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Grace Trivedi Personal Project product evaluation


Appropriate language (vocabulary, no spelling or grammar mistakes)

Appropriate formatting

Clear, comprehendible

Describes the ATL skills effectively

Describes the skills needed in MUN effectively

Compares MUN and ATL skills effectively

Provides clear examples that help with the understanding of different contexts of topics discussed in sections

Has a clear outline

Shows a clear build up to the MUN conference (making it a goal and reminding reader of it throughout)

Grace Trivedi Personal Project product evaluation

Explains importance of MUN

Links skills learnt in school to skills you will learn in MUN

Explains benefits of MUN for IB high school students, not only linking to skills but in other areas as well.

Interesting piece to read for preparation of conference

Reader feels much more confident and prepared for conference.

Reader knows what to prepare for

Reader uses product as a sort of check list