders given until the vessel come to a stop shall be taken and recorded.The distance run shall be determined by radar tracking. 6. Turning circle trial The turning circle trial be carried out with the vessel running ahead and the main engine running at maximum continuous rating (MCR) .The test shall commence by putting the rudders to 25 amd left at that angel until the vessel heading changed by 370.While the vessel is turning , the time taken to change the vessel heading by 90 180 270 360 respectively are recorded.The diameter of the circle made by the vessel turning shall also be determined by DGPS . Repeat the same test with the vessel turning in the oppsite direction.