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ATTENTION The foregoing interpretation has been further considered and the following corrected interpretation sent to the

inquirer: Correction Issued: October 4, 1978 It has been called to our attention that since the Winter 1977 Addenda to Section II, Part A, the appropriate reference for the requirements for marking was redesignated. Accordingly, the following is a corrected reply to our previous reply as referenced above: Reply: The provisions of UG-93(a)(2) allow for this material to be accepted without obtaining Material Test Reports from the Manufacturer provided the pieces are marked in accordance with Section 21.1 under that Specification. Further, the requirements of UG-93 and UG-94 shall be complied with.

Interpretation: VIII-78-124 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UW-15(c) Date Issued: September 25, 1978 File: BC78-526 Question: Is the reference to tapping the required telltale hole for a preliminary compressed air and soapsuds test for tightness of welds in UW-15(c) an optional requirement of Section VIII, Division 1? Reply: Yes.

Interpretation: VIII-78-125 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, Heating Coil Consisting of SA-53 Pipe Date Issued: September 25, 1978 File: BC78-528 Question (1): A heating coil consisting of an SA-53 pipe containing natural gas at 700 or 800 psi and having an inside diameter of 6 in. or less falls outside the scope of Section VIII, Division 1 per U-1(c)(9). May this be manufactured and stamped to Section VIII, Division 1? Reply (1): Yes. See U-1(i).

Question (2): Can the heating coil in Question (1) be considered a complete vessel and be stamped with a U symbol and be reported on the U-1A Form? Reply (2)Yes.

Interpretation: VIII-78-126 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-44(b) and U-2(g) Date Issued: October 3, 1978 File: BC78-322 Question: Do the requirements of UG-44(b) apply to both screw threads and stud threads, and what are the applicable rules for engagement length.