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A : Hello, B. B : Hi, A. Why do you come to my house? A : I want to invite you in a basketball competition. B : Really? That s great.

When will be the competition? A : It s on November 23, 2009. B : Perfect. We have time to practice. I will ask C and D to come now. Fifteen minutes later C : Anybody home? B : Yes. Come in, please. We are waiting for D. D : Excuse me. I m coming. Why did you ask me to come? B : A told me about a basketball competition next month. What do you think ? D : What a good news! We must join the competition. Am I right? C : Sure. But there is a problem. Surya is still in the hospital because o f fever. Can he join us to practice? D : You are right. I am confused now. What do you think, A? A : It s OK. We practice together first. Let Surya take a rest and gather hi s energy for the competition. C : I think that is a great idea. I agree. D : So, when and where will we practice for the basketball competition? C : What about at 4 p.m. tomorrow at the basketball court behind my house? A : No problem. What about you, D? D : Sure. I will come. B? B : Me too. C : See you tomorrow at the court. A,B,D : See you.